Primate - Part three


Getting caught and being made to do something is one thing. Getting asked to do something you wouldn't be caught dead doing - another.

Primate - Part Three

By Mary Beth Sanford



****Part 3****

"Just never you mind. I was fixing your dress and fluffing your sweet ruffled panties," Jennifer said smiling.

Steve felt humiliated over her saying "your dress" and the fact that she'd patted his ruffled panties and used the word sweet. His fingers, in the mittins and resting at his side went past the skirt by an inch or two which meant the dress didn't fully cover what he was wearing under it.

Jennifer meanwhile felt giddy, almost woozy herself. Just touching those cute rufted panties over the soft plastic pantes and the diaper they covered, while pretending to be fixing his slip, had been enough to bring on a sense of excitement. She didn't want this to end. It wasn't going to end she decided as she watched his skirts flip back and forth in front of her.

The high chair, custom made by the guy that had fashioned the crib and changing table, was a little wider than a normal high chair and sat lower than average. Jennifer eased the tray off before having Steve sit in it. Jennifer fussed with Steve's dress, pressing it against the petticoats, then replaced the tray before moving to the cabinet for a toddler's size jar of baby pudding. Butterscotch, she decided.

"Hello," Nancy's voice said at the back door.

"I'm in here in the kitchen," Jennifer answered as she unsnapped Susan's bib hanging on the back of the high chair to put on Steve. It was a pink terry backed plastic bib with 'My Little Princess' done in script. A perfect addition, Jennifer noted just as Nancy came in.

"Sally said I could come up and meet our newest little baby girl," Nancy said walking into the kitchen. She stopped dead in her tracks at the image before her as Jennifer was fitting the bib around Steve's neck. "Oh my heaven's, he's adorable."

"This is Steve. Say hi to Nancy, Steve," Jennifer said as she snapped the bib closed.

"Hi," Steve said softly not looking at either of the women. He had taken the pacifier from his mouth with both hands to talk and slipped it back in when he finished.

"You are so cute," Nancy said moving closer before bending down a little to look under the tray of the high chair as she added, "very cute."

"Isn't he though," Jennifer said and added, "I was just going to feed him. Want to get him his bottle? We're out of milk so use juice to fill it."

"I'd love to," Nancy said as Jennifer went to a drawer and took up one of Susan's baby spoons. Jennifer sat, twisted the baby food jar open and spooned Steve's first bite from it. Steve took the pacifier from his mouth and accepted the spoon of pudding.

"Here, finish feeding him while I go get the camera," Jennifer said as she stood and handed the spoon to Nancy.

"It would be my pleasure," Nancy said sitting on the same chair Jennifer had occupied. Steve was given another bite of pudding, then another. Nancy, as if feeding a real baby, used the spoon to wipe his lower lip although he didn't need it.

"Does my little baby girl like her pudding," Nancy said spooning another bite into Steve's mouth.

Steven didn't answer.

"You've got to answer her Steve," Jennifer said coming back into the kitchen with the camera.

"OK, OK, yes, fine, wonderful," Steve said softly.

"Yes what," Jennifer said.

"Yes ma'am," Steve said in frustration.

"Where's the bonnet," Nancy asked. "This dress, when I made it, had a bonnet?"

"Oh gosh, I'd forgotten about the bonnet! Susan won't wear it," Jennifer said sitting the camera on the table, "be right back."

"I spent as much time on that bonnet as I did on those panties he's wearing," Nancy said as she admired how well the clothing she'd made for Susan fit the boy she was feeding.

"Here we go," Jennifer said from behind Steve a couple of minutes later. The bonnet, pink taffeta satin with several layers of chiffon ruffles to frame his face, did so as Jennifer fitted him into it. Nancy sat the spoon down and tied the bonnet closed under Steve's chin.

"Better! Much better," Nancy said as she fused with the pink satiny bow under Steve's chin.

"Much better is right," Jennifer said as she moved in with the camera. Nancy leaned sideways a little so Jennifer could get a good shot of Steve straight on at eye level. Nancy picked up the pacifier and eased it back into Steve's mouth when Jennifer said she wanted pictures of him nursing.

"Adorable," Nancy said as she removed the pacifier and began feeding Steve the rest of his pudding.

Steve in a growing state of agony didn't want the women to know he had to potty. It was uncomfortable when he woke and was growing worse. He knew they'd most likely make him use the diaper. Steve squeezed his legs together hoping they wouldn't notice.

"Does baby like her diaper," Jennifer asked when she caught the motion.

"I've got to go to the bathroom," Steve said realizing that Jennifer had seen the movement.

"Precious, you're wearing a diaper. Lots of diaper honey. Go ahead and mommy Jennifer will change you," Jennifer said.

"I can't," Steve said.

"You must precious," Jennifer said and laughed as she added, "actually, nature is funny that way so why don't you just try and hold it for as long as you can."

Steve, beyond a point of no return, gave in. It was difficult at first but Nature did take care of his inhibitions as he felt the diaper growing warmer.

"Is my little girl wet," Jennifer asked moving closer to Steve. She slipped her hand under the tray of his high chair placing it directly over Steve's baby pants and diaper.

"Is she wet," Nancy asked as she scraped the last of the pudding from the jar.

"She is. What a good girl," Jennifer said.

Steve blushed crimson as Nancy rose to let Jennifer remove the high chairs tray.

"Can I watch you change her," Nancy asked.

"Of course you can," Jennifer said taking Steve's hand as she added, "you can help if you like."

"No," Steve said.

"Don't be silly, we've got to change you, otherwise you'll get a rash," Jennifer said taking Steve's hand before adding, "and besides, if we do call the police I think it would be better if you were dry when they take you in."

"You said you wouldn't call them," Steve pleaded.

"Then be a good baby girl and let us change your diaper," Jennifer said.

Steve's humiliation had grown worse walking back into that nursery when Jennifer patted the changing table. Nancy had held the dress up at the back so when Steve laid down it was out of the way of his panties and diaper.

Jennifer moved the rest of his skirts and slips so they rested near his chin. Steve had the image of being inside of a flower as the slips flowed around him. She had him hold the girlish layers himself.

Steve, laying on his back with layers of fluff hiding what was happening kept his focus on the lace of the slips near his face as the two women moved to either side of him.

"My little girl needs a fresh diaper doesn't she," Jennifer said just as Nancy eased the baby bottle she carried in with her, to Steve's mouth. Steve didn't answer as he felt the panties being tugged down. The warm diaper cooled slightly when he was exposed and grew cooler still as Jennifer fused with the two diaper pins. The cool juice began trickling out of the soft rubber nipple and Steve had to swallow.

"Lift your bottom sweetheart," Jennifer said as she tugged the diaper open. Steve did as he was told and felt the diaper tugged out from under him.

Jennifer used two large baby wipes and way too much time cleaning Steve. He knew she was doing it on purpose and his reaction was not his doing as Jennifer snickered.

"Baby likes that doesn't she," Jennifer said as she brought the baby wipe to Steve's erection.

She added insult to injury with the baby lotion stroking Steve just enough before stopping to leave him in an agonizing and humiliating state. She did the same with the baby powder spreading way too much over him before massaging it in.

Steve caught sight of the diaper, then the soaker before it disappeared beyond his vision. He lifted his bottom again, by command, and held it there while Jennifer fixed the soaker within the diaper. Jennifer handed Nancy the two diaper pins as they switched places, and it was Nancy that tugged the diaper and soaker between Steven's thighs. Nancy too took several opportunities to play over the front of Steve's diaper as Jennifer kept the baby bottle in place.

Nancy gathered the plastic panties, then the ruffled baby pants slipping them over Steve's Mary Jane shoes and along his legs before he arched again. The plastic panties and ruffled panties went over the thick diapers easily before Nancy gave Steve a few more gentle rubs. Steve could hardly stand it still nursing the baby bottle.

"Come on precious and let's get you one of Susan's dolls to hold. I want a picture of you standing with me," Jennifer said as she helped Steve sit up and then step off of the changing table. Jennifer fussed with Steve's skirts, then had him move to the large crib to stand there under Nancy's watch while Jennifer fetched the camera.

"Smile precious," Jennifer said as Nancy took the pictures. Nancy and Jennifer switched before taking another.

Dr. Brooks returned and insisted on a few more "appropriate" pictures. Several of those, after Jennifer asked, were of Steve and Jennifer together again. One of him sitting on her lap taking a pacifier but smiling. It was forced although that was OK. They took a couple more of Steve on the floor sitting on the baby blanket playing with the large 33 inch Play Pal doll that Steve had to diaper so she was dressed the same as him.

Steve was given his clothes at four in the afternoon of that following day. He'd wet again and was changed again. Finally Dr. Brooks decided he'd had enough. Dr. Brooks made copies of his license and student ID card and allowed him to dress in his clothes. Steve refused copies of the pictures and when it was OK to leave he was allowed to simply walk out.

Steve was back in his room with the door to his room closed by four thirty. He'd told the guys, in passing, that he'd nearly gotten caught and that was the last time he was going to do that sort of thing. He laid there with the image of getting pudding spoon fed to him by that woman Jennifer after she'd slipped a little girl's bib around his neck.

He shuddered remembering the baby's bottle on the couch with his head in Jennifer's lap before she insisted he was wet or should be. He wasn't, but by the time Jennifer returned with another diaper, wipes and baby powder he'd done what she asked. There were also those pictures and he hoped someday they'd just be a curious oddity with no name attached.

Unfortunately that wasn't going to happen, but he didn't know that, and nearly a month had gone by with no more contact with those three strange women and life pretty much went back to normal.

"Hey Steve! There's a lady to see you!" One of the guys yelled after a single knock on his room door. Steve moaned a little that he had to get up and dressed to see who it was. A lady didn't sound like something worthwhile as he opened his door and headed for the living room and front door.

Steve didn't recognize her because Jennifer had her hair fixed and was wearing a cute Sun dress. On the day Steve had seen her she was in jeans, tee shirt and ball cap.

"Hi?" Steve said with a pleasant sort of smile just in case it wasn't someone soliciting him for something.

"Hi Steve. Can we talk somewhere private?" Jennifer said.

"Sure, the porch ok?" Steve said with a light shrug.

"That will work." Jennifer said leaning back a little from the door to view the porch.

"So what can I do for you?" Steve said with no spark of recognition in his eyes. There was a hint of familiarity but he couldn't pin it down. He'd seen that woman before, but couldn't place her.

"Steve, I need your help. We need your help," Jennifer said in a pleading voice.

"My help? Who are you and how do you know me? And who is this we you're talking about," Steve asked confused.

"It's Susan. She's very depressed, and at first we thought it was companionship so we got another Chimp to play with her, but she's not interested in another primate. What we think, what Doctor Brooks thinks, and I agree, is that Susan needs someone more like her. More like she is now that is. Trouble is shes been around humans for so long we think it has to be another human," Jennifer said.

"Wait a second! It's YOU," Steve said stepping back a foot as if Jennifer was suddenly contagious as he added, "you're the one that did those things to me!"

"I'm afraid so. Look, for what it's worth we thought we did the right thing doing that to you. You've got to admit that it's a whole lot better than facing a half dozen breaking and entering charges and sooner or later you might have run into someone a whole lot worse than Sally and I. Right? Besides, we let you go, no strings other than keeping your nose clean,' Jennifer said smiling slightly.

"You made me wear diapers, and a dress and drink out of a baby bottle," Steve said.

"True. Funny thing about that, and it took a lot of courage on your part, you took it pretty well. That's why I'm here, we think you'd be perfect for Susan and I'd like you to consider helping us," Jennifer said.

"Helping you how," Steve asked trying to figure out what Jennifer's angle was as he folded his arms.

"This is going to sound way out there, but we're almost sure that Susan would be thrilled to have another little girl to play with, or at least someone that resembles a little girl. Someone at least that can resemble a little girl to a chimpanzee, and to be honest with you there is no one else we know that even comes close to that description," Jennifer said.

"Wait a second! Are you asking what I think your asking," Steve said with some amount of difficulty considering what came to mind.

"If it's you dressing up again, yes, that is exactly what I'm asking," Jennifer said.

"You've got to be kidding," Steve said looking pained.

"I wish I was and I wish I didn't have to be here asking this, but it's for Susan, not me, for Susan," Jennifer said.

"So get her a little girl to play with," Steve said with a wave of his hand and added, "and get out of my life."

"Wish we could, but that's not possible. First of all we're dealing with a chimpanzee who is relatively strong and putting a child in that sort of situation just wouldn't be prudent. We need an adult. Unfortunately there are no adults we know of that would fit into the same clothes Susan wears," Jennifer said.

"That's not my problem and it's not going to happen," Steve said.

"I wish you'd reconsider," Jennifer pleaded.

"Oh, I get it. Since I'm already on the hook for breaking into the doctor's house, and she's got all of those pictures, she thinks she can blackmail me into doing this right," Steve said in renewed anger.

"Actually no, that isn't it at all. First of all the doctor doesn't even know I'm here, secondly, I'm asking you, not telling you. Actually, I'm pleading with you if that helps, and just so you know, it would just be me, Nancy and Sally that would know you are doing this," Jennifer said.

"Who's Nancy," Steve asked.

"She's the woman that makes Susan's clothes. She was also the other woman there that night when we began putting you through your punishment," Jennifer noted.

"That's right! It was punishment. It was the most humiliating day of my life, but you guys knew that and did it anyway. So if I say no, what happens," Steve asked cautiously.

"What happens is I walk away and Susan, since there is nothing we can do in the short term, simply gets worse," Jennifer said as her eyes began to water.

"This isn't some kind of sick joke is it," Steve asked suddenly sympathetic to the woman standing before him although there was still a little anger.

"It's not a joke. I wish it was. I even wish I had the courage to come here today and threaten you to do this, but I can't. Steve Susan really needs you and all I can do is plead on her behalf, so I'm pleading," Jennifer said as a tear streamed down her cheek.

"This is insane," Steve said.

"It might seem so, but it's really not. Not when you consider that Susan wouldn't care that you don't do this most of the time or even like it. All she cares about is having someone to play with. Steve, is there anything that I can say or do that would convince you to do this," Jennifer said.

"NO! Definitely not," Steve said.

"Nothing at all," Jennifer said letting the tears flow freely.

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