Roberta Galbraith - A Sleuth Awakens - Part 6 - Finale

[two days later]
If DC Roberta Galbraith thought that going to be working with the NCA was going to be easy then she was very much mistaken. From the first daily briefing, she was assigned a great long list of things to do.

Roberta Galbraith - A Sleuth Awakens - Part 2

The news of a suspicious dead body spread around Tottenham ‘nick’ and well beyond like wildfire thanks to loose-lipped people and social media. The forensic team had hardly arrived on site when the first TV News crew mobile broadcast unit arrived on the scene and immediately began broadcasting live.

Roberta Galbraith - A Sleuth Awakens - Part 1

In a perfect world, Police Constable Roberta Galbraith would have been working in CID as DCI Foster had promised. She actually did spend a whole week in CID before a spanner somewhere in the multi-faceted works that make up the Metropolitan Police jammed something up and word came down from on high, 'I'm sorry PC Galbraith, you can't do that'.

Chameleon - Part 10 - Finale

Now that dealing with her on her own turf in the manner that he had originally planned was out of the question, Sergei turned his attention to trying to work out how to get her to come to him, and then how to deal with her when she was there. The last thing he wanted to do was underestimate her. Even the slightest error on his part from now on, could lead to his demise.

Chameleon - Part 3

After a reasonably early breakfast the next morning, Sergei and his brother-in-law, Tomasz moved the rest of his belongings from Sergei’s SEAT[1] into the Nissan van. Tomasz added a rolled-up mattress and sleeping bag once Sergei had explained that he’d likely be spending at least one night on the road.

Tomasz agreed with him when Sergei told him the outline of his route north. He gave Sergei an old but usable Michelin Road atlas of France.

“That will be a great help, thanks.”

Claire de Lune - Part 2 of 3


[the following day after their dinner date]

“Thank you for a lovely evening,” said Claire

The pair had taken a Uber back to her home after a delightful Italian meal where they’d spent a couple of hours talking about classical music and venues and piano skills. For both of them, it had been a nice change from normal life.

“Will you be back tomorrow?”

Dancing the Night Away

Moving away from home and going to university, is often a young person’s first real taste of freedom and adulthood. The parents are often seen to wrap their little ones in cotton wool and protect them from the big bad world. When that wrapping is taken away, many young people have a difficult time coping with reality.

County Sheriff -19- Trafficking part 1 of 2

[WARNING – There are some bits of this story that are not for the fainthearted and is NSFW]

[just before Christmas]

I’d gone into town to collect Kelly from work. Even though she was serving out her notice, the job had to go on and her patrol SUV was in the shop for another new water pump, the second this year. When I arrived at the office, she was just finishing up some paperwork, so I switched the Station TV to the Weather Channel.

The Pink Hoover - Part 9 - finale

"Rona? What on earth are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be sunning yourself in Cancun or Acapulco?" I said when I answered the door.

"I was actually sunning myself in Thailand, but the opportunity to do some good business was enough to get me on a plane home."

The Pink Hoover - Part 5

I spent an uncomfortable night after Lucia’s revelations. The visions of me looking like one of the girls from the Benny Hill show running around a house using a pink hoover while Scamp looked on looking bored would not go away. It both attracted me and appalled me at the same time.


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