Watery Tales (AquaGirl)

Watery Tales

(The life and times of Lorena Marquez, aka AquaGirl)

by mittfh

Copyright © Ben Norwood 2010-2011

Creative Commons License

Mark Foster is terrified of water.
So what's he doing on a cross-channel ferry... the bottom of the sea...

With thanks to Lilith, Lynceus and EnemyOfFun - you know your roles in producing this!


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  Original: DC Comics
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Jade: The Price of Vengeance

Jade: The Price of Vengeance
Lilith Langtree

The Sinestro War is over. When the Green Lanterns come home, who do they find tending the roost? Jade is brought to Oa for trial, but life is never that simple for Earth's newest Lantern.

Enter the Copycat!


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The XX-Factor


A lonely young boy tries unsuccessfully to cope with recent changes in his life until an odd group of strangers arrive in town and show him that maybe his curse is a blessing after all.

The XX-Factor
by Woggie

Copyright  ©2003 Woggie
Revised edition: February 12, 2010


(adj.) strangeness by virtue of being remarkable or unusual ; (noun) A point in the universe where the density of matter and the gravitational field are infinite, such as at the center of a black hole.

Green Lantern: Star Sapphire's Wrath

Hal Jordan encounters a dying alien but initially refuses to accept the power of the Green Lantern. Instead, his boss and friend Carl Ferris takes up the job only to be kidnapped, changed, and brainwashed by the Violet Lantern Corp. Now, Hal Jordan must take on the difficult task of protecting the Earth from his best friend's wrath.

It's a Matter of Death and Life: Part 4

It’s A Matter of Death and Life: part 4

A non-canon Whateley Universe story

By Camospam, editing by Wendy K

Whateley Academy, Kirby Hall: Monday Oct 15, 2007

Louis Geintz had just wrapped up his famous Psychic ethics discourse, It’s a topic every student in his class would at some point need to face, and likely agonize over, because undoubtedly they’ll each need to decide whether to ‘cross the line’ or not.

Meagan's Tail ch4 ...Heckawi as easy as falling

Meagan's Tail

A new Universe, a New story!




Friday, July 15 2016 1:30PM
Downtown metro Los Angeles

Mischief 3: The Remedy for Mischief

Melissa spends a nice, quiet, uneventful day, shopping with her aunt. At least, that was the plan, but with a codename like Mischief, when do things ever go as planned?

Meagan's Tail ch3 ...A Beauty or a Beast?

Meagan's Tail

A new Universe, a New story!




Tuesday, July 12 2016 6:50AM
Palos Verdes, California

Meagan's Tail ch2 ...a tail or two?

Meagan's Tail

A new Universe, a New story!




Monday, July 11 2016 6:25AM
Palos Verdes, California

For Better or Worse - part 8

For Better or Worse

When Tom married his wife, he truly believed the love they shared would pull them through any problems that may come their way, but what happens when you discover the one you married is not even human?


Written by Nuuan

Meagan's Tail ch1

Meagan's Tail

A new Universe, a New story!




Saturday, July 9 2016
Palos Verdes, California

Meagan hopped the three steps down as she exited the small metro rail car, then took time to count her shopping bags to make sure she had them all and waved to her friends still on board, "See ya Monday at swim team practice!"

The Legend of the Amazon Girl

.The Legend of the Amazon Girl

written by Dauphin
Clothes do matter, even when you are a super hero
"No mater how many powers you have, it only takes a good heart to accept you" Diana
"There are many metaphores in this story" Dauphin

Impetus Chapter 2


“Yeah, k’know, I just want to do everything I can to help our community!” the teenage girl said perkily, pouncing her foot up and down, her black and purple suit fitting snugly to her thin, lithe frame.

“I love you, Impetus!” someone shouted from the unwashed throng, fortunately held back by a barrier of police tape and news vans. Behind the mask, Adam held back a wince.

Masks 20: Part 10

Part Ten

They exited at the bottom of the stairs into a mechanical room. It was dark and filled with the muffled sounds made by the near-idling equipment which supported the building.

"Now what?" said Energia, as they stood just inside the huge room.

"Don't like this," said Gadgetive, looking around warily. "No mechanical room in a legitimate business should be this clean."

Masks 20: Part 9

Part Nine

"Gadgetive, I need to tell me everything you know about those drones," said Blue Impact, once they were underway.

"Why?" said the gadgeteer, puzzled. "They won't use them again; just like they had them here instead of another powerful super standing guard. Masterminds like to change things up. Well, some things..."

"Because this setup was different in other ways, too. Someone had a whole bunch of several series of devices made by the same company through a long span, instead of a few gadgets gathered from different sources."

Forgotten: Chapter 13

“Galen, your report on the Destructors Incident?” Albert Coleman, the Secretary of Defense, asked Galen.

This was first meeting between Galen and the National Security Council, plus the Joint Chiefs, since the explosion of the crystal three days ago... but this wasn’t the first meeting between himself and the Council about Bug, whom this meeting was no doubt going to be about.

Masks 20: Part 8

Part Eight

The next day - Sunday - they finally got the call from Samual Logsdon, just after 8:00 AM. Naturally, he wanted to meet them at Abner's house as soon as possible. Fortunately, the four current occupants of the lair had expected activity this day and were up early.

Masks 20: Part 7

Part Seven

The trio in Tricorne's large apergy flyer looked down upon the dirty, deeply shadowed streets and alleys with sensors and eyes. Meanwhile, Energia flew nearby, using her own senses away from the insulation of the van-sized pod. Several sources had pegged this city as one location where The Black Badge was currently carrying out his operation. Some claimed he was focusing on this specific neighborhood.

Masks 20: Part 5

Part Five

"Guess what?" said Blue Impact, a couple of hours later, back at the lair. "Turns out the person who owns the house is the same Emil Logsdon who had to let the police in, years ago. He is part owner of the real estate company which bought the house, which is why there's no record of further transfers. He just had the company say it was waiting for a buyer to develop the property, in order to head off complaints about the house not fitting with the rest of the neighborhood. I guess he took it over as a private project. Or maybe as a memorial to his friend."

Masks 20: Part 2

Part Two

Vic was using the treadmill in the lair's gym the next morning when she saw Energia enter. Like Vic she was wearing workout clothing, though with added mask. Vic waved as she moved to one of the mats.

"Good morning," Energia said, waving cheerfully back. She noticed that Vic - in kicking jeans, a sport bra and running shoes and without her hair extensions - had the machine set close to its maximum normal human level. She grinned at the martial artist. "Ah, Sunday at the lair. Filled with the sounds of whirring and clanking exercise machines."

Masks 20: Part 1

Masks XX: The Mystery of the Mechanical Master


Rodford Edmiston

Part One

The video conference call was unusual in more aspects than the fact that all three participants were wearing costumes with masks. The members of Tricorne were planning yet another Spring Break together. However, this time the youngest member was proposing something different from previous teamups.


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