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Ally's escape 2/4 Ellie emerges

Other than the fact that I was really Ally Taylor, not Ellie Taylor, I told them about the years of mental abuse in my childhood, constantly being berated and humiliated by my father, and the physical and mental abuse my mother suffered at his hands, particularly when he was full of drink, which was quite often.

Jo(si)e -19- Changes

Chapter 19


“That’s my next hurdle to be faced Maggie, My family obviously are aware that I am transgender, a few close friends and my bosses at the museum have already been told who I am and what I am doing, you now know, I now just need to find out if it will affect my career prospects.”

Jo(si)e -14 - Digging Dirt

Jo takes steps to deal with mother-in-law problems and has a surprise proposition.

“Hi , you must be Sally Walker, thanks for coming to talk with me.” I smiled as we shook hands before sitting down.

“I’m intrigued Jo, Jim Marshall did not tell me much about what you want me to do, other than the fact that you need some confidential investigative work done. The main thing that intrigues me is why use a reporter like me rather than a private investigator?”

Jo(si)e -13- Decision Time

I was soon entering Jacqui’s office ready for the worst in response to my coming clean to her about falsifying the job acceptance and about me being really Joey not Josie, but hoping that they had found a way to allow me to stay involved with the Ostia project.

Elle the Enforcer - May 2023 challenge

'Elle the Enforcer', my favourite creation is adventurous, confident, a force to be reckoned with, respected, feared, rich, beautiful, and female, Think of the best qualities of all the gaming and movie super-heroines, Supergirl, Batgirl,Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and Black Widow fromThe Avengers, Sonya and Jade from Mortal Kombat, Cammy from Street Fighters, not forgetting Lara Croft, pick and mix them all up and you end up with Elle. She is the epitome of everything I see myself to be in my dreams, but a million miles away from the reality of my life.

Jo(si)e -9- Josie's Return

I woke the next morning still thinking that it was amazing that I was just accepted by everyone as Jo and thought about my performance at the TV interview, which I quickly rewatched. There was no side of Joey that remained, the way I looked, talked and gestured just came across as ‘Girl’ no matter how hard I looked, Jo had taken over my life.

Jo(si)e -6- Josie's Problems

Jo was now adjusting more and more to life as a girl and was accepted by everybody at work and in her social life as Jo. It was now time to meet with her sister to make sure about what Josie's plans were before she got deeper and deeper into living and working as Jo.

Patsy's New Powers

A whimsical light-hearted Sci-Fi story with the feel-good factor. A sequel to 'To Kyra and Back'

After theirr abduction by Astikal and Hokal to Kyra, a planet in the solar system of Proxima Centauri C, and their return to earth at McCarran airport, Patsy and Sharon, headed into Las Vegas on the shuttle for a bit of R&R before deciding how to get on with the rest of their lives.

Jo(si)e -4- Working as Jo

After sleeping on it, Joey's mind had not changed, he was going to become Jo for as long as the project at the archaeological dig went on, but needed to act quickly to ‘bite the bullet’ before he changed his mind.

To Kyra and Back

My name is P James O’Neill. If anyone asks what the P is for I tell them to mind their own business. Because of a few generations ago Irish ancestry my parents lumbered me with the name Patsy, not Patrick, Paddy, or even Pat, but Patsy. All through school and college that had caused me no end of problems, Most of my classmates deliberately called me Patsy to annoy or bully me, even though they were corrected time and time again, and I lost count of the number of times that I was made to associate with or sit with the girls, as the boys either ridiculed or ignored me.

I thought that when I left college that I would be free of all that nonsense and that the name PJ O’Neill had quite a cool professional ring to it. When I was drafted however the US army however had a totally different agenda for me.

Jo(si)e -1- The favour

“See you when you get back in a month or so Josie, enjoy your holiday with Jack, but whatever you do make sure that you don’t come back pregnant.” I joked with my sister as she left to go away for a long holiday with her boyfriend, Jack.”

"Thanks Joey, I’ll try to avoid that but I still intend to have a good time. Take care of things while I am away, and let me know if anything comes up."

The Kielder girls 4/4 - Homecoming

Once we were away from the site, all a bit subdued at the thought that our time in Kielder was over, we stopped just outside Hexham, where I was going to leave them and get the train back home, before they all went back to Newcastle. Regretfully I needed to to change back into my boys’ clothes and revert to my life as Lyndsay for the last part of the trip to my home village. My time with the girls as Lyn was now over, or was it?

The Kielder Girls 1/4 - Arrival

As long as I can remember, I have always had a bit of a thing about wildlife and plants. After school hours when the others were hanging out together in coffee bars or games arcades I just left them to it and did my own thing. I was always more interested in going on rambles in the local woods or on the moors rising up behind the family farm.

All for a story 16 - More surprises

Now recovered after her accident Jane sets about righting wrongs, while her life becomes entrenched at Bolton Manor. She continues to investigate and report on the corruption scandal, starts a new career, and learns to live with her gender-confused body.

A Christmas Turnaround

It was a cold winters night, the week before Christmas. The sky was dark and mysterious with only the moon peeking through the snow-clouds. All the stores were closed and shuttered, all the streets were empty dark and bare. Nobody in the right mind was out and about on such a bitter unwelcoming night, the only sparks of life were the homeless shivering in shop doorways, wrapped in cardboard, paper, or whatever other items for warmth and protection that they could salvage.

I was just about to escape into sleep when I heard someone approach me. In the short time I had been sleeping rough I had come to learn it usually meant either Police who were normally ok as long as you moved on until they had left, Security guards who were a lot more intolerant brusque and even violent, or other rough-sleepers who were looking to steal the few possessions or scraps of food that I had.

However this one was different, it was a young woman, well wrapped up in warm winter clothes with her long-blonde hair peeking out from under her woolen hat and wearing a pleasant welcoming smile.

All for a story 15 - An eventful time

Totally shocked and devastated by the news that my body was intersex, I moped around in my own grey miserable world for the rest of the day, wandering the streets, stopping for coffees, watching the ducks and geese on the lake in the park, generally hiding away, before I had got myself together enough to face people again.


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