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Fantastic Mars -13- Tombs of Mars

Which came first?
Fantastic Mars -13-
Tombs of Mars

I knew I wasn’t dead anymore because my butt felt cold like I had been sitting on a cement park bench in the winter. My mind felt half-frozen, too.

Fantastic Mars -12- Slaves of Mars

If I should die before I wake...


Fantastic Mars -12-
Slaves of Mars

by Erin Halfelven

They came from the same direction we had come from, more of the huge green things than I could count. Gunshots banged out from our side, but they had firearms, too, monstrous pistols like the one we had found for Trike.

Fantastic Mars -11- Tongues of Mars

Such a treasure...

Red Martian
Fantastic Mars -11- Tongues of Mars

by Erin Halfelven

Seejay came over to us and kissed me on the forehead. I beamed at him and stood up so I could snuggle better and get another kiss.

Fantastic Mars & Patreon

Fantastic Mars 10 - Jewels of Mars just went up here on BCTS. If you are a fan, are you aware that I post the NEXT chapter of the Mars adventure on Patreon the same day I post the current chapter here? I do, and I'm also posting a story, The Mermaid's Treasure, two or three chapters a week exclusively on Patreon; it won't be posted here until it is complete!

Check it out: BigCloset Page at Patreon!

Here's The Mermaid's Treasure Cover:

Mermaid Treasure Cover.jpg

Frank wakes up naked on a cold and lonely beach after a terrible accident. He thinks he should be dead but the pirates who find him think she might be a mermaid!

Bian Returns!

I've been sitting on several chapters of the second book of Bian, so I decided to start posting them. It's not going to be more than about once a week but I'll try to stay ahead of myself and keep the story moving. :)

There's a bit of a recap in this chapter since it has been so long since the others were posted. I might do some blogs on the story behind the story, the creation of the World of Difference and of Bloddish, the made up language in the story. :)

But I hope you enjoy the story of Deputy Sheriff Gus Gallant living the life of Alenna.


Soul Survivor

Originally presented on Wed, 2006/08/09

What is life but a journey along an unmapped route toward a certain and inevitable destination? What would you do to tread a different path than the one you have walked so far?

Soul Survivor

by Dr. Richard K. Phillips

Tweaking Stuff... and Hatbox

Hi Everyone, Most the serious down times should be done for the time being. We've tweaked out most the BIG bugs and are just hunting down a few small ones. Some of these have existed for a long while but we've been unable to find them due to failing infrastructure issues.

As we go along outages should become less and less, while speed and overall reliability should increase.

Two for the Road: Part 1 Sterling, Muhzzurah -2- Kayo

The girls stop to put up the top on the Mustang and get some refreshment, unwittingly putting on a show for the locals.

Two for the Road: Part 1

Sterling, Muhzzurah -2- Kayo

Erin Halfelven

Two for the Road: Part 1 Sterling, Muhzzurah -1- Mustang

This is a multi-part story I'm working on for Hatbox. It will be appearing in the Patreon feed, a week early for Patrons then briefly for everyone. When each part is finished, it will go into Hatbox. I hope you enjoy...

Picture from the lot of Cloud Nine Classics
Two for the Road: Part 1

Sterling, Muhzzurah -1- Mustang

Erin Halfelven

The Vengeance of Dr. Rhino

Originally posted 2005-02-08

Sometimes getting even just isn't enough for a supervillain

The Adventures of Dr. Rhino, Supervillain


by Lainie Lee and Erin Halfelven


Gaming blog...

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The ship was lost on a subterranean ocean when out of the darkness came a ghastly sight, a phantom ship crewed by a LOT of unkillable, leaping, cuthroat vermin.

"Fireballs away," ordered the captain but the bugganeers managed a boarding party anyway.

After trading a few blows, one of the players called to pause the action. "Wait, wait, I need to ask something."

"Yes?" said the adventurist.

"We're fighting Undead Ninja Pirate Spiders?"

"Yes," agreed the adventurist.


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