Lois and Clark.

I don't know if this was something I saw in the 1990's as a kid or what. I know where it is from now but not then. Then was just confusion.

It started a few years ago. I was browsing online, a regular occurrence, when I saw these two outfits. One was a red blazer over a black blouse with large lapels that sat ontop of the coat but looked part of it with a black pleated skirt, fairly short but not excessive. Maybe four inches above the knee.

On the same page was a similar outfit of blue blazer with a white pleated skirt same length. I had bought both before I even knew what I was doing. I also bought an assortment of panties and bra's, after a bit of measuring, as well as some lacy but satiny "full" slips. I had also purchased some jewellery, shoes, and handbags.

I honestly forgot about them completely until I came home from work one day to find a number of packages just inside my porch. I brought them inside while trying to not look guilty.

Before long I had everything unpackaged, washed and dried, then layed them out on my bed wonder what I was going to do with them. Of course nothing really fit as I was too large.

I really should have just returned them. I didn't I studied online and went on a diet. It helped get my weight down but not enough.

After some debating I went to see a plastic surgeon and got some surgery done, nothing major. A bit of a nose job and some lipo around my upper waist.

I also started to see a cosmetician as well as got a fair amount of hair removal as well as some scalp treatments.

Before long my hair started to come in thick on my head and I was practising makeup whenever I got home.

It was not enough.

More browsing on the internet and I found out about hormone treatments and bought some online. I didn't know why but I did.

When they came I wanted to throw them away. I should have thrown them away. No I started taking them.

My skin became softer and any muscles I had looked less. Day after day I went to work came home and swallowed my meds. For some reason it made me just a little happier each day.

Before long my breasts began to develope, I hid them as much as possible while at work. They were not large, maybe an A cup. My diet and exercises were beginning to give me the body the clothes demanded. My naturally brown hair was growing in quite well and was getting to my shoulders. While at work I used hair gel and an elastic to keep it neat and hidden down my back.

I saved up my holidays for two years. At the end of two years when I booked off three months holiday I was beginning to have looks from some people at the office and no longer needed to shave..anywhere I had gotten my legs done as well as the rest of my body.

a month or two before my holidays began I had another breast growth. I was using bandages to hold down my proud b cup breasts. Once home I would quickly remove the hated boys clothes and change into a nice bra and panty set, one of my slips and my silk robe. I would do my makeup and then play with my hair till bed.

The last day of work I had booked an appointment after work to get my hair done, and an ear piercing. While I was there I also got my nails done in a red acrylic with extensions as well as got talked into cleaning up my eyebrows. I couldn't wait to get home.

On the drive home my clothes became increasingly uncomfortable. So much so that after taking off the bandage, my tie and suit coat I stopped off at an older department store and tore through it. I bought a couple of pleated skirts in white, red, black with white dots, some nice blouses in white, pink, and black. I say nice as they had embroidery, lace, and covered buttons in satin or polyester. I also made sure to buy them in loose sizes as they would shrink in the wash. I bought a bunch of cute close toed, open toed, sling backs, straps, boots. A nice ladies coat or two. A couple of handbags in different colors. More jewellery. A bunch of dresses that looked appealing as well.

I just bought them I didn't try them on, well except the shoes. They also had a really nice selection of lingerie in satin that I bought. Purple, lavender, black, taupe, nude, white. slips, bras and panties, nighties, really quite a lot. There was quite a lot and had to make multiple trips to my car but I left out the black blouse and black, pleated skirt with dots, in its own bag, a black purse, black close toed one inch shoes, some nude pantyhose, along with a gold chain, watch, bracelet. And some mascara and lipstick. In the front of car.

I found a spot in the underground parking of the department store that was somewhat secluded. I should have just drove away but I couldn't help myself. Once I turned off that engine I struggled with myself but ended up ripping first my dress shirt off, then my dress pants, boxer shorts and socks tossing them on the passenger floor.

My now almost waist length black hair got freed from its elastic and in a very short time I put on proper clothes of black panties and bra, tags removed. Slipped into the wonderful feeling pantyhose, slip. Blouse and skirt. I put on my nice feeling and fitting pumps before getting out of car to properly set my skirt and blouse. Feeling ton's better already I quickly put on my necklace, watch, bracelet ring. Did my mascara and lipstick before putting both of those into my purse. I also transferred all of my id and cards to my new wallet.

I moved the car to a better lighted area before getting out to go around and pick up the trash on passenger floor using the old bag. Ripped pants, shoes, boxers tags, all went into the bag that I carried to the trash can.

Once back at my car I sat first after sweeping my hand under my skirt so as to not ruin the pleats before swinging in my legs. For the first time in a long time I was relaxed to drive out. I barely remember the drive home but I felt so right it is hard to explain.

I knew, intellectually, that what I was doing was wrong, but it felt so darn right I couldn't stop myself. I spent the rest of the night doing laundry and packing the old clothes into garbage bags that I loaded into the back of my car.

Come morning waking up knowing that I didn't have to go to work and could wear my clothes I smiled big. I developed a morning routine of wake up take a bath with oils. Dry off, moisturize and powder, put on my lingerie including slip, a robe. Go to kitchen with my hair wrapped in a towel. Take a double dose of my meds, spend an hour or two in front of my computer with my headphones and mic on doing voice lessons. Then get dressed in a dress or skirt and blouse along with makeup.

After two weeks my food ran out, and I was getting a little cabin fever. I was satisfied that my voice sounded nice and proper. It was light but fluid with a little something thrown in. I chose a nice sleeveless summer dress in white with purple flowers along with some white open toed shoes, after I painted them of course. I also painted my nails to a purple color.

While driving I felt both wonderful but something was missing. I drove back to that department store and entered it feeling properly dressed for the first time. I browsed and found a nice hat that matched my dress. It was perfect! Just what I needed. But i wasn't finished and ended up buying a nice vanity, some nice cute and somewhat overly feminine, bed sheets. It just felt so good to be out as myself.

When they asked my name I was intending to say George but stated Lois instead. I got called Miss Granston or Lois quite a bit that day, and a few others as I went back every week and bought more skirts, dresses, blouses. Never once a pair of pants as I loathed the things. Not even a pair of shorts.

When my bras felt a little tight I got new ones. My wonderful C cups didn't bother me in the slightest and my wider hips just made all my clothes look so much better.

After a month of being called and introducing myself as Lois I felt guilty using a card with the name George on it. Online I went to order a new card, it was a driving need, but they required a certificate of name change to do so.

I really didn't think before going online and filling out forms to have it changed, no corrected, to Lois Jane Granston. Once that was done and I had the form filled out, paid for, I was able to print a temporary certificate that allowed me to change, sorry ,correct my name on me drivers license, credit card and debit card. The rest would have to wait six weeks. Pretty much just before I would have to go back to work.

Driving around in my old car felt wrong so I stopped at a dealership and some nice accommodating gentlemen to help me pick out a cute car in a fuchsia. It was a smaller car but had some nice details, such as a lighted mirror on the drivers side to let me fix my makeup. I had forgotten about the clothes in trunk and, in a bit of panic, told them they were for thrift store. They took them away for me, I was nervous and had to sit down as I was ready to faint.

When I felt better I drove home and cried as it seemed that my former life as George was a distant memory. As if the loss of the clothes was a death. I mean I know I was proper and correct whenever I looked in the mirror I was Lois.

I was miserable, which only got worse when worked called a few days early wondering if I could come into work early. I tried to talk in my George voice. I wanted to talk in my George voice. But all that came out was my voice. When they asked who they were talking to I immediately told them my name then slapped my head.

The morning of my return to work I got ready, as usual, then got dressed in my black skirt and blouse with red jacket, that I first bought online a few years ago. Ready and professional looking. I did so without a second though. Well at least till I got into my car and started driving. I fully intended to go buy some mens clothes to try to be George at work but I continued driving. I drove past work even then went home.

I was at home for an hour or two in a panic trying to figure out what to do about work when my boss rang the doorbell. I answered without thinking and let him in feeling like I just got caught doing something bad.

When he asked where George was I explained that I used to be George. I was ashamed and staring at floor fully expecting him to tell me off and fire me.

He didn't, he actually said nothing. The silence became unbearable and all the bottled up frustration and feelings came out as I started to bawl and explain what had happened. He sat beside me handing me tissue after tissue as it all came out. He told me that I should probably see a shrink and totally agreed with him but didn't know where to start.

When I finally stopped crying he let me fix my face before he drove us to a fairly nice restaurant. We spent the rest of the night talking about a lot of different things. The next day I was again ready for work, this time in the blue blazer and white skirt when he picked me up. I was very nervous but he told me not to be.

At work he just introduced me to everyone as his new assistant Lois and that was that. He would pick me up for work, drive me to my appointments at both psychiatrist and doctors. The doctors made me bring in my old meds and they implanted a new one into my leg with a minor surgery and two stitches. I was also given some mild anti depressives as well as told, multiple times, not to try to be something I wasn't. I was now and forever more Lois Jane Granston.

It took me awhile but I started to smile again. All the while my boss Clark drove me again and again. After a few months it was he who made me face my family. I wont say they welcomed me with open arms but they didn't disown me.

When he dropped me off at home, I was feeling a little let down. I mean I was their daughter and they just couldn't see it. I don't know why.

Clark picked up on my fowl mood and did something that changed our relationship. He kissed me on my doorstep, and after a moment, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back just as deeply.

The next morning for work I made sure I was extra pretty, but professional, ready for him. As I opened the door he told me how beautiful I was and kissed me again. Work was a little strained as my heart was all a flutter but we managed. That night we kissed again. I got dressed in my LBD and we went out to a really nice dinner, kissed again a few times.

That weekend we spent much of the time at my house where I found out just how good it felt to have someone play with my breasts and that oral sex wasn't that bad. Clark came with me the next summer of holidays when we got my plumbing fixed so that we could have sex proper. I also managed to get that darn F properly on my medical information.

It was a wonderful summer where he made me do my exercises while we spent time at his cabin. We also found out just how useless a bikini is and when I wore it he would immediately want to take it off me.

One of the last nights at the cabin Clark had me get totally dressed up in my nicest dress, which was my white with flower summer dress and my hat, plus accessories in the right color. And we went out to the local lodge, which is for members only and quite fancy. Halfway through our meal Clark kneeled down and proposed to me. I accepted on the spot as this was the man I needed to spend the rest of my life with.

When we got home he moved into our house with me and I spent a lot of spare hours learning how to be a proper housewife for him. Well when we were not kissing and playing with each other. I couldn't have sex yet but I really started to yearn for it.

Everyday it was a joy to wake beside my man, get ready for him and work, spend a little too much time kissing and having to redo my makeup on the car ride to work. Some days I didn't go into work with him, usually when I had a doctor's appointment and he had meetings. On one such day after spending way too much time in the morning working each other to excitement I bid him farewell still in my negligee and robe when my mother dropped by.

I mean I wreaked of sex, which we didn't have as I was not yet cleared for it. She had come by, with male clothing, to try and get me to be George again. To say that I changed her mind when she saw my state was a bit of an understatement. I showed her my engagement ring and told her all that she had missed while I got myself dressed after a nice bath.

For my appointment I wore a red short sleeved dress that belted in the back. While I was getting dressed mom could not keep her eyes off me and when I finished she called me by my name, not George, for the first time. There was a few tears as she accepted me as her daughter on one condition. I had promise to not have sex till I was a properly married woman. I reluctantly agreed.

At the doctor's office she even got to see that yes I really did have a vagina and was a proper woman. I think it finally really clicked in as the drive home she gave me the birds and the bees mother to daughter talk. Clark laughed about in in bed that night. He is such a wonderful man.

Mother helped me shop for my wedding dress, and helped me plan the wedding. It was a small wedding and though dad was fuming mad at first once he saw me in my wedding down all nervous he realized who I was. Just like mom once had. Dad called me by me name,Lois, and told me how beautiful I was and just how honoured he was to bring me down the aisle.

That night was a wonderful night of dancing, and much later, of wonderful sex.

It was also the night I realized just where I got the addiction of the two outfits, my favourite outfits that started me to my correct life from.

After all I took his name when we married so I was now and forever more Mrs. Lois Jane Lane.

The end.

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