Cry Baby


"Madeleine is fed up with her revolting cousin Peter. He teases her for crying like a baby. She decides that if the cap fits, he will wear it."


The SisterDom is a group of wonderful women who know that it is important to help their men to access and release their inner girlhood. These women are willing to train and transition their new-girls using a variety of simple techniques, sometimes with a touch of ‘domination’ and strong encouragement. Characters do overlap from story to story.


My name is Angela Winter. I'm a teenage girl with a younger sibling called Alan. We live in Swandon. You probably won't be able to believe what happens here, because it looks like a perfectly ordinary town. Since we arrived not quite two years ago, I have learnt about the most amazing things. I've discovered that there are women who enjoy having their men dress up in skirts and frilly undies. Some of these are mothers doing it to their children, others are aunts and nieces, or wives and husbands, sisters and brothers too. I've learnt that these transformed males are called new-girls, gurls, bois, or 'sisters'. There are people who offer training programs and all sorts of other surprises.

I know which shops will be 'helpful' to mothers who want to train their sons into corsets, for example. I even have a corset of my own, just to prevent Annette having the smallest waist. As you read this special journal, you will find all sorts of ordinary words have special meanings in this new world of Transformation, SisterDom and Girlhood. Sometimes, I put these in quotes to make it extra obvious.

This section of the diary is from a few months back.

Maddie and I talked often about the disgusting Peter. We talked about everything. Even though we had only known each other since the week we moved here, it had been such a special time that we were now firmly best friends. She had been there at the beginning of my new life in the new town where I had moved with my parents and my ex-brother Annette. Yes, that surprised you didn't it. You did read correctly, I used to have a brother and now his name is Annette. She is now my super sister and I love her very much. I help her as much as I can to be the most perfect girl.

Maddie helps too, just like she did when Annette was first 'born' just a year and a half before. Some people have even said Annette dresses better than me, but I refuse to believe that. I will agree that we do look absolutely darling when we go out on the town together. We are as alike as two peas in a pod. My Mum is really proud of us. But going back to this story. This is about Madeleine and me and our efforts to sort out the horrid Peter.

"He's just awful, Angie. He teases me about everything - my height, my weight, my clothes, my school-work - on and on and on. He calls me a baby whenever he makes me cry - so I just cry more. He's cleverer than me, he's stronger than me and he's just foul. I can never get the better of him. If I could get him into a dress and have photographs to prove it - I'd have him fixed."

We talked about how to do it. He wouldn't fall for the 'dare'. We'd have to find some other way to trap him. One phrase had caught my ear.

"Why does he always call you a baby?"

Maddie didn't have any answer.

When I continued, "Does he have some hang-up about babies?" she suddenly leapt in.

"Yes, I think he does. He certainly got all red and blushy when he had to help me put a nappy on his baby brother. I was quite surprised at how silly he was about it. Do you have some cunning plan as to how we can trap the little beast? "

I had no idea how to do it - but at one of Mum's meetings with another of the mothers who also had a new-girl, I had overheard them talking.

"Oh, Mary, you don't know how hard it's been," said the visitor. "When Wendy was about 8, she still used to wet her bed. Eventually, I lost my temper and put her back into nappies. I couldn't find pyjamas to fit so I had to give her a nightdress as well. All of a sudden I found that I had a far better behaved child than before. It was clear that she actually behaved better as Wendy so I did everything I could to encourage her. Like you, I was lucky enough to meet Mrs. Grant and she was ever so helpful. When she got to being a teenager and more noisy and everything, having her work at Jane's shop was also really good. I think she had forgotten those months in nappies and dresses - but she was soon as eager to become Wendy on a more permanent basis."

I told Madeleine the story and we both snuggled on the bed and whispered our ideas for devious cunning plans to each other.

"He obviously doesn't wet the bed - so we can't catch him that way. But if he is that twitchy about babies, then he would hate to be one wouldn't he?"

Madeleine just lay there and smirked. "Yeah," she hissed. "I'd love that. But I think that he wouldn't. Let's fix the little pig."

The next day was Sunday and we were both reading the paper. Suddenly, Maddie jabbed me with her elbow and pointed to one of the 'specialist' adverts. It wasn't a part of the paper that we normally read - but, golly, what a lot of unusual things there were there. We suddenly read them with new interest. There seemed to be only one possible interpretation to phrases such as 'Big baby' and 'Male lingerie'. We sat there in amazement. This was very, very interesting. Maddie pointed out that while one or two of these adverts asked for a pound or two, several were free. Our letters went off that afternoon and we waited eagerly for the replies to arrive.

When the brown envelopes arrived, we scurried upstairs with them and ripped them open as we leapt towards the bed. We leafed through the pages with our eyes popping and our faces flaming. We had believed that we were pretty unusual with having a boy who dressed up as a girl - but what was in these pages made us feel absolute novices.

Our plans firmed up. Maddie decided that a little expenditure was necessary to deal with Peter. I was only a little surprised at what she ordered. The catalogue called it an 'Adult-size Nappy-set'. She had obviously decided that Peter was going to be babified whether he liked it or not.

When Peter arrived for Christmas, Maddie and I began to attack almost at once. I deliberately annoyed Madeleine until she was almost in tears, at which Peter joined in accusing her of 'being a baby'. Conveniently, we were upstairs in Maddie's room. It was large enough for her desk and a settee so we often used it as our own sitting-room when we wanted to keep out of the way of her parents. For what we wanted to do, we definitely wanted to be alone. So, even though it meant that Peter was allowed in her bedroom, that's where we were.

This was our cue. We both went for him.

"How dare you accuse Maddie of being a baby."

"Just because she's willing to show her emotions."

"What do you know about being a baby."

"Do you think you're so manly that you would never cry. Let's see how you would like to be treated like a baby."

Peter stood there, stunned. Too fast for him to react, Madeleine grabbed him from behind and gagged him with one of her stockings, tying it tight round the back of his head. Then, she pushed him onto the bed and put on a pair of mittens so that he couldn't do anything with his hands.

In a moment, I had his trousers off and Maddie and I, in our turn, stopped still. He was wearing towelling pants. Where on earth had he got those from? They weren't as obvious as a nappy would have been but they were the same material. Here we were with plans to put him into a nappy and he was already wearing one. I pulled it down and he lay there naked in front of us. He was so shocked that he was behaving just like a big baby. Nobody else was in the house so his cries of anger and shame went unheard by anyone except us. We heard them with pleasure.

I felt him shudder as I powdered him and slipped on the full-size towel. As I heaved on the adult rubber waterproof pants we had bought from the catalogue, I could hear him faintly whimper as the tight elastic held the nappy tight to his legs.

He had been in the house for barely an hour and already we all knew that he was never going to dominate Madeleine the way he had expected.

Madeleine and I stood beside the bed and looked down at her big-baby cousin. He stared up at us with eyes filled with tears. I slowly and deliberately raised the camera and his eyes widened in horror. When the flash went, the creature closed his eyes in the pretence that it was all a dream. No chance. The pathetic animal was at our mercy.

As I lowered the camera, Maddie untied the gag. "Right, BABY. We now know all about you. We have photographs and the lot. You are going to do exactly what I want forever. First of all, you are going to be the sweetest and nicest and politest baby ever. If I ever have any lip from you, I'll rip down your trousers in public to reveal your ghastly secret. You won't call me names. You won't tease me. You won't interrupt while I'm talking. Nothing, never. Have you got me?"

The feeble blob nodded it's head in agreement. It whispered, "Please don't do anything to me. I'll do whatever you want. I'm so sorry." To our delight, a tear leaked out of it's eye.

We put one of my old nightdresses on the thing before taking another set of pictures. We made it as obvious as we could that this was a grown boy wearing a nappy and a girlish frilly nightie. We pushed the creature to one side and sat down on the bed.

Madeleine continued, "Right, first of all, every night while you are staying here you will be wearing this nappy and this nightdress. During the daytime, you will wear panties and a girl's vest beneath your ordinary clothes. Since it is clear that you already behave like a baby of your own free will, you will now behave as a baby whenever we decide. Okay, baby Barbara? You deserve a new name for your new status."

Baby Barbara nodded it's head.

"Now, we didn't hear you answer. What do you call me now I'm in charge of you?"

We both giggled when we heard the faint whisper of 'Nanny'. This was true domination. We had never felt this with Annette or April. They had just been boys who were lucky enough to wear skirts and frocks. This was better, or at least this was different.

Madeleine pulled me over to the settee and we talked feverishly for several minutes. She hugged me tight.

"I feel fantastic," she said. "The sense of power is tremendous. Now that I can see how feeble he is, I get all hot in my panties. I didn't understand that magazine we were reading in the bookshop until now. If I had something to smack our little baby with - I'd do it and it would be grrreat. What have we got."

With a devilish grin, I handed my friend her hairbrush.

It was amazing. I had never seen this side of her character. She pulled the giant baby across her lap and smacked it through the nappy until it was blubbing and sobbing as if it would never stop. Madeleine was exhausted and her hair was stuck to her forehead with sweat. She pushed the baby to one side and tied one wrist to the end of the bed with the stocking. Then she leapt to the settee where I was sitting, pulled me to her and gave me a deep kiss. To my amazement, her tongue slipped between my lips and she held my head so that I could not move.

"I find I enjoy being dominant. I find that I like being in control. Barbara is now ours to do what we want - but I've decided that you are also going to do what I want."

I looked at my friend with horror.

"Don't worry, Angie. I won't do anything that you don't beg me to do to you."

My expression of horror barely altered. What was I going to do with this newly aggressive teenage amazon. I should have reacted faster. She now pulled me across her lap and pulled down my panties. Gently, she put her hand between my thighs and began to stroke me. I gasped and tried to get away. But I didn't try very hard. I found that I was getting wetter and wetter as I tried not to react. After a moment she undid the buttons of my blouse and I shivered as she slid the cloth off my shoulders. She then unclipped my bra and gently caressed my breasts for a moment. From the table beside the bed, Madeleine had found a little pot of aromatherapy oil. As she once more cupped my breasts and moved her hands across my heaving body, the oil helped her fingers slide slickly over my skin. Even though I was still lying across her lap in a position of complete submission, I could say nothing. It was exciting. It was new. It was definitely pleasurable.

"Ooooh, don't stop. That's wonderful. Oooh, yes." I was losing control - but she wasn't.

"What if I do stop? What will you do if I stop? What will you do to make me start again? What if I do stop?" .... and her hands changed pace as she spoke. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes hard, sometimes a light as a feather. I was out of control. I could feel an orgasm building and I wanted it desperately. My thighs scissored frantically with the effort of rubbing my clitoris against something, anything. She knew, we both knew what I was trying to do.

"Can I smack YOU?" she whispered hotly.

"Oh, anything, anything. Just keep going, it's so wonderful."

The little vixen sniggered and began to beat my excited bottom. Sometimes gently, sometimes so hard that I yelped. But I couldn't argue with the heat surging through my body. I can't deny that we had played Nurses and Nurses a few times before but this, this was a lot different. This wasn't playing. This was sex.

It wasn't long before I was writhing under this soft torture. I could feel my breasts bouncing as I tried frantically to evade the next blow. I couldn't believe how hard my nipples had become. My thighs were soaking with excitement. Madeleine was hot as well. I could feel the scent rising from between her legs, provoking me more and more.

She must have beaten my poor bottom for some seven or eight minutes before she was satisfied. I was completely under her thumb. I also understood how relaxing it was to submit so thoroughly to a mistress.

When at last she finished smacking me, I lay there sobbing. Not only was my bum aflame but I was now desperate for sex. Maddie wriggled so that we were lying alongside, my legs fell apart in an attempt to cool down the furnace between in my crotch. She gave me a long, lingering kiss as I relaxed in her arms. Then, she took the pot of oil and gently, gently smoothed her hands over my red cheeks. It was delicious, despite the momentary extra pain. It only took a moment for me to grab her hands and force them to my itching pussy. I lay there whimpering with frustration as she forced her hands to stillness. I could feel them resting, twitching, flexing, on my thigh, so few inches from my dripping pussy.

She looked up at me and said, "Now you've got to beg me. I'm not going to do anything unless you ask properly." She brushed one hand lightly through my pubic hair as she spoke, making me arch my hips frantically towards her teasing hand.

I gazed into her eyes with shock. She couldn't mean it. I was lying there, legs wide apart like a gynaecology poster. Couldn't she tell what I wanted? I then realized how much she was enjoying this new game. She really did mean it. I was going to have to beg her to satisfy me. As I lay there summoning the will to speak, there was a thud.

We both leapt to our feet as we realized that the creature was still there. Despite being dressed in a nappy and nightie, it was still more or less a human being able to think, plot and plan. We were giving it far too much information. After all, we were the ones in control, weren't we ?

We grabbed the baby and pulled it back onto the bed. Our rampant desire fading temporarily while we gagged and blindfolded the menace. We then untied it from the bed and took it down the hallway to it's own room. Then we once more tied it to the bed. In order to remind it of it's total inferiority, Madeleine instructed me to smack it on the legs. After twenty or more hard slaps on the back of each thigh, it began to cry again. We left it there in a blubbing heap while we strolled back arm in arm to the comfort of Madeleine's boudoir. As a final gesture, I did loosen the gag just in case the creature had difficulty breathing.


I won't go into any more detail about what we did and how much fun we had — but we did have a lot of fun. My poor pussy was aching, oozing and glistening wet with my juices and the dribble from Maddie’s hot, excited lips. But I can see from your expression that you want to know more about Baby Barbara and what happened to her.


It was a good hour later that we moved on to the next stage of the changeover. We had talked eagerly about how to enforce our control as we lay in a blissful heap, dripping with sweat and juices. We knew that we had several hours before either parent would return so we could do our best, or even our worst, to our new toy.

When we went back into the room, Peter was, of course, still lying on the bed. The gag had come loose, as well as one arm had got loose and so he was lying there, to my immense satisfaction, with his thumb in his mouth. He was asleep, or at least dozing when we tiptoed in.

"Hello, baby," called Maddie.

Baby jerked as if an electric current had jolted him. His thumb came out of his mouth with a soft pop. Once more he went crimson with embarrassment.

"Likkle baby sucky thumb, ooh lovely." He went, if anything still redder.

"Likkle baby, want some foody-woody?", I waited for an answer and after a moment, he shook his head. That was a mistake, wasn't it.

"Baby must eat or never grow big and strong. Maddie, smack baby twice, at once."

Smack, smack.

"Now baby want lovely food ?"

This time, baby nodded.

I brought out the pot of food I had prepared earlier, in proper Blue Peter fashion. Although Blue Peter had never shown examples of how to look after big babies. Maddie had suggested that perhaps we needed to watch Really-Blue Peter. My response had been that now we had a Peter of our own to play with we wouldn't need to bother with kid's stuff in the same way. We had giggled deliciously, if not a little cruelly at some of the ideas we had had. Baby food, dirty nappies, punishment and training - we were so excited at what we would be able to do with a totally subservient dominated baby.

Maddie tied a towel round his neck as a bib. Baby's eyes widened as he realised what was happening next. Perhaps his ideas of being a baby were different from what he was getting. Ha. He tried feebly to evade the spoonful of mushy cornflakes. But Maddie pinched him and I stuffed the spoon in as his mouth opened to complain. This time, we had decided not to flavour his food - absolutely plain pap was to be his first meal. Perhaps next time, the curry, mustard and tabasco would become a weapon of control.

Every time he complained, another spoonful. Every time he tried to evade, a pinch. I fed him until he had eaten two large bowls. His tummy was bulging by the end. When we had finished, Maddie asked if Baby had had enough. Baby answered, "Yes."

Maddie put on her sternest expression, "Yes, what."

"Oh, yes, thank you nanny one and nanny two."

"That's better. Now baby go back to sleep."

Baby curled up beneath the duvet and we left him alone while we went back to Maddie's bed for further discussion and exploration. I told Maddie how sore my pussy already was — and she grinned and said ‘practice will make it more perfect, you’ll be doing what I want anyway’. Shamefaced, I nodded my acceptance in the face of this new trait my friend, indeed lover, was showing.

When we went back to baby, we were delighted to find that he was still asleep - and wet - and dirty. We dragged the grubby creature into the bathroom and scrubbed it really hard. Then we put on another nappy and left it alone all night. It tried to talk to us - but we couldn't understand a word. And once we had gagged him with a pair of my pants - we really couldn't hear a thing.

In the morning, the baby was dirty again. The two of us had talked about what to do next. The first step was to allow the baby to decide what age it should be treated as. Being in nappies was a wonderful punishment - but we needed to know that it was a proper punishment rather than something enjoyable. Maddie didn't want to believe that her cousin Peter actually wanted to be a baby - but there were limits. Cleaning giant nappies wasn't fun for us. We needed the ghastly child to be at least able to look after itself.

Not completely to our amazement, the ghastly child was much more reasonable in its attitude and behaviour when we released it in the morning. We were particularly pleased that it called us 'Mummy' and 'Aunty' in a suitably respectful manner. We had decided that this was the proper way for it to address us.

We began with emphasising the new rules which would be obeyed by him whenever he was at the house or on visits to my house. Maddie and I had spent considerable time making sure that these were not just sensible but designed to keep Baby Barbara in a truly subordinate position.

Baby was allowed to talk properly for a while so that we could decide what the proper regime should be. It had to be on the edge of what Baby was willing to accept but Baby had to be able to enjoy most of it. Baby said that he wanted the opportunity to wee and poo but would prefer to be able to ask for potty as well. We said that we weren’t really very keen on pooey nappies but perhaps sometimes we would allow it — but we would probably be quite severe.

We talked about feeding, bottles, dummies and all the things that real babies have. Baby told us that she thought there was an website called Big Babies which rather obviously sold things for Big Babies. We spent quite some time looking at the site and deciding what we could afford. Well, actually, we just told Baby what we were going to buy and then asked him if his bank account would cover the costs.

Baby looked quite ashamed and began to cry “You’ve made such a difference to me by saying you’ll help — but I really can’t afford to spend all that money.”

We both gave Baby a cuddle and I said, “Well, we will just have to make do with what we can afford and then gradually build up a wardrobe and the extra equipment so that baby is comfy.”

Shortly, Baby said, “This is getting to much for me, I need to have a rest.” And she just put her thumb in her mouth, curled up and went to sleep. — Just like a really good baby.

Maddie and I giggled and cuddled each other. “Wow”, Maddie said, “This is looking really, er, interesting.”

You don’t need details of what we did until Baby woke up.

Once baby was awake and had been bottled and fed, we began to talk about more ways we could help Baby find her right age and level of behaviour. We all agreed that baby would have to grow up until she decided or someone sterner decided that she was grown up ‘enough’.

“For a start,” Maddie said, “you’re going to have to talk like a baby, use baby words, perhaps even have a lisp.”

Baby muttered something which sounded like ‘No'.

Maddie’s eyes flashed. Baby did start to speak with a pretty little lisp. At times of stress, she even got a little stammer. It was so pretty, so delicious.

By the end of the week, Baby Barbara had progressed to wearing full-size little girl dresses from one of those remarkable brown-envelope catalogues. There was absolutely no argument as to who was in charge in Madeleine's house.

On one occasion, Baby tried to defy us and we actually put on the set of baby reins and had him at the gate of the garden ready to be taken into the park before she gave in and accepted that we were right, that we were always right and that we were going to be making all the decisions on Baby’s behalf for a long time to come.

We managed to keep Baby out of the way of Maddie’s parents for the whole week. Or we thought so. It was a few days later that her mum said — “Well, how did it go for the week with you sorting out young Peter — or is the name now Petra?”

Maddie gulped and blushed bright, bright scarlet.

“Did you think that I wouldn’t notice, Mad. I did. I’m not actually stupid. But I saw there was a truly Mad, mad scheme going on. Yes, one of your ‘mad’ plans, my Mad girl. So I watched, listened and kept your Dad out of the way. You can be confident that he noticed nothing and knows nothing. But I do know something and actually you are going to tell me ALL about it. I can tell when you are being, er, economical with the truth — this is not a suitable occasion. If I’m going to be involved in this — then I need to be told everything. So — start at the beginning, go on to the end and then stop — right. This is my stern voice now.

Maddie gulped again and began to talk about Baby Barbara.

After a few minutes, her mum was almost crying. “You mean you were all set to blackmail him into being a baby and doing what you told him and he was ALREADY in his own nappy. Oh, what a hoot.

Maddie tried to get past the part of the story where she ravished me but her mum was too alert and noticed the gap in the story. She pressed until Maddie went even more red and whispered, And then I did things with Angie even though I knew I shouldn’t.”

“You mean you had a totally exciting, wildly wet and willing teenage lesbian romp with your best friend. Oh, don’t be silly dear. Almost every pair of Best-Friends-Forever has done some sort of experimenting in that arena. It’s not unusual, you aren’t the first, you won’t be the last — but I would prefer it if it didn’t become a habit. Like it or not, society is much more willing to work with heterosexuals rather than any of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual groups. I’m not too fussed in any direction — it so happens that the huge majority of my friends are not G, L, B or T — although a few are and some more might be.

“Live and Let Live — Love and Let Love seems a fair motto for me — but as regards Angie — don’t let your father hear you late at night, he’d get all upset and make silly comments which would not be at all, at all helpful.

“But, as regards your lovely big baby — what did you do next?”

Maddie told more of the story — and her mum giggled some more. “I was never too keen on Peter, He came across as a big-mouth and a bit of a nuisance.”

Maddie sniggered, “well, now he’s got a much much better mouth and he knows exactly how red his bottom will be if he even begins to do anything that we think is a ‘nuisance’. He’s learnt quite a lot. He’s been told to come back in three weeks for some more training.”

“Three weeks eh? Do you want me to get the sewing machine out so that he has some properly fitting costumes for whatever you think he needs teaching? And how are you planning to end this little game. There has to be some agreement by him — otherwise I’m going to cut things quite short and let him get on with his own life. Like it or not, he’s not actually a toy or a thing.”

As it turned out, Peter had been doing quite a lot of thinking while he was away — and the shock of what we did had sunk all the way into his skull and affected a change in the brain-cell he kept there.


As it turned out, the baby game quickly became much more a game than a punishment or a method of Maddie controlling Peter. The wind-ups, the aggression, the petty nastiness — all evaporated and it was actually rather fun for the three of us.

The baby element of the game also faded away once the three of us were friends. This didn’t mean that Peter was allowed to go back to being a less-than-attractive example of the male species. It was Barbara who we went out with. It was Barbara who came to stay. It was an unrecognisable Barbara that Maddie’s father got all hot and bothered about at Halloween when she sat on his lap. That took a few drinks to make happen!!

By the end of the year, Barbara had grown into a really charming lady on the now frequent visits she made to our town. Usually, she turned up dressed quite demurely — but every now and then she did something which got her duly punished — and she would have to walk into town with a bulging skirt filled with a red, sore botty and a thick towelling nappy.


Peter/Barbara has moved on but we do hear from her occasionally. She has found her own group of playmates and has begun to tell them about SisterDom and how much it can do to teach rough, wild, brash young boys about the nicer side of the fence.

Her particular interests have made it obvious that as well as the SisterDom, we might need a NannyHood equivalent so that the babies get the right treatment. It is clear that there are more than a few of them — although the majority of our clients are gurrls and new-sisters or whatever they are called nowadays.

Barbara has also told us that things can get even more complicated because there are also poor lost souls who actually need to be treated quite unkindly and regularly shown that they are actually subordinate to real women. I’m not so keen on this angle although the stories which I have been shown and some of the rather silly videos do talk a lot about sissies, femdom and the like. Not actually my like though.

I’m going to be quite busy enough looking after my friends as they learn about the simple task of being a male while dressing as a woman. There’s so much need out there — it must be the duty of those of us who are willing to help the poor darlings.

Madeleine aged 17 1/2
Angela Winter aged 17 1/2 older sister see #2 & #3
mention of *Wendy, Mrs Grant, *Annette

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