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I'm sick. Tuesday I discovered a rash under my left arm. At the time, I was suffering from a muscle pull in the same region and felt more pain from that.

Thursday, it became obvious the rash was shingles. I've got meds now and the pain meds make me sleepy and at least two other dwarves.

Meanwhile, Piper and Amy are also sick. I think theirs are colds. Jamie is sick, too.

Forgive us if we are a little slow on updating this week.

Hugs (carefully),
Erin and the gang

Not Entirely Myself Today

Not Entirely Myself Today

By Erin Halfelven

I hurried home that evening because I had finally done it. I had lost my mind.

And I'd definitely overspent my budget. Ever since skinsuits became more reality than fantasy, I wanted one. Never mind that the good ones, the ones that I wanted, cost more than a top-of-the-line luxury automobile, I wanted one.

Jane -3- Brothers - Exclusive on Patreon

Jane is the story of a boy who discovers he is really a girl.

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Audie had always been a boy. But one day, doctors tell him, he's a girl. Can Audrey Jane and her family deal with this new life?

Time to break the news to her macho brothers.

I Dream of Jonni -9- Let's Make a Deal - Preview on Patreon

“Wish for some money,” I urged him.

The book told us a lot about what could and couldn’t be done with my magic but mainly it repeated in several ways that I was stuck. I was going to be female and under my master’s orders for as long as seventy years or more.

I didn’t feel nearly as bad about this as I thought I should. The idea of serving Travis by granting his wishes, magical and otherwise, appealed to me on some level I didn’t understand.

Maybe I really had become dumber. Sigh.


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