The Nineteen Minute War

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The Nineteen Minute War
by Joyce Melton

In May of 2033, war broke out between China and India over their disputed border. A peacekeeping force was organized of UN troops from several different countries, including the US, Russia, the EU and Japan.

A truce was declared. The Peacekeepers came in and set up three base camps in the high mesas and mountainsides. A few months passed with no major incidents.

Then, one Monday evening in October, with icy rain falling, an artillery duel developed between entrenched units on both sides. The Nineteen Minute War, a nuclear exchange, began at 11:41 p.m. local time.

Tuesday never came.

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No Winners

joannebarbarella's picture

When a war goes nuclear. Any war is a bad war as can be seen in Ukraine v Russia and Israel v Hamas, but nuclear can only end in total destruction on both sides.

could happen

Miyata's picture

But it will not be the major Powers going at each other. It'll start with someone like Iran against Israel or some other pair going at each other.

Remember, there has been only ONE Country to ever Nuke another and We (USA) did it twice.


'Do or Do Not, There is no Try' - Yoda

One of my favourite writers ...

... Neville Shute (perhaps because he also had a 'real' job as an aeronautical engineer) wrote 'On The Beach', which describes the aftermath of a nuclear exchange. It's a very sobering read and the film starring Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner, among others, is equally so.

One of the more likely possibilities is a conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. The really sad thing is that many conflicts have their origins in religion (eg Gaza). Me? I have no dog in any religious argument/fight.


Nuclear weapons almost guarantees MAD

Two minutes, 28 seconds

laika's picture

That's how long the war in Spike Mulligan's 1968 film THE BED-SITTING ROOM lasted,
including the signing of the peace treaty. In the aftermath, British citizens started turning
into parrots, Daliesque pieces of furniture and Marty Feldman in a nurse's uniform,
scrabbling around the surreal ruins of London having nonsensical encounters.
Mrs. Ethel Shroak, 1,000,000th in line of sucession for the throne was now queen.
Somehow I don't think the aftermath of a real nuclear war would be
anywhere near that wacky. Good, sobering little drabble.
~hugs, Veronica