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I'm just a girl!

I’m just a girl!

"I know I used to be a freak. That's what you called me. But I’m not any more. I’m just a girl." I argued.

An AP-500 story.

“What d’you mean – used to be a freak”, screamed my Dad.

“Don’t be silly, Daddy, back when I tried to be a boy!” He tried to hit me but I stepped back just in time.

I love Silk and Satin and ....

I love Silk and Satin and, and, and, and

Title changed from 'Material Wealth'.
I love clothes – not just dresses and underwear. Therefore the raw material is interesting too. Lace & Leather, Silk & Satin and the rest. Enticing. Intoxicating.

An AP-500 story

To be different is a choice? Not for me!

To be different is a choice? Not for me!

This had a temporary possible title: such as 'Aren't you / they stupid? I’m not gay!' which could have grown a series of 'Aren’t they angry … '; Aren’t they wrong ...'; 'Aren't they nasty ...'; even 'Aren't they accepting … '. Another possible set of titles began How stupid are you? I'm not gay'.
Then the story veered away and the title had to change!

Mother - and daughter too.

Mother – and daughter too.

Auntie owned a dress-shop. Yes, I know now that’s the introduction to a whole sub-section of transvestite literature. I didn’t know it then. All I knew was that my mum had a sister in faraway Leeds and they rarely met, rarely spoke to each other and in fact mum rarely spoke of Aunt Lily. Perhaps Mum knew that working in a dress shop would be the right thing for me.

An AP-500 starter-story.

Alexandra's Leaving

Alexandra’s Leaving

This was triggered by Leonard Cohen’s song. There are overtones of The Beatles’ She’s leaving home’.

Another AP-500. Well, first a whole bunch of AP-500 ‘starters’ for other people …. Then I write a couple of follow-ons myself. Now another few ‘500-worders’ to come.

"One small step for a man."

"One small step for a man."

Well, high heels aren’t for boys.

An AP-500 story

“Honey chile, if’n you don’ take little teeny weeny steps yo gonna fall flat splat on that fancy new ass of yours.” The accent was as fake as I was.

"I’m going to have to wear a bra – to SCHOOL!?"

“I’m going to have to wear a bra – to SCHOOL!?

If you think things were going a bit off-the-scale, then you’d be right.

This began as one of my AP-500 pieces. I got one very useful comment about 'why and how' which got me moving and has turned into this continuation. Thanks AP

I’m PROUD of who I am!

I’m PROUD of who I am!

Taboo, Stigma, Prejudice - does hitting someone with those labels make YOU fell clever, smart or better. It kills some people. Zombifies others. Would YOU like it back at you? I can cope - I've gone past the hate.

We all know the situation, when the story just keeps going. So here’s one five-time escapee from the AP-500 bundle.

"He's gone! I'm going to be ME!"

"He's gone. I'm going to be ME!"

Sometimes taking that first step is as big as 'One giant step for Mankind' and I've always been a woman. Haven't I?

Previously this was titled "I’ve done 25 – will I get to 26? Is it over." The OLD subtext said 'If these were lyrics they could be better – but I’m doing this My Way – or the highway – or the low way. And sorry – it may sound like this is going to be a suicide story – but – nope – not this time.'
I think it wasn't being read because of the bad vibes. I was trying to be punny about the number of 500-word stories. And jokes suggesting suicide don't work. Sorry.

The 25th AP-500 story - and none has, yet, been borrowed or adapted - come on, folks and folkesses,

Changing my life, what joy. To Joy.

Changing my life, what joy. To Joy.

It was the rite time ….. and the rite place. As Annis said, “It’s a kind of magic.”

And another AP-500 story - hooray me.

It may be the difference of a better-chosen title, but some recent stories have hit new heights - 1000 hits in a day; 100+ kudos too. But still nobody has been triggered to take one of my offerings to adapt, grow, build or whatever (as far as I know). Oh well. maybe sometime soon what with the suggestion by Angela Rasch and others for MORE STORIES.

"I’m going to HAVE to wear a bra! No way!"

“I’m going to HAVE to wear a bra! No way!”

“Stand up, Mike. And take your shirt off. ……… Well, that’s unusual.”
Some time later ……"NO, Mum. I’m never going to wear a bra. Never.”
“I’m not sure those, erm, chesty-things give you a choice!”

An AP-500 story

Waisting my life – why I love corsets.

Waisting my life – why I love corsets.

“That’s how it began – Just an injury – then a corset but now …...

You don’t get life-changing injuries in Tennis! Not unless you’re very unlucky. T’was so for me.

An AP-500 story

"What? I’m not a girl – am I?"

”What? I’m not a girl – am I?”

So many things that I didn’t know. I mean about girls and all the soft, pretty things girls do and wear. So much to learn. And something told me it was what I really wanted. But I was a normal boy, wasn’t I?

An AP-500 story to borrow and grow.

"Wears MY panties?” my sister screamed.

“Wears MY panties?” my sister screamed.

“Wears my panties – and what else! Not if I’ve got anything to say about it!” It was like being next to an angry avalanche.

An AP-500 story-starter

"Do you like wearing a dress, Daddy?"

“Do you like wearing a dress, Daddy?”

“Can you believe it used to be that Men told Women what to do, what to wear, their hair, clothes, everything!!!”
“You mean – we used to be in charge - and that women spent all their time wearing pretty clothes and looking after the house and the men? Weird!”

An AP-500 story
(posted quickly because a recent story got 1000 hits in less than 2 days! Yay!)

"My bra really doesn't fit. Can you help me?"

“My bra really doesn’t fit me. Can you help me?”

I’m a fairly ordinary 22 year-old bloke – but I love to wear proper underwear. And I don’t actually mean what is labelled as ‘proper’ for men but what I enjoy. Like I said (eventually) “It’s just what I like to do. I enjoy it. It’s private."

An AP-500 story

"You'll look like Angela - in a mirror!"

"You'll look like Angela - in a mirror!"

How often does something REALLY unexpected happen in the average life. Once? Twice? Never?

"It's just you copying what Angela does - as if in a mirror. You've got to be a look-alike, y'know. You can do it," Ashya insisted.

An AP-500 story

"I'll take the pain 'cos I know the gain!"

"I'll take the pain 'cos I know the gain!"

“I’m not a freak any longer. It was last year I was the freak! Now I'm a real person at last, the inside me is FREE.”
Title edited was : Enduring Pain, Eventual Gain.

An AP-500 Introductory

QT the Cutie

QT the Cutie

Can you imagine the embarrassment of being named Quentin Tarantino Clarke? At least I don’t look like my face has melted. (Sorry, I know that’s going to offend someone!).

But what happens when someone decides that although my name is QT it sounds too much like Cutie? I can tell you ….. life begins to get very complicated. And then one of my friends is truly slick with Photoshop and the given task is to morph me with ….. wait and see. It’s just Life-changing.


I edited the LGBT Wikipedia site to emphasise that LGB references were for Sexuality whereas TIQ were primarily for Gender. The amendments lasted nearly 20 minutes before they were removed. I'll try to rephrase it. If it is removed again (and again) perhaps I'll begin to think perhaps there are those who don't like the Sexuality / Gender split to be emphasised.
Comments welcome.
Alys P

Spilling Miss Take

Spoiling Missed Aches

A lot of this is an accumulation of all the spilling misteaks I’ve come across in the years. It’s all meant as a bit of a spoof, and it’s bean fun to putt it together. If it helps anyone pick up on a mistake they make too often – then that’d be nice.

At the end of this parody are some extra and silly weirdnesses of English.

"Great! Looking great, Grandma."

"Great! Looking great, Grandma."

Following on from the story of my Great Granddaughter, Frances, I was learning some new lessons of my own. Helping her learn to be a teenage girl had strange and unusual side-effects on MY life. [See :

Other people wear dresses too!

Other people wear dresses too !!!!!

There’s some surprises in life that you don’t expect. And other surprises that you really don’t want. I thought I was alone. No – I knew I was alone, I knew that there was nobody else exactly like me. Nobody who thought like I did or did what I did. Nobody. How could there be?

Here’s a nicer story. Less harsh, less uncomfortable than ‘Hate, Hell, Hope’. That had some good ideas but quite reasonably vote-wise readers don’t like nasty pieces (or, it seems, multi-parts).

Z - Hate, Hell, Hope, Halleluiah


Audience Rating: 


Four somewhat linked pieces : mostly about the HATE that THEY spew at us for being ‘different’ in ways THEY say is unacceptable. When THEY do wrong things such as Abuse, Violence, Rape and Cruelty then they claim their misdeeds are somehow acceptable; when a man dresses as the opposite gender (while so many women do it without penalty) …. somehow this is wrong.

These pieces are labelled 'Z' to place them at the end of my stories.

Z.3 - 'Hope'

'Hopeluiah’ – there can be hope

In this third segment, I was aiming at something better than the spreading of hate and nastiness. Maybe I am naïve but I do believe that people can be kind and generous. Well, some people, if not actually many,

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if some good came like Hope out of Pandora’s box. If out of the spew of unkindness that is so often and so willingly sent our way – that now and again there was unexpected decency and support - even niceness.


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