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The Selene Vagi-Gaff?

Has anyone on the site actually bought and tried this?
How comfortable is it?
How comfortable is it to wear for, say, 48 hours?
Are there equivalent items that can be worn for longer periods?
How many of us as adults successfully and non-painfully can get our balls back inside?
I can't bend my penis comfortably down and under .... what do others do??

I can't write an upcoming story without real knowledge!!
Thanks for any replies

Beyond Angry re Manchester


It is difficult to believe (and I don't know how it got to me) but a person/group calling itself 'Christian Voice' has implicitly blamed Ariana Grande's lesbianism for the terrorist attack.
It is difficult for me to comprehend the arrogance and wrongness and vileness of such a viewpoint. I suppose it is what one might expect from such self-appointed Guardians of Virtue. I notice they fail to condemn the terrorists.

The quote from the email is as follows :-

Why is it always teenage girls & horses? Part 1 of 2

Why is it always teenage girls and horses?

For the last few summers, only girls had been on the Riding School courses. Was Jack going to be an exception?

Cliches don't happen in real life - ha!

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It's hard to believe that real life can prove that men are stupidly competitive. Even while many BC stories stress how 'men' are over competitve and 'women' are collaborative, is that how cliches work?

Check out this vileness from last Wednesday's episode on CBS of 'Survivor' (recorded last year).

How many of us think the BMA is a bit silly?


Staff at the British Medical Association (BMA) have been warned not to call pregnant women “expectant mothers” as it could offend transgender people. Instead, they should call them “pregnant people” so as not to upset intersex and transgender men.

The advice comes in an internal document to staff outlining a raft of common phrases that should be avoided for fear of causing offence. “The elderly” should be referred to as “older people”, “disabled lifts” called “accessible lifts” and someone who is “biologically male or female” should be called “assigned male or female”.


Miss Identified

This began as a very short story – then grew after ‘I’m going to go for it’!

It's been not years but decades that I have hidden inside my shell. Layers and layers of ever-hardening never-cracking tough and rough shell. And deep inside was real-me. So very different from what people saw of my outside.

The Christmas Ginie

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry


The Christmas Ginie
By Alys Prince

Copyright© 2016 Alys Prince
All Rights Reserved.

Wha' sort of wish d'y' get when you're pished, completely pished.
Pished as a newt. And spirits only give me a hangover.
So much for Gin.


Lessens Intolerance

Jack begins to think it terms of ‘we’ ….. and that doesn’t mean what it used to mean.
More of his friends help with his Tolerance Project. He learns the power of Pastel.

Lessons Intolerance

By Alys Prince

Copyright© 2016 Alys Prince
All Rights Reserved.

Stephanie Anne Lloyd - died September 2016

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I am very surprised that there has been no comment about her death. As far as I know she had a significant impact on the access and visibility of the cross-dressing world in the UK with her shops, website and life. I do wonder why there has been no response from the folks of BCTS.

Alys P

Lessons in Tolerance

Looking at tolerance as demonstrated in clothes shops – Jack starts his survey in a bridal shop filled with frills, lace, satin and sheer silk. What could possibly happen next?

Lessons in Tolerance

By Alys Prince

Copyright© 2016 Alys Prince
All Rights Reserved.

Girl 102 -Dresses for more boys

Girl 102 - Getting more boys wearing dresses - that was the next stage.

Girl 101 - well that was where it started ..... and now the program was expanding so that more boys and girls could join in. And my life was getting complicated - and interesting - and frilly and generally rather different than i had ever expected. And most of the time, I liked it.

Pig Male Ian 2 - Fair Lady

Pig Male Ian - Fair Lady

It is so much easier when there are people who can help you change a pig into a worthwhile replacement. Some do it by chopping the poor pig into meat, trotters, leather and tail - but there are alternatives. Ian and others are having to learn that you can use silk to make a pig's purse.

Words of Hate

Words of Hate –

I hope that the stories on BC offer a better hope than this. But sometimes what we do and what we are does upset people - and some of then can't cope. And some of us can't cope.

What a Charming Dress

As I left the shop, Scarlet murmured ‘goodbye’ or maybe it was ‘good buy’. As I walked away I thought ‘what a wonderful, almost magical afternoon.’ I thought about what she had said and promised that I would make some changes in my life.

I wasn’t going to be a downtrodden, feeble excuse for a man any longer. That was for sure.

EU Directive on Sexual and Gender Identification

EU Directive on Gender and Sexual Orientation

This is not supposed to be a prediction – but you have to be hopeful that it isn’t.

The references to 'Identity Theft' and to 'Crime and Punishment' are meant to be 'humorous' or even EUmurous. !!

Girl 101 - I want a dress, please, mum

Girl 101 - I want a dress, please, mum.

I liked girl's clothes - and I was going to learn about them - that was all too clear. Both mum and my friend Gemma and now the headmaster said so. Girl 101 for Boys .... what was going on?
And now .... everything was changing.

I do wish I was a girl - I do.

I do wish I was a girl - I do.

Wishing every day - then being offered more than you ever wanted - how do you resist temptation?
Temptation - The choice between Getting what you want and Getting back at everyone?
Sometimes good things happen.

Happy, 100x Happy

I am really happy - I haven't got a clue how it happens that some stories catch the readers' attention and approval and others don't but ......... Anyway, my most recent story is the first to hit 100 kudos apart from my very first story not quite 3 years ago.
And it's only taken 10 days - which puzzles me almost as much.
Thanks everyone who posts a Kudos; triple thanks to everyone who posts a comment and thanks, of course, to every reader.
Best wishes
Alys P

The BIG Adventure - I'm ready now.

The BIG adventure – I’m ready now.

Even when you go out filled with confidence - there are nasties offering endless pain. For first-timers, the risk may be more than they can bear.

The Trump of Doom - shorter and less noisy

The Trump of Doom

Could there be a future like this - I will RUN if I can.

Is this a Revelation? Is this the Doom foretold by Trump. Please, No. Even if some of the alternatives are quite bleak and appalling.

“I will make Amurica grate,” that was what I heard him say.

Is that Robin or Robyn ?

Robin or Robyn - That the girl’s spelling - yes?

How would Robin cope with losing absolutely everything in the fire. It is amazing how people will help a hero-ine in a pretty nightdress. But the noise the people made - shouting at her to keep calm. Terrible.

Mention of the SisterDom / SisterDy as a support group.

Best Friends Forever - not just for girls

Best Friends Forever is not just for Girls

Paul gave Bethany a birthday present – just a little gift. Would it have made any difference in the long run. He gave her a little heart which could be divided in two – he thought it represented how the two of them were for each other. Well, yes, but not the way HE thought. Oh dear.

I like wearing a dress

I like wearing a dress.

It’s not unusual to wear a dress unless you usually wear trousers. But here I was, in a dress for the first time in ages. And, as far as I could, I felt wonderful, almost girly as the soft satin swished around my calves. The swirl of the fabric delighted me. I enjoyed the .... well, all of it.

Note : This story touches on the wish that there was a group like the SisterDom or as I'm changing it to 'SisterDy'. There is also a considerable element of autobiography. Alys P


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