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Sledgehammer by me from DopplerPress on Amazon


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Sledgehammer on Kindle


This is the same story that's been in the Hatbox for some time, now released with new editing and a new cover on Amazon. The story of Jake and Cody, friends--and Freds--for a lifetime. See story for joke about the Freds.


17! DopplerPress tops the list!

It may not be true for long but as of just now, DopplerPress has 17 of the top 100 books on the Kindle LGBT YA bestseller list. :)

This is NOT the most we've scored there, a month or so a go we had 18 but it didn't last long enough for me to get a blog up about it. :)

Go DP!

And thanks to the authors who have put us on that list!

FOY inc -3- Parking Lot Explorations - now on Patreon for everyone

“You need something to wear,” Gordon said as he turned the pickup into a big parking lot. “Do you know your sizes?”

“Sizes?” I said. We don’t need no stinking sizes, I wanted to say.

He shook his head, smiling. He looked at me as if measuring with his gaze. “Small,” he said. “Except—” he made a gesture at his chest.

I glanced down. I’m tiny everywhere else, and I have huge tits, I thought. “I’m going to need—” I gestured. “You know? A bra?” I blushed to say it because it was true—without some kind of restraint, I was at the doubtful mercy of my oversize accessories.

“I have no idea how to buy the right size of that. Let me get you some shorts and tops, and then you can go in and maybe try some other stuff on?”

“‘Kay,” I said. It came to me as he exited the car that he was suggesting that I go into the lingerie department and shop for a bra. Oh, hell, no. I sighed. Bra shopping looked like an existential crisis looming for someone who was convinced she used to be a man.

Stolen! -9- Darkness - on Patreon, Patrons Only

Moose would be back and free me. “He promised,” I heard myself say aloud. It might be hours, and he was just another of my captors, but he became my hope, my wished-for savior, even as at the same time, I knew I would not have been in this predicament if he had not stolen me from the street.


Stolen! -9- Darkness
by Erin Halfelven
On Patreon for Patrons Only

FOY inc -2- Ride in Truck - now on Patreon for everyone

Gordon found the girl on the beach, naked and confused. She doesn't remember who she is so he calls her Bridget. For her part, she's fascinated by big, powerful Gordon. And even more confused because she does remember one thing: she's a middle-aged businessman, not a delicate beauty with purple-painted nails.

Previous episode here: FOY inc -1- Found on Beach

Stolen! -8- Closet - on Patreon, Patrons Only

Bonnie said, "I thought you might like to go to the bathroom. You know, before I lock you in the closet." She nodded toward the door with the padlock.

I stared in that direction. "What-what happened to Moose's last girlfriend?" I suddenly asked.

Cuddles is gone

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I took Cuddles to the vet this morning and got the bad news. The confusion, walking in circles, weakness in the hind legs: possible brain tumor.

And a fair-sized bill to find out if anything could be done -- or not. She was at least 14 and maybe as old as 16, she hadn't seemed happy in at least a year.

Setting: The Rule of Three Senses

On alternate Wednesdays, I run a little writers' group sharing insights and critiques with other writers. I'm the most experienced there, though not the only one who has made a living as a writer, so often I am leading the discussions and providing some of the things I have learned.

The group is called "Taking Pains" as a reminder that being a writer is a craft that requires attention to detail, and too, an ability to stand up to constructive criticism. Which we try to do a lot of, and as little of the other kind as can be managed.

Stolen! -7- on Patreon, Patrons Only

"Try to whimper a little," Bonnie advised.

"You're kidding, aren't you?" I asked, knowing that tears were already running down my face...

Bonnie and Dolly try to fool Earl about just how much of a helpless captive Dolly really is.

Apple Fire

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In case anyone hears about it, I live near the Apple Fire, currently burning east of San Bernardino, but it is moving east and north away from me.

I'm okay, there's almost no wind and fire travels uphill, usually; it's already 2000 feet further up the mountain than where I live.


Sam and Del -8- "Why did it have to be possums?" is on Patreon for Everyone

Is Sam beginning to adjust to being Samantha? Or is it just the possums? And who is Sugarpie?


Follow Sam's adventures on the BigCloset Patreon as he finds out just what kind of girl has long hair as beautiful as his?

There are also two cover previews up on Patreon right now, viewable by anyone who wants to see them.

Butterscotch -15- Pizza on BC, and -21- Waffles on Patreon

It's sort of a Butterscotch feast. In Butterscotch 15, here on BigCloset, Kissy finds out if she's really on a pizza date with Rory.

While in the sneak preview for patrons of chapter 21 on Patreon, Mom and Davey—or is it Kissy?—go out for a waffle breakfast.

kissy dress 3_0.jpg

Sam and Del -7- I Don't Have to Wear Dresses... - On Patreon for Everyone

In Sam and Del 7, poor Sam finds out if he's going to have to wear dresses while play-acting as Samanth in his parents wild scheme to persuade him that he needs to cut his hair. On Patreon for Everyone.

Sam And Del


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