Primate - Part Five


Some will say it's the destination, others will argue it's the trip.

Primate - Part 5

By Mary Beth Sanford



****Part 5****

"I would think primates wouldn't mind hair given they are completely covered in it," Steve said testing his uneasiness over shaving his legs.

"I'm sure that would be the case if you were another primate, but Susan, in fact, is going to be seeing what she thinks is a little girl, or another female and most of her experiences with humans has been with females, and females are smooth," Nancy said before adding, "and like I said, I like the idea. However if you'd rather not, we can work around it with a pair of pantyhose."

"I'll shave," Steve said.

"I'm in love," Jennifer said a second after the shower curtain was pulled around the tub as Nancy closed the bathroom door.

"To be perfectly honest with you I wasn't sure you'd be able to pull this off," Nancy said.

"I know. Neither was I, but the best part, and my next question is, can I pay you for his outfit so I can take it with us when we leave the clinic," Jennifer asked.

"Honey, I didn't make those things for the money, and of course you can take them with you. Which makes me intensely curious to ask why," Nancy said.

"I think, no make that I'm pretty sure, that he might just be into this a little. At least he's hinted at it," Jennifer said and added, "and if that's the case I want to play a little."

"What? Are you telling me we dressed up a cross dresser that night," Nancy said.

"No. What I think is we've fostered the notion of cross dressing and a little Age Play besides. He's expressed at least a hint that he might try playing the way we played that night," Jennifer said.

"Can I watch," Nancy asked.

"Good heavens no," Jennifer said.

"Bummer. I never have any fun," Nancy said faking her disappointment as she paused and added, "unless you come back here to change, that is. You know, you can be my guest for the evening both of you. You're going to need to change him here anyway? Right?"

"I suppose we could do that, but I don't want you doing anything that is going to scare him off or make him change his mind," Jennifer said with a wry look on her face.

"Deal," Nancy said happily as she added, "by the way does he know he's going to the clinic already dressed?"

"No. I didn't want to scare him any more than I had to," Jennifer said.

"So how are you going to tell him," Nancy asked.

"Last minute, after he's dressed. Besides, the van has tinted windows, and perhaps if I promised to sit at the back with him," Jennifer said smiling wickedly.

"I'll go make tea," Nancy said fanning her face with her hand.

Steve meanwhile was looking at the feminine razor admiring first how large it was before he pressed the foaming soap that held the image of a woman doing exactly what he was about to do. The act of shaving his legs was unnerving and doubly so given the reason. He couldn't get the image of that dress out of his head.

It was pink, a soft pastel pink, shimmering in different ways suggesting more than one layer which made him smile with a touch of irony to his thoughts considering there was a slip to be worn with it and it sure didn't look as if it needed those layers of slips.

"So tell me about his dress," Jennifer said rubbing her arms against the goose bumps that had formed.

"The ultimate Fairy Princess dress if you ask me to describe it in a few words, although I'll keep that to myself," Nancy said.

"Thank you. He'll take off for the hills at the mention of fairy or princess," Jennifer said snickering.

"I know. Anyway, it brought tears to my eyes when it started coming together. Actually even before then because I took some minor design pieces from an adorable flower girl dress, some sweet notions from a couple of pageant dresses and a heavenly special occation baby dress I once made to bring this one to fruition. Even if I do say so myself, it's absolutely pure sugar and spice. The perfect first dress," Nancy said lifting the skirts.

"It's not his first dress, but it is definitely sugar and spice," Jennifer said.

"It's his first voluntary dress and when I started designing it, I actually began to wonder a little about cross dressers," Nancy said.

"Cross dressers? Now what made you think of them," Jennifer asked.

"Does a cross dresser cross dress because he's been cross dressed at some time or another or do they cross dress because they have a penchant for it," Nancy asked and added, "you know, nature verse nurture and then I got to thinking that it might not matter."

"Not matter," Jennifer said and added, "why?"

"Because even if he doesn't have a penchant for cross dressing, that little outfit is going to settle around him so delightfully that he's not going to be able to ignore it," Nancy said and added, "I guess I wanted him to have a little fun with this even if he hated it."

"I don't think he's going to hate it that much, not surrounded by that stuff and definitely not when I start playing with him," Jennifer said with that mischievous grin on her face again.

"So, here is what I've done. The bodice is a light satin with tiny pink crystals as accents to form those little hearts and butterflies. Under that satin is a slip grade nylon covered in organza. It's never going to stop moving over him which is intentional. Notice too the puffy sleeves and how much I've exaggerated the puffiness. Every time he moves his head his cheeks are going to brush against that same organza and lace," Nancy said moving her fingers under the sleeves.

"Excellent choices, and his skirts," Jennifer asked almost wishing she was still wearing the diaper.

"White taffeta satin against his legs, if he isn't wearing his slips, with an attached layer of gathered tulle netting for fullness. The underskirt is satin again and over that more gathered organza. Not only is it going to be soft and silky to the touch but noisy as well," Nancy said.

"Noisy? Is that wise," Jennifer wondered outloud.

"Might as well gather as much of his senses as we can, right," Nancy said.

"Got it," Jennifer said moving the layer of shimmering organza over the soft pink satin skirt. It rustled like dry leaves as she did so and said, "good idea."

"The pink flowers and ribbons and tiny bead faux pearls I've attached to the outside layer of organza and you'll appreciate it even more when it's in the sunlight. Here, let me turn it around," Nancy said turning the dress so the back showed.

"Oh how adorable," Jennifer said looking at the large wide bow that had already been tied. Two long steamers, as wide as the sash that circled the dress fell straight given it a very little girlish look.

"Exactly," Nancy said and added, "the bow snaps over the sash giving it a neatly tied look and you close it with three tiny fabric buttons. Tell me that isn't the most adorable little dress you've ever seen?"

"If it's not, it's right up there at the top," Jennifer said as he tugged at the slips.

"Ah yes, the quintessential undergarment for little girls and boys who dress like them. Very sweet and very full. More importantly it's age appropriate," Nancy said pulling the three gathered layers of slip out to the sides together.

"Age appropriate," Jennifer said.

"I've designed it to be just like a little girl's slip, so the bodice will lay softly and flat against his chest and allow his dress to swish over it," Nancy said and added, "and look at this! It's called twinkle organza. Can you imagine? I just loved the name. He's going to be dressing as a little fairy princess and I've used twinkle organza for his slip. I couldn't resist using that fabric for at least one layer."

"You might not want to mention that either," Jennifer said rubbing the fabric between her fingers.

"Not a word. But I just love it. Lots of fluffiness and it's going to make his dress very stunning. Not to mention full enough to give me, you, Sally and little Susan a good view of the ruffles across the seat of his panties. Speaking of which, let me show you those," Nancy said moving to the chair where they had been neatly placed. Over them was a perfectly shaped bonnet Jennifer only now noticed.

"You made him a bonnet," Jennifer said slightly surprised, picking up the soft pink confection made up of stiffened satin outside and softly gathered slipper satin inside. The bonnet itself was stiffened to hold it's shape, but the part framing the face would be layers of lace and circling the lace a one inch wide ribbon long enough to make a bow.

"Stop! I'm having trouble breathing," Jennifer noted as Nancy held the panties daintily by the waist band.

"Are these not the cutest things you've ever seen? I almost made me a pair just for the fun of it," Nancy noted as Jennifer sat the bonnet down to take the panties from her.

"I'm going to have to take a sedative or risk being charged with assault and ravishment," Jennifer said.

"Wait, they get better! Look, two layers with the first slipper satin and the second organza to match his dress. I call these rub-a-byes," Nancy said laughing.

"Rub-a-byes," Jennifer said.

"OK, I just made that up, but if you put him into these and rub them like a magic lantern, you know, one layer over the other, it's bye Mr. Macho," Nancy said.

"But he's going to be wearing a diaper and plastic panties under these," Jennifer said moving the organza layer over the satin.

"So, rub harder," Nancy said laughing.

"I can do that. Love the lace by the way," Jennifer said.

"Me too. I used the same lace around the legs as his bodice and the wider lace for his ruffles. Do you like the little bow," Nancy said fluffing the tiny pink bow set at the center of the top layer of lace.

"Nancy, I adore it. Seriously, I can't imagine adding anything else to these or his dress. You've really outdone yourself. I only hope he can manage getting into it," Jennifer said and added, "if you'll pardon that play on words."

"Well, if you're instincts are right, I'm guessing he's already into it. Funny thing is, until he mentioned Susan being so hairy, when I asked him to shave his legs, I didn't even consider that it most likely wouldn't matter," Nancy said and added, "and the fact that he agreed just blew me away."

"That's right, he did," Jennifer said looking pensive.

Meanwhile, Steve was running his hand over his legs in utter amazement over how they felt, feeling guilty that he enjoyed not only the smoothness but the act of shaving something other than his legs. More guilt hit him when he realized what he'd done. They hadn't told him to shave his chest either, and while there wasn't much, he suddenly wanted to be perfectly smooth.

"What am I doing here," Steve said under the noise of the shower. He knew the moment that he stepped out of the bathroom he'd be diapered and put into plastic panties, and most likely something frilly over those. There was that slip and dress besides. Not only that but he'd just shaved his legs and chest. How would he explain that to the guys if the guys found out?

"Shower just went off," Nancy said taking the panties from Jennifer to fold them back on the chair before walking to the door as she added, "I'll be in my studio. Oh, and I left the curlers in his wig. I'll comb it out last minute when he's already dressed."

"I forgot he's going to be wearing a wig this time," Jennifer said.

"Can't take him out looking like a boy, now can we? Besides, it's really going to be cute. Long tight ringlets and bangs. He's going to look like a little Shirley Temple want-to-be," Nancy said and added, "oh, and good luck."

Jennifer was alone in the room when the bathroom door opened. Steve, wrapped in the large pink towel around his waist cautiously opened the bathroom door wider peeking out tentatively and not sure why other than he was nervous as hell.

"It's OK," Jennifer said and added, "it's just you and me."

"I guess I'm a little nervous," Steve said.

"Of course you are. For that matter so am I," Jennifer said.

"But your not the one about to wear that stuff," Steve said looking at the bed already set with the diaper sitting over a changing pad, then the dress and slip.

"I know and I've got an idea. It's kind of unusual, request wise, so please be tolerant," Jennifer said.

"OK," Steve said not sure what to anticipate.

"Not knowing your type, or if I'm even close, first, tell me if I'd be worthy as a date," Jennifer asked.

"A date," Steve repeated.

"A date. Would I be worthy of dating you. Put another way, am I a girl you could date if you had the opportunity," Jennifer said.

"Yes. I mean sure," Steve said feeling his heart pump even faster if that was possible. In looks she was a ten, at least.

"Would we have sex," Jennifer asked.

"Sex? OK, I guess the answer is yes," Steve said as his mouth started going dry.

"Excellent. So assume we've just starting dating, it's our first date. The question is, how long would it be before you made your first move," Jennifer asked.

"Wow, I'm not sure? Maybe the second or third I guess. If the signals were there, hopefully, then maybe on the first date," Steve said wondering if Jennifer could see what she was doing to him.

"Then consider the signals are there honey, because I'd date you in a Minneapolis Minute and I'm not sure I want to wait," Jennifer said.

"You want to have sex," Steve said slightly shocked. This girl was bold. Bolder than any girl he'd ever been with.

"Actually, yes, in the worse possible way, but right now you need a sedative honey, and the best sedatives are the ones we already have within us, and the best way to make those sedatives work is sex," Jennifer said.

"Sedatives," Steve said.

"Endorphins," Jennifer said.

"Oh, right," Steve said with a spark of understanding.

"So, consider this our first date and later on tonight, when this is all over we're going to have sex but first we're going to have a lot of foreplay," Jennifer noted and added, "and what is turning me on more than anything at the moment is imagining you laying over that diaper, naked."

Steve watched Jennifer move to the bed and pat the diaper and smiled. If that was the case, so be it, he mused letting the towel drop before moving to the edge of the bed. He took a moment to settle over the diaper but was still a little reluctant to lay back.

"Why don't you lay back and I'll do the rest," Jennifer said pushing on Steve's shoulder slightly. He went back easily.

Steve went back and at Jennifer's urging spread his legs to either side as Jennifer tugged the diaper between his thighs. With the diaper gathered between his legs Jennifer paused, bent towards the nightstand and took up a bottle of Johnson's and Johnson's Baby Lotion. Steve watched her fill her right palm before she did the left one, and the left one she used to cup Steve's genitals. The right hand she wrapped around a nearly excruciating erection.

"Here we go precious, close your eyes and mommy is going to take you to a wonderful place," Jennifer cooed as she added, "does my baby like what mommy is doing?"

****Part 6****

"Yes," Steve managed to get out as Jennifer massaged and caressed his testicles with her left while slowly drawing her fingers from his base to his tip. Steve felt the palm of her left hand press against him firmly directly over the area between his anus and scrotum. The perineum, he noted as Jennifer's right hand continued slowly stroking him.

"Such a pretty baby," Jennifer said pushing harder between his legs while stroking him slightly faster. Steve managed a slight grunt while he was doing a little pushing himself.

Jennifer could feel the slight increase in swelling as Steve lifted his hips as his legs stiffened. He was about to have his climax and Jennifer, sensing that, cupped his penis with her fingers, palm above the tip, although she continued playfully sliding them down and up. A few seconds later, as Steve grunted softly he exploded. She held her hand there till the pulses slowed, before wrapping him again. She continued gently stroking him till the swelling began to ebb. Steve was completely flaccid before she stopped.

"Did baby like that," Jennifer said breaking through the cloudy haze washing over Steve's mind. He wasn't sure if he said yes or not, but he did nod as Jennifer's left hand, the one that had been massaging him over his prostate, moved to softly rub him a few more times as she added, "can mommy put her little baby into his diaper now and dress him like a pretty little girl?"

"Yes," Steve said as his body collapsed completely. He opened his eyes but there was a slight haze before he blinked himself clear, and in a total state of bliss quietly watched as Jennifer used baby wipes to clean her hands and him.

Jennifer bent again to the night stand and a second later shook baby powder over his genitals till his skin was nearly covered from the waist to his thighs. He felt the soft warm diaper, doubled by the soaker, the same diaper Jennifer had been wearing, he mused, gather between his legs as Jennifer gently tugged it in place. She took up an open diaper pin with it's tip pink and shaped like a teddy bear to pin the far side closed. She did the same to the left side drawing the diaper snugly around him.

"You look so sweet wearing a diaper," Jennifer said moving her hand again to the front of the diaper. What amazed her as she did so was not being able to feel Steve's penis and that too turned her on as she fussed a little more before taking up the baby panties laying off to the side. Pink baby panties she mused happily as she added, "bring your legs up precious for your baby panties."

Steve complied without giving it a thought watching Jennifer gather the crinkling plastic to the leg openings before easing them over his feet. Steve was complying happily watching in a kind of detached way his regression. The same as before, when he'd been caught but far more exciting, he realized as the panties came down his legs to his thighs.

"Is that sedative working precious," Jennifer asked.

"Oh yes," Steve whispered as he lifted his bottom so Jennifer could ease them over his diapered bottom.

As soft as they were they still crinkled slightly wrinkling and furrowing in the bright lights reflecting and defusing the light as if they were wet. There was still room in the panties for another diaper Steve mused although he wasn't sure he could walk wearing two diapers plus the soaker. It was a pleasant kind of thought as Jennifer finished fussing with the leg and waist elastic. She did another slow massage over the front of the panties pressing lightly again.

"I could get use to feeling these on you," Jennifer said.

"I could easily get use to you feeling these on me," Steve added.

"Good. That's very good because tonight, when we get back, I'm going to change you, but between changes I'm going to ravage you," Jennifer said and added, "and I think you're going to become a breast fed baby."

"Then I hope the day goes really fast," Steve said surprising himself.

"Then let's get you into your pretty ruffled panties, slip and dress and get you over there," Jennifer said and added, "the sooner we get there the sooner we can leave."

"Going to hate taking these things off for the trip," Steve said.

"Well, there really is no need. We can get you dressed and take you over there," Jennifer said seizing the moment to break the news that he'd be traveling as a little girl.

"As much as that sounds like fun, I'm not sure I'm ready for the public to see me like this," Steve said.

"And they won't sweetheart, because the van we're traveling in has tinted windows. Besides, I will most likely be in back with you playing under your dress," Jennifer said as she guided Steve to sit and then stand.

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