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If you read and enjoyed the Wildcats here last year, then you'll be pleased to know that Wildcats, a larger version of the story is now available on Amazon! Also, there's a brand new short story about the Wildcats posted here on BigCloset. It's all about Terry's first time practicing with the band.

The chapters underwent a complete rewrite making them 30% longer with more detail and excitement, too. So much bigger that the first ten chapters are 180 pages long. It's also a Kindle Unlimited, too!.

Chapters 1-10 are now available on Amazon Kindle as Wildcats Book 1 - More Wildcats books coming soon!

too much too fast?

I was away working for the past ten days. I had a lot of free evenings and while I couldn't upload to BigCloset I did a lot of writing.

I apologize for posting multiple things this week instead of stringing things out.

I was overdue for Portrait 6 and wanted to get it up and away before I started thinking about 7, 8, and 9.

Because Wildcats was published on Amazon almost two weeks ago, it was important to get the Wildcats short story up to remind everyone that Wildcats was birthed here.

Terry's Spring Break - A Wildcat's Story

In honor of Wildcats now available on Amazon, I’ve penned a short story that would have taken place during the first week the Wildcats came home to Allentown and Terry practiced with the band

So here goes….


Terry’s Spring Break - A Wildcat’s story

Terry Nelson woke slowly. Mid-morning light was shining through his bedroom shades. He squinted and rubbed his eyes to get the sleep out. He focused on the desktop clock. It was almost eleven a.m.

Christmas Suite

I am excited. This is a big day for writing firsts.

It's the first story I have written just for BigCloset TopShelf.

It's the first writing contest I have ever entered.

It's the first story I have ever formatted all on my own. The lovely Dawn Natelle did all that 'stuff' in the past. I still don't know how to add extra spaces and how to get the story to be marked SOLO, but hey it's a first.

I have to thank StacyInLove who egged me on and challenged me to give it a try. It's really all her fault if you don't like it.

Christmas Suite

December 2017 Christmas Dreams Story Contest Entry


Act One

William’s meetings with the bankers had run much longer than expected. There’d been a lot of details to finalize and scheduling another meeting before the new year was out of the question.

Looking for Advice


I've finally finished and turned over the Wildcats Book One to Erin for publishing on Amazon. It's ten chapters and 60,000 words. Hopefully, this will generate some funds for Big Closet.

I'm working on Book Two right now and hope to have it done very soon. It's about the same length. Book Three will follow.

I want to turn the story into a graphic novel to publish online.

Since this is just an idea, I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with doing something like this and could share their thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

Need Some Help With A Story

I'm running into a problem with my Jessica Jade novel. She's a spin-off character from 'The Wildcats' books. I really could use some wise and sage advice on direction. I have some decisions that need to be made and I need help defining the book I want to write.

I have a lot down on paper which is not the problem. I need a plumber to help me with the flow.

If you have the time or the inclination, I could use some help.



Nanites from Leslie Moore and a Wildcat update

While we are working on the rewrite and editing of The Wildcats, I got the itches and penned a little story called Nanites. Thanks to Dee Sylvan's extra editing and Dawn's format and beautiful cover work, the story is up on Big Closet.

I hope you all enjoy it. In the meantime, The Wildcats has been beefed up and has a better flow now thanks to Eric and Dee. While we go through the process, I've started a spin-off story that features Jessica Jade, my transgender woman to the rescue. It's coming along nicely.

More Wildcat stories on the horizon

While The Wildcats story ends with Chapter Thirty next week, I'm having too much fun writing this tale to just let it go.

I'm in the process of rewriting the first thirty chapters and using our great team of editors to make it the best read possible. As I write, I'm adding chapters, more characters, and more details.

This will be given to Erin to publish on Amazon/Kindle. I want to support her efforts by giving any money to my team and Erin.

I hope to write a Jessica Jade story and many more stories about the Wildcats. Promise, LM

Warning about Tech Help on line

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I was having trouble with my HP printer. I went on-line to their site and got a dialog box. They informed me that a tech would be calling in a few minutes.

When the person called, I was having trouble understanding what he said, but he wanted to check my computer. I reminded him my computer was fine and he insisted, so I relented. Soon, he had control of my computer and found the problem in my processor? He said he'd fix it, but it would take 60 to 90 minutes.

Lost in Translation

I see a problem.

1946 versus 839. Remember those two numbers and try to follow me here.

Chapter Twenty-Four - 1946 reads. Chapter Twenty-three - 839 reads.

Chapter Twenty-Four was accidently published before Chapter Twenty-Three on Friday. We corrected it by publishing Chapter Twenty-Three right after that.

But, Chapter Twenty-Three does not show up in the 'Quick Cuts - Recent Content'. It only appears in the chapters list for the Wildcats story itself.

Writing Trans Fiction for Kindle & Amazon

I have been having a great time writing The Wildcats. I was thinking of taking it to a larger audience.

Once I am finished the story here, I was going to rewrite it, adding prequelI chapters, including more plot and detail, and then splitting it up into a series of small books.

I was hoping to exchange messages with someone who has published transgender fiction with Amazon and Kindle and could answer my questions before I begin.

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