2023-3 March - Abducted! Contest

March 2023 Abducted! Contest: Winners Announcement! (And poll info)

It's over! It's done! The contest is finished, the polls are closed, and we have the results you've all been waiting for!

The March 2023 Abducted! Story Contest Results!

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Polling for the Abducted! contest ENDS today!

It's time to vote, folks!


Hop on over to the BCTS Patreon and let us know which entry YOU feel deserves to take home the prize! Or prizes, as the case may be. You can vote for as many stories as you want, too, so don't feel afraid to select ALL your favorites!

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Abducted! Contest Final Day, and April Challenge Announcement!

Just as a reminder for folks, today is the last day for entries to go up in the 2023 "Abducted!" story contest! I'd originally intended to give people 'til midnight their own time zone and go on trust, but for simplicity's sake I've been asked to move that to midnight PDT (or, just under 16 hours from the time this blog will post.)

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To Kyra and Back

My name is P James O’Neill. If anyone asks what the P is for I tell them to mind their own business. Because of a few generations ago Irish ancestry my parents lumbered me with the name Patsy, not Patrick, Paddy, or even Pat, but Patsy. All through school and college that had caused me no end of problems, Most of my classmates deliberately called me Patsy to annoy or bully me, even though they were corrected time and time again, and I lost count of the number of times that I was made to associate with or sit with the girls, as the boys either ridiculed or ignored me.

I thought that when I left college that I would be free of all that nonsense and that the name PJ O’Neill had quite a cool professional ring to it. When I was drafted however the US army however had a totally different agenda for me.

Sorry, no Haida's Travels update this week...

Sorry to those expecting an update to my fanfic but it seems a story idea came to mind for the abduction contest. Haida's Travels will resume next week at the latest on the same day. I can't give any more promise beyond that due to real life things going on right now. I only had enough time for either an entry for my fanfic and miss the contest deadline or get the story idea written down while it's still fresh.

Again, I apologize to those expecting the original update for Haida's Travels today.

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Transference Abduction

Author retains all rights to this original work of short fiction.


Monday, June 20th, 8:15 AM – My apartment…
I woke with a sour taste in my mouth, much like a rotting egg sort of thing from what I could smell of my breath. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to work today feeling the way I did so I called my boss to say I was taking a sick day. I barely made it to the bathroom to piss, downed some antacid, and returned to bed.

The meaning of a name

My name? How curious you are! You don't have long to live and instead of begging, fighting, or praying you ask me a question. I suppose I owe you that, at least. I so rarely get to tell my tale. You won't believe any of it, of course, but I swear on my baby daughter's memory that every word is true.

The Toxic Planet Extended


I remembered the night she threw me out. I had worn her sexiest underwear. She hadn’t worn it for years, so one of us may as well use it. I was half way through clipping my stockings to my suspenders when she came in. I thought she would be out seeing her friend until 10.30 at least.

“I bloody knew it, you little queer. You couldn’t leave it alone could you? Well, you can bugger off. I want a real man.”

Taken by the Grey Folk


"So, do you think we can try for a baby then John?"

"Is that what this has been all about? The picnic, the walk in the woods?"

"I want kids John. You promised me we would try when we married."

Abducted FOR an Alien

Where to start? There are so many places…

I could start with the weather, which was a gorgeous spring day. I could start with the restless feeling that overcame me as I woke on that gorgeous spring day; the kind of day you throw caution to the winds and do whatever you really want to do instead of what's sensible.. Maybe I should start at the HEB, but if you aren't a denizen of the Great State Of Texas you won't have the faintest idea what an HEB is.

See how hard it is to find a starting place?

Alien Abduction

“Jiang, what has you so excited? It’s really urgent?”

“Just watch the video, all I ask, Ranveer.”

“Ok, somebody on the Great Wall of China, walking funny, big deal?”

“Our recognition engine gait-matches this video from Badaling to what you gave us from Roosevelt Island.”

“Oh! They came to China too?”

“Probably when they checked out our ‘uranium.’ But that’s not what I wanted to show you. Their illusion only covered visible light; look at the terahertz and infrared images! You see their real shape!”

March 2023 "Abducted!" Contest Officially Underway!

That's right folks, as of... well, a few hours ago, depending on your time zone, the "Abducted!" story contest is open for entries!

Alien Girl

Any stories you write for the contest, please use the "2023-3 March - Abducted! Contest" tag under the "contests" header during posting.

As a reminder, the contest is accepting entries from now until midnight-ish PST on March 20th.

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Revert to Default

Revert to Default
A Short Story for the “Abducted” Contest
By Maryanne Peters

I make no secret of what I do within the Bureau – I just have to put up with the whole “X Files” thing. Mine is not a division called anything in particular, but there are unexplained phenomena that can benefit from being investigated by people who have a background in unexplained phenomena. My name is known and I might be called in.

The Doorway

Moose looked uncomfortable. He knew – like I knew – that a week or two away wasn’t going to cure what was eating me up. He opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again.

It wasn’t our way.

The Prodigal - Solo

The Prodigal

My name is George, something you may think was not unusual. When I tell you that my older brother is also called George, as is my father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, you can guess that I come from a long and wealthy family.



Why did Commander Jvuznart always make him do the worst jobs, like replacing xenobiological specimens? It wasn’t his fault that Doctor Gralpuxt’s specimens expired. They should have had a failsafe on the specimen holding environmental controls. It wasn’t like he killed them on purpose when he shut off the lights along with the atmosphere generator and temperature controls, was it? These new specimens from the 3rd planet were so soft and needed just the right temperature and gas mix to live. Sheesh, how did they survive to make it this far? They were even fouling their own nest; give them another few hundred cycles, if that long, and they wouldn’t even be around, he was sure.


by Bryony Marsh

March 2023 story contest entry on the theme of abduction. After many years, an old friend arrives with a strange tale to tell. An engine that dies on a lonely stretch of road; a brilliant beam of light from above; being kidnapped and experimented upon by those of another species... with a transgender twist, of course!

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