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Being True to Yourself leads to Strange Friendships

Author's Note: Another story in Faith's Anthology. I would like to thank the kind person who showed me how to link this story in the anthology.

Tom Shaw was as nervous and excited as a parent watching their child walk to the school bus stop on their own for the first time as he looked out the window. The view which he could not stop looking at was his teenage daughter, Faith, venturing out on her own for the first time. He wanted to be right next to her as she walked down the street, but knew she had to do this herself.

Aunt Dorothy

It was a little after 3:00 on Friday afternoon when the group of ladies cyclist finished gathering at the Cedar Creek Park bike trail access point. It took a couple of months to finally be off on their little weekend excursion of a bike ride and whitewater rafting. The demands of life made it hard for all of them to coordinate a free weekend and half day of work on Friday in unison. It was worth the wait for not only was the weekend going to be filled with fun, they are going to have quality time together with no distractions.

Becoming Sarah Part 7

Author’s Note: First I would like to thank my dear friend for editing this story. I also want to thank everyone who has ever helped me with my writing.

Also I know that I said that I was going to put all the remaining parts of Becoming Sarah out at once. I change the plans. I am working on Part 8 and that should be out in a couple of days. I am saying this for right now I am in the Empire Strike Back part of the story. I do not people to get to down reading it.

Singles: American Girl

Author’s Note; This story is a dedication to Tom Petty. Song meaning to me are very subjective. I can take someone different out of song than someone else. I can even take something different out of a song depending on my mood. So with saying that this story is how I filled in the blanks of this great song.

The Pain Hit me a Little Again

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I talked with my Dad yesterday , I am happy that we are talking my mom would had wanted it, for each of us to be there for each other. He told me he took the dog to church to get blessed. As soon as he said that the pain hit me again yesterday. The blessing of your animals means it is the feast of St Francis. He was my mom favorite saint. She loved animals and also was looking for peace her entire life. She had a good life but depressions would set in. They gave her inner turmoil and she was always looking for hope peace and light.

I am the GOAT

Author's notes: I would like to thank my friend who edited this story and also another friend who read a rough draft of it.

“I am the GOAT! I am the GOAT!” Lynn Stallworth screamed that statement in joy over and over again after his fallen foe left the game server. The GOAT is Greatest Of All Time and this bold assertion was not coming from the victor’s hubris or an overblown ego. How this gamer just crushed his faceless opponent to advance in the Madden ‘18 tournament was not far off from the truth.

After Dinner Treat Part 3

Author's Note: I would like to thank my editor for doing a great job.

Angie Kern was happy that the great time she was having at the party had proven her wrong. It was easy to see why she thought that it could have been a bad time. At the beginning of the party, Angie knew no one other than Duncan Lambert, the man she was getting serious with. Duncan brought Angie as his plus one, to introduce her to all his friends.

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Author's Note: This Story is the email which the girl in I am not the Best With Words wrote her dad

First dad, do not sell yourself short, what you said in that letter was the best response I was hoping for. I would say it brought tears to my eyes but they were already there. The letter did change the tears of frustration sadness and disappointment in myself into tears of joy, love and acceptance.

Pretty Kitty Boo

Author's Notes: I want to thank my editor for she made this story easier to read.

It was the beginning of October and that meant one of the days which Dean Drabek hated the most was coming up, Halloween. He despised that day, along with the day before Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, and St Patrick Day, for all the same reason; they were amateur night. He loathed the thought of going out on those nights. He knew he had to for his girlfriend, Heather Van Slyke, would want to.

Singles: Anna Begins

Author’s Notes: This is the biggest chance I have taken as a writer. It is just an inner dialogue. It might be a huge failure.

I got the inspiration for this story from the Counting Crows’ “Anna Begins”. I hope that I did the lyrics and music which Adam Fredric Duritz, Charles Thomas Gillingham, David Lynn Bryson, Lydia Holly, Martin David Jones, Matthew Mark Malley , Steve Bowman and Tobias Hawkins created justice.


My Personal War Against Christmas

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On Monday the 18th of September I Sarah Goodwoman declared my own personal war on Christmas. When I went to the Tesco on my way home from work I could not believe my eyes, they were already stocking the shelves with Christmas treats. It is still summer and they were putting out Jacob’s Treeselets . (Stating that Christmas is about the Winter Solstice is just a statement for Jesus’ birth would not had been in December with the shepherds in their fields according to the Bible)

After Dinner Treat Part 2

Angie said “I did not know Devlin would be so upset about me telling you he was a crossdresser.”

Becky laughed and said “There is a good reason he was, Devlin is not a crossdresser.”

Angie did not like that she believed that Devlin lied about what happened “I can’t believe he denied being in a dress. I saw him in it.”

“He admitted he was in a dress and told me why.”

“You believe whatever excuse he gave over what I saw.”

“No, you saw him in a dress, he admitted that. You thought you knew why and you do not.”

After Dinner Treat Part 1

Devlin Mulloy and Becky Connors were in the middle of a wonderful and magical evening together. They were having their first stay at home romantic date and finished the magnificent meal of chili lime ribeye steak with boiled baby potatoes and spring peas Becky had made for the new lovers. Neither of them knew what was more intoxicating the bottle of argentine malbec which Devlin brought or their growing love.

Come Around to My Way of Thinking

Peter and Rosie Columbo drove up the country road to a nice secluded cabin as the Indian summer’s sun was shining bright during its descent behind the mountains. They were both enjoying the bright sunlight in the background helping to bring a pop to the changing color of the foliage. The gathering song of the birds which were beginning their migration was soothing.

Stories update

This is the first time I am writing about stories update about when I am going to put out a story. It is for I am behind on my schedule of what I want to put out. I know other people do not know the schedule but I do not want people to think that I have abandoned Becoming Sarah or put that story on the back burner.

It is I want to put out the rest of the first book at once. I will break them it up in parts in the posting, but I do want to get to the conclusion. The next time people read the story I want them to be able to go to the payout at the end if they want.

The Sad Case of the Sad Capers of a Sad Sack

After another boring day, at his boring job, Carl Anderson came home and could not wait to get to its laptop. Using any pronoun which indicated gender for Carl would not be fair of the people of those gender or gender fluid people. This was for Carl was not strong enough to be seen as anything other than normal so the person acted like its belief of what a stereotypical male should. People need to show at least part of their real self to have the privilege to have others to use gender indicative words to describe them.

Becoming Sarah Part 6

James was enjoying walking a nice pace stroll back to his dorm room while under the light of the full Hunter’s Moon. He was just happy to be and was going to savor the joy of being happy for the sake of happiness. The man who just got more in touch with his real self just felt alive. This feeling of being alive came from him forgetting to take off the prosthetic vagina Lilith bought him to make him pay for thinking he could feel like a female by just dressing like one. His vigor for life was not brimming of energy which people have when they are full of life.

Princess Johna, The Pretty Pretty Dragonslayer

Princess Johna’s faithful unicorn steed, Sparkle, teleported into the Dragon's den right behind the owners unwilling guest. He used his horn to cut the ropes which were bidding his rider's hands. As Sir Dragon was preparing to react to his uninvited guest, the damsel who was no longer in distress jumped on the back of her faithful companion and got the lance from the side of the saddle.

Princess Johna, the pretty pretty dragon slayer, said, as she was riding her charging unicorn towards Sir Dragon to hit the death blow “You should have just asked to be friends Sir Dragon.”

I am going to do this

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I played football, knew I was going be jumped, flew across the ocean to meet who ended up to be my husband, he is a great man. None of those experiences comapre to how I feel now.This is the most scared I been my entire life. I am going out in daylight as Sarah right now. I never been this scared yet at the same time I never felt this ready to do anything

What About the Children

Having an unexpected need to use the restroom was the worse part of running errands for Ruth Baker-Smolinski,. She would always try to plan her errands running excursions to coincide without having to answer to nature calling. It was not worth the potential hassle which came with her just trying to do a basic biological function. That threat of a stranger making her prove she was going to the right toilets would remind her to some people she was not a woman, but just a man who committed self mutilation.

Here Come the Brides Chapter 5

Beth had no idea what was going on with Terry not caring about her aunt missing their wedding. She, with the help of Steve, gave herself the impression that Terry was going to surprise her by flying Aunt Susie to their wedding. She could not believe how callous Terry was about Aunt Susie declining her invitation. His soon to be blushing bride could only come up with that Terry made the mean spirited comment for he was upset about not splurging her with flying her favorite aunt out.

“Now Terry, don’t take out not paying to fly my aunt out here for our wedding on her.”

Becoming Sarah Part 5

It was a nice sunny afternoon and there was many students on the lawn behind the student union enjoying basking in the sun. While these kids were making sure that their youth was not wasted on the young, Lilith sat on a bench with a thundercloud over her head. The cloud became blacker and the lighting louder as she watch the young ladies flaunt their bodies to flirt with the men. It sicken her that the coeds only had one technique which worked.

Getting the vapors

People do not understand that if do not like something that does not make it offensive. Just because you do not like what someone wrote or said that does not make the statement insulting, rude, derogatory, disrespectful, hurtful, wounding, or abusive. It is just them getting a case of the vapors to make other people agree with not liking the statement.

London Calling

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In a couple of week time I am going out and about as Sarah again. I have done it a couple of times since I written Sarah’s First Night Out. I did not say anything about those times for there was nothing of significance to add. Yes I was more confident each time out. I even hit the dance floor sober.

Like a Human

Julie Banner’s feet were in pain so she left the nightclub early that night. With it being 1 A M her prospects of getting what she wanted were quickly diminishing. The lady who wanted action knew no one one new was going to show up. and none of the men at that meat market was worth her feet throbbing. Now if there was some grade A prime stud she could get then she would not even notice the pain those 6” fuck me heels gave her. she would be working her magic to get them in bed.

Looking for some stories

I am looking for some stories and hope some of you can help me.

The first two I think are tied together. One is a story about a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. All of them were blonds and the youngest one wore her hair in curls

The other one was about a single father name who last name begins with a B. He was busy raising three boys on his own. It was sad for even with those four men living all together they still felt all alone.

Here Come the Brides Chapter 4

Steve and Emily had over a week before they had to deal with Terri Jo and the girls. Each day which passed by their second thoughts on if going on the way through with this was good idea grew. Those people were already out of their lives and they felt enough pain and humiliation for the prank gone bad.

I Can’t do This All on My Own…… I’m no Superman

I am wondering if when someone notices a minor character name is from somewhere else if it takes you away from suspending disbelief in the story or just makes the story less enjoyable. I just put out the 4 part of Becoming Sarah and I used two names from Scrubs in it.

I did this for I have been rewatching the series. It brings back fond memories of me stopping over my parents to spend an evening with my mom, watching sitcoms. My dad worked evening shifts so I made it a point to spend at least one weekday evening with her.

Becoming Sarah Part 4

On Sunday ,James returned to doing his normal weekend morning ritual. While it was almost totally normal. The difference was so minor that Dillon or James did not even notice it. James had his roommate’s cup of coffee waiting for him as he woke. Dillon thanked his friend and was happy that those two were going to have a chat.

I Was Not Thinking and It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

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In life there are reasons or excuses of why people do an action. The difference to me between a reason and an excuse is where the person is trying to base the responsibility of the action. If they are taking the credit or blame then it is a reason. If they are trying to shift the blame or credit away from their self and not have ownership then it is an excuse.

From Fame Seeker to Heroine: The Breaking of Minenos Dak’Cadmus/ The Baptism of Gavina Jokmeam

Author’s Note: This story has small rape scene in it. It is not graphic and is important to the story.

The paragon of man, Minenos Dak’Cadmus, rode into Oakshire on his white war steed with the sun rising in the background. Minenos being first seen by the onlookers as only a silhouette made his simple entrance into the small hamlet as grandiose as possible. The picturesque quality of his entrance was fitting for the warrior’s ego. It drew the town folk's attention and he deserved it

The Pink Diva Chronicles Day 90-98

Day 90
Happy Thanksgiving Pink

Before I tell you about my day, I want to say what I am thankful for in my life. My health, I am not only talking about my physical health when I mention this. I also mean my spiritual and mental health. I have never been in such a good place in my life. The best part is I know it will only get better.

Becoming Sarah Part 3

It was Saturday and James woke up and got out of bed before the alarm went off. It was only a quarter of hour before it was scheduled to go off, but him beating the rooster was unusual. Plus when he did, he usually just stayed in bed. Not today, James did not do his normal routine of take his time getting ready to start his day. The man who was greeting the day head on was ready to go out the door before the alarm went off.

The Pink Diva Chronicles Day 86-89

Day 86

Hiya Pink Diva

So anything new with you, me not really. You know the same old same old. Had a bunch of people over for a party and it went better than I could had imagined. Yes, I am so happy the party went great.

Dana and I were nervous at the beginning, for we wanted our friends to get along. Stacy was also a little nervous but I think that was more for she helped with the food. By the way she looked stunning tonight.

Here Come the Brides Chapter 3

Here Comes the Bride Chapter 3

Steve sat in his car preparing himself to act surprise when Beth told him that Terry was not home. After that he would have to become supportive to her about why Terry was not out with Steve. The trap setter felt rotten that Beth was also a victim in his plot to get revenge on his so called friends. That feeling quickly went away when he remembered that she thought it was funny what her man did and tried to defend it by saying it would make the wedding memorable.

Stranger in a Strangeland

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I been mulling over how to write this for a little while. I used this blog to get personal things off my mind in an impersonal manner. I mean take what I am thinking about and write it in such a manner that it is about the issue itself and how it affects society, not me. I feel like if I make it about me I would just be complaining.

Why Haven't You

Author's Notes: This is a stand alone story which use some of the characters from Why Not. You do not need to read Why Not to enjoy this story. While enjoy it as much as someone can enjoy what I write.

Why Not

Author's Note: I am trying something different in my style of story telling.

Feeling exacerbated by yet again hearing the same question from another worried friend, Lizzy demanded to know. “Why Not!?”

Elizabeth Potter was sick of having to explain and justify why she was going out with who was the perfect man for her. The lady was sick of defending her choice. From now on she was going to make the people who asked defend the question. It was a stupid question which people used just to show their disapproval of who she was with.

The Pink Diva Chronicles Day 77-84

Day 78

This is how life should be Pink Diva; the feeling of contentment, happiness and belonging I have right now as I write in you. I never felt as happy doing nothing in my life as I am at this moment. I am just curled up on the couch next to my man who is enjoying playing a video game.

Becoming Sarah Part 2

James got back to his dorm and Dillon asked him how was hanging out with the girls. He said great, some changes were made about when it will happen. It will not be Halloween weekend, it will be sooner if that was fine with Dillon. Sarah’s escort to the dance said of course.

James found out from Dillon the next LGBT dance would be three weekends from then. James also informed Dillon he would be staying with the girls that weekend so Dillon would have the place to himself. James added the joke Dillon would not have to worry about James being home if he got lucky.

I am Groot, I am Groot. (Pop culture and stories blog)

This is just a little pop culture blog, I know I use the blog to just talk out loud on things which are on my mind. Nothing I say on it is groundbreaking and I bet a lot of it is wrong. I do not care, it is just a nice way to get my thoughts in order.

Yes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is coming out soon on DVD, and I am looking forward to it. I enjoy how they mix lightheartedness into actions movies.


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