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Swappers: A New Book by Raine Monday

My Latest book is now available on Amazon!

Swappers: A MtF, FtM Bodyswap Adventure by Raine Monday.

Justin Klein just wants to make his wife happy.

Unfortunately for Justin, this means taking on the persona and body of Mindy Montana, a gorgeous porn star.
Can Justin retain enough of his identity when faced with the life of a successful and beautiful sex vid star? Especially when faced with a sinister plot against Mindy and her corporation. A Plot Justin will have to face for himself!

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Changes in Paradise


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Changes in Paradise
by Raine Monday

When a young girl disappears, Detective John Paradise must locate and return her to her father. But will he succeed when he begins to find out the truth about her kidnapping and John himself begins changing in unexpected and embarrassing ways?

Book One and Book Two are now available on Amazon!

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