Masks -10- Deepest Danger - Now on Kindle


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There's something in the water, no literally! Some THING huge and ugly with destruction on its mind.
It's a fight that's going to require the best the community of masks can muster -- a gathering of heroes like no one has seen before! The call goes out, the threat will be met -- for the world is in

Deepest Danger!

Masks 7 - A Super Summer Vacation featuring Energia on Kindle


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Interning with a real adult Superhero team for the summer? Sign me up, thought Energia. The Planetary Guardians have their own superbase hidden in a mountain and everything!

And one of her friends from the super-school she attended would be interning too. It would be the coolest summer ever!

A super special Masks adventure at a super special price! 99 cents!

Masks 7

Masks 7 on Kindle

Masks 6: Some Assembly Required -- Now on Kindle!


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"I know, you were told to come here to see if I could help you with a problem," said Piano, gently ushering her into a chair. "I believe we can help you while you help us do something good for the world."

Some Assembly Required
Rodford Edmiston


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Masks 5: Energia - Out of Template's Shadow - Now on Kindle


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The Leader narrowed its pupils, just a bit... the equivalent of a slight smile for its species. The most important of the group were already supporting the plan. The others would go along, eventually. It sat back and let them plot and scheme, only occasionally asking a question or making a suggestion. Yes, this would work well...


Masks 5


Out of Template's Shadow

Rodford Edmiston

Masks 3 - Template and Energia - published on Kindle


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A school for superheroes seemed like a good idea at the time. Template is on the faculty and her niece, Energia, is a student when they find out that not everyone agrees on the wonderfulness of education.

High level conspiracy? Alien technology? Is someone trying to kill off the superschool? And the supers with it?

It all started with someone launching a killer missile at Template's secret identity, Jenny’s aunt-er-uncle, Randy...


Now on KIndle...

Template The Intrepid: A Learning Experience (Masks Book 2) Kindle Edition


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A school for superpowered children seemed like a good idea and definitely a change from fighting mad geniuses and superhuman brutes. But who knew that helping set up a school for super-powered teenagers would be so challenging? Not to mention dangerous and exciting...

Masks 22: Addendum

This goes between the last chapter segments about the thing in the ice and the shooting of Mr. Gone.

Finally back in the small Denver apartment she shared with Melissa, Vic acted strangely the first day. However, the next day was the last one before classes restarted, and Vic made sure to catch Melissa at a time when she had nothing important going on.

"Now that all that holiday stuff and the Moldarian treasure recovery are over," said Vic, uncharacteristically both nervous and serious, "I have something important to ask you."

Wedding Belles?

I am about a fifth of the way through the actual writing of the next Masks story. (10k words out of an estimated 50k.) The first part is a flashback to shortly after the demon invasion. Then the story jumps forward to mid-2019.

As I was writing the second - and by far the largest - part of the new story I realized there were things which happened between Masks XXII and this one which might be of interest to readers. Such as Vic and Energia graduating with their Masters' degrees, and Gadgetive getting her Doctor's. Then there's the wedding of Vic and Michelle...

MarCon 2000 Photos

I just finished uploading my recently scanned MarCon 2000 35mm negatives to an album on Flickr:[email protected]/albums/72157712816338593


Science overrides politics. Unfortunately, sometimes politicians override scientists.

Freddy On the Loose: Part 26

TFOS: Freddy On The Loose, Story 26
Things Get Serious! (Yeah, Right...)


Rodford Edmiston

Note: This story uses background and concepts from the Teenagers From Outer Space role-playing game, Copyright and Trademarked R. Talsorian Games, Inc. The characters and story are Copyright 2020 Rodford Edmiston Smith.

Masks 22: Part 9

Part Nine

Somebody must have called ahead, because the rear gates were open and embassy staff members were standing outside, ushering the rig in. Vic was very glad the service entrance was double wide. Blue Impact, Energia, Gadgetive and - of course - Vic were allowed onto embassy grounds. The gates were then shut solidly behind them.

Masks 22: Part 8

Part Eight

"Place is dead," said Gadgetive, frowning, later that day. "No power. No water. No active communication lines. It even looks abandoned. Windows are dirty, door tracks are rusty..."

"You just know someone is watching the place, though," said Energia. "Maybe constantly, but at least checking several times a day."

"Hmph," said Vic, irritated. "too bad about the lack of obvious activity, though. If there were any sign of something going on in a supposedly empty warehouse that might constitute probable cause."

She frowned.

Masks 22: Part 7

Part Seven

"Oh, dandy," said Blue Impact, the next morning, loudly, from her private corner.

"What?" said Vic, a bit alarmed by the emotion from the older super. She was just leaving the kitchen with a sizable mid-morning snack. The sort of thing which Blue Impact jokingly referred to as "second breakfast."

Masks 22: Part 4

Part Four

"I didn't realize you didn't have one of these stealth suits until you said you'd meet me on the way," said Energia, as she caught up with Template.

The older super was flying slowly, waiting for her niece.

"Yeah," said Template, with a shrug, as the duo picked up speed. The older woman's cape began snapping in the slipstream. "I just zip out from under the back porch at super speed as Randy, get well away from home then change while flying."

Masks 22: Part 3

Part Three

"Good morning, Mr. Logsdon!" one of the attendants called out, smiling and waving as he crossed the street ahead.

"Good morning, Andrew. How are we doing on our first day?

"So far, so good. I guess we're all waiting for the other shoe to drop, but right now it's busy but mostly under control."

Masks 22: Part 2

Part Two

"How was the concert you and Michelle went to last night?" asked Energia, as she ran into Vic on the way to class the next morning.

"Fantastic!" said Vic, enthusiastically. Not mentioning that they had needed to rush after getting "distracted" thanks to the filtered images. "You know you've got a good performer - and a good audience - when people are cheering the pauses in the music!"

"I, uh..." was all Energia could manage.

Masks 22: Part 1

Masks XXII: Golden Opportunity


Rodford Edmiston

Part One

"Whew!" said Vic, sagging with relief when the pregnancy test came back negative.

"Oh, babe," said Michelle, bending to hug Vic as the martial artist sat on the lid of the toilet in their shared apartment's tiny bathroom. "I'm so glad. You didn't really think Stone had... done something while you were out, did you?"

Shutter Bug

The location of my flicker Album page:

One of my post-retirement projects is to scan all my old negatives (or, where there are no negatives, the prints). I'm posting these on Flickr in addition to my modern, digital photos.

I am particularly proud of the latest (as of this posting) album, which was taken entirely at night of the Christmas decorations for 1999, plus shots of the Moon and the Capital building:

Masks 22 Notes

I'm reviewing some of the previous stories before I get into the meat of Masks 22. I am distressed to note the number of typos in Masks 21. I do remember that I wrote it in a hurry. So, will take my time with 22.

BTW, my photos of NASFiC 2019/WesterCon 72/1632 MiniCon/MantiCon 2019 can be found at:

Angel of Haven: Part 17

Part Seventeen

"Hints and rumors," said Aaron, with an aggravated sigh. "Freeze Frame hasn't helped much; he can't find the Emergent any more than we can. After several subjective years of effort he left a note on my desk this morning that he was moving on to other pursuits."

"Wait," said Blackpool, alarmed. "He was here?! In the compound?!"

"At my office in Haven, actually," said Aaron, a bit amused at this near panic. "I don't think he knows where the redoubt is. Though he could probably find it given sufficient motivation."

Angel of Haven: Part 14

Part Fourteen

Malak flew down towards the green of the roof garden on the Chicago City Hall. He was planning to land where he could see many emergency responders waiting on the cordoned-off street. However, the sound of breaking glass diverted him. He saw a fire axe come out of a window on the top floor of offices, which was shortly followed by a woman. This was definitely not the Mayor; in fact, the window was on the county offices side.

Angel of Haven: Part 12

Part Twelve

"I hear you've been taking lessons," said Melody, raising an eyebrow. Thanks to Blackpool providing transportation, she was currently spending several hours a week at the repository. This wasn't helping her writing productivity, but the inside information she got - even just what she could share - was invaluable. Right now, she was in the small office Aaron had recently been assigned at the repository. "Couldn't you find a better teacher than Mannequin?"

Masks 8 - Love is a Mask - Now on Kindle


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As I walked towards the deceptively simple cabin my hackles rose. There was a strange vehicle parked in front of it, a ridiculously oversized SUV. Before I could decide what to do about it, though, I saw someone. Someone familiar. I felt an odd mixture of relief and aggravation.

Masks 8 on Kindle

Rodford Edmiston

Angel of Haven: Part 11

Part Eleven

"Can you go back to just before he landed?" Melody asked the projectionist, before turning around to again face the screen.

"You can't see anything," said Horvat, irritated. "It's all backlit by the fires started in the first part of the attack. Our best film processors and analysts have already been over and over it, trying to extract more information. There just isn't any."

"You wanted me here for my insight. Well, I have one. Just go back to that, please."

Angel of Haven: Part 10

Part Ten

Later, as they lay together after their lovemaking, Melody put a hand on John's chest.

"Does it bother you that I still think of her?"

He took her hand, pulled it to his lips and kissed her fingertips.

"Honey, I still think of her. She's the kind of person who is difficult to forget."

"You're very good at that," said Melody, amused.


"Speaking the language of a man trying not to offend a woman."


She settled in closer to him and closed her eyes.

* * *

Angel of Haven: Part 9

Part Nine

Malak needed little exploring to find the control room for the operation. It was the second largest chamber in the building, after the internal garage. While most of the building was nearly empty, this place was full of people busy doing things which at first glance would not have been out of place in any modern office. At the far end from the double doors of the main entrance was a large desk, on a low dais. There sat someone Malak was surprised to see. Though he was not nearly as surprised as the occupants of the room were when he became visible.

Angel of Haven: Part 8

Part Eight

His name was Hiram Ledbetter. His wife Constance was also his chief partner in this project. Blackpool and Aaron already knew this, as well as that she was his largest source of investment. Though there were many other investors, some of them rather surprising.

"The most telling of the items are in the vault," said Ledbetter, ushering all of them in that direction. "That's one reason I rented this building! This stuff is valuable and needs protection!"

Angel of Haven: Part 7

Part Seven

The next morning everyone at the repository was still buzzed about the rescue. Including the federal employees working to destroy the chemicals, even though they hadn't been involved. Melody managed to get several interviews with various participants in the operation, as well as updates on how the refugees were faring. Then she just hung around the computer room, where the performance of the new device in planning the operation was being evaluated.

Angel of Haven: Part 5

Part Five

They were walking in roughly a half acre of grass and young trees. There were picnic tables, permanently emplaced grills and even a small gazebo. This was on land which was part of the property belonging to the chemical storage and disposal project, but outside the walls of the compound. It also all looked very new. There were a few other people in the area, and almost uniformly they were smiling.

Angel of Haven: Part 3

Part Three

As he rose invisible into the sky, Aaron was tempted to fly the slow way back to Haven. The weather was that nice. With a resigned sigh, he flew high enough to be above airliner traffic and applied his quick travel power to head west.

* * *

Melody was sitting, staring unseeing at the far wall of her office, when her boss stopped by later that afternoon.

"You look busy."

"I am, actually," she said, raising an eyebrow. "Deep in thought."

Angel of Haven: Part 2

More talking heads, I'm afraid. This novel will have a slow build to action.

Part Two

Melody looked up as Aaron approached her open door, seeing him even before he knocked on the frame. She rose, smiling, to welcome him.

"I am very glad to see you. I've tried to keep up with what's happening to you and your town and clinic, but you people are all pretty quiet."

Angel of Haven


Audience Rating: 


This is a sequel to The Angel of Chicago, which can be found at:

Sometimes your own worst enemy is yourself. This can apply to groups as well as to individuals. Mannequin is learning and growing, and Aaron/Malak is pleased, both with Mannequin's progress and how several of his other projects are going. However, there are empowered in the world who aren't content with the slow, corrective and additive route.

Angel of Haven: Part 1

The Angel of Haven


Rodford Edmiston

Part One

Malak walked around the grounds of the clinic slowly, in a deeply contemplative mood, as well as simply enjoying the weather and scenery. Normally, Aaron kept his wings in unless "on the job" or actually flying. However, he was usually in his alternate form when at the clinic, even for a quick visit. He was essentially on the job whenever here, actually, since both staff and patients were reassured by having someone with an angelic appearance being around.


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