Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 37

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Synopsis; Baby Jennie has an embarrassing accident at the Fairy Princess party and she runs home, followed by Bonnie. They see Aunty Cath taking a strange girl into Mummy Isabell's place

Chapter 37. Final Humiliation.

Ellen Green and the teenagers were shepherding all the girls into the back yard for some organised party games, and I was swept up in the tulle tide of tittering femininity. A smiling blonde mother followed the milling girls and I noticed she held Aunty Cath’s camcorder in one hand. She slowly panned the lens around the party, trying to make sure every little girl was included in the scene. There must have been around twenty Fairy Princesses bouncing around Bonnie, Tammy and Sally, most between seven and nine years old. I felt grateful when the smiling teenagers commanded everyone to sit on the grass, so the humiliating height difference between me and the rest of the little girls wasn’t so obvious. We had to play a girly version of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ - except the donkey was a life-size picture of a ballerina Barbie on a rough white cloth poster, nailed to the side of the garage. The tails were these pretend corsages we had to attach to Barbie’s wrist by the Velcro strips - after being blindfolded and spun around a few times, while all the other little girls sat on the grass and watched.

Angie abruptly jumped to her feet and proudly announced that she needed to use the potty. As Bonnie led her away to do her business in the Green’s bathroom, one of the bigger Fairy Princesses sitting on the grass behind me snidely commented, “She still uses a potty? What a baby!” Several girls sniggered at her unkind observation and I felt my face flush with warmth. I didn’t dare turn around to see who made the nasty remark. What if they knew I was wearing a diaper? It was just as well I didn’t know several of the girls sitting behind me were pointing at my back, and many others were whispering about me to their girlfriends. The rest of us watched the next girl being blindfolded and spun around, before taking her turn. I didn’t notice the blonde mother with Aunty Cath’s camcorder was filming the entire event.

Bonnie returned a few minutes later without my sister although a handful of chattering mothers accompanied her - some of them carrying flutes of sparkling champagne and others with serving plates of hot finger-food they offered to the seated fairies. My Mummy wasn’t amongst them, even though my eyes anxiously searched the spacious tree-lined back yard for her. Most of the mothers stuck to the concrete path that led to the clothes line, fearful their high heels would sink into the grass. I thought I recognised one of the chubbier women with the bird’s nest of dark-brown hair, but I couldn’t be sure. Although the way she desperately sucked the life out of her cigarette seemed awfully familiar.

One attractive forty-something mother carefully stepped amongst the seated fairies with a plate of hot mini-sausage rolls and a bowl of tomato sauce. I took a savoury sausage roll when she offered the plate to me, and dipped it into the sauce. I leaned forward and cupped my hand under the treat, anxious lest I spill some sauce on my pretty tulle skirts. When I tentatively nibbled one end - it was pretty hot - the grinning brunette mother leaned down closer to my face. “Maybe I should get you a bib, baby?” She whispered teasingly. I started in fear, my cheeks turning pink with shame. I don’t know what worried me more - whether the girls sitting around me might have heard her embarrassing suggestion, or that my Mummy must have divulged details of my humiliating baby treatment to her friends.

When my turn came, I found the game was harder than it looked. Although I placed my corsage at the right level, I missed Barbie’s wrist by about a foot. I didn’t know that when I was blindfolded and Tammy and Sally were twirling me around, most of the other little girls were talking about me. Several pointed to my exposed crotch below my swirling tulle skirts, causing a loud burst of hilarity. My baby panties and nappies were poking out the sides of my ruffled leotard panties front and back, and by the time the teens removed my blindfold, every girl seated on the lawn knew of my diapered shame. Even the blonde mother who was filming us had to smirk at the infantile sight I presented. None of the grinning Princesses let on when I took my place among them on the lawn once more, and several congratulated me for my placement of the corsage. The winner of that game won a set of Barbie outfits and accessories, and she squealed with glee as she held up her glittering plastic-wrapped prize.

The next game Sally organised was ‘Pass the Parcel,’ but I didn’t realise the huge gaily-wrapped package contained tricks as well as treats. Ellen Green, Sally and some of her girlfriends had spent ages wrapping various objects inside multiple layers of colourful wrapping paper for us to find. Sally played a loud ‘Kylie’ dance CD on her portable deck from the garage while we passed the parcel around until the music abruptly stopped. Then the person holding the parcel was allowed to unwrap one layer. Not every layer revealed a prize. Sometimes two or three pieces of wrapping paper had to be ripped away before a prize fell out.

Most of the prizes were sweet feminine trinkets, like jewelled hair combs, fluffy sparkly hair scrunchies and glass-bead jewellery. I didn’t realise Sally and her devilish friends included some nasty surprises, too - until the raucous music stopped and the girl sitting next to me had her turn. When the excited grinning brunette peeled away a thick sheet of blue wrapping paper, a huge hairy spider dropped onto her lap. She screamed in shock and jumped back against me, and the startling noise and unexpected jostling caused a little wee-wees to uncontrollably leak out of my limp clittie. Everone around us burst into nervous laughter when they realised the horrid spider was made of rubber, and the frightened brunette in the ice-pink tutu blushed in shame for her terrified over-reaction. She threw the huge floppy spider at the girl who was laughing loudest, which caused a fresh bout of feminine squealing and shrill peals of frightened laughter.

After a few more rounds of cute feminine knick-knacks, Mandy opened a layer to reveal a slimy rubber snake. That caused a momentary furore! I think Sally knew exactly where the trick presents were arranged in the parcel because a few minutes later, she stopped the music when I was holding the package. I ripped open the pink layer of wrapping paper with a combination of delight and dread. My prize fell onto my lap, caught by my frothy pink tutu skirts, and the girls around me squealed in glee. It was a baby’s dummy! To be exact, it was an extra-large cherry-nipple toddler’s pacifier, with an amber rubber teat and a clear pink plastic guard - like my friend Danielle’s. I didn’t know whether to try and conceal my embarrassing prize or hold it aloft to show the crowd. When they called for me to show them, I held it above my head for a few seconds and then cheekily thrust the rubber teat in my mouth. “Num-num-num-num-mmm-mmm-mmm!” I loudly mumbled, as I vigorously sucked the strangely-shaped toddler pacifier like an enthusiastic baby.

“Look!” One girl cried in amusement. “She got a baby’s dummy!” Another yelled, “Jennie must be a baby!” Everybody squealed with laughter and I nervously giggled around the small amber teat, hoping they were laughing with me, not at me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. “Baby, baby, baby,” a group of them chanted before they all collapsed in helpless giggles once more. Fortunately a grinning Sally started the music again and I gratefully passed the shrinking parcel, hoping everybody would soon stop looking at me. I plucked the inadequate dummy from my lips a few moments later and clutched it in my fist, concealing the embarrassing toddler pacifier in my lap.

“You look really cute with that dummy in your mouth,” observed the pretty red-haired seven-year-old in the baby-pink tutu sitting on my other side. Her freckle-faced smile seemed friendly and encouraging when she added, “You should keep sucking it.” I wanted to suck a dummy - I needed to suck my dum-dums - but I was unwilling to look more like a stupid baby in front of everyone. When I grimaced, shrugged my shoulders and appeared reluctant, the Princess in pink firmly ordered, “Go on! Pop it back in your mouth and show me.” Like a mindless robot I obeyed her, and her teasing smile became a broad grin. “That’s better,” she cooed in approval. “You look adorable! Just like a beautiful baby girl!” Even though I wasn’t sure if she was teasing me or not, I gratefully sucked on the firm cherry teat, wishing it was my familiar comforting big baby soother.

The little redhead leaned over to confide in me. “My brother still sucks a dummy at bedtime, and he’s five.” I thought she was telling me this to make me feel better until she disdainfully added, “He likes to wet and poop his pants, too. He’s such a baby!” I felt my cheeks turning pink with shame and I hoped my uncontrollable blushes wouldn’t give me away when she sniggered, “My mum’s made him start wearing diapers again - pink ones too, to punish him for being such a sissy baby. She’s even started dressing him like a - oh look! There he is!” She pointed towards the concrete path leading from the back door, and I saw a skinny freckle-faced boy waddling slowly toward the smoking brunette woman. It was Stephen!

I recognised the poopy-pants boy from the local park by his short red hair, too, which made the outfit he was wearing look even more incongruous. Steven was wearing a too-short, faded denim, sleeveless sunfrock, (which was probably an old hand-me-down dress belonging to his sister sitting beside me,) with wide shoulder straps and a low yoke neck. You could see the puffy pink crotch of his sagging disposable diaper peeping out from underneath the short flared hem, and you could tell his mother didn’t believe in the extra security of plastic pilchers, either. From the way he awkwardly waddled along with his bottom stuck out, I suspected Steven’s diaper was probably poopy as well as wet. When he reached his mother’s side he snatched her free hand and tugged it imploringly. Although he was too far away for me to hear the words, I knew what he was pleading for. All the other mothers standing around them turned to stare down in contempt at the whining sissy boy in the stinky dirty diaper. When several of the sneering women pointedly moved upwind, my heart went out to him.

The chain-smoking woman with the bird’s nest of dark-brown hair snapped some inaudible reply at Steven and resentfully extinguished her cigarette, and she pointed towards the house in irritation. As soon as the humiliated five-year-old turned around, she smacked his protruding padded posterior so hard she almost swept him off his feet. I wondered if Steven was at least mildly grateful for the warm sticky wad that partially protected his poor bot-bot. When his humiliated eyes swept over the gaggle of seated Princesses on the lawn to see who had witnessed his shameful treatment, I ducked down out of sight behind his cheeky sister when she cheerily waved to him, chewing anxiously on the strange cherry teat of my new dum-dums. Even though I felt a twinge of guilt for avoiding his gaze, I didn’t want him squealing out my real name if he spotted me, either. My real name? I noticed he toddled much faster back towards the house than from it, with his cranky mother following close at his heels. I breathed an audible sigh of relief when they disappeared from view, which made the redheaded girl sitting next to me look askance at me again.

When my Mummy walked down the concrete path into the backyard, she was clutching Angie’s hand and wobbling a trifle unsteadily. Her squinting olive-green eyes searched the seated girls’ faces for mine, and I eagerly jumped to my feet and trotted over to her. Anything to get away from Steven’s hard-hearted big sister! “Oh there you are, baby!” Mummy effusively cried as I approached. When she crouched down to talk to me, she almost fell over backwards. “Oopsh!” she squealed, and she giggled at her own clumsiness. “Hey! That’sh not your dummy,” she slurred, and she roughly plucked the cherry-teat pacifier from my puffy pink lips. “You can’t shteal other babiesh dummiesh, you dummy!” She giggled at her own joke.

“I didn’t thteal it!” I shrilly protested, wondering how many glasses of champagne my mother had consumed. It didn’t take many to get her tipsy! “It wath a joke pwize from the watht game,” I explained, frowning resentfully at her.
“Oh,” Mummy replied, looking slightly mollified. She inspected the toddler’s pacifier with a snort of derision. “It’sh too shmall for my big baby, anywhos.” she drunkenly observed, and she opened her pink clutch purse and rummaged inside. “Lucky for you I have your shpare dum-dumsh right here, baby girl,” Mummy mumbled, and she produced one of my oversized pink pacifiers and popped that in my mouth instead.

I gratefully drew on the firm mouth-filling amber teat while Mummy ineptly attached the dangling clip to the fluffy fur-edged bustline of my leotard. Even though it was potentially embarrassing, it felt wonderfully satisfying having the familiar soothing rubber nipple in my mouth again. I hoped no one would notice Mummy had swapped dummies, and the other girls would think that I was only sucking it to keep up the joke. It took her a few attempts to successfully fasten the pink plastic chain to my outfit and when she managed it, she gave my blushing pink cheek a few heavy-handed pats. “Okay girlsh, Mummy hash to go home now and change outfitsh,” she advised us. “She needsh to find out what her shishter shinksh - her sister thinks,” she carefully corrected herself “- ish sho damn important.”

She clutched Angie and me by one shoulder each, and I think it was more to steady herself than an act of intimacy. “Behave yourshelvesh, okay girlsh? I’ll be back to pick you up when the party ish over.” She looked over at Bonnie and nodded her head in indication. “Your coushin will shtay here to eye a keep on you, okay? Okay?” she loudly repeated, when we were a little slow responding.
“Yes Mummy,” Angelica obediently replied.
“Yeth Mummy,” I hesitantly lisped, and she turned to face me.

“And make sure you ashk Bonnie to take you to the potty, Baby Jennie,” she warned me. Her glittering olive-green eyes seemed to have trouble focusing on my face. Mummy released Angie’s shoulder to slide one finger inside my panty crotch, making both of us stumble. I anxiously glanced behind me past my shimmering silk wings, glad I had my back to the rest of the party. Fortunately almost everybody else was still busy playing ‘pass the parcel’ and I don’t think anybody noticed Mummy checking my diaper. She grunted noncommittally when she felt I was mostly dry, then wagged her finger under my nose and almost fell over backwards again. “Don’t you dare wet that diaper - or elsh!”

I thought about asking Mummy to put me on the potty, but I realised she probably didn’t have the time - or the inclination - right now. I chewed on the soothing rubber teat of my dum-dums instead, wondering whether Bonnie would be discrete about it if I asked her to take me to the toilet. Mummy stood upright and waved farewell to us with a hiccup and a sheepish giggle, and then she turned and stumbled towards the oleander bushes bordering our back yard. After a few staggering steps her high heels sank all the way to the leather lasts. She clumsily stepped out of her pink court shoes, plucked the muddy heels out of the lawn, and she looked much more stable when she shuffled barefoot out of our sight.

“Come on girls!” Ellen Green approached from our rear, holding her arms wide to shepherd us towards the other Princesses. “We’re going to play ‘Musical Chairs’ now.” I spat out my dum-dums and tucked it inside the satiny pink bodice of my leotard, hoping no one would question the strange lump or the decorative plastic clip attached to my fur-trimmed bustline. Bonnie, Tammy and Sally had finished arranging some small white plastic chairs in the middle of the yard. They looked like the kiddie chairs from our church Nursery, and they were set out in two long rows, back to back. After counting heads they decided there was one too many seats, and Bonnie took one back into the house. I idly wondered where they found so many toddler chairs, and found myself standing next to Tammy. I tugged on the dangling chiffon strips of her yellow and green skirt to attract her attention.

The gorgeous blonde teen looked down at me with an affectionate smile and cooed, “What’s up, baby girl?” I knew my cheeks were flushed pink with embarrassment already and they turned a darker shade at her casual question. I hoped no one thought anything of her off-hand endearment.
“Tammy? Tammy, could you-” I stumbled over the words, feeling the heat rising in my cheeks. “Could you pweathe take me to the bathwoom?” I finished in a quiet rush. “Pweathe?” The beautiful girl gazed down at me, her full pink lips drawing back in a wide smile.
“The bathroom?” she repeated in confusion, her soft brown eyes wide in astonishment. “Why do you want me to take you to the bathroom, little girl?”
I nervously glanced around and lowered my voice even more, trying not to be overheard by the half-dozen Princesses milling around us. “I need to uthe the potty,” I urgently entreated, my cheeks blazing with mortification.

Tammy’s confused smile became a broad grin when she heard my childish whispered request. “But why, baby?” she quietly inquired, her tone perfectly reasonable. “Why do you want me to take you to the potty? You’re wearing nappies. Why don’t you just use them?” Her smile became intimate before she crouched down and whispered in my ear, “I already did, and so did Bonnie!” She leaned back so she could watch my face when she muttered confidentially, “I did a big hot wee-wee in my diaper a few minutes ago, and it feels all wonderfully warm and wet down there now!” She pressed her slim thighs together and shivered in delight at the warm squishy feeling around her sensitive moist kitten.

I tried to explain my current predicament but she overrode my whining objections and bent down closer to me again. She raised the front of my stiff tulle skirts in front and discretely cupped her hand against the shiny lycra crotch of my pink leotard panties. “Go on, Baby Jennie,” she urged me in a low throaty whisper. “Wet your nappy for me. Go on, let it all go. Fill up that diaper with hot pee-pee for me.” My fingers unconsciously scrabbled for my dummy, and I used the pink plastic chain to drag it free from the bodice of my leotard. I shoved the amber rubber teat in my mouth and sucked it for all I was worth. I couldn’t help it! My shrunken bladder ached with the need to let go, and Tammy wasn’t just giving me permission… She was ordering me to wet my diaper! I gasped in arousal and shuddered with relief as my straining sphincter instantly relaxed. The scalding-hot stream gushed out of me, spraying against the front of my papery disposable and splashing back around my genitals. I revelled in the comforting hot flow, shuddering in infantile pleasure when the clinging warmth gradually seeped around to my bottom.

“Good girl,” Tammy tenderly murmured, when she felt the spreading warmth filling the crotch of my diaper. She gave my leaking clittie a few affectionate rubs that made it reflexively stiffen, even as my hot urine continued to freely flow. She smiled conspiratorially and whispered, “Ahhh, that’s better! Isn’t it, baby girl?” I closed my eyes and moaned quietly in appreciation around the teat of my mouth-filling dum-dums, and she gave my stiffening tool a few approving pats before standing upright. “Now go and play the game, little one,” she urged me, grabbing my shoulders and steering me over to where all the other fairy Princess were gathered around the tiny white plastic chairs. My eyes flew open and I plucked my dummy from my lips when I saw some girls staring at my face and sniggering. I blushed with embarrassment as I belatedly tried to conceal my dripping dum-dums down the furry front of my leotard once more.

Sally was in charge of the music again and when the classical ballet tune started, we all had to dance around the chairs, whirling and twirling in a giggling pastel-coloured mass of frothy femininity. As soon as the music stopped everyone raced for the low plastic seats in the middle, trying to sit before anyone else. There was a lot of squealing and shrieking and much laughter too, when one girl failed to find a seat. My smirking cousin led the loser from the field, we all stood up, and after one more chair was removed, the music began again. It was fun jumping onto the low plastic chairs bum-first, especially as my warm soggy diaper and ruffled leotard panties perfectly protected my bottom. But the competition became fierce and I was glad Bonnie didn’t let Angelica play, despite my sister’s strident objections.

By the time we whittled our way down to ten chairs, the remaining Princesses were getting a little rough. Elbows and knees went flying and no quarter was given. There were shrill complaints when some girls’ fairy wings were damaged in the melee, but the thin wire frames were swiftly resurrected by a group of skilful (sober) mothers standing by. I though I was doing fairly well - until there were seven chairs left. The music abruptly halted and I dashed for the nearest low plastic chair. I was about to claim it when a vicious elbow to the side jostled me out of the way. “Oof!” I cried, as the air was painfully driven from my lungs.
“Out of my way, you stupid big baby!” Tall Gemma grinned down victoriously at me as I collapsed to the ground on my back, clutching my side and moaning in pain. I rolled over and clambered onto my hands and knees and struggled to stand up. That’s when it happened.

Totally beyond my control, a large mass of semi-soft poo-poo squirted out of my hopeless anal sphincter, accompanied by a (thankfully) muffled fart. The emerging firmer turd pushed out the seat of my damp diaper before meeting the resistance of my snug leotard panties. The hot squishy mess instantly spread all over my bum cheeks, some sliding down between my bowed legs. I gasped in horror and sank back onto all fours on the grass as the hot sticky poo-poos thrillingly enveloped my clittie - which automatically reacted to the clinging comforting warmth. Fortunately Bonnie stepped over to help me to my feet, and I staggered clumsily when she clutched my hand to lead me away. She led me past the row of seated giggling girls and I thought I was safe until the snickering girl sitting in the middle curled up her top lip and wrinkled her pug nose in disgust.

“Pooh! Who farted?” The offended girl grimaced, waving a hand in front of her face.
Susie sitting next to her loudly demanded, “Farted?” She snorted in contempt as she gazed up accusingly at my blushing red face. “It smells more like someone pooped their panties to me!” My head was already bowed in shame and I knew I was waddling like a poopy-pants toddler as Bonnie slowly led me away.
“I think we all know who that was,” Gemma shouted in derision, and everybody around her burst out laughing.
“It’s alright Baby Jennie,” Bonnie whispered consolingly, squeezing my trembling hand reassuringly. “Come inside and I’ll change your dirty nappy straight away.” My eyes brimmed with unshed tears and my cheeks were burning with shame.
“I think some little sissy boy just filled his diaper!” Gemma jeered, and the mob of sniggering fairies laughed even louder.

Even Angie was staring at me from the sidelines with a disgusted expression marring her pretty painted features. My sister callously turned her back on me as if she didn’t know me - or didn’t want to know me. I couldn’t help it! I burst into tears as Bonnie led me through the parting throng of wide-eyed mothers and fairies, sucking hard on the soothing amber teat that somehow found its way into my mouth. Every head turned to follow my shameful slow toddling progress all the way up the back path. I felt like poor Stephen waddling along with my dirty wet bottom stuck out, fruitlessly trying to avoid smearing my sticky poo-poos all over the place. I heard a ripple of grown-up feminine sniggering starting behind me and by the time I waddled inside the house, the whole back yard was filled with laughing women and children. Bonnie led me snivelling and crying down the hallway and into Sally’s bedroom, where my diaper bag was sitting beside the single bed. I was thankful when my cousin thoughtfully closed the door behind us, although I wished it had a lock.

Bonnie crooned lovingly down at me as she spread my change mat on the bed, and she took out the supplies needed to take care of a messy big baby like me. “Shh, baby. Shh! It’s alright, darling,” she kindly soothed me. “You couldn’t help messing your diaper. It’s okay, baby girl. It’s not your fault!” She had to take off my fairy wings and my tutu first, and when she tugged the tight leotard down my trembling legs and made me step clear of the frothy tulle skirts, I felt strangely naked and ashamed in just my saggy poopy diaper and pink baby panties. “Come on baby, up we hop,” Bonnie urged me as she lifted me onto the crackling plastic-backed change mat and lay me back. She took off my ballet slippers and sheer white socks too, just to be safe, and then she peeled down my snug pink plastic panties. “Shh. Shhh! Suck your dum-dums, sweetheart. Go on, let me hear you sucking… That’s better! Good girl! That always makes my pretty baby girl feel better.”

She held up my baby panties to examine the elastic leg bands and muttered in approval, “Nope. No poo-poo stains. Good girl.” She happily tossed them in my diaper bag, but I found Bonnie’s praise completely underwhelming at this point. She peeled apart the tapes and carefully lowered the front of my sticky smelly diaper, and she couldn’t help grimacing in distaste. “Oh baby! You really made a nasty mess in your diaper today!” Despite her obvious reluctance, the beautiful frowning teen scraped up most of the mess stuck to my bottom with the warm wet front of my diaper, and she held my ankles high in the air with her large left hand as she slid the dirty disposable from underneath me. “Stay like that,” she ordered with a grunt, as though it was me controlling my little legs - not her. Bonnie used a handful of cool moist baby wipes to scour between my flaccid bum cheeks, carefully wiping my sensitive rosebud again and again until she was sure I was clean back there. Despite feeling crushed with embarrassment, my little clittie automatically started to thicken.

She let my feet drop and rolled up the stinky disposable with the soiled wipes inside, and I was grateful when she sealed it in a scented orange nappy sack. “Wait there, darling,” Bonnie cooed to me. “I’ll just go and get rid of this,” she said, hefting the smelly package, “and wash my hands. Back soon!” She disappeared out the door, fortunately closing it behind her. I lay there on the change mat naked and shivering, although it had nothing to do with the air temperature. I started in fear when the door flew open a few minutes later and I accidentally squirted a little pee-pee on my change mat. I sighed with relief when my grinning cousin stepped into the room. “Okay, baby, let’s get you all fixed up.”

I frowned in disappointment when Bonnie took out two thick pink cloth nappies from my change bag and started arranging them on the damp patch between my legs. “Pweathe Bonnie? Can’t I wear another dithpothable? Pweathe?” I plaintively begged. She opened my vinyl baby bag and rummaged through the contents. My bottom lip trembled in dismay when she sadly shook her head, and I anxiously chewed on my dummy teat for consolation.
“No baby.” Bonnie looked at my concerned face, and her expression was surprisingly sympathetic. “Your Mummy only packed your pink cloth nappies for me to change you into. No disposables.”
“What about uthing one of Tammy’th? She’th got thome thpare diaperth thomewhere,” I hopefully suggested, a tinge of desperation creeping into my voice.

I felt crushed with disappointment when Bonnie sadly shook her head in denial. She lifted my legs and slid the prepared cloth nappies underneath me, then lowered my bottom onto the familiar comforting pile. “I already checked, baby. Tammy only has one spare diaper in her baby bag - and that wet little girl is going to need it herself in a little while,” Bonnie confidently predicted with a shark-like smile. I wondered if she anticipated changing her gorgeous girlfriend’s wet diaper, too, and whether I would be allowed to watch. The mere thought made my thickening clittie grow instantly stiffer. She opened the white plastic bottle of baby powder and poured a generous handful over my baby-smooth genitals and tummy, then rubbed it in with gentle caressing strokes. She smiled down forgivingly at my blushing pink cheeks when my sensitive little tool grew even harder, and she gave my stiff clittie a few reassuring rubs that left it hard and throbbing. She smoothed the sweetly perfumed talc over my trembling botty and between my cheeks too, making sure every nook and cranny was safely covered with perfumed powder. By the time she let my legs drop my rock-hard erection was bobbing above my powdery belly, straining for her attention.

With effort I shook the erotic images of Bonnie and Tammy playing babies from my mind. “Can’t we thneak home and get a dithpothable from my Nurthery?” I pleaded around my dum-dums. “Pweathe Bonnie? Pweathe?” Tears rimmed my eyes when she mournfully shook her head once more.
“No way! Our mums made it very clear that we were to stay here at the party until they came to collect us. Sorry, baby girl,” Bonnie apologised with a sad smile for me. She drew the fluffy dry cloth pieces over my tummy and firmly held the front flap over my throbbing stiff clittie. She tightly pinned them with two big pink pins either side, trapping my rock-hard tool against my tummy, and then reached into my baby bag for a fresh pair of plastic panties. She shook out a crackling pair of frosty musk-pink pilchers and cooed, “Footsies in the air and ballerina toesies.”

Despite my whining objections, my response was automatic, and then I dropped my bare feet and raised my bum high so she could tug the waistband of my snug baby panties all the way up over my huge cloth nappies. My padded bum dropped onto the damp change mat with a noisy crackle of plastic. As soon as Bonnie tucked the leg bands safely under the crotch of my fluffy pink nappy, she gave my tenting erection a few firm squeezes through my swaddling that made me shudder with arousal. She grinned at my lustful expression before she released my stiffie, and the buxom teen then slid my sheer white socks back on my feet and tied my dusky-pink ballet slippers in place. She crooned, “Footsies in the air and ballerina toesies again, Baby Jennie!” She threaded my pointed toesies into the leg holes of my tutu and tugged it up my legs past my knees.

Bonnie grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet, and then tried to drag the snug leotard bodice over the huge bulk of my nappy. Even with the slippery plastic panties making things easier, it was still a monumental task. I grabbed her bare shoulders for support when her tugging efforts almost pulled me off my feet. She tried several times to settle my swishing skirts down around my wide padded hips, but the strain was too much. The tight elastic waistband kept creeping up to my much narrower waist, till my leotard crotch struggled to contain the enormous diaper package below. I checked my appearance in Sally’s vanity mirror while Bonnie buckled my wings back on, and I wailed in distress. “I wook wike a big baby!” Despite the pulsating stiffie that tented out the front of my shiny leotard panties below my frothy tulle skirts, I burst into tears of humiliation. The rear view was even worse and I sobbed in misery. “Now evewybody will know!”

The bedroom door burst open and Daisy pounced into her sister’s room, followed closely by two of her sniggering accomplices. “Everybody already knows, you stupid sissy baby!” Daisy scornfully declared, with a malicious smile for my look of horror. I realised the girls must have been lurking outside the door listening to our every word, and I felt my soul shrivelling in shame. I wanted a black hole to magically open up and whisk me away into nothingness. I wanted to disappear forever! “We could all see your baby panties and your disposable diaper sticking out under your tutu when you were playing ‘Pin the Corsage on Barbie,’ you dumb shit!” Daisy cruelly informed me. “They all know you’re a sissy boy named Jeremy trying to act like a prissy little girl. And everybody knows you just pooped your pants like a disgusting little baby. What a freak!”

I pressed my bobbing tulle skirts down over my tenting stiffie and shrieked in distress. I shouldered my way past Daisy and her jeering friends, accidentally knocking the birthday girl to the floor. “Leave her alone! She can’t help it!” Bonnie shouted in my defence, and she tried to grab Daisy before she could jump to her feet and follow me. I scurried down the hallway towards the back door, foolishly trying to outrun them as I headed for the Green’s back yard. “Hi Baby Jennie!” Stephen called in surprise, before I stumbled into him standing outside the living room doorway. His mother standing behind him looked equally surprised when she recognised me. “Oh look, Stephanie! It’s your little baby friend from the park.” I shrieked in alarm and shoved Steven - Stephanie - out of my way and dashed past them. Several mothers holding glass flutes of champagne stepped out of the kitchen to watch me as I noisily scurried through the sunroom. Although none of the women said a word, their disdainful bemused expressions spoke volumes.

The bulky cloth nappies jammed between my thighs reduced my pace to a slow wide-legged waddle. The pursuing pack of jeering Fairy Princesses easily caught up with me by the time I stumbled through the back door. “Baby baby, look at the stupid baby!” Daisy malevolently chanted from right behind me, her evil accomplices quickly taking up the refrain. The scalding-hot stream squirting uncontrollably into my fresh nappy was no consolation now. “Baby, baby, look at the stupid baby!” I knew everyone in the back yard was staring at the bulging plastic panties poking out from under my too-high tutu skirts. Some polite mothers covered their mouths to hide their condescending grins, but the children were not so kind. I looked like a stupid retard! I was a hopeless big baby trying to pass myself off as a pretty ballerina and everybody knew it. My face was burning and my ears were ringing and I felt like the world was spinning around me.

“Baby, baby, look at the stupid baby!” Tears of shame blurred my eyes as I stumbled through the crowd of jeering Fairy Princesses, trying to find my way home. “Baby, baby, look at the stupid baby!” Other high-pitched voices picked up the cruel chant, their heartless painted faces grinning maniacally at me as I desperately toddled towards the bushes separating our properties, my wet waddling cousin in hot pursuit. I didn’t hear Ellen Green and Tammy ordering the jeering girls to be quiet and leave me alone. All I heard was, “Baby, baby, look at the stupid baby!” The shrill voices seemed to grow louder, the incessant rhythm seeping into my tortured psyche.

I stumbled through a narrow gap in the oleander bushes, the spiky leaves catching my wings and my wide-flared tulle skirts and spinning me around. “Baby, baby, look at the stupid baby!” The malicious chanting faded behind me and the cruel laughter reached a crescendo as I thankfully plunged into my own back yard. I fell to my hands and knees onto the short mown grass, sobbing with a strange mixture of anguish and relief. I crawled towards home, whimpering and babbling incoherently like a useless baby, only to be brought up short by Bonnie’s huge hand grabbing me by the nape of my neck.

“Shhh! Shut up!” My cousin brutally commanded as I was shuffling past my pink steel kiddie-prison. “Don’t move, Baby Jennie!” She unbuckled my fluttering wings and removed them, and tossed them aside. She rolled me over and collapsed on top of me, trapping me in place with her massive weight. Her huge bosoms dangled distractingly either side of my stunned face. “I just saw my mum parking her BMW in your driveway, and she had someone with her. A little blonde girl. She looked kind of familiar.” Bonnie paused and poked her head to the right side, cautiously peeping down the side of our house towards the driveway, and then urgently ducked back. “They look like they’re heading into your house,” she quietly reported. “And the girl - she’s kind of dressed like you.”
“What? In a tutu?” I demanded incredulously, as I tried to wriggle free.
“Shh! Quieten down, baby! No,” Bonnie replied, frowning at my stupidity. “The blonde girl was dressed like a big baby, and even walked like a baby. You know? She was wearing a toddler harness, too - and my mum was leading her inside using a pair of pink baby reins!”

I struggled to roll over onto my tummy, but I couldn’t shift her weight off my body. “I don’t care!” I tearfully hissed in reply. “Get off me! I have to change my nappy! I’m not going back to the party drethed like thith!”
“Shh! Shut up, for God’s sake!” Bonnie urgently whispered. “Keep still.” I sighed with relief when she rolled off me, but I obediently remained on my back looking up at her worried face. “I just want to see who my mum has with her. Then we can try and sneak upstairs and get one of your disposables from your Nursery. I promise,” my cousin quietly guaranteed. I didn’t stop to wonder why Bonnie was being so generous with her offer to help. I only knew I was grateful for her unexpected offer. When she deemed it safe, Bonnie helped me to my feet and we slowly waddled hand-in-hand towards the house. We crept up the wooden steps and across the back veranda, and cautiously snuck over to the window overlooking the kitchen sink. There was a small gap in the café curtains either side, enough to peek through hopefully without being noticed.

The window was open slightly and we heard the murmur of approaching voices as Mummy led Aunty Cath and her mysterious friend down the hallway towards us. “No Cath, I’m sure I’ve never met Baby Pansy before,” Mummy was explaining, and I could hear her quite clearly. She was annunciating in that exaggerated over-precise manner of someone trying desperately to appear sober.
“Oh, I’m certain you have,” Cath replied, her booming voice brimming with confidence. “She just wasn’t dressed like this, is all.” Mummy stepped into view through the kitchen doorway and she stood at the entrance to the sunroom from the hallway. She looked magnificent! Her hair was tied up on top of her head in a bouncy blonde ponytail and she was wearing more make-up than I’d ever seen her wear. Her olive-green eyes looked huge and her long false eyelashes fluttered with uncertainty. She was biting her luscious red-painted bottom lip, gnawing it in anxiety. I had never seen my mother dressed or made-up so exotically.

Mummy was wearing a pair of thigh-high black leather boots I’d never seen before. They had a three-inch platform sole and a scary six-inch stiletto heel. I felt a twinge of concern when I saw her wobble slightly on her statuesque heels, and I hoped she had sobered up enough to be safe. The skin-tight boots had a turned-down flap around the tops of her plump womanly thighs, like pirate boots. They brushed the hem of Mummy’s ultra-short black leather mini-skirt. The cheeky skin-tight dress barely covered her curvaceous round bottom even when she was standing still! The only other item she wore was a full-length boned, black leather corset, with clips down the front and open lacing up the back, giving her a fabulous wasp-waist.

When Mummy turned side-on to me, I could see her huge fleshy bosoms had been squashed together and thrust up by the tight-fitting corset. They looked like delicious wobbly tanned jellies served on an exotic black leather platter, and the top of her corset barely covered her nipples. I was ready to duck down out of sight if it looked like she might glance into the kitchen, but Mummy’s gaze was fixed on the people coming down the hallway. I wondered what was taking them so long, but when Aunty Cath and her friend finally hove into view, I suddenly understood.

Cath appeared as Mummy stepped out of sight into the sunroom, and my Aunty was just as exotically dressed - if not more so. She too wore black thigh-high boots, only hers were made from gleaming patent leather with sharp six-inch stiletto heels and a two-inch platform sole. Her black leather skirt was so short, I caught a hint of the crotch of Aunty Cath’s glistening red satin panties when she took too long a stride. Her top consisted of a black leather bra with daringly low demi-cups, and her huge wobbling teats threatened to spill free of the restrictive harness with her every movement. Her narrow bare waist exaggerated the outward flow of her womanly hips and her navel was a flawless shadowed circle in the middle of her flat brown tummy.

Cath’s dark-brown locks had been slicked up and back with gel and styled into a high severe bun on top of her head, which added extra inches to her already-overwhelming height. She looked over six and a half feet tall! Her emerald eyes were dark and smoky with sexy make-up, and her sensuous full lips were painted a severe crimson shade. My tall voluptuous Aunt looked as sexy - and as menacing - as I’d ever seen her. She held a slender pair of hot-pink baby reins curled in one fist, and she carried a large matching, hot-pink overnight bag over one shoulder.

“Come on Baby Pansy,” Cath sternly insisted, and she gave a sharp tug on the reins. “Hurry up and crawl into the sunroom.” We finally caught sight of the object of her attention when a mass of curly blonde hair appeared low in the kitchen doorway looking into the hall. The girl Bonnie mentioned was a young woman in fact, but it was easy to understand my cousin’s confusion. The petite blonde crawled into view at the end of the slender pink leather reins, and I could see they were attached to some shiny chromed D-rings fixed to the back of her matching hot-pink leather toddler harness. She had her head bowed so I couldn’t see her face, but her long, tawny-blonde hair cascaded loosely over her narrow shoulders, almost all the way to her small balled fists on the floor. I noticed the petite blonde was wearing some hot-pink leather mittens on her hands, too. They buckled around her wrists with white leather cuffs and they looked exactly like my baby-pink leather mittens. I couldn’t see if hers were locked in place but knowing my strict Aunty, it was a pretty safe assumption.

Aunty Cath impatiently strode into the sunroom, remorselessly dragging the big baby girl behind her. The crawling girl was dressed in a baby-pink satin party dress in a familiar juvenile Empire-line style, with frothy white chiffon petticoats peeping out from underneath the high hemline. They were short enough that the lace-trimmed edges didn’t catch under her hands or knees while she meekly shuffled along on all fours - like most of my baby frocks. ‘Her babydoll gown must be as short as most of mine,’ I silently marvelled, and I wondered if her mummy made it for her?

As she crawled past the kitchen doorway, I could see a pair of hot-pink leather, wool-lined cuffs secured around her slender ankles, too. They were joined by a short steel chain threaded through a firm, 1” diameter, clear plastic tube about six inches long, which meant her slow stumbling pace advanced only a few painful inches at a time - despite the harsh way her irritable Mistress yanked on the baby reins to hurry her along. The crawling girl was wearing white anklet socks with elaborate baby-pink lace frills, and a pair of hot-pink soft leather Maryjanes on her dainty feet. As she crawled past Cath, the domineering brunette leaned down and viciously spanked the poor girl’s swaying bottom with her hard hand to urge her on her way. I recognised the familiar sound of an open palm striking wet plastic panties, and knew for sure the poor big baby was diapered just like me.

“Come on, Bonnie,” I whispered, noiselessly backing away from the kitchen window. “We’ll be able to see better from the next window down.” Unfortunately the windows overlooking the sunroom were at the side of the back veranda. While tall Bonnie would have no trouble peeping in the high window, I needed something to stand on. Luckily there was a sturdy plastic milk crate next to the green wheelie bin at the end of the veranda, which we used for our recycling. It was empty at the moment, so I grabbed the lightweight brown crate and carried it over to below the window. I turned it upside-down and made sure it was steady on the grass, and then carefully climbed on top. I was so nervous, I drenched my thick cloth nappies as I slowly raised my head to peek in on Mummy and her guests.

To be continued in chapter 38
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Baby Jennie

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