The Girl in Me -5-

The Girl in Me
by Erin Amelia Fletcher
Please keep in mind most names, and some specific details, have been altered, to limit the amount of Strife within those associated within whom may come in contact with this.

This is the parody story to my poem I am a Girl, please enjoy...

Chapter 13

My dreams were getting frequent and my abilities were growing at an astronomical rate. I picked many books up from the book store, when I would get paid for cutting my neighbors lawn. I now had about a dozen books on the craft, in which many spells, and abilities were described in full. One night unknowingly my sister caught me levitating when I was sleeping and wouldn't even tell me why she was scared and wouldn't talk to me for a few days. It was all good she was a blabber mouth any ways, but it still made me curious.

I wanted to find out more of these abilities that I had and even went to see a very well known Gypsy fortune teller, whom when she looked at me made me feel welcome.

She asked me which clan I belonged to, and I told her I belong in a few clans by blood, "there's Fletcher, Kilgoure, mcDuff, Smith, and even Hoth. At least those are the ones I know of" I answered to the kind Gypsy lady.

"Yes, I figured as much. What kind of things have you been able to do? I see that you can do many unique things, that many would consider as not normal" asked the gypsy lady, in calm curiosity.

I was worried that she knew and if not I would tell her and perhaps she may use the information of my abilities to cause harm to me, perhaps blackmail me. I figured I should tell her, after all I'm not paying all this money to not get answers.

"Well I can see through time, and protect myself psychokeneticely, and lately I have also been able to tap into others emotions" I asked and the gypsy lady, nodded in agreement.

She furthered her nodding for a couple of seconds pondering what to say next and then with her eyes closed she flinched, and shuddered, as she held my hands palm facing upwards. She remained shuddering for perhaps 20 or more seconds. Sometimes her facial expressions would change from a frown to a smile, and then would follow with other unique expressions.

She opened her eyes and looked at me in astonishment, envy and even in loving sympathy. "Inside of you is the trigger to open her powers in full, and this will bring forth the true you" said the Gypsy in an almost angelic voice.

I was scared by what she said. Did she know? Is she going to hurt me like the others? How do I do this, and by what she said powers in full, does that mean more to come and in more control? I have to ask.

"Fear not young lady, you know what I mean now don't you. You need not to fear what is inside of you, is it at the core of your soul, the very spirit of your essence. I will not harm you, just as you will not harm me. There is much about you that you don't know ,I mean lots". Said the Gypsy lady with open hearted friendship.

"But...I don't have so many questions..." I said.

"It will be okay young lady, I have many more people to see today, but never set up appointments any longer than 3 days away, why don't you come and see me Thursday after school, my services to you are free, our kind don't charge each other, and soon a leap of faith will be upon you. You may call me Aleena, and I will call you Derek until you come up with a Girl's name, if you so wish" said Aleena with a kind smile on her face.

"Thank you, Aleena. I've been giving the name a lot of thought but I think I am a name grubber I can't pick just one it keeps changing" I said.

She stood over me knelt down and kissed me on the temple. I wasn't sure what to do so I followed what she did and copied her. She chuckled and said "You'll learn young lady...well that's my next client, we'll have to call this a day until Thursday, ok hunny, now take care" as she escorted me through to the back door. She told me to walk between the two trees, and think of home. I did as was said and before I knew it I was standing in my back yard. I can definitely get used to this.

Chapter 14

Over the next couple of months, Aleena had made me her personal part-time assistant. She respected my wishes of not wishing to be paid for using my gifts, I considered her teaching me payment enough for one thing. I learned to handle herbs, master basic enchantments, and learned a great deal of fundamentals. By my 14th birthday, I was able to read tarot with minimal book help, I could transport myself if I was in a rush, learned a bunch of stuff on herbalism (in which I was studying on Glamour spells, and perminit ones at that) I even learned how to instal proper incantations into effect. As a level 2 enchanter, I was still learning the big stuff but they would always turn into illusions.

See over the last few months I was given many readings, and learned a lot about my family and personal history and information. It was found I was a Gypsy by blood, and happened to have witches blood too. She wasn't very pleased with the last part, but she understood it was a gift, and I couldn't give it back.

I had trouble thinking of a name and Aleena advised a little help for me, she said it would help to give me a little of my family traits. She and I agreed on the name Morwen, which means maiden. It was a nice name, and its meaning is sweet.

One day Aleena, had approached me while I was working on divination practice. I was scrying in a bowl of liquid and herbs many may call it a bowl of potion but this is different it uses illumination and divinary techniques. Any ways sorry for trailing off topic. When she approached me she said I was ready to begin my 3rd level training, very shortly and should be prepared to leave home very soon.

I was told to take nothing with me except the essentials, pretty much just my Grimour and magick supplies. Aleena said that she would take care of my attire, for she had a surprise for me. It wasn't until almost a week in a half after she informed me to get ready to leave, that she contacted me through my mirror.

"Morwen, it is time wake up now, I expect to see you for departure, in one hour at my place" she said with her face shining through my mirror.

I awoke and scurried out of my pajamas, and into some traveling clothes, just a t shirt and jeans and a light spring jacket. I wrote a note and left it on my bed on top of my pillows. I left the house with a small chest that contained my essentials, luckily I already knew how to levitate the box behind me, cause it wasn't a light weight. I left the way I come home from my home away from home, through the two trees in my backyard as it took me through out of the two trees in Aleena's backyard. I entered the house through the backdoor followed by my wooden chest.

"Well sweety should we get started?" asked Aleena bright and cheery at 2 in the morning.

"Yes, please" I answered with a little yawn.

"Well, firstly I have a surprise for you. Go into the spare bedroom and change into your presents, then come downstairs" Aleena replied rushing me upstairs.

Once I got upstairs and entered the room, I noticed the bed neatly covered with articles of which would be my very first outfit that I could call my own. There was a long black gypsy skirt, white Gypsy blouse, and a black velvet vest, that looked almost like a corset. There were also black 3 inch healed pumps that came half way up my leg. Gold bracelets, matching hoop earrings and a Amethyst necklace adorned the dresser, and a makeup bag as well with lots of everything a girl could use. Hanging on the door on a hanger were, pink panties and bra set, a white slip and black pantyhose.

"Put on the pendant first sweety and then the rest" I heard Aleena yell up to me from downstairs.

I did what I was told and my hair grew to mid back and the rest of my body changed to that of a normal 14 year old girl I even had a small nearly B cup chest, I was astonished. I took hardly an hour before I came downstairs fully adorned with MY clothes. When I entered the living room where Aleena was sitting by her fireplace in an antique chair, I did a cute little spin and then a curtsey, I was giggling I felt so alive and awake, giddy and peaceful, I never wanted the night to end.

"Have you ever put your hair up or even your makeup on Morwen?" asked Aleena.

"I have put makeup on before, but it was always a failure, and I never had much hair to put up, since how I would get a crew cut like every month" I answered.

"Well let me help you then, hand me your case honey" asked Aleena, as she inspected me. She took about half an hour applying and unapplying this and that till she was satisfied with my face.

"How would you like your hair honey?" asked Aleena. As she took out a few hair things out of my makeup bag.

"I always liked the Y look with two locks from the front that stretch into the back tied off to make a single strand and than braided down" I answered excited as I finished it with a "please and thank you".

"I know just what you are talking about honey, ok hold still it'll take a few minutes" she said gripping at my hair and taking strokes with a brush to it then she took the two locks of my reddish brown waist length hair tied it off with a hair band. Then she braided it as much as she could, making it cute and feminine. Then for a finally, she asked me to close my eyes as she grabbed a comb from my bag. She performed combing of the hair in the front, then I heard her rummaging around and I heard a snip then tickling across my face as hair fell to the ground. I opened my eyes scared to find I was once again bald.

"It's okay hunny, I was just making bangs for you is all, your still young enough to have pretty bangs like this" Aleena said reading my reaction, as she escorted me to the nearby mirror in the foyer. I nearly fainted, It was the girl that I've been talking to for the last few years, the one in the mirror and in my dreams. She was me just like she said.

"See we are the same eh, I'm you, your subconscious" The girl in the mirror said to me.

"I'll be helping you through your journey into becoming yourself" she continued.

"Talk later you have to go, enjoy it like you are and don't look back to Derek, he wasn't meant to be but you were. Derek was just a form of physical self that was accident, but you are the real deal so roll with it talk tomorrow ok, have fun" she said before I got a word in edgewise, and then she vanished and then my reflection was left.

"Well like she said Morwen, its about time we left before rush hour and before your parents wake up" stated Aleena.

"Ok, you get the stuff into the vehicle and I'll put out the fire, please" I said

"Sure thing sweety" replied Aleena as she left the room.

I stood 3 feet from the fireplace, placed my arms towards the fire and chanted the incantation 3 times focusing on the fire.

Light of passion
Warmth of flame
Lighten its load
Extinguish its current need
within this present deed


The Flames extinguished, its light withered away and the smoke cleared. I left the room and helped with a couple more things left to take out to the camper. We left the house at 5:23 AM, even though I was told not to look back, I did, especially as we drove past my home on the way out of town, I saw the light turn on and new mum was just getting up to get ready to go to work. I began to feel homesick at that minute, even though my dreams were coming true, I felt like I lost a part of my life, not Derek's though, but mine because I lost my family even if it would be for a little while I still didn't know how long it would take. I just hope that they will understand by the letter I left on my bed.

Chapter 15

Mary was awoken at 7:30 that morning for school, by Richard. He checked on me to see if I was awake, or if he had to wake me up too. He noticed my bed was made, and the white envelope on my bed. On the front etched in my calligraphy was Mummy, in black inc. This made Richard nervous but figured it was a surprise for mum, seems how I've left early before he knew before so he brought it downstairs, and set it at mum's place at the dinning table.

Later that day, I had not shown up for school and the school attendance called explaining how I was absent from school today. This made Richard nervous, he waited for an hour after that call and then started driving around. He checked out the library, downtown, and even the mall. I was nowhere to be found. He then went home and got the note. He took it to the factory that mum was working, and stormed in demanding to see mum.

Mum came in minutes later, Richard explained how I had skipped school and was no where to be found. Mum got worried, after all I had never skipped school before. Richard then handed mum my letter, mum read it and than broke into tears, and collapsed onto the floor sobbing uncontrollably. Richard tried to console her as best as she could, he remained by her for several minutes until he was able to guide her to the truck, to search for me. He didn't know what was in the letter, what it said, where I was or even why I had left yet.

They went home mum had told him it was no use, I wouldn't be able to be found. We need to wait for Mary to get home, then we will have a family meeting. Mary arrived home at 3:16 that afternoon. She was asked into the dining room. Mary sat and it started. Mum explained through many sobs and tears that I was gone, and I would probably be gone for a long time.

Mary wanted to know more and so did Richard. Mum then read aloud my letter...

Dear Mummy

I have to go and will be gone for a long time, I am going to get the help I need.
Like you said many times your not going to raise any weird kids.
Well I am weird and I pretty much raised myself, and now I am going to get the help I need.
I am a Witch and a Gypsy, but most importantly I am a Girl.
I love you very much even if I feel great envy and hatred for you and Mary,
Richard I do love him too although I do feel hatred towards him too.
I hope you can still love me, do me at least one favor mum, raise Mary.
For I did for many years and it was your job but you decided to dump it on me
Mary needs a mother not a replacement, so please raise her,
I don't want her to loose the right of a childhood like I had.
One day may we see each other again.

Your loving Daughter,

The room broke out in tears, and yells, Mary eventually broke down and ran out of the room. She knew what I meant she broke down and although I wasn't her mother and she didn't know we too well as a sister except our dress up times in our youth, she still felt that she had lost her mother and had lost the brotherly sister she had for all her years. She broke down and cried herself to sleep, losing the only person in the world she had that actually loved her.

Mum that night had drank herself to sleep that night, and Richard hid in the basement secretly crying while also feeling hatred for me, because I was in his mind nothing but a sissy sinner.

To Be Continued...

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