Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 24

Synopsis; Tammy takes Baby Jennie to the cabana out the back of Aunty Cath's place, where they have to change each other's dirty nappies. CAUTION! This chapter contains graphic scenes of scat play and coprophilia. If you are easily offended, please don't read this chapter.
Baby Jennie

Chapter 24. Twisted By The Pool

I had almost drained my bottle by the time Tammy strolled into the garage to check on me. I discretely moved my busy right hand away from where I had been fondling my stiff clittie through my lovely warm wet nappy. The gorgeous little blonde had tossed Bonnie's baggy white t-shirt over her petite frame, and it hung loosely from her narrow shoulders. Tammy wasn't wearing her usual padded bra, and her stiff nipples poked out temptingly through the thin cotton material. The t-shirt was way too loose on her slender body, and looked more like a shapeless, knee-length dress - except where it was stretched around the bulk of the wet nappy pinned tightly about her hips. Her honey-blonde pigtails hung in loose disarray around her shoulders, and her cheeks and luscious lips appeared rosy with post-orgasmic satisfaction.

The sleepily-smiling teen slowly shuffled over to where I sat in the highchair. Her awkward, wide-legged gait told me she had to wearing a poopy wet nappy - just like me. "Hello baby girl," she cooed as she approached. She picked up the pink patent-leather bracelets lying on the highchair tray. "What are these, Baby Jennie?" Tammy asked, looking mystified.
"My baby bracelets," I mumbled shame-facedly, unable to meet her wide questioning brown eyes.

She gave the delicate patent-leather bands a shake and smiled at the merrily jingling bells, before securely buckling the shiny pink straps around my slender wrists. I passively let her fasten them in place, preoccupied by the throbbing hot stiffie poking out the front of my frilly baby panties. "There!" she smiled in satisfaction. She took my hands and gently shook my arms to hear the bells tinkle, her gorgeous face lighting up like a firework’s display. She really was the most beautiful girl I'd ever met. "That's better! They look really pretty on you, too." With that comment she took my empty baby bottle from my hand and placed it on the floor, then she raised the hinged highchair tray out of the way. Her delicate plucked eyebrows rose and her big brown eyes widened when she realised the pink nylon seat belt hadn't been fastened in place. "My goodness, baby! You could have fallen out and hurt yourself!" Tammy exclaimed with a teasing smile. "Come on, baby girl. Let Aunty Tammy help you down."

She grabbed me around the waist and slid me forward to lift me down, and I felt the moist squishy load in my nappy ooze up towards the small of my back. I hoped my pretty pink dress didn't get soiled, just as I caught a whiff of the stinky contents of Tammy's nappy. I wondered if she could smell that I had recently pooped in my nappy, too. As soon as I was steady on my feet, Tammy reached below the front of my tiered gingham frock, and she rested her cupped palm over the sagging crotch of my pink rumba panties. "Mmm, what a warm wet nappy," she cooed right beside my ear. "What a wet little baby girl!" Apart from the mild dank aroma of her fresh faeces, I could smell her sweet floral perfume, plus a hint of my cousin's secretions lingering on her smiling lips. I trembled with excitement when Tammy pressed the soggy warm material right over my bulging stiff clittie. She kept her hand there, gently cupping my swollen erection as it throbbed and twitched maddeningly inside the wonderful wet warmth.

"Ooo!" She giggled, "Who's an excited, wet baby girl? Hmm?" Her other hand simultaneously crept around to my rear, to caress and pat my frill-laden panty bottom. She slid her hand down over the bulging seat of my rumba panties and pressed the damp material beneath further between my cheeks, to check if I had soiled myself, too. "Have you done anything else in that nap-nap, baby girl?" Tammy asked the question in honeyed baby tones, leaning her shoulders back so she could examine my blushing pink cheeks while she continued inquisitively probing my rear. It didn't take long for her to discover the firm squishy lumps trapped between my messy botty cheeks. She gave a gay laugh and smirked at my fiery red face.

"I did poo-pooth in my nap-napth, Aunty Tammy," I confessed, my cheeks turning a deeper shade of crimson. 'Just like you,' I wanted to cheekily add, but I knew I couldn't reveal that I had being spying on her and Bonnie while they indulged in their erotic lesbian activities.
"Yes, Baby Jennie," Tammy agreed with an indulgent smile. "I can tell." She wiggled her fingertips around in the groove of my soiled buttocks, smearing the moist messy lumps around my damp cheeks. "You did a lovely hot squishy poo-poo in your nap-naps! Didn't you, darling?"

When my face fell and I guiltily nodded, she crisply patted my panty bottom and continued in that same gentle teasing tone; "Mmm, I'll bet that feels nice? All warm and soft and squishy inside that hot wet nappy? Hmm, baby? Doesn't it feel wonderful?" She giggled again when I meekly nodded, and she rubbed her other hand up and down more briskly over the tenting front of my slithering baby panties, until I moaned helplessly in arousal. "Mmm, I know it does," she murmured tenderly in my ear, like she was imparting confidential secrets to her lover. I gasped in excitement as she titillated me front and back through my dirty wet nappy, and I sighed with disappointment when she took her hands away.

Tammy stepped back a pace and raised the hem of her baggy white t-shirt around her deliciously slender waist. "Look, baby!" The gorgeous blonde proudly announced, "I'm wearing a nappy just like you - and I'm wet and messy, too. Just like you!" Her pink terrycloth nappy was sagging from the steel pins clasped over her slender hips, and there was a small amber puddle sloshing in the drooping crotch of her translucent pink plastic panties. "Aunty Tammy is a dirty, wet baby girl, too!" she boasted. She dropped her t-shirt over her sodden swaddling with a pleased smile for my artfully-faked, open-mouthed look of astonishment. "Come on, baby girl. Come outside with Aunty Tammy and you can help her change her dirty nappy. Then she can change our poor wet, stinky Baby Jennie."

She snatched my hand and led me waddling slowly out of the garage into the short hallway, and she collected my pink gingham change bag from beside the front door. There was a bulging, tied white plastic shopping bag in the voluminous vinyl diaper bag. When I spied the soggy pink towelling contents, I suspected it had to be Bonnie's wet nappy. As Tammy led me toddling awkwardly down the main hallway towards the rear of the house, I wondered if - like me - she was acutely aware of the warm sticky contents of her saggy full nappy mashing moistly between her thighs.

We headed through the sunroom towards the floor-to-ceiling glass doors that opened onto the pool. I stumbled in fright when I caught sight of two pretty little girls toddling hand-in-hand towards us. With a start I realised that I was staring at our reflection in the sparkling clear glass. I really did look like an overgrown baby girl, and Tammy looked like a beautiful diapered toddler waddling beside me. The pretty petite pixie opened the heavy sliding glass door with difficulty, and we wandered outside into the bright midday sunshine. The spacious lounging area around the pool was paved with huge blocks of pale Sydney sandstone, and the ochre and rust-coloured bands in the stone blocks had been artfully arranged into beautiful swirling patterns. The water in the enormous backyard pool glistened in the bright sunlight, and the aqua side tiles and the dark-blue tiles at the bottom gave the lapping water an inviting Mediterranean appearance.

Tammy opened the navy painted door to the cabana at the other end of the pool and led me waddling inside, leaving the door wide open behind us. A locked blue door to the right led to the pump and filter system, but apart from that, the rest of the space comprised a roomy combined bathroom and laundry. Small white tiles covered the floor, which sloped down to a drainage hole in the middle, and there were navy and sky-blue tiles covering the walls to head height. A frosted skylight panel in the white-painted ceiling meant the room was bathed in bright filtered sunlight. An industrial-size washing machine stood against one wall, and above it, an equally enormous clothes dryer was mounted on the wall, alongside a fold-out, plastic-coated, wire hanging rack for towels. There was a deep, stainless-steel laundry tub on the other side and beside that, a white marble vanity bench and double basin, with a sparkling mirror mounted above. Bonnie had once informed me their family had two complete laundries, so her mum could wash and dry all the towels their many guests used after swimming and showering without interfering with her normal weekly wash routine. It was just another reminder of how well-off my Aunty Cath was, and for the millionth time, I wished my family was as rich as theirs.

There was a white porcelain toilet standing against the wall in the far corner, with a pastel-blue plastic seat and lid, and a low, blue-tiled brick privacy screen separating it from the rest of the room. A small plastic-lined bin stood in front of the toilet against the wall. Apart from a huge cupboard full of beach towels, bath towels, washcloths and bathmats, plus two boxes brim-full of spare swimming costumes for their guests, the only other feature was an open, double-headed shower stall in the opposite corner. It was as wide as two normal shower booths, with a clear glass splash screen extending from each wall at either end. You had to step between the fixed glass screens to enter the dual shower, but once inside, both chromed shower heads could be twisted around and aimed at the single occupant. I had enjoyed many luxurious long, hot, double-headed showers in this spacious tiled bathroom, after swimming in my cousins' sumptuous backyard pool.

Tammy dropped the change bag and released my hand, and I wobbled uncertainly while she opened the cupboard and took out three bath towels. She ignored me, spreading out one navy towel on the floor next to the shower alcove and hanging the other baby-blue bath towels over the glass screens in readiness. She removed the heavy tied plastic bag from my vinyl change bag and ripped it open. As I suspected, the plastic bag contained one of Bonnie's well-used nappies. I could smell the strong ammonia odour from where I stood. Tammy balled up the plastic bag and tossed it in the bin near the toilet, and it landed in the centre with a low 'swish.'

The naughty little teenager perversely pressed the sodden pink cloth under her nose and over her smiling mouth. After inhaling deeply, she turned to me with a cheeky grin. "Mmm! I love that pissy smell," she chuckled wickedly, before throwing Bonnie's drenched diaper into the open washing machine. She drew her t-shirt over her slender torso and balled it up, before it followed the nappy into the machine. After tossing in her lace-trimmed socks, Tammy poured some washing powder and fabric conditioner into the appropriate compartments, adjusted the settings. She returned to stand right in front of me, her gorgeous face inches from my own.

I was entranced by the proximity of her hard pink nipples for a few moments, and raised my gaze with effort to stare into Tammy's beautiful big brown eyes. I felt my heart melting, even as my excitable clittie grew stiffer inside my poopy wet nappy. "Do you think I'm pretty, Baby Jennie?" Tammy coyly asked, clasping both small hands together over her bulging wet nappy crotch. Her slender upper arms pressed her tiny titties together till the little mounds almost formed a fleshy cleavage, and she rubbed her cupped fingers between her splayed thighs as she waited for my response.
"I fink you're wovewy!" I gasped truthfully around the mouth-filling dummy that mysteriously found its way between my lips once more. The gorgeous little blonde snickered and twisted her slender frame from side to side, making her proud bare titties wiggle and shake.

"Really?" Tammy insisted. She giggled and pressed her sodden nappy against her sensitive vulva more firmly when I nodded enthusiastically.
"Weally!" I eagerly replied, "Weally-twuly!"
"Do you like my titties?" she saucily demanded, releasing her grip on her saggy wet panty crotch to cup the fleshy objects in question with her small hands. Even though she was a petite seventeen-year-old, the top of my head barely came up to her nose. I was staring right at her perfect bulging breasts from mere inches away.

I nodded enthusiastically again, and squealed, "Yeth Aunty Tammy!"
She pouted prettily and gazed down at her cupped mounds a tad wistfully. "You don't think they're too small?" She squeezed her pencil-eraser nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and pinched the tiny pink buds erect, before stretching her stiffening nips painfully far away from her slender chest.
"No, no," I moaned, unaware that I was slowly rubbing my right palm up and down over the slippery nylon-covered front of my rumba panties. "They're perfect!" My stiff clittie throbbed to the moist kiss of my wet nappy, and I clutched the thrilling humid warmth tighter around my swollen tool.

Tammy seemed delighted by my impassioned responses. She wrapped her slender arms around my shivering frame and drew me into a warm embrace. "I bet you'd like to kiss them," she murmured confidently in my ear. I found my blushing pink cheek pressed against one small warm breast, and I ducked my head and hurriedly spat out my dum-dums. My lips seemed to instinctively part to accept the hard pink nipple that bumped temptingly under my nose, and I willingly began to suck on the sweet morsel of feminine flesh. "Ooo, Baby Jennie," Tammy groaned, and I was thrilled that she didn't seem annoyed by my impulsive actions. I gently sucked on the swollen pink cap and was delighted to find it swelling and growing stiffer under my tentative ministrations. "Mmm, what a hungry baby!" Encouraged by her softly crooned words, I began to suck harder. She moaned in pleasure and wiggled her slender body closer, hugging me even tighter.

After a minute of enthusiastic suckling on her dry swollen nipple, Tammy firmly pushed me away. "No, no more, baby girl," she gently protested, although her sleepy brown eyes and full, parted red lips said something else entirely. She laughed at my forlorn expression and relented, grasping my face with both hands. She steered my eagerly pouting lips towards the other erect pink bud. For another wonderful minute, the room was silent except for the sounds of me busily breastfeeding - and Tammy's occasional quiet moans of pleasure. Finally she pushed me away, and I sighed and pouted in disappointment. "No more for now, Baby Jennie," she chided me with an indulgent smile. I relented, smiling contentedly at the unspoken promise of more later, sucking on the fat rubber teat of my dum-dums in greedy anticipation. I longed for another taste of her sweet pink nipples.

Tammy daintily twirled around on her bare feet and poked out her saggy diapered rear towards me. "Do you like my bottom, Baby Jennie?" She stared back at me over her shoulder, coquettishly batting her long black lashes as she crisply swatted the bulging seat of her plastic panties with one palm, like she was giving herself a pretend-spanking. "I noticed you staring at my bum a few days ago. Or were you just admiring my pretty panties?"
"Yeth!" I cried like an excited little girl, daring to reach out and pat her protruding padded posterior with my free left hand. I could feel the warmth of her wet nappy through the translucent pink plastic panties, and my clittie throbbed with the need to be touched. "Bofe of fem! I fink your wittle bottom is beautiful, and I wove your pwetty pantieth!" I fervently declared. I squeezed harder the soggy cloth cocooning my stiff clittie.

She must have seen the truth shining in my wide blue eyes and heard the honest enthusiasm in my voice, for Tammy laughed and turned to face me once more. "I thought you liked my panties," she commented with a confident knowing leer. "I bet you'd like to try them on sometime?" I nodded eagerly again, clutching my pulsating clittie through the warm wet cloth, too overcome with desire to speak. "Then you won't mind changing my poopy nappy?" she enticed me with a winning smile that made my empty stomach do flip-flops.
I shook my head and mumbled shyly, "I don't mind." She grinned impishly.

"Turn around, sweetie," Tammy commanded. After she twirled me around, she unbuckled my leather toddler harness. I had completely forgotten I was wearing it, and I spat out my dummy and helpfully shifted my bibbie and the dangling plastic chain to the inside of the loosened chest strap. She drew the pink leather bands over my head and dropped the harness to the tiles, and then she unfastened my jingling baby bracelets. She tossed the pink patent straps in the change bag, then tugged on the hem of my tiered gingham frock. "Take this off too, baby girl," she insisted with an encouraging smile. I compliantly raised my hands so she could the pull the juvenile outfit over my head without too much difficulty. "We don't want to get your pretty baby frock dirty. Do we, sweetie?" My frilly bib got in the way this time and I grunted in confusion, alarmed when everything became trapped over my head.

Tammy laughed gaily at my childish whimpers of distress, and calmly ordered me to settle down while she sorted things out. As soon as my head and hands were free of the layered frock, I straightened the frilly pink bib over by bare breast and popped my dummy teat back in my mouth. She draped my gingham toddler outfit over the wires of the drying rail. She smiled enticingly at me as she lay down on the navy-blue bath towel she had laid out ready and waiting on the cool white tiles. I knelt on the fluffy thick towel beside her slender frame as she settled onto her back, with her knees raised and her bare feet planted wide. Her little titties barely shifted either side of her breastbone, and the erect caps remained pointed at the ceiling like two pink arrows pointing to heaven. My gingham vinyl change bag sat beside me, so everything I needed to change a baby's nappy was ready at hand.

As soon as Tammy raised her wet diapered bottom, I whisked down her translucent pink plastic panties. The smell of her soiling grew noticeably stronger. Funnily enough, I didn't find the odour at all offensive. She didn't seem to care. She let her bottom drop and raised her slender ankles so I could slide the crackling baby panties over her tiny pointed toesies. I cast the dripping pilchers aside as she slid her dainty feet together and let her knees flop wide, smiling up at me in happy anticipation. I leaned over the petite blonde and unfastened the big pink pins holding her soggy pink nappy together.

When I lowered the heavy wet front piece, I was surprised to find she was still wearing her cotton panties. I’d forgotten she was wearing her white knickers with the yellow daisy printed over her pudenda. Well, not so white, now. The entire front was stained yellow, all the way up to the high elastic waistband which snugly hugged her flat brown tummy. When she raised her bum so I could slide the nappy from underneath her, I saw that it was saturated, but not too badly stained with poo-poo. Most of her mess had been contained by her tight, full-cut, high-waisted panties. The rich dank odour was much stronger now. Her soggy panty crotch was a mess of dark-brown lumps, smeared from the front of the gusset all the way back to where the rest of her poopy load disappeared from view under her curvaceous little rear. She gratefully let her botty drop as soon as I slid the dirty terry nappy down between her spread legs. I folded it in half to reduce the stench, before placing the poop-stained wet diaper aside on the tiled floor.

Tammy tossed me a smile that was part-proud, yet part-entreating. She raised her dirty bum again so I could tug down her badly-soiled, thick cotton panties. "Careful, Baby Jennie," she cautioned me. "Try not to spill too much mess on the towel." I nodded, but decided not to mention there was already a dark moist spot on the navy towel where her filthy wet panty bottom had been resting. I pulled the wide elastic waistband down a few inches in the back first, to the top of her bumcrack. Then I slid the front down a little, to reveal the top few curls of her fine blonde pubic muff. My stiff clittie pounded at this glimpse of her hidden treasure, and I gasped quietly in arousal.

"Keep your bum up," I softly told her, my low voice shaky as I reached between her legs. I carefully slid my fingers under the tight elastic leg bands either side of her kitten, towards the front where her panties were only wet. Then I slowly and carefully peeled the sticky brown panty crotch away from her messy groin and bottom. Tammy sighed quietly as the poopy gusset moistly separated from her tender flesh. I couldn't tell if it was a sigh of regret or pleasure. I moved my hands back to the wide elastic waistband either side of her hips, and carefully drew the full saturated panties down to the tops of her legs. The loaded crotch drooped heavily between her spread thighs, two slightly-mashed, dark-brown logs still visible in the centre of the mushy glistening mess.

Tammy's fine blonde pubic hair formed a neat triangle, the base starting just above her delicate pink crease. I could see every detail of her beautiful little kitten through the sparse growth of curls, right down to where her womanly opening was concealed by a thick, moist layer of fresh brown poo-poo. Sticky poop was matted in the peach fuzz either side of her slit, and there were nasty smears around the insides of both her muscular tanned thighs. My stiff clittie twitched spastically inside my dirty wet nappy at the sight of those swollen pink pussy-lips smeared with the naughty girl's fresh excrement. My heart was racing in my chest. I delicately slid the sagging soiled panties down her lithe young thighs, all the way to her flexed knees, and then hoarsely urged her to remain in place. I grabbed the slim white plastic tub of baby wipes from my change bag and withdrew one of the moist scented wipes. I opened the disposable cloth wipe and spread it out over the damp spot in the centre of the navy towel, then whispered, "You can lower your botty now."

Tammy grunted with relief as her dirty bare bum settled onto the moist wipe, which prevented most of her soiling ending up on the towel. She gave me a wan smile of appreciation and lifted her tiny feet into the air, and I tried to slide her dirty panties down her lower legs and away without smearing too much excrement on her slender calves or her pretty pink toenails. Despite my best efforts, there were a few dirty streaks on the backs of both legs, and a small nasty lump stuck behind her right knee. I placed the panties aside on the floor, making sure they were the right way up so that none of the poo-poo load spilled onto the tiles. When I turned back to her Tammy giggled and sat up, her squishy bottom resting on the moist baby wipe. "What's that on your fingers?" she asked with an innocent smile, pointing at my right hand.

When I examined my fingers, I found a tiny brown lump on the end of my index finger, and a dirty smear on my middle fingertip. "It'th poo-pooth," I told her, with a careless smile and a dismissive shrug. She laughed brightly in response.
"Are you sure?" Tammy demanded, her big brown eyes twinkling with mischief. She grabbed my hand and drew my grubby fingers towards her gorgeous grinning face. She sniffed the dirty little lump she held under her nose. "Hmm. I think it's poo-poos. It smells like poo-poos. What do you think?" She thrust my hand back under my nose and held it there, ordering, "Take a good sniff, baby girl."

I obediently inhaled through my nose, filling my nostrils with the naughty rich scent of her recent soiling. I nodded and smiled in confirmation, lisping; "It’th poo-pooth. It'th Tammy'th poo-pooth."
She laughed and used her free hand to pluck out my dummy by the pink plastic chain, and with a sly smile, she demanded, "Are you sure, baby?" When I opened my mouth to answer, she swiftly thrust my curled fingers between my parted lips, insisting; "Maybe you'd better taste it and see." I squealed in alarm at the unexpected onslaught, but I wasn't quick enough to prevent her ramming my poop-stained digits deeply into my mouth. Her other hand wrapped around the back of my head, holding me tightly in place to prevent me wrenching my face away. "Suck it, baby. Suck hard for Aunty and see," she crooned invitingly.

I initially attempted to wrench my fingers from my mouth, but the petite seventeen-year-old was too strong for me. I tried to protest but every time my writhing lips tried to form words, my tongue scraped against the soiled fingers buried in my mouth. I could taste Tammy’s poo-poos, and it wasn't as horrible as I expected. Her shit had a rich dank taste, oddly reminiscent of bitter dark chocolate. My erect clittie was throbbing with arousal at the perverted acts the gorgeous naked blonde was forcing me to perform. The sensitive swollen head of my pounding tool pressed against the warm soggy front of my dirty wet nappy when I sat back on my heels. One heel was wedged in my poopy crack, and I rocked and rolled on the firmer lumps trapped between my damp botty cheeks.

I gave up resisting and let my dirty fingers rest in my mouth, sucking loudly on the tips like a good obedient baby as I bounced up and down on my heel. The nasty taste spread over my tongue and I moaned in submissive acceptance, and then it didn't seem so awful. When some excess saliva trickled down my throat, I knew some of Tammy's poo-poo was going to end up in my tummy. The thought drove me wild with excitement! I clutched my left hand over the front of my slithering rumba panties and rubbed my wet nappy harder against my pulsating stiffness, secretly relishing the filthy taboo act I was performing for my naughty grinning babysitter. My sensitive clittie was so hard and swollen inside my wonderfully warm wet nappy; I suspected I might do another cummie soon. I rocked faster on my dirty wet bottom and thrust my stiff clittie harder into the warm wet folds sweetly surrounding me, moaning and sucking like a helpless big baby.

Tammy climbed to her feet when she decided I had sufficiently cleaned my fingers, before squatting over the towel with her knees splayed wide. She was facing me and I could see right between her firm young thighs. My slobbery fingers fell from my mouth when my jaw dropped in amazement. The stunning vision of her filthy gaping womanhood was unfortunately quickly obscured when she used the moist baby wipe stuck to her poopy bottom to scrape away most of the mess remaining between her legs.

"Give me another wipe," she commanded, holding out her free hand until I handed her another of the white disposable cloth wipes from the tub. “Good girl.” As soon as she had carefully wiped her bottom crack too, she stood erect. She examined the sticky brown mess smeared all over the moist wipes. "Look at all that poo-poos," she commented quietly in amazement. I thought I detected a note of admiration in her low tone. She turned to glance over her shoulder at her reflection in the mirror. From my position on the floor, I couldn't see her poop-stained rear. Although I could tell by the smug smile on her face when she turned back to me; she was more than satisfied with the view.

I was already opening one of the orange plastic nappy sacks for her to toss the dirty wipes inside, and she carefully balled them up and dropped them in with a grateful smile. I knelt there drinking in the glorious sight of her naked body. She was indescribably perfect! "Take off your shoes and socks, and lie down, Baby Jennie," she commanded with a cheeky grin. The slim teen stepped off the towel and pointed to the damp spot where her dirty wet bum had recently been resting. When I dropped the nappy sack to the floor and slowly obeyed, the gorgeous teenager continued in soothing toddler tones. "It's time to change your poopy wet nap-nap, too, baby girl."

Completely nude, she knelt beside my supine form and cooed, "Lift that bot-bot high for Aunty Tammy!" I lay back and compliantly raised my padded bottom high in the air. She tugged the tight waistband of my pink rumba panties down over my drooping diaper package. She carelessly threw the frilly panties aside, and as soon as my bottom dropped and my knees flopped apart, she unclasped the two pink pins either side. "What a dirty, wet baby girl you are!" Tammy softly teased me, as she wiped away most of the sticky mess from my stiff bobbing clittie with the soggy but poop-free front section.

The grinning teen told me to lift again while she slid my soiled nappy forward, then ordered me to drop. She collected my ankles and rolled me onto my back, and then she used the saturated disposable soaker pad to scrape away the biggest lumps from between my brown-stained botty-cheeks. She rolled up the dirty disposable and taped it closed, before dropping it in the open nappy sack. She slid the filthy wet cloth nappies from under my raised rear, and then ordered me to lower my bum again. When I appeared anxious and hesitated to obey her, she crooned with a reassuring smile; "Don't worry, Baby Jennie! Aunt Tammy is going to throw all these dirty towels and nappies straight in the washing machine. You don't have to worry about making a mess, little girl." She giggled at my worried expression when I slowly lowered my sticky wet bottom onto the navy towel. I winced when I felt my yucky mess squishing moistly under my naked cheeks.

"Widdle footsies in the air and ballerina toesies, Baby Jennie," Tammy brightly ordered. I instinctively obeyed the familiar commands. I was shocked when she slid her heavily-soiled cotton panties over my pointed pink toenails and up my little legs. ""Now footsies down, and lift that little bot-bot for Aunty Tammy," she crooned. The thought of disobeying her never even entered my mind. "You said you wanted to try on my panties? So here you go!" As soon as she tugged the snug elastic waistband high around my slender waist, I knew the naughty teen had put her filthy panties on me back-to-front! Warm sticky poo-poos enveloped my stiff clittie like thick rich mud. As soon as my bottom dropped onto the towel, my right hand automatically cupped the semi-solid waste trapped against my throbbing genitals by the snug cotton panties.

"Ooo!" Tammy giggled; "I can see Baby Jennie likes that! You must like wearing my dirty panties! What a dirty, bad baby girl you are! Get on your knees, you bad baby girl. Come on - on your hands and knees for Aunty." I rolled over and shuffled onto my knees without releasing my grip on my poop-coated stiffie, and stuck out my left hand to support my upper body. There was a small smear of fresh brown poo-poos staining the middle of the towel where my bum had been. I made sure I avoided resting my palm on the sticky spot. The grinning girl immediately dropped to her hands and knees on the towel facing away from me, her dirty bare bottom directly in front of my astonished face.

Even though her hips were slender, Tammy's tiny waist exaggerated the outward flow of her curvy round bottom cheeks, all the way down to the fleshy creases underneath - which rose in the middle to meet in the shadowed place between her tanned upper thighs. Her pale bottom flesh formed a perfect upside-down heart, and my wide fascinated eyes were instinctively drawn to the hidden juncture of her sweet opening. There was an inch-wide brown stain either side of her delectable crack, running from the small of her back all the way down to the beginnings of her sex. The combined aromas of her womanly odour and her fresh faeces filled my flared nostrils. I inhaled deeply, trying to absorb even more of this wondrous beauty's deeply personal scents. She turned her head to glance back over one shoulder at me and snicker, "Do you still think my bottom is beautiful, Baby Jennie?"

"Yeth!" I gasped, watching in rapt fascination as she spread her knees wider on the dirty towel. I briskly rubbed my hand up and down over the poopy load in my soggy panties, my pulsating clittie about to explode. Tammy slumped down and let her face and titties rest on the fluffy towel, poking out her bum at me so that her flawless bottom cheeks opened wider as they drew closer to my face. I admired the dirty wrinkled opening of her delicate anus, but then my wide eyes drifted down to where her poop-stained sex was opening like some exotic flower inches from my twitching nose. Her fine fleshy pussy lips separated like a hungry vertical mouth. Inside the dirt-smeared entrance, I could see the glistening, rosy-pink walls of her lubricating vagina. Her right hand shifted between her splayed thighs, and she slid two curled fingers inside her slippery wet hole for a few seconds, collecting some of the creamy dew on her wiggling fingertips.

"Then perhaps you'd like to kiss my bottom?" Tammy saucily suggested. When I gasped and nodded, she turned her face forward and let her cheek softly rest of the towel again. "Go on, then, baby girl. Kiss it. Kiss my bottom, Baby Jennie." She laughed throatily when I tentatively placed my puckered lips against one of those perfect round fleshy globes. When she spoke, her voice sounded thick with arousal. "No baby, not my bumcheek,” she throatily corrected me. “Aunty Tammy wants you to kiss her botty-hole." I drew my face back a few inches, and I could see she was slowly rubbing the top of her dirty slit in lazy little circles, right over her sensitive swollen clitoris. "Go on, baby. You know you want to," she urged me, sounding arrogantly confident in her estimation of my decadence. “Kiss me where the poop comes out. Kiss my poo-poo hole." Tammy reached around with her unoccupied left hand and spreading her little fingers wide, she grabbed hold of her beautiful left globe. She pulled her stained bum cheeks further apart one-handed, opening herself wider for my perverted adoration.

Her overpowering earthy aroma filled my nostrils, and I could still taste the remnants of her fruit of Sodom on my tongue. My filthy right hand was whipping up and down the length of my straining clittie, using the deranged teenager's moist squishy poo-poo as a disgusting messy lubricant while I frantically masturbated myself closer and closer to a thrilling climax. With a groan of submission I closed my eyes and leant forward, obediently puckering my lips and pressing my face between her poop-stained bottom cheeks. Even though Tammy had wiped her bum, there was still a rich brown layer of faeces covering her wrinkled pinky-brown hole. My questing lips brushed aside her sticky mess as I slavishly worshipped her delicate anal opening.

"Oh yeah! Oh Baby Jennie! Yeah! Mmm, that's it," she muttered in a low voice throaty with passion. "Ohhh! Kiss my bumhole, baby," she commanded a trifle breathlessly, "Kiss Aunty Tammy where the sun don't shine!"
"Mmph! Mmph!" I mumbled wordlessly in response, unwilling to remove my slobbering lips from her dirty back door even to respond to her exhortations. Her beautiful round bottom began to jiggle up and down slightly. The slippery fingers massaging her clitoris circled harder and faster over her sensitive swollen love-button. I knew it was wrong; what I was doing was dirty, and disgusting. But I was so aroused, and my horny mind was consumed by thoughts of pressing my lips against her forbidden opening. It was so wrong - but it felt so right!

"Mmm, ohhh! Oh yeah! Aaahh! That's it, baby! Kiss it! Kiss it like you love it. Ooo! Good girl, that’s it! You do love it! Don’t you, Baby Jennie? Ohhh baby! Mmmm. Yes! Yes, you love it. Now lick my hole. Lick it! Go on! Lick my dirty little hole!" I cracked open my eyes and slavishly tongued her anal opening, cleaning away most of the filthy coating until her perfect wrinkled hole began to dilate under my gentle lapping efforts. I didn't care that my tongue became coated with a thick layer of her waste. My taste buds seemed to have adapted to handle the musty flavour. "Yeah baby!" Tammy groaned in wanton passion, "Now stick your tongue inside me. Go on! Push your tongue up my bumhole." I poked out my dirty tongue as far as it would go and stiffened the tip into a pointed pink dart, and obediently plunged it inside Tammy's smelly poop-chute. "Ooo! Oh God!" she moaned in feverish arousal. Her hips began to rapidly bob up and down as she furiously caressed her swollen love-button.

I could hear her sticky wet fingers sloshing around over her clit, and her curvaceous rear end began to jiggle about with excitement. Her breathing grew ragged, and Tammy was panting heavily when she hoarsely ordered, "Stick your tongue all the way inside me, baby girl. Lick my poo-poo hole! Lick me inside my shitty hole, you dirty bad baby! Fuck my arsehole with your tongue!" I slavishly obeyed her throaty commands, masturbating in a frenzy of lust, ignoring the slimy wet mess covering my palm. My right fist shot like a piston up and down over the creamy slick front of my shit-filled panties. Each gasping breath I inhaled through my nostrils was filled with the combined scents of Tammy's steamy wet opening and her fresh excrement. I revelled in the naughty erotic aromas overwhelming my senses.

"Oh! Ohh! Ohhh! Oh God!" Tammy squealed, and her whole body began to shudder. I knew she was close to cumming. I was seconds away from exploding myself! I pressed my face as deeply between those firm fleshy globes as humanly possible, and tried to ram as much of my stiffened tongue inside her twitching anus as I could. When her climax began it triggered my own, and we both exploded in a violent paroxysm of writhing flesh. "Oh Godohgodogodogod!" she screamed, and I likewise tried to squeal as my orgasm almost blew the head off my clittie!

I snorted for air through my nose, unwilling to remove my plunging tongue from her sweet little hole until her clenching anus literally pushed me out. Bad baby juice squirted out of me in violent electric pulses to be captured by my filthy high-waisted cotton panties, mixing with the sticky brown remnants of Tammy's recent bowel movement. My supporting arm gave way and I collapsed in a shuddering heap, my face buried between those delicious fleshy cheeks as the lights rapidly strobed on and off behind my clenched eyelids.

"Oh, you dirty, dirty babies! What a stench! Just as I suspected…" Bonnie's contemptuous drawl startled the hell out of me. I heard the whirring sound of a ventilation fan in the ceiling as it accelerated into life. When I snatched my lips from Tammy's dirty bottom and fearfully turned to face the sneering teen standing in the cabana doorway, Bonnie had to laugh. "Oh look at you, Baby Jennie! Look at all that pooey mess on your face! Is that your poopy nappy I see lying there? And you're wearing Tammy's dirty panties too? Pooh! What a dirty baby girl you are! You stink! It reeks of shit in here! What on earth have you been up to, you bad baby?"

Bonnie was dressed in her pink-and-white striped shortalls again. From the discernible bulge around her hips and the wide gap between her plump splayed thighs, I could tell she was heavily diapered once more. She was wearing a pastel-pink t-shirt underneath the high bib front of her shortalls this time, but hadn't bothered putting on any shoes or socks. She was carrying Tammy's baby doll frock and her lacy padded bra over one arm, and she stepped past our prostrate writhing forms to toss the garments over the hanging rack. "Well, Baby Jennie?"

Before I could form a coherent response, my overbearing cousin grabbed me by one pigtail and twisted my face back between Tammy's trembling dirty bum cheeks. "I didn't tell you to stop, did I? Get your poopy little face back where it belongs, Baby Jennie. You dirty, disgusting little babies!" I used my dirty fingers to wrench those beautiful fleshy globes apart, and pressed my pursed lips back between Tammy's trembling brown-stained cheeks. But this time I merely kissed the object of my lust in servile adoration between rasping gasps for air, rather that trying to lick clean her wrinkled pink opening with my dirty tongue.

"Oh Mama! I did another big cummie!" Tammy proudly announced with a shuddering sigh. She smiled contentedly up at the domineering brunette Amazon from her kneeling position on the dirty towel. She gently pressed her bottom back against my face, and I wiggled the pointed tip of my tongue inside her wrinkled pink hole once more. She moaned in pleasure.
"I saw you," Bonnie diffidently replied. "I think Baby Jennie did a big cummie in your poopy panties, too. You're a naughty little girl, Tammy! You were meant to be cleaning up out here, not making more of a mess for Mama to clean up."
"Yes Mama," Tammy quietly agreed, lifting her face from the soiled navy towel lying underneath her and sounding guilty as sin. "I'm a bad baby," she willingly confessed, her eyes glowing with lust.
"Yes you are," Bonnie agreed a trifle grimly. "And fancy letting Baby Jennie wear your poopy panties!"
"She wanted to!" Tammy muttered a mite defensively. She crawled away from me so my face dropped, my puckered lips almost scraping the dirty mess lying on the towel between her knees.

"You’re a dirty, bad baby girl! I'm going to have to deal with your naughtiness later," Bonnie warned her gorgeous little friend in low menacing tones. Tammy merely gave a secretive pleased smile at the threat. I saw her give her throbbing clittie one final gentle caress that made her shudder and Bonnie frown. "Get off the floor at once, you bad babies, and toss those dirty nappies and that filthy towel in the washing machine. Then get in that shower and clean up - both of you!"
"Yes Mama," we obediently chorused, clambering awkwardly to our feet. We couldn't look at each other as we collected our dirty wet nappies, our smelly baby panties, and the soiled navy towel from the floor.

I peeled Tammy's filthy panties away from my shrivelling clittie, glad now to remove the sticky smelly underwear. The room stunk badly of shit, and strangely I found the pungent smell nauseating rather than erotic now that my bizarre sexual urges had been satisfied. There was a thick coating of her brown excrement covering my tiny tool and balls. I could feel a muddy layer of poop squishing moistly between my shivering buttocks. After I tossed the soiled panties in the washer, Tammy unclipped the stained bib from around my neck. She handed me my dummy on the pink plastic chain with a wry smile. She loaded everything else into the machine, closed the lid and switched it on.

I left my dum-dums sitting on top of the filling washing machine, and cupped my hands under my stinky poop-coated genitals. Being careful not to spill any mess on the clean floor, I tip-toed into the shower alcove and turned on both sets of knobs, stepping back when a blast of freezing-cold water sprayed my shivering legs for a few seconds. As soon as Tammy sidled in beside me, the showers began to warm. A few seconds later we both stood naked under two steaming streams of pulsating hot water. There were several bars of scented soap in two porcelain holders attached to the wall, and we each grabbed a bar and began to lather our poopy crotches and between our legs. I watched entranced as Tammy turned her back on me and began to vigorously soap between her creamy botty cheeks, those perfect round globes bouncing and bobbing apart before my fascinated blue eyes. I distractedly scrubbed my sticky tummy, my eyes glued to Tammy's curvaceous little rear, unaware that my bladder was slowly emptying in a small golden arc.

"Get a move on," Bonnie harshly urged us, sounding more than a little irritated. "You dirty, disgusting little babies!” Her disdainful tone and the disgusted sneer on her face didn't help, though. Her next words snapped me from my reverie. “My mum is going to be home any minute now, and she better not catch you like this!" I began to frantically scour my dirty bottom cheeks and the filthy crease between, terrified of being caught in this state by my strict Aunty Cath. Bonnie stood watching us for another minute, her arms folded under her huge bosom and frowning severely.

When she seemed satisfied that we were following her directions, she instructed us, "When you're both dry, dress yourself first, Tammy. Then change the baby into a fresh nappy and get her dressed, too. Get a move on, alright? My mum will be home any second."
"Yes Mama," Tammy obediently replied. Bonnie merely scowled in irritation and stalked out of the cabana. As soon as Tammy finished scrubbing her legs, the petite blonde swiftly rinsed her slender body and then turned off the shower. She jumped out and grabbed the nearest towel hanging over the glass screen. She briskly towelled herself dry while I finished washing the mess from my legs.

It took me a while to poke some of the bigger lumps through the slotted drainage hole in the shower. I had to wash my fingers again when I finished. When I thought I was clean, I turned to find Tammy already dressed and waiting impatiently for me to finish. "Am I okay?" I hesitantly asked her, and her frown faded to be replaced by a sneering smile.
"No way!" she responded tartly, "You've still got a little poo-poo…" Tammy pointed to her own shining clean face, and indicated the area around her rosy-red lips.

I had forgotten I had smeared her sticky poop all over my face, too. She tossed me a washcloth from the cupboard. After I soaped it up under the running hot stream, I vigorously scrubbed my mouth, chin and nose. When I hopefully turned my face back towards her for a fresh evaluation, she grinned and held up one thumb in approval.

"That's better. Now hurry up and turn off that shower, and hop out so I can dry you," Tammy commanded. She stood in front of me and wrapped me in the baby-blue towel as soon as I stepped out. She briskly rubbed my face and shoulders, working her way down my dripping body to my legs. When she bent over to dry between my toes, I stared over her head at her reflection in the mirror mounted over the basins. I gasped when I realised she wasn't wearing any panties. Her beautiful bare bottom looked so sweet peeking out from under the hem of her pink babydoll frock, and I admired the sight of those firm jiggling buttocks until she stood erect. She spread the damp towel out over the tiles and ordered, "Lie down here, Baby Jennie, and I'll get you into a lovely fresh nappy."

She knelt beside me and demurely smoothed the front of her short frock over her naked crotch when she noticed the direction of my hungry gaze. Tammy took a clean prepared diaper from my change bag, made sure the soaker pad was still in place, and then slid the thick wad of cloth under my helpfully-raised rear. The gorgeous blonde smiled down sweetly at me as she caressed baby powder over my sensitive shrivelled genitals. She sang, "Footsies in the air, and lift that bot-bot, baby." She gently smoothed the sweet-smelling talc over my tender botty checks with her soft white hand. When my legs dropped, she brought the nappy front up firmly over my crotch at the same time. Tammy copied Bonnie's technique, pinning one side, then double-pinning the other, before unpinning the first side, re-tightening my nappies, and then securely double-pinning the first side again. I felt snug as a bug in a rug by the time she was satisfied. There were clean plastic panties in my change bag too. Tammy gave a squeal of delight when she recognised the Barbie-pink PVC panties I’d worn to the park with her last week.

As soon as my baby panties had been tugged into place over my fluffy nappy, she grabbed my hands and helped me to my feet. She centred the little satin bow decorating the waistband of my bright pink panties over my belly button, and then picked up my sleeveless pink frock. I raised my arms and meekly let her feed my hands through the armholes and my head through the neck hole. I straightened my tiered gingham frock over my bulging nappy front like a vain little girl concerned about her appearance. I sat on the floor to pull on my frilly anklet socks. When Tammy bent over in front of me to pick up the damp towel; I gazed in adoration at her beautiful pale bum cheeks. I dared to reach out and touch one of her firm fleshy globes with my trembling fingers. "What about you?" I whispered, when she turned sharply at the intimate caress. "You don't have any pantieth?" She smiled resignedly and gave me a careless shrug, but I could tell she wasn't happy.

When I fumbled with the laces on my pink sandshoes, the beautiful blonde crouched down in front of me and brushed my clumsy hands aside. I leaned back on my hands and let her tie my shoelaces for me like I was a helpless toddler, fascinated by the glimpses of her juicy opening I could spy between her slightly parted thighs. "There'th uthually a thpare dithpothable in the change bag," I hesitantly offered.
"A spare diaper?" Tammy cried in delight. As soon as she finished tying my pink laces in big floppy double bows, she abruptly stood. She turned around and bent over to check the bottom of the voluminous vinyl bag. Her short cotton frock rode up her back again, exposing most of her curvaceous little bottom. I admired the delicate shaded cleft where my lips had so recently worshipped.

Tammy produced the folded pink disposable with a muted squeal of glee, and then turned and held it out to me with an entreating smile. "Will you-?"
"Of courthe!" I willingly accepted the papery diaper and unfolded it, then placed it open and waiting on the towel. Tammy lay back on the rustling pink disposable with a mischievous smile, and then noisily wriggled about as she drew her flounced babydoll frock up out of the way around her tiny padded titties. I took the white plastic container from the pink gingham change bag, and with a shaky hand I sprinkled a cloud of delicately-perfumed white powder between her spread thighs. I gathered her slender ankles together and scooped my left forearm under them. I used my arm to raise her ankles high in the air, and then rolled her back onto her shoulders.

She giggled like a contented toddler as I caressed the sweet-smelling talc over her perfect round globes. I made sure to smooth some of the perfumed powder deeply into the cleft of her parted buttocks, too. When I lowered her ankles she let her knees flop indecently wide. Tammy brought her feet together and slid her heels up towards her crotch, just like a real baby being changed. She gave me an innocent smile as her powder-covered sex gaped open. There was a wet oval of shiny pink flesh amidst the thick white coating of talc. I caressed the soft fleshy creases under her silky-smooth buttocks with trembling fingers, gathering some of the excess powder on my fingertips. I slowly smoothed it over her sensitive perineum towards her greedy wet opening.

Tammy gasped in arousal when I softly trailed my fingertips over her sensitive swollen labia. I boldly cupped her pudenda with my powdery palm and held my fingers against her hot wet opening for a few seconds. She clamped her hands over my own, wantonly pressing two of my fingers right inside her slick wet vagina before I delicately tugged my hand free. "We have to hurry," I mumbled regretfully. She sighed in disappointment as I continued rubbing the talc across her trembling tanned tummy. I briskly dusted my hands together and wiped my palms on the baby-blue towel between my knees. When I was sure my sticky fingers were free of fine powder, I brought the front of the rustling disposable over her gaping crotch, regrettably concealing her fragrant blonde muff and her hungry open sex from my adoring eyes. I had to stretch the too-small pink disposable diaper around her slender hips, before sealing her in with the refastening tapes. When all four tapes were securely fastened, she held up her hands and I helped her to stand.

We fell together in a spontaneous hug, and I clutched the gorgeous girl and cuddled her tightly. "Thank you," she whispered in my ear.
"No, thank you," I mumbled shyly in return. She hugged me warmly once more, crisply swatted my bulging, vinyl-sheathed rear, and then released me. I hesitantly raised my gaze until I was staring into her beautiful big brown eyes. "I think you're the motht beautiful girl I've ever theen, and I-" She shoved my dummy back in my mouth with a condescending grin, cutting off my fervent declaration of adolescent/infantile adoration.

Tammy faced the mirror to check her reflection, and she smiled happily as she straightened the hem of her babydoll frock to completely conceal her new infantile underwear. “I’ll borrow a pair of panties from Bonnie to wear over my diaper,” she commented mostly to herself. “Then no one will know.” As long as she didn’t bend over, probably no one would notice she was wearing a diaper. But when she turned and leaned down to stuff my toddler harness in my empty pink change bag, I was delighted to see the puffy pink disposable poking out from under the rear of her sweet little frock. She looked adorable wearing one of my diapers! Tammy picked up my change bag and looped the handles over one shoulder, and turned to me. She grabbed my hand and with a gay laugh, dragged me towards the pool area outside. "Come on, baby girl," she cooed, talking down to me like I was a retarded toddler once more. "Oh look!” she cried, her tremulous voice betraying her mixed concern and relief. “Look who's here! It's your Mummy and your Aunty Cath!"

Aunty Cath was already striding across the sandstone terrace towards the cabana when Tammy led me shuffling out into the brilliant sunshine. Shards of bright sunlight reflected off the water in the pool, momentarily making my eyes water. Cath was carrying a bulging white plastic shopping bag in one hand which looked like it contained hot food. My Mummy walked through the tall sliding glass doors a moment later, followed by Bonnie waddling close behind. Neither of them looked very happy.

"What have you girls been up to out here, hmm?" Aunty Cath demanded. Without waiting for an answer, she strode past us and stuck her head inside the open doorway to the cabana and looked around. She pointedly sniffed the air and loudly complained, "Pooh! It reeks of poop in here!"
"I just changed Baby Jennie's poopy nappy in there and dumped it in the washing machine, Mrs Jones," Tammy replied with a bright smile. "We switched on the exhaust fan, so the nasty smell should clear in a little while." She raised her free hand and shrugged her shoulders, seemingly unaware that her dress hem rode up momentarily to reveal the puffy pink crotch of her borrowed diaper.

Aunty Cath stared in wonder at the petite blonde clutching my hand, before running her emerald eyes up and down over the gorgeous girl's slender frame in frank evaluation. Her unblinking gaze took note of the girl's juvenile dress and her bare feet, and how childishly far apart she kept her shapely little legs. Her eyes returned to my cowering form. Her expression turned cold and her tone frosty when she demanded, "You pooped in your nappies again, Baby Jennie? What did Aunty Cath tell you about asking for the potty? You know what happens-"
"It wasn't her fault!" Tammy interrupted my cranky Aunt to hurriedly explain. "She was locked in the highchair, and she was calling out for someone to put her on the potty. By the time we got there, it was too late! It wasn't Baby Jennie's fault," she finished in a rush, her cheeks turning a pretty pink colour as she fibbed to her girlfriend’s mother.

Aunty Cath turned to Bonnie for confirmation. When the tall teen nodded sourly in agreement, she barely seemed satisfied. My heart was pounding against my ribs, and I gave a grateful sigh when their hastily tossed-together collection of lies seemed to pass muster. Cath wrinkled her nose in disgust and disappeared into the cabana for a few moments, I assumed to check the washing machine was on the correct setting. I didn't know she also lifted the lid to examine the swirling contents. Her arched eyebrows rose sharply when she saw how many dirty nappies and plastic panties filled the sloshing stainless-steel drum. My eyes were glued to the smiling face of the gorgeous diapered girl holding my hand. I wanted to thank her for so adeptly saving my butt, but knew I dare not say anything right then.

“Come here to Mummy, baby girl.” I was surprised when Mummy walked over to me and picked me up in her arms. She kissed my cheek and cuddled me warmly, and I wrapped my arms around her neck in delight. "Are you okay, Baby Jennie?" Mummy quietly asked. I felt my insides warm at the concern I could hear in her voice.
"Yeth Mummy," I mumbled around the dummy in my mouth, clutching her neck and hugging her tightly. "I'm good." I didn't see the suspicious glances she cast at my babysitters over my shoulder. After a minute of lovely cuddles, she let me slide down to the ground so she could check my nappy. She seemed pleased to find me clean and dry.

Aunty Cath stepped out of the cabana, grimacing in disgust and waving one hand in front of her face. She walked over to the tubular white plastic outdoor furniture lying beside the pool. There were two long sun lounges separated by a low matching white plastic table. Cath dropped the shopping bag on the table and turned to us. "I bought you some burgers and chips for lunch, girls. Sit down here and eat it while it's hot," she firmly suggested. When we obediently shuffled over towards the vinyl-covered, padded lounges, I noticed Aunty Cath was staring at the gorgeous blonde’s crotch. When Tammy sat down, Aunty smiled grimly and nodded when she caught sight of Tammy's puffy pink diaper bulging between her legs. The embarrassed teen demurely shoved her dress front down between her clamped thighs. My Aunty slowly turned to me and demanded, "Where's your bibbie, Baby Jennie?"
"I put it in the wash, too," Tammy timidly explained. She leaned forward and reached for her burger, trying unsuccessfully to keep her too-short baby doll frock over her embarrassing infantile underwear. "It got a bit… messy."

"I see. Wait a minute girls, before you start eating," Aunty Cath insisted. She turned to my mother. "Isy, come inside and watch that video I downloaded on my computer," she suggested, "while the girls eat their lunch. It'll only take about twenty minutes." She turned back to us with a sly smile. "Don't start eating yet. I'll be back in a minute, girls." She took my mother's arm and practically dragged her back inside the house. Cath returned a short time later clutching a frilly bundle in one hand, and the digital camcorder in the other. "Here you are, girls," she cooed in that familiar sickly-sweet voice. I saw Bonnie's huge golden eyes fly open when her mother placed the black camcorder on the table beside the bag of hot food, and her mouth dropped open in shock. Because the lens was facing the girls sitting across from me, I could see the side of the camera with the control knobs and buttons. The camcorder appeared to be switched on, and the dial was turned to the 'record' mode.

Aunty Cath stepped behind me and clipped a frill-edged white bib around my neck, and I smoothed it over my chest with trembling fingers. This one declared me to be a 'Sissy Pissy Cry-baby.' The girls snickered in contempt when they read the humiliating message embroidered on my bibbie. Their laughter was cut short when Cath stepped behind Tammy and began fastening a lace-lavished bib around her neck, too. "Here you go, little Tammy," Cath cooed, like she was talking to a real toddler. "You can wear a bib too, while you eat you lunch, so you don't spill anything on that pretty babydoll frock of yours."
"But- but-" Tammy stammered in protest. I noticed she didn't dare reach behind her to remove the shameful baby item. I had to smile when I read the appropriate legend, 'Little Miss Squishy Pants,' embroidered across the front of her pastel-pink bib. The elaborate white lace collar looked so pretty framing her beautiful blushing face.

"Mum!" Bonnie began to stridently object, but her mother smoothly cut her off.
"Don't worry, Bonnie! I have enough bibbies here for all my diapered big baby girls." Bonnie's jaw dropped and she sputtered wordlessly, but she didn't try to stop her mother from clipping a lace-edged white bibbie around her neck, too. This one read, 'Little Miss Piddle-Pants.' Then Aunty Cath took a crackling pair of frosty pink baby panties from under one armpit, and she noisily shook them out. "Stand up, please Tammy," she ordered, in her stern, no-nonsense voice. When the blushing blonde bashfully obeyed, Aunty Cath held the embarrassing infantile underwear down and open for her to step into. "Put these on, sweetie. I noticed you weren't wearing any baby panties over your diaper, young lady," she explained, as the petite girl nervously fed her bare toes through the scratchy elastic leg holes. "All babies in nappies have to wear plastic panties over them in my house, so they don't make a mess on my carpet. That's the rule - isn't it, Bonnie?"
"Yes Mum," Bonnie faintly replied, although she looked like she was about to pass out from sheer mortification.

Tammy had to grab my Aunt's broad shoulders for support when Cath abruptly whipped the crackling baby panties over her smooth brown thighs. When she yanked the pink plastic panties higher around the humiliated girl's slender waist, the force of her tugging actually lifted the tiny girl onto her tippy-toes. After she released her grip, my Aunt smiled down condescendingly at the petite pink-cheeked blonde when she staggered for balance like a clumsy diapered toddler. "Now that you're properly dressed, you can sit down. Go on, Baby Tammy. Sit down with the other babies and eat your lunch. Or do you need Aunty Cath to feed you, as well?"
"No, Mrs Jones - I mean, no thank you, Aunty Cath," the blushing teenager softly replied, and she meekly sat down and opened her burger.
"That's better," Aunty Cath crooned in approval She nodded and smiled thinly as we hesitantly began eating. "Eat up, girls. I just have to go and download the memory card from this digital camcorder."

She picked up the camera as Bonnie quietly gasped, "Download the memory card?"
"Yes, dear. After I watched that video this morning… The one I downloaded from the camcorder when I brought it home from Isabell's - where you left it a few days ago. Remember? The recording you two made when you were spanking Baby Jennie - and then your revealing little chat afterwards, Bonnie, while you were doing the girls’ make-up. You know; where you explained how you tricked Baby Jennie into wetting the bed and wetting her pants. I decided to leave the camcorder switched on in your bedroom today, to record what you girls got up to while we were out."
"Record?" Bonnie sputtered in disbelief, "But the red recording light wasn't on?"

Aunty Cath ignored her ashen-faced daughter's interruption to continue sternly, "Your Aunt Isy isn't very happy with you, little girl. She didn't really want to believe me when I told her what I saw and heard when I watched that video. She insisted on seeing it for herself before deciding on your punishment." Then Aunty Cath held the viewfinder up to her eye, and aimed the lens at her wide-eyed daughter. "No," she brightly added, her tone sounding much happier. "It's still recording. I can see my big baby girl in her pretty candy-striped shortalls - with her thick nappies underneath. I guess I forgot to turn it off." As soon as she heard that the camera was recording her image, Bonnie thrust her open palm towards the lens, trying to conceal her ghostly face from the camera.

"Don't, Mum! Turn it off!" Bonnie shrilly demanded, her voice rising in fear. Her mother slowly panned across to focus on Tammy sitting next to her cringing daughter. The petite pale-faced blonde didn't react at all. She seemed numb with terror. Aunty Cath stepped back and made sure I was included in the shot, too. I was used to being filmed in my nappies and baby clothes, so I merely smiled and waved for the camera like any normal six-year-old girl, then stuffed a handful of hot chips into my mouth. "But there's no red light," Bonnie repeated incredulously.

Her mother lowered the camcorder from her face, smiled wolfishly, and then touched a button on the side to switch it off. She tilted the front of the camera up and examined the place next to the lens, where the red light normally glowed to indicate the camcorder was recording. "Hmm," Aunty Cath murmured with a look of total innocence. "I must have spilt some of my black nail polish over the indicator light." She scratched at the spot with one of her long ruby-red nails, and a few dried flakes of black nail varnish slowly fluttered to the ground.

Tammy and Bonnie stared at the towering brunette in open-mouthed horror. Aunty Cath merely tossed them a winning smile and ordered, "Eat up, girls! Enjoy your lunch while the memory card is downloading." She turned to address me before walking back into the house. "You too, Baby Jennie. Eat up, baby girl. Your Mummy wants to take you home for a nap straight after lunch. You're already overdue for a little lie-down." She was right. I was exhausted - and starving - so I munched happily on my beef burger and another handful of fries. The girls sat across from me with terror-blanched faces, barely picking at their food.

To be continued in chapter 24.

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