truth or dare

Truth or dare

My name is Caroline Jensen.

I’m a reasonable good looking woman and for over a year I visited the local fetish club.
When I go to the club I always dress myself completely in leather so I fit in,
With the rest of the customers.

Once every month there is a truth or dare competition.
I’ve been asked a number of times and always answered truth.

Tonight however if I’m being asked I will dare them.
After being for almost an hour in the club and was offered drinks on many occasions,
The truth or dare started a number of men and women went before me and the night,
Almost came to an end when they asked me truth or dare.

Dare I answered whole heartily.

Colin the manager answered 'I dare you to be bijou'.
Who is bijou I answered and with that a beautiful woman entered the room followed by a,
Woman fully dressed to the Max as an horse.

This is bijou the woman answered as you will be.

Now I must say I was a little intrigued by what I saw when Colin walked up to me ,
And said remove all your clothes and jewellery.

Lucky for me I’m not a shy woman and while bijou was undone of all her items I undressed
Carefully draping my clothes on a nearby chair.
Once we both were naked Colin and the woman walked up to me and proceeded to put me in the
Items now also laying on a chair.

First a heavy low cut leather body harness was fastened around my waist and pulled tight,
Around my waist.
Next a pair of mittens were placed over my hands un ambling me to pick up anything as they were,
Very stiff.
A pair of boots in the form of horses hoofs were placed on my feet connected by a short chain,
So I just was able to walk but nothing more.
Next a heavy leather collar was placed around my neck again un ambling me to turn my head so,
Looking forward was the only option.
A pair of wrist cuffs were placed around my wrists again with a short chain.

Next I was told to bend forward and as I did a large butt plug was forced in my ass.
The plug had an build in horse tail.
The plug was secured in my ass by a chastity belt which was next attached to my body.

An open bra was placed over my breasts forcing my breasts to stand out prominently.
Next an leather harness was placed over my body and secured tightly.
The harness had rings on strategic places.
Lastly they secured all bonds with locks.

Next bijou took of the head cover also made out of heavy leather and at that point fear took over my body.
Staring back at me was....ME ,it's like looking in the mirror,this couldn't be a coincident.
I started screaming to let me go,but it was to deaf mend ears.
With a swift movement they placed the head cover over my head.
In the same move they pulled a large section of my hair through a hole on top giving me a tail on my head.
They swiftly placed a horse bit into my mouth forcing my tongue down.

Come on bijou they said to me let's finish you up,and as they leashed me they guided me to a cabin.
The former bijou was there already and I watched them remove the nose ring and nipple rings from her.
When the rings were removed she stood up and left as I was bound to the chair.
Next a hole was punched in my nose bridge and one of the rings was placed through it bolting it shut.
Tears run down my face as no anaesthetic was used.
The other two rings were placed through my nipples the same way.
Even if I had my hands free I couldn't remove them without the proper tools.

After they were done they brought me back to the main room and as we entered I saw the former bijou,
Fully dressed in my clothes carrying my purse and wearing my jewels.
She looked at me with interests.
At that moment Colin entered and said 'your wagon is waiting miss Jensen '.
As I tried to say I was miss Jensen all what came out was a high pitch scream like a young pony.
I watched her put on my coat and take the leash from Colin.

She turned and walked to the exit and once outside I saw a horse carriage.
She connected me to the carriage and attached leaches to each side of my head.
'I’ll take really good care of you my little bijou'.
You will learn as I learned to obey.

I on the other hand will gain some status,you paved the way for me.
You will know me as mistress Jensen.
Maybe you'll get lucky like me but don't count on it I’ll never let you go.
She gave the leaches a pull to motion me to start running.
As I didn't respond she cracked the whip and it landed firmly on my ass.
As an yelp escaped my mouth I started running not able to see the people saw me disappear into the night.


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