I never been to an erotic show, I never really was interested
but my good friend Larissa convinced me to come with her
so I did, but the minute we entered I lost contact with her.

Larissa always wanted me to be hers, not her boyfriend, but hers
but I kindly refused, I wasn’t and never would be her pet or whatever
she wasn’t pleased about that but we remained friends.

My first thought was leaving, but then I figured I was here now so make the best
of a worse situation.

After an hour walking I came across a site with several women
all dressed in stunning leather outfits
I noticed some of them were bound with various materials
but all of the bound women were gagged with a red ball gag.

The moment they saw me approaching some of the women got up and walked towards me
they asked me many different questions, who I was, where I lived, was I single
but then the questions got darker, did I ever do bondage, did I ever wore women clothes
and many more questions.

At the same time they given me something to drink
whatever was in it took it’s effect when I decided it was time to leave
but when I tried to get up I noticed my body did not respond.

The mistress of the pack was clearly pleased with what she saw
she immediately ordered her slaves to undress me
soon my shirt, trousers and shoes/socks were gone
what the mistress saw pleased her
because under my clothes I wore silk knickers.

I'm not gay or something but I just liked the feeling they gave me
and an idea it gave the mistress as well
she whispered something to another woman and moments later she returned
with a bundle of clothes.

Meanwhile a large crowed had formed to watch what ever happened to me
most of them assumed it was all part of the show and started
applauding to whatever was to happen to me.

Within half an hour I was dressed in a very sexy PVC maids outfit
heavy make up was applied and a long blond wig was glued on my head
on my legs came fishnet stockings and very high heels
the heels as well as the outfit was locked on me
so taking it off wasn’t an option
an option I didn’t have any way as my arms were tied behind my back
as well as leg irons witch forced me to walk with tiny steps
last but not least I was gagged with the biggest ball gag I've ever seen.

By now I thought they were done, Wrong
they placed big breast forms on my body completely filling the cups
of the outfit, the they imprisoned my manhood in a steel cock cage
I now knew why they haven’t given me panties to wear.

When my body functions fully restored the mistress attached a leash
to the cock device and led me through the building
due to the high heels I wasn’t going fast enough for her
she made that clear by giving the leash a tug.

The pain that caused upped my efforts to keep up with her
we soon arrived at a piercing salon
she attached the leash to a pole outside and walked in
standing there surrounded by a crowd I was touched, probed
and I couldn’t do anything to stop them
but luckily the mistress returned, I was safe inside (so I thought).

Ones inside she ordered me to sit in a steel chair
she didn’t have to tell me twice because I was happy
to give my feet some rest, they were killing me.

As soon as I sat in the chair I was strapped to the chair
that was strange, I thought, I wasn’t going anywhere soon
but then something caught my eyes.

A few women with large needles walked towards me
quickly they pierced my ears and soon large heavy hoop rings
were dangling on them.

But they weren’t finished
they pierced my nose, I looked like a ringed bull now
at first I thought they were done but then the mistress removed the cock cage
at that point I was pleased, finally freedom.

Boy was I wrong, they placed a steel tube over my shaft
but the tube seemed way to small to fit
but with a clamp they forced the ends together
then they pierced my shaft three times
locking the tube permanently in place.

The pain at that time proved to much for me and I passed out.

I don’t know how long I was out but when I finally woke up the pain was gone
(well almost) apparently they had given me something to ease the pain.

I no longer was wearing the PVC outfit and was dressed in a
short latex skirt with matching top, baby pink for Christ sake
my ruined shaft protruding from under the skirt for all to see.

The mistress noticed this, walked up to me and said
“good your awake”, now we have to get you ready for your mistress
before I could say something a leather hood was placed on my head
the hood had a build in gag but had small holes for me to see
my arms were again tied behind my back, she did my legs as well
she then placed a pink latex cape around me
attached a leash to my nose ring and escorted me to the back exit.

Ones outside I got the shock of my life
because waiting there was Larissa fully dressed in leather
she finally got what she wanted, me, in more ways then one.

When I stood before her she said there is one thing she had to do
and with that she locked a collar around my neck
on the collar it read “property of mistress Larissa”.

She saw the fear in my eye’s, don’t worry she said
I informed everyone who knows you about your decision to become my slave
if not for the hood on my head you might have seen my eyes
almost pop out of my head.

She escorted me to her car
ones arrived she forced me into a heavy leather bag and secured me inside
it was then lifted into the trunk and we drove off to my new future
I can only imagine what plans she got in store for me.


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