2024-5 May - 25th Anniversary Fresh Start Contest

May 2024 25th Anniversary Contest: The Results Are In!


You hear that? That's the chiming of the bell signifying the end of voting for the contest! So without further ado...


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May 2024 Anniversary Contest Follow-up

Sorry for the delay on this folks!

So as of Saturday night the contest was officially closed. But what does that mean for things from here on out?

We'll be giving everyone 2 weeks to catch up on stories from the contest, and later this week I'll create a blog with all the stories linked just to make them extra easy for people to check out.

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Atarashi Gakko


edited 6/15/2024 11:15 PM CT


“You have five minutes to get ready before I leave, and you’ll be walking to school.”
I rolled my eyes at my mother’s empty threat. There was no way she was going to let me walk ten miles on the first day of school, at least not after all that had happened.

May 2024 25th Anniversary Contest Ends Saturday!

Just a friendly reminder that the contest ends in only a few days!

If you still have a story you want to enter, then here's a reminder of the rules. We've had a couple entries that break the rules so far, and we'll be giving them an honorable mention when it comes time to list the contest stories.



Raising the Bar

The Bar

Just another night at The Bar. The cities change. Copenhagen, London, San Francisco, Omaha, Tokyo. But somehow, The Bar stays the same. The same sights, smells, sounds. The same faces, or close enough. Different languages, but the same lines.

Kobayashi Mary Lou

Kobayashi Mary Lou

"Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the star-ship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: …"

The Enterprise computer automatically signaled Red Alert when more than one hundred unidentified ships materialized ‘from nowhere’, partly surrounding the Enterprise.

Captain Kirk, who was on the Bridge ordered: “On screen. Mister Spock. Analysis please. Lieutenant Uhuru, open hailing frequencies and standard greetings.


Flipped Antimony regulus, or Gold in Copper


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A little bit of history

A little bit of History

I've been thinking about where I am, and where I have come from.

But I don't know how to share it, other than to use metaphors, so I hope that's okay.

It start's, as it must, with the abuse I suffered when I was a child.

But I've talked about that, so lets move on to what happened next.

The abuse had created a lot of anger, anger that scared me, and I labeled it The Monster and tried to lock it away.

Nadir to Zenith

Nadir to Zenith

They say that pride becomes before a fall. I wasn’t feeling proud when I fell. I was concentrating very hard of the job at hand. My name is Damon Rose, and I was just nineteen when I lost my grip, and nearly my life.

Less than two weeks left in the 25th anniversary contest!

That's right folks, we've got less than two weeks left on our 25th Anniversary story contest!

I'll admit, I'm a little disappointed we haven't had more entries so far. For such a big event, and with us wanting to go fairly big for prizes, I was expecting a lot more interest. That said, at least part of that has to be on me, since I haven't been pushing it particularly hard.


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Belinda Was Mine


The only plane I had ever been on was a Tiger Moth, on a twenty- minute joyride out of Shoreham, which was only an airfield, not a proper airport.

It didn’t make me feel like Phineas Fogg, more like a descendant of Biggles or the Red Baron. Besides, I was just a kid when I had that first flight.

May 2024 25th Anniversary Contest: Just Over 3 Weeks Left!

The contest is now live! You can find the tag above, and I'm excited to see your entries!

For many of us BCTS is a huge part of our lives, or has helped us pull through rough times thanks to the community and stories the site has helped to foster.

Well, what better way to show our appreciation of that than a 25th anniversary contest?

Yep, that's right -- BigCloset turns 25 in June! And to celebrate, we want to give back to the community with some prizes and a contest.

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From the Top

From the Top
by Bryony Marsh
From the Top by Bryony Marsh

“James, what are you doing here?”

The boy gave a guilty start that spoke volumes: he was caught and there was no point in lying.

“I’m doing my Physics homework, Sir,” he said.

Simon Owens sighed. “What I mean is, why are you lurking in the library when you’re supposed to be in class?”

Barefoot In The Park

I was making a fresh start. My marriage had ended the year before and I felt uncomfortable in the old family home where we had raised our daughter and I had noticed how old friends were less inclined to call now I was on my own. I was becoming isolated. When my employers had offered me early retirement I almost shouted yes before they had finished the sentence.

Smoked Out

Photo by Andrew Gaines on Unsplash

1 - Home Sweet Home

I 'celebrated' my fifty-fifth birthday in Savannah Georgia, all alone in a motel room. Being there wasn't necessarily a bad thing, it meant I was employed. That was actually a good thing; you see I am, or was, an engineer and industrial programmer. That means I sat at a computer and designed things like assembly lines or machines that built things, then wrote the programming. Once that was done I drove mile after mile to fix problems that the came up when the machine was actually installed. I got paid pretty good money for doing that and I loved the work, but it could get lonely.

Wish I had your life


It's likely been wished for since the beginning of time, that chance to swap lives with another person if given the chance. Nothing about that idea isn't complicated or without obstacles. Can two siblings pull it off?

Full Force Gayle


Chloe O’Neil took a foolish risk without thinking. A common mistake, maybe, but in her case the bill came due and payable, with interest. Now her whole family is struggling to make things right, unable to see a path forward. Maybe they need a miracle.

The Dopplegänger

My name is Jay Metcalfe and I have very unusual story to tell about how I got convinced to take part in a charade which was to completely change my outlook on life. Perhaps it may be best to tell you a bit about myself and how it all came about.

Mars Shot - A new beginning

Mars Shot – A Tale of New Beginning

When I was young, I read about the moon landings and wondered what it would be like to stand and look back at the Earth. Over fifty years passed before we thought about going back, but the only talk was about Mars, and just how difficult it would be. With the technology we already had, the trip each way would be nine months. Then there was the time on the Red Planet before the Earth was nearing a suitable position to come back.

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