The Lokian Way - Part 07 - Let me show you my collection...

***** Friday *****

Next morning she had marked off two of the pages in the book as not something she could do. She could neither charge clothes electrostatically or make them invisible. As school would start soon she put the book into the bag she had packed for the sleepover.

The plan was that Mercy and Victoria would come to Mercy's house and get her bag. Then they would call Victoria's mother to pick them up. But first, she had to survive another school day.

Arriving at school she quickly had to fulfill her new morning routine. Panties for Mitch and a newly designed plug for Victoria. *How many does she have of those? There is no end to them.*

Still worried about yesterday she decided to become more active as a prankster. Besides socks, underwear of girls and boys fell equally victim to her. But even with the new 'canvas', she knew it might grow boring rather soon. She really needed a new spell to mix things up.

Maybe Victoria will help her to test some spells of the book. After all, she was pretty similar to Mercy. Both tried to keep a clean and proper outside image. But behind it there was wickedness.

*If I didn't know better I would think Victoria was another trickster mage. Wait! Do I know that? Besides Al, I haven't met another one at the center. And didn't Al say trickster mages are resisted to mental influences of other mages? That would explain how she knew about my spell. She knew the first time I changed her plug!*

Mercy didn't know if she was now even more excited for the sleepover or dreaded it more.


Victoria practically dragged Mercy forward. It had been hard enough to keep her quiet the first ten minutes after school. Since she couldn't say that she needed to change Mitch's panties back to boxers.

Finally, on their way, Victoria kept trying to rush her. Eventually, Mercy had enough and declared an ultimatum.

"Okay enough. If you don't stop I will make you. Don't test me."

That helped. But not for long. Soon Victoria was urging her on again. Sighing Mercy did what she threatened to do. It didn't take long to double Victoria's pantie and shift one downward. A moment later the copy was changed to an imitation of the leather bands and chain Victoria had worn last Sunday. Of course, Mercy suppressed the changing of her memories.

"Ahh you party popper," complained Victoria. Though a slight grin betrayed her true feelings. It didn't take long for Victoria to make a game out of it. Poke Mercy enough and she would shorten the chain by an inch. By the time they reached Mercy's house it was actually Mercy who had to wait on Victoria. With only three of originally, twelve inches left the chain allowed only the smallest of steps.

"Not much of a girly room," remarked Victoria.

"Oh give me a break. I've been a girl for only slightly over a week."

Mercy grabbed her bag and wanted to head out but Victoria was still busy snooping through all her drawers. "What are you doing?"

"Well if you believe modern movies then you have somewhere hidden some pornos."

Mercy palmed her face. "I wasn't that kind of teenager. I always stuck by the rules and such."

"So, in other words, you were boring."

"Yeah, not the first time I heard that."

"Oh look what I found here. Not so boring anymore aren't we?" Victoria held up her find triumphantly. Some of Mercy's sheer panties.

Quickly Mercy's face turned a few more shades towards red. "That was part of a prank."

"Oh do tell. A prank involving such sexy things. And quite a few of them."

"Ah no! It's not what you think. The day after I became a girl I went shopping with my mother. I thought it might be a good prank to... Well you know, show interest in Dessous way to revealing for my mother's taste. But it turned out the joke was on me. She got all understanding and was happy that I showed interest. By then I couldn't back out without hurting my mom's feelings. Now. Put it back or you wear it."

Dutifully Victoria complied but quickly pulled out a lacy bodice with garters. "That I wouldn't mind wearing."

Mercy rolled theatrically her eyes. But true to her words Victoria soon found herself in a copy of the bodice.

"Nice. But I might suggest a color that doesn't show through my clothes. My mother might wonder a bit."

"Speaking of your mother. You should call her. You know. Before you make such a huge mess here that I have to cancel the sleepover just to tidy up."

Victoria gave her a raspberry and pulled out her phone. By the time she had finished Mercy had changed the color of the bodice a few times.


Miss Evens, Victoria's mother, was certainly not what Mercy had expected. With Victoria's outward appearances of prim and proper, she concluded her mother would be the same. More or less like her own mother. But Miss Evens was the kind of hip and sporty kind of mother you might find in a yogurt commercial. After introductions, they shuffled into the car. Maybe ten minutes of driving later they arrived at a slightly bigger than usual suburban house.

As they entered the home Victoria's mother quickly rehashed some stuff. "Okay honey. Your father and I will be back on Sunday. The phone number of the hotel is on the fridge. You have enough food to last 2 weekends and you have the money I gave you for pizza or so. Anything else?"

"No Mom sounds good," Victoria replied and grabbed Mercy's bag to haul it upstairs.

"So, well, Victoria didn't mention that we will be alone," Mercy admitted to her friend's mother.

"She probably forgot. Don't worry you'll be fine," Victoria's mother said.

"And are you fine with me being a trickster mage? I mean..."

"Victoria told me you didn't cause anything of note yet in school and that you have it under control. I trust her judgment. And just between us: maybe this is a good thing. She could use some loosening up. I worry a bit you know. She hasn't let go in years. If you can do that then this weekend will be worth it."

Just then Victoria returned and they said their goodbyes.

"Come. I show you my room. Only fair since I have seen yours."

Victoria's room was upstairs and quite big. There was already an inflatable mattress for Mercy pumped up, but still, the room had enough space to walk without bumping into anything. Seeing it Mercy couldn't help but laugh.

"And you complained that my room wasn't girly enough? Yours looks like a hospital room. All neat and white."

Promptly a pillow landed on Mercy's face. "There. Less neat. You happy now?" Both laughed.

Being Mercy's first 'girly' sleepover she had to ask. "So sensei. What's first in a traditional 'girly' sleepover?"

"To be honest I don't know. Had been years since my last one. Kinda out of practice. How about we get more comfortable first?"

With that being said she discarded her clothes till she was only wearing the bodice and the leather bands with chain. Of course, she also had her butt plug. Being near naked she sauntered over to her full-sized mirror to inspect herself. Then she noticed Mercy blushing and looking away.

"What? You peek every day under my clothes. No false modesty today."

"Well, actually when I scan people I just only know what they are wearing. And I can visualize items. But I am no superman. No x-ray vision."

"That explains a bit why your eyes are glued to the floor in the girls changing room. Okay. Okay. You saw mine. Time for fair play. Strip!"


"You heard me. Do it. Or else.. I have plenty of other pillows to throw."

*I can't believe I am doing this,* she thought as she stripped down to her underwear.

"See? Wasn't that hard. Now speaking of fair play. Let's make a rule for today. Whatever you make me wear, you have to wear too. Starting with this." Victoria grinned and pointed at her bodice.

*What the hell. Well in for a penny in for a pound right?* A few moments later they wore the same bodice.

"Nice. But maybe you should color your's deep red. You know. To match the blush on your face."

Now it was her turn to throw a pillow Mercy decided. After both chuckled Victoria pressed on. "We ain't done."

Soon Mercy was wearing leather bands and a chain too. Victoria pulled Mercy over to the mirror. "I think we make a striking pair. Don't you think so too? Well, only one more thing to add."

Mercy furrowed her eyebrows as she was puzzled. Victoria gently took Mercy's hand and guided it to her butt. Placing it on the butt plug. Mercy quickly pulled her hand back.

"Oh no. No no no."

"Don't knock it till you try it."

"No!" Mercy said with conviction.

"Okay okay. Maybe later." Victoria walked over to her bed and flopped down on it. "I guess this is a good time as any to tell you how I knew about your spell."

Mercy flopped down beside Victoria. "Already figured it out."

"Oh, did you? I don't think so but let's hear it."

"You are a trickster mage like me! That's why the mental part didn't work. You resisted it. You knew from day one what my spell was."

Victoria let out a loud laugh, ignoring Mercy's angry look.

"Not even close. Well, one part was correct. I found out on day one. Okay, to tell you how I have to tell you a bunch of my past. No one knows around here. You have to promise me you won't tell anyone else."

After Mercy did Victoria continued. However, her voice took an unusually somber note. "You see it's not the first time I did run into a trickster mage. I was fourteen and we lived in another city. There was news on the telly about an escaped criminal trickster mage. My parents and I ignored it. After all, stuff usually happens to other people, right? But that guy chose our house to hide. He was a nasty fellow and his spell was even nastier."

Victoria sighed deeply before she continued. "He could manipulate our feelings. Made us obsessed with something. We couldn't resist it. Suddenly we were happy to hide him. Eager to please him. With playing our feelings like a fiddle he didn't even need to order us. We did everything. But as the hunt for him dragged on he got bored. He did .. stuff I don't wanna repeat to my parents. He mostly ignored me. I don't know from where but he had some sex toys with him. He told me if I would train with them one day I might be of use to him. So I did. I did things to myself that most adult woman wouldn't do with just fourteen. It was three days. But those days were hard. On the third day, my father was missed at work and us being close to the search area his co-workers called the cops.The police decided to go all out. Stormed our house. It was over in a few seconds. But afterward, we needed a lot of therapy. It took some time to acknowledge that what I did. That what we did wasn't our fault."

By now Victoria was crying a few tears and Mercy hugged her gently.

"About a year later my father was offered a job here and we, as a family decided to move. Bring distance between us and the place where it happened. By then I was mostly okay. Actually, I felt kinda normal again. Then, when we were packing our stuff, I found a butt plug left from the ordeal under my bed. I should have thrown it away. But I had to know. To find an end. It was about the feelings I had when I used these toys. Were they only caused by him or was there part of me that felt it too. So I tried it. It was a small one and honestly, I didn't feel anything. Not the overwhelming happiness like before. But then my mother came in. She didn't see what I had done. I was presentable. But there was a new feeling. Doing something lewd, the excitement and thrill I knew I could be found out. Without a doubt, I knew those were my feelings and only mine. And I kinda got hooked on them."

By now Victoria's mood had lightened and she was even excited a bit when she continued. "But while I was glad I found out about them I didn't want to repeat anything like that what the mage did. When the principal announced that one of the students had an accident and was now a trickster mage I took precautions. If something happened to me I wanted to know about it. Before school, I wrote down everything I could think of. My mood, feeling, body measures and all my clothes. Everything I wore. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the butt plug I remembered buying turned out to be changed. I thought it always had been black with pretty pink spirals. But on the picture of my collection, the same plug was uniform black. Strange right? Friday the same and Saturday a shorter chain. Yep noticed that too. So yeah. I found out fast."

Mercy hugged her again. "Thank you for sharing. It must have been hard. I promise I won't ever do something like that to you."

"Thanks. I know now you won't. I think the past proved that while you are a bit wicked you aren't rotten."

To lighten the mood further Mercy decided to change the subject a bit. "So you have a collection? I was wondering how many you have. Every day you had a new one. I started to suspect you lived near a factory for them."

That brought out the desired laugh Mercy had hoped for. "Yeah. It's not just butt plugs though. I tried a lot in the past two years. Everything that might be naughty and concealable and a few that can't be hidden. Wanna see?"

Mercy shrugged. "Sure." If it would brighten Victoria's mood it was okay with Mercy.

Excited Victoria clapped her hands and stood up. She then nearly fell down because she had forgotten how short the chain between her legs was. Still hobbled she walked over to her closet. She opened the door and pulled a few boxes aside.

"I found it by accident shortly after we moved in." She pushed against the back wall of the closet and part of it swung away. "Must have been an old service access to the crawl space in between walls."

She pulled out a big chest that only narrowly fitted through the opening. "Okay, no peeking."

Victoria placed a blanket on the floor and started slowly to place the chests content on it. First, there was an impressive amount of buttplugs ranging from small to Victoria's usual big ones.

After laying them out Victoria held a small one up, but before she could say something Mercy interrupted with a firm "No".

Next came to Mercy's shock a few vibrators.

"What? Believe me, more teenage girls have one than you think. In fact, I know of some whose mother bought them for them."

"Yeah but I don't think every girl has eight of them. And before you ask: no I won't try one."

"Say have you tried yet to ..." She stopped as Mercy's blush told enough. Next, she pulled out a long clear blue double ended dildo. "I was curious," she lamely explained.

After that came a collar, ankle and wrist cuffs, the leather tights bands and some rope. "Experimented with bondage a bit, but alone it's a bit impractical and risky. Now I like the next one but it's hard to conceal."

With a flourish, she pulled out a long leather corset. "I like how it hugs me but the stiffness and some creaking give away its presence. So I rarely wear it."

Pulling out a Tupperware box Mercy was confused for a moment. There was something black and shiny in it.

Victoria opened it and pulled a pantie out. "The only latex garment I own. It's quite interesting to feel against your skin. I wish I had more, but good latex is kinda expensive."

That gave Mercy an idea. A quick spell later and Victoria's bodice was glossy black latex.

"Oh my god. Wow. Thank you. That feels amazing. You have to try it. I mean rule one, remember? What I wear you wear?"

Sighing Mercy complied. A moment later she had matched her bodice. She had to admit it felt strange but good. Seeing Victoria running her hands up and down she had to ask. "Need the room for yourself for a moment?"

As Victoria couldn't find a pillow nearby Mercy had to dodge the blue double ended dildo instead. Next, she pulled out a bag made of some rubber that had a long hose attached. "My enema kit. Feels quite nice once you get used to it."

Rummaging in her chest again she pulled out 2 ball gags and a blindfold. "That's all."

"That's a lot. How did u get your hands on so much?"

"Well, the internet. And a PO box."

"Hmm, I must say I always wondered what girls usually do on their sleepover but I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that bragging about their extensive sex-toy collection was part of it."

Victoria frantically looked around for more pillows to throw, as throwing another dildo would only prove Mercy's point. Throwing her hands up in the air she gave up. All the pillows were behind Mercy out of reach.

But of course, Victoria had other ways to get back at Mercy. "So you want to do girly stuff. I can help you with that." Followed by an evil laugh that made Mercy cringe.

*Maybe I shouldn't have taunted her,* Mercy admitted to herself.


On Victoria's orders they both took a shower and wrapped in bathrobes they were ready. At least that was what Mercy thought.

The facemask Mercy could get behind. It was kinda relaxing. Next Victoria taught her the basics about manicures and pedicures. That grew quickly tedious and Mercy wondered why some girls like it that much.

Next activity was, of course, painting their nails. It was fun for Mercy. At first, that is. Victoria was a perfectionist and had Mercy do it again and again. After the third time, Mercy figured out that technically she wore the paint so her spell should work. Indeed it did. However, Victoria caught her and she had to do it yet again.

"Next time you cheat I bend you over my legs and you get a spanking."

Mercy chuckled. "Good joke."

"Sure. Joke." Victoria's giggle somehow made Mercy very, very uneasy.


When they were done it was already late. They ordered a pizza and after eating they did their evening routine before they headed to bed. As both still did lie awake Victoria had a few more questions. "So. I've been meaning to ask. How come you handle it all so well?"

"What do you mean?"

"The mage thing. Being a girl. I mean I would freak out if I would one day wake up a boy. But you seem mostly fine. How come?"

Mercy thought about it a bit. "I don't know. I thought about it a lot. I mean I know, from a logical point of view, that it would be normal to freak out. But there are other things I found strange were I don't know how to explain them. You know I researched people who changed genders by whatever means and what those people described. Being off-balance, body feels strange and relearning to walk properly. All that I didn't have. You know the feeling when you didn't ride a bike for quite some time and then you do? You are wobbly a bit but soon you remember and everything is fine? It's like that. Being in this body doesn't feel strange. It's more like I changed a pair of well-worn shoes for another pair well-worn shoes. I know it sounds crazy but that's it. I can't explain it better. Socially, however, I have sometimes trouble."

"Like the first time before the changing room."

"Yeah exactly. I feel fine in my body but my mind sometimes.. how do I put it? It loses the familiarity I have with my body. It's strange."

"Hmm speaking of... I mean you were a boy and most boys are into girls. Now you are a girl and you say you are somehow familiar with it. It begs the question..."

"If I like boys or girls? Hmm, good question. I think I still like girls but I don't mind flirting with boys. Though I don't know if it is because I like them or because of my trickster thing going on."

"Wait. You actually already flirted with guys?"

"Okay, maybe not really. I liked that I could turn some heads at the mall and there was the time with Brian..."

"Wow, you are into him?"

"What? No! It was a prank. Okay? Just a prank.It was the first day I was back at school and he was waiting at my locker. And in the spur of the moment, I decided I have some fun. I pretended he was my boyfriend and everything was normal. Of course, he called bullshit pretty quickly. But when I stuck to it a moment longer I got him."

"So still mostly girls. Am I safe with you? Maybe I should chain you down."

"Ha! You wish. Ok quid pro quo. What about you. Never saw you hanging on a boyfriend's arm."

Now Victoria giggled. "I am weird there. Boy? Girl? All the same to me. Mostly boring. To change that a person has to have something special. Something naughty or wicked."

"Like changing someone's clothes?"

But Victoria didn't answer.

"So tell me. Are you into me?"

Again there was no reply.

Just as Mercy wanted to ask again Victoria giggled. "Hush you. I am sleeping."

Making some grumpy noises Mercy rolled over and tried to fall asleep. She knew Victoria could be hard headed if she wanted to. There won't be any answers for her tonight.

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