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Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 7: Deception!

Jenna's Instagram account of Sam has been gaining steam, and people are starting to realize Sam might be the real Sammi_Jaclyn32. How can he go about stopping possible suspicions?

A Girl for Halloween Part 13 (The Conclusion): A Girl Forever?

The FINAL Chapter

Jason joins Autumn and Val for a full salon makeover on Halloween--his seemingly final night as Jacie. Will he walk away from this night out wanting to abandon womanhood, or will the night cement his decision to be Jacie forever?

A Girl for Halloween Part 11: Fear and/of Intimacy

At the pool party, Jacie learns some notable information about Michael's past from one of his friends. With the growing surrounding drama, how much longer can Jason keep up pretending to be a girl?

A Girl for Halloween Part 10: Pool Party

After a successful night masquerading as a girl, Michael invites Jacie out to another event: his pool party. Will she go? Will Jason be able to continue pretending to be Jacie in front of Michael...and others?

A Girl for Halloween Part 9: Parents' Suspicions

After attending the Halloween Dance fully en femme, the next morning Jason has to deal with the possible consequences of the risks he took. Will he be humiliated, or get away clean?

A Girl for Halloween Part 8: The Dance and Romance

Jason (Jacie) is at his first dance dressed fully as a girl, so how will navigating a popular high school scene be different, as the date of a handsome, popular boy?

A Girl for Halloween Part 7: Party Preparations

After being invited to a Halloween Dance as his girly-self, Jason (Jacie) must prepare for meeting with her date and interacting as her fully feminine side more than he ever has before.

A Girl for Halloween


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Even though it was a Friday night, my dad had scheduled an interview for me at this Halloween store chain that just opened up in our downtown area. Being a teenage boy, this was not ideal, as I wanted to go out with friends, but I told my dad I’d go. I threw some shoes on, and took the car to the Halloween store.

A Girl for Halloween


A Feminine Look Part 2: The Mystery Brunette

After attending the surprise concert at the assembly, Jamie was shocked to see him get checked out from on stage by the freshman singer. Is there a chance that they will meet and clear things up, or will Jamie get wrapped up in something he has no intention of getting involved with?

A Girl for Halloween Part 6: Confusing Feelings

After his heart to heart with his sister, Julia, Jason (Jacie) is being helped out with dressing as a girl for work. However, Mom and Dad have just entered, and might have something to say about it. Will they be caught?

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 6: Mascara too?

We left off when Sam was in class being complimented by a few popular girls in class about his hair. The girls were comparing him to the “girl” in his secret Instagram account. What will these girls have him do?

A Girl for Halloween Part 5: Bonding with Julia

Jason had just completed his date (completely dressed and acting as Jacie) with the cute work friend, Michael. However, Jacie learns that Michael had a sketchy break-up with Leslie after running into her at the ice cream shop. Her date ended with a kiss on the cheek, but the mystery break-up still looms.

Sorry for the long delay! Look forward to more chapters!

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 5: Adding a Wardrobe

Sam and Jenna had their heart to heart about why he lets her do his hair, and his opinions on the girly activities they’ve done. Where we left off, Sam was about to test out an outfit for Jenna. What will Jenna have him wear?

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 4: What to Wear?

Sam, Jenna, Sophie, and Kelly are at the Fashion Expo in Chicago, and the girls convince Sam to let them do his hair. He gets a prom-style flowery updo, but go off to get something for him to wear for pictures on the Instagram account.

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 3: The Fashion Expo

Sam has just discovered that his sister has started an Instagram account to anonymously showcase his girlie hairstyles. The next day though, Jenna brings him to a fashion expo with her friends. What will happen there? Will his secret come out?

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 2: A Bit More Feminine

Sam had just gotten his second hair makeover from Jenna, yet he was left with feelings of uncertainty. Will he continue to help out his sister, even if it involves receiving a girly hairstyle?

Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 1

Just Let Me Do Your Hair...

By: MysteriousStranger

Sam’s sister Jenna is in a fashion class at school and needs some help with a project. When Sam is asked to help out, will he accept or refuse?

A Girl for Halloween Part 4: A Date with a Boy

As Michael was leaving to go home, he asked Jacie on a date after work the next day. Will she accept, even though she had yet to go out in public in girls clothes yet?

A Girl for Halloween Part 3: Jason’s (Jacie's) Romantic Interest

Where we left off from part 2, Jason was dressed fully as in his Belle princess dress, all dolled up. But while he was dressed, his best friend Kyle walked in on him at work. What will Kyle think of this?

A Girl for Halloween Part 2: Not JUST a Costume

After getting a job at the local Halloween store, Jason finds out that part of the job description is to test out costume sizes, even if they’re female. We finished the story off with him being asked to test out the size of a cute skating dress.

Let me know what you think of part 2 in the comments and messages to me! Thanks Loves!

You're Beautiful Conclusion: Kristin's New Look

At the girls’ sleepover, Kristin found herself sharing a bed with Kate. While in bed, Kate asks Kristin about whether or not she was honest when saying she thought a particular boy was cute. Kristin hesitated, not knowing what to say. We return the scene right after Kate’s question.

Let me know what you thought of the story overall! You're compliments and opinions make my day! :)

A Girl for Halloween Part 1

A Girl for Halloween

By: MysteriousStranger

During Jason’s senior year of high school, he realizes that he will be needing to get a job to help pay for his college tuition. When he starts working for a local halloween store, he does work he thought he’d never do.

Let me know if you think this story has potential and should be continued. Any other feedback in the comments or messages are much appreciated!

You're Beautiful Part 4: Kristin's First Night

Tom, temporarily known as Kristin, is off with Kate to meet with her twin cousins Allie and Paige to see a new scary movie at the local movie theater, after Kate put full effort into dolling up Kristin. At the end of Part 3, Kate leaned in and pecked Kristin on the lips. What does this mean? What will happen between these "two" girls?

Note: This is Part 4 in my series, "You're Beautiful". You should check out Parts 1, 2, and 3 (which you can find on my page) BEFORE you read this.

You're feedback is great! Keep the comments and messages coming :)

You're Beautiful Part 3: Trying out “Kristin"

When we left off, Tom was dressed completely as a girl, and he, Kate, Lexie, and Jenny, were off to the concert. Tom, however, had doubts about the feelings he was getting from his dressing up. Will it continue, or will he put a halt to it?

Note: This is Part 3 in my series, "You're Beautiful". You should check out Part 1 and 2 (which you can find on my page) BEFORE you read this.

I LOVE hearing feedback in the comments and messages from all of you, and it motivates me to write more and more!

You're Beautiful Part 2: How Far Will This Go?

You're Beautiful: Part 2: How Far Will This Go?

By: MysteriousStranger

We left off with Tom, fully dressed as a girl, being embraced by his sister, Faith, for helping her cheer up. However, others seem to be more strongly pushing for Tom to portray his feminine side than Tom himself is.

Note: This is a sequel to my story, "You're Beautiful". You should check out Part 1 (which you can find on my page) BEFORE you read this.

Also, feel free to comment with feedback or message me! Thank you!

You're Beautiful

Tom’s sister tries to help him to fit in with his preppy classmates more. But some feminine changes are made along the way…

Note: This is my first story that I have written, so any feedback in the comments would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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