Pantie Raid In Hell

Andrew walked over to his secretary, while on his way out of the company. He just couldn't help himself. While slapping her butt he gave her some "appropriate words". It wasn't like she could do anything about it. He owned most part of the company and he had a firm grip on it. As he walked into the garage he spotted his Jaguar.

An overpowered beast of a car. "Just like me," he thought.

Speeding out to the street he thought about where to next. Being a bit early, he decided to head over to one of his favorite hounds, a strip club that knew him well by now. Lost in thought he noticed too late that he was driving too fast and approached an intersection with nearly 70 miles. He slammed the break, his tires screeching. He wildly steered as to avoid the schoolgirls just crossing the road. Everything turned abruptly black as he slammed into another car.


Andrew groaned. He had a killer headache and everything hurt. As if he had slept on a raw plaster walkway. Opening his eyes he noticed he wasn't that far off. He was on the pavement in the streets of some bombed out city.

He also was cold and as he looked down he screamed. His flesh was dirtied and scrapped, but that was not what shocked him. To Andrews horror, he saw big fleshy lumps on his chest: breasts. And massive ones. He screamed till his lungs gave out. All too fast he gulped for air.

Looking over his body he saw what he dreaded. An all female body and one he would be drooling over not long ago. Besides his massive tits, he had wide hips and long legs. Dainty arms and hands. He dreaded the thought what his face might look like.

Suddenly a chipper voice startled him from behind. "Oh good. You are awake."

He turned around and spotted the person speaking. A mid-twenty looking woman. Her build was attractive but too modest for Andrews liking. What threw him off was the slight coppery skin, the two small horns on her forehead and the slowly swishing tail. All in all, she was the picture of a devil or imp, if it wasn't for her modest physical assets and her very proper no nonsense business suit.

"Now that I have your attention: welcome to hell! I know. I know. It's a bit cold around here for hell. Well, I asked the infernal designer of this place and he assured me it was on purpose."

The chipper voice of the imp, or whatever she was, bothered Andrew to no end. Quickly he gathered his wits. "Don't be intimidated and act from a position of strength," he repeated his favorite mantra a few times in his head.

First thing was to stand up and look in control. Then he could deal with that annoyance. Andrew tried standing up only to fall face first down again. It was if his muscles refused to work. Over his groaning of his pain, he could hear her again.

"Oh, honey don't do that. I was just about to warn you. You see you are weak. I mean you always had been weak. Mentally that is. But now your body matches it. You see, you are naked. And naked means weakness. Just like the strippers you used to ogle. Well, now you are in their shoes. Or not as you aren't wearing even that. What a naughty girl you are!"

Andrew sat up and looked through tangled dirty strands of hair at the annoying creature before him. "Just shut up will'ya!" he shouted.

"Oh, honey don't be like that. I know. Let's be quick and finish some forms and I'll be out of your hair. Deal? By the way, you really need to wash those. It looks like some birds nested in there and then died. So okay. Name?"

She pulled a pad and pen out of thin air and looked patiently at Andrew. By now he was fairly done by just about everything and would do anything to get rid of her. Maybe then he could figure out the mess he was in. "My name is Andrew. Andrew Miller."

She paused and looked up. "Sugarplum. Sweety. That won't work. Look at you. You are clearly a woman. And Andrew is such a male name. Oh, I know." She looked into Andrew's eyes with a sudden intense gaze and demanded. "Tell me the most female and degrading name you can think of."

Andrew tried to resist but soon his mouth opened and it spilled out of him. "Tiffy. There was that girl named Tiffany at the strip club, but because she was such a ditz and bimbo everyone started to call her Tiffy." Gasping for air he wondered why he had told her. He didn't want to, but he couldn't deny those eyes.

"Hmm, Tiffy. Perfect! And maybe you get an epiphany in due time. Not that it would help you. Okay. Okay. Here we go. Listen up. Your name now is Tiffy. Just Tiffy. No surname. From now on you are Tiffy and a woman. Got it?"

Tiffy was annoyed and shouted back. "Listen I don't know what you think you can do, but I am still Tiffy. Wait. No. I mean I am Tiffy. What did you do? I am Tiffy and I am born a girl! No argh. Make it stop!" Tiffy started to cry. She always thought crying was for the weak, but now she just couldn't help herself. In her mind, she knew she was meant to be a man. That this was wrong. Yet out loud her mouth betrayed her.

"Oh, my. Oh, my. Another one that broke down. There there Tiffy. Come now. Let's finish this. Look, you are now in hell. For all the misdeeds you have done. But we don't forget the good things you did. We even reward them. Now let's see. Oh damn, the list is short. You had been a bad girl Tiffy. So okay, while you were driving into your doom and crashed you avoided some schoolgirls and hmm you once helped your elderly neighbor bringing out the trash. That's it. Really that's it? Oh, Tiffy, you ain't giving me much to work with. Okay, let's see. For the granny some grannies. Panties that is."

The imp circled her finger above her head in the air and a short moment later a white granny pantie landed on Tiffy's head. Still, red eyed Tiffy took and looked at it. The panties looked old and worn down. Once white they now had a slight yellow tint to them and a few holes that might be by hungry moth or daily wear.

As the imp spoke again Tiffy looked up. "Now for the school girls. Maybe a skirt? Hmm but that won't help you going somewhere fast right? Like your fast driving to the strip club, right? Oh, I have it." Again she circled her finger above her head and with some thump, a pair of shiny stripper heels dropped before Tiffy.

Tiffy's knowledge for shoes didn't reach far. She knew they were high and from what she has heard from strippers very uncomfortable if worn longer. They were clear see through. Maybe some kind of latex. With plateau of maybe 2 inches and heels she guessed between 7 and 8 inches.

"I .. I can't wear these. They are so high." Tiffy didn't know when her voice became so whiny. Was it when she woke up as a woman? Or later? She hated it. She used to be such a manly woman. Rubbing her forehead she wondered why even in her mind she couldn't think of herself anything but female. Frustrated she kicked the heels away, scuffing her feet and leg up more in the process.

"Are you sure honey? These are brand new. No? Well sucks to be you I guess. But then it's supposed to be like this. Remember you are in hell. So make the best out of it. Spoilers though. It won't be much. Being hell and all. Oh, don't look at me angry like that. There is only one person you have to thank for all of this. Yourself. And believe me. All I am here for is to help you. Anyways. That concludes our business. Have a nice stay. Toddles."

One moment the imp was there and the next Tiffy was alone. Still sitting where she did fall over. Now she felt lost. She used to be in control, but now what? So out of everything familiar she just felt lost. Looking around her she saw nothing but rubble, pavement and those ridicules stripper heels. Suddenly angry she picked up those boots and threw them as far she could. Which was about 3 or 4 feet, weakened as she was. Just behind a small pile of junk. Out of sight and good enough for Tiffy.

She waited a bit more but nothing happened. Then she tried again to stand but quickly lost strength. Her bum against the cold ground she remembered the panties. Just an arm's length away. Better than nothing, she thought and grabbed them.

Slowly sliding them up her shapely legs she felt sudden warms. When she pulled them up completely Tiffy felt something else: strength. Not much but a little. She didn't know how but she knew she was stronger. With shaking legs she stood up again. It worked. She did walk a few shaky steps and collapsed again. Her muscles ached and her breath was ragged as if she had just run a marathon. She recalled what the imp had said. Clothes give strength here. Tiffy knew she needed to find more. Looking around she spotted a building that was not as damaged as the rest.

Maybe there some cloth could have survived whatever happened to this city, she thought.

Gathering her strength she stood up and walked a few steps. Then she rested a few moments. She repeated this a few times before something startled her. Voices!

A moment later two women came around a nearby corner. As soon as they spotted Tiffy one squealed in delight. "Look, Mercedes, a newcomer!" Both walked over where Tiffy was catching her breath. "Good spotting Amber and look, she is pantie clad! Hey, newbie. Hand over the pantie."

Tiffy looked shocked at them. She couldn't. This old pantie was the only thing she had. She looked up with pleading eyes and opened her mouth to speak.

A strong slap made her head spin around and hit the pavement hard. "Spare me the crap.", one of them said.

Tiffy barely heard her. Her ears still ringing. Strong hands gripped her legs and held them still. Another pair tucked at her panty and slid it down. With it, the small and only warmth in her world vanished. Tiffy lost it and cried. This was all too much for her.

The same strong hands gripped her jaw and twisted her head till she faced one of her attackers. "You think this is the worst? Bitch you don't even know half of it. Amber come here. Time for this skank to find out that this world is for eating or being eaten."

Tiffy's view narrowed as Amber lowered herself over her. She was shocked, as she saw plum lips of a vagina come closer and closer. Mercedes pried her mouth open with steely fingers.

"Now listen up. You will lick my friend here and you will lick her good. If not we will teach you a lesson you won't forget. In this world, none of us can die. We are already dead! But we can bring you close enough that your body floods you with so much pain that you wish you could."

Sobbing Tiffy started to lick. She had never eaten out another girl. It had always been beneath her. Now she was forced to lick out a girl she didn't know and it was worse than she had imagined. She smelled and tasted every horrible thing she could imagine. Sweat, urine, the dirt and grime from the world around them, and the fishy taste of someone ignoring their hygiene for too long.

Whenever she twisted her head to turn away in disgust the same steel fingers pushed her back in. The spray of foul liquid marked the end as the woman above him exploded in an orgasm. As she lifted herself up Tiffy drew in stale air smelling of sulfur. Yet to her it felt like the freshest air she had ever had.

Her relief was short lived as the other woman lowered herself down on Tiffy. The ordeal started over and she was glad when she finally felt her body gave out and she slipped into unconsciousness.

Tiffy woke up to pain. A lot of it. Weak as she was, she barely managed to roll on her side and almost regretted it. Opening her eyes she saw cuts and bruises all over her body. She felt them too and each time she moved pain flared through her body.

As weak and fatigued as she felt Tiffy wouldn't have minded to just lie here and rest. Fear, however, made her move. Are those horrible women still near? Were others? She had to do something. Find a spot to hide or get her hands on something to wear.

She was just about ready to wear anything if it helped to make her stronger. To become less of a victim. Her eyes darted to the pile of bricks close by. Behind them, she had thrown the stripper heels. Were they still there? Tiffy had to find out.

Trying to stand up she fell time and time again. She was too weak to even push up her chest for long. Even less so her whole body. Before she had only managed it thanks to the panties.

Out of options, she started to crawl. After each foot she had dragged herself, she had to take a break. Her body in pain and the rough pavement further tearing her skin apart.

Still, she didn't give up. There were worse pains. She was sure of it. This hostile world held so much hidden that scared Tiffy to no end. Slowly she made her way to the pile of rubble. The long journey away from the pile felt a hundred times worse on the way back without the old granny panties.

Finally, she heaved herself over the rough bricks and she cried in relief as she spotted the heels still being there. They got slightly dirtier from the rubble, but still looked brand new.

Eagerly she grabbed the closest one and pulled it close. For a moment she cradled it like a newborn. This was her ray of hope. A chance to become strong again.

It took her a lot of will to let go and instead to try wearing them. She opened the zipper on the side of the boot and slowly inched her leg in. It hurt but also felt heavenly as her skin glided over the smooth material. Warmth flared over her calf and eagerly she pushed further inside.

Strength returned to her as she closed up the zipper. This was it. It was working. Quickly she grabbed the other boot and sighed. More pleasant warmth spread through her.

After gathering her strength she pushed herself up. Tiffy grinned as she was standing again. These boots felt great. Better than the pantie. Still, she knew she had to expand. To dress herself up. No matter what she would find she knew she would wear it. Be it humiliating or uncomfortable. All that was counted was to gain strength. She vowed to get back at those other girls. To get her panties back. To raid that and more. This was hell and Tiffy vowed to remind every other soul lost here of that fact.

Confident she took a step forward and promptly lost her footing. As she crashed down Tiffy felt a little amount of the warmth slip away. A moment later she saw the reason. Her right boot had some new scrapes and was dirtier than before. It looked like her pantie raid had to wait. Once again she had to learn how to walk. Grumbling she stood up. It might take some time. The irony wasn't lost on her. In hell she had no time to spare or someone might find her, but at the same time, she had all the time in the world. After all, she would be here an eternity.

The End.

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