Tell me why!

I ran into my room very upset after today's events.

Dear Diary

Why does everyone think that not only am I a girl but that I need to be one?

All my friends are now calling me Deedee its so not fair! I didn't do anything to make them think that I'm a girl!

It started a week or two, no more like a month, or was it last year sometime? God this is so confusing!

I thought I was just a regular boy, I mean I have that thing pointing down between my legs and that makes me a boy, doesn't it?

Yes I have small breasts but the doctor said they will go away on their own in time. My waist might be a little small for my age but its so not my fault. It just does that and I do NOT have hips!

Carla was so teasing me that I have baby hips the bitch. I'm supposed to be a boy and boys don't have hips!

Worse yet today the girls all decided to cure my tomboy ways,their words not mine, and got me dressed up in a denim mini skirt, you know like that one that whats her face wore in Herbie opposite Justine Long. His eyes are soo.. uhm skip that.

So anyways they put on that skirt and a pushup bra with a cute pink with white undershirt top on me. Did some makeup on my face and put my hair up with a bunch of curls. All this was supposed to be just one of our little days in doing makeup or fashion. The days of barbie town and tea parties seem gone. Sometimes I miss those they were so much fun.

They also talked me into putting on these drop earrings instead of my usual studs. You remember the day I got those right? Daddy was so upset and it like took Mommie forever to calm him down. I still don't see what the fuss was about all my friends did it.

So we were all there doing what we usually do when they all got mean an started calling me Deedee. Short for Dani Don I guess. When like her mom comes in and tells us to grab out purses as we are going to the mall. Usually I have a chance to change but I wasn't allowed as they pushed me out of the room.

At the Mall we did our usual window shopping unless one of the girls wanted to try this or that on or whatever when Tommie can up to us. You know I have found him increasingly attractive but I refuse to do anything about it as I will not be one of those gay kids. So anyways he like really notices me for the first time. I melt of course and try to hide behind Sara's Mom.

Like that would work! The girls just rolled their eyes and pulled me out of course they know how much of a crush I have refused to let myself on him. Oh thats just confusing but really its..

So anyways there he is all nice and buff looking, and there I am in that stupid short skirt when He like complements me on being pretty! He even asks if I will be dressing this way at school! I of course tell him no. He said it was a pity for a girl like me to dress so tomboyish all the time. You get that! He thinks I'm a girl! But I am not!

I know I talk like my girlfriends but that's only because we hang around all the time. I'm sure once I get some guy friends I will talk more like guys do. You know cars and muscles that sort of stuff not like all these stupid boys do with their hair pulling and teasing all the time.

I still don't know why I haven't seen any boys in my dance classes or why its just the girls and me in home economics. Like it seems silly that boys don't realize they have to cook and sew. Dance is also way better exercise than hitting some stupid little ball or chasing one around a muddy dirty field.

Mommy said that Daddy hates it when I call him Daddy but what else do I call him? Mommy was a little surprised when we ran into her at the Mall. I asked for some money to get an icecream with the girls and it took Mommie a few seconds to recognize me. I wasn't dressed that different really its just a top and skirt instead of jeans and tshirt.

Sara's Mom and Mommie were discussing something intensely while we ate I had my usual chocolate cream softy special. It's just so good. And the girls were of course teasing me to get me to wear a skirt or a dress to school when I said no way I'm a boy. There was the waitress near by who dropped her icecream order at that we so giggled it was just funny!

When we finish Mommie said I had to go with her even though I said I had to return Sara's clothes. She pulled my by my arm and we left the Mall to go to that Yuckie doctor with the soft couches.

I had another of those sessions where he was like "Why do you feel that your a girl" and all that stuff. I denied everything of course. Like dub it would get back to daddy and daddy would yell at me again. I am so not gonna go there. I love my daddy! He said I do this for attention.

Daddy was not thrilled to see me when he got home from his golf game in my outfit since he had invited his boss from work. I am so sure he will come in again and take away my panties like he did last time.

Oh oh I hear his stomps on the stairs now so I gotta make this quick. His boss thinks I'm "such a pretty young lady and so well behaved" I never told him that all during supper or anything.

I do not understand why people are just so convinced that I am a girl. I am not I am a boy! Daddy you see right here I have written it out. I AM A BOY!"

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