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Terry and the Wildcats: Spring Break on Kindle!


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Hidden deep inside the 5’10” rock and roll goddess with the dirty blonde hair was an eighteen year old high school senior named Terry Nelson. Tonight he was disguised as Tasha, who's heavily styled punk hair cut was sprayed with bright red highlights. Tasha’s creative eye makeup and pouty, red lips contrasted sharply against her pale skin.

This was Terry’s first time dressed as Tasha playing in front of a full house of crazed Wildcat fans. With his stomach churning, he quivered with excitement and shook with fear.

Pick up this introductory adventure of Terry/Tasha!
Terry and the Wildcats
Spring Break
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Wildcats 3 Now on Amazon Kindle!


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And Now - Wildcats 3!

WildCats 3 on Amazon

Terry Nelson, an eighteen-year-old high school senior, has decided to help his sister's rock band, the Wildcats. By disguising himself as Tasha Nelson and playing with the band, the girls have a six-month contract and are on their way to recording Terry's songs and playing in front of the nation.

But, Terry learns that being a twenty-two-year-old woman is more complicated than he thought. While learning how to juggle the complications of being a boy in dresses twenty-four hours a day, Terry learns that playing in a successful band is a full-time commitment.

Terry's world is changing faster than he could imagine with the Wildcats!

An Update

Hi, All.

I haven't blogged in a while. I've been spending my time writing.

I've got a new novel ready to publish on Amazon in January called Collected. It's a sci-fi story.

I've been working on retelling the Wildcats, starting with book one and ending with book six. Book five and book six are new. I just finished my first draft and it's 360,000 words. I've rewritten the story trying to smooth out the entire epic. It will be published in 2020.

Happy Holidays,


Just Venting About An Amazon Review

Just a brief vent and maybe an update...

Here's my vent. First, I appreciate all the people who take the time to review Leslie Moore books. I read each one and try to learn. But sometimes, I get confused. Here's an example

Kindle Customer
4.0 out of 5 stars

"It's more about Jesica herself and not her adventures"
June 27, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition
Overall it was a good read but I have some minor criticisms.

the band

“Sit down, Teri. It’s good to see you.”

I straightened my skirt, making sure I smoothed it before I sat. I wondered just how wrinkled it would be when I stood up.

“How are you doing?”

“Fine, sir. Just fine.”

“How’s Juliet?”

I frowned. “Juliet, sir? The last time I saw her was at the lawyer’s office. That was seven months ago. I see the kids once a week, but I have to pick them up at her mother’s house.”

My boss frowned. “I’m sorry. I just saw the ring and, well, thought the two of you were trying to work things out.”


a note from the author:

I wanted to mark the publishing of Wildcats 4: A Rock n Roll Odyssey as a Kindle Book, so I penned this one in it’s honor.


Chapter One

Taylor stood in front of the full-length mirror evaluating herself.

It was ironic how she used any flat reflective surface just to audit her look. Recently, she’d become much more aware of how her presence affected her world. A smile towards a stranger on the street elicited a returned look of warmth and approval.

Last Call for Wildcats 4

This is the last call for Wildcats 4 at BigCloset and it's the first call for Wildcats 4 (the full-length story) coming to Amazon as a Kindle Book.

It will be published by Doppler Press soon. Once it goes to Amazon as a Kindle Book, it will be gone from here because of contractual obligations with Amazon publishing it.

Other Books by Leslie Moore available at Amazon as a Kindle Book

Terry and the Wildcats


Wildcats 2

Wildcats 3

Metamorphosis a Jessica Jade story

Copy.Cure. 3rd Edition

Artificial Intelligence and Some Questions For Y'all

I’m working on NeverWorld, a sci-fi future story and I’m trying to design an Artificial Intelligence that would narrate part of my story and be the one who runs NeverWorld, an alternative interactive world.

I've written down some questions and hoping to start a discussion here, if anyone has the time. Here are my thoughts.

Dealing with the dark side

A discussion inside Wildcats 4 has touched on a topic that I thought others might want to weigh in and share their opinion.

The topic of whether a young adult novel should deal with a harsh or a gentle reality. The thought that dealing with sex, drugs, and violence should be dealt with or avoided so as not to become an influencer (love that word, BTW).

How do you approach these topics knowing full well that kids read coming of age stories and use them as bibliotherapy (look that one up)?

Jessica Jade - Metamorphosis is on Amazon

Finally, as they pried the last manuscript from my stiff, swollen fingers, I cried out! "Please let me look through it one more time, I know I can make it better!"

But, to my chagrin, they took it away and posted it on Amazon

Here's a link. Order it here and BigCloset gets a few pennies. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LDW3G8D/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=...


Dear Commentator

I need help. I accidentally uploaded the wrong chapters (3,4,&5) and when I went to delete those chapters and insert the correct one, it did fine except the title still reads incorrectly. It should read chapter 2

Will you please fix it for me?

Also, what's the HTML code in here to add extra blank lines between paragraphs?


Last Call

I’ll be deleting Jessica Jade from BigCloset on Monday.

A larger Jessica Jade - Metamorphosis gets uploaded to Amazon. If you’re interested, it’s 35% longer, actually 3/8th. I’ve used all your suggestions and written several new chapters. It’s been reworked and the expanded version just reads better.

I start posting Wildcats 4 chapter by chapter on Thanksgiving

Wildcats 4 Countdown & Jessica Jade vanishing!

Question: What do Thanksgiving and Wildcats 4 have in common?

The fourth story of the Wildcats adventure appears here, posted chapter by chapter beginning on Thanksgiving Day, 2018.

BTW: "Metamorphosis - A Jessica Jade Story" will be launched on Amazon at the same time. I've completely rewritten the story I posted on BigCloset and made it 25% longer, adding a few more exciting scenes, and smoothing out everything that was suggested by the readers here. That means the story will be deleted from BigCloset.

Chicken Fingers


chicken finger.jpg


Emily started crying. We were eating dinner. I looked over, and everyone was crying. I didn't know why. We had chicken fingers.

Mom just sat there with tears rolling down her face. It was a mad face.

Dad had a worried face. He kept wiping his eyes, and black smudges started to appear. He looked like a raccoon.

A Big Shout Out and Thank You

You are all too kind.

Thank you for supporting Doppler when they published 'Wildcats'. Your book purchases of 'Wildcats 1, 2, & 3' added money to the coffers of Doppler Press and supported BigCloset. Even purchasing Terry and the Wildcats added a few pennies.

Thank you for making 'Copy. Cure.' move to the top of the Transgender - Science Fiction and Transgender - Fantasy categories and keeping it there for over a month! The Second Edition is available for free if you already purchased the book.

Technical Gaps Need Filling

I’d like to chat with a few folks who have a sense/knowledge/expertise in creating gaming environments. I’m not creating one, just writing a story.

I need help with the technical stuff, terms, jargon, etc for a new SciFi story I’m working on called NeverWorld.

I’m also looking for someone who can help me with the Japanese anime, manga, hentai world, too.

Copy. Cure. Second Edition is available!

I just wanted to announce that Amazon approved sending email notices to all of you who had purchased "Copy. Cure. - a Nanotechnology Adventure" to get a free copy of the second edition.

I listened to what my reviewers said, (except the one who equated me with porn!) and went back and reworked the whole text to reflect a smoother, less redundant tale. It's still chock full (whatever that means!) of an interesting story with better flow and description. I've tried my best to eliminate the road bumps. I hope if you bought a copy, you'll download your free updated copy.

thank you

Thank you to all the readers, writers, and supporters of BigCloset. Without all of you, "Wildcats" would have never become a book. Partnering with Erin and Doppler Press made it possible for Wildcats 1, 2, & 3. The nice thing is that Doppler Press has benefitted from the book sales and the pages read from Kindle Unlimited. (I still can't figure that out).

Tran Candidates For US Elections

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Here's a very interesting article that I wanted to share

"Trans Candidates Are Poised to Make History in 2018 Elections

Across the nation, transgender candidates in the 2018 races are breaking barriers as they run for higher office...."


A New Version of Nanites, Copy.Cure. is now a Kindle Book!

Copy Cure Cover.jpg

Last year, I uploaded a story here called 'Nanites' (27,000 words). After it ran, I received excellent constructive criticism from our readers. I rewrote it and made it a novel (70,000 words). It just went up on Amazon today and I am very proud of it.



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