The Long Way Back Home

In a St. Louis hotel ballroom, the camera flashed as the news photographer snapped a picture of Annie LaPorte at the dais receiving her Halfelven Community Service Award. Most of the audience clapped politely, though a certain percentage actually cheered. The award was honoring her for a project she had initiated to improve conditions in the neighborhood where she worked. It had brought many diverse people together, and ended up being more than the sum of its parts… it had turned into a huge success.

Hard Times for Little Fran

Francis Holcomb, known as Fran, carefully walked into his sick mother’s bedroom carrying a bowl of steaming soup broth. She had been extremely ill for several months, and was now terminal. Twelve-year-old Fran had taken care of her mostly single-handedly to the best of his ability, but the outlook was very bleak.

“Fran, honey, I don’t think I can get it down,” she said, weakly.

“Pleeeease, mom? I don’t want you to die,” said Fran.

It Started With an Opera, Part I

For Bobby, a trip to the opera leads to events he never expected.

A few days ago I accidentally heard some opera on internet radio, and it brought back memories of supering with my dad, only it didn't end up this way for me.

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