Red Lace

Authors forward:

I am not usually into this type of story but I warn you it may cause issues for some.

Donald had just got home from another fruitless search for the job. His parents were as usual not thrilled with his "freeloading" and were less than impressed with his lack of job finding.

He went to his room to maybe catch a nap before he and his best bud Todd were to go to the game. Opening the door he removed the hated tie and sport coat and threw them on the chair. Kicking off his shoes he just flopped back on his old wooden bed when he felt a little something flop back against his neck.

He got up and looked there on his bed where his head had hit it was a red lace bra and panty set. He was going to throw them into the hallway as they were probably his moms and she could pick them up. But when he grabbed ahold of the panty something in his mind changed just a bit and for the first time in his life he was curious what they would feel like.

He grabbed the chair from the computer desk and shoved it under the doorhandle so nobody could enter his room. Next he removed all his clothing and left them in a pile on the floor. Time to put them on he thought.

Don pulled the panties up his hairy legs and it was like an erotic feeling as they came up. His member immediatly reacted and he had a stiffy like no other he had had before. He was tempted to start jacking off right there but he wanted to try on the bra too. The bra just felt like heaven and somehow like it was made for him. This just excited him even more.

Laying back on the bed Don started to play with himself. This time was a bit different for him as it seemed to come from further in. He went up and down his shaft multiple times but in slow motion each time it was like something on his chest was reacting and his nipples grew just a bit more sensitive.

Before long he was pumping merrily away again and again getting more and more excited and he could feel the lace of the bra working harder and harder to restrain his hard breasts in its cups. But he couldn't stop now at all.

More and more she pumped away but it wasn't doing anything for her so she pulled the thing out and threw it across the room. Donna needed satisfaction right now!. She reached down and started to stroke her amply went vagina and reached in to play with her oversensitive clitty. She rubbed it more and more and finally orgasmed enough to satisfy her. At least for now.

As Donna was relaxing from the playing her Mother Knocked on the door to her room.

"Donna do you need a hand to get ready for your date with Todd. I hear he is taking you to a restaurant."asked her loving mother.

"Mother! I am not descent here! If I need help I'll give you a call ok?"Donna replied trying to hide her breathlessness.

"Ok sweetie. Your father and I are just a little worried he is going to fast for you. You are our little girl and we don't want you to get in trouble or do things you are not ready for."her mom said through the door. They always thought she was a delicate flower and not grown up yet. It was so embarrassing.

"Mother!"exasperated Donna.

"Sorry dear I'll let you get dressed in peace now."and with that her mother walked down the hall. Donna got up from her brass canopy bed and made her way to the bathroom for a quick cleanup before getting ready. Along the way she picked up the dildo she had thrown across the room and rinsed it in the sink. Donna's long hair went into a swimmers cap to prevent any water getting to her waist long hair. And proceeded to wash her hair free body thoroughly for her hot date with Todd. She was hoping that he would ask her to be his steady for highschool.

Left behind on the floor forgotten was a red lace and panty set. Over the course of a few minutes these seemed to grown less and less real and more like a hologram then a ghost as they were called to yet another room for another time.

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