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Hatbox and Overdrafts


We've been getting through the months lately with a little financial brinksmanship, paying bills right before they would be past due. That tightrope just broke with one large bill dumping us into overdraft when the creditor authorized to take last months payment also took this months payment.

I can barely cover the overdraft by moving money from my personal accounts to the company ones. But then I would overdraft when several automatic bills get paid in a few days.

So we have an urgent need for some money this week before the big drafts hit the banks and we all catch cold.

Hatbox: update last week of June


{update June 25}
We have about $150 in our accounts right now. As long as we don't hit another unexpected bill before the end of the week, we will be fine for another week or two. :)

I want everyone to understand something. BC's debts are my debts. All the borrowing done for BC is in accounts with my name on them. If we don't make it to the end of the week on what we have left in the accounts where we put the money BC brings in, the shortfall will come out of my personal accounts which are pretty thin right now too.

Free Kindle Reading Apps for your computer or laptop

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If you want to buy Kindle e-books at Amazon to read but don't have a Kindle device, you can read e-books with these handy applications for your computer, phone, tablet or laptop:

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Hired Girl - Part 1?

That was a toughie. Sorry it took so long.

Writing this latest chapter in Harold's story was a big chore. I wanted it to feel like an important turning point but not the end of the story. The story kept wanting to make it an ending and yes, it is a good enough ending, but there are other parts of Harold's story I want to tell.

I hope I hit a nice compromise and in a week or so, I hope to be able to start posting Part 2. :)


New chapter of Bian posted

This is the end of the first "book" which I think I will call "Castle and Road". Next chapter will begin book 2 which will concern the city of Lundenna.

I've had some more fun with the language in this chapter though I left one word untranslated. People can probably guess what it is from the context.

Real life Bloddish?

Two things for those who have been following my story Bian in which I play with a language I madeup called Bloddish:

1. Yes, I am working on the next episode (along with work on the next episodes of Vector and Hired Girl and other outside work, besides the other stuff I do around here and on DopplerPress. :)

Happy Thanksgiving! And another new chapter from me!

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans everywhere and to anyone else who needs an excuse to be thankful. :)

And after three months, a new chapter of what has been my most popular story: Hired Girl.

Here's a link to the first one if you haven't read it yet: Hired Girl -1-.

I'm thankful for all of my staff and friends and the authors and readers here on BC!

And I promise I'll try to be more prompt with my writing. :)

Hugs to all,

New chapters of my serials

I hadn't been able to do much writing for the last two months but I've discovered, or re-discovered, something. Writing energizes me.

One of the reasons I wasn't writing was that I had so much else to do that it seemed wasteful of my time to write. And yet, I wasn't getting all that much of those tasks done either. Just staying even with the site was about all I could do.

Suicide Squad and the Critics


Went to see Suicide Squad Thursday night, it was very good. Good story, good atmosphere, good acting. Okay, the dialog is a bit weak but the actors nail the characterization and hold the script up.

The critics and a certain subset of comic book fans dislike it; that mystifies me. A movie is supposed to be entertaining and I found it very entertaining. So much so, that I'm going to go see it again while it is still on the big screen.


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