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Sledgehammer on Kindle


This is the same story that's been in the Hatbox for some time, now released with new editing and a new cover on Amazon. The story of Jake and Cody, friends--and Freds--for a lifetime. See story for joke about the Freds.


New Feature on BigCloset Patreon - Collections

There's a new feature available on Patreon which allows me to collect posts into connected series called collections, logically enough.

So far, I've made six collections of previous posts including Jane, Butterscotch, Quillian, Sam and Del, Double Date Dare and Big Rock Candy Mtn Detour. Check them out at BC Patreon Collections.

Let me know if you want to see more collections.


Still without a car

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After our experiences on our Arkansas trip, Melanie and I have been taking it easy at home in California.

Meanwhile, a bit of drama we were not involved in directly happened in New Mexico: the insurance and the body shop managed to lose the car somewhere between the shop where we left it after being towed off the freeway and the body shop where it was to be evaluated for repairs. :)


For the next week, Melanie and I will be on the road, going back to Arkansas to get her things to complete her move to California. That's three days each way, with maybe a day there to pack things and maybe short sightseeing detours.

This is going to cost about $1500 ($400-600 for rooms, $300-500 for meals, and $300-400 for gas). We've budgeted this, but it is going to be tight. It would be nice if we had a bit extra in the BC kitty to cover this.



Sometimes you find out something that happened some time ago and affected you, but you didn't know it to respond in time.

I just discovered that Janice Lynn Miller, aka J.L. Miller, a friendly, thoughtful and prolific commenter here on BCTS and also a financial supporter of the site, passed away in December 2018, just four days after her last set of posts commenting on stories here. She had more than one account over a period of years, so you might have known her under a slightly different name.

Pete's Vagina -30- Open Receiver - On Patreon 3 days early for Patrons

Poor Pete! Now that his coach knows that he's growing breasts, will he still be able to keep playing football?


“You mean gynecomastia?” Megan suggested. Had Dr. Verre mentioned the word? I didn’t remember. Somehow I did know what it meant so I must have heard it somewhere. Breast growth on a boy...


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