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My Husband, My Weekend Lesbian Lover

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A chance encounter presents a woman with the opportunity to shape a man into her ideal lover and husband. After they are married, a couple of events lead to a rekindling of her unfulfilled sexual desires from her college days. Unable to act directly, she drafts her unsuspecting husband into helping her live out those desires.

My Husband, My Weekend Lesbian Lover

By Zylux

Copyright © 2014 Zylux
All Rights Reserved.

Superhero Twins


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This is a fan fiction of a mix of Whateley and The Center by Lillith Langtree. Mostly in The Center Universe. This is a fan fiction so I will break some of the rules as the Whateley Universe has different rules concerning mutants.

Sean "Port" Porter is helping his crew clear a building when the impossible happens. He ports in on another world and comes face to face with himself. Only this version just turned into a girl. He wants to get home, but without any other mutants his chance to find a booster are impossible or are they?

The Baker's Dozen: Book 1, Down a Peg

The Baker's Dozen was a series of short stories I wrote under my previous pen-name, Shawna Stimple, featuring the Baker sisters, and the people in their lives, through the 1960s, and beyond. I'll be updating, and re-releasing these stories as I go through them, correcting the errors that came with my first attempt at storytelling. I do intend to take a crack at these again in the future, and possibly release this series as an anthology, fleshing out the characters a bit more but that's a little ways off. In the meantime, please enjoy this little trip back in time.

The first part of the series is the story of Jimmy Baker, a young boy whose father has recently passed. Being the only male in the household, he starts acting out, and after nearly ruining a family outing on a visit to his grandmother's, his sisters think they've found a solution.

Please enjoy, as in this story I play with a long underrepresented category, Bad boy to good girl, to bad girl.

Beyond The Classroom 3

Beyond the classrom T.png
Part 3: Transitions

. Neha supports Rohit as he becomes more confident in expressing his unique style, and their bond deepens through shared moments of vulnerability and joy. Amidst the backdrop of college life, they navigate challenges and misunderstandings, discovering the strength of their connection and the importance of embracing their true selves.

Beyond The Classroom 2

Beyond the classrom T.png

Part 2: Reason
Rohit shares the heart-wrenching story behind his long hair with Neha, revealing a past marked by loss and resilience. As they bond over his emotional journey, Neha gains a deeper respect and admiration for her teacher. This chapter unveils the profound reasons shaping Rohit's unique appearance and character, setting the stage for an evolving connection between them.

Change of Fate Chapter 9

In the opulent halls of the palace, Prince Connor, a man of sharp wit and cunning, turned to his trusted assistant, Grayson. Grayson, a man of unassuming appearance but keen intellect, was dressed in a crisp business suit. "Grayson, enlighten me on what you've discovered about Consort Alex. I intend to use her to thwart Princess Helena's ascent to the throne," Connor said, his voice laced with a mix of determination and intrigue.

Ultimate Dare - Part 2: Time for my Ultimate Dare

Ultimate Dare - Part 2: Time for my Ultimate Dare

I was reminded of the events of that Halloween evening, and our costume party, frequently in the days that followed.

The next day i woke up with the make up still on, albeit somewhat smudged, and i was still wearing the satin underwear and knee high stockings. The cheerleader outfit and wig were on a chair in my bedroom.

I cleaned up, changed and folded the dress and other items placing them in the top drawer of my chest of drawers and nothing much more happened that day.

Flow C. 2

Valin couldn’t help but let out a scream as half of his room was reduced to rubble. Luckily, whoever or whatever had cast the spell was concerned for the safety of the occupants, for there was another spell being cast; Some kind of absorption/portal type of thing. Even as he watched his clothing, his computer, his television and half his books sucked into oblivion, he couldn’t help but be impressed; To coordinate and cast such powerful spells in succession took incredible skill.

Flow C. 1


“Discipline, discipline, discipline.” Valin repeated this mantra in his head, over and over as he prepared himself for the practical exam. He was sure that he had gotten a perfect grade on the written portion, not that he expected otherwise, as he had been training himself for it almost his whole life. Not that he hadn’t done the same for the practical, it’s just that the practical required certain innate qualities that Valin didn’t have.

The Seventh Wheel (Part 5)

7th 5.png


Author's Note: So we made it to the penultimate chapter, I see. When I originally wrote this section of the story, I was surprised. It sort of came out of thin air. It wasn't planned, there was no pre-thought and I was wondering why I had to stick in another freakin' portal reference... Oh well, things worked out for the best, well, so far... ha... I hope YOU like it...


The Seventh Wheel (Part 4)

7th 4.png


Author's Note: Hmmm, let's see.. I have been accused of putting too much sex in my stories, I have also been accused of putting too little. Personally? I think all of my stories have just the right amount, like raisins. It all depends on the characters, the situation, the crunch. Doesn't it? Well, this chapter has a lot of crunch, well, s.e.x. I feel it was a natural progression, ha, but what do I know... I just hope YOU like it...


Torrid Transformation

Torrid Transformation

The bell above the entrance to Torrid chimed a cheerful welcome as Alan
pushed open the glass door. The familiar scent of trendy clothing and
leather greeted him, but the store was strangely empty. He scanned the
racks, his gaze snagged on a display of vibrant summer dresses before a
voice startled him.

"Hi there! Welcome to Torrid!"

Alan turned to see a woman with a dazzling smile and a nametag that read
"Haley - Manager." Her warm brown eyes sparkled beneath a mane of fiery
red hair.

Genesis Transformed

Genesis Transformed

Shamefacedly, Shane shuffled into Merle Norman, the cheery chiming of
the doorbell announcing his arrival. He wasn't exactly dressed for the
occasion - his usual ratty t-shirt and ripped jeans felt woefully out of
place amongst the plush waiting area and pastel color scheme. A sheepish
grin tugged at his lips as his gaze landed on Stacy, his best friend,
behind the counter.

The Seventh Wheel (Part 2)

7th p2.png


Author's Note: Hi... Brina here, bringing you part two of my love letter to 'Top Gear,' hot rods, Hot Wheels, and tractor trailers, ha, no just lying. I was never a car person, well I was a van person once, but I don't want to talk about that, ha... Surprisingly this chapter has quite a bit of (early) sex in it, so cover your eyes if you are not ready for it... thank you and I hope YOU like it...


Cherry Blossom Journey to Womanhood

Cherry blossom journey to womanhood

the rouge tasted like cherries, a forbidden sweetness on alan's four-
year-old tongue. His mother's vanity table, a glittering land of
forgotten treasures, had captivated him. He'd slipped on her silky robe,
the feel a stark contrast to his usual rough-and-tumble clothes. The
lipstick, a bright, unapologetic red, felt foreign on his lips, yet
oddly comforting. His mother's gasp shattered the moment. Tears streamed
down his face, not from her anger, but from a dawning realization - he
was different.

Change of Fate 8

The Day After

In the hushed embrace of the night, Alex and Princess Helena shared moments of intimacy that transcended the boundaries of their newfound union. With each touch and caress, they explored the depths of passion and desire, surrendering to the ecstasy of their connection. As Princess Helena revealed pleasures known only to a woman, Alex eagerly reciprocated, their bodies intertwining in a dance of love and longing.

Change of Fate 7


The Ball

As the Royal Ball approached, anticipation hung heavy in the air, mingling with the scent of perfumes and the rustle of silk. For Alex and her sisters, the culmination of months of preparation was at hand – the moment when they would step into the grand ballroom and present themselves to the Monarchy and the assembled nobility.

Change of Fate 6

Author's note: I got really into this story last week and knocked out three chapters. It was very productive, and I am glad that I was able to really get into the story.

Rule 4: A smile can be the sharpest knife

Rule 5: Silence is louder than any words

This cryptic maxim echoed in Alex's mind as she pondered its meaning. In a world where appearances were everything, and deception lurked behind every smile, she understood the significance of this rule all too well.

Life Seems to Suck Sometimes (Part 4)

Life Seems to Suck Pink cut small.png

Life Seems to Suck Sometimes (Part 4)
By Sabrina G. Langton


Author's Note: Hmmm, this is the sweet chapter, also the one with the most sex... So sweet and sexy, just like all of us here in the Big Closet... Nothing we are not used to, ha... Thank you so much for reading and I hope YOU like it...


Part 4 of 5

Pasties And G-Strings

Pasties And G-Strings

I had been out clubbing again, the only thing that seemed to take my mind off my problems. The problems seemed to be piling up, from my lack of a job to the rent being past due, you name it, and it had gone wrong.

My name is Erin Waldrop, twenty-three years old, a college graduate and in all kinds of trouble. I shouldn’t be going out, since the few remaining dollars I do have vanish quickly at a club. The fact that I had given up hope allowed me to forget why I should save any remaining money I have.

Maybe You'll Like It: A Gradual Feminization Novel (Ch. 3)

He's got a brand new job working maintenance for a beauty salon. But with his long hair, feminine features, and gentle demeanor, maybe Alex can be of use in other ways...

After quitting his horrible job at a hardware store, Alex is free but aimless. To cheer him up, his older sister, Grace, surprises him with a pick-me-up trip to the salon for a much-needed haircut. Though what was only meant to be a simple trim results in an unexpected job offer as the salon's new in-house maintenance man. Alex must adjust to his new job surrounded by constant feminine energy, all while crushing hard on the salon's cute, young owner -- and her insistence that he test out some of their services...

This ~60,000-word, 243-page gradual feminization novel is about identity, experimentation, and the ups and downs of discovering a new side of yourself. Full book available now on Amazon for purchase or free with Kindle Unlimited!



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