Las Chicanas

Alicia as usual had an idea. “Let’s put on our fancy, mama!”

Maria cocked her head in surprise, “Baby, why not our usual robes and nighties, that’s what we usually wear.”

“This is special, I want to remember the night I became your daughter. And you became my mother. The greatest night of our lives — so far. The dishes can wait.” Maria grinned, and kissed her baby girl on the cheek, then each woman rushed to her room.

Las Chicanas
A Story by Annabelle Raven

17 year old Alicia Garza lay cradled in the arms of her new boyfriend Tony Torres. Since Alicia and her mom had moved across town before the school year, she quickly became one of the hottest young coeds at the affluent Palm River High School, and she was very interesting in finding a guy that would give her attention, affection, and comfort. Palm River was very well ethnically mixed, and Alicia had lots of white, black, Asian, and cuties of all races, but in her heart, she was Chicana and she wanted a Latin young man in her life. Tony not only was tall and handsome, he was in the Honor Society and captain of the baseball team, and major league scouts were checking him out for the upcoming draft.

Tony was very excited to have such a pretty, sexy girlfriend as Alicia. She was petite, had a bright smile, and sparkling brown eyes framed by curly brown hair and a pale complexion due to her mixed parentage of Mexican and Cuban-American. She loved to dress as modern girls did — tight tops with a bare midriff, and jeans and skirts that showed off her very Latin “bubble butt.” She was very affectionate, often jumping in Tony’s lap and peppering him with little kisses, before she accepted his probing tongue in her warm soft mouth.

No 17-year old male could stand this onslaught and you could not blame Tony for wanting to take their relationship to the next level, but she took control of the situation masterfully. She never accepted his offer to come to his house where undoubtedly he would try and take her virginity. He had to be content for being seen with her at the community park, at school, and in the mall. Tony’s boys tried to get him to admit that she had slept him or other some nonsense, but he knew that if she got wind of it, she would break up with him and that his future employment — the corporate world or a pro ball contract — might be in jeopardy if word got out of an improper behavior.

Alicia did promise Tony that he remained faithful, chaste, and in her good graces, he would be rewarded by her passionate acceptance of him as her man. Like all young girls, Alicia dreamt of a magical night — wedding for sure, perhaps even the senior prom — where she dressed in a beautiful gown, and then disrobed to show him her delicate lingerie, as he removed his tuxedo. Together they would declare their undying love, and she would give herself fully to him. The thought of being Tony’s princess, his ballerina dancing on top of his manliness, being overcome with desire and being desired fully, was everything this little chica wanted.

“How crazy is it that, that I will not only get to love my dreams, but exactly the way I want it too?” she smirked to herself, as Tony stroked her soft hair as they sat on the park bench under some shade. “Momma said that it’s true, women can control their men, getting exactly what they want from them. I have my Antonio under my little finger, and he will wait as long as he has to for me.”

I LOVE IT!” she whispered excitedly, almost forgetting for the moment that she was cuddling with her boyfriend.

Tony, startled, laughed at her until she gave him “the pout”, and not wanting to ever hurt her feelings — and risk his reward she had promised her. He still felt cocky, so he leaned in closer and whispered, “Girl, if you liked it so far, get a load of this, sexy mami.” Tony’s hand drifted up her flat abdomen to her burgeoning chest, and placed two fingers across the fabric covering her right nipple.

Electric shocks went through Alicia’s teenage body, and the would-be sex kitten momentarily considered letting him have what he desperately wanted but she knew better — for she knew his hands wouldn’t stop until they reached under her pants and eventually, panties. She took control.

“Antonio,” she cooed, “people are watching us.” She slipped her hand onto his and led his paw back down to her side. Her hand accidentally brushed the bulge in his shorts — and gave her another momentary pause to consider - but she knew he’d live to wait another day.

Around dinner time, Alicia told her steady that she needed to head home to help her mom make dinner.

“Mmm, I’m hungry, Ali, think she would mind me coming over and having some of those tasty empanadas you and her made last week?,” Tony said, practically begging for their time together to continue.

“Sorry baby, but mama is uh, conducting some business at the house today. It’s our special time, we cook, eat, talk about school, work, men. Besides, it’s Thursday, you know, Ugly Betty and Grey’s — mandatory viewing for the Garza girls!” She leaned up and kissed him quickly on the lips. “Gotta jet! Love ya; I’ll text you before bedtime, K?”

“Ok,” the athletic boy meekly replied as he watched her pivot on her sandal, and watched her butt wiggle as she walked away. When he got home later, he would visualize that wiggle in his fantasy, as he dealt with her teasing and flirting the way he always did — lying on his bed, alone.

It was a four block walk from the park to the condo building where Alicia and her mother Maria lived. She checked the parking lot and sure enough — that black Mercedes SLK convertible with the vanity plate— RAZADDS — was in front. She waited she saw the car’s owners, Dr. Miguel Estrada, walk out of the building and head for the car. He was a successful dentist and Maria was his office manager. Alicia noted his hair was somewhat unruly — an oddity as the handsome professional usually had impeccable personal style and dress.

Hola, Dr. Mike!” Alicia called to the man, and he seemed startled, almost guilty.

“Alicia! I… I had to drop off some paperwork for your mom, she had, you know, left it at the office. It was on my way home so I told her I’d bring it by. You know.” He brushed his goatee as he spoke.

As usual, Alicia never stopped smiling even though she knew there was about 0% chance that his story was true. “Ok, well, I know she’s waiting for me, dinner is soon, so I’m going upstairs.” She quickly embraced him, and felt her second noticeable bulge this hour. Then in a flash, she headed inside the building.

Dr. Mike couldn’t help himself as he watched her hips sway like a metronome. Like mother, like daughter, he thought.

Maria Garza was in the family’s modern kitchen, stewing peppers and chopping chorizo in anticipation of a dinner of traditional paella with a salad — after all, the paella could be flash frozen and spread out over the week, and the two women had their figures to watch out for.

Maria would turn 40 next month, but was often tagged as being in her early 30s or even early twenties. Her long dark brown hair, smoldering eyes, bountiful bosom, and long legs secured her status as una Madre que quisieras coger — a Mexican-American MILF. In addition to beautiful faces and killer bodies, the Garza women were both friendly, affectionate, and not above teasing poor males with a little leg or a wink.

Maria had heard Alicia enter, and they squealed together as they hugged tightly. Their love for each other was undeniable. “How was school today, mi corazá³n?” mother asked daughter.

“Awesome, mama, I think I may be alternate cheer captain, it’s either going to be me, Mary Leigh Russo, or Desiree Lewis!”

“Oh, baby, I’m so PROUD of you!” gushed Maria as Alicia blushed. “Your last report card, the letter from San Carolina College, and of course, Tony’s ring. And of course, high marks of the RLT!”

“High marks for both of us, mother dear!” the cute teen giggled, so infectiously that her parent had to join her.

Then Alicia asked, “Should I congratulate you for Dr. Mike as well as well? I saw him leave as I came in, and I said hello.”

Despite her olive toned skin, Maria’s face went ashen. Like her boss, she stuttered and nervously stated, “I... I didn’t know that he was here in…”

“Mom. Dr. Mike said he was dropping off some work. Now it’s Thursday, and I know you wouldn’t dare do work stuff on our night — and I don’t see any files here, so that leads me to think that he was here...”

Cutting her daughter off, Maria turned to stir the pot and said curtly, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Mom, it’s OK, look if there’s anyone who knows what’s at stake here...”

“I said I don’t want to talk about, Alicia. Don’t ask me again, please!”

Trying hard not to look hurt, Alicia put her hands on her hips and looked her mother in the eye. Maria tried to avoid eye contact, but once she looked into her child’s bright eyes, a wall broke down in her soul, and the floodgates opened wide in her heart. And then the tears started.

As they would several times that night, the two women hugged each other, as they remembered how far they had gone. But with two pots boiling and Maria’s cell phone buzzing, they looked at each other, and decided that their big talk was going to wait until after dinner.

A decision was made to TiVo the first show — a tough call since they loved and admired America and Salma so much for their beauty and their status as Latina role models — but in the end, McDreamy and McSteamy won out.

Alicia as usual had an idea. “Let’s put on our fancy, mama!”

Maria cocked her head in surprise, “Baby, why not our usual robes and nighties, that’s what we usually wear.”

“This is special, I want to remember the night I became your daughter. And you became my mother. The greatest night of our lives — so far. The dishes can wait.” Maria grinned, and kissed her baby girl on the cheek, then each woman rushed to her room.

45 minutes later, two spectacularly glamorous and enticing females walked into their living room. Maria in her bright pink strapless gown, Alicia similarly in chartreuse yellow. Hose and strappy heels and jewelry completed the look.

Alicia took her mother’s hands and gushed at her sexiness. “Remember when we went out to dinner like this, just the two of us, to the best four star restaurant in town? We were SO hot, mommy — and we still are!” Alicia winked.

Maria laughed and playfully sighed, “Several people called us sisters. And several men — OLDER MEN — wanted to pick us up! As your umm, parent… I had to make sure you weren’t sending the wrong signals, and then it still so new to me, I didn’t know what signals I was sending!”

They laughed and sat down on their comfy coach. Alicia leaned on Maria’s soft shoulder as her mother stroked her face. Maria’s eyes were watering on the verge.

“Mama, what’s going between you and Dr. Mike? The truth, please.”

In a halting little girl voice, Maria said, “It — started two weeks ago, when you cheerleaders traveled to North Wood for the baseball tournament. I worked late with… Miguel and we decided to get a bite to eat at Esmerelda’s. He drove me back here and something — clicked — and...” Maria looked down shamefully.

Then she cried, “You know what I am, Alejandro? I am a fucking puto! I now have a girl’s tits, a girl’s ass, and I’m wearing this dress...” before sobbing and being unable to continue. Alicia, also crying, hugged Maria tightly and began to refute her claim.

“Mama! You are not a homosexual! And neither… neither I am! We are women! We may not have had our... our final therapy yet, but soon we will. But it doesn’t matter. We’re women. It doesn’t matter what body parts we have!”

“No! Baby, today before you came in, he had on the bed, on my hands and knees with my panties down. I didn’t have a... a VAGINA, like a real woman does. He put himself… coz I told him it was that time of the month… he FUCKED me in the ass, Ali! That’s what they did to me in prison too. I’m still the sissy fag bitch that I was in Dos Rios. The only difference is that instead of being impaled by gangbangers and murderers, I was being a slut for the richest and handsomest dentist in Palm River. I’m not your mom, I’m your dad, and I’m a gay drag queen homo slut with fake tits and a fancy dress!”

With a patience and grace beyond her years, Alicia held Maria’s shaking form until the strongest sobs subsided. Then she held her parent’s head in her delicate hands, and fighting back her own emotions, she laid down the law for Maria.

“Listen to me… MOTHER. That’s right, I said mother, because that’s what you are. My father, Manuel Estefan Garza Cá¡rdenas, died in prison. That is to say his male life died there. Because of the pact we made when you got out of prison and found me, as your son Alex, depressed and suicidal from my birth mother’s death from being a meth addict. I was headed down a bad path, and you had been in one your whole life. I remember telling you that I wanted to be with Mom in heaven, and I hated you for leaving us. But we needed each other to survive,” Alicia said while choking on her own sobs.

Maria softly cried, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Alicia hushed her, and continued.

“Let me finish. Then I told you, that I was a girl, a girl inside. I hated my dick; I hated the hair that was growing on my chin. Then you told me how horrible it was for you to be raped in prison and how you didn’t want to see me become a drag whore, and I told you in no uncertain terms that I was going to be a REAL WOMAN, and that if you were going to be in my life, that maybe you should think about accepting your girlish eyes, lips, and butt, put on a dress, and take a shot at really being a woman, because I just lost my mommy and I needed a new one. And you know what? YOU DID IT! You have been nothing short of incredible, MOTHER! We did everything together that we never did as father and son. Shopping, makeup, learning to cook, learning to dress, walking in heels. The courage to go to Dr. Valdez and admit our transsexuality. The courage to adapt new identities, go through RLT and taking those hormones. All the while, you have been a great role model for me as a young woman.”

Nearly ready to collapse in emotion, Alicia said to Maria, “Now you have a boyfriend who treats you like a real woman, making love to you. You can’t be scared now, mama! I love you and I’m going to hold you to our deal.” Finally, Alicia succumbed to bawling.

“Now it’s my turn, Alicia Josefina,” Maria gasped as she regained her breath to comfort her child. “You talk about me being your role model as a woman. Well, baby, you’re MY role model. When I was away all that time as your dad, I was a fool not to have gotten to know you. Like so many, I let my male arrogance and prison yard cajones make choices for me. I… I could have gone to Melina (Alejandro’s birth mother) before she got lost in her addiction. I realize now, baby, that I was overcompensating for being a runt, a boy who should have been a girl, by being a bad ass barrio cabron. A real bastard. All of this time, Maria was inside of me, but it was hearing your pain, and your plea to be a woman, that woke me up.”

Now mother took daughter’s crying face in her hands. “If I don’t follow you into dresses and bras and boobies, then I am a dead man. In fact, you’re right — Manny did die when Maria was allowed to live. And you were always Alicia but for fifteen years you had to pretend to be Alejandro.”

Maria caught her breath and continued, “Being your mother has been the biggest joy. I watched your body change as mine did, but I also watched you blossom as a confident young teenage girl. A great student, active in student activities, so many friends, and of course — Antonio. Your boyfriend is quite the catch, mi corazá³n. I hate to say it but when I saw you two one day kissing and him holding you, I think I was a little jealous of you. Because even though I just went through a girl’s puberty like you did, I never dated or made out with a hunky boy in school.”

Alicia chortled some giggles and said in her soft voice, “We’ll I’m being a good girl and keeping my virtue until I’m ready. Mama… I’ve decided that I want to make love to Tony the night of the prom, right after my 18th birthday. I love him so much, and he is devoted to me.”

“Yes he is, and I can see the love in both your eyes, honey, and… Alicia I wasn’t being completely honest with you. Today I didn’t have to make up the story of being on the rag with Miguel. He knows I’m a pre-op transsexual. He says he loves me because to him I’m a beautiful woman and he wants me to be a complete woman, but today… today we got together, and we were both so horny… Alicia today made me his loving woman, his mamacita.”

Maria paused and cried again, and her daughter cried along with her, as they hugged and stroked each other’s hair.

Maria then added, “Baby, he’s going to pay for my operation once Dr. Valdez signs off on me, and since I handle all of his finances, I know he has enough money to pay for yours too, I’ll tell him that you just need some minor surgery instead of telling him his step-daughter needs SRS too.”

“Mama — no, you and I will go to Dr. Mike — I guess I better start getting used to calling him Daddy — and we’ll tell him the whole story. You’re right, mom, honesty is the best policy, so… I think I’m going to tell Tony too. He deserves to know.”

“I love you, Alicia, thank you for everything you have given me. We’re a couple of beautiful Chicanas in love and we’re going to have it all!” Once again, mom and daughter hugged.


January: Alicia and Maria Garza, having told the whole story to Miguel Estrada , had their SRS together. Tony Torres came to the hospital to be with his girlfriend.

February: Miguel proposed marriage to Maria on Valentine’s Day, the first night they had true intercourse. They’ll be married in August. Alicia will be her maid of honor.

June: A momentous month for Alicia and Tony. They graduated at the top of their high school class. Ali won a college scholarship, Tony was drafted by the Angels, and the couple celebrated their love after the Senior Prom with a passionate night they’d never forget.

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