Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 10

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Chapter 10. Meet the Neighbours

Bonnie lifted me into the car and pressed my bodyback into the tilted pink toddler seat. She wrinkled her nose in disgust and held her beautiful painted face as far away from my stinky crotch as possible. "Pee-yew!" she groaned. "You stink!" I was distracted as more hot poo-poos was forced up between my splayed thighs, till my thickening clittie was completely submerged in a warm sensuous sea of semi-soft scat. Even though I could smell it, I didn't think my poop stank that badly. It had kind of an over-ripe fruity odour, with a hint of damp musty earth I hardly found offensive, despite everyone's nasty comments. My chiffon petties rustled noisily as they bunched around me, my short yellow frock riding up even higher when my bossy cousin firmly pushed me back into my car seat. Bonnie ignored the tears of humiliation trickling down my flushed cheeks and drew the pink webbing straps over my bowed head. She securely fastened the buckles in place between my dangling black patent Maryjanes. "It's a good thing I used waterproof mascara on you, sweetie," was her only careless observation as she tightened the restrictive chest strap.

April scowled at me in annoyance too, as she buckled my sister into her high red plastic car seat. Angelica turned to me and frowned, then pinched her pert little nose in repugnance. “Pooh, Baby Jennie! You smell!" she complained bitterly, causing my raven-haired cousin to laugh and shake her head disparagingly.
"Yes Angelica, your baby sister is a bit stinky," April agreed with a sigh of exasperation, before she handed us our dollies. I clutched Justine to my breast with my left hand and defiantly jammed my wrinkled right thumb back in my mouth, sucking intently in my infantile search for relief. "That's why we have to hurry home straight away; so your mummy can change this poor helpless baby girl's dirty wet nappies." As soon as the two tall teenagers climbed into the front seats, they urgently wound down their windows.

"Let's get going, April," Bonnie urged her big sister, fanning the air in front of her nose with one large hand. "We need some breeze in here, to blow away the stench of our disgusting little niece; our naughty, poopy Baby Jennie!" I tried to stop crying and sucked harder on my thumb, brushing away the unwanted tears with my curled fingers as we drove home. The strong wind gusting through the open windows kept the atmosphere in the car barely tolerable, but every bump in the road and every pothole we hit seemed to make me sink ever deeper into the sensuous moist pile puddled under my crotch. My sensitive clittie rubbed against the slick poopy front of my soggy wet nappy, pressed so firmly against me by the restrictive pink webbing straps. I didn't want it to, but my easily-aroused organ grew harder with every jolt and jerk. By the time we turned into our driveway, I was fully erect and throbbing madly inside my exciting, hot messy nappy.

After we pulled up, Bonnie released me from the humiliating toddler car seat and lifted me out. I plucked out my thumb and stood beside the car clutching my dolly, wobbling uncertainly. My stiff clittie poked out the front of my yellow satin panties, and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn't stand out here all afternoon in my stinky wet nappies, but I didn't want to confront Mummy - not now that I knew that she knew that I had been secretly trying on my cousin's sexy satin panties! I wondered why she hadn't bothered mentioning my kinky fascination earlier, and felt another gut-wrenching burst of terror when I imagined for one awful moment…

What if Mummy knew about everything I'd been up to? All the pretty panties of hers I'd discretely tried on; all the times I'd privately played dress-ups in her silky slips, or secretly worn pretty frocks with some of my best girlfriends from school, or sneaked away to try on my beautiful cousins' sexy knickers? She couldn't possibly know! The thought was so frightening that my clittie thankfully started to shrink back to normal. Bonnie snatched my hand and dragged me down the front path towards our house. Her long legs and her white platform boots lengthened her stride so much, I had to dance on my tippy-toes like a little ballerina through the shallow puddles just to keep up with her rapid pace.

"Hello girls!" The hearty hail from next door startled me, and I almost tripped when Bonnie unexpectedly ground to a halt. I glanced up in horror to see my best friend Michael's mum, waving to us from next door. She was wearing tan gardening gloves and an old grey smock top over a pair of ragged, faded blue jeans, and as she approached the low hedge separating our properties, she removed her gloves and frowned at us in mild confusion.
"Hello Mrs Smith," replied April from behind me, and the other girls courteously murmured their greetings.

I remained mute and kept my blushing pink cheeks shyly downcast when I realised that my younger friend Michael and David, his brawny fifteen-year-old brother, were busily working behind their mother. They were picking up the leaf litter scattered across their normally well-manicured front lawn, but when they noticed their mother approaching our little group, both boys left their tasks and wandered over to see what was happening.

Ruth Smith was a plump buxom woman in her late forties, whose short mousy-brown hair flew in untidy wisps around her kindly round face. Her deep-set blue eyes twinkled merrily as she effusively greeted my cousins. "Hello there, April, and hi Bonnie! Good to see you! It's been ages since we've seen you girls. Hello Angie! Don't you look gorgeous today, with those lovely curls? But who is this pretty little Princess?" Mrs Smith was clearly addressing me when she sweetly inquired, "What's your name, darling?"
I hesitated to reply but a painful warning squeeze of Bonnie's fist around my tiny hand made me stutter in embarrassment. "M-my name is B-b-baby Jennie," I reluctantly confessed in my nervous high-pitched squeak. I tried to ignore the amused feminine chuckles from behind me as I made my humiliating admission.

"Is she your little sister, Bonnie? She's so beautiful! I don't recognise her, although she looks so much like Angelica, they could be sisters - almost twin sisters!" Ruth Smith cleverly observed. Her bright blue eyes dropped to my sagging panty crotch, and the crow's feet around her eyes deepened. " But - but is she wearing a nappy under that gorgeous yellow party frock?"
"She is!" snickered Bonnie in spiteful delight, pointedly glancing down at my drooping satin panties. My full nappy was so saturated, I felt sure it was dragging my shiny yellow rumba panties halfway to the ground. "Baby Jennie is a bed-wetter and a panty-pooper, so she has to wear nappies like her sister, Angelica."
"Her sister? But Angelica doesn't have a-" Mrs Smith's pleasant smile froze momentarily, her searching gaze bearing down on my pretty painted face like a blazing spotlight. "Jeremy? Jeremy sweetie? That's not you, is it?"

I knew my cheeks were crimson with shame and my neck flushed with warmth, but my ears started ringing with embarrassment. My humiliation knew no bounds when April stepped forward and artlessly replied for me, "Yes, Mrs Smith. This is Jeremy. But seeing as he likes wetting and messing his panties like his baby sister, his mummy has decided to dress him more appropriately to the way he's been acting." The tall raven-haired beauty turned her withering gaze on me. "So for the last week or so, Jeremy has been wearing nappies and baby panties and sweet little toddler frocks that better suit his immature nature. And she prefers to be known as Baby Jennie these days."

Handsome David was the first to burst out laughing, and even my friend Michael giggled maniacally when his mother began to uncontrollably chuckle. I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me when April crushingly continued, "I'm sorry, Mrs Smith. We'd love to stop and chat, but this wet little girl has recently pooped her nappies! We need to take our dirty Baby Jennie inside to her mummy to be changed right away! Come along, girls." Mrs Smith was laughing too hard to form a coherent reply, and simply waggled her fingers at me in childish farewell when the other girls bade her goodbye. Bonnie urged me on my way with a crisp hard smack on my drooping panty bottom, and the boys' raucous mocking laughter and Mrs. Smith's cackles followed us all the way up the front path.

As soon as they led us through the front door, our cousins called to our mother to come and inspect me. Mummy came traipsing down the stairs in her oldest faded blue jeans, wearing a loose oversized, hot-pink t-shirt and some heavy camel-coloured work boots. She had a huge smile plastered across her face. "Hello girls! Oh Baby Jennie! Look at those beautiful earrings!" she exclaimed in delight, striding over to me. While April told her about us meeting the neighbours, I guiltily ducked my face and felt my cheeks turn pink again with fresh shame.

But Mummy simply grabbed me by one shoulder and raised my bowed chin with her other hand, and forcibly tilted my head back. She brushed my bouncing curls aside to examine the gleaming studs piercing my tender earlobes, ignoring the tears of humiliation welling in my big blue eyes. "Thank you, April and Bonnie! They look gorgeous on her!" Mummy commented happily, making me think that maybe she knew all about Bonnie's plan to pierce my ears. "They're very pretty, but… I thought we agreed on plain gold studs for Baby Jennie?" She pulled a nasty face as she sniffed the rank odour emanating from my drooping panty crotch.

"We did, we did!" replied my perfectly-made-up cousin, before Mummy could comment on the putrid smell wafting up from my rumba panties. But I was preoccupied by the realisation that she had known! Mummy knew my cousins were taking me to the beauty salon to have my ears pierced! Maybe - maybe she really wanted me to be a girl? My heart fluttered at the thrilling - yet terrifying - prospect. "But my boss offered to give Baby Jennie a pair of faux-diamonds in 18-carat studs, like, for free - if we agreed to bring her to the salon on Saturday morning. You know, to like, 'help out' for a while," she explained glibly, as she grinned disarmingly at my mother.

"And obviously you agreed," Mummy archly replied, but her small smile indicated she didn't really mind. But that smile turned to a frown as she gazed down questioningly at my sagging satin crotch. "My, my, Baby Jennie! Pooh! Is that your dirty nappy I can smell, little girl?" I assumed her question was rhetorical when she reached down and patted the soggy front of my droopy diaper to assess my condition. I didn't bother answering as Bonnie continued to explain my new earrings.

"I didn't think you'd mind, Aunty Isy? These studs cost like, about four times as much as the plain 14-carat studs, you know? And you don't have to worry about Baby Jennie losing them - at least not for like, six months or so, at least." Her grin almost split her painted face in two. "I thought you'd be pleased, you know?"
"I am, darling, I am," Mummy reassured her, smiling contentedly and then reaching up to affectionately pat Bonnie's shoulder. "But I better take this dirty baby girl upstairs to the Nursery and change her out of this stinky wet nappy straight away. Unless you girls want to help?"

The towering Amazons laughed in derision at Mummy's silly question. After bidding us goodbye and air-kissing everyone's cheek, they collected their leather coats and bags from the hall stand and strode back into the late afternoon sunshine. Mummy gazed down at me with mild contempt and after smacking the back of my saggy wet nappy and sniffing in disgust, she ordered, "Let's take you upstairs for a change right way, Baby Jennie. Pooh! Come on, my stinky baby girl." She took my hand and led me waddling slowly upstairs. I was so frightened of what she might find in my nappies, my shrinking clittie thankfully shrivelled into insignificance, despite the thick hot waste plastered erotically around my genitals.

I miserably toddled into the Nursery and Mummy began by removing my slithering yellow satin frock. Accustomed to being undressed like a useless toddler, I made no move to help her. I passively let my mother remove every feminine article down to my shimmering yellow panties and sagging smelly nappies. She lifted me up onto the change table and lay me back to remove my black patent Maryjanes, rustling satin rumba panties and frilly socks. I clutched Baby Justine to my bosom and lay there limp and unresisting as she tugged down my tight yellow plastic panties, carefully threading them down my legs and over my obediently pointed feet, before grimacing in distaste and tossing them in the nappy bucket. I noticed there were fresh poop stains on the yellow baby panties, adding to the old tell-tale orange marks around the crotch and leg bands. She took her time unfastening the big pink pins and placing them in the soap jar on the shelf above the change table.

As Mummy peeled away the drenched front of my dirty nappy, she commented testily, "This nappy is saturated, little girl! Tsk-tsk! How long is it since your Aunties changed you? Oh my gosh, Baby Jennie! Look at all that poo-poo! Did my stinky-winky baby girl need to make a great big poopie? Yes she did! You certainly have made a mess of this nappy," she complained, but she didn't really sound cranky. Nor did she seem to expect me to reply. She blathered away like she was talking to a toddler incapable of understanding or responding to her questions. I was terrified my excitable clittie might still be slightly swollen under the pleasantly warm pile of poo, but Mummy's impassive face didn't change when she scraped away most of the sticky mess from my genitals with the slightly cleaner patches of my soggy yellowed nappy front.

"Open those legs wider, darling. Good girl," she sang. "Now lift your knees up for Mummy…. That's it, sweetie. Ooo, so much yucky poo-poo stuck to your poor little bot-bot! Are you my dirty little baby girl? Yes you are!" She left me to rinse out the heavy diaper in the en-suite bathroom, and several minutes later she returned and dumped the stinky wrung-out pieces of terrycloth in the nappy bucket beside the change table, then disappeared again to wash her hands. "Here baby, let Mummy take your dolly," she crooned when she returned, taking my baby from my arms and carefully laying Justine in my open crib.

When Mummy lowered me to my feet in the cool empty bathtub I started to worry, but my apprehension lessened when I watched her turn on the hot tap, as well. She thankfully tested the gushing stream on her hand first before aiming the shower head between my obligingly spread legs. When I looked down at my feminine candy-pink toenails, they practically screamed at me; the words 'Girl - girl - girl!' echoing loudly in my head. Mummy ordered me to stand in the bath with my little feet widely spaced, while she gently hosed away most of the mess front and back, and then she made me kneel in the tub facing away from her and spread my brown-stained botty cheeks with my little hands.

I blushed pinkly as I assumed the same humiliating exposed position my mean Aunty Cath had forced me to take, but this time the steady stream from the hand-held shower head was delightfully warm and soothing on my delicate wrinkled rosebud. Mummy complimented me on my pretty pink fingernails again while she used a warm soapy washer to scrub between my compliantly spread cheeks, and then she quietly ordered me to let go and roll over. She hosed the stinky brown water down the plughole while I obeyed, and I meekly lay back as the warm spray was turned on my filthy poop-stained genitals. It took only a few seconds to scour away the remaining brown smears from my clittie and ball sack with the soapy washer. I concentrated on trying to control my undisciplined reaction to the pulsating warm stream caressing my easily-aroused organ like hundreds of massaging fingers.

I was grateful when she turned off the stimulating flow before my excitement became too noticeable, then Mummy lifted me from the tub and gently towelled me dry. She escorted me toddling pink and naked into the Nursery and whisked me into the air. I found myself lying back on the pink padded change table where a pair of fresh fluffy nappies were laid out, ready and waiting for me. "Good girl, Angelica!" Mummy praised my sister, who stood beside the change table beaming in appreciation. "Thank you for setting up the clean nappies on the change table for your sister Baby Jennie. What a good little helper you are for Mummy!" she generously complimented Angie. Mummy carelessly rubbed some pink lotion between my botty cheeks and over my excitable genitals.

She frowned at me in warning when my over-reactive pee-pee began to thicken again, no matter how desperately I willed it to stop. She disdainfully sprinkled powder over my crotch without bothering to rub it in. I felt grateful that she pulled the comfy soft nappy front over my genitals before my over-sensitive clittie grew too swollen. Her face was impassive as she pinned one side first, then she yanked the other flap over my tummy and tightly double-pinned it. She released the first pin and then tugged that flap more snugly over my stomach, before likewise pinning it in place with two of the big pink-capped nappy pins.

I let my right hand rest against my cheek to partially shield my face, my iridescent pink fingernails flashing brightly as they caught the light. I tried to surreptitiously examine her olive-green eyes while Mummy diapered me, trying to detect a change in the way she viewed me. She must know about Bonnie catching me wearing her satin cheerleader panties. Aunty Cath must have told her. Did Mummy know? How much did she know? These questions tumbled through my mind and in my confusion, my thumb unintentionally slipped between my parted pink lips and I anxiously began to gnaw at my painted pink nail. The taste of nail polish suddenly reminded me of Justine, the beautiful babysitter from the church Nursery. Without thinking, I reflexively sucked the satisfying digit in deeper, until the ball of my thumb pressed against the soft palate of the roof of my mouth.

"Ballerina toesies," Mummy crooned to me in encouragement. I raised my feet and obediently pointed my pretty pink toes for the fresh baby panties. I lowered my legs and raised my bottom without being asked, and Mummy tugged a pair of my crackling frosty-pink plastic pilchers over my infantile swaddling. "Good girl. Botty down baby," she murmured unnecessarily. When my padded rear flopped onto the table, she swatted my thighs apart and tucked the tight elastic leg bands safely up under the crotch of my bulky nappy. I didn't realise these fresh pink panties also bore the unsightly orange stains around the crotch and white elastic leg bands, further indication of my infantile lack of bowel control.

"Don't suck your thumb baby," Mummy softly chided me when she noticed what I was doing. She frowned mildly in disapproval, plucking the offending digit from my lips before I even realised it was there. She reached up to the shelf above the change table and produced my big pink dummy on the plastic chain, and lavishly licked the amber rubber teat and the inside of the guard with her agile pink tongue. "Here darling, you can suck your dum-dums instead." Mummy popped the dripping pacifier into my open mouth and I gratefully drew on the soft wet nipple, unconsciously making those loud suckling noises so familiar to all nursing mothers. She smiled down affectionately at me and crooned lovingly, "Good girl! That's my precious Baby Jennie!" Despite my intense scrutiny, I couldn't detect any change in her attitude. I was still her baby - her sweet Baby Jennie.

Mummy dressed me in the same white onesie I'd been wearing before my cousins dolled me up after my afternoon nap, then she buckled me into my pink shortalls. She clipped the dangling pink plastic dummy chain to the high bib front, to make sure I wouldn't lose my soother. The same white cotton socks with the yellow lace frills were slipped back on my feet, and then she tied my pink sneakers in place for me. After she lifted me down, I stood there sucking my dum-dums and wobbling like an unsteady infant, watching and waiting patiently while Mummy swiftly undressed Angelica. She changed her wet disposable diaper too, and then dressed my sister in a white onesie, pink sneakers and her pink shortalls, the same as me.

"Come on girls," she urged us, as she shepherded us toddling slowly downstairs. "You can come outside and help Mummy pick up the leaves and fallen branches in the front yard." We paused by the front door and Mummy thrust a huge green plastic garbage bag into my hands, then gave one to Angie. My sister eagerly darted outside and I slowly waddled along behind her, unwilling to face our neighbours again so soon. I kept my humiliated gaze downcast and anxiously sucked on my dum-dums as I reluctantly shuffled across the front porch. I stepped down onto the soggy lawn, stooping to pick up the slimy wet leaves and hundreds of tiny branches, awkwardly stuffing them into the sticky plastic sack I sulkily dragged around with me.

When Michael called out a greeting to Angie, she squealed happily and immediately trotted over to the hedge for a chat, easily distracted from her duties. "Hi Baby Jennie," he weakly greeted me, brushing an errant lock of dark brown hair away from his wide blue eyes, but his tone sounded much more subdued.
The reason for this became obvious when there came a nasty snicker from behind his back. "Baby Jennie?" A louder, deeper voice demanded mockingly, "You mean Baby Jeremy, don't you?" David cruelly insisted, "Although dressed like that, I can see why Baby Jennie is a more suitable name for him - I mean, for her. What a friggin' sissy!" His disgust was clearly evident, and I didn't have to glance up to see the accompanying sneer curling his sensuous full top lip. I knew it had to be there, just like always.

Even though he was less than two years older than me, I always preferred to play with Michael, his much younger brother. Handsome David was always a little too sure of himself - a little too cocky and headstrong, and he liked to lead weaker-willed others - like me - astray. He had matured early, too, and the old black t-shirt he was wearing today was too tight, stretched to breaking point across his broad manly chest. His intense blue eyes reminded me of Paul Newman's in his heyday, and they always seemed to be roaming restlessly when he stopped talking and listened - which was rarely. He owned a full set of gym weights, and incessantly boasted about how often he used them. He was wearing his oldest faded and patched blue jeans, and they were so tight, his bulging lunchbox seemed prominently displayed for public inspection.

"Now, now, boys!" Mrs Smith absent-mindedly chided her sons. "Leave the girls alone and get on with your work." She ignored her own advice. After a searching glance at the obviously padded crotch of my humiliating hot-pink toddler shortalls - and the pink dummy clamped in my mouth - she warmly greeted my mother, removing her work gloves as she approached the hedge. "Hello, Isabell! I understand you have a new little girl in nappies staying with you?" Her inquisitive tone was coy and wondering, and her crinkled blue eyes brightened at the prospect of potential gossip.

"Yes Ruth," my mother replied, likewise approaching the hedge. "I believe you've already met my Baby Jennie?"
"Yes I have," she responded with a bright smile, "and what a beautiful little toddler girl she makes! But tell me, why did you decide to…" The adults turned towards the sidewalk and walked away from us, so I couldn't follow the rest of their conversation. What I did hear was David's hoarse accusing whisper from nearby.

"You knew!" Despite not wanting to, I fearfully glanced up. "You knew that little pants-pissing fairy has been wearing diapers and dresses." Across the hedge the tall blond teenager was pointing a condemning finger at Michael, who looked with mounting horror from me to his sneering big brother and back again. "You've been going over to their place for days now, and you didn't tell us…" For one brief moment I was proud of my friend for keeping my terrible secret, before my own scorched pride came crashing around me in a blistering blaze of scornful masculine laughter.

I anxiously sucked on my pacifier as I desperately sought Mummy, my eyes darting around the yard. She was standing on the footpath out the front, laughing brightly and chatting animatedly with our neighbour, and ignoring me completely. When I turned back to look at Michael, he appeared embarrassed and ashamed. He looked as though he wished he'd never met me. He dismally thrust his hands into his jeans' pockets, and his narrow shoulders sagged in defeat under his big brother's mocking taunts. I wanted to reach out to him, to apologise; to comfort him in some way… But after a mortified darting glance at me, Michael turned away and shuffled off to dispiritedly gather more debris.

My cheeks were burning with shame as I too, bent to my task, blindly picking up the slimy leaves because of the hot tears filling my eyes. "Hey Nancy-boy! Love the pretty pink shortalls! I always knew you were a sissy pants-wetter, but a baby? And you have a pink dummy? That is so gay!" To a tanned, butch, muscle-bound hunk like David, that was the worst insult he could offer. I felt powerless in the face of his jeering laughter. Instead my battered pride took yet another beating when my little sister piped up in my defence.

"Leave Baby Jennie alone! You leave my baby sister alone, you meanie!" Angelica's pretty face was scrunched up and her bottom lip thrust out aggressively, her normally pale features red with anger. My sassy sister boldly stepped in front of me and spread her little arms wide, as though to shield me from David's nasty slurs. Her high-pitched squeals fortunately attracted the attention of the grown-ups, who both turned towards us and began approaching from their own sides of the hedge.

"Hey, relax, Angie baby!" David reassured Angelica with a dismissive wave of his calloused hand, snickering in heartless amusement. After glancing at our parents intently striding towards us, his sneer disappeared, instantly replaced by a cunning friendly smile. "I just didn't realise your baby sister still wore nappies, too! Why, you girls might need a babysitter some day, now that there are two little toddlers to look after?" His last off-hand remark was deliberately pitched loud enough for our approaching Mummy to hear, and I was aghast when she smiled grimly and nodded in agreement.

"Yes, David. In fact, my little ones will need a babysitter this Wednesday afternoon," Mummy mentioned. "Why? Are you free to look after them then?" One of the problems I had with David was that everyone always assumed the handsome, athletic boy was as wholesome and clean-cut as he looked. It didn't help that his startling bright blue eyes always appeared clear and trustworthy, and when he smiled, he looked like a fair-haired, teenage Brad Pitt.

"I dunno, Mrs R. I could always check my schedule, if you like?" David's reply sounded careless and lazy, as if he didn't really mind one way or the other. But then he unleashed his megawatt smile on my mother, who instantly smiled in return, succumbing as usual to his easy charm. My heart pounded against my ribs in fear as I imagined being under the thumb of this heartless youth, and I bit on my dummy teat in terror. I waddled away from them and concentrated on picking up handfuls of dripping leaves and twigs. I shoved them into the disgusting plastic bag sticking wetly to my bare legs. My pink sneakers were soaked already from the damp grass, and I could feel my pretty socks growing cold and wet, too. There was a sudden burst of almost-scalding heat around my sensitive clittie, and my nappy began to warm delightfully between my legs, the soothing wetness slowly seeping around to my botty cheeks.

"Hey Baby Jennie?" I glanced up when Michael quietly called my name, then checked that his horrid big brother and our mothers were still busy chatting. I think the wee-wee was still trickling out of my clittie while I shuffled closer to the hedge, but I was never sure anymore, these days.
"I'm thowwy I got you into twouble," I apologised around my dum-dums before he could continue. He shrugged dismissively and thankfully ignored my girlish infantile lisp.

"Don't worry about it. David always finds an excuse to give me a hard time." Michael brushed off his brother's teasing like water off a duck's back. "He doesn't need a reason. Anyway, I just wanted to say…" He hesitated and glanced over at his brother and our parents, hesitant to continue - then he turned back to me and blurted in a rush; "I think you looked really beautiful today, in that yellow dress." His cheeks turned rosy with embarrassment as he shyly complimented me, and then he spun around and swiftly trotted back to the cardboard box full of leaves and rubbish he'd already collected.

That was the first time a boy ever told me I was beautiful! Although I was secretly thrilled by the lovely compliment, I didn't know how to react. I sucked harder on my dum-dums in confusion and felt my own cheeks turn pink with pleasure. I found myself staring at my sweet young friend's back - until I caught a glimpse of David approaching from the corner of my eye. I hurriedly bent to my task and wetly waddled away towards the high paling fence bordering the other side of our property. Behind me I heard David's hoarsely whispered threat; "Just you wait, you sissy pants-wetter! You little fairy, I'm going to…" I scuttled out of earshot before he could complete his malevolent diatribe, my knees trembling in fear. Thankfully I heard his mother yell at him to stop wasting time and get back to work, but I didn't glance up when he shuffled away.

Our neighbours had disappeared inside and we were just finishing cleaning up when Daddy pulled into the driveway in his silver Ford. Angelica squealed in delight and ran to the car, and threw herself into Daddy's arms as soon as he alighted. "My goodness, Angelica! Look at that curly hair, and those pretty nails! Are you wearing make-up, too? You look beautiful, darling!" He swept her up in his big strong arms and smothered her face with dozens of tiny kisses, and then gently put my giggling sister down. I slowly waddled over and shyly greeted him too, unsure how he would react to my feminised appearance. His bushy black eyebrows crawled up his tanned forehead like two hairy caterpillars, and his deep blue eyes widened in astonishment.

My stride faltered when he frowned at me in momentary confusion, and he must have read the anxiety on my face. I nervously sucked my dum-dums until he asked in a bemused tone; "Baby Jennie? Is that you, sweetheart? My heavens! Look at you!" For a moment I froze and trembled with uncertainty, but he dropped to one knee and opened his arms wide in invitation. "Come here, Baby Jennie. Come to Daddy." I stumbled into his muscular arms and he wrapped them around me, hugging me reassuringly and crisply patting my heavily diapered bottom. I wondered if he could tell I was wet? He gently kissed my cheek and cuddled me warmly, and I thrilled at his loving acceptance. He whispered tenderly in my ear, "You look so beautiful, baby girl! I hardly recognised you." I felt so happy, I thought my heart might burst with joy! Daddy loved me as a pretty little girl! He released me and stood up to meet my mother, whose greeting was much cooler. Her demeanour wasn't improved when he pecked her on the cheek and said by way of greeting, "Hello honey. I have to drive to Canberra tomorrow morning, and sort out a contract problem. It might take a few days."

My mother frowned unhappily and groaned testily, "Not again, Brett? That's the second time this quarter!"
"I know, Isabell, I know," he replied disconsolately. "But there's nothing I can do…." He shrugged his broad shoulders resignedly and headed for the front door. Mummy took off after him with quick impatient strides, indicating we follow her inside with an imperious wave of her hand. "Why are the girls wearing make-up?" I heard Daddy ask Mummy, "And who did their nails?"
"April and Bonnie came over to babysit today while I went to see the psychologist, and the girls offered to give our toddlers a make-over while I was gone."
"Oh yes? So what did the shrink have to say?" Daddy asked, as he shrugged off his jacket and strode up the stairs two at a time.

Mummy turned to glance at us first, and stopped us at the door to remove our sneakers. "Girls, leave those bags of rubbish outside the front door, and take your wet shoes and socks off here and then dump them in the laundry. Angelica, make sure you close the front door behind you, and after you drop your things in the laundry, take your baby sister out to the sunroom, please honey?" My sister eagerly chirped assent and while we shuffled barefoot down the hall towards the kitchen carrying our soggy socks and shoes, Mummy followed Daddy upstairs to their bedroom. I pouted resentfully around my dum-dums at being left in the charge of my three-year-old baby sister, but there was no use complaining. I faintly heard Mummy close their bedroom door behind her, and I fervently hoped our parents wouldn't start fighting again. It always freaked Angelica out whenever they started screaming at each other.

My sister chattered away as if nothing unusual was happening, and I couldn't hear any yelling from upstairs. In the sunroom I sucked absent-mindedly on my mouth-filling pacifier and played with my dolly. I compliantly pretended to change her nappy under Angelica's bossy guidance, all while listening carefully for any disturbing noises from upstairs. I obeyed my sister's silly instructions without thinking, concentrating on the muted voices I could barely hear coming from above. When Mummy returned downstairs she still looked cranky, but when she caught sight of me, her stride faltered. She leaned inside the doorway to the sunroom and smiled down at us as she sweetly inquired, "What are you doing, Baby Jennie?" Her question broke my reverie, and I glanced down at myself in confusion. Angelica had unfastened one side of my pink shortalls and let the bib front droop down, and I was pressing my dolly Justine's face to my nipple through my stretchy white onesie.

My cheeks blazed with embarrassment and I sucked harder on my dum-dums when Angelica responded for me. "Baby Jennie is being the mummy, and she's feeding her baby Justine from her boosies," my sister enthusiastically explained, and Mummy's grin grew broader.
"Well, I think all my baby girls must be hungry, so I'll go and check on dinner. Can you clip Baby Jennie's shortalls back together again, Angelica, and bring the baby out to the kitchen?" My sister nodded obediently and shuffled over to where I sat on the floor, my cheeks scarlet with humiliation. Angie competently reattached the dangling pink strap to the high bib front, while Mummy smiled contentedly and nodded in approval.
"Good girl, Angelica! Such a good helper for Mummy today!"
"Come on, Baby Jennie," my sister urged, grabbing my hands and clumsily pulling me to my feet. "It's dinner time, baby!" My beaming little sister abandoned her dolly and trotted after Mummy towards the kitchen, and I heard her eagerly asking our mother if there was anything she wanted her to do.

Dinner was a rather subdued affair, and the sombre mood even affected Angelica. She started off blabbering brightly as usual, but Mummy's grim demeanour and Daddy's monosyllabic responses soon dampened her enthusiasm. She eventually gave up talking and stared resentfully at me from her booster seat as if it were all my fault, pouting her tiny cupid's bow of a mouth and glaring accusingly at me with her big blue eyes. I silently sat there in my highchair, listlessly opening my mouth whenever Mummy's hand approached holding the big pink plastic spoon, loaded with tasteless bland toddler food from a jar. I resented the fact that the rest of the family were eating grilled lamb cutlets with delicious baked vegetables, but with Mummy's current mood, I didn't dare complain. Everybody else's food smelled fabulous, and my mouth watered until a stream of drool accidentally dribbled down my chin. Mummy used my bib to brusquely wipe my face clean, clucking in irritation at my uncontrollable baby ways while my cheeks flushed pink with shame.

When Mummy undressed me that evening to put me in the bath, my nappy was saturated again. I didn't remember peeing more than once, but the drenched layers of terrycloth that Mummy peeled away from my crotch were dripping with warm urine. "Gosh, Baby Jennie!" she complained, "These nappies are soaked again! Mummy might have to start putting a soaker pad in your nappies as well, to prevent any accidents on the furniture." I didn't know what she meant, and I was so drained by the events of the day that I didn't bother responding. Mummy undressed Angelica next, and we shuffled naked into the Nursery bathroom together to find the tub already half-full of steaming water.

Mummy slipped a frilly pink plastic shower cap over my bobbing blonde curls, and did the same for Angelica. I had hoped for a moment alone with our mother, and was disappointed when she lowered Angelica and me into the bath together. I wanted to ask Mummy how she felt about Bonnie catching me wearing her cheerleader panties, but I really didn't know how to start such an embarrassing conversation. But when she plopped my sister in the bath beside me, I knew there was no chance of asking Mummy tonight, and I breathed an audible sigh of relief. I suddenly realised I was wetting again under the water, and I hoped the others didn't notice when my bladder uncontrollably voided in the lovely hot bath.

Fortunately Mummy was preoccupied removing Angelica's make-up with some gooey white cream, and didn't spot the delightful golden stream gushing freely from between my legs. When she turned to me and smeared my face with the cold cream too, I shuddered in distaste and tried to back away. "Stay still, little girl! Mummy just has to remove your make-up." When I clamped my eyes tightly shut and whimpered at her rough scrubbing, she soothingly reassured me.

"It's alright, sweetheart! I know you love looking pretty and wearing make-up like a big girl, but all girls have to take their make-up off before they go to bed. That's the rule, Baby Jennie." She frowned when the pink stain on my swollen lips refused to budge, no matter how much cream she used or how firmly she scrubbed with the soapy washer. I whimpered in pain and eventually pulled away from her ruthless scouring, and she frowned uncertainly at me. "Those pink lips don't want to seem to come off! Oh well," she shrugged dismissively. "They look very pretty anyway, baby girl. Don't worry, I'll ask Bonnie tomorrow how to clean them off," she reassured me, laughing when I pouted sulkily and resentfully thrust out my puffy pink bottom lip.

Mummy carried Angie into the Nursery while Daddy dried me off, and by the time he whisked me into the air and plonked me on the change table, my sister was already diapered and dressed in her 'Little Mermaid' pyjamas. Mummy finished tucking her into bed, and then diffidently brushed Daddy aside to diaper me for the night. He grinned sheepishly at me lying pink and naked on the change table on my thick fluffy nappies, and then he shuffled out of the Nursery. Meanwhile Mummy plopped my dripping wet dummy teat between my swollen pink lips, cooing, "Here's your dum-dums, Baby Jennie." I automatically sucked on the mouth-filling amber nipple, easily distracted like any toddler while Mummy carefully powdered my loins and pinned my comfy nappies tightly around me. "Ballerina toesies," she crooned, before she slipped a clean pair of plain pink baby panties over my daintily pointed toes and up my legs.

A pink cotton onesie was slipped over my head, and Mummy sat me up to feed my limp hands through the short sleeves and pull it down over my torso. She lifted me down and fastened the crotch pieces together, before whisking me into the air again and laying me on my back in my cot. After locking the crib rail, our mother read us another chapter from the book about the bunnies. I rolled onto my side and stuffed my soft pink teddy between my helplessly splayed thighs, wriggling about until my legs were comfortable. I cuddled Justine and slurped on my dummy, and wondered how much Mummy really knew about my perverted private pastimes - but I felt sure this wasn't the right time to ask. I sleepily lay there wetting my nappy and relishing the familiar comforting warmth, one hand innocently cupped over the bulging crotch of my crackling baby panties, before the gentle rise and fall of Mummy's soothing voice lulled me into dreamland.

I awoke to hear my sister loudly crying, and when I dazedly gazed through the pink bars with sleep-rimmed eyes, Mummy was already sitting on the edge of Angie's bed trying to comfort her distressed daughter. When Daddy stuck his head in the Nursery doorway to sleepily ask what was wrong, Mummy tersely replied, "It's a toothache. I'll have to take Angelica to the dentist this morning." Daddy offered to ring and make the appointment, while Mummy picked Angie up and cuddled her closely. "I'll take you downstairs and give you some Panadol, sweetie," Mummy crooned sympathetically, before carrying my sister out and heading downstairs.

After rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I rolled on my back and reached down to feel the warmth of my thick wet nappies where they bulged between my thighs. The front of my onesie tented slightly because of my prominent erection underneath. Wantonly I pressed my palm against the sodden cloth beneath the tight onesie and plastic panties, until still-warm trickles of urine dribbled over my sensitive perineum. I reached down between my legs and forced the deliciously soggy cloth more firmly against my rosebud, only then becoming aware that there was a small squishy lump wedged between my damp botty cheeks. I hadn't noticed the smell of my dirty diaper, and didn't realise that after repeated exposure to certain strong scents, the body switched off those signals from the nose, to make the aromas more tolerable. I was slowly adapting to the stench of my own uncontrollable soiling.

I knew Mummy was busy downstairs with Angie and Daddy hardly ever visited the Nursery in the mornings. I took advantage of this rare brief moment of private alone-time to caress the swollen hardness trapped beneath the clinging sensuous warmth of my dirty soggy nappy. It felt amazing when I briskly rubbed my palm over the front, the stretchy onesie material sliding erotically over the slippery crackling plastic panties underneath. I revelled in the fantastic feelings coming from my throbbing clittie and started to fantasise about Justine the babysitter, picturing her perfect round breasts exposed for my pleasure, with her pinky-brown nipples swollen and erect and ready for my seeking lips.

I instinctively sucked harder on the dummy teat still clamped between my lips. I rubbed my swollen clittie harder and faster through my warm wet nappy, wondering at the strange tension building up in my groin. I was tempted to unfasten the crotch snaps of my onesie and slide my hand inside the tight elastic waistband of my baby panties, to feel inside my humid infantile swaddling. But my thrilling self-pleasuring session was unfortunately interrupted when I heard Mummy climbing the stairs. I rolled onto my side facing the wall when she walked in carrying my snivelling sister.

"I know it hurts, honey, I know," Mummy kindly sympathised, patting Angie's wet diapered bottom reassuringly. "But the paracetamol should start working soon, and we have an appointment with the dentist at ten this morning. We'll see what he has to say," decided my mother firmly, as she lay Angelica on her back on the change table and unclipped her onesie. Mummy pulled down her plastic panties and unpinned her drenched night nappy, and soon had my distressed sister wiped clean, freshly powdered, and taped into a puffy pink disposable diaper. At her tearful request, Angie was dressed in her favourite hot-pink elastic-waist shorts, and a pastel-pink t-shirt that had 'Mummy's Little Angel' spelled out in alphabet blocks across the breast. I took the time available to will away my hard clittie, and by the time Mummy lifted my sister down and lowered the side of my crib, my uncontrollable pee-pee had thankfully dwindled to normal size.

Mummy barely spoke to me that morning while she hurriedly changed my saturated nappy. She didn't even bother commenting on the small turd nestled moistly in my bumcrack, simply tut-tutting in annoyance as she scraped away the sticky mess. She repeatedly wiped me down with baby wipes, until she had thoroughly scrubbed my dirty bottom clean. Soon my ball sack and clittie were fresh and sparkling again, and then Mummy sprinkled powder all over my bottom and crotch and briskly rubbed it in. She pinned my soft fluffy nappies over my hips, tightening each side with the big pink pins in turn until she was satisfied. "Lift your footsies and ballerina toesies, Baby Jennie," she urged me in syrupy baby talk. She slid a fresh pair of plastic panties over the top that were covered with a swishy outer layer of pastel-pink nylon, and I noticed there were three small bands of frilly white lace decorating the seat. She then dressed me in an identical pair of pink shorts and t-shirt to my little sister, except my tiny shorts were stretched to breaking point over my huge cloth nappies.

The dummy chain was clipped to my t-shirt collar and then Mummy lifted me down. I pouted resentfully around my pacifier when I realised my little pink shorts were so tight, you could easily see every fold and bump of my thick nappies underneath. Inspecting my humiliating appearance in the mirror, I could clearly see both pairs of nappy pins sticking out through my snug baby panties and the stretchy terry material of my lightweight shorts. When I turned around and checked, you could even see the lacy ruffles of my rumba panties squashed across my huge bulging rear. Mummy dragged me away from my shameful effeminate reflection and led me waddling awkwardly downstairs by one hand, cradling my grizzling sister in her other arm.

I climbed into my highchair without being asked, and this morning was surprised when I was allowed to feed myself! After securing the worn white leather waist and crotch straps, and locking the pink wooden tray solidly in place, Mummy clipped a plain white bib around my neck. She removed my dripping dummy, dropping it in a glass of water on the kitchen bench so it would be ready for my use again. She dumped a big plastic Sesame Street bowl filled with warm porridge and my pink spoon on the highchair tray, and distantly ordered me to eat my breakfast while she cuddled and tried to calm my teary-eyed sister. I timidly sat there in silence, clumsily eating my meal with the unfamiliar rubber-coated spoon, and contemplating the potential humiliation that awaited me when Mummy took us to visit our dentist in town.

My nightmare was interrupted by the shrill ringing of the telephone. Mummy answered it while clutching Angelica closely. "Hello? Oh hi, Bonnie," Mummy dully greeted our cousin, sounding very preoccupied. "No, Angie has a bad toothache, and I'm taking the girls to the dentist." There was a pause, then she continued; "No, Baby Jennie doesn't need to go, but-" There was a longer pause while Mummy listened carefully, and then she smiled briefly and nodded before responding. "Yes, of course! Uh-huh… Certainly, darling! She's a size six. Yes, I know. Tiny! Thank you, that would be great, Bonnie! Can you get here before 9.30?"

I realised with a pang of concern that Mummy had agreed to leave me in the care of my beautiful buxom cousin again, but I couldn't decide which option might be worse? To let Mummy drag me off to visit our dentist in the crowded city, and let everyone see me dressed in my humiliating pink shorts and feminine top, with my thick nappies obviously bulging underneath? Or to stay home under the care of my devious teenage cousin, who delighted in feminising and humiliating me? Mummy completed her call and hung up the phone, smiling in grim satisfaction at the way things had turned out. While I was gobbling the remainder of my breakfast, Daddy strode into the kitchen dressed in his best navy-blue suit and his red business tie, with a crisp white shirt underneath.

Daddy straightened his tie and carefully pecked my porridge-smeared cheek in passing, and walked over to stand beside Mummy. He tentatively kissed her, holding Angie's little hand comfortingly and muttering gentle encouraging words in her tiny pink ear. When he drew back he addressed our mother, informing her his bags were already packed in the boot of his Ford. He told us he would probably return sometime later this weekend, and after waving at me, he briefly kissed our mother and Angie goodbye before hurrying out the door. Mummy frowned at his departing back, but didn't say a word as she gently bounced my miserable sister in her arms.

After removing my empty Sesame Street bowl and placing my pink sippy-cup full of juice on the highchair tray, Mummy ignored me. She disappeared upstairs carrying my poor sister, trying desperately to comfort the distressed child. I sat there alone in my pink highchair for ages after draining my pink plastic cup, and when I grew too bored, I started to edge forward until my easily-aroused clittie was pressing into the front of my wonderfully warm wet nappy. I rocked my hips and forced my excitable hard pee-pee against the strut under the pink wooden tray, my swelling tool growing harder with each gentle thrust. I wanted to reach down and fondle my throbbing clittie through my clinging baby panties but there was no room to slip my hand between the close-fitting highchair tray and my tummy. Ages passed and despite the exciting feelings coming from inside my lovely wet nappy, I was almost about to call out for Mummy to come and release me when the front doorbell rang. I listened intently as I heard her high heels pacing down the hallway and when Mummy noisily opened the front door, I heard two bright feminine voices greeting her.

I was expecting Bonnie and April Jones to come strolling into the kitchen, but was crushed to discover that my younger cousin had brought over one of her best girlfriends to witness my humiliating baby treatment. Tammy looked about seventeen, around the same age as Bonnie, but nowhere near as tall or busty as my imposing auburn cousin. She had the kind of glamorous good looks you usually associate with teen models, or girls featured on the covers of television magazines. The gorgeous blonde was carrying a heavy blue overnight bag, which she gratefully dropped to the floor and sensibly slid under a kitchen chair, and she laughed gaily when Bonnie made the introductions. "Tammy, this is my little 'niece,' Baby Jennie! See? I told you he was dressed and treated like a precious baby girl." The slender girl with the honey-blonde bob covered her full pink mouth with one small hand as she laughed merrily, her soft brown eyes glinting with amusement.

"Oh my God! She can't be thirteen? My eight-year-old sister Mandy is bigger than her! Look at those gorgeous curls! She looks like Shirley Temple! And she wears a bib and eats from a highchair, too? That is like, seriously weird!" Tammy cackled in bemused astonishment. When she finally brought her giggles under control, she stepped around in front of me and leaned on my highchair tray with her elbows, examining my feminised features from up close. "Oops!" She teased me as she pointed to my porridge-stained face with one pink-painted fingernail. "You got a little…"

Bonnie used my messy bib to presumptively swipe my smeared cheeks, chin and lips, scolding me at the same time in a bored, long-suffering tone. "Baby Jennie is such a messy eater! Let Aunty Bonnie clean you up, baby girl." When my grubby face was scrubbed clean, she let the filthy bib drop to my breast, clucking reprovingly at my dirty childish habits. Her friend laughed brightly again, displaying her perfect, even white teeth, while Bonnie grinned mischievously as she washed her hands at the sink.

For a long while Tammy stared at my freshly-scrubbed face from mere inches away, and I felt my cheeks begin to redden with fresh embarrassment when she brushed aside my bouncing platinum curls to examine my glittering new earrings. "Oh, I love her diamond stud earrings, Bonnie! And she's got pierced ears, too?" She laughed gaily again and shook her head in disbelief. The honey-blonde teen was extraordinarily beautiful and from this close, I could see she didn't wear or need any make-up. Her lightly tanned complexion was immaculate, without a blemish to mar the perfection of her angelic heart-shaped face. Tammy's wide-spaced eyes were huge, the irises a soft milk chocolate-brown flecked with hints of green. Her dark-brown eyebrows formed two neat high arches, her eyelashes were naturally dark and long, and her nose was small and perfectly straight. Her full luscious lips were lightly covered in shiny pink-tinted lip gloss, and they stretched tautly in amusement as I watched her contemptuously flick up the stained white bib covering my breast.

She wasn't as buxom as Bonnie, but the baggy cream blouse tossed carelessly over her mid-thigh, close-fitting denim skirt didn't reveal much of her slim figure above the hips. Tammy's legs were tanned and shapely, with plump muscular calves above slender ankles. My pushy cousin on the other hand was dressed very casually today in her tiny cut-off jeans shorts and a similar loose white blouse, although the top few buttons were unfastened to reveal an expanse of swelling tanned bosom and deep inviting cleavage. Unlike Tammy, Bonnie's beautiful face was perfectly made-up as usual, except today she was only wearing pink-tinted lip gloss instead of lipstick on her puffy bee-stung lips. Bonnie's long bare legs were deeply tanned, and her bust-length chestnut mane was tied back in a low swishing ponytail - which made her fractionally less imposing than the day before. They were both wearing similar flat leather sandals, and I could see they had painted their finger and toenails the same lustrous shade of creamy pink.

"She's really gorgeous," Tammy kindly complimented me, making me hesitantly smile even as my blushing pink cheeks turned a rosier hue. "Prettier than her kid sister, anyway. She's got fabulous long eyelashes, and such pretty, full pink lips." She took one of my hands and turned it over to examine my pink fingernails. "Tiny hands, and such beautifully manicured and painted nails, too! Are you sure she's a boy?" Until she commented on them, I'd completely forgotten about my fluorescent-pink nail polish and the lash extensions permanently glued to my eyelashes, and all the other feminine alterations to my features. I hadn't even noticed my lengthened lashes when I woke up this morning.

"She's a boy, alright! A horrible, disgusting, dirty teenage boy!" Bonnie confirmed with a nasty smirk, and reached under the highchair tray to viciously poke the warm damp crotch of my nappy through my tight pink shorts. Despite my thick wet padding, I whimpered in discomfort and unsuccessfully tried to wriggle away from her, momentarily forgetting I was bound like a helpless infant in my humiliating pink highchair. "She's already wet. Baby Jennie's always wet, so I'll prove it to you when I change her diaper." Bonnie was interrupted by Mummy calling to her from the hallway, and she dashed out to receive any last-minute instructions. The attractive blonde teenager remained behind in the kitchen, her soft brown eyes frankly evaluating my feminised appearance and my humiliating infantile circumstances. I stared back at her in nervous anticipation while silently longing for my dummy, and I almost felt relieved when Bonnie sauntered back into the kitchen. She slid her brown leather shoulder bag from her arm and opened the top zip, and while I watched, she produced the biggest baby bottle I'd ever seen.

"Look what I've got for my precious Baby Jennie," she cooed at me in faux-maternal tones, her huge golden eyes glittering with cruel amusement. I heard Mummy call out a rushed goodbye before she slammed the front door closed after her, as she hurriedly departed with my snivelling sister. My heart raced in panic when I realised I was alone with these two gorgeous girls, and I fearfully wondered what bossy Bonnie had in store for me this morning? She collected my empty pink sippy-cup from the tray and carelessly tossed it in the sink, where it landed with a unnerving loud clatter of plastic. She strode over to the fridge and half-filled the clear baby bottle with orange juice, and then topped it up with cold water from the tap.

"I told you yesterday I was going to buy you a new bottle, Baby Jennie," my towering auburn cousin spitefully reminded me, as she screwed on the pink lid with the clear silicon nipple. She stepped over to my highchair and forcibly thrust the teat between my sulky pouting lips. "You couldn't like, drink from a sippy-cup without like, making a mess everywhere, you know? So it's back to drinking from a baby bottle for you!" I reflexively clamped my lips around the soft nipple and sucked, and as soon as Bonnie tilted the oversized plastic bottle up, juice spurted into my mouth and I was forced to rapidly swallow.

"That's right, Baby Jennie," crooned Tammy pseudo-encouragingly, as she giggled in sadistic delight at my writhing discomfort. "Good baby! Show me how you suckle from your titty bottle like a good little baby girl!" Bonnie must have made the hole in the nipple larger, because juice freely flowed into my mouth even when I didn't suck. I desperately gulped to stop from drowning in the ready stream, and the girls continued to murmur gentle words of encouragement in saccharine baby talk as I reflexively sucked and swallowed. "Look how eagerly she suckles, Bonnie! What a thirsty baby girl!" The pink-capped, clear plastic bottle was enormous, and must have held around a pint of fluid. It seemed to take forever to finish it, especially as I'd only recently drained my sippy-cup. My little tummy felt bloated and I was gasping for breath, and I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally heard the sound of air being sucked back in through the nipple. "Good girl! What a good little baby girl!" Tammy fulsomely praised me, when my grinning cousin triumphantly held up the empty vessel. "Look how Baby Jennie drank it all down for her Aunties, Bonnie. What a precious little baby girl she is!"

Bonnie handed her jeering friend the drained bottle with a flourish and removed my dirty bib, and then she stepped behind my highchair to unbuckle the leather restraints. While she unlocked and removed the tray, I noticed with some alarm that Tammy was refilling the new pink bottle with the same combination of watered-down orange juice. But I didn't have time to wonder what they intended before Bonnie lifted me down with a grunt of exertion, and then she pushed me towards the hallway with several hard whacks on the bottom to encourage me on my way. She picked up the heavy blue overnight bag from under the chair and turned to follow me. "Let's take the baby upstairs right away, and change her wet nappy," she suggested to Tammy, and then turned to me again and archly demanded; "Wouldn't you like that, baby girl? Aunty Bonnie knows how much her Baby Jennie secretly loves having her nappies changed." She grinned wolfishly at my dismayed expression and grasped my hand firmly, leading me waddling wetly towards the stairs. She released my hand and crisply patted my waggling bum all the way upstairs, grinning nastily at the noisy tell-tale wet sound her broad palm made every time it connected with my damp plastic panties.

A smirking Tammy carried the full bottle and followed us into the Nursery, and she was clearly amused when Bonnie explained that the pink wooden crib with the pastel-pink ballerina sheets was mine, too. The tall auburn stuffed the overnight bag under my cot and turned her attention to my cowering form. I felt about six inches tall when my pushy cousin removed my shameful pastel-pink t-shirt and stripped away my hot-pink shorts, revealing my baby-pink lace-trimmed panties before she lifted me onto the change table. I blushed with shame as my embarrassing infantile underwear was exposed to her amused blonde friend, who cackled gaily. "Pink baby panties, too? Ooo, and look at those gorgeous lace ruffles across the tushie! My, my! Baby Jennie definitely is a girly-girl, isn't she?" Tammy insisted with an indulgent smile.

"Baby Jennie is certainly more girl than boy, I think," agreed Bonnie with an evil leer. She turned to me and ordered in a voice dripping with honey; "Lift your widdle footsies for Aunty Bonnie, precious, and point your toesies like a pwetty ballerina, baby girl." She grinned down maliciously at my mortified expression, and her friend chortled in amusement when I automatically obeyed the humiliating crooned commands. My nappy was drenched as usual, which Bonnie pointed out with malevolent delight as she removed the big pink-capped, stainless-steel pins. She needlessly explained how my Mummy insisted my nappies be tightly pinned with two pins each side because I was such a heavy wetter, and my face burned crimson with embarrassment. Her gorgeous blonde friend laughed uproariously at my shame-tinged cheeks.

Tammy stepped to the head of the change table and slipped the teat of the full pink baby bottle between my lips, and once more I was forced to urgently drink to prevent myself from drowning. She gazed down condescendingly at my blushing red face as I reflexively sucked and swallowed, and I couldn't meet her cool, unblinking brown eyes. Instead I sullenly glanced over at Bonnie, to where she stood between my spread legs at the foot of the change table. My cousin lowered my warm wet nappy front while heartlessly discussing my infantile lack of control with her beautiful bemused friend. "She's always been a little panty-pisser, and she's a hopeless bed-wetter, too - although April and I had a hand in that," she admitted with a self-satisfied smirk.
"Oh my God! Look at how tiny her pee-pee is!" Tammy exclaimed, chortling in amusement when she caught sight of my shrivelled clittie.

"Yes, I know," Bonnie agreed with a shark-like smile so reminiscent of her mother. "It's too small to be a penis. That's why Baby Jennie calls it something else." The cool liquid trickling down my throat and the sudden cold breeze on my exposed damp genitals had an unfortunate unexpected effect, and without any conscious thought, a gush of hot wee-wees jetted uncontrollably from my limp little clittie. Since Bonnie was chatting and looking at her friend, the unnoticed amber stream rose from between my legs and made a perfect arc up her peasant blouse and into my cousin's open mouth! It splashed against the back of her throat, triggering the swallowing reflex, and I watched in horror as she unintentionally drank my golden flow. I tried valiantly to stop weeing, but it felt as though the connections between my bladder muscles and my brain had wasted away, and nothing happened when I strained to halt the flood. Bonnie coughed violently and screamed in shock, spraying her white blouse and my tummy with droplets of warm wee-wee, before frantically trying to cover my streaming clittie with the soggy front of my cooling wet nappy.

"Oh! Ugh! Ooo!" Bonnie gasped and spat, and she shook her head in in revulsion. "Oh yuck!" When Tammy recovered from her initial shock, she began to scream with laughter at the comical sight. Her hand was shaking so badly that she lost her grip on my bottle, and I grabbed it before it hit me in the face. When I saw the expression of horrified disgust marring Bonnie's beautiful features, plus the fact that my golden urine was still trickling down her chin and staining her crisp white blouse… I couldn't help it! I had to rip the nipple from my lips and I burst out laughing, too. I don't know whether it was amusement or fear, but I couldn't stop cackling hysterically as my cranky cousin frantically swabbed at her dripping face and wet blouse with one of my dry nappies, her pretty features scrunched up in anger.

"You dirty baby!" she stormed at me when she could talk, snatching the bottle from my hands and tossing it to her bemused accomplice. "You dirty, bad little girl!" She made sure I had stopped wetting before she yanked the drenched diaper out from underneath me and tossed it in the nappy bucket. "You did that deliberately," she spitefully accused, as she roughly wiped me down with baby wipes. My little clittie shrivelled in fright, and didn't react even when she carelessly smeared powder over my crotch and bottom and briskly slapped it in, till a cloud of sweetly perfumed talc enveloped us like a London fog. Her furious tone and glowering golden eyes terrified me, but I couldn't stop the involuntary laughter bubbling from my pink-stained lips. "You think that's funny? You think pee in the mouth is funny? I'll show you! Let's see how much you like pee in the mouth!" She dragged me off the change table and savagely grabbing my freshly-pierced ear, hauled me scared and naked towards the en-suite bathroom, squealing girlishly from the pain in my tender lobe.

To be continued in chapter 11.

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Baby Jennie

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