On the Eve of my 19th Birthday

With my 19th birthday coming up tomorrow, I’ll be visiting home for the first time in months. I’ve been away at college, and while there, I began my transition as a trans girl. My parents are supportive, but they’ve yet to see me as myself yet. Tomorrow will be the first day. I’ll take a train over early in the morning tomorrow to visit them, but first, I’m taking a trip down to the shops to get a new outfit, partially as a gift to myself, and partially so I can look my best tomorrow.

I’m about 5’2”, 90 pounds, with long blonde hair currently in pigtails. As I’ve only just started HRT, I have no breasts to speak of, or any other body fat, really. Currently, I’m dressed in a short red skirt and a flowery red and white blouse. I’m also wearing white thigh highs with red bows at the top, red mary jane shoes, and a pair of red bows in my pigtails.

As I wait for the bus outside of my college, along with a few other students , I get some stares. They gossip about me and giggle. Everyone in the school knows that I’m trans, and not all of them take it well. I don’t care.

Thankfully, the girls are kept far away from me as we board the crowded bus heading downtown. This bus services the whole city, not just the school, so it’s already full by the time we arrive. I end up standing, as there are no seats available. As the bus goes lurching forwards, I go to grab for a strap to help keep myself upright, but can’t quite reach it. I stand on my tiptoes to try reaching, but just as my fingers brush the strap…

“I can see your panties,” a young girl says, giggling.

I reach down to cover the bottom of my skirt, but as I do, I lose by balance, and fall forward onto another young girl, this one seemingly about 13. She’s sitting on a seat in front of me, and I land on her lap, with my hands on her breasts. She seems surprised, but doesn’t seem too bothered by it. I apologize and stand up awkwardly. She just smiles at me.

I make my way towards the back door, where I can hold on to a handhold on a pole by the door. I’ve always hated busses. They’re so crowded, and I can never quite reach the straps up above. Falling down isn’t too uncommon for me. At least this time it was just a young girl who saw my panties. I’ve had guys reach down there. Boy, do they get quite the surprise…

Finally, the bus reaches my stop, and I can’t get off of there fast enough. A few other people get off, as it’s downtown by a lot of shops. That includes the young girl who I fell on early.

I head into one nearby shop that often has cute clothes at a low price. As I’m looking around the racks of clothing, I notice the young girl from earlier is also looking around the shop. I try to ignore her, and browse for a nice dress for tomorrow. Alas, nothing good here. I mean, there are a few nice things, but nothing for my shape and size. That might be the hardest part.

I continue on to the next store, which is a little bit more upscale, potentially more pricy than what I’m willing to spend. But they occasionally have some nice clothes on discount, so it’s worth it to check it out. And there is one nice dress that has a nice price on it, but when I try it on, it just doesn’t fit well in the shoulder/chest area. It’s too tight around the ribcage, yet the bust area has a gap where people couldn’t help but look down and see my non-existent breasts.

As I’m walking out of the more upscale boutique, I notice the same young girl walk out, almost as if she’s following me from place to place. But that could just be a coincidence…

Against my better judgment, I decide to test this out by heading down an alley between buildings. Sure enough, the girl follows after, and I stand there, arms crossed, waiting for her.

“Are you following me?” I ask.

She nods her head.

“Why? Is it about earlier? I’m sorry that I fell on you.”

She shakes her head. “No, I’m not mad about that. Actually, when you fell on me, I couldn’t help but notice, as your crotch rubbed against my lap, that there seemed to be something extra there.”

I blush furiously. “Ah. Yeah… I’m transgender…”

“I know. Believe it or not, though, so am I,” she says, lifting up the dress of her high school uniform.

I look away, and cover my eyes. “Please! You don’t have to show! I’ll take your word for it!”

I hear her step towards me. She grabs my hand, and brings it down towards.

I yank my hand away.

“What are you doing?” I ask, finally turning my face to look at her. Sure enough, she has her dress hitched up, in in her cute little pink rabbit patterned panties, there is, in fact, a bulge. Not much of one, but there is one.

“You weren’t going to look, so I was gonna make sure that you knew!”

“I… I see, now, okay? Now put your dress back down before someone walks in and sees this!”

“Oh, is that the issue here?” she asks, letting go of the hem of her dress. “In that case, how about we go somewhere more private? I have an apartment downtown, and my sisters are always happy when I bring a girl over.”

“You bring girls over often?”

“All the time! Hell, half the girls who make fun at you at school for being trans have been with a trans girl before– and that trans girl is me! But I haven’t been with another trans girl, yet, so this will be fun!”

“Even then, you’re still too young for me!”

“What? You’re a freshman in college, right? 19? I’m only a year younger?”

“What? You’re 18?”


I look down at the girl, with her navy blue school uniform dress, and long brown hair. She’s wearing knee-high black socks and black flats. I can tell that she’s wearing a pink bra, as the bra strap is visible. She’s tiny, skinny, and adorable, with a face that makes you wish you could just take her home and cuddle her. And though I may not be able to take her back to my home, I can at least go to her home…

“Okay,” I tell her. “But I do have things that I came to do here, today, so let me finish with that, first!”

Boy. It isn’t easy. I go to several more shops, agonizing over what to wear. The girl, who introduces herself as Usagi, joins me in the dressing rooms, and rubs herself through her panties as she watches me get changed. I admit that I get more than a little bit hard as I watch Usagi pleasuring herself. She giggles as she watches my panties strain against my hard on.

By some miracle, I do manage to find one nice dress within my price range that fits. It’s a red skater dress with a lace over it. (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/539728336570716785/)

Usagi is basically dragging me out of the store once the purchase is complete. The poor girl can barely help herself from grabbing me. She even gives my butt a little squeeze as we exit the store. I hold my bag in front of me to help hide the bulge that is probably at least somewhat visible through my dress.

Finally, we arrive at Usagi’s apartment. She unlocks the door, and waves at her sisters, who are currently half naked, making out on the dining room table. The girls, who look to be maybe 21 or so, barely pay her any attention, too busy going to town on one another. The one does a double take when she notices me, and seems to look me up and down, assessing me. She nods her head, and then returns to working on her sister.

“Don’t worry about them,” Usagi tells me. “Sometimes they join in, other times they don’t.”

“Uh. Those are your sisters?”

“Yeah. They’re kinda lezbos.”

“Do you mind me asking if they ever… you know… do stuff with you?”

“Oh, all the time! Were you hoping for a foursome? They won’t say no!”

“Uh, maybe later. I would kind of like some alone time with you first.”

“Wow, what a flirt! Alright, come on! My room is this way!”

I follow Usagi to her room. She doesn’t even bother to get in before stripping her dress off, leaving her in just her black knee socks and matching rabbit print panties and training bra.

I’m a bit more nervous, waiting until I’m in the room. Slowly, I take my blouse off, revealing my lightly padded bra. It’s white with blue flowers.

“Come on! I’ve already seen you in your underwear, just hurry it up!” Usagi urges me.

She doesn’t wait for me to respond or anything. She just yanks my skirt down, revealing my panties which match my bra. I yelp, and go to cover my bottom, but what good does it do?

“Hmm…” Usagi says, studying me. “You really are cute, you know.”

“Says you,” I mutter.

“Oh, please, flatter me more!!” she giggles, reaching up and squeezing my breasts. She then gives me a kiss between the boobs, and takes my hands. She leads me towards her bed.

I’m not entirely sure what to do, so Usagi takes the lead. She pushes me down on the bed, and leaves a trail of kisses up and down my thighs. The entire time my panties are about to explode. She notices that, and giggles.

“Oh, you’re pretty excited for this, huh?” she ask . She crawls atop me, and sits on my panties, slowly rubbing her ass into me. I hold her by the hips, urging her down onto me.

She slowly leans down onto me, and then crawls a bit towards my face. She kisses me on the lips lightly, before leaning back away a bit.

“Is that your first kiss?” she asks. I nod my head. “Something told me that it might be. Oh, but don’t worry, you’ll have plenty more before the night is over!”

She leans back in for another kiss, and her tongue thrashes wildly in my mouth. I moan in pleasure, and try to keep up with her, sticking my tongue into her mouth as well. As I do, I reach around her butt and stick a finger in her hole. That seems to encourage her, as she gets more and more aggressive once I do that.

After a moment, she leans away once more, and then slowly crawls down off of me, leaving me one last kiss on the tip of my dick before she crawls off of the bed. She pulls her socks and bra off, and turns on the ceiling fan. I go ahead and take my socks and bra off too, while I’m at it, leaving us both in just our panties.

I’m sitting on the edge of the bed as she gets back, and grab her arm, forcibly pushing her down onto her bed. She looks surprised, but then gives me an evil smirk.

“Who would have guessed you had it in you to top someone? Go ahead, baby, show me what you’ve got!”

I don’t know if it’s cuz I’m a top or I’m just too horny to hold back, but I couldn’t help myself. It was a spur of the moment thing, and now I’m not totally sure what to do.

First, I bring her down towards the edge of the bed, with her still lying down, but with me standing up. I bring my panties up to hers, and start rubbing them together, slowly at first. I then speed up a bit, putting as much pressure as I can towards her. As I do, I grab her by her hips, and pull her towards me. She’s also gripping the sheets and seemingly pulling herself towards me at the same time. I may not be experienced in this, but she’s at least enjoying herself.

The humping and grinding against her panties is enough to send me over the edge. I come, and it gushes out of my panties and onto Usagi. I sigh, just about out of breath, and step away. But Usagi isn’t done. She grabs my hand, and pulls me onto the bed on top of her. She rubs her hands all over my back as she bites at my lips and thrusts herself upwards towards me. She then pushes me over so that she’s on top now.

Usagi sits me on the side of her bed, and sits down on my knee, grinding herself on me.

“Consider this payback for the bus,” she moans.

I bring both hands around to her back, and rub her butt with one hand, while I finger her butthole with the other one. All the while, she humps against me leg, which is plenty wet with her precum and my cum.

Finally, she comes, dripping sperm all over my leg. She collapses onto me, out of energy, but still horny enough to seek out my breasts blindly, and rub at them.

“Aww, that was kinda hot,” someone says from the open door.

Lifting my head up, I see Usagi’s sisters at the front door, watching us. I don’t know how long they’ve been watching, but both of them have their hands in their panties.

“Shame they finished without us, huh?” the redhead asks.

“Oh, I don’t think they’re done, yet!” the blonde says.

The two of them come towards us, stripping their panties off as they approach. Once they get near, they reach for our panties. Usagi lifts her butt as the blonde pulls the panties off of her. I do the same, letting the redhead strip the last of my clothes.

The girls start by kneeling down at the foot of the bed, with us sitting at the edge. Usagi holds my hand with her right hand, and with her left, pushes her sister’s head towards her dick. At the same time, the redhead leans down and brings my penis into her mouth.

It isn’t long until I’m hard again, as I watch the two sisters give me and Usagi head at the same time. As they do, they fondle our balls with one hand, and finger one another with their other hands. I feel like I’m close to exploding once more, but my orgasm wasn’t too long ago, so second won’t come for quite a while.

The girls go at it for a bit, but don’t wait for an orgasm that they know they won’t get. Instead, they go to a nearby dresser, and grab some lube. They slather us up with both hands, and then climb onto our laps, this time with the blonde on me and the redhead on Usagi. For the first time in my life, my dick slips into a vagina. As if that in and of itself isn’t enough, she begins humping me, forcing my dick further and further into her. All the while, Usagi is next to me, getting humped by her sister, and shouting at her to go faster.

As the girls go down on us, they lean in and start licking at our nipples. As well as feeling around out hip and stomach area, letting their hands wander. I pump my hips towards her, ready to explode.

Finally, just as I’m about ready to explode, the girls get off of us, and the cum instead goes all over the carpet. But even with the two of us exhausted, the girls aren’t done, yet. They turn back to one another, and the blonde pushes the redhead down onto the bed. They start making out for a bit, before the blonde trails down to the redhead’s pussy.

As I’m watching, Usagi crawls over to them, and gestures me over. We lean over the two girls, and start making out. As we do, the redhead grabs each of our dicks, and starts jerking us off. Eventually, Usagi is overcome with lust yet again, and pushes me over, landing on top of me. Her my butt and her legs are on her redheaded sister, while Usagi pushes her tongue into my mouth yet again.

“Turn around,” she orders.

I do as she says, and yelp in surprise as her penis finds its way into my butt. She thrusts for a bit with her little cock, and though it isn’t large, I’m unfamiliar with the feeling of a dick in my butt, so I’m still hurting a little bit.

As she does that, the blonde crawls off of the redhead, and comes over to me. She sits down by my face, and spreads her legs, and pushes herself towards me. She grabs my head, and pushes me into her pussy, forcing me to lap it up.

Meanwhile, the redhead has also gotten up, and goes to sit down on the blonde’s face. Seems she hasn’t quite had enough of her pussy being eaten, as she grinds her vagina into her sister’s face.

The taste and feeling are extremely unfamiliar, but not at all unwelcomed. And with three naked girls around me, one making love to me and one forcing me to eat her out, I’m rock hard yet again.

The redhead orgasms first, squirting fluid all over her sister’s face. A bit later, the blonde orgasms, pushing on my tongue and sending waves of pleasure down both of our bodies.

At the same time, in my ass, Usagi erupts with a load of cum, and moans in ecstacy. She pulls out, and leans back against the headboard. The two elder sisters also step away, seemingly to catch their breath. They’ve been at it since before we got here, after all.

Unfortunately for Usagi , I’m still horny, and ready to come again. I crawl over to her, and, before she can react, turn her over, and sit on her ass. She squirms, pretending to put up a bit of a fight, but I know that she wants this as much as I do. Slowly, I inch into the younger girl’s butt, which admittedly isn’t very many inches.

As I hump Usagi from behind, I reach my hands around to her front, groping her breasts with one hand, while jerking her off with the other. She’s soft after ejaculating so many times, but she’s still moaning in pleasure.

It isn’t long before I come in Usagi’s ass. I let out a deep breath, and collapse, absolutely exhausted by now. Usagi grabs me, and pulls me close. I fall asleep in her bed, naked, and pulled up close to her little breasts.

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