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The Widower

It was a bright mild sunny summer day, not right for a funeral, Skies should be grey and cloudy, the rain should be coming down, it should all help to stress the misery of why we were here.

I was coming out of the crematorium with Colin, the husband of Julie, my best friend since schooldays, we had just seen her coffin go behind the curtains to the strains of her favourite hymn, Jerusalem.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Best wishes to you all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Many thanks to Erin and all the administration team at BCTS for all the hard work you put in managing the site.

Many thanks too to all those who have encouraged me to continue writing in this my first year publishing stories, it has really helped to keep me full of enthusiasm.

Again, many thanks to those who have taken the time and effort to post comments, most very kind, even those highlighting editing errors, and to those of you keen readers who have ticked the Kudos box.

Gill xx

The Good Samaritan 3 - The Pantomime

Robin Campbell, as part of a scheme to stop the bullying of a friend, had attended Abbey Girls High School, living as a girl, and he had become extremely successful and popular academically and on the hockey field. After leaving school and attending University he returned to Abbey High as English teacher, and part-time sports master.

Things had to change - Closing the past

This year has seen major changes in my life that I had never in my wildest dreams thought would happen. This Christmas has definitely been different for me, being one of the girls, helping in the kitchen, getting perfume and makeup as presents, and generally feeling happy to be accepted as I am. I am definitely getting used to living like this, and enjoying it.”


Things had to change - Chloe

It was time to get in touch with my sister Chloe, we had always got on well and she deserved to know that at least I was still alive and well. I had completely disappeared and no doubt Josie had given her all the details, or her own version of it. Since her marriage to Robert, we had drifted apart, I never really got on with him or he with me, so we had all kept our distance.

Things had to change- settling in

Amanda sat quietly and just let me talk for almost an hour, whilst I told her my story, from the dress-up games and teenage sessions with Chloe, my drift into marriage with what turned out to be a domineering partner, nagging me into working in a boring job with her father, my secret cross-dressing, how she had found out, and how she angrily threw me out of our home, leaving me with only my women’s clothes.

The Good Samaritan 2 - Abbey High

Chapter 2 Abbey High

It soon became time for me to start my new life at Abbey Girls’ High School, and I prepared myself with mixed emotions. On one hand I was filled with dread at the thought of going there as a girl and keeping up a pretence all day, every day, with the possibility of being discovered. On the other hand I was determined to make it work to help Josie overcome her problems.

The Good Samaritan 1

“Robin, have you any plans for today” asked my Mam.

“ No, I was just going to mess around on my computer, the weather is pretty awful, so the lads won’t be out playing football or on their bikes. Why are you asking, is there something you want me to do?


I often imagine myself as Grace Darling, the heroine, battling the elements, forcing a way through the surf, my hair blowing wildly in the gale, my dress sodden and clinging, but I am not a 25 year old Victorian heroine, I am Jack Armstrong, a 22 year old man living in modern times.

School-gate Mum

I’m Joseph Clark, or was, most people know me now as Josephine or Jo. Tragic events turned my life around to a new direction and I now know where I am headed.


An Eventful Life: The Wedding Seasons

Chapter 9

The Wedding Seasons

In the 1980’s people tended to get married in their 20s, rather than as now in the 21st century waiting into their 30s, that is if they decide to get married at all, so over the next few years we attended the weddings of most of our university group.

An Eventful Life: The End of an Era

Chapter 8 The End of an Era

Back in Perranporth for the summer I soon settled into the routine, but was now based in our admin office rather than the Piran Hotel, working alongside Mum on the running of the business rather than the operational side in the hotels. Although the Abba act had been very successful and a bit of fun, they were not going to continue this year. One of the barmen had left for a new job, and Maria wanted to concentrate on expanding her hair and beauty business, so there were to be no distractions as Maria.

An Eventful Life: One of the Girls

Chapter 6 One of the girls

Back at the flat the girls had decided that we would forget the casual looks for this evening and dress ‘to the nines’. So after a quick shower and moisturise I brushed out my hair, really glammed up with heavy evening-out make-up, put on one of my new undie sets, sheer tights, my ‘little black dress’ and some 3” heels, a quick spritz of hairspray and ‘Allure’, grabbed a clutch bag for my essentials, and went out to meet the others.

An Eventful Life: Settling in at Uni

Chapter 5 Settling in at Uni

To allow me to get professional business qualifications I enrolled at the University of Plymouth for a degree course in Hospitality Management which in addition to the basic operational skills covered Marketing, man-management, employment law, food hygiene and basic commercial cooking which would let me the able to discuss menus with our chefs. I also decided to do accountancy as a special subject, as bookkeeping, cash-flow, and annual returns would be part of my responsibility when I became full time with the Hotel group.

An Eventful Life: Showtime

Chapter 4 Showtime

We all met for breakfast in our hotel before setting off, and the boys couldn’t believe how I had been transformed, they even said that they had been out with a lot worse lookers than me, and that they might have to provide a bit of muscle to protect me on our travels.

John, who was a couple of years older, drove us in his Triumph 2000, which was bit of a tight squeeze getting all our costumes and clothes and things in the boot, but as we were only away for a few days we didn’t need much personal stuff, at least the boys didn’t.

An Eventful Life


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As I have now reached the grand age of 60, and I am beginning to ease back from the hustle and bustle of work and family responsibilities, I have more and more time to look back at all the things I have enjoyed and experienced in my varied life.

An Eventful Life

By Gillian Chambers

An Eventful Life: Early Teens

Chapter 2 Early teens

I was about to spend a special afternoon with my sister, her friend Alice, Mum, and Alice’s Mum.

When they rolled up in their car and we climbed in , Alice and her mum were amazed at how alike Gina and I were, and commented that i looked a really pretty girl., which made me a lot happier and more relaxed. This pleased Gina too, as it meant that she also was a really pretty girl. Mum and Alice’s mum sat in the front and us girls in the back where we gossiped and giggled and planned how we were going to spend the day.

An Eventful Life: A Happy Childhood

Chapter 1 A happy childhood

As I have now reached the grand age of 60, and I am beginning to ease back from the hustle and bustle of work and family responsibilities, I have more and more time to look back at all the thingsI have enjoyed and experienced in my varied life.

Men Suffer Too


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“ Oh come on Chris, you’ve done it before with no problems, please help me out.”

“ No, I’ve changed in the last two years, I don’t think I will pass like I used to, and, besides, there must be someone else you can ask”

Men Suffer Too

By Gillian Chambers

Men Suffer Too - Chapter 1

Chapter 1
The holiday job

“ Oh come on Chris, you’ve done it before with no problems, please help me out.”

“ No, I’ve changed in the last two years, I don’t think I will pass like I used to, and, besides, there must be someone else you can ask”


I'd like to think about it

The CD aand T1G elements only come in halfway through the story please stick with it through the preliminaries. I apologise in advance for any medical inaccuracies, and hope any do not spoil your enjoyment.

I'd like to think about itI'

Ladies who Lunch

Today is going to be a “Girly day“ for me, my wife, Jacquie, is having one of her occasional lunches out with the girls, which gives me a chance to indulge in one of my hobbies. As long as I can remember I have I have had strong desires to dress in female clothes, and have whenever the opportunity arose, in secret, borrowed clothes from my mums wardrobe, or even from the occasional stopover guest. However this is all a close secret, I am so far in the closet that I am almost through its back wall.

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