girlery (ger'|luh|ree) noun - 1. place where people, presumably boys or men, are girled. 2. the practice of girling. 3. a sequential display of images of the victims of girling. From girl+gallery.

A Girlery of Gals
Where Image is Substance and Virtue is Illusion

A place for me to play with cartoons on the theme of feminization. I seem to have gotten a big response with the first three of these I did, so I'm going to try to keep doing them. No promises on how often, though, just when and as I can allowing for other stuff.

Most of these will involve nudity, so they have to be rated at least M, some will have strong language or some of the odder kinks just because of humor potential. :) Comments are of course very welcome. Enjoy.

- Erin Halfelven