Bizarre Body Modifications

Murder at the Shapeshifters' Ball by Rodford Edmiston now on Kindle


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Worlds where being different ISN'T your biggest problem!

Murder at the Shapeshifters' Ball
by Rodford Edmiston
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Stickmaker's collection of classic SciFi Transformation Tales leads off with a great detective yarn!

Everybody who can be anybody is at the party, including someone willing to kill a beautiful elf!

Thirteen stories set in about ten different worlds deliver mystery, suspense and adventure. With a few important transgender transformations among the furries, aliens and fantastic creatures!

There's a sample of the first story after the break!

Life Giver by Melanie Brown on Kindle


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If healing meant changing genders and also species, would you? And how about protecting this new found technology? This gender-bending sci-fi tale takes you to strange worlds as those transformed protect their new people from destructive humans.

Life Giver by Melanie Brown on Kindle

Heaven and Hell 1: Recruiter


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Michael, after a debauched and corrupt life, goes to Hell, as he very much deserved. In a fit of demonic irony, the Powers of Hell recruit him to be sent back to Earth, transformed into a succubus called Lorilei.

Who the Hell knew he --now she-- would have such talent for the job? And if Heaven knew--They aren't talking about it.

Sex and power go together for a succubus and Lorilei learns to enjoy both with a spicy bit of Chaos as well. But there are dangers even for one of The Damned and Lorilei needs to watch her cute little tail with the spade-shaped point on the end.

Heaven and Hell

Who Do That Hoo Doo?


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George returned back to where he grew up still seeking that one place where he fits in. Never did he expect to find himself in a messy tangle of dark magics, ancient promises, and a power hungry hoodoo doctor. Just maybe if his crazed luck can just stay with him long enough, he'll finally find his place under the sun.

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This DopplerPress Kindle eBook also includes the bonus story "The Glade" by Grover

The Mysterious Cabinet Chap. 2

SWAT Headquarters, Los Angeles, California:
It didn’t take Sasha long to drive from hers and Susan’s place in Beverly Hills. She was wearing a nice pair of dress slacks, a matching pair of four-inch heels, and a nice blouse. Her red hair was loose and held by a silver hairpin in the middle. She had a plain black purse with her, that had several of her concealed weapons in it.

The Mysterious Cabinet Chap. 1

Sasha and Susan’s Mansion, Beverly Hills, California:
“Man, today feels nice.” Sasha was floating around on an innertube in the pool.

All the kids were busy doing their own thing, and it was just Sasha and her wife, Susan. Neither one of them was wearing a swimsuit. They were in their birthday suits, enjoying the sun.

“I agree.” Susan dives into the pool and does a few laps.

Genesis Infiltrator

Genesis Infiltrator

The woman's words were a hammer blow. Raped. Mutilated. Left for dead.
Stacy... the image of her friend, vibrant and alive, morphed into a
terrifying possibility - a victim of human trafficking, lost in the
nightmarish underbelly of the world.

A wave of nausea swept over Sasha; a primal scream trapped in her throat
by the leather restraints. "Stacy?" she rasped, her voice cracking.
"What about Stacy?"

Genesis Transformed

Genesis Transformed

Shamefacedly, Shane shuffled into Merle Norman, the cheery chiming of
the doorbell announcing his arrival. He wasn't exactly dressed for the
occasion - his usual ratty t-shirt and ripped jeans felt woefully out of
place amongst the plush waiting area and pastel color scheme. A sheepish
grin tugged at his lips as his gaze landed on Stacy, his best friend,
behind the counter.

Nailed To Changed

Nailed to Change

Timothy slumped in the passenger seat, defeated. Bethany, his best friend since kindergarten, was practically glowing with barely concealed amusement. "So," she chirped, her voice laced with mischief, "ready to become the world's first male connoisseur of nano-gel nail enhancements?"

Bethany, a whirlwind of confidence in a neon green sundress, cackled. "Relax, drama llama. It's the hippest salon in Nashville. They do this new nano-whatever thing that makes your nails invincible."

Space Alien Transformation

Space Alien Transformation

The year was 2075. Steve Austin, once a wide-eyed boy gazing at the
stars, was now a seasoned astronaut, encased in a cryogenic pod aboard
the Icarus I. His destination: Proxima b, a distant speck yearning for
human contact. Steve was humanity's pioneer, hurtling through the abyss
in suspended animation, his only companion the ever-vigilant AI, Anya.

Genetic Gender Experiment

Genetic Gender Experiment

The humid air clung to Elias like a second shirt as he pushed through
the tangled undergrowth. Shanda, his girlfriend, was just ahead, her
laughter a melody in the symphony of cicadas. They were on a secluded
resort vacation, and a poorly marked trail had beckoned them deeper into
the jungle than they'd intended.

The Struggle of Bean Chapter 12

Colonel Decker's response to our report arrived swiftly, outlining the next steps we were to take in light of the situation we had encountered. With his guidance, we formulated a plan to ensure the safety and well-being of the survivors under our care.

"We're to take those in cryo-sleep to the nearest base for further medical treatment and debriefing," I relayed to Mir'tan as we reviewed the Colonel's instructions.

Shroom Dungeon - Homecoming

Petruvio is an older adventurer who got a good-paying job as a teacher for a young noble who plays adventurer. This young man has more money than brains and instead of using qualified men to round out the team, he hired three good-looking maidens.

Now, someone told them about Shroom Dungeon. Worse, they insist they want to visit (despite not knowing what it is). There is no choice and the old adventurer has to return. Despite having vowed never to do so. For he has a history there. In fact, a legacy.

This is a stand-alone story taking place in Shroom Dungeon.

Meagan's Tail ch 14..Pixie in trouble

Meagan's Tail

A new Universe, a New story!

Intermission of our story

Pixie time!

Will our new Pixie now waits for what the Drows will do with or death?




Los Angeles

The Demon and I Chapter 4

Author's note: I finally finished up my next chapter of the Demon and I. I now have a better idea of where I am going to take this story.

As I gathered Kaen's hidden cash, the weight of our decision to leave weighed heavily on me. The condo, once a sanctuary, now felt like a trap. Adriana and I were now thrust into the middle of the war between heaven and hell. It was time to escape the grip of this war, where we were not enemies of both sides.

Binding Resolutions Chapter 4.5 Interlude 1: Casting Call

**Trigger Warning: Explicit Content**

Dear reader, if you've followed us through the journey of this series, please be aware that just like its previous parts, this vignette unfolds with vivid and explicit storytelling. Your boundaries are valued and respected. Therefore I warmly encourage you to listen to your feelings and prioritize your well-being when choosing to engage with this content.

For those who find solace and excitement within my work, you are all invited to this casting call.

Kitty Katz

Katz was halfway through her exercise routine when her roommate Alicia came walking over to her. She loved how sexy Alicia’s body looked. She wished she had a body like hers but had to work to maintain her body. The hormones she was taking made her hungry, and she had to be careful.

Katz stops and looks at Alicia. “What’s up, sis?”

“I’m heading to that new vegan restaurant that just opened up. Do you want to join me?” Alicia knew Katz worked hard to keep her body trim and curvy.

“Sure, I was just finishing up my routine.” Katz wipes the sweat from her forehead.

Binding Resolutions Chapter 2: Lost in Submission

Yvonne's evening descends into a carnal savagery where the hedonistic fantasies of onlookers are not just met but encouraged. She is simply a vessel for gratification for the crowd, an emblem of her solemn vow to her ever-demanding mistress. Adorned in attire that barely conceals, she is marched out before hungry eyes, every inch of her transformation a testimony to her submission. Be forewarned: this chapter treads through shadowed corridors, filled with explicit scenes and raw exchanges that may unsettle the faint of heart.

The Reluctant Housewife

If only I had listened to the warnings about drugs. In my defense though, I have had a rotten life up until this present moment. A moment that finds me staring down the barrel of a shotgun in a private hospital in the middle of the night.

The first few years of my life were like many other people's. I was the only child of loving but poor parents. I was always on the small side which led to bullying at school, but that was normal. Schools say they hate bullying, but most of them turn a blind eye to it.

Enhancement Suits

Welcome to Smart Tech, the leader in biomedical enhancements.

Have you ever felt inadequate in bed?
Maybe you would like to experiment a little with your partner.

We at Smart Tech have the answer. You can have it all With our new specially-designed Enhancement Suits.

The World Turns - Clara and Ollie

One day things changed drastically, a second puberty was added during which everyone developed a second set of genitalia of the opposite sex from their originals. Everyone's bodies adjusts as if this was always the case, but nothing else did.

Clara finds she has become Bi, Oliver finds that he has changed more than expected.

The World Turns - Chris and Brianna 2

One day things changed drastically, a second puberty was added during which everyone developed a second set of genitalia of the opposite sex from their originals. Everyone's bodies adjusts as if this was always the case, but nothing else did.

Chris is insecure in his masculinity now that he has huge boobs and female libido. Chris and Brianna both talk to friends, and they also both try masturbating with their new parts.

The Candy Cane Story

Candy Cane Story
By Ellie Dauber © 2023

I wrote this on the FictionMania Message Board in response to a request by Hidden1 for a story about a man whose penis becomes a candy cane.

Hope you like it.

* * * * *

Joe Dixon was a 16-year-old boy who just got his first blow job from a VERY drunk girl he didn't know at a Christmas party. Now he was obsessed. Every time he looked at a girl, he pictured her lips around his penis, giving him pleasure.

World Turns - Chris and Brianna

One day things changed drastically, a second puberty was added during which everyone developed a second set of genitalia of the opposite sex from their originals. Everyone's bodies adjusts as if this was always the case, but nothing else did.

Brianna watches her boyfriend's bust balloon up to an enormous size before her eyes, she has trouble not staring, her new equipment reacts.


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