Alexa Chapter 18: Feeling Stronger Everyday

Alexa Chapter 18: Feeling Stronger Everyday

The alarm on my phone went off at 5 AM and it marked the beginning of the end of our mini-vacation to Walt Disney World. Jenny and I had a nearly 3 hour drive in front of us this morning and we wanted to get to Jenny’s grandmothers at a decent time. We shared a shower and dressed. Knowing that I would be seeing Mary later that morning I tried to be a bit conservative, so I threw on another pair of khaki walking shorts and a T-shirt I picked up last night from the ‘Rose and Crown’ l also grabbed the light Mickey jacket Jenny had picked up for me yesterday and slipped on my Birkenstock sandals. Jenny was dressed similarly, except in a pair of white shorts and the Cinderella T-shirt I had bought her. I tried to tease her about it, but she would have none of it. “I’m just mad I didn’t get you one” she told me. I told her we could share. “Not on your life” Jenny joked. We packed up our suitcases and purchases and threw them in the car. It was sad as we checked out of the hotel. We hung onto each other as we walked out and made promises to each other that we would return. As we drove out of the property we started the planning for our next trip. Jenny pointed out we had to come back when it was nice and hot so we could take advantage of the water parks.

Just as we were getting ready to get on the tollways and the Turnpike, we stopped at a Speedway to load up on a few things. We picked up a Styrofoam cooler and twelve pack of water and ice, plus the most important thing for this time of the day, coffee. That proved to be the first time on our little excursion that we received some funny looks and whispered comments. Unlike the usual tourists that would dominate this place latter during the day, this time of day it was filled with locals. Lots of construction workers stopping in to get their coffee and food to get them through the morning. At first, they were looking at us with lust in their eyes and it felt odd to be eyed up like a piece of meat. However, those looks changed as Jenny and I shared a quick kiss and giggled as we were trying to decide what flavor of coffee we each wanted. I heard one guy mutter ‘Damn, that just made my day” to one his buddies, which gave me a little boost. But it was the comment of a big redneck whose safety vest was covered with tar that really got to me. It wasn’t like he said anything directly at us, but it still hurt. He was trying to get to the Columbian Coffee as we were having our little discussion, when he muttered “fucking dykes” under his breath. That stopped Jenny and I both in our tracks. It was the first time anyone had called us that and I could see that Jenny was a little taken aback by it. Thankfully she kept her cool. My reaction was that I was more concerned that it hurt Jenny than it is bothering me. Had I become immune to the name calling?

We quickly paid for our items and moved out to the car and filled the cooler and shoved it into the back seat. Before Jenny could start up the car, I grabbed her hand. I could tell the comment was still bothering her. “Are you OK babe?” I asked her as I could see her mulling it over. I must have acted oddly when she didn’t answer right away, because the look on her face instantly changed for contemplation to tenderness.

“Oh god Lex! Are you OK? You’re not thinking that asshole changed my mind, are you?” Jenny asked me. I silently shook my head, but she was right. I had allowed a bit of self-doubt creep in to me over the comment. My fears were slowly erased and Jenny wrapped me in a hug. “I’m sorry babe. It’s just I still get bothered by the way people talk about us.” Jenny explained to me. ‘I am not going to let some fat slob ruin the two of us. Never doubt us again, OK? I love you and NOTHING will ever change that.” I nodded but also asked her if she ever thought about us splitting up over it. She thought for a moment. “Only once. And it lasted all of about 10 seconds. It was that day we talked after Christmas. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be known as a lesbian. Then I looked into your eyes. I could never, ever give you up. You are too special a person to ever loose. I only have one regret over us.” Jenny said as I looked at her with a quizzical look. “Why didn’t I jump you two and half years ago” Jenny said with a giggle before we shared another kiss and made our way out to the GreenWay and eventually the Florida Turnpike.

The drive was lots of fun. Since we were up early, we were able to watch a beautiful sunrise come up on a clear blue day. We had the top down and the music loud. We sang along to the music, joked with one another, waved at the various drivers and even shamelessly teased a couple of truckers along the way by exchanging kisses. We were having a blast. We didn’t stop until about half way through the drive at one of the service plazas that sat between the turnpike. We both needed to use the facilities, so we parked the car and went into the building. After taking care of our needs, we washed our hands and touched up our makeup. I looked at the reflection of Jenny in the mirror and was once again taken by how beautiful she is and I tell her that. She just smiles at me and leans over and give me a kiss of the cheek. As this is all going on, I can sense a woman come into the rest room behind us. We finish up and head out to the lobby, where we almost trip over a little three-year-old boy who is running around the lobby area. He bumps into me and begins laughing. He looks up at me “We’re going to see Mickey” he yells out.

I squatted down with a smile on my face to get to his level while Jenny bends over. “We just left there. Have you ever been there before?” The little boy shook his head. “Well you are going to have lots of fun.” I see a man walking around nearby talking on his phone. I point over to him. “Is that your dad?” I ask the little boy who nods his head again. I smile “make him take you on Buzz Lightyear. Do you know you know who Buzz is?” The boys grin grows even bigger as he nods. He then yells out “To infinity and beyond!” and runs in a quick little circle with his arms spread wide. As we are ending our little conversation, a woman exists the bathroom. She sees Jenny and I talking to the boy and quickly reaches down and grabs the boy’s hand.

“Stay away from them Ben. They are freaks.” The woman said with disdain in her voice. The little boy tried to fight his mother. “But momma, they’re nice!” Ben tried to tell his mother, who would have none of it. “Come one. Ben. They are NOT nice girls.” I could see the woman walk up to the man on the phone, who was just hanging up. Both Jenny and I could see a conversation going on between the man and woman. The woman was obviously bothered by our presence. She kept looking at us with a sneer on her face. The husband for his part was bewildered at the woman’s attitude towards us. She stormed off in a huff, while the husband just gave us a sympathetic look and followed his wife and son. I looked over at Jenny. Once again I could see that she had been bothered by what had transpired and again I got a little nervous. When she looked at me she could tell I was again a little nervous over her feelings about the whole thing.

In the most loving way possible, Jenny looked me in the eye and said “Knock it off. I knew what I signed up for and it’s not going to change, so quit worrying OK? I love you.” She moved a little closer. “I love you” she whispered and gave me a long deep kiss. Right there in the travel plaza. The woman came back into the lobby area and Jenny just stared at her. And then in a very loud voice. “Come on babe, let’s get away from these freaks.” And then she reached down and grabbed my hand as we headed back to the car. I watched her look back over her shoulder. She let go of my hand and reached down and grabbed my butt! I am sure it was partially for show, but she did whisper in my ear “God you are hot”. I couldn’t help but giggle. I turned around and saw the woman standing there open mouthed and in shock. Jenny began a loud laugh and we jumped in the car and tore off with a loud ‘Whoo-hoo’.

As I was driving Jenny directed me to the exit at Palm City. “I have an idea. After following a city street we wound up at the ocean and on A1A, the scenic Florida Highway that ran along the ocean. We stopped at the first chance we had to get out. We waded out into the ocean, which was still cool but felt great. It was my turn to take Jenny in my arms and show her the love she had shown me back at the travel plaza. I kissed her and told I was sorry for being scared. And again she told me to quit worrying. We walked back to the car so we could make our way down the coast to Mary’s home.

I was in awe of some of the houses we saw as we drove along the outer banks island that Jenny had directed me to. After about a half mile drive along Ocean Boulevard, I am directed to turn into a gated driveway. Jenny tells me to push the button and we are greeted by the voice of a man. “Open up Phillip. It’s Jenny and Alexa.” She yells in as I watch the gate open ahead of me. I am awestruck by the house. The Mediterranean style home was large, almost as big as Jenny’s family’s house back home. Jenny directed me to pull up by the front of the house. Even though I had become somewhat used to the opulence of Jenny’s family, I still had a hard time wrapping my head around it. I popped the trunk and was getting ready to retrieve the bags. ‘Don’t worry about those. We are at grandma’s. We are not allowed to do those things.” Jenny told me. Her words were interrupted by an older woman’ voice.

“If she wants to get the bags out, good for her. She should make you get the bags.” Jenny turned and saw her grandmother at the top of the small entry staircase. She ran over to her grandmother and gave her a big hug. The few times I have been around Mary and Jenny I have been able to witness something very special. I can see Jenny’s face light up whenever Mary is around, and for all her teasing I know the same goes for Mary. After breaking her hug with Jenny, Mary walks down the steps and over to me and takes me into a big hug as well. This shocked me. While the few times we have been around each other it has always been a polite, cordial hug this time it was one of caring. Like she was my own grandmother. She asked me if I was doing OK and I told her I was great. “Thank you for last week. I am glad Jenny has you.”

I can only smile. “That makes two of us Mary. I’m glad Jenny has me too.” I say, which causes Mary to call me a “smart ass Mick”. She then wraps her arms around both of us and leads us into the house. I couldn’t believe this place. The open foyer was absolutely stunning. The staircase leading up to the second floor was almost as wide as our bedroom back home! Mary guided the two of us through a beautifully decorated, large living room into a separate room surrounded by windows with lots of ferns. Mary motioned the two of us to sit and is if by magic a maid brought in a tray with complete coffee service. “So girls, how was your drive?” Mary asked and we went on to explain the high points, conveniently leaving out our run in with the woman at the travel plaza. “You must have left very early to make it here so soon.” We spent the next hour or so talking about our short but fulfilling trip to Disney World and about the events back home. It was then Mary announced that she had a luncheon that she needed to attend. She told us we wouldn’t be interested, but that we would be going out that evening for dinner and to be ready. Mary looked at me and said, “And no Alexa, we won’t be going to an Early -Bird special.” The twinkle in her eye made me laugh. “I will never get to you will I?” She asked me.

“Not yet, but I am sure at some point my immunity will fade.” I said laughingly as Mary departed leaving me and my lover alone to cuddle up on the couch.

“So, what do you want to do?” Jenny asked. “We should go down to the beach, show off that new bikini we bought the other day.”

I am hit with a dilemma. Going to the beach sounds like a wonderful idea, but I am nervous about it. Can I pull off being on a beach in a bikini? I start to get nervous a bit, but I know I shouldn’t. Jenny will be there with me so I should be safe, but I still have a bit of apprehension of wearing a bikini, even the more modestly cut one I had brought. Jenny grabs my hand and leads me up to the room we will be sharing. “This is actually mine and Julie’s room. We share it since we are rarely here at the same time.” Jenny tells me. We go to our suitcases and Jenny pulls out a VERY skimpy blue bikini for herself. I on the other hand reach into my suitcase and begin rummaging around for my one piece. Jenny speaks up.

“What are you doing babe? Your suit is right there.”

A little bashfully I reply. “I am looking for my one piece.” Jenny just stares me down.

‘I don’t think so. I want to see my sexy girlfriend in her bikini. Come on. No one is going to care; besides it is pretty conservative.” I try and get into a stare down with my lover, but the hard part of these stare downs is that you need to know you are going to win. In this case, I knew I was sunk before I even got stated. I resign myself to defeat and slowly strip and begin slipping on my bikini. And even though I was nervous I was excited to actually be wearing a bikini. The only hard part was looking up at my soul-mate and her smug smile. “Why do you even try and go against me on these things? “

I finish putting on my bottoms and make my way over to her and pull her in for a hug. “Because I am stupid in love” I tell Jenny as I lean in for a kiss.

“Aww.” Jenny coos as we share a kiss before she starts urging me to get going. I finally get changed and slip my sandals back on. I quickly wrap myself in the cover up Jenny hands me and we make our way downstairs and out towards the beach. As we entered the cabana that sat on the Thompson property next to the beach, my nerves increased. Jenny recognized it and took my hand and told me to relax there was nothing to be worried about. Jenny punched in a code to the door and we entered the cabana. There was everything you would need for a day at the beach, blankets, towels, umbrellas, chairs, frisbees, beach balls, footballs plus a fridge stocked with water and soda. This was the life. Jenny opened up the fridge and took a quick inventory. “I can see that Jon & Jason have been here.” Jenny says as she pulls out a bunch of beer before handing me a bottle of water. We each grab a towel and Jenny grabs a blanket as we head out to the beach and stake our claim.

The beach wasn’t crowded but there still were quite a few people about. And by looking at all the white skin, mostly northerners. We set up our little spot and laid back on the blanket. Still feeling a bit nervous, I had kept my cover up on so as to not to draw too much attention. “Come Lex, take that cover up off. You need to start working on that tan.” Jenny teased me and I finally relented and let my Irish white skin absorb the Florida rays. Jenny leaned over and gave me a kiss. “Don’t worry babe. You look great.” I took a deep breath and entered into a new adventure of my life as Alexa; in public wearing a bikini. I took off my cover-up and relaxed back on to the blanket. I still was self-conscious of my body so I rolled over onto my stomach, trying to not give any one a good look at my chest. After a while I was able to overcome some of my fears and rolled over on to my back. The morning had been a wonderful one. Here I was on a beach in Florida with my soul mate. Life didn’t get much better than this.

A while later, Jenny was putting sunscreen on my back when three guys about our age came up the beach, tossing a football. The ball somehow magically appeared in front of me and Jenny and the three guys came running over. The first one came up with a very polite grin ‘Ah excuse us. We didn’t hit you did we?” Both Jenny and I giggle at the guy’s questions. He is soon joined by his two friends, who both start to eye us up with big grins across their faces. The first one, who is a little taller than me starts the introductions. “Hi, I’m Zach and these are my friends. The tall, blonde guy is Matt.” Zach tells us, as the blonde guy with the six pack abs extends his hand to us. “And this guy over here is Jake”, who extend his hand. I was instantly on guard with this Jake character. I don’t know if it was the little thin mustache he was sporting or his cocky attitude as he held out his hand but I was instantly on guard. I think Jenny was feeling the same way as I noticed the forced smile on her face.

The three guys sat and talked with us a bit, and I will admit it had become easier as time went on to deal with the attention of the unwanted suitors. They told us that they were down from Mount Union for spring break and staying at Zach’s aunt’ home here in West Palm. I kept watching Jake try and make his moves on Jenny and I was starting to get a little annoyed by it. Zach was trying his best to make a move on me and I could see Jenny getting very upset. Finally she spoke up. “Lex, we she should get going. I think grandma wants to take us to lunch.” I had never been so relieved to deal with a lie in my whole life. The two of us begin packing up, but the three guys did not take it as a hint. Jenny and I try and hurry, and then it came.

Zach looked at me “So Alexa, do you two ladies have plans for tonight? We could go grab a bite, maybe head out to a couple of clubs. What do you think?” This was the last thing that was going to happen and I was not going to spend the rest of our short trip having to deal with these three. I looked over at Jenny and an idea hit me to get rid of these jokers. I turned and looked at Zach.

“I’m sorry Zach, but I have plans tonight. Besides, I don’t think my girlfriend would like me blowing her off for you.” I gave him my most sympathetic smile as I said this. Jenny was trying not to laugh out loud, and was doing a pretty good job of it, even though she sounded like she was choking on a chicken bone. I attempted to batt my eyes a bit. Zach and Jake sat their dumbfounded. They started to say we are bullshitting them and that we were just trying to make up excuses. I looked Zach right in the eye and said, “Does this look like bullshitting?” and walked over to Jenny and pulled her into a long, deep kiss. At first she could not stop giggling but soon her normal reaction took over and we pulled each other in even deeper to one another. I could see out of the corner of my eyes the guys began to disappear from us.

As we broke the kiss, Jenny looked up at me. “Wow. That was wonderful, but Danny is right.” I looked at her questioningly. ‘You have become mean since you became a girl.” The smile Jenny gave me was so loving and caring I had to restart the kiss. Soon other ideas came over us and quickly we were cleaning up our mess and racing for the house.

Forty-Five minutes later the two of us laying there trying to catch our breath in post-coital bliss. I was resting my head on Jenny chest, lightly kissing her stomach when she spoke. “You know I got a little nervous there for a second. I thought that Zach was going to steal my girlfriend.”

“Shut-up” I told my lover. “You know there is no way that I would ever runoff with some guy.”

“I don’t know babe, he was making the moves and you seemed pretty receptive.” Jenny told me. I couldn’t let this slide and the tickling soon began. “Stop it! Stop it!” Jenny screamed out and I did relent. After she called me a big meany she went on. “And I don’t blame him for making the moves on you. You have become a beautiful young woman Lex.”

“You’re biased.” I told her. She decided to prove it to me, she told me to slip my suit back on and stand in front of the mirror in the bedroom.

“Look at yourself” Jenny commands. “You are a beautiful woman. Anyone with any sense can see that. I don’t blame that guy for asking you out.” And I do take a long look at myself. Even though I have not started HRT I can see a difference in how I look. My waist had shrunk thanks to the diet Jenny and I have been on and the workouts we have been doing regularly. The waxing I have been going through has left my skin hair free and the moisturizing I was doing was keeping it soft. To be honest the only thing that didn’t look feminine was my chest. And it was something I often thought about. I hated wearing the falsies, but knew they were needed to complete the illusion. I hated to agree with her but she was right. I spun towards her and pulled her into my arms.

“I will admit I do look good, but I do it for you and no one else. Haven’t you figured that out yet? I love you more than anything in the world. You are everything to me.” I tell her which I follow up with a kiss. “Maybe that blonde hair is getting to you” I tease, which turns into a giggle. I decide to continue the teasing. “Maybe I should start eating everything and get fat, then no one will look at me.” I say with a grin my brother would be proud of.

“Don’t you dare!” Jenny admonishes me. “Just quit teasing the boys so much OK?” I tell her that had never been my goal. Jenny pulls me deep “I love you Lex. Please don’t ever leave me.” I promise her I never would and once again we shared a long kiss. As we broke away Jenny began giggling. “We better get cleaned up before grandma gets home.” The two of us giggle and jump into the shower together and wash each other off. It was the perfect way to end an afternoon in Florida. We dried each other off and started to get dressed. After putting on a typical white thong and panty set I look at myself in the mirror again as I slide the false breasts. These things were really getting to be a hassle. I needed to do something. I didn’t want to bring it up now after our wonderful last few days, but it was something that was bothering me. I pushed my thoughts to the back burner as something we could talk about when we got home. I pulled out a navy blue, sleeveless romper with little white flowers on it and slip it one. I switch places with Jenny and begin applying a light layer of makeup. Jenny dresses in a similar style romper but with spaghetti straps that was a light blue floral print. She come up behind me and begins brushing my hair.

“I love when you do that.” I tell her as we exchange looks of love in the mirror. The way she gently brushes my hair is incredible. I felt like I was being pampered. I also started to feel a bit sad, wishing that my mother would have done this when I was younger. I think that Jenny picks up on that and wraps her arms around my shoulders. She looks me in the eye through the mirror.

“I love doing it for you babe.’ She tells me as she gives me a kiss on the cheek. “Were you just thinking what it would have been like if your mom had done this when you were little?” I just nod my head. How does she do that? This wasn’t the first time she had busted me wishing I had always been a girl, and I know it won’t be the last. She hugs me tighter. “It’s OK babe. I’ll just ty and make up for it.” Our latest moment is interrupted by Jenny’s grandmother calling out for us. Jenny lets me go and hand-in-hand we leave the bedroom and head down the stairs. For some reason the grin on Jenny’s face is huge as she just stares at me. As we get to the bottom, she kisses me on the cheek. She whispers in my ear ‘Thanks for putting up with me babe.” Before I can comment, Mary comes rounding the corner.

“There you two are. I have been calling and calling for you two.” She says with a slightly annoyed look on her face. “And what were you two doing upstairs?” Mary said to us, causing the two of us to blush. As I looked up I could see the smirk come to Mary’s face. I knew it was coming. “I can’t leave you two alone can I?” Mary asked us. I tried with all my might to hold back my giggle as Jenny began inspecting the tops of her feet. Mary shot me a look to tell me to stay quiet as she waited for a response from her granddaughter. Jenny finally let out a barely audible moan before she looked up at me and saw me fighting me laughter.

“You two are the worst” she said as she attempted to pout. I put an arm around her only for her to pull away from me slightly, but then to turn around and give me a big hug before looking up at her grandmother. ‘Don’t you ever worry that I won’t fall for your jokes anymore?”

“I used to never worry until this one came along.” Mary said as she motioned to me, causing me to giggle a bit. ‘Why are you so immune to my jokes?” Mary asked. I had think for a second to come up with the proper response. Finally it hit me.

“Must be the Mick blood. We can sense the ‘touch of the Blarney’”. I respond earning a laugh from Jenny’s grandmother. We joined her for some afternoon tea while she told us all about the luncheon she had gone to that day. She then began asking questions about our time down at the beach. We told her we had a wonderful time, but completely avoided bringing up the three guys we had met up with. I did most of the talking, as I could see Jenny was a little nervous to discuss the day. I could see her relief in what I was saying. The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing around the house, which felt great. Finally about 5:00 Mary came in and announced that it was time to head to dinner.

“I have been craving some seafood, and not something these folks prepare. I read about a little place down along the pier that sounds wonderful. Are you ready to go?” Mary asked and the two of us nodded in approval. As we headed out Jenny stopped dead in her tracks. She spun and turned on her heel, looked at her grandmother and asked her where her car was. “I decided this old lady needed a little fun.” Mary proudly stated and headed for the convertible. “Are the keys in it?”

Jenny and I looked at each other nervously. Thankfully Jenny was willing to question her grandmother. “When was the last time you drove grandma?” Mary replied that she drove semi regularly back home and figured she couldn’t be as bad as the old-timers that drove around Florida all the time. Jenny and I made our way to the car and began a comical game of who was going to sit in the front seat. Finally Jenny gave in and I crawled into the back seat.

“Buckle up girls” Mary called out and she put the car into gear and squealed out like Jenny and I had back at the travel plaza. As we approached the gate Mary let us know she was just kidding, and slowed down and eased out on to the street. I reached between the seats and took Jenny’s hand. She clamped down hard as we entered into some of the heavier traffic. She looked back at me with a frightened look on her face. The tension finally eases as Mary pulls the car into a parking spot in front of Nino’s Dockside Café. The smile on Mary’s face was priceless. “I haven’t gotten to do that in a long time.”

“I thought you said you drove all the time back home?” Jenny said as she started to relax.

“I was kidding. Your father won’t let me drive that often anymore.” Mary said with a giggle. Jenny stared at her grandmother in shock while I just sat in back laughing. “I’m sorry Jennifer” Mary started to explain. “But it has been such a long time since I have gotten to drive away in a car to go and have some fun.” Jenny let her irritation with her grandmother pass and was once again back to her normal smiling self. Jenny and I linked hands and followed her grandmother into the restaurant. Mary seemed to be strutting as she led the way.

The place was decorated in your typical manner, life savers and traps dotted the walls. But as kitschy as it was, the food was incredible. When the waitress came to take our drink order, I instantly cracked a joke. “Hey Jen, we can drink up. Your grandma can be designated driver.” Jenny laughed and then heartily agreed before a withering glare put the two of us in our place. The alcohol didn’t matter it was the company I was with that made the evening so much fun. Like I said the food was wonderful. The blue crabs I ordered were incredible, as was the shrimp Jenny ordered. As was usual, Jenny and I would feed each other off our plates, which caused a few stares from the other diners. Mary just looked at us in wonder.

“You two are something to behold. Just don’t do that at the club tomorrow night.” Mary said with a smile. ‘I didn’t think it was possible for two people to be as close as you two are. I will admit that I never would have imagined that you could be this way Jenny.” Jenny gave her grandmother a quizzical look before Mary went on. “Since the day Abby passed, you just seemed listless, but then there was my birthday party and I saw new life in you. Then at Thanksgiving you bring home this wonderful person and I could see why you were that way. Now after all the tribulations the two of you, especially you Alexa, have been through it seems even stronger. And you two seem to have a sort of effect on people.”

‘What do you mean Mary?” I asked. This was starting to go in a new direction. One I wasn’t quite sure of.

“From what Jenny tells me, that not only have you made up with your mother she has completely accepted both of you as you are. And your brother has accepted the two of you. That is because of the love and care you show each other. And I know for a fact you have made impression on Marty. He told me so. He said he could see it when you went to the house for dinner. That is why he called you last week. He would never have left Jenny in the state she was in if he didn’t know you would be there for her.”

Jenny and I just stared at each other as we let Mary’s comments sink in. To have someone tell us that out loud was amazing to us. I don’t think either of us realized how much it showed. I started to tear up a bit only to be told to stop it by Jenny. But it wasn’t mean or condescending. It was tender as she starred into my eyes as we shared a look of love. She reached across the table and wiped the tear from my cheek and the two of us just smiled at each other. I knew I had to gain some composure, so it was joke time. “Your hands stink babe” Jenny’s giggling brings us out of the trance. She does tell me to deal with it.

The rest of the night was pretty relaxed. Jenny and I did decide to enjoy some wine when we got back to her grandmother’s and we got Mary to join us for one. I got Mary to talk more about what Jenny was like when she was growing up. When Jenny tried to protest, I told my lover to be quiet. She had a month of listening to stories from my mother so it was her turn to be embarrassed. I enjoyed listening to the stories almost as much as Mary did telling them. After a bit, Mary excused herself for the evening and wished us the best. That left Jenny and I curled up together. The rest of the night was spent this way. Curled up together, talking about our lives sharing our love with each other.

The next day broke a bit cool and grey, so with nothing better to do in the morning, Jenny and I excused ourselves from her grandmother and headed into downtown Palm Beach to take in some of the shops. Without thinking, the two of us held hands as we window shopped. It wasn’t long however until the snickering could be heard along with some grunts of disgust over the two of us. Jenny seemed to be blocking it out, but it was getting to me. We found a little coffee shop and we took a break to enjoy a latte. As we sat at one of the street side tables, I saw two middle aged women take a table right next to us. The two women held nothing back in their discussion about how disgusting it was to see two pretty girls acting like this. Jenny could see that I was getting irritated by these two, but she told me just to relax. The two kept talking about how disgusting lesbians were and that it was probably just some phase. That we didn’t probably even love each other, that it was just probably a sex thing. For the first time, I could see Jenny being bothered by other’s perceptions. That is when I had enough, I knew that not only did I have to say something but it was time to do it in a very public way.

“Excuse me, the love I have for this woman here is more than just sex. I love her with all my heart and soul and would do anything for her. How dare you people sit here and tear down people you know nothing about.” I snapped at the two women. I half expected to look down and find Jenny trying to hide, instead I found her sitting there with her mouth open in shock. I could feel the anger building inside of me. Jen tried to get me to sit down but I just simply ignored her and continued to stare at the two women. One of the two women, one with a very bad color job, looked up at me.

“The bible says men should not lay with men and women should not lay with women.” The woman said, “How do you respond to that?” She asked. As that moment, the years of Catholic School and hours of Religious Education came out.

“The verse actual says men should not lay with men as they do women. The Bible also says thou shall not judge lest thee be judged. So, are you going to just use the parts of the Bible that benefit you or are you going to use the whole thing?” I could feel the smirk on my face being growing. The look of the two women was one of confusion. Jenny jumped up and pulled me away, tossing a twenty-dollar bill on the table. As we rounded the corner, Jenny practically jumped me.

“Oh, my god. You were great! I can’t believe you just did that!” She exclaimed as she wrapped me up in a tight hug. I asked what she was talking about. “I can’t believe you just stood up to that woman like that. That is so unlike you.” I broke away from Jenny’s hug and looked her directly in the eye.

“Now do you get it? I am not going anywhere. No one is taking me away from you. Ever. I am glad that happened because you are the one always making these statements to people about us. Well, it was my turn. No one has the right to run you or I down. We are partners.” I say and then pull back in and state softly, “soulmates. I am yours for as long as you will have me. Now maybe that will stop these little jealousy attacks.” I stated and shared a long, deep kiss with my girlfriend. The smile on her face was as big as the Grand Canyon. “I love you Jen and I would stand up to anyone who tries to tear us down.” The hug and kiss I got were even bigger than I had ever dreamed. We quickly decided the day was clearing and it would be better spent hanging out pool side. We stopped at a store and grabbed some tequila and margarita mix and made our way back to Mary’s estate. It was funny. I could see several guys checking us out, but there was no looking, or even joking about them. Heck I couldn’t barely get Jenny to look at anything but me. She had this love-struck look to her I could hardly explain. I am sure we got a funny look as we exchanged another kiss in the store. If anyone had issue with us, that was their problem.

We got back to the house and immediately put on our suits and made our way out to the pool. And just like the beach side cabana, the pool side cabana had everything we needed, including a blender and ice. The laughter during the mixing of the margaritas overcame the sound of the blender and soon the two of us were pools side with a pitcher of margaritas, kicked back on some lounge chairs and enjoying both the sun and each other. As we were laying there at one point, our sun was blocked by something and we were alerted by a throat being cleared. “Is this what you two plan on doing all day?” Our favorite sun block inquired. We both looked up to see Mary standing there staring at us. We started giggling and tried to apologize. Mary took a seat at the end of Jen’s lounger and reached for her glass. After taking a sip, she handed it back to her granddaughter.

“Now you two, we have places to be tonight so don’t get all liquored up, especial you Alexa.” She said pointing at me. I was dumbstruck. What had I done? I must have shown some sort of reaction because Mary continued to stare at me. “You Mick’s have such a thirst we have to watch you.” Mary said as deadpan as she could. Not to be outdone, I made my retort. “I can see”. As I motioned at Mary, who was reaching for Jenny’s glass again. A laughter broke out between Jenny and I, Mary just shook her head at me as she handed the drink back to Jenny.

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon pool side and tried to take heed of Mary’s words and go easy on the margaritas, but we were only moderately successful at that. So when we did finally get dressed for diner that evening we were both a little giggly. I had chosen to wear the white dress I had bought the other day with the hibiscus printed on it along with my wedge heels. I hadn’t really paid attention to what Jenny had packed and when I turned around and saw that she was wearing the floral dress I had bought her at Christmas my heart soared. I had never actually seen her in the dress and she looked absolutely gorgeous. I knew I had chosen right. We shared a quick kiss before Mary called for us to get down. As we made our way down the stairs, I could see Mary was a little anxious. She stood at the foot of the stairs arms folded staring up at us. Jenny and I both blushed as we made our way down.

‘Well at least you both look very nice and presentable. Except for you Jenny, I don’t think the red lipstick matches.” Mary announced.

Jenny looked confused. ‘I’m not wearing any red lipstick grandma. Alexa is.”

‘I know Alexa is, and I am sure that is where you got this.” Mary said as she reached out and wiped the offending mark off Jenny’s cheek and shows it to her. Jenny instantly blushes while I try to nonchalantly look away. “Go fix yourself up young lady.’ Mary says, who then turns her sights on me. ‘And you young lady should not be leaving your mark like the kissing bandit.” I giggled a bit but quickly stopped as I could tell by the stern stare from Mary was not finding as much humor as I was in the situation. Finally, she spoke after several seconds. ‘It does not bother me at all Alexa, I just worry that others won’t be as accepting. Just be good tonight you two.” I assure Mary we will and we are soon rejoined by my repaired girlfriend and we make our way out to Mary’s car.

Since Jenny and I have been dating I have had the opportunity to visit some pretty posh clubs back in Minneapolis, but they couldn’t hold a candle to the Palm Beach Golf and Yacht Club. The first thing I noticed as we were standing there waiting was the large chandelier that dominated the main room. It was larger than our apartment! It had to be twenty feet across. The chairs looked like they were covered in velvet, but when we sat they were even softer, which I did not believe was possible. The colors were a muted aqua and soft orange mixed in with some pinks. Very Floridian. I was amazed that the glasses seemed to be made of crystal rather than cut glass. I felt a little out of place, but both Mary and Jenny told me to relax. As we ordered I even felt that wait staff came off as much more sophisticated than any one who had served me back in the cities. The menu was loaded with fresh seafood and only prime cuts of meat.

Both Jenny and I had noticed an advertisement when we came in for some sort of club event that evening, which explained our early reservations. After our order, Mary excused herself, saying there was someone she wanted to go speak with. This left Jen and I sitting there. We enjoyed our wine and made silly little comments about the other dinners. We knew we couldn’t be openly hanging on each other, so we held hands under the table. Just as I was about to lean over a whisper to Jenny that I loved her or moment was interrupted by the voice of a middle age woman standing right behind us.

“These two must leave!” The woman said to the head Maître’D. The gentleman was flummoxed as to why we should be asked to leave. “These two people are lesbians and we do not allow THEIR type in this club.” It was the same woman with the bad dye job from the coffee shop earlier in the day and I could feel my blood begin to boil. I was all ready to re-start our argument in earnest when another voice came into play.

“Carol, is there a problem with these young ladies?” Mary asked the middle age woman. Carol, as we had now learned her name, spoke in a more reserved but still upset voice to Jenny’s grandmother.

“Mrs. Thompson. Yes, there is, I met up with these two earlier today. Let’s just say we do not allow THOSE types of people in here.” Carol said with as much snootiness as I had ever heard. Mary looked at Carol in all seriousness when she asked what type of people THOSE people are. “They are lesbians. We can’t have their type in here” Carol said in a hushed tone to Mary.

“I see.” She paused for a moment before turning to the woman. “Carol, is Kevin around?” The woman looked at Mary with a quizzical expression and then looked over at a table across the restaurant where a blading, bi-speckled was just being seated. I saw Mary turn and Carol wave for the man to come over. Mary turned on the charm, even though from my usual encounters with her I could tell it was fake. “Kevin, good to see you. I just ran in to Carol here who telling me she didn’t think lesbians should be allowed in here. What is your opinion of that?

Kevin got all serious and then in one of the most condescending voices I had ever heard, Kevin responded to Mary’s question. “I would have to agree with my wife on that issue. They are an abomination to the American family. I agree with the Vice-President’s support of Conversion Therapy.”

“Those are some pretty interesting views Kevin. And you seem very strong in your convictions.” Mary said. Mary said somewhat dramatically and then looked at Jenny and me. I had to bite my tongue as I could see the twinkle come to Mary’s eyes. “Before we continue on with those thoughts, Carol, Kevin, let me introduce you to my granddaughter Jennifer Thompson and her partner, Alexa Quinn.” The gasp from Carol indicated that she had really stuck her foot in her mouth. Kevin’s eyes went as large a dinner plates as he realized what he had just said “Jennifer, Alexa and I would like to introduce you to Kevin Boyle and his wife Carol. Kevin is one of the accountants the family uses. Speaking of which Kevin, I have noticed some irregularities as I have gone over some the books of both the household and the foundation and I had these audited by another firm. I can see that several were just simple errors but there were a few that concerned me. That is why I had this document drawn up.” Mary said as she pulled a letter from her purse.

“What is that?” a clearly panicked Carol asked Mary.

“Oh that?” Mary replied “That is just a notice of termination of services. I was hoping to talk to Kevin a bit tonight, but was sure if I would give it to him, but tonight my mind has been made up. There will be two employees from the foundation as well as one of our attorneys at your office Monday morning at 8:00 to collect all records of not only the foundation but also all personal and household records from you. I have already filled this order with the courts, so any withholding of the records will result in you being in violation of a Federal Court order.” Kevin looked as if his world was crumbling around him. You could clearly see the sweat on his sunburned brow. His wife began crying and ran out of the restaurant. Mary patted Kevin on the shoulder “You should go attend to your wife.” Mary took her seat with a proud smile splashed across her face. She turned back to Kevin, ‘And yes for your information, your views did affect my decision.” Kevin slowly slumped away from the table.

Jenny and I were in just as much shock as Kevin and carol over what happened. Jenny asked the questions that was on my mind. “Grandma, did you just fire that man because of his and his wife’s views about us?”

“Let’s just say it was the final straw. He had become too comfortable and demanding of the staff at the foundation. The irregularities were not that big a deal but they bothered me. Plus, I never cared much for him or his wife, but I was not the one who had hired him. I was going to let him go after the taxes were filed. I love you Jennifer and you too Alexa. I will not have anyone who does business with this family, belittle a member of this family.” Mary said quite forcefully. Nothing else was said of the little incident after that. And it did not affect the enjoyment of our meal. The tenor of the meal returned to the happiness that was apparent before our reintroduction to the Boyles. I did learn one thing though, I now had two Thompsons I never wanted to make mad at me.

Following dinner, we went home and enjoyed an after-dinner drink with Mary (Irish Coffees of course) before Mary bid us a good night. This time it was my turn to get up and give Mary a hug. “Thank you for everything the last few days, and I’m not just talking the hospitality Mary.” She just smiled and patted me on the cheek. She led me over to Jenny and motioned for me to sit down.

“As I told you two back in Minneapolis, not everyone is going to be so accepting of the two of you, but if the two you continue to love each other the way you two do, you will be able to overcome anything. I love both of you two, now just be good to each other. Good night” Mary completed here little speech and headed off to bed. Jenny and I just held each other for the rest of the night, first on the couch and then back in our room. The words of Mary stuck with both us as we drifted off to sleep.

The following morning was quiet and relaxing, just as we had hoped. The trip had turned out to be one that would always hold a special place in both my and Jenny’s hearts. We hung around for the morning and later that afternoon said our goodbyes to Mary and headed for the airport. As we settled in to our First-Class seats for our return flight home I thought about the last few days and what had happened. First off, Jenny and I were able to get away from all the stress we had been dealing with since Christmas and spend some quality time together. Secondly, we had another member of one of our families stand up for the two of us and stand up for us in one the most dramatic and public ways I could have ever imagined. Surely word would get around of how Mary had reacted that night to someone belittling me and Jenny and that would surly set a precedence as to where we stood at least with those from Jenny’s side of the tracks.

But most important, the love Jenny and I shared was strengthened. Sure, there were some public statements by each of us and there were some moments where we had to really express that love caring to the other, but it had all worked to strengthen us. As we held each other before we nodded off, Jenny leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Alexa Marie Quinn, I am so lucky I found you. Thanks for not only being my lover by my best friend. I love you.” I settled back into my seat as she nestled down into my chest. I kissed Jenny one more time on the head and closed my eyes and dreamed of the future for the two of us for probably the first time.

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