Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 39

Synopsis; Cath recalls the first time she met Baby Pansy.

Chapter 39. Mistress Cath and Baby Pansy

Cath gave her bound and gagged sissy-slave a salacious smile. It was a night she would never forget! It all began one day at work, when one of her co-workers from the vast legal secretarial pool at her office had been looking at some naughty pics on her computer screen. Eighteen-year-old Cath unexpectedly popped her head around the corner of Marie’s cubicle to ask a question, and caught sight of a picture of a pretty girl in a fabulous shiny black catsuit and corset. “Wow!” Cath commented in surprise, before she could stop herself. “Is that you in that picture, Marie?” The embarrassed young woman immediately closed the file, wiping the picture of a wasp-waisted blonde girl dressed in an exotic black latex outfit from the screen. It took Cath a while to convince her workmate that she was really interested, and the suddenly-shy twenty-four-year-old secretary let her look at a few ‘less raunchy’ pics.

After work Cath insisted on taking Marie out for a drink, and after some prompting (and five bourbon and cokes) she learned all about some of the bondage and discipline clubs around Sydney, and the fetish parties they regularly held. The black latex bodysuit and leather corset Marie had been wearing in the pics had been loaned to her by a chunky forty-something man named ‘Dress-up Chris.’ “His fetish is to dress up beautiful young women in these exotic outfits, and take some pictures before he escorts you to a ‘B&D’ fetish party. You don’t have to show your face, if you don’t want to - but he promises never to post the pictures anywhere, anyway. He’s a bit old, and kind of a perve, but he’s pretty harmless,” she giggled, “and he’s got an unbelievable wardrobe of kinky outfits. You should come along some time. You've got a great body. He’d love to dress you up, sweetie!” When Marie offered to take her to the next fetish party in three weeks time, Cath jumped at the chance.

Cath had a naughty little secret she’d never told anyone. She had only been seventeen when dropped in unexpectedly to visit her twenty-year-old boyfriend at the place where he lived with his two older male flatmates, late one Saturday morning. She blithely opened the unlocked front door and casually walked down the narrow hallway into the tiny terrace house in the back streets of Annandale. All three tenants were poor university students, and the furnishings were rather impoverished. She could hear the TV blaring and she knew someone was home, so she strolled towards the lounge room at the end of the long dingy hallway. The twenty-two-year-old man sprawled on the ratty lounge shrieked like a startled little girl when he spotted her! He swiftly covered his rampant stiffie with a handy towel. He scrabbled for the remote with the other hand.

“Oh my God!” Cath squealed in surprise, covering her wide emerald eyes and turning away in embarrassment. Although she had already caught a good look at his sexual equipment, and she was mentally filing away the raunchy image for future reference. The embarrassed young man frantically yanked up his pants and ejected the VHS cassette he’d been masturbating to. He grabbed the pile of boxed tapes lying on the floor and scrambled into his bedroom out the back.

Cath turned around from where she’d been loitering in the hallway to forlornly apologise, but the door slammed shut behind him. She heard the sound of a lock firmly closing. Her face fell as she thought dismally, ‘I didn’t mean to embarrass the poor thing! I mean, everybody does it. Don’t they?’ Then she spotted one of his video cassettes lying on the threadbare Turkish rug. He’d missed one in his rush. She picked it up and examined the lurid cover. It was entitled, ‘Piss-slaves Delight,’ and featured a dominant-looking young woman in a tiny rubber skirt and a tightly-laced latex corset.

The first thought that flared into Cath’s mind was that this tape might be about her most secret private fantasies. She would never admit to anyone that sometimes she dreamed about going to the toilet on someone, while she furiously masturbated to a gut-wrenching climax. She had occasionally waited until she was alone in her home, (which with her mum and two sisters constantly flitting about, wasn’t too often) and she sat on the toilet with her little panties down around her ankles and daringly placed her hand between her legs while she emptied her full bladder. It felt so naughty letting the hot smelly pee-pee pour into her cupped palm and feeling it warmly trickle through her wiggling fingers. She always had to masturbate to a shuddering climax immediately after she finished urinating. Sometimes she couldn’t even wait that long! Cath had even been so bold as to taste her pee-pee a few times, and found it strangely sweet, yet salty, and bitter at the same time.

There were several small photos on the back cover of the cassette case, most showing beautiful half-naked women as they stood or squatted over their kneeling or supine slaves, while each domineering woman emptied her bladder into her chosen subject’s mouth. For some reason Cath’s mouth went dry when she gazed at the wicked scenes, and she felt a warm gush of arousal between her trembling thighs. She was turned on by the erotic taboo images, and when she thought about doing something like that to her cute boyfriend, she knew she was dampening the cotton gusset of her snug nylon bikini panties. She opened the cassette case with trembling fingers and checked the videotape was inside, and then popped it in her handbag. The nervous seventeen-year-old scampered out of her boyfriend’s terrace house before anyone else walked in.

The first moment she found herself alone at home, she played the filched video on the family system. It was every bit as wild and erotic as she had imagined! Not only were these dominant young women pissing on their slaves faces and in their mouths, some of the disgusting little submissives eagerly swallowed their outpourings and gratefully thanked their Mistresses afterwards. And the things the women said! They called their slaves dirty little toilets and told them that all they were good for was to be used and abused by dominant women. They ordered their slaves to drink their piss and lick them clean afterwards, until their Mistresses climaxed all over their faces. Cath masturbated to five thunderous orgasms before the film had even finished, but she had to pause from her pleasurable solo play when one of her kid sisters returned home unexpectedly.

‘I could never tell Isabell about this,’ Cath thought, as she carefully hid the taboo tape under her bedside table, in the bedroom she shared with her straight-laced younger sister. Over the next twelve months the buxom young brunette had watched the naughty video repeatedly, every time she felt especially horny and could schedule some alone-time at home. She lay back one day panting after her fifth or sixth tumultuous orgasm, her dripping pussy twitching spastically and her face shiny with perspiration, thinking, ‘I can’t wait to start work and move into my own apartment!’

Eighteen months later, Cath had successfully completed her legal secretarial course and found a job, but she was still living at home. She’d dumped the old boyfriend months ago, but his embarrassed flatmate moved out to parts unknown before she had the chance to talk to him about his secret perverted interests. Her ex-boyfriend was so straight and he never wanted to experiment with anything slightly kinky, to her deep regret. But meeting Marie in the next cubicle at work later that year had opened up a whole new world of possibilities for her.

She met Dress-up Chris a few weeks later and when he finished dressing her up for her first fetish party, she looked like a sexy dominatrix from her favourite naughty video. She wore thigh-high black leather boots with a discrete one-inch platform sole that was almost invisible and a six-inch heel that was so high and narrow, she had to practice walking around the old perve’s house in front of a mirror for ten minutes before she felt confident enough to stride out the front door. She felt like she was balancing on her tippy-toes like a prima ballerina, but she looked so tall and powerful when she glanced at her amazing reflection in one of Chris’s full-length mirrors.

She wore a black leather boned corset which laced up the back, and it pushed up her meaty D-cup breasts till they formed enormous fleshy mounds almost under her chin. The stiff leather cups were cut so low Cath expected her large russet nipples to pop free at any moment, although the corset did give her an amazing wasp-waist and a mind-boggling cleavage. Her short red latex miniskirt was skin-tight and displayed several inches of her plump womanly thighs above her boot tops, although unfortunately you could see a visible panty line, especially across her big round bum. Dress-up Chris pleaded with Cath to go without any panties, but she steadfastly refused.

‘I can always take them off at the party,’ the stunning brunette thought with a cheeky grin, but she wasn’t about to tell the old perve that! Her friend Marie was wearing the same black latex catsuit as last time, and it required both of them to fasten the heavy-duty zip up the back. Marie was wearing her own thigh-high leather boots made from gleaming black patent leather, and she told Cath they cost her a small fortune. Dress-up Chris then laced Marie into a tiny red leather corset too, until Cath could almost stretch her large hands all the way around the slender woman’s miniscule wasp-waist.

Cath thought their escort looked pretty boring in his baggy black leather trousers and plain black silk shirt, but when he left the room to lock up his house, she clutched her friend’s wrist. “I can’t believe how excited I am!” She admitted to Marie. The grinning blonde handed her an open can of Coca-cola and then offered her a small white pill. “What’s that?” Cath demanded in confusion.
“It’s ecstasy,” Marie replied with an enticing red-lipped smile. “Have you ever tried it?” When a wide-eyed Cath shook her head in denial, Marie laughed. She pushed the tiny tablet into the stunned girl’s gaping mouth and then tilted the can of fizzy drink towards her lips. “Wash it down with a swig of Coke,” she ordered. With a shrug of compliance Cath obeyed. The game eighteen-year-old had heard lots about the popular party drug from her friends, and had already decided to try it one day. ‘I guess this is the day,’ she mused philosophically as she swallowed the tiny pill.

The three kinksters shared a joint of sweet-smelling grass that Marie produced, then Chris led them into a room that had full-length gold silk curtains covering the windows at one end, where the giggling girls posed for some slightly risqué photos. After they viewed the pics on Chris’s computer and had a laugh, they jumped into his Audi and headed for the upper north shore, where the houses were grand and the grounds were spacious. When they arrived at the fetish party about half an hour later, Cath and Marie were flying. They met dozens of people on the way in, and most of them were dressed in exotic leather and/or latex outfits. There were slaves of both sexes wandering about, some naked or semi-naked except for their collars and cuffs, and many of their restraints appeared to be locked on. Some Mistresses even had proper chain or leather leashes attached to their slave’s collars, which they used to lead their property around.

Cath found the sight of them oddly arousing. As she strode through the extensive house she knew her good looks and voluptuous appearance were turning plenty of heads, and she felt strong, powerful and attractive. She and Marie gracefully accepted tall crystal flutes of delicious ice-cold French champagne from a subservient well-built young slave boy. He was dressed only in a leopard-print G-string and a wide spiky collar. Cath grinned impishly when she caught Marie trying to be discrete while she ogled the cute slave-boy’s tight oiled buttocks and well-packed lunchbox.

Dress-up Chris led them straight through the spacious sunroom at the rear, across the terrace and into the vast back yard. He introduced them to Master Tony and Angel Anne, their gracious hosts for this evening of debauchery. Master Tony was a short, heavily-tanned bodybuilder, and Cath noticed he was wearing huge black platform boots to compensate for his lack of height. His veined upper arms were wider than her thighs, and his thighs looked like brown tree-trunks, with thin pulsating vines creeping up all around. She had to hide her smile. In his rubber-soled platform ‘Herman Munster’ boots, tiny leather shorts and leather chest harness, he looked like a condom stuffed full of walnuts.

Angel Anne was Master Tony’s plump, pale-skinned submissive, and the smiling, big-breasted blonde wore a shiny white latex mini-dress that looked at least a size too small. Over the top she wore a boned white satin corset, with a pair of fluffy white angel wings strapped to her shoulders. She had enormous creamy breasts that threatened to spill out of the top of her tightly-laced corset every time she took a deep breath. Cath watched her heaving fleshy bosoms in fascination. She sipped on her delicious chilled champagne and gazed around in wonder at the scattering of bizarre costumes.

Most of the guests in leather and latex appeared over forty, although there was a sprinkling of younger people like herself and Marie, and a few outrageously-dressed guests looked to be in their sixties or seventies. Cath saw women dressed as men and men dressed as women, and some of indeterminable sex. There was an attractive, mid-thirties brunette woman tied face-up to some metal stakes buried deep in the ground in the middle of the huge lawn. The bound woman was naked except for her purple leather knee-high boots, matching leather slave collar, and purple wrist and ankle cuffs. She had a good body and a pretty face, and Cath casually walked around the staked-out woman till she was standing looking right between the hapless victim’s forcibly spread legs. She could see the terrace lights behind her reflected in the shiny slick wetness of the shackled slave’s gaping vagina.

Cath and Marie stood and watched with dozens of other guests while her owner, a muscular forty-something bare-chested man, in leather trousers and with a shaved head, stroked her quivering body with flaming balls at the end of two sticks. ‘Fire play,” murmured Marie in Cath’s ear. He slowly ran the lit ends over her twitching legs, around her shuddering torso, and up and down her quivering arms, and Cath wondered how much it hurt? He seemed to deliberately linger on her hard erect nipples and the hairless juncture between her trembling splayed thighs. Although the girl occasionally seemed to writhe in pain and moaned aloud once or twice, she never once asked her master to stop. He tortured her with fire for about twenty minutes before he put out the burning wands in a bucket of sand, and released her from the metal stakes.

Marie led Cath back inside the house and offered to show her around the mansion, for that’s what it was. There must have been around ten bedrooms, all open save one. Most rooms lacked beds, although each room contained at least one piece of heavy dungeon equipment for binding slaves for discipline and punishment. Quite a few of the bondage devices were in use, and there was a small crowd in some rooms, where interested voyeurs watched exhibitionistic guests playing sadomasochistic games. There were racks on some walls hung with leather whips, floggers and crops, and a couple of rooms contained tall wicker umbrella stands full of slender bamboo and willow canes. No one seemed to mind when the two beautiful, exotically-dressed young women lingered in some of the doorways to watch events unfold.

The girls paused in a couple of doorways and watched several people of both sexes being flogged, spanked or caned in various rooms. A slave brought fresh glasses of champagne on a tray and took away their empties, and as Cath sipped from her second flute, she sensibly decided to limit herself to only two glasses of alcohol. She felt fantastic, and the pill of ecstasy gave her a wonderful feeling of carefree exhilaration she’d never experienced. A while later she asked the next collared submissive she saw to bring her a large glass of cold water. She gave him a smile of thanks when he returned a few minutes later, holding out a full glass tumbler containing a few cubes of floating ice. In one large bed-less bedroom, a beautiful thirty-something brunette Mistress dressed in a similar manner to herself, had a forty-year-old, solidly-built, naked man bound face-down over a wide padded spanking bench. The muscular victim had his black leather wrist and ankle cuffs locked in place, and rings riveted to the cuffs were tied to the metal lops bolted to the four wooden legs of the spanking bench.

The curly-haired Mistress in the black latex miniskirt paused from her punishment duties to smile lasciviously at Cath and nod in approval at her sexy outfit. She settled her overflowing bulging bosoms back inside the low-cut cups of her own red leather corset, and drew back the wooden paddle once more. She slammed the long implement against the out-thrust buttocks of her tightly-bound subject, and he moaned in pain as his pale wobbly butt cheeks began to turn red. After about a dozen hard whacks, she turned the paddle so the leather-wrapped handle faced the gorgeous girl in the doorway. She asked Cath, “Would you like to have a go?” Cath heard Marie gasp from beside her.

When Cath stepped into the large, mostly empty bedroom, she was acutely aware that her kitten was dripping with excitement. ‘I’m glad I’m wearing panties,’ she thought with a grateful smile, as she carefully strode across the polished wooden floor, ‘otherwise my pussy juices would be dripping down my thighs!’ She loved the menacing ‘click-clack’ sound of her stiletto heels on the polished floorboards as she purposefully strode across the room. The varnished oak paddle was about twenty inches long and four wide, and less than an inch thick. The black leather-wrapped handle seemed a perfect fit in her clenched fist, and Cath gave it a few experimental swings to get a feel for the hard punishment implement.

The brunette Mistress advised, “About twenty should do.” She gave Cath friendly smile. “I’m Mistress Genevieve, and this is my slave Shane.” She carelessly indicated the bound pale-skinned man who lay across the red leather covered spanking bench, but her hazel eyes never left Cath’s face. “He uses the usual safe words.”
“I’m Cath. Safe words?” she asked in confusion.
“Yes, the traffic light system. You know? Green means go for it, amber means you’re getting close to your slave’s limit, and red means stop. Got it?”
“Got it,” replied Cath, thinking, ‘This is too easy!’

The gorgeous brunette stepped into position and lined up her target, and she felt a surge of adrenaline run through her tall voluptuous frame. Inside her corset, her nipples were so hard they almost hurt. She had to concentrate on not touching the throbbing moist patch between her legs. The first few blows she laid on the bound slave’s bottom were a bit hesitant, but by the time she reached number ten, the recipient’s head was bucking with each vicious smack, and his shivering red bottom cheeks had begun to turn crimson. Cath felt fantastic! She felt strong, powerful, and completely in charge for once in her life. She loved it! She deliberately increased the strength of each blow, until by number fifteen, the trapped victim threw back his head and gasped, “Amber! Amber, please Mistress?”

Cath almost climaxed on the spot, but she reined in her spiking emotions and leaned over the soft padded bench to wrap her fingers in the bound slave’s prematurely-white hair. She wrenched his head up, stretching his thick muscular neck painfully far back. “What was that, slave?” she coldly demanded. She felt a warm wet trickle down her inner thigh when he humbly replied.
“Oh Mistress! Please Mistress? I’m not sure if I can take much more!” he gasped breathlessly.
“Only five more to go, slave,” she cooed like she was talking to a silly small child. “You can take five more for me, can’t you slave?”
His voice was almost a sob. “Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

She released his cropped white hair and let his head drop with a satisfied smirk. The next four blows were just as hard as the last, and he cried out in pain at each one. But she put all of her considerable strength into the final twentieth stroke. She had played tennis regularly every week ever since she was twelve, and her forearm strokes were incredibly powerful - as the poor slave could soon testify. He yowled in agony and burst out sobbing at the final cruel blow, and she shuddered on the brink of orgasm. When Cath turned to his Mistress with a victorious grin, the older woman smiled in approval and nodded in satisfaction. “Well done, my dear,” Mistress Genevieve muttered quietly to Cath as she accepted her paddle. “You know how to teach dirty little slaves like mine a good lesson. That was excellent work, Mistress Cath!”

Cath smiled broadly in appreciation before she collected her glass of water from a stunned Marie. She drained the remaining contents at a single gulp. “Thank you for the opportunity,” she politely responded, “but I must go and get another drink. That certainly is thirsty work!” She needed some fresh air, too. She was glowing with a combination of effort, euphoria, and sexual arousal. There was a thin film of perspiration over her bulging breasts and above her sensuous top lip, and she didn’t want to ruin her make-up. Cath left Marie gaping open-mouthed in amazement at the laced back of her black leather corset as she walked away. The excited woman pressed her fingers against her erect love button through the tight latex skirt, shocked by how wet her panties were. Cath wandered outside in search of the open bar that people told her was set up on the terrace. She soon found a willing subservient collared girl to fetch her another glass of iced water. When she checked her watch, she was amazed that two and a half hours had sped by so quickly.

There were only a couple of people on the well-lit sandstone terrace, and she walked away from the bright floodlights to join a tiny girl with the high blonde pigtails, standing next to the wide stone balcony railing overlooking the vast back yard. The petite blonde had her back to Cath, and she was wearing a shiny baby-pink latex dress in a brief babydoll style. It was so short you could see a hint of her glistening rose-pink latex panties poking out underneath. Cath unkindly thought the girl had a very big bottom, although her short legs were slender and very shapely. She was wearing a pair of classic flat white Maryjane sandals on her tiny feet, with the single strap buckled over the instep, and pink frilled white anklet socks more suited to a little girl under the age of six.

Cath sipped from her glass of ice water as she strolled over to the balcony railing to linger beside the tiny woman. She appeared to be less than five foot tall, and Cath felt like a invincible giant in her skyscraper-high boots. A cool breeze rustled through the tall eucalyptus trees bordering the yard on all sides, and Cath felt the film of sweat on her body evaporate in an instant. She looked down at the milling crowd in the huge back yard, estimating there must have been at least fifty guests in sight, plus the dozens more playing or perving inside the house. This was the biggest, fanciest party she’d ever attended! As her damp panties rapidly cooled, she felt a warning twinge from her bladder. Cath realised that she’d better locate a bathroom fairly soon, but she was distracted when the tiny pigtailed blonde beside her addressed her in a high trilling voice.

“Wow! You’re gorgeous!” The rosy-cheeked girl in pink latex complimented Cath. She gazed up in wide-eyed wonder at the towering brunette Amazon standing beside her.
“You look pretty cute yourself,” Cath replied with a grin, and the little girl beamed up at her in delight. The tiny blonde had wide bright blue eyes that sparkled with mischief and her false eyelashes batted femininely up at Cath. Her generous smiling lips were painted pink and shone with lip gloss, and her nose was small and perfect. Cath noticed she was wearing a terry cotton bib around her neck like an overgrown toddler, and the collar and outside edge of her bib were trimmed with wide white lace.
“Thank you, Mistress!” Cath didn’t know why but she felt her heaving bosom swell with pride, and she stood a little straighter when the pretty little blonde addressed her by that respectful honorific. “You look absolutely majestic!” The tiny girl in pink latex added, which made Cath chuckle in delight.

“I’ve never been called ‘majestic’ before,” she admitted with a wide smile of appreciation.
“Oh but you are,” the submissive sweetie replied with total conviction that made Cath’s heart beat a little faster. “I’m Baby Pansy,” the tiny blonde introduced herself, and pointed to the pink silk lettering embroidered on her bib. Cath leaned down and read the words, ‘Bad Baby Pansy’ and chuckled at the embarrassing tell-tale inscription. “Is this your first fetish party?" Pansy inquired. "I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”
“Yes it is,” Cath replied with a delighted smile. “I’m Mistress Cath.” She shivered at the feeling of power her new title bestowed her, which reminded her that she needed to find a toilet shortly. She pointed her chin at the milling chattering crowd below. “It’s fantastic!” The tiny blonde smiled and nodded happily in agreement.

The cute little girl in pink latex dared to inquire, “Do you mind if I ask, Mistress Cath - what are you into?”
“I’m sorry?”
“What is your fetish?” The tiny blonde clarified, her fluffy pigtails bobbing nervously. “This is a fetish party, after all. It’s the one question everyone is allowed to ask other guests - and expect a reasonably honest answer.”
“Oh!” Cath replied, looking surprised. She sipped on her water while she considered her reply. No one had explained to her that there were rules. Before she answered she asked, “What about you? What are you into?”

The pretty girl in pink laughed brightly, a clear bell-like sound that made Cath smile. “I thought that would be obvious,” Pansy replied, glancing down at her juvenile latex outfit and frilly bib. “I’m what you call an ‘adult baby.’ I like to wear nappies and toddler frocks, and be treated like a naughty little two-year-old girl who can’t control herself.” Cath laughed gaily in response and when the poor little girl’s high round cheeks turned red with embarrassment, she hurried to apologise for her rudeness. “No, no!” the red-faced girl waved away Cath’s apologies. “It’s okay. I love it when people - especially beautiful women - laugh at me.” Baby Pansy shivered with excitement and unconsciously pressed the front of her nappy against her crotch with one hand. “It turns me on something chronic to be humiliated in front of beautiful women,” she confessed, her big blue eyes shining with arousal.

“Oh, I see,” Cath slowly responded, her emerald eyes wide. She couldn’t help smiling down superiorly at the sweet little adult-baby girl. “Well, I just paddled someone’s bare bottom for the very first time, and I have to admit-” she glanced around to make sure no one else heard her naughty admission when she quietly confessed, “- it did make my pussy rather wet!”
“That’s wonderful!” the girl in pink latex breathily responded, her wide eyes filled with hope and excitement. “I love being spanked when I’ve been naughty. I like to have my wet nappies changed at these parties in front of lots of women, too, so everyone will know what a hopeless little wetter I am,” the girl added, her high sweet voice rising in excitement. Pansy raised the front of her pink latex dress over her tummy so Cath could see the thick white cloth nappies she was wearing under her tautly-stretched, translucent pink plastic baby panties. No wonder her bottom looked so big! The big baby crisply patted the front of her plastic panties with the cupped fingers of one hand, and after years of babysitting her neighbour’s kids, Cath recognised the distinct sound of a wet nappy underneath.

“You sound very wet, Baby Pansy,” she commented. The tiny girl nodded in happy agreement, obviously impressed by Cath’s expertise.
“I love being all warm and wet,” the grinning girl cheekily confessed. “I love playing pee-pee games.” That comment abruptly brought Cath’s heightened senses to full alert.
“Do you have someone here to change your wet nappy, Baby Pansy?” Cath politely inquired, wondering why anyone would take on such a burdensome task.

“Oh yes!” the big baby girl replied with a happy grin. “There are two older women here at the party who enjoy playing ‘Nanny’ sometimes, and I’m hoping one or both of them will change me later.”
“What happens if you wet through and make a mess?” Cath inquired, fascinated by this strange, frank young woman with the bizarre infantile fetish.
The pretty girl gave a sheepish giggle. Her definitive reply was, “I get spanked!” Cath’s grin grew wider.
“Do you enjoy being paddled?” Cath asked, and her excited pussy twitched wetly at the girl’s eager response.
“Oh yes, Mistress,” the wide-eyed girl breathed in reply. “Especially if I’m put over the lap of a beautiful tall Mistress like you, to have my bare bottom paddled really hard for being naughty!”

Cath laughed brightly at the hopeful leading statement, her emerald eyes twinkling. “Perhaps later, Baby Pansy - if you’ve been naughty,” she promised, making the tiny girl’s pretty face light up with hope. “But first - I need to find a bathroom. I need to do a wee rather badly,” she quietly admitted, watching the baby girl’s face to gauge what effect her words might have.
“Really, Mistress Cath?” the girl quickly demanded, sounding terribly excited by the news. Her fluttering blue eyes went wide with hope when she boldly suggested, “Perhaps I could help you out with that?”
“Whatever do you mean?” Cath asked with an innocent smile.

The tiny blonde pointed to the shadowed far end of the lengthy back yard. “Master Tony has set up some ‘privacy booths’ for those who wish to use an ‘alternative toilet’,” Baby Pansy explained with a secretive shy smile. When Cath appeared confused, the sheepish blonde clarified. “Some of the guests like to be piddled on, or used as toilets. You know? Like me,” she quietly added, almost as an afterthought. The blushing big baby could hardly meet Cath’s sparkling emerald eyes.

“So not only do you wet your nappies like a big baby, you like to be treated like a potty, too?” Cath demanded, deliberately making her spell it out.
“Yes, Mistress Cath!” the humiliated girl humbly confessed, “I’m a dirty bad little baby girl who needs to be shown how big girls use the potty - from right up close.” For some strange reason, the more the girl blushed and writhed in embarrassment, the more turned-on Cath felt. She held off responding for a minute and mercilessly stared down at the humiliated overgrown toddler in silence. She discretely pressed her silky-smooth upper thighs together so that her swollen moist pussy lips rubbed against each other.

“Alright then, Baby Pansy,” Cath finally replied, after a drawn-out pause that left the poor waiting girl shivering with anxiety. The towering brunette placed her half-full glass of water on the wide sandstone railing. Cath commanded, “Show me where these privacy booths are set up.” The diapered baby girl in the pink latex frock eagerly led the tall dominatrix down the back stairs and through the crowd towards the far end of the back yard. Someone had cleverly laid down long narrow strips of old linoleum in various places, like temporary paths across the grass, so the ladies wouldn’t sink in their pencil-thin heels during the party. Pansy led Cath to the dimly-lit rear of the yard, where wide strips of hessian had been nailed to some wooden gardening stakes hammered deep into the lawn. Six lit mosquito lanterns planted in the nearby garden bed showed two roomy cubicles in the flickering light, with a Hessian wall about four feet high surrounding them on three sides. Not high enough to stop anyone from peeping over, but enough that if you crouched or sat down behind the screen, you would remain invisible to the rest of the guests partying in the back yard.

Pansy led her around the back to where the cubicles had an open side facing the rear fence. In the first one, Cath saw a clear Perspex, open-fronted toilet seat mounted on a four-legged steel frame, sitting about eighteen inches above the well-manicured lawn. A roll of white unscented toilet paper hung on a wire hanger from the garden stake nearest the porcelain-free throne, and there was a small garbage bin with a plastic liner and a snap-lock lid sitting in one corner. Just the sight of a toilet seat reminded Cath that her full bladder was about to burst. As soon as she was out of sight of the rest of the party, the towering brunette tugged her tight red latex skirt up over her corseted hips, and boldly ripped down her red nylon bikini panties. The cotton gusset was already drenched with her pussy juices, and Cath decided there was really not much point putting them back on. She eased the damp panties down her booted thighs and they dropped to her ankles. She daintily stepped clear of the silky red knickers, leaving them in a shiny puddle on the grass.

Cath was shocked when the tiny girl plucked off her blonde wig to reveal a mannish crop of slicked-down, short blonde hair. “Oh my God! You’re a man!” the semi-naked girl cried in amazement. Pansy only looked thrilled by her comment as she carefully placed her pigtailed wig aside on top of one of the wooden stakes.
“You didn’t know?” Pansy demanded excitedly. When Cath nodded, she asked again for confirmation. “You really thought I was a girl? Really truly?”
“Really truly,” Cath replied with total conviction. She couldn’t get over how much the cute sissy boy looked and sounded like a small girl. She confessed, “You even sound like a female! I honestly thought you were a pretty teenage girl.”

“I’m actually twenty-four,” Pansy admitted, seemingly overjoyed by the stunning Amazon’s kind words. The tiny grinning blonde threw herself down onto the grass on her big padded bum, and slid her little legs under the toilet seat between the steel legs. She lay back and held the bottom hem of her latex frock with her fingertips, and then wriggled like a worm to get into position. Pansy slid her slender body further under the strange contraption until her head rested under the front opening of the wide Perspex seat.

Cath thought she was going to be emptying her bladder on a girl’s face, but somehow using a male - especially a pretty sissy boy like this one - as her toilet, seemed much more appropriate. The tall buxom brunette carelessly shrugged her broad bare shoulders and turned around, and slowly backed her naked bum towards the toilet seat. It was difficult manoeuvring on the springy grass in her stiletto heels and as she slowly shuffled backwards on her tippy-toes, she unintentionally poked out her curvaceous bare bottom for balance. When she spread her booted feet to step either side of his torso, she knew the supine sissy was gazing up between her splayed thighs, staring in abject adoration at the gaping juncture of her womanhood. She took care not to step on her waiting potty’s head, or puncture his pink latex dress with her pencil-thin heels. At first, she delicately covered her furry brown triangle and her moist crease with her palm and cupped fingers, but as she lowered her perfect round rear towards the seat, she knew the supine sissy would soon be able to see everything.

Cath had never felt so exposed - yet so in control. She removed her hand from her crotch as she settled her plump womanly bottom on the Perspex toilet seat, gratified to find it was just like sitting on a real toilet! The boned leather corset forced her to maintain a fairly rigid upper body posture, and she had to lean her head forward slightly to see down past her huge heaving bosoms. A gentle breeze caressed her bare limbs, carrying the citronella scent of the flickering lanterns to her nose. She gazed down between her spread thighs, smiling down at the pretty painted face looking up so hopefully at her through the gap in the front of the toilet seat. She felt like one of those evil Mistresses from the erotic pee-video, and she felt herself falling into her required role with unbelievable ease.

Despite her delight with the current arrangements, Cath forced herself to frown severely. She shook her head in apparent dismay at the supine sissy baby lying between her legs. “My oh my, Baby Pansy! What a dirty, wet little girl you are!” she coldly reprimanded the excited big baby. “Look at you down there! Are you wet, baby girl?”
“Yes Mummy,” he panted breathlessly in reply. She could tell the sissy pervert was reaching down to fondle himself through his thick wet nappy. He gazed up worshipfully at where her slick wet pussy lips were moistly parting, a look of combined awe and lustful hunger on his pretty painted face.

“What a bad baby girl!” Cath sternly chastised him, and she felt another thrill of excitement when he looked suitably penitent despite his obvious arousal. “You deserve to be punished, little girl! You smell like a toilet - so I’m going to treat like a toilet,” she snapped, trying to sound cranky with him.

“Yes Mummy, I’m a dirty, bad baby girl and I need to be potty-trained,” he slavishly agreed, gazing up at her with adoring wide blue eyes.
“That’s right! And I’m going to train you to be my potty. Open your mouth, Baby Pansy. Open wide! That’s it. Good girl! Now watch between Mummy’s legs,” she ordered sharply. “Watch and learn where big-girl’s pee-pee comes from.”
“Oh Mummy! Yes Mummy!” Pansy squealed in excitement before opening his mouth again, stretching his pink painted lips as wide as possible in preparation.

Even though she was desperate to pee, it took Cath a few minutes to initiate her flow. She’d never tried to urinate in such bizarre circumstances, and it took some concentration. She tried to ignore the sounds of people noisily partying only a few metres away and closed her eyes. She imagined she was sitting on the toilet in the bathroom at home, and she was about to pee into her hand. At first there was only a tiny trickle, and the greedy sissy baby wriggled down further and raised her head to catch the first few drops in her straining, wide-open mouth. Then Cath felt the floodgates burst, and a huge torrent of piss burst from her straining urethra. “Ahh,” she moaned in relief. When she opened her eyes and looked down, the submissive sissy was expertly catching all of her amber flow in his gaping mouth. Cath’s emerald eyes were wide with amazement when she saw his maw quickly fill to overflowing, before the supine sissy loudly gulped. Abruptly the golden contents diappeared down his throat and then he seemed to settle into a rhythm. He let her strong amber stream half-fill his mouth again before swallowing noisily, and Cath was amazed at how eagerly he accepted her salty-sweet urine.

“What a good little toilet you are,” Cath purred in delight. She watched him gulping down her urine in wonder, gasping, ‘Look at you, drinking down all Mummy’s piss! What a perfect little potty-mouth you are!” The perverted little Princess lying underneath her raised her head as Cath’s flow eventually began to slow, and the big sissy baby strained her open mouth up and forward until she was practically covering her Mistress’s parted pussy lips with her own painted pink lips. “Oh, good girl,” Cath cooed in approval. “Are you going to suck the last few drops from Mummy’s pussy? Go on, baby. Suck it all out!” With a muted cry of passion, the greedy sissy clamped her soft wet lips over her Mistress’s soft wet labia and sucked hard. Cath felt the remaining contents of her bladder literally being sucked out of her urethra. “Oh yes, Baby Pansy! Suck all the piss out of Mummy,” Cath quietly groaned. As the last drops squirted out of her, the cheeky baby began to gently lap her sensitive erect clitoris and tongue her open piss-hole. The beautiful buxom brunette was so turned on, it took only a few gentle sucks on her throbbing love-button to drive her to the brink of orgasm.

Cath reached down and wrapped her fingers in the sissy baby’s short blonde hair. She pulled his hot mouth harder against her warm wet opening. When she climaxed, she came so violently, some juice actually squirted out of her pulsating pussy, spraying the sissy’s frilly bib with her pungent personal scent - like she was marking her territory. She pressed her quivering chin onto her heaving breasts and tried to muffle her excited groans, but anyone within a few metres of the hessian curtains knew someone was having a good time back there! Her orgasm seemed to last forever! She kept the sissy’s mouth crammed between her legs until she started to shudder with reaction. She gasped in relief and released her clawed grip on his hair, but she was amazed when he didn’t immediately pull his face away. Instead the craven sissy slid even further underneath her, and she could hear his muffled cries of thanks as he slavishly licked her dripping vagina clean.

“Oh thank you Mistress, thank you!” Pansy gratefully babbled, and he continued to gently lap at her oozing pussy lips. Cath shuddered at the tender erotic sensations and made no move to climb to her feet. She needed to catch her breath first, and she loved the way the compliant sissy sensibly avoided touching her throbbing clit. It was too sensitive to even think about touching it for a minute or two!
“Very good, Pansy,” she panted, between rasping gasps for air. “You drank down all of Mummy’s wee-wees like a perfect little potty!”
The licking and sucking on her sensitive swollen labia paused long enough for the sissy to ask in his high-pitched feminine voice, “Was I a good little toilet for Mummy?”

Cath realised the affirmation must be part of the sissy baby’s dirty little fantasy, so she willingly followed his lead. “Yes, Baby Pansy. You were a very good toilet for Mummy,” she purred in approval. “You swallowed every drop of Mummy’s wee-wees like a good little toilet-girl. Mummy was so impressed, she might have to use you as her potty all the time from now on!” The servile sissy groaned in masochistic arousal and began licking and sucking Cath’s perineum, edging closer and closer to her wrinkled pink arsehole.

“Oh Mummy! Mummy? May I have a reward for being such a good toilet for Mummy?” he plaintively begged between thrilling wet licks.
“A reward?” Cath demanded, momentarily confused.
Pansy looked up hopefully at her face for a brief moment as he plaintively pleaded, “Please Mummy? May I lick your beautiful bottom clean, too?”
“Ohhh!” Cath replied in sudden understanding. She had to smile at the servile need she could see in those wide blue eyes.

He returned to softly lapping her sensitive perineum - that little baby-smooth patch of skin between her pussy and her anus. Cath shivered at the delightful erotic sensations while she considered his earnest request. She reached down and massaged her upper labia just above her throbbing clit, and she twitched at the sensitivity of her swollen bud. “Alright, Baby Pansy. You drank down all of Mummy’s wee-wees like a perfect little toilet, so you may lick Mummy’s bottom clean,” she finally conceded, trying to make it sound like she was granting him a huge favour. She had dreamed that someday a man would want to press his lips against every intimate opening of her lush young body, and here she had found for herself a perfect willing subject. And cute, too! Cath slid her plump bottom forward and raised herself off the seat slightly. She grabbed the sides of her round womanly cheeks with her spread fingers and stretched her bumcrack open, and then sat back down on the clear Perspex toilet seat. “Make sure you do a good job of cleaning Mummy’s bottom, Baby Pansy, or Mummy will have to spank!”

Cath had to giggle at his high-pitched squeak of agreement. She groaned in uncontrollable excitement as she felt the slippery tip of his tongue circle around her wrinkled pink hole, and then he licked her with the flat of his warm wet tongue, all the way from her perineum to the top of her perfect pink rosebud. The hot pointed tip then cheekily probed inside her puckered opening for a few moments, stiffening like a tiny cock to force its way inside her bowels. She began to masturbate as he wetly tongued her anus, and his excited snuffling grunts and groans as he slavishly serviced her poop-chute only drove Cath to new undiscovered heights of pleasure. She was so aroused, she knew she would climax again within minutes, even though she wanted the wonderful feeling to last forever. “Good girl, Baby Pansy,” she moaned in approval, her low voice thick and throaty with passion. “That’s right. Lick Mummy’s bottom clean. Ooo! What a good baby girl!”

The buxom brunette glanced back over her shoulder and looked down at the lower body of the sissy slave worshipping her anus. He had his pink latex dress and chiffon petties flipped up over his tummy, and his right hand buried down the front of his warm wet nappy. Cath could smell the sharp ammoniac tang of his pissy nappy from where she sat. From the way the tenting baby panties rapidly bobbed up and down, she knew the naughty sissy baby was furiously masturbating - just like her! The whole scene was incredibly arousing, and the alcohol and ecstasy combined to embolden her as never before. The fingertips flicking across her slippery erect love-button circled faster and faster when the sissy slave wrapped his puckered lips around her dilating anal ring. He slobbered and sucked on her sensitive back door as if he were trying to suck out the contents of her bowels.

“Oh, baby girl!” Cath cried, trying to keep her impassioned voice low. “You must be hungry, the way that you’re sucking on my botty-hole. Do you need Mummy to give you a little feed from her poo-poo hole, too?” That was all it took to drive the frantically wanking sissy baby over the edge, and he sucked on her puffy anus like he was dying for air as he noisily exploded inside his warm wet nappy. “Here baby, let Mummy push out something for you,” she grunted with a wicked smile. She bore down hard with her tummy muscles as she simultaneously climaxed, pushing out his wet pink tongue like she was forcing a slim turd out of her bowels. The sissy kept sucking her sweet hole even as he wetly burbled something against her delicate opening, the words indecipherable until his head dropped onto the grass.
“Ga-ga! Goo-goo! Ga-ga ga-ga goo!” He babbled mindlessly like the little baby girl he was supposed to be, until his body stopped twitching, and he lay there on the shadowed grass panting for air.

Cath sat on the bizarre toilet seat for a few more minutes until her legs stopped shaking, and then she slowly hauled herself upright. She carefully stepped over the toilet slave’s body to collect her discarded red nylon panties, and used them to wipe clean her dripping pussy and her spotless, saliva-drenched anus. By the time she pulled down her skin-tight red latex skirt, the satisfied sissy was sitting up next to the outdoor potty and gazing up at her with wide adoring eyes. “Oh Mistress Cath! Thank you so much!” The petite boy-girl shivered uncontrollably for a few seconds, then burped loudly.

Cath laughed brightly as she tossed the blushing sissy her soggy red knickers, crooning, “That’s alright, Baby Pansy!” He deftly caught the crumpled panties, and she laughed even harder when he pressed the dainty moist undergarments to his nose and lips, kissing them reverently. “You can keep those as a souvenir. When I need to use the potty again, I’ll come and look for you. And maybe Mummy can give baby a special little feed from her bot-bot, too! Okay?” She chuckled in wicked amusement at his grateful smile and eagerly nodding head. As she carefully stepped across the lawn towards the security of the linoleum strips, Cath noticed several people watching her. Most of them greeted her with sly knowing smiles and nodded in approval. She drew back her shoulders, poked out her tits on a plate, and grinned ecstatically as she rejoined the buzzing throng.

Unfortunately, Dress-up Chris had wanted to leave the party about an hour or so later. Cath didn’t get the opportunity to use her pretty new potty again - even though she really wanted to! She didn’t even manage to find the sweet sissy boy to say goodbye to him, but a few weeks later, she learned that it didn’t matter. He found her - and so began a whole new chapter in her life. She had attended many fetish parties since then, and she had indulged in so many nights of debauchery, ever since that wonderful first party at Turramurra. Cath shook off the fond memories of long ago and yelled out to her slow-moving kid sister in the kitchen. “Where’s that drink, Isabell?”

I snuck a peek over the widow sill a moment later, and saw Aunty Cath had turned around the wooden dining chair at the head of the mahogany table nearest the sunroom, and moved it a foot or so towards the wide double doorway separating the two rooms. It was then I noticed that in addition to Bonnie’s white toddler harness, my pink leather harness was lying in a tangle of straps on the dining table, too, as well as my baby-pink leather mittens. I briefly wondered why Mummy had got them out, but there were too many other distractions in the room clamouring for my attention. Cath opened a fresh, puffy, white disposable diaper and laid it out on the padded seat cushion. The dominant woman then ordered her bound and gagged sissy slave to shuffle over to the low-backed chair.

Because of the short hobble-chain, it took the poor sissy several attempts to climb onto the padded seat cushion of the reversed dining chair, on her knees facing the table. Her hobbled ankles hung over the edge of the seat, forced apart by the narrow plastic tube, and her shackled mittens clumsily clutched the top of the low-backed wooden chair under her chin. Cath watched her struggles with a small sadistic smile, and made no move to help the petite sissy. My smiling Aunty then thoughtfully rearranged the puffy open disposable between her charge’s spread knees, making sure the front of the diaper safely covered the carved wooden back of the formal dining chair, in case of accidents. Cath collected the soggy used diaper and the snap-front baby panties from the floor, and tossed them in an empty plastic shopping bag she took from the overnight bag.

I jumped down from my milk crate and shuffled back to the other window in the back yard, setting it up on the grass near the back veranda before climbing on top again. That way I was looking through the sunroom into the formal dining room from behind where Mummy intended sitting, and I could see the poor sissy’s big bottom poking out at me from under her frothy chiffon petticoats. Her pale wobbling rear looked like a plump girl’s bottom; round and smooth and curvaceous. When I heard a quiet noise beside me, I knew my cousin Bonnie had sidled over to join me. I glanced down at her pale face, and her pained expression was caught between trepidation and arousal.

To be continued in chapter 40.
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