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Sledgehammer on Kindle


This is the same story that's been in the Hatbox for some time, now released with new editing and a new cover on Amazon. The story of Jake and Cody, friends--and Freds--for a lifetime. See story for joke about the Freds.


His Inconstant Desire -7- Crimes and Accusations

A Transgender Regency Romance - Constantine has been raised as a boy, can she adapt to her new status?

His Inconstant Desire

7. Crimes and Accusations

by Erin Halfelven

Connie had been hoping her father would end up licking the butter off the back of his hand, but the attentive head footman had already made a napkin available for the purpose.

His Inconstant Desire -6- Making an Entrance

A Transgender Regency Romance - Constantine has been raised as a boy, can she adapt to her new status?

His Inconstant Desire

6. Making an Entrance

by Erin Halfelven

“Do you want the left or the right side,” Alex asked her sister, standing at the end of the enormous bed, gesturing.

His Inconstant Desire -5- My Wee Bonnie Babe

A Transgender Regency Romance - Constantine has been raised as a boy, can she adapt to her new status?

His Inconstant Desire

5. My Wee Bonnie Babe

by Erin Halfelven

After Connie’s tears were dealt with, including being offered a large cup of cool water, a new phase of her education began. Genevieve moved herself, Connie, Alexandra, Miss Vivian and Nurse Betty to one of the upstairs drawing rooms and had a small luncheon set up for practice.

His Inconstant Desire - New Chapter Posted

Connie's humiliation continues as she is dressed in feminine finery by her step-mother and sister.

But what are her father's plans for his new daughter?

And what of Connie's friends back at school, have they heard what really happened?

The story is beginning to wrap on layers of complexity, much like the three petticoats they put Connie in. :)

His Inconstant Desire -4- Arm-in-Arm with the Devil

A Transgender Regency Romance - Constantine has been raised as a boy, can she adapt to her new status?

His Inconstant Desire

4. Arm-in-Arm with the Devil

by Erin Halfelven

Jewelery and slippers provided, Constantine glared at his image in the mirror. It was as if he had been decapitated and his head placed on some girl’s body.

New chapter of my Regency Romance - His Inconstant Desire

Just posted a new chapter of my Regency Romance, His Inconstant Desire. In this episode, Constantine has to deal with his female relatives desire to dress him appropriate to his new role as youngest daughter. Father wants to see her at dinner.

I'm trying to make this as much as possible within the realm of other Regencies. We have a heroine with an unusual past and a unique problem: in this case, she's been raised as a boy. That's not actually too far outside other Regency stories, that often feature tomboyish heroines with unusual backgrounds.

His Inconstant Desire -3- White for Innocence

A Transgender Regency Romance - Constantine has been raised as a boy, can she adapt to her new status?

His Inconstant Desire

3. White for Innocence

by Erin Halfelven

Butterscotch -7- Free Preview up on Patreon

Marjorie seemed convinced that despite physical evidence, I was really a girl and would only be happy if I admitted it.

“Don’t you think I’d know that if it were true?” I told her. “I’m not someone on an afternoon agony show, I’m just a skinny nerd boy who apparently is easily talked into things.”

Butterscotch on Patreon

Preview of Bian -27- Riot! on Patreon for everyone


The "accidental chapter" of Bian: The Reluctant Princess is up on Patreon, viewable by everyone at:

Warning: Cliffhanger! And it's a juicy one. :)

Alena's life is about to take an unforeseen turn, and can someone prevent a riot in the streets?

Accidental Chapter

I woke up early this morning and while looking at my files, I discovered that I had started a chapter of Bian but never finished it. So--I finished it.

I'd like to go ahead and post it but it ends with a cliffhanger and I've got too much on my plate to commit to doing another new chapter soon.


So, unless I get some active clamoring to see it, I think I'll let it rest until I can get back to the whole series.

Anybody want to comment?


Butterscotch 5 Preview Free for Everyone


Marjorie headed directly to the lingerie department where I began practicing my cringing. The sum total of taboo femininity in sight overwhelmed my brain and my consciousness threatened to strobe out.

“She’s serious,” I muttered to no one.

She had a bra in her hands and approached me, saying, “Let me use this to get an idea of your sizes.”

Butterscotch 4 Chapter Preview Early for Patrons

Previews of chapter 1-3 are open for everyone to read. Here's a sample of chapter 4:

Arno’s table companion called out to him and the strange Mr. Pink let my hand go and went back to his own table. But not without a parting pat on my cheek and a confidence shared in a stage whisper, “You’re going to have such fun!”

“Toodles,” Marjorie told his back and he waved at her without turning around. The man waiting at his table looked like an ex-professional bouncer who had made it big as a financial consultant, or maybe Dwayne Johnson just beginning a campaign for president.

Butterscotch 3 Chapter Preview on Patreon for All

Davey can't figure out what Marjorie sees in him. She's older, richer and way hotter than he is! Then he finds out Marjorie may be a lesbian. Now he's really confused!

Butterscotch Cover

Davey's nickname is Butterscotch because of the color of his freckles. But Marjorie seems to think he's much too sweet to be a boy!

Daniel Ford, co-creator of Quillian

Sadly, I just got word that Daniel Ford who created Sam Valentine (an unpublished comic strip he and I worked on) died yesterday. Daniel was also co-creator with me of Quillian. He was a talented young artist, only 38, who died in his cobbler shop Tuesday, November 5, of complications from diabetes.

It hits me pretty hard, we had been friends for more than fifteen years and I will miss him a lot.

Take care of yourselves out there.

Erin (Joyce)

So many

I'm proud to bursting because there are so many damn good writers on BC. After a month or so of near burnout and a huge blow-up with a friend, I needed some diversion and began going back through the writings of some of the best BC has to offer.

So many good stories. Romance, adventure, humor, pathos... in a word, literature.

Taking Pains -2- Do you do an outline?

Yes. No. Maybe. Sometimes.

I almost never do an outline for anything shorter than 10,000 words because I can write the story faster than I can do a good outline.

And I frequently start even much longer works without a written outline. Currently, I am writing the serial Jane and I do not have an outline written down even though the story is already 32,000 words and is planned to be in excess of 40 or 50K. I have an outline in my head, but I don't have it written down.

Why not?

Taking Pains -1- How 2 Rite Gud

On Wednesday evenings, I run a local authors group called Taking Pains. The title of the workshop refers to one necessity for anyone who wants to improve their writing: the willingness to listen to unpleasant things about your writing. I'm going to try to reflect what we do in that group in occasional blogs here.


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