The right Apartment.

At 22 George was excited. He had not long ago completed a grueling course in business management, which was a total plus.

Mostly he was happy to be finally free of his over obsessive parents. Having at least two states between him and his parents made him happy, mind you he only had the one suitcase of clothes. Part of that contained his Ipad, chargers, and his few pictures in an envelope with his papers.

He never needed much and what he left behind was best left there. It was all stuff that his parents thought his room should have. Whatever he had wanted he had learned early on to suppress as it did not meet his parents approval.

The taxi ride to his new apartment condo was less than thrilling. It had used up some of his ready cash.

The add had come up not too far from where he was going to start work as entry level office manager. He had to be there for Monday. He was thankful that he had made good time catching a cheap redeye cancellation.

He had to buss the manager to let him in, they had talked over the phone and he had wired funds to pay for the condo from his savings. Having a trust fund set up by his grandmother helped to pay for the condo. Instead of the monthly option he had gone for buy outright. This meant he had to pay for electricity and internet but otherwise only had to buy his food.

Talking to the manager he got the impression that the fat guy didn't move much unless he had too. Thankfully George was no stranger to tools as he was pretty sure that things like fixing taps and toilets would take days or so to get done.

As they approached his condo unit the manager who had never told George his name explained that the place had recently come up for rent. The previous tenant had just stopped paying rent and after three months he was allowed to change locks after repeated attempts via a discontinued phone number as well as email notifications failed to get a response.

George was wondering if the person was dead in the apartment. When the manager said he had gone in to change locks he had found no dead people but the smell of old fruit had meant he had to clean out fridge and cabinets of any spoiled food. Aside from that the place was still furnished as it had been left otherwise.

He got the impression that any possessions in the unit had also been left. George felt that he would have to do some extra cleaning. He was surprised upon entering his unit to find the place actually quite clean. Aside from the fridge and counter having some leftover stains behind from a hasty not quite proper cleaning the rest of the apartment seemed to be clean if a bit dusty.

The kitchen area had an island type center section where the fridge was as well as another counter behind around the wall where the sink and stove were. Both seemed to be good quality. There was some nick nacks here and there and the dishes were all white china with pink edging to them. He liked them but knew that his parents would want them replaced with something more manly.

The living room was spacious with a white flower patterned velvet sofa, a wooden coffee table, as well as a wooden set of bookshelving units with the large flatscreen tv in the middle. The plants were not totally dead near the balcony patio doors and the ones outside had gotten some water from rain. He didn't expect much but he did water the indoor ones that were really dry.

The next room over was a fair sized bedroom that had a single closet and a small wood desk covered by a computer scanner, digital camera, monitor, and a color laser printer that seemed good quality going by what was printed on the outside. The desktop tower, like the monitor was pink. The mouse and keyboard were white.

All that paled in comparison to what occupied the rest of the room. There was a large table with square lines on it. On each end of the table were two different sewing machines with a third larger one against the wall on a cart. The walls of the room held bolts and bolts of cloth in colors that appealed to him. He rubbed the fabric of one such bolt in a purple satiny material and got a bit of a shudder as he really wanted to feel more of it.

Out of reflex he pushed that down. He has spent most of his life doing that again and again. When he was younger and realized that he would have hair on his face he had a not quite accident that he had to use a lot of willpower to convince his parents it was not what he wanted. Free for the first time in a long time he smiled knowing that the pills he had only taken enough of to pass blood tests would no longer have to be taken.

He did have some hair on his body, that he really hated, and that thing between his legs. However he was supposed to be a man. Again he repressed his emotions.

Leaving the room was a little hard for him,but he managed. The bathroom seemed clean and all the oils, hair products, such as the box of hair coloring and the bottle of flair hair removal really called to him. The soaps smelt so nice. Again he repressed his emotions and was going to enter the main bedroom when his door was knocked on.

Thinking that maybe the manager had forgotten something before he left for the day, something about fishing, he opened to door. There was a delivery guy there marking down on his sheet.

"Oh your finally back. Here is your order." He was handed a box and made to sign on digital notepad." Normally we would have returned this to shipper but the shipper address is invalid. So we tried one last time." He nodded.

"Good day" and the delivery guy was off. The box looked like an amazon box but wasn't. It was not a large box being only about the size of a six can of pop. Maybe bigger. He went to put the box on the small table beside the door that was covered in piles of bills, and other mail. As he did so something fell from behind the table to the floor. Looking down under the table that was half round and made of wood he noticed a purse had fallen too the floor in white.

Curious he picked up the purse, it was like automatic that the purse strap went over his shoulder. He grabbed the pile of mail as well as the box before going to the kitchen table, a wood one with a lace like white tablecloth. Putting down the box he started going through the mail. It was all made out to one Alissa Harding. There was monthly bills, apparently paid from an account. Two credit cards, new unused just needing activation. They were apparently only a month old. At a guess the manager had delivered mail to the apartment.

There was also a bank statement with account number and and a debit card, new inactivated. The balance of the account in question was a shocking half million. And collecting interest. Aside from some monthly pap(preauthorized payments) there was no activity on the account. There was one for parking. Opening up his purse he looked inside. Walled with Id, driver's license, social security card, birth certificate, which was same month but different date and year as his, Even a medical insurance card. All of these didn't look very old either. One side had a red lipstick that he laid up against his lips. He so wanted to wear it, always had. He had to repress it again. Reluctantly he put it back. A plastic bag with a pair of panties, tampon and pad, a face powder compact. Nothing much there. Back on the other side was a set of car keys. The only markings having trunk, lock and unlock. The squiggly key giving no clue to the car.

Pulling out the wallet again he took a look at the drivers photo, like most they didn't give a lot of detail. Smooth oval face that was somewhat attractive, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, same as him, height five feet six. He was a five seven. Taking the photo to the hall mirror he compared the face to his. It was close. His chin was a little different making his face look squarer and he didn't have the cheekbones of her. Sighing he put the license back into the wallet and put that into the purse.

Shaking his head he put the purse back onto the table by the door. With the bills sorted, a habit he developed, he put the loose paper and ads into the recycle bin. Before picking up the box again. He had another room to explore. This was the main bedroom.

The main bedroom was larger than the previous one in size but more occupied. In the center was a large dark colored wood canopy bed with a lace edged top, in white needing cleaning, a large floral and ruffled bedspread with equally ruffled pillows. Upon closer inspection, he had to look, there was pink satin bed sheets that he wanted to roll around on. The bedside table had three drawers. Each drawer had a deliciously feminine piece of nightwear, not a flannel or cotton one to be seen.

Closing that and remaking the bed he put down the box to look around some more. There was a classic vanity with a large mirror that with a switch used hidden lighting to give a good clear view of ones face. There was hardly touched makeup containers. They looked opened but unused. There was foundation in three colors, two large containers with brushes of many different types. In one drawer was a collection of eyeshadows all unopened. In another lipsticks and nail polishes filled that drawer. The center drawer held some makeup wipes, a nail kit and a nail extension kit with glues and instructions, again unopened.

The dresser was next to be looked at. With shaking hands he opened drawers of stuff he had always wanted. There was satin and lace bras of various colors, panties to match all of the same style that would go high on the hip. The next drawer held garter belts, stockings, and a number of different colored pantyhose all silky feeling. The urge to dive into wearing them was strong and he had to breath a few times to close those two drawers.

The next drawer down contained various slips and camisoles, all satin or silk , in different sizes, styles, lengths and colors. He so wanted to wear them all.

The next drawer contained various cotton blended tops, some almost velvety others more plain all with deep v's to show off cleavage. Different colors and sleeve lengths.

The final drawer held what at first looked to be pants or shorts but turned out to be various skirts, apparently Alissa really had a thing for box pleated skirts in various colors. As well as a few denim skirts from tight to loose, from mid thigh to midi length, according to the label on one. Again this also happened to be something he had wanted to wear for years. It was killing him to not.

He went back to the bra and pantie draw withdrawning a pink bra and pantie set. Before he knew it his clothes were off and he was struggling to do up the bra in the back. A rolled up pair of hose in each cup made him happy. A tan box pleat skirt from the bottom drawer and the dark blue sleevless top was put over top. He just couldn't help himself. He twirled feeling the skirt flare up around him before settling backdown.

More he needed more. The first closet held a sea of temptation for him. There was three rows of skirt hangers going down a ways all full of skirts, most seemed to be simple skirts that zipped up the back with an opening. A few others seemed to be pull on. There was even a few more pleated skirts, One row seemed to contain pleated skirts that was somewhat short in various tartan patterns. Next to those was a few empty hangers, presumably where pants were at one point. Then was a lot of cute blouses, silky, to polyester in different colors, cuts, and lengths. Beside those was a multitude of dress suits, all apparently skirt suits as the skirts hung on separate hanger with them. Some had short sleeves, others long sleeves. The skirts of three suits had two different lenghts. That took up that closet along with a sea of shoes on the floor, almost all of them having heels. The shortest heels were dress close toe pumps with about a one inch heal. The other heels had near two inch heels, some having open toes, and a few different colors in straps only. He slid his feet into one of the flat pairs in tan. He was happy that they fit his feet.

Reluctantly closing the doors on that closet of temptation he went to the next closet. This one held a sea of dresses, Some were plain color wrap looking dresses, a number of flared skirt in flowerly prints of different styles, some satin and lace dresses, in four different colors from red to white to purple to black. The typical little black dress, another black dress with longer lace sleeves but was otherwise velvet. And the one that almost floored him was the large red satin ballgown. He held it against him for a minute before unzipping it to try on. He had to walk on the tips of his feet as it really dragged on the floor. In the mirror he could see that, like all outfits this one needed curves to sit properly. He sobbed a little

He put the dress back, along with the skirt and top he had worn. Sitting on the edge of his bed in just his panties and bra he felt bad with tears of heart ache going down his cheeks. He noticed the box and opened it. Inside was five jars, a box of gloves and a tube. Curious he read the instructions on the side of one jar.

Jilli gel is a product to help a women to experience the feel of having normal breasts in a larger size. Can also be used on hips, and rear end. Time between coats fifteen minutes. Lasts up to two hours. Repeated use can lead to longer lasting effects. Certified by ..blah blah...

There was a pamphlet. It was recommended to use the gel on clean clear hair free skin. There was a few warnings about rashes and other side effects, nothing major. It was more of if this occurs stop using product. It apparently worked by infusing the fat cells in the area with nutrients via a gobbledegook scientific term. He couldn't make heads or tails of the term.

Also included is a complimentary medical adhesive. From the notes this was a product to be used if you cut yourself but didn't want stitches. It would hold till the body healed.

On the very back page it mentioned that using the gel could cause influx of stimulation. He wasn't sure what that meant. Putting it down he sighed. It would be so nice to have curves.

He got up from the bed to go put back on his hated clothes when it hit him. Running back he read the instructions again. Smiling from ear to ear he all but ran to the bathroom after removing bra and panty. Reading the instructions for Flair hair removal he found it did not use an acid base, like nair, to remove hair but an enzyme that targeted the hair directly and would even go down to pores for long lasting results. Recommended time was twenty minutes.

He smeared his body with the stuff from his feet to his cheeks, keeping his long hair out of the way of touching it. Looking at his dull brown hair, while he was proud of its long length. He knew that his parents had disapproved when he started growing it out six years ago. He had reasoned that it was for donations for cancer patients. Which it had started as, monthly free trimmings and washings. However by the time the promotion was up his hair had not been deemed long enough.

He had just left it grow, it was halfway down his back, lifeless for the most part. On the shelf in bathroom was a box of hair coloring. Reading instructions for a more natural look, In this case a dirty blonde, it was advise to not wash hair before applying. Smiling he put on the gloves and mixed the stuff into his hair. This needed about thirty minutes to work. Part way waiting impatiently for his hair to finish he reapplied the Flair in a few places that seemed dry, mostly his hated beard and moustache area as well as his crotch. He felt an itch near his one eyebrow and scratched at it.

Looking in the mirror he realized he just put a spot of flair in the middle underside of his unkempt brow. Shrugging he did a similar spot on the other side as well as put some as a v in the middle. When the thirty minute mark was reached he used the kitchen sink to rinse out his long hair as much as possible before repiling it on his head. It didn't move much.

A hop into the shower to first wash off all his unwanted body hair, then soap down his now sensitive body before he tackled shampooing his hair with a color safe shampoo. The first one got a lot out. The second did more. At the end of the second shampoo he hit the button to fill up tub and turned the shower to faucet to fill tub. After a bit of a soak he washed again from head to toe with a lavender colored soap bar. He loved the feminine scent. His hair was washed a third time till it felt clean before he put in the special conditioner from the package.

After patting himself dry he rinsed the tub with a washcloth as well as the shower portion while he left his body air dry. Back into his room he pulled the large mirror towards his bed before using the medical adhesive to take care of what he always though of as a problem. Push in use adhesive to hold in place. A bit more adhesive to create a little fold about the tip of his now hidden penis. A bit more adhesive to turn his mostly empty scrotum into two approximate folds.

That done he removed the extra pair of gloves from the hair coloring and put on a pair of gloves from the gel. It did not say how much to put on. Not knowing any better he put a handful into each hand and rubbed the gel around his nipples going in a rotation outward so that by the time he got about three inches out and met fingers in middle there was nothing left of the gel. Looking down he didn't see much reaction.

Another handful was put on each side of his hips going down thighs as well as across his butt. Again nothing much seemed to be happening. Sighing he went to bathroom to wash the gel remains off his gloved hands. It was then he felt a tingle in his chest and rear.. The tingle grew into a more intense feeling that made him drop to his knees as he started to shudder with each pulse. It was an almost orgasmic experience.

When he got up of the floor and looked into mirror she could see her breasts, small for sure but breasts. Smiling she went back to the bedroom at looked at herself in the mirror. She almost felt real. She had some curves now. Not much but some. Giggling she grabbed another handful of gel and repeated applying it to her breasts, hips and butt. Again after a few minutes the shaking orgasmic experience happened leaving her breathless. She would need to rest for a bit after that one. She walked to the bathroom to rinse the gloves again. She felt her modest breasts sway as she walked.

For the first time in a long time she felt right. Like this was what she was meant to be. Back in her room she put on her bra and panties. Sadly she did not fill the bra. A lot more than before as she definitely had breasts but only filled the bra half way. Still with her skirt and top back on she looked like herself in the mirror.

She played with the makeup a bit, just eyeshadow and mascara. However her face didn't look quite right. Going back to the gel she used just a tiny bit on each side of her chin, each cheek and the very tip of her jaw. She sat back to wait. There was not a bit rush this time, thought she did feel it. Her face looked more normal now. Gone was the angular chin into a more oval look. Her cheekbone were noticeable now. She was almost pretty. Giddy with herself she moved the dresser and selected a simple chain from the jewellery box and a set of new studs from a packet. There was some ear cleaner in the bathroom which she use before pushing the her studs through and in place. The minor pain of the piercing from the self piercing earrings she used was overridden by how normal she looked.

When the George part of herself started to object she just reasoned it was temporary. This was enough. She spent the rest of the night watching a fashion channel. As the women spoke on screen she copied they way they spoke as well as pitched her voice as close as she could get to theirs. Use of her record function of her cellphone helped her get her pitch and speech right. Maintaining it used multiple glasses of water.

By the end of the night, where she had reapplied the gel to herself including her face before washing three more times she still didn't fill her bras. Trying on the skirt suit she had liked, a blue pencil skirt with a woven in darker blue almost embossed leaf pattern and jacket she saw that while she had some curves it was not enough to properly fill the skirt out nor the breast area of the short sleeved suit that flared at hips. She looked good and proper but not quite right.

Reluctantly she got ready for bed after putting up her now dirty blonde hair in a baby doll type nightie that left her sensitive nipples almost exposed and barely covered her crotch. During the night she woke a few times, get up, put on gel, pee, wash up, go to bed.

Waking up the next morning to the feeling of sensitive breasts and having hips brought a smile to her. When she looked in the mirror she was still her almost pretty self, Remove nightie and hopping into tub for another wonderful bath with the nice soap. Get out apply gel, wait apply again. Then wash up. She only applied the gel on her face once or twice that day as it didn't seem to need as much as her breast and hips did. She wore a simple flower print flared summer dress with open toed heels. Her makeup was eyeshadow in blue, mascara, a little bit of eyeliner, and the red lipstick from her purse that seemed to make her lips a little bigger. Smiling to herself she went to the kitchen and realized she didn't have any thing to eat. The night before she had been so busy with herself that she forgot to eat.

She painted her nails after putting on the extensions on her fingers and even prepared a purse to match her dress ready to go out but chicken out and order a mix of chicken, fries, and some salads using her Ipad. She kinda panicked. She didn't want anyone to see her like this but she certainly couldn't look like George. Plus having his clothes around seemed wrong. The closet close to door while deep seemed to be filled with her winter coats, rain coat, and boots with heels. She almost closed it when she spotted the space on top of everything. Teetering on her heels she placed the suitcase of junk clothes ontop. Running to her room she found her old stuff and tossed that up there as well.

The only thing she saved was the cash from his wallet. Once she calmed down she felt better about not only herself but her apartment. It would do for now. She paced as she waited for her order. She even went so far as to use a little gel to touch up her breasts and face as they seemed to be a little smaller. When the intercom buzzed her apartment she jumped in shock before answering it in her voice. The same voice she had been using all day yesterday.

With nervous hands she waited till there was the knock on her door. Opening it she was relieved to see that it was not a guy delivering. She paid over the money for her food, thanked the girl for delivering along with a tip. It was only as she closed the door she realized what had just happened.

"Oh my god Alissa! We can't keep doing this!" She said. Not only had she passed but the other girl hadn't seem to notice a thing.

"Silly me of course she didn't notice. We are both girls after all."

"Gods.. not this is just...temporary.. we ...we ..need to be..." she couldn't say it.

It was some time before Alissa got to eat her food as she was crying. She didn't have much of an appetite and put the leftovers in the fridge. Sitting on her couch she spent the night watching the fashion channel, repeating everything that was said.

Before bed that night she put on the gel again before snuggling in a long night to sleep. Her sleep was troubled. She woke twice that night in a panic quickly putting on more gel.

The next morning she woke feeling fuzzy headed. She fully expected her breasts to have gone down along with her curves but looking in the mirror before she took her bath not much seemed to have happened. Her face was still mostly oval and her breasts were just as sensitive as ever. While the tub filled she found rubbing them to be exciting. It felt so good to play with her breasts. The massaging seemed to help them. She also noticed that instead of being somewhat pointed they were more rounded.

She took her bath washing her hair and then conditioning it. In her room she grabbed her gel and applied a good about to her breasts and hips. Once again in the bathroom she started to shudder as the feelings intensified before slowly passing. Huffing she got up off the floor and looked at her breasts in the mirror it was like her nipples and area surrounding them were bigger and puffier. When she touched them it was like a shock through her system. She had to steady herself on the counter before she realized that she had used her still covered in gel gloved hand to rub each side of her vagina. Shaking her head she used the other hand to put some on her cheeks, and chin areas making her proper oval face look good.

She was walking back when the lips of her vagina expanded slightly. Without her gloves she started to play with her tight feeling breasts and then rubbing her sensitive labia repeatedly till her back arched and she made a mess over herself and part of the vinyl floor. Shuddering after that experience she went back to the bathroom to clean herself when she did it again. Oh gods was this good.

A shakey Alissa finally made it to her dresser on weak legs to pull out a purple pair of satiny panties and bra with plenty of lace. Looking down she was happy to see that her breasts were actually touching the material of her bra. Not quite full but she was giggling she was so happy. This was how she was supposed to look. Mind you she never expected the gel to let her reach her D cup bras. Still it was happy to know that she had. Looking in the mirror she hugged herself.

"Looking good girl. Another day and I think." Smiling to herself she sat at her vanity to do what she could with her face and hair. Try as she might she just could not get her hair to work they way she wanted. Her makeup was good. Looking at her hands she saw that she had also lost three of the nails she had put on the day before.


"Wait.I know." it was the work of a minute to put on her purple satin short dressing gown and retrieve her cell phone from her purse. A little bit of searching got her a place less than a block from her apartment.

"Hi. I would like to make an appointment to get my hair and nails done." She listened to the reply. "Three works fine. " a nod unseen" My name is Alissa Harding." listening again. "Ok I'll be there."

"oh crap!" She thought to herself.

"It's just ...just.."

Having to leave her hair for now Alissa went to her closet and thought today was a good day for normal clothes. She retrieve a simple polyester royal blue blouse and a brown pencil skirt. She did up the slightly hidden buttons her blouse with its half sleeves before slipping on her lined skirt over her black half slip. It was a little tricky to get the waist over her hips but the waistband buttoned up easily and the back zip was a piece of cake. Looking in the mirror she though mmm maybe not and changed to a tan blouse instead. That looks better she though. Selecting a pair of open toed two inch slingbacks for her feet she also selected a brown purse. She looked herself over in the mirror and loved how proper she looked.

She transferred over her stuff to her new purse before she opened the door to closet. She almost got bonked on her head from the suitcase.

"Stupid thing!" She was mad. She opened the case, took out the papers she knew she needed and took the rest of the junk from top of shelf stuffing that into the suitcase. Closing it she left it at the door and grabbed her coat. Locking up the apartment she had a few things she wanted to do today. There was a branch of her bank close by. Along the way she tossed the stupid suitcase into one of the donation bins before she got to her bank.

Near one o'clock Alissa returned to her apartment with a few grocery bags of food, and more importantly her working debit card. She put away the groceries before she went to her room. She got undressed and put on more gel as her breasts had been moving more than she liked on the walk home as well as her hips were not quite touching the sides of her skirt properly.

It was really just a touch up, but when she though about it the gel seemed to be lasting longer. She had been out for four hours and it had just started to lose a bit of her figure. She removed her blouse skirt panties, bra slip and hurried to grab her gel. Shaking she pulled on the gloves and grabbed some gel rubbing it into her breasts, hips butt, Even two lines along her labia. In the bathroom she went to touch up her face but there didn't seem to be a need.

She waiting for the usual orgasmic experience but there wasn't it was more like relief as her body returned to normal. Back in her room she got dressed in her normal clothes again feeling so much better as her bra seemed to be nicely filled and her skirt was tight to her hips and butt. Looking in the mirror she turned this way and that. This was her figure. This was who she was. This was..

"Oh my god!" She ran to the closet and looked on top at door. All her George stuff was gone. What was she going to do.

"Stupid stupid stupid."

"crap crap crap."

There was no help for it she would just have to go replace her suitcase and suits..and shoes, and accessories..She started to plan her shopping in her mind. Alissa used a notepad she found to scribble ideas of things she would need for Monday. This turned into practising her hand writing including her name multiple times. Before she knew it it was close to two thirty. Just to be safe she put a small spot of gel on before she left. Not much as her breasts were already filling her bras perfectly. The bounce as she walked combined with wearing proper shoes and normal clothing filled her head as she made her way to the salon.

She discussed with the hairdresser what she wanted, got in heck for coloring her own hair, then after a wash and special oil conditioner to help her damaged hair she lay back and relaxed as the hairdresser and nail tech would make everything all better.

A hundred and fifty dollars poorer but feeling and looking so much better Alissa entered her apartment. She could not stop looking at herself in the mirror. Her hair just seemed to flow back into her very feminine hair style so easily. Her nails looked beyond great and her eyebrows made her face look just so good. She had to try on her ball gown. It took a bit to get ready as she redid her makeup, changed into some sexy panties, and a strapless bra that went down her tummy partway exposing her cleavage to full effect. This time when she zipped it up it stayed where it was supposed too. Turning to the mirror she cried tears of joy. The five inch heels were very hard on her feet but they were just the right touch for the gown.

Large almost real looking diamond necklace and her hair with A studded hair ornament she looked a princess. After fixing her runny mascara she carefully made her way to the other room for her camera. She took many pictures. Some infront of balcony, one on balcony, she even went downstairs into the main entry of the apartment to one side where there was stairs and she used a shutter function to rapidly take a series of pictures of her in the gown.

These were put onto the computer that had loads of software. She loved every shot, however after all the fun she had with gown she got other ideas. With a smile she returned to her room and quickly changed into another royal purple satin gown. Gave herself a more junior look, then took a few pictures in that. Back to her room another change of gown to another strapless gown in black hot pink and black again satin she took two more pictures holding up a piece of paper.

That had been fun! she stayed in the black and hotpink over black strapless flared skirt dress, had a quick bite to eat then sat and played with her computer changing backgrounds with some off internet and a scan of the three she had with her. After a bit of work she retrieved some rather lame picture frames and pictures from living room to put her own into the living room.

There was one of her and her parents with her in her purple gown graduating from highschool. One of her in the black one graduating from university. Two more side by side with different gowns but heels visible receiving diplomas and bachelor's degree.

She started working on her degrees and portfolio late into the night before having to call it quits as she was too tired. She put away her dresses and heels into the closet, removed her lingerie and wiped off makeup before crawling into bed to get some sleep.

The next morning she took a bath and moisturized her skin it was only as she put on her bra that she realized she had not put her gel on. For the most part after a good ten hours she had not lost much of her figure. It only took the one application for her figure to return to normal. Dressed in a denim mini skirt and a white off the shoulder top she returned to working on the computer. Stopping to nibble on food from time to time. By the evening her diploma looked correct with her name on it. Her portfolio now only had her name in it. All in all she was ready for work tomorrow.

Since it was still a bit early she went to her room and choose the red off the shoulder gown that was made with some lace and velvet. The red satin sash she tied into a bow in the rear of her dress. Open toed two inch heels with an ankle strap adorned her feet along with a small gold ankle chain. her bare wrists had a simple watch and her neck a flat necklace that matched her dangly gold earrings quite well.

With her small purse packed, and having the receipt of her parking space she eventually found her red Chrysler avenger. It had a rose interior. It turned over slowly but didn't start the first time. Trying again it started but ran rough and at high idle for a bit before settling down. It had not been run in months so the battery was low. When it calmed down she drove it out of the underground parking looking for a nice restaurant to sit and have a nice dinner in as she had been such a good girl.

She eventually found a nice looking restaurant with a valet that took her hand to help her out of her car.
Alissa entered the fancy restaurant and asked to be seated for dinner. There was a wait of course as she did not have a reservation. Waiting in the bar section of the restaurant she sat sipping on her cola when a nice looking guy walked up to her with the worst pickup lines.

His name was Brad. After she outright told him how bad his lines were he sheepishly admitted he knew that but her beauty had left his brain mud. She forgave him and allowed him to entertain her while they waited for dinner. She gave him a bad line or two, he returned with some even worse and rancy ones. She outright laughed at some of them they were so bad.

She was surprised to find herself saddened when the server came to get Brad for his table. He was walking away as she returned to her drink when he turned and asked her to join him.

That night they spent a lovely time over a good meal discussing much about their lives. Brad thought she was putting him on about not being exactly born a girl. She had to do some convincing but he took it really well. His comment about her being all girl and then some touch her heart.

After her meal of fish, very tasteful and filling with a soup and salad, his a meal of spicy chicken combined with some colorful looking pasta. They shared a small bowl of icecream. Alissa and Brad really got along good that night. She even let him take her back to the bar to experience her first ever slow dance in heels. She loved it. Everything felt so right after feeling thing so wrong for so long and having to repress them.

The next morning she was very nervous in her wine colored muted shiny blouse, white skirt and matching short sleeved jacket of her suit that buttoned up with a slight flare making her look good but professional at the same time. With her portfolio in hand she left her apartment white purse over shoulder and went off to where she was to start work.

They expected someone but when she gave the promise note of a job, altered with her name on it, they took her at face value and gave her a day to prove herself. While nervous at first she slowly relaxed and got on great with those in her department. By the end of the day everyone was quite happy with her work.

The next morning she wore a blue skirt suit with a satin burgundy camisole underneath that was cut square across her breasts. While both showed some cleavage it was very little. Arriving at work she was summoned up to the ceo's office. It was there that she was affronted as a fraud. She broke down into tears and spent the next hour pouring out everything that she had been through. She really was the person they had hired just with her being her real self.

The Ceo did not say much. He just sat there and listened to everything, nodding at times. When she was done, with much used tissue in her lap he asked her to see the company nurse. She fully expected to be fired. The trip to the nurse was more of the nurse asking to she her naked. She check over her body, took her blood pressure, gave her a mild sedative pill to calm her down as her blood pressure was higher than it should be. The nurse helped her get cleaned up after commenting that she could not believe a gel could change a person's body so well in a short time. The nurse asked for a sample, which Alissa gave her out of the small jar she had on her. The nurse tried it on her own breasts and was surprised by the reaction.

She helped Alissa to get her makeup repaired before sending her back to her department. Alissa was worried that at any moment police would come take her away or even just a phone call. Nothing happened beyond what was going on in her department. There was also nothing at the end of the day but her nerves were shattered by the time she got home.

Encountering Brad in the foyer of the building when she reached the elevators she was shocked to say the least. Threatening to call the police with her cell phone Brad showed the valet receipt that she had lost during dinner. On it was her car license plate number and address. Thankfully at the restaurant the valet had not needed the missing receipt to get her car.

"Look Brad I have had a really bad day and I just don't have it in me to deal with you tonight." She was trying to brush him off.

"You look it. But I came in peace." he offered her flowers. She didn't really want to but she took and smelled them anyway.

Sighing she replied" You get five minutes in the elevator." He smiled that gorgeous smile of his that made her heart flutter before being gentlemanly letting her enter the elevator first.

Alissa did her best to hold it together for the whole ride up. Brad wisely said nothing. When it opened at her floor he put his hand infront of door and again let her go first. She made it to her apartment, unlocked the door, and dropped her purse off on the table. Not thinking she removed the jacket of her skirt suit exposing her camisole straps and not much else. She was wearing a demi cup bra that was strapless.

"Wow" Escaped his lips. Turning around she was for a second going to be furious when the stress of the day caught up to her. In moments she was weeping in his strong arms. They moved to her couch where he held her as she cried only getting up to get her glasses of water.

When he asked for her identification, including her old one she reluctantly let him take pictures of all her identification. He claimed he wasn't sure but if the original Alissa was missing or otherwise there may be grounds for her to legally claim it as her own.

She doubted that but as he was not yet a lawyer, which she didn't know till then, he did have access to previous cases and other avenues to examine it. He wasn't sure but something about the whole apartment and the amount in her account seemed off.

It was late and she offered to have him stay over if he wanted but he said he would be fine on one condition.

"Oh and what pray tell is that."

"Well that you have a better day tomorrow so that when you get home I can take you out for a nice dinner."

"Excuse me?" she was puzzled.

"Alissa, there is something about your that I can't get out of my head. I just want to find out what that is."

"But I'm not really a girl and I don't think I'm gay and.." okay she was nattering and using excuses. His finger on her lips shut her up.

"Alissa your a fine woman." She made to object." It is what you are now that counts. Not what you were. We can go from there alright."

"Uhm"she rubbed her one arm"Ok I guess."

At her opened door he stopped "By the way. It is not wrong for a woman like you to like guys, quite normal in fact." he then left. She closed the door, locked it and grabbed the flowers on the table. Sniffing them she thought about his words while absentmindedly putting them in a glass of water.

She thought she would have a hard time sleeping but that night she fell asleep thinking about Brad.

The next day she arrived at work in a short capped sleeve skirt suit white with black buttons and red collar that matched the red pencil skirt of her suit. Her purple satin camisole with lace across her breasts only peaked through the v of the jacket. She worked all day with no mention from upstairs. Solving problems and setting up meetings with her department gave her confidence. Before she left work Brad called to say he was a little tied up and would have to treat her the next night.

Sleep did not come easy that night as she spend most of it going over notes she wanted to present during her meeting. The next morning she realized that she had forgotten to put on her gel but she fit her bra just fine. Being overly cautious she put a dab on each breast and on her hips and but. At this point there was no way she was going to lose her figure.

Alissa arrived at work in her red jacket with the fake blouse lapels and pleated skirt in black. With the day warming up she was glad she chose the cooler skirt and short sleeved jacket. Her department meeting went well, being her first. She complimented each suggestion, regardless how bad or useless it was. This helped build up confidence of her coworkers. She also noticed that a few of the other women in her department were dressing better.

Where as before a number of women would arrive in a simple plain blouse and pants, a few were wearing skirts instead. One was wearing a dress even. She complimented those that made the effort to look more professional. By omitting that she preferred it or that she demanded such attention it did not offend anyone. One couth young man suggested that one of the women was too pudgy to look nice. She stopped the meeting to make him apologize for his outburst as it was both unprofessional and very rude. What she didn't notice was that her manager had overheard both the original comment and her very quick smack down of said comment.

When he tried to defend himself saying that not all women were as attractive as Alissa, and obvious attempt to placate her she turned it around on him instead.

"Mr. Edwards perhaps you would be best served to go shop for clothing that would suit your frame instead."

"That's easy, a few nice pants and a good shirt and tie..."

"Actually I was thinking of you finding a skirt and blouse or dress to be honest."

"That's ridiculous! I am a guy. There is nothing that I know of that would make me attractive."

"Really from your comment earlier I was under the impression you knew all there was about our fashions. An expert even."

"Well uh no, I mean not personally in stores but I do know what I like to..uh..I should shut up now."

"Good plan. It was a nice hole though."

"Sorry Ms. Harding."

"Take this as a lesson. Before you open your mouth to comment make sure you know all the facts behind it." She paused."For your information not all larger women's fashions are as nice as we would like. " The other women around the room all nodded.

"Moving on.." the rest of the meeting went well. John Edwards took Jean out for lunch as an apology. The first of many. Alissa did not know it at the time but a few years later a slimmer Jean and her new wife Jeanette Edwards would arrive in matching skirt suits to work one day.

After her meeting she was informed by her manager to accompany her to her department meeting. This meeting was informative. While she had only been there a short time, some of her methods were brought up. They seemed to be working thus far. Alissa explained the concept behind some of them, being relatively new ideas she had received at university from other companies.

At the end of the day she was surprised once again as Brad was there to pick her up for a simple dinner. While not as fancy as their first meeting, it was a memorable one. It seems that her identification was setup to be used, and legal, for someone else as part of a relocation program. Which one she was not privy too.

The gel was not a product that was licensed to general population and quite confidential. The powers that he could not disclose agreed to make this her legal real id and were willing to help arrange things if she wanted her plumbing fixed at a later date, off the record.

Alissa kissed Brad with a quick cheek kiss for the good news. It was the first kiss she gave him. She did not want to admit it but she was finding him attractive.

At the end of the workweek Alissa was called back to the Ceo's office. He had received notification that she was legally female and that this was her real id. This was good enough for the company rules. He warned her that should she even think of doing something without medical covering he would personal fire her on the spot. After that he complimented her on her work that week and had her sign a contract for six months of a salaried position in the company.

When the six month mark was reached she was already hired directly as a full time permanent employee of the company when she was promoted from junior to senior manager. Her and Brad also happened to celebrate their six month anniversary at the same fancy restaurant where they met. It was part of his treat having made the bar exam the week before.

Eventually word reached her that her father had passed away. She and Brad attended the funeral, She in a double breasted black skirt suit with long skirt. He in his suit and tie looking foreboding to anyone that would harm her. Her mother did not take it well at first but by the time Alissa had recovered from her surgery months later, her mother was almost giddy about helping her shop for wedding dresses.

Years later Alissa, happily married to Brad Stirling and Cfo in the company , decided to adopt a young child. The child had been looked over by many prospective parents as being weird.

Young William became Mina in a very short time due to her attentive mother. She never wanted for anything feminine nor did she have to suffer through repression of emotions.

It took Alissa years of therapy to overcome her aversion to pants of any type. The years of hard repression of her female self had left a stain on Alissa. She wore them from time to time but usually wore skirts or dresses.

P.S. Eventually Brad took Alissa in her ballgown out to a real ball. She loved every minute of that night and would remember it fondly.

Her mother also loved her sewing room and was more than happy to teach her, and her granddaughter how to sew.

The end.

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