Fairy Watching

One of my favorite pastimes is fairy watching, basically sneaking down to The Fairy Gardens and trying to look up the skirts of the fairy girls who fly around there without getting caught. Fairies are extremely beautiful, and lots of them forego underwear, making it doubly exciting. Of course, if you do get caught, some bad things can happen. Lots of my friends have gotten caught, and have been forced to do stuff such as manual labor. Sometimes one of them will disappear from work for weeks on end, and when they return, they refuse to say what happened. Most don’t return to fairy watching after that.

Today, I’m wearing a bush outfit, and hiding out in a bush that sits below a large tree. It’s a bit dangerous to get in and out from here, as it is in the center of The Garden, but so long as there aren’t any fae nearby, it’s doable. You just have to be quick. And since it’s in the center of the garden, right below a big tree, there’s lots of action. I see all kinds of different panties: plain white, patterned full coverage panties, sexy black lace panties, leaf panties, thongs, but no commando fairies yet. Boo! Though, honestly, I’m not too upset. There’s been plenty to look at, regardless. I could hardly call today a failure.

Just when I’m ready to call it quits, one more fairy flies up the tree to gather honey from the bee hive up there. She uses magic to produce a white smoke, much like human beekeepers do, in order to safety get to the bees. The smoke obscures my vision a bit, but as she flies up, into the smoke, I get a good look up the fairy’s skirt, and, bingo! No panties! I quickly lift up my camera – a device which uses magic to capture still photographs – and snap the picture. No sound or lights are needed with this device, which captures the image in perfect resolution. I squat down, and look down at the screen of the camera. Yep! That’s a perfect picture! I’ve also got lots of other good pictures here, but this one is probably the best I’ve gotten in all my months of coming here.

“Ahem!” I hear a high pitch voice just above me. My face goes white as I look up, and spot the fairy from just now. She’s about a foot tall, with bronze skin, green hair (in both locations,) pink eyes, pink wings, and a dress made of leaves that stops about midway down her thighs. Her brows are furrowed in anger, directed at me.

“Uh,” is all I can manage.

“And what exactly are you doing here, human? You know that humans are banned from visiting The Garden! And you’re certainly not allowed to take upskirts of fairies!”

“Uh. Look, there’s a very good reason for this!”

“Oh? Well, I would love to hear it!”

“You see…” As I hesitate and struggle to find an excuse, fairies are crowding around to watch. Whatever is about to happen cannot be good. “I’m sorry!” I exclaim, deciding that maybe coming up with a half baked excuse isn’t the best idea. Maybe if I show that I’m truly apologetic, they’ll go easy on me! “This won’t ever happen again! I beg for your mercy!”

The girl rolls her eyes, then takes the camera from me. She flips through the photos, and glares at me in between looking at photos.

“This looks like quite a haul. And based on the position of the sun, and the growth of the bush and tree, I take it that this has been happening for quite some time. Despicable.”

With that, she takes the camera – basically a thin metal book, kind of – and snaps it in half. I nearly vomit at the thought of what she might be able to do to me if she can do that to a camera. She could snap my spine in half! And I would deserve it!

“Please!” I beg. “Take pity on me!”

I throw myself to the ground, and grovel. The fairy girls around me laugh.

“Look up,” the girl commands. I obey, and look up. A boot smashes right into my face. Admittedly, it is a tiny boot, and would, under most circumstances, do very little damage. Of course, fairies are magic, and so that one tiny boot is enough to send me flying backwards.

I wake up a second later, surrounded by snickering fairies, and draped under a mysterious cloth. All of the fairies are snickering, and quite a bit larger than I recall.

“Hmm?” I mutter, and gasp in shock at the voice that leaves my mouth. My hands fly to my neck, and, looking down, I see that not only has my voice changed, but my body, too. And I happen to be naked, so I see quite a bit…

Firstly, I’m really tiny. The cloth draped over me is the shirt I was wearing earlier, with the pants being below me. Though my size doesn’t surprise me for long as my eyes focus on one rather important spot: my groin area. While I admit that I was never super impressive in the first place, I’ve now lost even that small ounce of manliness. My dick is gone. In its place, a vagina.

I faint. I wake up some time later in a hammock, face down. I roll over to try and get an idea of my surroundings, and fall out of bed. I hear a snicker.

“You need to be more careful in hammocks, idiot!” says the familiar voice.

Sitting up and looking over, I see the pink haired fairy from earlier. She’s smirking at me. I realize now that I’m still naked, and cover my tiny breasts with one hand, and my groin with the other hand.

“Ha! What? You think I’m some perv like you? Please. Here, get dressed.”

The girl tosses me a dress. It’s rather short, and if I lift my legs up too high, everyone gets a clear view of my groin. Also, the front dips down quite a bit, leaving much of my cleavage out in the open. Still, it’s better than being naked, I suppose. I throw it on, then look at the girl.

“Okay. I’ve been changed into a fairy. Fine. Fair enough. What now?”

“Now you’ll learn just what it means to be a fairy. We’re not objects for your sexual enjoyment, you perv, you got that? We’re hard working, and we deserve respect.”

“I understand. I’m sorry for what I’ve done.”

“Oh, please! It’s too soon for you to understand! You’ll be here with me for quite some time, alright? Don’t expect that you can apologize and just go back to your every day life anytime soon! In fact, maybe once you get used to it, you might not even want to go back.”

I bow my head. I messed up, so I have to live with the consequences. My friends and family know what I’m into, so they’ll know why I’m gone for so long. Maybe I should have listened to my parents and not have done such a stupid thing. On the flip side, damn, did I get some good photos!

As I think about the photos I’ve gotten in the past, I get kind of hot. I try to shake the thoughts out of my head, and return to the present.

“Boy, look down,” the fairy girl tells me.

Maple syrup runs down my leg.

“What is this?” I ask, bringing a finger to it. It certainly is sticky like maple syrup, and the smell is also quite similar. Where is it coming from, though? I look up at the roof, and see nothing dripping. Looking back down, I follow it up my skirt to…

“When fairies get horny, they drip maple syrup,” the girl explains.

“They what? Wait, the syrup that we eat-”

“Stop that line of thinking right there! No! That is not for eating! Not any more than human fluids are, at least!”

“So what is it for?” I ask.

The girl crosses her arms, and huffs. “Goooooood, you humans really are stupid. It’s for impregnation! You just-” she waves her arm around. “And then a baby comes out, roughly six months later!”

“I don’t think I quite caught all of that.”

“That’s fine! You won’t be needing that knowledge, not unless you plan to stay here! And if you do, then you can find that out later!”

I blink. “Okay.”

“Okay, great! Now, stick those horny thoughts aside, alright? You’re going to be doing work, okay? First things first, since you’re a fairy now, you’ll need a new name. What was your human name?” She holds her hand up as I start to open my mouth. “Trick question! That doesn’t matter! Your new name is Blossom!”

“Yeah, okay. As long as it isn’t something like Maple Leaf. That would be like naming yourself Cumrag, or something.”

“No dirty jokes! You got that?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good, good. My name is Willowheart. I’m a beekeeper, as I’m sure you’ve realized from watching me.”

“And what work will I be doing?” I ask.

“Lots! We’ll start you off with my line of work, since that’s what you interrupted! Follow me!”

We fly out of Willowheart’s home. Outside, there are lots of fairies buzzing about, going about their everyday lives. They enter their homes in tree hollows, pick berries, pollinate flowers using special tools, gather honey, check on the health of trees, and more.

One interesting thing that I’ve noticed in the past, and I notice now as well, is that there are no male fairies. All seem to be female.

“Are there no boy fairies?” I ask.

“No. As mentioned, the fluid from before is used for reproductive purposes. Everyone here is capable of either impregnating, or being impregnated. Or even both at the same time. It’s far more efficient than what you humans do.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I nod my head. Though, really, I think humans have been doing plenty well. We’ve got cities, technology, everything you could ever need. And everywhere we go, fairies come along with us. We pave the way for new opportunities, bringing fairies far beyond where their tiny bodies would otherwise be able to travel. And, yes, the fae have helped humanity, as well. Magic, medicine, and food production have all been boosted by fairies.

I consider this for a bit longer as we fly to our destination, the large tree from before.

“So does that mean that you’re all lesbians?”

“From a technical aspect, yes, although it is strange to put a label on it when it is literally all that we can do. Our only other option would be to try a romantic relationship with a human. Please!”

Lesbian relationships are plenty common among humans, as well as other humanoid species. One study has found that up to 50% of dwarven relationships are homosexual. And orcs, though they don’t form monogamous pairs, freely have sex with other orcs regardless of sex.

I can’t help but imagine myself in the future, having stayed in The Fairy Gardens, with a hot lesbian wife, having gay fairy sex with her.

“Hey! You’re dripping!” Willowheart grabs me by the shoulder, and drags me down into the grass bellow. “I told you to keep pervy thoughts out of your mind!”

I blush wildly as I think of my fluids dripping on a poor unsuspecting passerby down below. Being a fairy seems really rough. Imagine if you were a human and suddenly cum came raining down from the sky! Ah, actually, that reminds me of a prank my friends pulled back in high school. I digress.

Willowheart cuts a chunk off of a nearby leaf, and hands me it. I wipe the syrup off my leg, then carefully stand back up. It seems to be gone.

“Sheesh. You’re really just a bag of horny, aren’t you? Even underwear might not be enough to keep you in check, I might have to throw you in a diaper.”

“No need,” I insist. “I would prefer to be wearing underwear right now, though. As it is, anyone can…”

“Anyone can look up your skirt and see your genitals? Jeez, how invasive! I can’t imagine such a thing! Anyhow, for us fae, we’re not interested in that! We aren’t perverts like you humans! We only care about that if it is with someone that we like, and even then, we’re smart enough to be able to understand when a situation is not about sex! Now, come on! We’re way behind schedule!”

We hurry to the tree. There are a few other fairies buzzing around, collecting honey. One fairy is the dedicated smoke creator, making sure that the bees are kept calm. One other fairy is wearing a long white robe, and I’m told that she’s a healer.

“In the event that something goes wrong, a bee sting to a fairy is a lot more serious than a bee sting to a human. We’re only about 1% of your body mass, so the poison is potentially lethal. Of course, most of us aren’t stupid, so mistakes never really happen, but you should always be careful. Also, since you’re here, and you are stupid, we made sure that a cleric would be here.”

I can’t argue with that, and am actually happy that, if worst comes to worst, I’ll have someone here to save me. Hopefully that won’t happen, though.

I follow Willowheart to the hives above. From down below, they had looked like natural hives, but they are in fact man-made. Or, rather, fairy-made. They have hinges for easy access to the honey, wax, and bees. This way, not only can they collect honey and wax as needed, but also keep a close eye on the health of the hive.

At first, I was worried about the huge bees around me, but the smoke does its job. I wish I were wearing a beekeeper outfit like humans do, but at the very least, no bees attack me, so I consider this a success.

We fly down with vats of honey, then back up, and down again. We work for hours, collecting honey and wax. When the supervisor thinks that this is enough, she gives the signal, and we all retreat from the hive. Once everyone is clear, the smoker quits sending out smoke, and we leave, with nobody harmed.

I fly away, exhausted and tense. I hope the other jobs won’t leave me feeling like I’m dying.

“So, what’s next?” I ask.

“It’s night, so it’s time to rest,” Willowheart says.

“Oh, good.”

“Well, normally, anyhow. You’re still on probation, so you’re getting a night shift.”

I groan. “Fine. Where at?”

“Brothel. Clearly you’re not able to keep yourself from getting horny, so maybe this is a perfect fit for you. Oh, but be careful of River. She’s a bit handsy.”


Willowheart says nothing more, so I guess I’ll just find out when I get there.

The brothel is located in the heart of town, and clearly marked. Plenty of women come and go as we approach. As we enter, a chubby fairy with dark skin and blue wings and hair comes running up to us, and throws her arms around Willowheart. Her hands start to wander down south.

“Willowheart! I knew you would be back! My love, our last session was just-”

“I’m not here for myself today, River!” she says, pushing the overly enthusiastic woman off of her. “This is the new girl, Blossom! She can’t keep her mind straight, so I want you to get rid of her horniness.”

“By the time I’m done with her, she might just be extra horny, I think!” River says, grabbing me by the hips and pulling me towards her.

“Hey!” Willowheart growls, smacking her hand away from me. “I don’t mean as a customer! Make her work!”

“Only if she consents.”

“I do,” I say, shrugging. I mean, this certainly sounds like the place to be.

“Great! Here comes your first customer now!”

A shy looking fairy walks in. She’s wearing a sunflower themed dress, and has golden hair and wings, and green skin. She looks around the room, her eyes pausing on the three of us.

“I think I might scare her away if I approach her,” River says. “Why don’t you two go talk to her?”

“Fine, but just so we’re clear, I’m not working here!” Willowheart says.

“The offer is always open!” River says, running off to attend to other customers.

Willowheart and I approach the nervous looking fae girl.

“Hey, there. First time?” Willowheart asks. The girl nods her head. “Alright, no worries! This girl here is Blossom, I’m sure you’ve heard of her already! She’s the one that used to be a human boy.”

The girl nods her head. “I heard that she might be working here tonight, and was curious…”

“Ah, I see. Well, she’s all yours! Oh, so long as you can pay and provide proper ID, of course. And she doesn’t know a lot about fairies, so you can probably teach her quite a bit!”

Looking down at the girl’s long, slender legs, I can tell that a bit of sap is leaking down. She holds her hands over her bottom area, and clenches her legs.

“Y-yes! Of course!”

Once she pays up and offers her ID, I head up to the room with her. Halfway up, I wonder to myself what exactly I’m getting myself into. Of course, as syrup drops from my legs, I realize that I kind of have an idea, or at least an idea of what I would like.

“So, I didn’t get a look at your ID. What was your name?” I ask as we enter the room. Fairy brothels are rather nice, with soft cotton beds, and live flowers growing out from the leaf walls. Rooms are soundproofed with magic so that the people in the next room don’t hear you.

“Vine,” she whispers.

“Oh? Why are you called that?” I ask. I had expected something like Sunflower. She has golden hair and green skin, after all, and is dressed in a sunflower motif.

She looks down at the floor awkwardly. “Maybe it would be better to show you…”

She unbuttons her dress, and as if by instinct, I look away, before remembering what job I’m doing here. I bring my full attention to Vine as her dress drops. Below, she’s wearing a one piece black body suit which clings tightly to her skin. And, as she unzips the bodysuit and lets it drop to the floor, I can see now why she is called Vine.

This girl has a dick. A long, green dick with thorns. Thankfully they don’t look sharp, but, uh…

“What? I thought that all fairies…” I trail off. That they what? Were all girls? I don’t know for a fact that Vine isn’t yet. But they can all get pregnant, right?”

“I’m a slightly different species from the ones you’re familiar with. We come from an island which had been isolated for quite a few centuries. We once ran low on numbers, and actually used humans and magic in order to continue our lineage, leading to this, ah, situation.”

“Oh. And are all of your species, uh… like you?”

She shakes her head. “No. Most do not have a penis, and those that do typically do not have thorns. Oh, but don’t worry, they don’t hurt. They feel rather good, from what I’ve been told, though, uh, this is my first time, so…”

“Hey, don’t worry! It’s my first time, too! Even back when I was a human, i was single, so, uh…”

We stand there awkwardly for a second.

“Right. Should we begin, then?” I ask, pulling my dress off quickly. Vine shrieks as I do. “I’m sorry!” I tell her, quickly pulling it back on.

“No, no! This is what I came here for! I just – I wasn’t expecting it! It’s okay.” She takes a deep breath. “Alright. Take it off.”

Vine’s vine is standing at attention. She’s also dripping syrup, and I notice that I am, too. I feel rather sheeping as I take my dress off, and I blush like mad.

Vine is like a woman possessed! I’ve barely got the dress over my head, when she tackles me onto the ground. She presses down on me, her hands on my breasts, one leg squeezing against my vagina. The ground is already sticky with our fluids, and as she massages my breasts, rubs her knee into my vagina, and sucks on my neck, we can’t help but release more and more.

Vine’s sits up, and moves forwards, sitting on my belly. Her dick lies near my breasts, syrup slowly but steadily pouring out and onto my body. She uses her hands to bring the syrup up to my breasts, and goes back to massaging, this time massaging the sticky liquid onto my breasts. It feels kind of gross, but the smell also seems to be something of an aphrodisiac for fairies, as I’m getting more and more horny.

Finally, I think Vine has had enough of doing this on the floor, as she gets up, and grabs my arm, pulling me up with her. She then basically drags me to the bed, and pushes me down onto it. Of course, I put up no resistance.

She crawls up onto me, and slowly positions herself as to allow her vine to enter my vagina.

“Eep!” I shriek, realizing what exactly is going on. I’ve imagined having sex lots of times, but I’ve always been the penetrator! I was too horny to think about it, but is she about to put that in me?

“Relax,” she whispers, stroking my face. “I know you may be unaccustomed to such a thing, but just let yourself go and enjoy it.”

I gulp, and nod my head. I won’t lie, I’m really horny. I want it. Hell, I might even need it.

I spread my legs so that Vine has plenty of room to move around down there. First, she fits a few fingers in to get my vagina ready. I’m not used to this, so even this much is almost too much to bear. I whimper a bit, but my horniness beats out my fear.

“Keep going,” I whisper as she pulls her fingers out.

“Poor girl. You need it bad, don’t you?”

I nod my head.

“Hmm. Well, maybe I won’t give it to you. Not unless you ask me to.”

“Please,” I mutter.

“Aww, aren’t you adorable? Just for you, then.”

Vine grabs me by the waist, and slowly brings her dick to my vagina. I tremble as she touches it to me, and then pauses.

“Are you ready?” she asks. I nod my head.

Slowly, she enters me. I gasp as her vine penis with thorns on it goes in smoothly. The syrup might not make great lube for humans, but the fairy body seems to be good with it. The thorns, as promised, are not painful or sharp. It’s probably like having a textured dildo inside of you.

Vine lets me get used to that feeling of a dick inside of me for a moment, then begins slowly pumping it in and out. I moan, and reach out for her. I pull her closer, wanting her to be inside of me, deeper and deeper. More than anything, I need her.

As she goes in and out, Vine’s dick slowly grows. It’s a strange feeling to feel her penis grow inside of me, but not unpleasant. I want more.

“Faster,” I beg.

“As you wish,” she smiles.

Vine ramps it up, thrusting her penis into me with wild abandon. I can’t stop gasping as she pushes it deeper and deeper with each thrust. As she does, her arms grab my waist, and push me towards her.

Suddenly, I feel something erupt inside of me. Vine groans, and slowly pulls herself out. Something like yellow powder is mixed in with the syrup.

“What is that?” I ask.


I hate myself for what I’m about to ask.

“Can I taste it?”

“Please do!”

Vine sits at the edge of the bed, and spreads her legs to welcome me. I lean in, and take her vine penis into my mouth. The syrup surrounding it is sickly sweet, and the pollen is slightly bitter, though not bad tasting at all. But I’m not here just for a taste.

I push her dick deeper into my mouth, and roll my tongue around it. She laughs at me a bit – I’m clearly not experienced at this – and pushes me into her groin. It’s probably also much weirder than a normal blowjob, since the entire time she is secreting the syrup, which dribbles out of my mouth and down my chin onto the ground.

It isn’t long before Vine blows her load once more, this time into my mouth. The full force of the pollen hits me, and I try to swallow as much as I can. Most drips out of my mouth onto the ground, though, as there’s just too much, especially with the syrup too.

Exhausted, I lean back onto the ground. Vine must be just about wiped, too, as she leans back onto the bed, her dick sticking straight up into the sky.

“I don’t think I can go back to the human world after that,” I tell her.

She giggles. “Wow, I knew you enjoyed it, but was my dick really so magical that you can never go back to being human?”

“It just felt so right,” I tell her.

“Maybe you were born to be a slutty fairy girl, after all.”

“It’s hard to deny that!”

She laughs, and sits back up. “Tell you what, if you stay here, I’ll be sure to visit you often. Whether you work as a prostitute or as something else, you’ll always have me here to pleasure you.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do, but work at a brothel sounds pretty good. And this way I’ll be able to try topping someone next time.”

“Don’t get too used to it, babe! I’ll be back with my dick soon enough to put you in your place!”

“And I’ll enjoy it!”

I dress and return downstairs, where Willowheart is waiting for me. I note that she’s wearing a different dress than before. River gives me a wink, suggesting that maybe Willowheart wasn’t just staying down here and waiting.

“Willowheart, I apologize once more for what I did,” I say, bowing. “I regret it, but I think that it may have given me a chance to be where I truly belong. River, if you’ll have me, I would like to work here permanently.”

“With pleasure!” she says.

“You humans are so weird,” Willowheart shakes her head. “So many of you do such foolish things, and many of you never learn your lessons. I don’t know if you have or not, but I can’t deny that I feel a bit better, at least, seeing the look on Vine’s face.”

I look over at Vine, who is looking away, and blushing wildly, a stupid grin on her face.

I take her hands, and she turns towards me. I plant a kiss on her lips, and she gasps in surprise.

“Visit me anytime, Vine. I’ll always be here for you.”

She nods her head, now suddenly way more shy than she was in the bedroom.

Let me be honest: my human life kind of sucked. I had a few friends, sure, but they weren’t important. And though I will miss my family, I think I may be able to find a new family here. Besides, it isn’t too uncommon for someone to leave home and never see their family again. Adventurers, traders, warriors, many people leave their homes for many different reasons. This is just one more reason. I found where i belong. What else can I ask for?

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