The Lokian Way - Part 10 - Moving Mountains

***** Sunday *****

Mercy woke up in darkness and to the strong smell of latex. She only saw dim outlines of her surrounding. Illuminated faintly by the glow from the kitchen lights they had forgotten to turn off. Mostly she felt her surroundings. The leather beneath her, the tight constriction of her latex outfit, and long braided woven hair. Most of all the mass of Victoria laying half on and half beside her.

She also felt squeezed somehow. She nearly yelped out loud when it came to her. She had still the dildo fused to her and miraculously it was still buried deep in Victoria's sex. Thinking that enough was enough she unfused it. Then she thought of a better idea. *If Victoria likes this long dick so much I bet she wouldn't mind waking up with it attached to her* A second later it was Mercy straddling Victoria's dick instead of the other way around.

While she was at it she decided to unfuse the rest. Their little game of dare and dare clearly over. Besides the couch was really cramped with both of them on it. Add in six air filled pillows fixed on Victoria's chest and it was a downright wonder no one had been pushed off the couch yet.

First, Mercy shrunk the wig and then made it vanish together with the nurse cap of her latex outfit. Freeing herself from the strict bondage. Then her latex dress turned into a silken pajama. The latex stockings and her heels turned into a cute pair of short socks.

Satisfied she focused on Victoria. The toys in her stayed put, but the butt plug lost its long latex tail. Next, she deflated the rubber breasts. Slowly Victoria slid closer to her and now she felt the soft warmth of her body. By instinct, Victoria nuzzled closer to Mercy. Something she didn't mind one bit. Slowly the paws on hand and feet melted away. The latex retreated upwards on arms and legs till there was just a tight body left. It too changed. Becoming a matching silken pajama to Mercy's.

Satisfied, Mercy closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep again.


The next time Mercy woke up it was with a moan. Rays of sunshine blinded her for a moment and Mercy quickly closed her eyes again. While lying she enjoyed the feeling that woke her. Slowly something hard pushed in and out of her. "I see you found my gift," she mumbled and gave a smile.

She was rewarded with a few kisses on her chest and then neck. The last one found her way onto Mercy's lips. "It wasn't very well hidden," Victoria purred in her ears. "This certainly feels nice."

Mercy opened her eyes and found Victoria's face only hovering a hand span from hers. "Does it? I barely feel anything. Might as well go to sleep again," Mercy teased.

"Oh, that we can't have," Victoria murmured and steadily she increased her pace. It wasn't long before Mercy pulled her close and both shuddered as an orgasm flooded them both.

Lazily they enjoyed the afterglow till Mercy's wandering eyes fell on the antic wall clock. "Say Victoria. When do your parents return.?"

"About ten. Why?"

"Oh, nothing. Just .. it is half past nine."

"What?!" Victoria got up with a shocked expression. Standing up her rubber appendage slid out of Mercy. For a moment she felt so empty without it. "Oh my gosh. We ... We have to tidy up. My parents can't find out about .. This! All this."

Mercy snickered but got up too. "Don't panic. Lets split the load. I tidy up here and you hide all your toys."

Victoria nodded and sprinted away. Only to return a moment later. "Mercy do you mind?" She pointed down to the good two feet of rubber gently swinging between her legs.

"Oh I don't mind," Mercy told her with a grin. A moment later Victoria's pajama had turned into a light summer dress. Barely long enough to hide the phallus. "There! All hidden."


"Well, since you like that toy so much it will be the last toy to be put away. So you better hurry with the rest."


"No buts. Now move."


Nearly half an hour later they were done. Everything stowed away or cleaned up. They even had aired the living room as best as they could. Victoria had never been more happy to have a leather couch as it was easy to wipe it down.

"Okay. All done but one thing. Come on do it now!" Victoria urged her.

"Alright. Alright. I ..."

Whatever Mercy wanted to say was interrupted by the sounds of keys unlocking the door. A moment later Victoria's mother walked in. "Oh. You both are already awake?"

Awkwardly Victoria gave her mother a hug. Very deliberately leaning forward so that nothing could betray her not so little secret.

"Your father will be here in a minute. Mercy you will be staying for lunch, right? We can drive you home afterward."

"Wouldn't miss it in the world," she admitted. Doing her best to ignore the evil eyes she got from Victoria.

"Is that a new dress?" Victoria's mother wanted to know.

Put on the spot Victoria blushed heavily. "Yes. Mercy picked it out."

"Oh, good choice. Let me see a twirl."

"M-maybe later. Mercy. Let's pack up the rest of your stuff. Upstairs."

"Aww. I wanted to see the twirl too," Mercy teased her but followed her upstairs nonetheless.

Alone in her room, Victoria lost her cool. "Please Mercy. I can feel the skirt gliding over it with every step. It is driving me nuts."

"Your begging is music in my ear," teased Mercy. Before Victoria could reply a heavy thumb could be heard.

"Everything alright in there? I heard something heavy fall down," Victoria's mother asked coming in.

Victoria had just barely managed to kick the offending toy under her bed.

"Everything is fine. We will be downstairs in another minute." Once her mother was gone she gave Mercy a glare. It would have been intimidating if it wasn't for the unsuccessful suppressed grin. "Just you wait. I'll get my revenge."


After a nice meal and a long chat with Victoria's parents she finally arrived home. Now she could finally take a moment to reflect on the weekend and everything around it. Most of all she was sad that she hadn't had time to talk with Victoria in private. She wasn't even two weeks a girl and she had, in a way, seduced and lured into an amazing evening of sex. Something she wouldn't have thought possible a week ago. But now what? Victoria still hadn't said anything that hinting at more. Had this just be a fling or was there more?

She hardly could wait for the next day and school. There were a lot of questions she wanted desperately some answers to. The list of things that were a mystery to her nearly grew daily and even if she found one answer two new one popped up.


Mercy's list of strange things to figure out:
- not freaking out about new gender (body feels strangely familiar/no trouble with balance despite new center of gravity - unless sports; does not extend to social things!!)
- Magic (TWO big and one small natural spell; might have other spells; need to learn about limitations; don't go over 100% or below 15% or bad things happen; I have way more magic than I should have - Al says to keep it a secret)
- Spell 1 lets me change clothes (targets don't notice change unless I want them to; others might notice change; Mom, Dad, Al and Brian know my spell; Victoria too!; 150 feet and line of sight limit; tiring if more than 90 feet)
- Spell 2 lets me fuse stuff to people (apparently it suppresses body functions if needed; target person feels fused items as if part of body; damaged fused items regenerate if damaged)
- Victoria the deviant mystery (she is way more deviant than I am; freaking big sex toy collection; hides behind an act of being innocent and proper)
- evil trickster mages (not all follow the lokian way)

***** Monday *****

To say Mercy was nervous going to school was an understatement. Today she walked extra slowly towards the school. There she would see Victoria. Prim and proper Victoria. But the was this other image that flashed through her mind. The same Victoria, but with a look of ecstasy on her face as she felt herself up in her latex catgirl costume. Moaning. Panting.

Mercy shook her head to banish those lewd thoughts. Can't arrive at school as a quivering mess lost in arousal. But the question was how would she react to seeing Victoria? How would Victoria react to her? Leaden feet carried her to the school.

Just as she arrived on the school grounds she saw Victoria exit a school bus together with a redhead. One that was familiar to Mercy. It took her a moment to remember. The girl had the locker next to Mercy in gym class.

Mercy stopped in her tracks. What just happened? She could swear she saw Victoria look in her direction. Only to hastily turn away and practically running into the school. Was she avoiding Mercy? After all that they had shared over the weekend?

With a clammy feeling, she headed to the school building. Lost in thought she nearly missed that someone was shouting her name. It was Mitch who caught her so unprepared.

"You okay?" he asked. Concerned thoughts from Mitch? If her mind hadn't been elsewhere she might have laughed out loud.

"Yeah. Fine," she said without really meaning it. "What's up?"

"Oh, well. You know. The 'usual'," he said with a blush.

Of course. How could Mercy have forgotten? One of her pranks had backfired and had made Mitch a closet crossdresser. Well, just panties, but it was enough to give Mercy a bad conscience. Especially after Mitch had been found out by his sister and father. To make her feel better, Mercy had offered to change his boring boxers into panties each morning. Then at school day's end, she would reverse the change.

"What would you like today?" she asked after checking that no one was close enough to overhear them.

Instead of answering Mitch pushed a drawing block into her hands. As she turned the cover pencil drawings of differently styled panties filled each page. Very detailed and she could even make out motives and patterns in the lacing.

"Mitch, these are really good," Mercy had to remark.

This earned her a proud, but shy and fleeting smile. A few pages in one set took up a whole page. It was a powder-blue pantie with detailing in a darker shade of blue. Framed by a matching garter belt. "Can you make this one?" he asked and Mercy could hear his nervousness. "With the ... accessory."

"Sure," Mercy replied. "I might even get jealous a bit. Give me a moment." It took some time as Mercy had to check the drawing a few times. She hadn't made anything this intricate with her spell yet. After a minute she pushed the change onto Mitch's boxer shorts. She looked around once more and then whispered to him: "Want me to leave the garter empty or ..."

"Stockings?" Mitch asked. For a moment he looked uncertain but then nodded with a small grin.

Once she was done Mercy leaned over. "Mind if I wear a matching pair?"

"Why would I mind?" he asked in turn. Honestly perplexed.

"It's your design," Mercy reminded him.

"It would be my pleasure," he said proudly.

They said their goodbyes and walked away.


Mercy was pissed. Well, not really. Angry and confused was more like it. In the last few breaks between classes, Mercy had tried to hunt down Victoria and get an explanation. Why she avoided Mercy or wouldn't answer her texts. But no more. There was one class they shared and this time there was no escape for Victoria.

With sure steps, Mercy walked into the changing room for the girls. She gave the redhead who had the locker beside her a small nod in greeting and then turned to face Victoria. "We need to talk," she said and was surprised to see Victoria flinch for a moment.

Victoria avoided her eyes and looked flushed. "Look. Can we talk later?"

"You've been avoiding me," Mercy accused her.

"Later," Victoria pleaded. With surprising quickness, she finished changing and rushed out to the gym. Leaving Mercy with a stunned look.

"I thought your sleepover went great," the redhead remarked.

"I thought so too," Mercy. "Now she is avoiding me. Has she said anything to you?" Then Mercy blushed. "Sorry, I forgot your name."

"Sonja. And no. Not really."

Grumbling, Mercy started to dress for gym.

"Maybe it has to do something with this," Sonja remarked right when Mercy started to reach for her underwear. Looking down she blushed heavily. She still wore the set of lacy underwear designed by Mitch. It might be a tad overkill for a normal school day. Despite that Mercy doubted that it was the reason for Victoria's reluctance to speak to her.

Then again if Victoria wanted to play games Mercy certainly could deliver. "If the prophet can't get to the mountain, then the mountain has come to the prophet!"

Sonja patted her on the back. "Good luck with that!"

Today was dodge-ball day which suited Mercy's needs just fine. She managed to get into Victoria's team and soon took position behind her. A quick scan confirmed her suspicion. "Oh no! Vicky is missing her favorite toy!" she muttered to herself in glee.

Mercy envisioned a change in Victoria's panties and pushed the change through. Of course, without memory alteration. Victoria pushed out an ungrateful "eep" and stumbled. Strangely enough, it saved her from a ball that had her name written on it. Her hand shot to her bottom but stopped before it. She didn't need to touch it to confirm her suspicion. Mercy had stuffed her butt with a plug.

Mercy saw the dirty look Victoria gave her and gave a shrug in return. Still not seeing the gain she hoped for Mercy increased the size of the buttplug step by step.

Finally, Victoria jogged over while barely avoided some balls heading her way. "Stop it," she hissed.

"Once we talk," Mercy countered.

Whatever Victoria tried to reply was cut short by a ball she caught with her head. Not that Mercy fared better as a ball strafed her waist.

Together they left the field. "After P.E.," Victoria promised. "Just not in the middle of the class. Please undo it."

"Fine," Mercy relented. "I hold you to it. If not..."

"I know. I know. You can do worse..."

With a small smirk, Mercy turned away and walked it a little off. Passing by Sonja she whispered. "One to zero for the prophet."


They met behind the gym and Mercy - short on patience - simply said:"Talk."

Victoria had the decency to actually blush. "I guess I owe you an apology."

"You guess? We had sex not two nights ago and I am pretty sure you planned for it to happen," Mercy accused her.

"Not so loud," Victoria hissed back. "I admit that yes, I may have wanted that outcome."

"Then why the cold shoulder today?"

"Because I'm confused."

"You are confused?" Mercy repeated as if she wasn't sure she heard right.

"You remember when I told you I liked deviants more than any specific gender? You ask me if that means that I like you and I couldn't answer. I thought sleeping with you would make it clearer, but it only got more confusing."

"So you are saying...?"

"That I don't know if I am attracted to you as a person or you as the trickster mage," Victoria confessed. "I just ... Trying to sort this out and I am not making headway."

Mercy wanted to say something, but no words came over her lips. Hadn't she fought with the same thoughts this morning? Pushing her own decision aside because surely speaking with Victoria would make everything clear to her. Now that she knew that Victoria was even more confused than her the question was: what now?

"I guess I can understand that...," Mercy finally admitted.

"I may need some more time," Victoria whispered.

"So we are just friends for now?"

"Maybe friends with certain benefits?" Victoria asked with a weak uncertain smile forming on her lips.

"Fine!," Mercy agreed. "But no more running away for me."

"Deal," Victoria half shouted. "Speaking of benefits. Now that P.E. is over I wouldn't mind a plug."

Mercy couldn't help but chuckle. Now, this was the Victoria she knew and understood. "Sure," she said with a grin.

As they rounded the corner they saw Sonja leaning on the wall waiting for them. "Did you two hash everything out?" she asked with concern while stepping closer.

"Right as rain," Victoria said with a smile returning to her face.

"Good. I was worried ..." Sonja started but was rudely cut off as someone threw her arms over her shoulder.

"Are those two your newest conquests?" the cheerleader captain asked while the squad surrounded Sonja.

"Bug off Stacy," Sonja shot back and shoved her away. "They are just friends."

Stacy used the momentum to turn to Mercy and Victoria. "Watch out for that one. Or you might be next."

Laughing Stacy gathered her gang of cheerleaders and walked away.

"What was that about?" Mercy wanted to know.

"They found out that I am gay," Sonja said with a grimace. "Apparently that is a crime."

Mercy mimicked her grimace. After last weekend Mercy couldn't deny that she still was into girls. Very much so. She wasn't sure yet how she felt about guys, but she was at least a lesbian for sure. She spared a glance to Victoria. She might not be one. More a deviantsexual if Mercy interpreted it right.

"Well, I don't like bullying," Mercy said aloud. "They are lucky I can't see them anymore. Or else ..."

"Right," Victoria said with a contemplative voice. "You tamed Mitch Jenkins somehow. You still haven't told me how."

"That's a secret I can't tell," Mercy shot back. "Anyway. Time for lunch. Brian probably wondering where we are."

"Fine," Victoria relented. "Lead the way. See you around Sonja."

Sonja waved and headed off to her own friends.


"There you are," Brian opened when Mercy and Victoria arrived with their tablets at their usual table. "What took you so long?"

"Victoria had to tell me something in private," Mercy answered.

"Hadn't you enough time on the weekend to exchange little secrets?" Brian asked. "What were you up to when I left you?"

"Nothing!" Mercy half shouted when pictures of their sex adventure returned to her mind full force.

Victoria answered at the same time but kept her cool. "Mercy cried to a chick flick."

"Victoria!" Mercy cried out.

"What. Really?" Brian asked.

"Sure did," Victoria grinned.

"You'll pay for this," Mercy promised and shook her fist theatrical in her direction.

"Pah! Without my prompting, you only do lame pranks. Took ages to get a decent one out on the weekend," Victoria remarked casually.

Now Mercy decided she needed something to prove that Victoria was wrong. Of course, in exactly that moment Mercy drew blanks. She glanced at Brain for help and it came to her. "Whoopie cushion!"

"A whoopie cushion?" Victoria repeated. Not really believing her own ears. "See? Lame."

"Hey!" Brian protested. Of course, he would. A whoopie cushion was his first gift to Mercy after she had become a trickster mage and girl.

Mercy, however, remained calm and gave her a predatory grin. "Sure. In fact two. I'll just change your panties so they cover your butt cheeks. And under each one sewed in a whoopie cushion."

Victoria hesitated for a moment, but the gave her a grin of her own. "You forgot. P.E. day. I got spare panties. I can change."

"Good luck trying after I fuse it on you for a week," Mercy said with a chuckle.

"You wouldn't!" Victoria exclaimed.

"Don't poke the bear or the bear pokes back," Mercy proudly proclaimed. "And this bear is a trickster mage."

"Touche," Victoria conceded.

They both shook hands. For now, it was a draw. But Mercy knew that Victoria wouldn't stay quiet for long. She needed to come up with new things to keep her in check. A hassle. But one she preferred to the cold shoulder she had gotten this morning.

Grinning she changed the topic.

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