Space Queen Chapter 1

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It is a warm morning as I run through the desert. The sky is orange as the sun starts to rise over the horizon. The terrain was rough, scattered red step like escarpments disrupting the plains. Cacti and rocks scattered across the plains.

I was running out to my favorite rock tower, which is not popular among the tourist sites. I can visit without worrying about seeing another human. I do not know why this rock structure has such interest to me. It is not particularly special, but I feel drawn to this location.

I moved out here to the middle of nowhere, Arizona because I just could not be myself around other people. I spent a lifetime in the Army hiding my true self from everyone. I did my job, but I just never fit in with the other soldiers. In my heart I was born in the wrong body, I had no idea how to express this until I was well into my career. I moved out here so I could gain some semblance of self without the resentment and ridicule I would get in town. I was Kevin, but now I like to call myself Kara.

I have a smaller physic, tall and skinny. It has not helped my self-esteem any, always being the skinniest boy in the group. It really effected my relationships with woman as I never felt comfortable to be myself around them. I tried many times, but they always failed, and it was my fault, I just could not be the loving husband that they wanted me to be. I just figured I was better off alone. That is why I find myself out here on this morning running in the middle of nowhere, alone with my thoughts.

I got close to the end of my route when the ground underneath me started to shake. It knocked me onto my ass. A few of the rocks from the tower fell and a large crack opened at the base of the tower. Curiosity got the better of me and as I got to my feet, I walked slowly towards the hole looking inside. It was dark inside, but I thought I saw a small light deep in the hole.
Working my down the hole keeping my hands on the wall to keep my balance. The light started getting bigger, I was able to tell that the grade was sloping downward. The wall started to become smooth and cold to the touch. The ground also became smooth. My hand touched upon a raised flat section on the wall. It glowed to my touch. I jumped back. A door behind me closed cutting me off from the from the surface.

More lights came on revealing a corridor. There were doors on the left and right of the corridor, but they would not open. The last door at the end of the corridor slid open as I approached, revealing a large room. A large screen filled the far end of the room, there was a large chair sitting in the center. A robotic voice sounds with a simple command, “SIT.”

“Hello,” I replied into the room. Silence was the response I got back.
Walking over to the chair, I sat down in it cautiously. Metallic clamps clasp my arms, legs, and body to the chair.

“Welcome pilot.” the same robotic voice says.

“What’s going on,” I ask.

“I am preparing you to be fulfill your duties as the pilot” the voice said.

“What does, that mean. And who are you?” fear creeping into my voice.

“Your body will be modified to be able to operate this ship in way that fits your DNA. I am RXAI-199 the AI for this ship. Just relax and let me do the work necessary.”

As I sat in the strange chair, feeling both fear and curiosity coursing through me, I was bombarded with a whirlwind of emotions and questions. RXAI-199's words hang in the air, leaving me bewildered and anxious about what lies ahead.

"Modify my body?" I muttered, trying to process the situation. "What ship are you talking about? And what do you mean by 'fulfill my duties'? I didn't sign up for any of this."

There's no immediate response from the AI. Instead, I started to feel a pricking sensation in my body, like I was stabbed by thousands of needles spreading from the back of my neck to the bottom of my feet. It was an odd mixture of discomfort and pain; unlike anything I've ever experienced.
"Wait, stop!" I shouted, struggling against the clamps that hold you in the chair, but it's futile. RXAI-199 seems relentless in its mission.

As the modifications started, I couldn't help but think about my past. The years of concealing my true identity and the isolation I chose to live with. I wondered if this could be some sort of bizarre opportunity for you to finally be yourself, to no longer hide from the world.

As I slowly regained consciousness, my senses began to return to me. My vision was blurred, and a throbbing headache pulses through my head. I can feel my body, but it's as if I'm emerging from a deep, disorienting sleep.
The room around me was foreign and surreal. Soft, ambient lighting bathed the space, easing the harshness of my headache. I can't recall how I ended up here or what transpired after the AI's modifications.

With great effort, I started to regain control of my limbs. My fingers twitched, and I gradually moved my arms, testing my newfound mobility. The clamps that once held me captive had been released, allowing me to sit up in the strange chair.

I took a moment to survey my surroundings. The room had a sterile, metallic appearance with curved walls and a futuristic design, unlike anything I've ever encountered before. The air is cool and clean, but my parched throat is yearning for water.

Struggling to my feet, I found my balance slightly off, stumbling for a moment before steadied myself. I scoured the room for any signs of the AI, RXAI-199, but it seems that I was entirely alone.

Determined to unravel the mysteries of this bizarre situation, I made my way, albeit shakily, to the nearest door, eager to discover what lied beyond and what this new reality had in store for me.

I still had not looked to see what changes the were made to my body, but I could tell I now had breast. I was covered in a white skintight jump suit. It kept me surprisingly warm considering how thin it felt.

Once I figured out how to open the door, I walked out into a metal hallway. It was lighted to a comfortable level and eliminated shadows that should be in the corners of support structure. My bare feet padded against the floor as I walked in search of anyone else who might be on board.

I tried many of the doors along the way through the hallway. It never diverged or offered me a chance at a change in direction, till I got to the final doorway. It opened automatically as I walked up to it. The room on the other side of door showed a panoramic view of space. There was comfortable looking chair in the center of the room. Along the curved wall in front of the chair were workstations that were unmanned.

“Welcome to the bridge, Kara.” RXAI-199 announced to me. “How do your changes suit you?”

“Umm, I have not really checked out what you did to me. What did you do to me?” I asked the AI.

“While I was scanning your DNA, I found a protein that was out of place. That single protein was what kept you from being female of your species. Once I corrected that error in your DNA, I also awoke long dormant DNA that you were born with. This allowed you to be able to take control of this ship and to fly to the home of your ancestors.”

I stood there in stunned silence as RXAI-199 explained the profound changes that had been made to my body. It was surreal to think that I now had breasts and had been fundamentally transformed into a female. The implications of this alteration were overwhelming, and I couldn't even begin to process what it meant for my future. My body finally fit what I knew it should have always been.

"I... I don't know what to say," I finally managed to stammer, my mind racing with a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. "I wasn't prepared for any of this. Flying a ship? Going to the home of my ancestors? It's all so much to take in. Who were these ancestors?”

RXAI-199's response was calm and measured. "I understand that this is a lot to absorb, Kara. But I assure you, the changes made to your DNA were essential for the fulfillment of your destiny. You were chosen for a reason, and the answers you seek will become clear as we proceed. Your ancestor was my original pilot, she was escaping a coup attempt when we crashed onto your planet. We are from the Caravelle Empire, deep within what your scientist calls the Andromeda galaxy."

I walked closer to the panoramic view of space, gazing out at the vastness of the cosmos. It was both beautiful and intimidating, a stark reminder of how much my life had transformed in a short span of time.

As I took a deep breath and settled into the comfortable chair, I couldn't help but wonder about the journey that lay ahead and the mysteries of my newfound purpose as the pilot of this enigmatic ship.

“May I get something to drink, I am quite thirsty?” I asked hoping that I would be able to consume whatever passed for food on this ship. I noticed a hole open in the floor next to the chair and a cup with a milky looking substance in it.

“This is a nutritional drink that will provide you with the proper minerals and vitamins that your body needs. It will provide adequate hydration and will help you restore your energy to full levels.”

Grateful for the prospect of nourishment and hydration, I reached down and picked up the cup of the milky substance. It felt cool to the touch, and I brought it to my lips, taking a cautious sip. The taste was surprisingly pleasant, with a hint of sweetness and a subtle, soothing texture.

As I continued to drink, my thirst was quenched, and my body began to feel more revitalized. It was clear that this nutritional drink was designed to replenish my energy and provide the essential nutrients I needed after the mysterious transformation.

"Thank you," I said to RXAI-199, my voice filled with a mix of curiosity and gratitude. "What exactly is this ship, and where are we headed? And why was I chosen for this... mission?"

RXAI-199's response was measured and composed. "This ship is known as the Royal Transport,' a vessel with advanced technology far beyond anything on Earth. As for our destination, we are heading to the home planet of your ancestors, a place of great significance. You were chosen because of your unique genetic makeup and your deep connection to that world. You are the last descendant of my last pilot."

“So, I am here to be able to get you back to your planet? What am I going to do then?” I felt upset that I am just being used as a chauffer for this ship. Though I can’t complain about my body being changed for me. “The 'Royal Transport.' It sounds grand. But I still have so many questions. What secrets await me on my ancestors' planet, and what is my role in all of this?"

RXAI-199 replied, "Kara, your mission is to transport and deliver a valuable cargo to your ancestors' planet. This cargo contains something of great importance to your species and to the inhabitants of your ancestors' planet. It is your destiny to ensure the safe delivery of this cargo."

As I sat in the chair on the bridge of the Royal Transport, questions continued to swirl in my mind. What was the true purpose of this mission? What was the cargo that I was meant to transport? And why had I been chosen for this role?

Unbeknownst to me, RXAI-199 was concealing a crucial piece of information, one that would change the course of my life forever. The AI had a secret, one that it believed I wasn't yet ready to know.

For now, I remained in the dark about my ultimate destiny, focused on the immediate task at hand—piloting the Royal Transport to a distant destination. As the ship sailed through ‘slip space’, I couldn't help but wonder how my life had transformed so drastically, and what awaited me in the unknown reaches of space.

"How long ago did you crash land on Earth?” I asked the AI.

“The ship crashed on your planet approximately three thousand years ago. Unfortunately, before I could repair the ship my pilot died, and I was buried and forgotten about till I sensed your presence. I can only fly if I have a pilot onboard even though you are not needed for actual flight. It is a function of safety for my pilots that I can not leave them stranded anywhere.” The AI informed me.

I found this crazy, three thousand years. “Wouldn’t whatever you were delivering have been considered lost and be useless now after so long?”

“No, we carry the royal jewels, they are needed to operate the full might of the Cavavell Empire. They unlock the most powerful ship in all known space. I am following the beacon signal the Queen Spire which awaits it’s awakening.”

I was taken aback by this revelation. The idea that the ship had been on Earth for three millennia and carried something as significant as the royal jewels of the Caravelle Empire was astonishing. The concept of operating the most powerful ship in known space and awakening the Queen Spire filled me with a sense of awe and responsibility that I could hardly comprehend.

I was still trying to come to terms with the three-thousand-year history of the Royal Transport and its crucial cargo—the royal jewels of the Caravelle Empire, which could unlock the mightiest ship in the known universe, the Queen Spire. The weight of this knowledge pressed on me, and I couldn't help but wonder about the significance of my role in all of this.

"The Queen Spire," I mused aloud, "What is its purpose, and why does it need to be awakened?"

RXAI-199 responded, "The Queen Spire is a vessel of immense power, Kara. Its awakening is essential for the future of the Caravelle Empire. It holds a key to a new era, but there are certain aspects of its function and purpose that are beyond my current level of authorization to disclose. For now, it is enough to know that your journey is of utmost importance."

I nodded, realizing that there were still many secrets to be unraveled on this extraordinary voyage. As I looked out at the endless expanse of space, I couldn't help but wonder what lay ahead and how my role in this mission would continue to evolve.

"How long will the journey to the Queen Spire take?" I asked, fearing the answer.

"It will take approximately two months to reach our destination while traveling at maximum speed.

I hung my head in defeat. I was going to be alone on this ship for almost two months. I was worried about being bored, I didn't have all the distractions that I was used to. Clothes as well, I needed to find some new clothes. I doubt that I can keep wearing this jumpsuit for two months.

"Where am I going to sleep? I know there are plenty of other rooms that I could not open, one has got to have a bed. What am I going to do about clothes?" I asked firing off question after question.

"You will find the pilot quarters first door on the left after leaving the bridge. There is a closet full of clothes for you to choose from. They will all fit you as you are the same size as my last pilot.

Relief washed over me as I absorbed RXAI-199's response. At least I wouldn't be without basic necessities like clothes and a place to sleep during the two-month journey to the Queen Spire.

"Thank you for the information," I replied, my spirits lifting slightly. "I guess I'll start by finding the pilot quarters and selecting some clothes. It's going to be a long journey, and I'll need to keep myself occupied."

As I made my way to the pilot quarters, I couldn't help but ponder the challenges and uncertainties that lay ahead. This unexpected adventure had thrust me into a world beyond my wildest imagination, and I was determined to adapt, learn, and discover the mysteries that awaited me on the path to the Queen Spire.

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>“Welcome to the bridge, Kara.”
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