County Sheriff -19- Trafficking part 1 of 2

[WARNING – There are some bits of this story that are not for the fainthearted and is NSFW]

[just before Christmas]

I’d gone into town to collect Kelly from work. Even though she was serving out her notice, the job had to go on and her patrol SUV was in the shop for another new water pump, the second this year. When I arrived at the office, she was just finishing up some paperwork, so I switched the Station TV to the Weather Channel.

The Pink Hoover - Part 9 - finale

"Rona? What on earth are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be sunning yourself in Cancun or Acapulco?" I said when I answered the door.

"I was actually sunning myself in Thailand, but the opportunity to do some good business was enough to get me on a plane home."

The Pink Hoover - Part 5

I spent an uncomfortable night after Lucia’s revelations. The visions of me looking like one of the girls from the Benny Hill show running around a house using a pink hoover while Scamp looked on looking bored would not go away. It both attracted me and appalled me at the same time.

The Pink Hoover - Part 2

Rona’s comment about me needing a housekeeper was like a punch in the gut. She hadn't passed even the slightest derogatory comment on the frankly tatty state of my home, but instead, she had suggested a solution. That’s what she was all about… Solutions to problems and sometimes the people on the receiving end didn’t know that they had a problem.

The Pink Hoover - Part 1

It is amazing how an unsolicited phone call can turn your day upside down. I’d been on the phone for almost half an hour with one of these before I ended the call feeling both mystified and frustrated. I sat at my desk for well over half an hour trying to make some sense of what had transpired on the call. Finally, I called out to Sue Fredericks, my No 2 and right-hand woman.

Holiday time!

I'm off on vacation on Saturday. Last year, I went to Norway and rode my motorcycle as far as the Arctic Circle. At the time, I regretted not going all the way to North Cape (Nordkap : 71.168032N, 25.781857E)
Well, this year, I'm hoping to rectify that and going right to the top and then returning through Finland.

Roberta Galbraith - Rookie Days - Part 2 of 2

“Welcome to Tottenham nick, PC Galbraith.”

Roberta had reported for duty at her new assignment on the Monday after finishing at Colindale the previous Friday.
“I’m Inspector Foster. I have had some good reports about you from your old Inspector. Keep that up and you will go far in the force.”

Roberta Galbraith - Rookie Days - Part 1 of 2

Roberta Galbraith - Rookie Days

“Hello?” said Roberta slightly nervously as she stood at the reception desk of Colindale Police Station.
This was her first day ‘on the job’ since she’d graduated from the Hendon Police College two weeks before.

Bad Girl - Good Girl - Part 1 of 3

[Authors Note]
There are dozens and dozens of stories about a bad boy becoming a good girl on TG sites. This is a topic that I had not put my toe into until now. However, I decided to do something a little bit different whilst remaining within the ‘bad child changes and becomes good’ theme. This tale is about a bad girl who thinks that she is entitled to the world and therefore is in dire need of being put on the right path. I’ll leave it to you to fill in the blanks.

Families - Part 1

[Late October 2017]
“Good morning Ray. Shall I prepare your usual?” I said to the latest customer who had ventured into my coffee shop that morning. It was blowing a bit of a hoolie out there. A strong south-westerly wind that was predicted to become a full-on gale before midday was dragging rain squalls along with it. Not a nice day to be out and about.

how long before

before the works of Shakespeare are banned in US Schools?
I was up in London earlier today and walked past the reconstruction of the Globe Theatre on the South Bank of the Thames.
That caused me to remember that when his plays were penned, all the female parts were played by men because there were no women allowed.

Quest for Justice - Part 15

I felt at a bit of a loss the next morning now that Sylvie was going back to her duties with the FBI. She had arranged for my stay to be extended by one more day and as one or other of the FBI or DOJ were picking up the bill. The only upside I could see was that I was under no pressure to check out by 11 am.


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