A Fatefull Meeting

Barry Green let his fingers glide over the chip. Tracing once again the number seven stenciled on it. He was proud of it. Seven years without a single time he did bend someone's gender. It had been hard to come this far. The allure of changing someone's gender never truly had left him.

Today was one of those days that tested his resolve more than most. He put away his chip and started to lift chairs from the stack in the corners. He didn't know how many of them would show up today. Some might not come by because they had succumbed to their addiction. Others might have landed in jail.

He took a last look that everything was okay - donuts and coffee on a side table - and took a seat. One by one the delinquents arrived and took their seat. Some regulars and a few who only showed up every other month. To Barry's surprise, three new faces were among them. It made him sigh deeply. Another three corrupted by the allure.

"Welcome everyone to our weekly meeting of the anonymous gender benders," Barry started. "I see we have three new attendees today. In case this wasn't clear to you we try to share stories and experiences to help us all deal with the various compulsions."

He took a moment to look at the gathered people before he continued. "Why don't we start with a few regulars and once you get a feel for how this group works you get to share your stories. Sounds good?"

All three nodded and Barry turned his head towards a mid-thirties man looking very nervous. That usually meant there was a reason to why. "Adam," Barry started and was rewarded by a guilty twitch from him. "Why don't you start? You missed last week's meeting."

Adam looked very uncomfortable as he cleared his throat. "Hi, my name is Adam." - "Hi Adam" - " and I missed the last meeting because ..." He sighed deeply. "I switched again. But in all fairness, they begged me too!"

Barry gave him a pregnant look. "What happened really?"

"It was a mother and son..."

Barry winced. Sadly tropes and stereotypes existed for a reason.

"... having an argument."

"Adam can switch people's bodies," Barry explained to the newcomers. "Did you try to count to ten Adam? Like we practiced."

"I did. Really! Managed up to seven. Then they wished Barry. Wished that the other one knew how they felt."

Barry knew just too well that this was like throwing a starving wolf a bloody piece of meat and expecting it to not devour it. When will mundanes finally learn to be careful with their wishes? Still, Barry had his role to play here. "We talked about this Adam. You ain't a god or genie. It is not your job to fulfill other people's wishes. Try harder next time."

Barry noticed the smug look on Susan. Intrigued he turned his attention on her. "Susan. How is your witch life treating you and how are you doing in your abstinence?"

"Hadn't a drop of alcohol in three days," she joked. When it fell flat she continued. "Fine. I didn't make any 'deserving' jerk into a bimbo for nearly two months. Staying away from dive bars helps."

"That is pretty good," Barry commented. "I guess your anger management therapist is happy about it too."

"Yes. She says I make great progress."

Barry nodded, but then it dawns on him. "She? Susan. Wasn't your therapist male? You know. So you learn that not every male is a jerk?"

"She was. But we decided to do a little experiment. So he gets a feel for what I have to deal with."

"Did HE had a choice to agree to this experiment?" At first, his pointed question was greeted by silence.

"No," she half whispered her confession.

"Tell me, Susan, what did your therapist do that made you break your gender bending abstinence?"

"It's not what he did, but said. He had this delusional idea that me frequenting dive bars and making jerk into big breasted bimbos might hint of 'suppressed homoerotic tendencies'. Which is absolutely ridiculous!"

"Maybe. Maybe not. You will turn him back, right?"

"Yes," Susan finally exclaimed before resorting to a pout that would look right on a small child.

Stifling a sigh Barry turned to the three newcomers. "Before we go through the rest of the regulars why don't we hear from our new additions?" He looked to a lanky young guy of maybe eighteen or nineteen years. "Why don't you start? Just state your name and what landed you here."

"Uhm sure," the young man replied while scratching himself behind his ear. "My name is Max... " - "Hi Max." - " ... And I was kidnapped by aliens."

"Wrong meeting kid," Adam interrupted. "The help group for delusional is Wednesday."

"It was real and I had proof! Grabbed a sweet little gun while escaped. At first, it didn't function, but later I found out that this gun could change people. All I had to do was concentrate on the desired result and BOOM. It became real."

"Let me guess," Barry added dryly. "You didn't turn over such dangerous piece of tech to the feds."

"Well, I planned to. But I thought a few little changes no one would notice. But when I was the only boy left at a coed school it became pretty obvious who was responsible."

"Rookie mistake," someone threw in and Barry gave a glare back.

"So what happened?" Barry wanted to know.

"They took my gun and I spend two years behind bars," Max admitted.

Barry nodded. The kid was what was known as tech-enabled. A good thing as without tech he couldn't gender bend someone in the spur of the moment. They usually had a better chance overcoming their addiction. "Two years without turning someone a girl or woman, and no gun. Still, you are here. That begs the question why."

"Well, I wanted to do this science project and bought some parts. They told me those shops - where I got the tech - are on a special index and they think I want to rebuild the gun, which is ..." Max laughed out loud and it probably didn't just sounded forced to Barry. " ... absolutely ridicules. So they slapped me with this probation that I have to visit a self-help group. I need a signature after the meeting."

"Sure," Barry said. "We should talk some more about it, but first let's hear from our two other newcomers."

He turned to the next new person. A woman in her late twenties or early thirties. While the others had talked she had been busy writing notes. It gave Barry hope that she had the will to quit her addiction.

"Ah Hi. My name is Cassandra..." - "Hi Cassandra." - " ... and I am a theoretical gender bender."

Silence fell over the group as they looked at each other. None of them had ever heard of a theoretical gender bender.

"What exactly does a theoretical gender bender?" Barry wanted to know.

"Oh, that is easy. I write down theoretical situations where someone is gender bend by various means."

"And those situations a prophetic and become true?" Barry asked.

"Oh no. I wish they would. That would be awesome. No, they are purely fictional. I am here for some inspiration. I hope you all don't mind."

"Oh we don't mind," Barry quickly said before someone else could say or do anything they would later regret. "In fact how about I tell you a small story to inspire you. Maybe it sounds familiar to you. Ready?"

"Sure," Cassandra said with a bright smile on her face.

"Once there was this woman. She came to one of our meetings just like this one. She was a writer but claimed to be something else by using fancy words. Pissed everyone off. When she left the meeting she was a fat disgusting man with a hygiene problem. Convinced to have a promising new career as a long haul truck driver. Sounds familiar?"

"N-no ... I ..."

"Right. Now I remember. That was a prophetic story. One coming true in ... ten ... nine ..."

Cassandra rushed out of the room before Barry could reach three. Her writing block and pen on the ground and forgotten in her haste to escape this promised fate.

A few of the meetings members clapped and Barry saw a few grins here and there.

"Would you really make her into that?" Max asked shocked.

"Of course not," Barry said through his own chuckles. "Seven years without bending anyone. Wouldn't give that accomplishment up for someone as her. After a while coming here you just learn how to deal with groupies."


"Wannabe gender benders who hope one day be able to do what we can," Adam provided.

"What about you?" Berry asked the last newcomer. A woman in her early twenties who was quite beautiful with a strong exotic look to her. "Please tell me you aren't a groupie too."

"Oh no, but I have to admit I can't bend genders myself." Seeing Barry's anger building she quickly continued. "However, my problem is tightly connected to all of yours. In fact, I am convinced that your group is the best chance I got to solve mine."

"Go on," Barry growled. Clearly slowly losing patience.

"I was a curator at the local museum till yesterday. There was this idol of a fertility goddess. I touched it without gloves by mistake. One moment I was a fifty-something male and the next ..." She motioned to take in her new body from head to toe. " ... I became the new high priestess of the fertility goddess Quintinea."

"That idol ..."

"... is now useless," the priestess assured them. "Maybe I can show you something."

Before Barry could deny her request she leaned over to Max who sat beside her. As she whispered something into his ear the young man blushed into a deep red and looked embarrassed into his lap.

"W-would someone," Max started before breaking off. A few seconds ran past before he continued. "Please. Someone. Turn me into a woman and fuck me till I am pregnant."

Everyone looked as shocked as Barry felt himself. The only one who wasn't fazed was the high priestess who walked over to Susan to whisper in her ear. Susan threw her eyes open in shock till it gave way to a lecherous grin. Runes of pure magic flashed into existence with a few gestures of the witch.

"Yes!" Max cried in delight as he felt his lanky stature give way to feminine curves.

At the same time, Susan grew more rugged and square as she got manlier by each second. "I will take you till you have my child," she promised while ripping her torn skirt off. Revealing a huge throbbing cock.

Susan took Max right then and there. Amidst the baffled members of this meeting. There was this strange fascination that held them all captive. Two people who had voluntarily switched genders just so one could get pregnant.

"For the glory of Quintinea I want to receive your child," Max cried out between thrusts of Susan.

"Don't worry. With me in attendance it is guaranteed to work on your first try," the high priestess said while walking to Adam.

Soon after Susan came with an animalistic grunt. "Yes! I am pregnant!" came Max cry of passion, while Adam howled in anguish. "He stole my child. It was supposed to be mine. I don't want an ugly male body. Who am I supposed to get pregnant like this?

Barry's mind needed a moment to catch up and sort out the details. Adam must have switched himself into Max's body. He already saw the high priestess murmur into another person's ear and a moment later Adam's body with Max in it shifted slowly towards femininity.

An epiphany wormed itself into Barry. Who was better than people addicted to gender bending to produce women willing and eager to fornicate for offspring? The priestess was hijacking his group to raise a devout group of new priestesses.

Barry jumped up and darted for the door. This was case green-deep-blue or green-deep-pink. Something like that. He slammed the door behind him and fished for his keys. Locking in this evolving disaster. He always had thought this was a hoax when they told him about worst case scenarios.

He pulled out his smartphone and scrolled through his contacts. Two years ago he had taken over as host for the weekly anonymous gender bender self-help group. The next day a Fed came by and gave him an emergency number and told him about things too ridiculous to be true. Back then he had to suppress a grin. Now laughing was the furthest from his mind.

Finally, he found the number just to curse as he saw no availability of a signal. The one day he needed it and the area around him turned to a black hole for cell phone signals.

Barry sprinted for the exit. He just had to make it far enough for the next working cell phone tower. Bolting out of the community center he came to a dead stop.

Groupies. Groupies everywhere. He should have known when that Cassandra woman had shown up that the location of the meeting had leaked. Unlike her, this was the other kind of groupies. Those that hoped to save money for a licensed gender bender by tempting those who couldn't help themselves.

Normally it was annoying and a little amusing. Seeing feminine men - sissies really - dress up as macho men was a ridiculous sight. All to bait someone like Susan. A witch with a temper.

Now the group of wannabe gender-bend blocked Barry's escape route. He needed to come up with a plan. Maybe if he told them the meeting members are leaving right now through the back exit. That might work. "Listen to me!" he started. "The gender-benders..."

"... will be out any minute," a female voice finished his sentence. Turning around Barry came face to face with the high priestess. How the hell did she get out?

"In the meantime let me tell you about my goddess," the woman continued. As she described in glorious details the amazing goddess Quintinea Barry's panic slowly gave way to a serene calmness. Forgotten was the call to the government and the alarm code green-deep-whatever. All that mattered to Barry was her voice and a growing need.

Barry now understood. The only way for his country to become great again was fresh blood. The birth of a new generation. It needed babies. His eyes darted to the wannabe-but-not-really macho men. It would be so easy. They wanted to be women and then Barry could make babies with them all.

But something held him back. Inside his clammy fingers was his seven-year chip. Was this worth it? Throw away seven years of fighting his need to gender bend just to make a few babies? Unless...

A grin spread over his face. His old buried talent headed his call and slowly it did go to work. Changing a male body to a female one. Not one of the men before him, but Barry's own. It was perfect. He could keep his chip and give birth to a child in Quintinea's name.

Eagerly he stripped his cloth and joined the orgy that unfolded before the community center.


Barry woke to the sound of sirens. Groaning he opened his eyes. The grass in front of the center littered with naked bodies. All female. Just like Barry's.

Slowly his memories returned. The orgy and how often he had fucked. How slowly the men around him became women too, just so they could get fucked and impregnated.

Barry had to admit that Quintinea had chosen her head priestess wisely. Recruiting gender benders was a think of genius. There would always be a man to impregnate women and with them, there would be plentiful of women. They all would further the glory of the goddess by giving birth.

"Are you alright?" The lovely voice drew Barry's attention to the female EMT that had worked her way over to him. "We don't know what happened here yet. Can you remember?" she asked while wrapping Barry in a blanket.

But Barry barely heard her. Was he? Provided that he was pregnant then everything was alright. But was he pregnant? He didn't know and the urge to make sure was overwhelming. He needed to be fucked by a man, but all around him were women. Probably all pregnant for the glory of the goddess. However, the EMT wasn't. Barry could change her into a stud to fuck him silly.

His hand searched for his seven-year chip by instinct, but it was hopeless. It had been lost in the orgy. But why cling to something like that anyway when one could further the glory of the goddess?

Taunt muscles ripped the uniform of the EMT as her chest swelled to manly proportions. Barry drew the new man into a passionate kiss. "I will turn you back, but now I need you to fuck me!"

"Do you promise?" the newly made men asked. Barely holding himself back as new urges threatened to overwhelm him.

"Yes. I promise. Now fuck me till I can't stand anymore." Barry then howled in delight as a massive rod filled her love channel.

She would keep her promise. Once Barry was sure to be pregnant he would turn the EMT back into a woman. And then he would help her get pregnant. For Quintinea!



A year after the incident Adam was back in his original body and male again. He was once again male and held proudly his one year chip. Getting changed more or less against his will had been an eye opener. Just then he saw a mother and son walking. The last couple he had switched. Time to undo his past misdeeds. With a grin, he switched them back and walked away with happy thoughts. He didn't hear the mother say "Not again!" or the son say "Just when we paid so much money to be switched back it happened again!"

Susan was still a man and just that. The moment she had made herself male she had lost access to her magical abilities. Those being tied to being a woman. Friends of her swear they often see 'her' head to dive bars and hit on women. What a jerk. On the flip side, it was probably just a matter of time before she would regain her feminine self. Rumor is that she wasn't the only witch with anger problems frequenting dive bars.

Barry started dating the EMT after the whole mess wound down. He doesn't visit the meetings anymore. Instead, he focuses his energy on raising his two children with his new life partner. His gender-bending now strictly limited to his family. Maybe that is the reason why his neighbors can't say if he has two daughters or two sons.

The high priestess was caught soon after the first orgy. With her victims freed from her influence she now spends her days in a special prison for the empowered. Still, she tells everyone that Quintinea will walk the earth again. Especially so when she lets her hand glide over her pregnant belly.

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