Petticoating Returns Ladd's Exchange Mall Book 1 Part D

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Petticoating Returns
Ladd’s Exchange Mall
Book One Part D

At the same time, Andy and Kaye Bloom picked up their conversation on the benefits of Petticoating their recalcitrant sons. Both became strangely aroused by the idea, and ended up making love after two months of abstinence. Their tryst was the best they'd had in years. By the time the settled down to sleep, they knew they would Petticoat the boys, all they had to do was decide how and when. Andy wouldn't have gone to sleep so easily if he'd known that Kaye had also decided to Petticoat him!

While Tonia was coming into existence and Tommy being maneuvered into a role reversal, the Shemanski family was coping with their changing lives. Vicki Shemanski was coming into her own as a woman. Applying make-up and styling her hair were now a normal part of her life. Every mirror was an opportunity to check up on her appearance. Sandra and Grace were proud of the way Vicki was adapting to her new gender. That the children never questioned the where-abouts of Victor and behaved as if Victoria had always been part of their lives hurt Vicki's feelings. Many times she found herself wondering whether she'd been that poor a father or was such a good aunt that the kids never mentioned their dad.

In reality, the kids were well aware that their dad and Aunt Vicki were the same person. They simply accepted it and never questioned where their father was since they knew he was still with them. When Aunt Vicki had first "arrived" back in November, the kids had simply accepted her as another step in their father's recovery.

Since their grandmother, Grace, was getting up in years, she had refused to let the kids go out to play in their new neighborhood. There was no way that she could keep track of four active children out of doors. The kids accepted those limits but enjoyed the freedom they were allowed inside their spacious home. Their sibling play included "school", "house", and "dress-up". Since their father Victor was now living and dressing as a woman, it was only natural that during their play, Philip played the daddy, Lisa the mommy, and Paul and Lynda the twin children. Shortly after Vicki appeared, Lisa decided she'd like twin daughters, so Paul became Paula. It wasn't too long until daddy Philip became Aunt Phylis. Their play mimicked their real life. Yet they instinctively kept their cross-dressing secret from the adults.

Philip and Lisa were the same size and Paul quite naturally fit into Lynda's clothes. Both boys looked just like his sister when dressed up. As they became used to pretending to be girls, their actions became more girlish. One day during the Christmas holidays Paul had been dressed as Paula and became sick. Grace heard the sick child in the bathroom and went to check. Not realizing that the sick little girl was really Paul, she put "her" to bed. When the others discovered their grandmother's error, they decided to play along. Lynda changed into Paul's clothing, and they finished the holiday in their switched roles with the adults none the wiser.

Naturally the kids thought it was great that they fooled their parents and grandmother. Philip and Lisa were jealous and so on New Years day they too successfully switched places. After that, many evenings and weekends were spent in reversed role. Some days Paul and Lynda even went to school that way. By the end of February, the girls were becoming reluctant to trade places since the boys wanted to do it all the time. Neither girl really enjoyed pretending to be a boy. They also were tired of having to keep their hair and nails the same as the boys. The boys had to be especially nice to the girls to switch places. Of course, most times when they played, they played as four sisters, as long as they were sure that they wouldn't be discovered.

As for Vicki, the female hormones were definitely adding soft curves and vitality to her emasculated body. Her "B" breasts were now even more sensitive and easily aroused. The nightly trysts with Sandra left them both happily satiated and exhausted. Lately Vicki had been sheepishly questioning Sandra about the difference between making lesbian love and making love to a man. Sandra knew that before too long, Vicki would be ready to complete her transformation and become a total woman. She longed for the time when she and Vicki could double date and "allow" their dates to "seduce" them. Although her love-making with Vicki was satisfying, she did miss having a real man, at least occasionally.

Dr. Alterson joined Sandra and Vicki for lunch the day after Tommy was secretly put on female hormones. After their discussion of the series of transformations Helen grew serious. "Vicki, have you thought about having the surgery to complete your change? You are simply so natural as a woman, it would be a shame if you didn't."

Vicki blushed and lowered her eyes while Sandra reached out and patted her hand. "We haven't come right out and talked about it yet," Sandra stated. "Although my little sex kitten here has been curious about what it feels like to make love to a man. Now that you've brought the matter up, I think we should discuss it."

A shudder passed through Vicki as she raised her eyes to look at Sandra, seeking approval but fearing condemnation. "I... I am curious. I mean what we do feels so great, and the way you use our toy on me... well, it's only natural that I'm curious..."

Helen and Sandra both laughed, then Helen spoke. "This is going to be just like the decision to start the hormones. You'll never decide. Sandra, talk to Lydia about getting sick leave for Vicki, then set a date and do it! Both of you will be happier."

Sandra squeezed Vicki's shaking hand. "Well, darling, shall we talk to Lydia?"

Vicki lowered her head and stared at her hands as she nervously intertwined her fingers. After a few moments of deep contemplation, Vicki timorously nodded her head.

When contacted, Lydia quickly agreed to give Vicki all the time she needed to recover. She also threw an unexpected curve at Vicki and Sandra. "You do realize that once you complete your sex change, you'll have to divorce. To keep your family together as it is now, the best solution would be to have Grace adopt Vicki, then she would truly be the childrens' aunt. It would also keep the two of you related and close, while freeing you to date men."

Sandra and Vicki looked at each other, tears forming in their eyes. Neither had thought about the legal impact of a total sex change. Realistically they knew Lydia was right. After discussing the matter with Grace, who was only too willing to accompany them to see Susan Lymaster about adopting Vicki, the loving couple sadly filed their no fault divorce papers. It somehow seemed ironic that the date that best suited everyone's schedule for the divorce, adoption, and surgery was April 1st.

The next two weeks passed quickly. Everyone in the know in LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL knew about Tonia's transformation. The perky girl and her sister Brenda were now regulars in the mall, often helping their mother in ADAM'S RIB RESTAURANT. Everyone was delighted with the results. Outside the mall, things were a bit different. The Fairchilds lived in the LADD APARTMENTS next to the mall, and the neighborhood kids noticed that Brenda and Tony were no longer taking the bus to the public school. Since the public school bus left a half hour before the children attending ST. FRANCIS had to leave, and came back a quarter of an hour after they arrived home, none of them knew what had happened.

The fateful afternoon came when Brenda and Tonia had gone to the mall to their mother. As they left, they bumped into one of Brenda's former classmates. Bubbly Tracy Freidman spied Brenda and Tonia and called out a greeting. "Brenda, I've missed you at school, now I see why. Why didn't you tell me you were transferring to ST. FRANCIS? Where's Tony? Who's this," she asked indicating Tonia.

Brenda and Tonia looked at each other and giggled. They both knew that Tracy would figure out what was going on, and that she'd accept Tonia. "Hi Tracy," Brenda returned the greeting. "It's all simple, really. We had to transfer. You know how everyone was always mocking Tony for being such a sissy, well we knew it'd get unbearably worse. You see, Tony was much more than a sissy."

The confused look upon Tracy's face made Tonia giggle, and Brenda joined in. Tracy frowned and looked at the two pretty girls. "I don't understand..."

Brenda placed a hand on Tracy's arm and spoke while still giggling. "Let me introduce you to my sister, Tonia."

Total confusion, then bewilderment, and finally disbelief spread across Tracy's face as she assimilated Brenda's words. Tracy's mouth dropped open as she stared at the pretty girl with Brenda. "You don't mean... this can't be... OH MY GOD... you ARE Tony!"

Tonia smiled and shook her head. "I used to be Tony," she replied with a slight girlish blush. "Now I'm Tonia." Then she performed a perfect little curtsey. "Now you know why we transferred schools."

The next several minutes were spent with Tracy learning all the details and history of Tonia's transition. When all of her questions were answered, she had assured herself that Tonia had voluntarily entered girlhood with good reason. After composing herself she asked one more question of Brenda.

"I'm really jealous. We've both wanted a sister, but you did something about it. You turned your brother into your sister. I wonder if maybe I could get my bratty brother to become my sister? Do you think you could help me do it, or at least give me some advice?"

Brenda and Tonia both giggled as they pictured macho Kyle in a dress. The idea of feminizing the monstrous boy was appealing to both, especially since Kyle had been one of Tony's worst tormentors. "We'd love to see that happen! I know I can say for both of us that we'll gladly help you as much as we can," Brenda responded compassionately.

All three girls agreed they'd simply love to see Kyle put in his place. He was a rude, ill-mannered, and obnoxious boy; a general pain to everyone, constantly trying to be Mr. Macho

"How do we start," asked Tracy zealously. Her mind was seething with the delightful prospect of finally doing something about her nasty little brother before he got any worse.

After a few moments of devious thought, Brenda's face brightened. "You can't change him without your mother's approval or help. First, tell your mother about Tonia. Make sure you tell her how pretty, polite, and well-behaved she is. Tell her how becoming a girl really settled him down. Then ask her if she thinks Kyle would settle down if he'd become a girl. Then just giggle, drop the subject and go on to something else. Don't push the idea or she'll get stubborn and say no. She'll laugh at the idea with you but you'll have planted the seed. Then just sit back and wait. Let things cook while you simply point out Kyle's faults and how a sweet girl would never do such nasty boyish things. Do it every day, like watering a seedling. Then in about a week, Tonia and I will stop by the travel agency and she'll see for herself just how pretty and sweet Tonia is. I doubt it will be too long until she decides to convert Kyle into a girl!"

"That sounds great," Tracy enthused. "I'll go tell her now. With that, the three girls said goodbye and Tracy headed off to METAMORPHOSIS EXCURSIONS. Once inside, she waited impatiently while her mother finished a phone call. She stood there, hands clasped nervously behind her back, rocking back and forth on her heels, and smiling smugly.

Gina Freidman knew her daughter was up to something, and smiled as she hung up the phone. Looking at her bubbling daughter she spoke. "All right, honey, what's gotten you so excited?" Tracy's effervescence caused Gina to grin contagiously.

"Mom, you'll never guess what happened to Tonia Fairchild," she stated with a self-satisfied grin.

Gina frowned in confusion, "Don't you mean Tony Fairchild, that nice boy that Kyle gave a bloody nose?"

"Well, sort of..." Tracy stated, letting the response dangle.

"Sort of?" Questioned Gina. "Either it is Tony or it isn't."

Tracy laughed. "That's the problem, Mom. It used to be Tony, but now it's Tonia! She's a girl now!" Quickly Tracy related the tale of Tony's transformation to her disbelieving mother. "Now they're both going to ST. FRANCIS to avoid the teasing they'd get from clods like Mr. Macho," she added referring to her brother by the nickname she'd appropriately given him. "You should see Tonia, she's so polite, well-behaved, and pretty! She looks as if she's always been a girl. I wish we could do the same with Kyle! I think he'd make a pretty girl too! Then he'd have to behave better. What do you think, Mom, can we make Kyle my sister?" Tracy was panting by this time from her rush to spill the entire story, but she broke into giggles anyway as she pictured her obnoxious brother in a dress.

Gina now understood the whisperings she'd heard from the other denizens of the mall. She was aware that Jane and Jamie Clipp, Carla Fake, and Vicki Shemanski were former males, but this revelation threw her off guard. "Tony is Tonia... Dr. Makes-Shemanski operated on him to turn him into a girl... I can understand why they changed schools..." she rambled on as she assimilated the news. "Wait a minute young lady," she stated as she sat upright and stared at Tracy. "We're not going to change your brother into your sister no matter how nasty he gets!"

Gina's indignation softened to one of thoughtfulness as the still giggling Tracy began to talk about what had happened in school that day in her usual jumbled conversation. Tracy knew that she'd successfully planted a seed she hoped would sprout quite soon.

After Tracy headed home, Gina couldn't get her mind off Tonia. She'd always thought Tony had been such a nice boy. Quiet, clean, polite, well-dressed, and neat; a far contrast to her son. Now she understood why. Thinking of all the times she'd wished Kyle could be more like Tony, she had to smile as she thought of Tracy's outrageous suggestion that they transform Kyle into a girl. No way would Kyle ever submit to anything remotely sissy-like. He was too deeply into being a man. Sighing wistfully she thought that maybe if he was a little bit less manly... then... maybe a little bit of girlishness would settle her wayward son... Her thoughts were interrupted by the phone, and she was back to work. But the frustrations and pain Kyle caused to herself, Tracy, and others remained... the idea Tracy planted was sprouting, sending tiny tendrils to seek nourishment.

During the next week with every problem that Kyle created, Gina longingly thought more and more about Tony and Kyle. The boys had been friends and co-conspirators for several years. Then Tony suddenly changed, becoming a quiet and well-behaved boy while at the same time Kyle grew correspondingly worse. Now she knew what had caused the changes and Kyle's unexplained hostility towards his former buddy whom he now considered to be a sissy. Kyle wasn't aware that Tony had become Tonia. She wondered how he'd react, fearing the worst.

As promised, Brenda brought Tonia into METAMORPHOSIS EXCURSIONS early the next week, supposedly to look for travel brochures for a class project. Olivia was amazed by the total transformation that had taken place in the emasculated boy. If she hadn't known the delightful girl in her shop had once been a rough or tumble boy, she'd have never believed such a change was possible. Tonia totally charmed Gina.

That night Gina kept looking at Kyle as he moped about and complained about being grounded for fighting in school. The idea of transforming him into a girl was intriguing and she found herself wondering how he'd look as a girl, then guiltily thrust the thought from her mind.

Tracy knew what her mother was thinking and decided to twist the knife a bit. "Kyle," she stated angrily after a bout of his incessant cursing. "I wish you could be more like Tony Fairchild. He's such a nice boy."

Gina looked at Tracy through narrowed eyes, realizing just what her daughter meant by the silly grin on her face. As expected Kyle lashed out at his smirking sister's idea of the "ideal" boy. Instead of trying to stop what was about to happen, Gina kept quiet.

Kyle didn't hesitate to begin belittling Tony. "You want me to be like Tony?" He asked in a disbelief as his adolescent voice cracked. "You've got to be out of your F---in mind! He's nothing but a damn goody-two-shoes sissy faggot! They aught to take all them bastards out and cut off their F---in balls! I'd do it myself if I..."

"KYLE FREIDMAN" yelled Gina angrily. "I will not tolerate that language! Nor will I tolerate that attitude! Go to your room this instant and I'd better not hear another peep out of you the rest of the night!"

Kyle stood with his mouth open, cut off in mid tirade. The vehemence in her voice left no doubt that she was angry and serious. Lately she'd been really on his case, and his punishments were becoming more severe. He tried to stare her down, but her glare didn't waver. Angrily he closed his mouth and stormed off to his room.

Gina sank back in her chair once he left, the anger draining away but leaving her frustrated. Gina was beginning to fear for her son's future. She was well aware that his male hormones were starting to flow and that he was pushing the limits of acceptability further every day. She dreaded to even think what he'd be like as he matured.

Tracy came over and sat on the arm of the chair where Gina was seated. "Mom, he's getting worse. It's as if he's one of those neo-Nazis or skinheads. If he keeps on like he is, he'll be in jail by the time he's eighteen... if he's still alive."

Gina buried her hands in her face. Even though she felt like telling Tracy to mind her own business, she knew her daughter was right. Every method of discipline she'd tried had failed. Maybe Petticoat Discipline was the answer.

Tracy placed her hand comfortingly upon her mother's shoulder as she read those thoughts. "Mom," she added softly. "The only way out of this mess is for Kyle to become my sister. Just think how much nicer out life would be with two daughters." Tracy stood and headed for her own room, confident that the seed had sprouted and been watered and fertilized. Soon, she fervently hoped, she'd have her sister.

Gina sat for quite a while and thought. Maybe if her husband had been more of a father to Kyle... NO, even now the boy idolized his father as the epitome of manhood. Once more Gina wondered how she had allowed herself to be swept off her feet by the scumbag. When they'd first been married, he was attentive and loving. When she'd become pregnant with Tracy, it had started. A pregnant woman held no attraction for the man, so he went looking for others. Despite being deeply hurt, Gina took him back. Then went through it all over again during her pregnancy with Kyle. That time she took him back for the kids' sake. Once more he started to roam. Then when he lost his job, things grew worse. He had no time for the kids since he was out drinking and whoring all the time. She wondered why she still put up with it. Vernon knew that when he grew tired of his current bimbo lay he always had a bed with Gina, even if she no longer shared it with him. Gina sighed and knew she should divorce the bum and throw him out of their lives... but she just couldn't... just as she knew that she couldn't Petticoat Kyle. Wearily she went to bed.

A few days later it was 12:30 when Gina Freidman angrily hung the CLOSED sign in the door and locked the door of METAMORPHOSIS EXCURSIONS behind her. She could feel the blood pounding in her temples. In a way, she knew she shouldn't be so upset, she had expected something to happen at school. That damn Kyle was so predicable in his belligerence! She thought back to the events of that morning as she drove to the school.

Kyle had overheard Tracy telling some of her friends that the Fairchilds had transferred to ST. FRANCIS. After being sent to bed because of Tony, he vowed to fix the little sissy. Getting up earlier than usual, he was out the door so he could lay a trap for the unsuspecting boy. It had only been Tracy's watchful suspicions that had averted the trap Kyle had set. The monster had prepared a bucket of mud and was hiding behind a bush waiting for Tony to pass. Tracy had watched him prepare the mud and suspected what he intended to do. Tracy rushed to her mother and told her what Kyle was doing. Gina, followed by Tracy, rushed outside just as the Fairchilds were coming past the bush.

Gina's angry bellow stopped Kyle dead in his tracks, the bucket poised to throw the mud upon Tony. Brenda and Tonia peered behind the bush to see Kyle, just as Kyle saw Tonia. Anger over being caught red-handed mixed with confusion as he saw that it was a pretty girl accompanying Brenda instead of her sissy brother. That and the look of fear and horror upon the familiar looking girl's face totally befuddled Kyle for a moment.

"Brenda, Tonia, run!" Called Tracy as she rushed to join her friends. "Get away from Kyle!" Brenda and Tonia swiftly turned away, their skirts swirling prettily, and scurried to Tracy.

Gina knocked the bucket from Kyle's limp grasp when she reached him seconds later. Kyle stood there dumbstruck as recognition flooded his stunned mind. The pretty girl... Tonia... she was Tony!

Gina wasted no time in hauling Kyle inside and proceeded to give him a tongue lashing. Kyle was so confused by Tony's transformation that little registered other than that he was in deep trouble, much deeper than he'd ever been before. Tracy assured Brenda and Tonia that their plan to Petticoat Kyle had reached fruition with this last escapade, and that soon Kyle would no longer be a threat to Tonia or anyone else. In the end, Gina had to drive her children to school. Kyle still hadn't spoken. Gina knew that there'd be trouble when he finally snapped out of his shock.

Kyle did recover in school, and became more obnoxious than usual. All morning he was outright belligerent and caustic to everyone. His anger and frustration exploded in the lunch line at the cafeteria. A teacher, cutting into line as was their normal habit, gently nudged Kyle as she reached for a dessert. Kyle turned and punched the startled woman in the stomach so hard she fell over backwards, spilling her tray all over the place.

Upon entering the office, Gina saw her cocky son sitting on the edge of a chair with his arms folded defiantly, looking as if he were ready to take on the entire world. Once more she knew that he wasn't taking any responsibility for his actions, he simply blamed everyone else for hounding him.

Gina surprised herself by being so calm as she listened to the principal tell her that Kyle was being suspended indefinitely pending an expulsion review of the school board. After apologizing profusely, she told the principal that a review would be unnecessary. "Please don't expell Kyle. He'll just think it's another medal on his macho awards. I realize Kyle needs help and constant strict supervision so I'm going to enroll him in ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL. Their stricter regimen is what he needs."

Kyle haughtily followed his mother to the car as they left. The principal had told him that he was being suspended and as his mother had predicted he was actually proud of the fact. "I've talked the principal out of expelling you," Gina stated with a hard voice as they entered the car. "I've assured her you would no longer be a problem."

Once in the car and heading home, Kyle's bravado began to crumble. His mother hadn't said one word to him since tersely telling him he was not expelled as the had gotten into the car. As they drove, her silence began to unnerve him. He'd been prepared to face a lecture, even a royal chewing out, but not the silent treatment. Fears and guilt began to build, he knew that if he were the parent, he'd beat the child to within an inch of his life. Slowly, his fear ate away his self-confidence, leaving undisguised terror. As he tried to will himself into invisibility he sank into the seat.

Glancing surreptitiously at his stone-faced mother, he noted her white-knuckled grip upon the steering wheel. He knew then without doubt that he was in deep shit. Swallowing bile as his stomach churned, terror ran rampant through his mind as his vivid imagination envisioned the worst. Suddenly the heaves began.

Gina was well aware of the effect the silent treatment was having on her son. When he began to choke and gag, she quickly pulled the car to the side of the road, reached across Kyle, opened his door, and pushed his head out just as he began to lose the sour contents of his stomach. After nothing was left but dry heaves, Gina handed him a tissue, closed the door, and pulled back onto the road. Still not one word had been spoken. Kyle was virtually paralyzed with fear by that point.

Instead of going home, they went to the mall. Gina had to open Kyle's car door, take his hand, and tug him after her. Kyle stumbled after her in an almost catatonic state. Vaguely he heard his mother ask the receptionist at ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER if Dr. Makes-Shemanski could see Kyle as he had been sent home from school and thrown up on the way here.

Five minutes later, Sandra entered the room where Gina and Kyle waited. Upon seeing the pale, glassy-eyed boy and his stern mother, she knew something major had happened and that this wasn't a normal illness. Just then Kyle began heaving again, rushed to the sink, and dribbled a bit of bile. Gina's stony face revealed no sympathy or concern for her son. Sandra watched impassionately as the stricken lad turned, shivering from what she knew to be stark terror. Easily she helped him onto the examination table.

Gina spoke firmly. "He found out about Tonia, this morning he attempted to through a bucket of mud on Tony. Fortunately I caught him. Then he was almost expelled from school for hitting a teacher. I won't take his crap anymore. I can't handle him. My son has to be destroyed."

Sandra was startled by Gina's vehemence over the revelations, and by the fact that Kyle began to shiver violently and whimper as he heard her pronouncement. Nodding her head to Gina, she turned to Kyle. "You're much too upset right now for me to do anything. I'm going to give you an injection to relax you. While it takes effect, I'll take your mother for a cup of coffee to relax her. Then we'll come back to see what we can do to straighten this mess out." With that she took out a syringe, filled it with a powerful suppressant and slipped it deftly into the unresisting boy's arm. Almost instantly he relaxed as the warmth coursed through his veins. Lying him down on the table, Sandra strapped him down securely, covered him with a sheet and took Gina to her office.

Once in Sandra's office, Gina wasted no time. Hotly looking into Sandra's eyes she spoke. "Over a week ago Tracy suggested we convert Kyle into a girl like Tonia after she discovered her transformation. I thought it was a crazy idea, but every thing he's done since then has simply shown me that there is no other effective manner of dealing with his disgusting behavior other than to do it. After what he's done this morning I know I have to do it... NOW!"

Sandra looked deeply into Gina's unflinching gaze. After several moments, she nodded her head. "Let me call Dr. Balkut and Dr. Alterson to see if they're free."

Twenty minutes later, Sandra expertly "milked" the sedated lad and sent the sample to the sperm bank. She then wheeled the slumbering Kyle into one of the surgeries where Dr. Balkut anxiously waited. Dr. Alterson accompanied Gina to LYMASTER ASSOCIATES to fill out the required legal forms for Kyle's transformation. Gina and Dr. Alterson had stopped at TRANSFORMATIONS STYLING to inform the owner Susan Bangs about what they were doing to Kyle as they returned to ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER. Susan knew of Kyle, smiled, and readily agreed to take care of the boy when he arrived.

An hour later, Gina led her wobbly, idiotically smiling former son out of the clinic to the next irreversible stop in the complete eradication of his boyishness. Susan Bangs greeted the duo as they entered TRANSFORMATIONS STYLING while Dr. Balkut was in the lab preparing another set of boyish testicles for her trophy case. At the same time Sandra and Dr. Alterson delightedly discussed the sudden rash of transformations that seemed to be taking place, wondering who would be next.

When Gina brought the boy in, the silly drunken grin upon his face left Susan know that he was blissfully unaware that he was no longer a boy. Susan examined Kyle's bone structure, build, and coloring. After a few moments she directed the boy to a chair where he quickly fell asleep. Susan then told the electrolysis operator to eliminate his sideburns and thin his eyebrows to soft, delicate arches. Next the permanent make-up specialist took over. Soft pink for his lips, rosy blusher for his cheeks, a hint of black eyeliner and a frosting of blue eyeshadow were deftly applied. His ears were double pierced before the stylist trimmed and curled his black hair into a fashionable girlish style with cute curls. A manicurist trimmed, filed, and painted his toe and finger nails a glossy pink.

While Susan saw to the elimination of his masculine appearance, Gina had gone back to their apartment to gather and throw out every stitch of Kyle's male clothes. She then picked out an outfit for him to wear from Tracy's outgrown clothes. Returning to the beauty shop, Gina was awed by the results. "Oh, Susan," she gushed. "He's... no, SHE's so absolutely beautiful! Now I know I've made the right decision! Thank you ever so much!"

The staff quickly helped Gina strip the still slumbering ex-boy of the last of his male clothes. As they dressed him in the feminine outfit Gina had chosen, Kyle began to wake up.

Dimly aware that he was being maneuvered about, his stubborn masculinity began to angrily reassert itself. This resulted in adrenalin pumping into his bloodstream to quickly revive him from his drug-induced delirium. Shaking his head to clear the last of the cobwebs from his befogged mind, he realized he was standing between two women. Angrily he shook off the arms that supported him. Wobbling slightly as he fought to keep his balance, his eyes slowly focused on a cute dark haired girl wobbling about directly in front of him.

Always interested in pretty girls, even in his present confused state, he drank in the sight of the lovely girl. The pink cotton gingham dress she wore gave her a soft, feminine, country girl look. Eyelet lace trimmed the short puffy sleeves and Peter Pan collar while a ruffled lily eyelet lace pinafore accented her utter girlishness.

He felt a warmth engulf him as he thought about the possibility of somehow getting inside her panties. Instead of the expected stirring of his penis he felt an unfamiliar discomfort from his balls, but he was too interested in the adorable vision before him to pay attention to the annoyance. As he was sizing her up, he noticed that she was doing the same to him. Smiling at her boldness, he liked his lips in anticipation of meeting her, noting that she licked her lips at the same time. The girl looked strangely familiar, almost like his sister, but he couldn't quite place where he'd seen her before. As his arousal grew, so did the discomfort in his groin. A grimace crossed the pretty girl's face just as one crossed his. When he reached down to readjust his jockey shorts to eliminate the discomfort, she reached for her crotch in a most unfeminine manner. His confusion multiplied ten-fold as a matching look of consternation simultaneously crossed both of their faces just as their hands encountered the delicate lace pinafore. It was only then that he noticed he was looking in a mirror.

In utter horror he realized the sexy girl he'd been admiring was his own reflection! He couldn't be looking at his reflection, it was simply impossible! Shaking his head to clear the nightmare, he opened and closed his mouth several times as he tried to recall what had happened to him since Dr. Makes-Shemanski gave him that injection to relax him. His eyes blurred as tears filled his eyes, distorting his reflected image... his all too girlish image... now etched indelibly on his stunned masculine mind.

Still his arrogant manhood found the wide-eyed Mediterranean beauty at once innocent and alluring. The tight curls of her jet black hair covered her head while tiny ringlets cascaded down and jounced a bit across her forehead. Her thin delicate eyebrows and impeccable make-up made her eyes flash enticingly in their inquisitiveness. The way her soft, pink lips had parted in astonishment as he/she realized he was looking at himself. The sparkling gold earrings in her pretty ears. The soft dress had shown just a hint of her budding breasts. The memory made him aware for the first time of the constriction of the training bra clasped about his chest. The pink of her nails upon her soft hand as she reached for her crotch. The glistening Mary Jane shoes at the end of her lace tight encased shapely legs. Everything about her was totally and undeniably feminine. There wasn't the slightest trace of tomboyishness about the girl. AND HE WAS THAT GIRL! His mind froze, unable to comprehend what had happened.

Gina smiled in victorious glee. "Kylie," she called out his new name softly as she stepped up behind him, making sure he was looking once more at his reflection. "This is the new you. Everything you see is permanent. You will look like a girl no matter how you try to dress. Then of course there's the fact that you are no longer a boy. Dr. Balkut removed your testicles." Her voice contained more than a hint of almost sadistic glee.

Kyle began to shiver as panic overtook him. Now he knew what had caused the discomfort in his groin. Frantically he groped through his feminine finery to check out what he feared to be true. When he discovered the truth, he passed out. Gina caught him as his legs melted, and with Susan's help they carried him to a chair. Revived by smelling salts, he burst into tears as he realized he was forever trapped in girlhood. The tears flowed unchecked as he recalled what he'd thought of Tony for allowing himself to be transformed into a girl... and now he was the same! He couldn't imagine living the rest of his life as a girl. Yet there was no way out of this fiasco... if only he hadn't hit that teacher.

Stunned by the irreversibility of what had been done to him he morosely followed his mother as she lead him out to their car. The trip to ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL was brief. The paperwork of enrolling Kylie Freidman in the sixth grade and Tracy Freidman in the eighth grade was quickly accomplished. Kyle wished the ground would open and swallow him as he accompanied his mother into the main office of the public school as she filled out the required transfer forms for her daughters. Tracy came into the office when summoned, concerned that Kyle had gotten into trouble. When she saw her mother and Kylie, she broke into a huge grin and rushed to give her new sister a welcome hug. Kyle stubbornly, with what little machismo remained to his crumbling boyhood, resisted the hug, but it proved to be the pivotal turning point. His new alter-ego Kylie not only wanted the embrace, she needed it. Slowly, Kylie began to assert herself over Kyle as she eagerly returned Tracy's hug.

In minutes the threesome entered THE CLOTHING EXPERIENCE where Olivia Endress eagerly aided Tracy and Kylie while they were fitted with their new school uniforms. Seeing how cute a girl Kylie had become added to Olivia's certainty that she had to do the same to Tommy. The experience of being fitted for girls' clothes further undermined Kyle's fading masculinity and reinforced Kylie's growth. By the time they arrived home, Kyle was crushed under the onslaught of his undeniable girlishness.

The next day, a very bubbly Tracy and an extremely timid Kylie joined Brenda and Tonia as they walked to school. Brenda and Jamie Clipp were assigned to help Tracy adjust to the new school routines. Tonia and Nichole Chestnut were assigned as Kylie's guides. The six girls went to their classrooms and their new lives.

Mrs. Alterio took Kylie to the side and explained that she was aware of all the circumstances of his transformation. Kylie fidgeted and blushed, especially when the teacher told him that she would see to it that Kylie behaved like a perfect lady at all times. Kylie knew she was feminine in appearance, but it was all so strange and unwanted. She still felt out of place and awkward since she had no idea how to behave as a girl.

Tonia couldn't understand why Kylie felt so reluctant. Kylie sensed that Tonia wanted to be friends despite the past treatment she had received at Kyle's brutal hands, and was appreciative of her efforts. Nichole, on the other hand, understood completely how she felt. Nichole too wanted to be a friend, and she did everything she could to ease Kylie's unvoiced fears. Tonia noticed how well Nichole was doing in helping Kylie. She seemed to anticipate questions and problems before they arose. At lunch Tonia asked Nichole what made her so understanding.

Nichole blushed and girlishly smoothed her skirt under her as she took a seat on a bench in a corner of the playground. Tonia did likewise, and Kylie awkwardly followed suit. Once all were seated, Nichole nervously rubbed her hands together as she collected her thoughts. Tonia realized that Nichole was about to reveal how she switched genders.

"Just like Kylie, I never wanted to be a girl. I too was abruptly forced to make the transition from blue jeans to skirts. Like Kylie, it was my own fault, maybe even more so, because I did it myself." Nichole paused here to collect herself. It was painfully obvious that the memories were quite distressing.

Kylie felt an immediate kinship with the pretty girl. Tonia now felt a bit out of place.

"It happened on the Fourth of July almost two years ago," she stated softly. "If you can believe it I was a real hell-raiser back then. My parents were near the end of their rope with my antics. Dad had gotten several brochures for military academies, and was in the process of filling out applications. Anyway, several of our neighbors had gotten some fireworks, and we had a neighborhood cookout. I swiped a couple of Cherrybombs, showed some of the other guys, and off we headed into the woods behind our yards. I lit several and threw them into the trees. Did they ever crack and echo when they off! We were having a real ball. Just after I'd lit one, my dad and two of the other fathers showed up. They heard the explosions and our yelling, and put two and two together. They came out to stop us before someone got hurt, and were they upset."

"Naturally, I wasn't going to get caught tossing one away right in front of them. Not knowing any better, I thought a fuse was like a candle, and if you snuffed it against your pants, it'd go out. So I jammed the Cherrybomb into my thigh and rubbed the fuse against my jeans. Then I stuffed it between my thighs so my hands would be free." Nichole paused and shuddered, the color drained from her face as she recalled the tragic events.

Tonia and Kylie both sat and listened in rapt attention. They could imagine the gruesome details of what happened. Yet they still waited with baited breath for Nichole to continue her story.

Nichole drew a deep breath. "I guess you know I hadn't put out the fuse. With it pinched between my thighs, when it went off, it blew my balls to pieces. The only good thing about it was that I never really felt it. It's strange, I mean I did feel it go off, but I passed out before the pain got to my brain. Anyway, I woke up in ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER. The fact that I was no longer a boy really flipped me out. I carried on until they gave me a shot to make me sleep. The doctors told my parents I'd never be a man because without balls my body wouldn't produce male hormones. They decided I wouldn't be able to handle being a eunuch. The next few weeks they kept me doped up. When they finally let me wake up, I was told that I had been changed into a girl."

Once more she paused. "I was wearing a dress, and my mother was helping me stand in front of a mirror. They had done plastic surgery to me, and this is how I looked. I knew that there was no way I could ever appear to be a boy. Even if I cut my hair and wore boys' clothes I'd look like a tomboy instead of a guy. I guess it's a lot like they did to you, Kylie. One minute it seems you're a boy, and suddenly WHAMMO! You simply wake up to discover you've been changed into a girl. Your boyish soul tells you it's impossible, but your body and brain tell you they did it." Nichole paused for a moment as the bad memories and feelings replayed themselves.

Kylie knew exactly how she felt, and Tonia felt that she could imagine how they had felt.

"I guess neither of us really had any choice but to accept what happened," Nichole continued. "That's why I understand how you feel, Kylie. The best advice I can give you is not to fight it. Unfortunately I had to learn that the hard way. You can't beat it, or change the fact that you're a girl now. You only make things worse by trying to fight it. You'll drive your self crazy. Just accept it and I promise that before too long, you'll be as happy as a girl as Tonia and I are now. I can honestly say I'm glad I'm no longer a dumb boy." Nichole finished her tale.

Kylie felt tears forming in her eyes and tried to stop them.

Nichole scolded. "Kylie, you're a girl now. Girls cry when they're upset. Go ahead and cry! You don't have to waste your time and energy constantly trying to prove how tough you are anymore. Enjoy your girlishness!"

Kylie burst into tears, and Nichole quickly followed suit. Tonia in her natural girlishness joined them. They cried for five minutes, then sat and hugged each other until the bell rang. Once more Tonia and Nichole looked guiltily at each other as they hugged. Both felt that strange but very pleasant tingling warmth again. For the first time Tonia felt that an exciting warm tingling spread from her tummy to her just sprouting breasts, She now understood why Nichole hadn't stopped her during their previous encounter. Both wondered how long it would take Kylie to start feeling like they did. Neither communicated their budding sexual feelings, they both knew how the other felt.

The companionship and friendship that Nichole's confession formed amongst the three girlfriends would last a long time. Kylie was still shy and awkward, but she took Nichole's advice and tried to learn from her bitter experiences. Kylie's transition into girlhood became easier. Nichole easily convinced her two friends to join her in taking dancing lessons at METAMORPHOSIS SCHOOL OF DANCE.

Brenda and Tonia Fairchild, Tracy and Kylie Freidman, and Jamie Clipp jabbered incessantly all the way from ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL to LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL. The three eighth grade girls kept a watchful eye on their giggling sixth grade companions. The warm late march afternoon breezes swirled the skirts of their uniforms

Gina Freidman was shocked but relieved when Tracy and Kylie arrived at METAMORPHOSIS EXCURSIONS after their first day at ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL. Gina had expected a reluctant Kylie to come dejectedly moping in, instead she came in skipping merrily, bubbling over with enthusiasm about her first day at her new school. Gina listened in amazement as Kylie told her all about her two girlfriends, Nichole Chestnut and Tonia Fairchild. She found it hard to believe that there were three former boys in the same class, but Tracy verified Kylie's story.

Gina was delighted with the results. It seemed hard to believe that less then 30 hours before she was angry and frustrated with the behavior of her son Kyle. Now that same child stood before her, politely asking permission to take dancing lessons at METAMORPHOSIS SCHOOL OF DANCE with her two girlfriends. Gina had doubted the claims of those who had advocated Petticoating Kyle, but now she was a devout believer in it's effectiveness.

Tracy waited patiently for her new little sister to finish before she began to tell how her day went. Once more Gina was amazed. Tracy had been good friends with Tonia's older sister Brenda when they had attended public school. One of their classmates had been an annoying obnoxious boy. Gina was well aware that the boy, Jimmy Clipp, and his father, James, had been transformed into females during the past summer, and that James was working in the mall as Jane in her business, CLIPP-ALMEN CPA. Jamie had started the school year as Jamie at ST. FRANCIS. Now it looked like Tracy's best friends would be Brenda and Jamie!

It was all a little too much to believe, but Gina realized it was true. Once the girls had talked themselves out, Gina sent them over to ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES APOTHECARY to have Kylie's female hormone prescription filled. The two girls left the shop giggling while Gina stood and watched them go, amazed at the drastic changes Petticoating had wrought.

Andy Bloom's eyes widened as he read the prescription. Glancing up from his counter, he looked out hoping to get a glimpse of Kylie Freidman. His heart was pounding and he once more felt a stirring in his groin. There was no one in that family named Kylie. There was only Gina, Tracy, and Kyle... Of course! Another boy starting to take female hormones! First he spied Tracy, but she was with a pretty younger girl. No where in the store could he see a boy. When his gaze returned to Tracy, he saw she was spraying the younger girl with some perfume from one of the samplers. It was then that he realized the girl had to be Kylie... who had been Kyle! Once more his penis stirred as he stared at the cute girlish boy. If he hadn't known that she was a boy, he'd never had suspected, she was a doll.

"Another one darling," whispered Kaye Bloom as she slipped a hand between her husband's legs to verify her suspicions. "I thought I'd find this after I read the prescription."

Andy blushed and sputtered, pushing Kaye's hand off his erection. "I...I..." was all he got out before she kissed him.

"I know you better than that, dear," she cooed into his ear. "You get turned on every time you see a boy being transformed into a girl. I know you'd love to turn our boys into girls and I'd love to have daughters... besides, I'd love to do the same to you... to a point..." she purred as she stroked his manhood. "I think I'll go have a talk with Dr. Makes-Shemanski. She'll know the proper doses of female hormones to give the boys... and you!" With one last playful squeeze she left.

Andy didn't know what to say or do. Kaye was right on the nose with her accusation, and he couldn't deny it. By the time he composed himself enough to turn around to respond, she was gone. A feeling of panic welled up inside of him as he looked out into the store and saw her leaving, heading out into the mall in the direction of ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER. Everything started to spin as he experienced a strange sense of vertigo. Sitting down upon his stool, he grasped the edge of the counter and closed his eyes until things stopped spinning. Nervously he pushed his fears from his mind as he began to count out the tiny purple pills for Kylie.

Kaye wasted no time. Ten minutes after she left the store, she was seated before Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski. Sandra listened with delight to Kaye's ideas and plans for her husband and sons. Sandra explained that she would have to examine each of them, and have blood samples analyzed to determine the proper doses for each. She also suggested they be "milked" for the growing sperm bank to which Kaye was readily agreeable. Kaye made appointments for the boys and Andrew for the following Saturday.

When she returned to the store, Kaye smiled at her husband. "Next Saturday you and the boys have appointments with Dr. Makes-Shemanski. Once the blood work gets back, you'll all be on female hormones. I think that by the time school lets out, we'll have three embarrassed sons who will be more than willing to begin living as girls... if their father does the same thing!"

Andy turned beet red as he felt a strange warm wetness spread through his groin and trickle down his legs. His mind was so confused, both horrified and excited, that he didn't realize he'd wet himself.

Kaye laughed. "Maybe you'd like a pair of pink plastic panties and diapers too," she teased her flabbergasted husband as he realized what had happened. "I always did want a sweet little baby girl. I think you'd make an adorable one. Once I have all that nasty body hair removed, and the female hormones have taken effect, you'll look like an overgrown but cute baby girl!"

Andy wished she'd stop. He didn't understand why he felt the way he did, or why her crazy idea of turning him into a baby girl excited him so. All he knew was that he stood before her with piss soaked pants and a raging erection, totally humiliated. Yet he also knew that she wasn't teasing or belittling him. Her tone of voice left him know that she was quite sincere... and determined.

"Just relax, Baby Andrea," Kaye cooed as she petted his soft longish hair. "I'll go home and get you dry clothes." She then leaned over and kissed him tenderly upon his beet red forehead and left. All Andy could do was wait for her to return with his dry clothes... and for her to carry out her bizarre plans.

When Andy headed into the back to put on the dry clothes Kaye had brought him, he was not really surprised to discover a pair of pink lace trimmed nylon panties folded inside his trousers instead of his normal jockey shorts. Shivering with humiliation, fear, and delight he hastily cleaned himself. In moments he slipped the soft silky panties on, then quickly pulled on his trousers before his erection became too large. Returning to the counter, he avoided looking at Kaye, who was merrily humming the tune THANK HEAVENS FOR LITTLE GIRLS.


Thursday April first dawned bright and warm. Vicki Shemanski showered and dressed, doing her best to control her fears and uncertainty. She felt she was doing the right thing, but there still remained lingering doubts. This was the day that Vicki would once more resume control of her life instead of letting the events that happened to Victor two and a half years ago run her life. April Fool's Day was quite appropriate for this momentous day. By this afternoon, she would truly be a woman.

Sandra waited nervously for Vicki to join the family for breakfast. As usual Grace busily made breakfast and rode herd on the children. They knew that "Aunt Vicki" was going to ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER for a few weeks for some major surgery. As children are wont to do, they picked up on the nervousness and apprehension of their parents.

Before bedtime last night Philip and Paul used the tension to wheedle their sisters into swapping identities for the day. The boys were delighted since it was the first time for two weeks that the boys had been able to cajole their sisters into the switching identities. After their mother and grandmother had awakened the children, the boys raced to their sisters' bedroom. They were relieved when the girls giggled and left to go to the boys' bedroom. Soon the boys were dressed as the girls and the girls were dressed as the boys.

Phil wore a long sleeved sweater under a pink princess styled jumper, kneesox, and pink sneakers. Paul wore a plaid pleated skirt, blue slip-over blouse, anklets and saddle shoes. Both wore their longish hair pulled up into the familiar bouncy twin beribboned ponytails that the sisters normally wore. Lisa and Lynda both wore blue jeans, a sweater, and navy high top sneakers. Both wore their hair loose and flopping about their shoulders as was the norm for the brothers.

When Grace announced that breakfast was ready, Philip took Lisa's seat, Paul took Lynda's seat, Lisa took Phil's seat, and Lynda took Paul's seat. The twins looked naturally alike, as did their older siblings. As long as they were careful, no one would realize the switch.

Vicki entered, smiled wanly, and sat demurely at her place. Sandra sat beside her and placed a comforting hand on hers. Breakfast was unusually quiet. When finished, Vicki and Sandra slipped on their jackets and headed for the mall. Grace followed them to the door.

"Victoria Makes-Shemanski!," she stated in a harsh scolding voice, using Vicki's new legal name. When they stopped, she added softly. "It's April first, all the legal changes are now effective. You're now officially my daughter and Sandra's sister. Don't you think you should give your mother a hug and kiss before you leave?"

Vicki flushed and forced a trembling smile. "Of course, Mother", she stated as she hugged her adopted mother. Then looking at Sandra, her smile faded. "I guess now that we're divorced, we should sleep in separate rooms."

Sandra smiled and hugged Vicki. "Why on earth do that? Lisa and Lynda are sisters and they sleep together in the same room. We're sisters now too, and I have every intention of keeping our sleeping arrangements the same. Now let's get going before we're late." Sandra gave her mother a hug and kiss, then led her sister from the house.

After returning to the kitchen, Grace placed the dishes in the sink while the kids gathered their school things. Soon she was driving them to school. Phil/Lisa entered his sister's first grade class room and sat quietly, reading a book. Lisa/Phil entered her brother's second grade classroom and high-fived one of the guys as they began to discuss the hockey play-offs. Paul/Lynda and Lynda/Paul entered their kindergarten room and immediately joined their friends. Lynda/Paul played with trucks while Paul/Lynda played with dolls.

By nine o'clock, Vicki was dozing from the effects of the sedative. Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski accompanied the gurney as it entered the surgery. Dr. Sarah Balkut smiled at the pretty sleeping patient, ready to finish the transformation started by that land mine so long ago. Dr. Helen Alterson stood by to keep a watchful eye in case anyone needed counseling. The efficient team set to work and by two o'clock, Vicki was wheeled into the recovery room. Dr. Balkut's only regret was that she had nothing to place in her trophy case.

Grace picked the children up from school and took them to LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL to see their mother and "aunt". After checking in with Sandra and finding out that Vicki was doing well, the kids got antsy. Lisa/Phil winked at Lynda/Paul, a move missed by their femininely dressed brothers. "Mom," Lisa/Phil asked. "Can Paul and I go to the arcade? They have this neat game..."

Grace tried to quiet her grandson, deeming the time inappropriate for such a request. Sandra just smiled, understanding that the tension was too much for the boys. "I think it's all right, Mother," she told Grace. "The boys need to let off a bit of steam." With that she gave them five dollars and sent them on their way. Turning back to Grace she smiled and added, "Besides, you can take the girls to TRANSFORMATIONS STYLING to get their ears pierced. We did agree to let them have it done today."

The crossdressed boys stood there wide-eyed as they heard their mother's comments. They hadn't known anything about getting their ears pierced! If that happened, they wouldn't be able to switch back with their sisters!

Grace smiled and looked at her pretty granddaughters. "Yes, we did agree. I still can't believe how the two of you begged and pleaded with us this morning when we woke you up. I've wanted you to get your ears pierced since Christmas but you'd always refused. Now suddenly you insist it has to be done on April Fool's Day. I don't think I'll ever understand how childrens' minds operate." With that, she took the hands of the two shocked little boy/girls and led them from the clinic.

Paul/Lynda couldn't think of anything to say, he was simply too surprised and delighted! With his ears pierced, he'd have to stay in the role of Lynda! That meant he'd be able to wear pretty dresses all the time! Eagerness replaced his initial surprise and reluctance.

Phil/Lisa stumbled along, bewildered by the deviousness of his sisters. He was angry at them, and at himself. He should have suspected something was up when the girls readily agreed to swap roles for the day. After two weeks of refusing to switch, they agreed on the first request the night before and didn't offer any hassles that morning. He now realized they had so readily agreed to the switch because they planned to ask to have their ears pierced. Steam almost flowed from his ears as he recalled Lisa's words. "All right, let's trade places. After all, it is April Fool's Day. What better day could there be to play a prank." He had assumed the prank would be their role switch, not THIS prank, he thought to himself as they entered the beauty shop.

Susan Bangs greeted Grace and the girls. "Well, what can I do for you today?"

Grace smiled. "The girls would like their ears pierced. How soon can you take them?"

Susan smiled, she knew, as well as the other inhabitants of the mall that the girls' father/aunt had her final sex-change surgery. "I can take them now and it's on the house. A get-well gift for Vicki." Taking the girls, she guided them to seats, called an assistant, and each took one of the girls.

Phil/Lisa came to his senses as Susan sprayed the numbing agent on his ears. "I... I changed my mind," he squeaked out in a frightened voice as he attempted to get out of the chair. "Grandma, I don't want my ears pierced."

Susan had seen many little girls get scared as the moment of truth arrived. She deftly pressed Lisa back into the seat, and as the girl tried to sit up again, pressed the piercing gun firmly against one lobe. Lisa jerked as she felt the painless jab and turned the pierced ear away from Susan. Knowing that would be the girl's reaction, Susan skillfully pierced the other ear which the hapless girl's movement had presented.

Phil/Lisa fell back into the seat after the second jab, realizing it was too late. The dastardly deed had been done. Susan stepped back, and he could see his reflection, Lisa's reflection, in the mirror. A tiny golden ball glinted prettily in each of her dainty ears. Phil/Lisa knew they added to Lisa's natural girlishness... now irrevocably his. The tears began to flow.

Paul/Lynda giggled as his ears were pierced and clapped his hands together in delight when he saw how they added to his girlishness. Slipping from the chair he hugged his grandmother in delight.

Grace was pleased with Lynda's reaction to having her ears pierced, and mystified by Lisa's tears. After returning Lynda's hug, she took Lisa from the chair and hugged her. Lisa buried her face in her bosom as she continued to cry. Grace looked up at Susan, bewildered by the reaction.

Susan smiled comfortingly. "Occasionally some girls do react like this," she reassured Grace. "I guess it's just the shock. They all get over it quickly though, so don't worry about it."

Grace accepted the explanation and was about to lead the girls to the arcade to collect their brothers. "Hey Grandma, what's Lisa crying about?"

Grace turned to see her smiling grandsons enter the shop. "The girls just had their ears pierced and Lisa's upset. I have no idea why. This morning she simply begged to have it done."

Lisa/Phil shrugged his shoulders. "You know how girls get about dumb things like that," she stated nonchalantly. "Boy, Lynda, your earrings look great. I bet Lisa's look just as pretty. Come on, Sis, snap out of it." She placed a comforting hand upon her feminine brother.

Phil/Lisa raised his head from Grace's breast and glared at Lisa/Paul. Lisa/Paul just smiled, pleased with herself, then whispered "April Fool!"

Phil/Lisa fumed, he wanted to hit Lisa. It was only the firmness of Grace's hug that kept him from doing just that. After a few moments a devilish smirk suddenly crossed his pretty face. Still in Grace's embrace, he turned his face to her. "Grandma," he whispered stretching up on his tip-toes to reach her ear. "I think right now would be a great time to get the boys those crew cuts you've been talking about. Now that Lynda and I are more girlish, they should be more boyish! It'd really make me feel better." The last added with a pouting little girlish whine that Grandmothers find irresistible.

Grace looked at Lisa and shook her head. Once more she was unable to fathom the children’s thinking. However, she whole-heartily agreed with Lisa's idea. "Susan, these scruffy boys need their hair cut. Now that they're here, please do so. Crew cuts please," she announced.

Now it was Lisa/Phil's and Paul/Lynda's turn to be shocked. Before they could protest or escape, they were whisked away to chairs for their overdue trim. Lisa/Phil's stunned wide-open eyes met Phil/Lisa's eyes as he mouthed "April Fool!" Only now, as the scissors trimmed away her long locks did Lisa remember that the boys had carefully avoided getting close to the beauty shop because their grandmother had told them the next time they were there, they would have their unmanly locks sheared. Lynda/Paul started to cry as her hair fell, Lisa/Phil joined her as they realized their April Fool's Day joke had backfired.

That evening, Vicki smiled weakly at her handsome sons and pretty daughters as they stood mute and sullen by her hospital bed. Grace and Sandra stood behind the strangely quiet children, assuming it was the seriousness of Vicki's surgery that made them so cooperative and meek.


Saturday morning at eight o'clock, Kaye Bloom herded Andy and their sons crowded into an examining room of THE ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE CLINIC. Dr. Makes-Shemanski gave each a quick physical, drew blood samples, and expertly "milked" Andrew, Louis, and Carl. The boys were still half asleep and complaining about being made to get up so early on a non-school day. Andy sat quietly letting Sandra do her exams and filling the test tubes with blood and semen. He had been the first, 'to set a good example for the boys', so Kaye had claimed. Andy was well aware what Kaye wanted Sandra to do with the results of the tests, and what it would mean for him and the boys.

The redness of Andy's face as he avoided Sandra's eyes let her know that he knew what Kaye wanted done to the males of her family. Why he didn't protest nagged her all day. It was painfully obvious that he was terrified of the prospect of having himself and the boys feminized. Yet his quiet acquiescence seemed to reflect a guilty hidden desire for their feminization. This made Sandra wonder about males in general. Perhaps Helen Alterson was right, mused Sandra. Her theory was that most males envied women and would willingly switch places if their male arrogance, vanity and macho pride didn't make them feel guilty about being labeled a sissy. As Sandra thought of all the feminized males she'd encountered, including her now ex-husband Vicki, all fit into that theory. Thinking about the males she knew who hadn't been feminized, they too seemed to fit the parameters. Why even her own sons Philip and Paul fit. That thought led to her thinking about what the boys would look like as girls. They'd look like just like their sisters she decided. The buzz of her intercom interrupted her train of thought.

Fifteen minutes later Sandra stood beside her mother in the living room of their home. Grace was bewildered with her grandchildren and angry at herself. The four red-eyed, sniffling children stood before them with heads bowed, waiting for the executioner's ax to fall.

Sandra looked closely at her two sons and two daughters. Other than being upset, she couldn't detect anything out of the ordinary. Yet what Grace had tersely told her on the phone made her cancel the rest of her morning appointments and rush home. It was, she thought, quite ironic that as the call was being placed she had been thinking about the very thing the call revealed.

"All right," Sandra stated firmly, letting the kids know that no lying or blame-placing would be tolerated. "How did this happen?"

For the next twenty minutes the children spilled out their story, one talking until tears forced them to stop, than another picking up the tale until they too could go no further. One after the other they confessed their knowledge of their father becoming their aunt; the start of their innocent little game of house; the innocent crossdressing; the start of their role switching when Paul became sick while dressed; their escapades of role switching since then, and finally the dual April Fool's Day pranks.

The group confession made things click together, explaining all the little inconsistencies that had been happening the last few months. Why the boys began to lose interest in sports and refused to get their hair cut, why the girls were occasionally clumsy, and why the last three days they had been almost constantly at each others throats. Grace was even more upset with herself for having allowed the children to fool her.

Sandra sat quietly while the children sniffled, and Grace fumed. After a few minutes of deep thought, she nodded her head. "Mother, don't be angry with yourself. If you have to be angry, be angry with me. I'm the professional and should have paid closer attention to what was happening. Irregardless of who is responsible, the fact is the deeds have been done. Now we have to deal with the fact that Phylis and Paula are pretty girls, and that Lisa and Lynda are unhappy boys."

Grace nodded her head to acknowledge that blame placing at that point was useless. "All right, what do we do?"

Sandra sighed and looked at the two teary-eyed pretty girls standing mutely before her. Thinking of Tonia Fairchild, she knew what would happen. "Well, the first thing we need to establish is whether or not Paula and Phylis are happy being pretty little girls." Both she and Grace stared at the two now very nervous girls as they shuffled their feet which caused their pleated skirts to swirl gently about their thighs.

After a few minutes of almost deafening silence, Lisa spoke. "Mom, Lynda and I don't want to be boys! We only did it so that Paul and Phil could go out as us. They begged us to let them switch places with us. We never asked to trade with them!"

Sandra looked pointedly at Phylis and Paula. "Well, GIRLS, is what Lisa saying true?"

Meekly both nodded their heads.

"I think I'm safe in assuming that the two of you both enjoy dressing and behaving as girls," Sandra stated firmly with no hint of denial from either of her femininely clad sons. "Well Mother, I guess you may as well get used to having four granddaughters," she told Grace as she turned to look at her mother. Looking back to Lisa and Lynda, "As for you two, you have two choices, either you continue masquerading as your brothers until your hair grows out, or you get your ears pierced and wear wigs."

Lisa didn't hesitate. "I'll get my ears pierced and wear a wig," she exclaimed.

Lynda added a hurried, "Me too!"

"All right then," Sandra spoke firmly letting everyone know that a decision had been made. "Mother, let's take our girls to the mall. Lisa and Linda need to be fitted for wigs and have their ears pierced, then all four of our GIRLS have to be fitted with school uniforms so they can start at ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL Monday morning. Lisa and Linda, change into dresses and put a scarf over your short hair. Mother, take Phylis and Paula to their room with several garbage bags and clean out every last stitch of male clothes in the house. Include all the male toys too. We'll drop the bags off at the Salvation Army on the way to the mall. I'll call Mother Superior Mary Francis and make the arrangements for the girls to start on Monday."

With that, everyone went of to complete their assigned task. That evening, Sandra asked a still slightly groggy and mildly sedated Vicki if she was up to a visit from the children. Of course Vicki was, so Sandra opened the door and motioned for the children. Vicki was delightedly greeted by Lisa and Lynda with hugs and kisses after they had girlishly skipped across the room. So enthralled was she by the girls that she didn't miss her sons. Vicki had found herself envying her daughters recently, almost wishing that she'd had the opportunity to grow up as a soft, pretty, red-headed, blue-eyed girl like her two daughters. Noting how the girls were dressed, Vicki found herself wondering what it would have felt like to be their age and wearing the same pretty clothes. Lisa wore a red plaid jumper over a white nylon long sleeved blouse, red kneesox above brown Mary-Janes, and had red ribbons bows tied to her high bouncy ponytails while Lynda wore a similar outfit in green. The girls giggled and told Vicki that they had left a surprise outside the room, and both left to retrieve it.

The door closed momentarily and the two girls re-entered, empty-handed but still giggling. Vicki looked at the girls with a puzzled expression upon her face. "Where's the surprise," she asked.

Both girls giggled more, adding to Vicki's confusion. Then both pirouetted quite femininely showing off their cute outfits.

Vicki liked the modeling demonstration, but still didn't understand the surprise. Suddenly her befuddled mind cleared and it hit her! Lisa was wearing the green outfit and Lynda the red! They had been outside less than ten seconds. There was no way they could have changed clothes.

When Sandra saw Vicki's mouth open in amazed confusion, she once more opened the door and motioned. Grace entered followed by Lisa and Lynda.

Vicki's mouth dropped completely as the red Lisa stood beside the green Lisa and the red Lynda stood beside the green Lynda. The red clad big sister stood behind the red clad little sister while the green clad duo did the same.

"Vicki," Sandra asked sweetly. "I'd like you to meet Lisa, Phylis, Lynda, and Paula; our pretty daughters. Can you tell which is which?"

Vicki just stared at the girls. The concept that her sons were now to be her daughters slowly registered. After closely scrutinizing the girls, she shook her head. The two older girls looked identical, as did the two younger girls. The big sister/ little sister duo's looked the same too. The only difference that Vicki could spot was that they wore different color outfits.

Sandra smiled at her confused ex-husband. "Girls," she told them softly. "I think you should give your father a hug...GENTLY!" This last added as they began to rush the bed.

Once the hugs were accomplished, the girls sat clustered around Vicki. "I still can't tell them apart," she stated delightedly but confused.

"Neither can we," added Grace as she too shook her head. "They wouldn't let us in the dressing room to see which was which. When they emerged from the dressing room, they twirled and giggled. Lydia Ladd happened to be in the store and came over. She was delighted by the transformation. She even said that the Nuns at ST. FRANCIS had been asking permission to Petticoat her son James. Girls, I think you should tell us who you really are."

The girls giggled and identified themselves. Sandra explained how the switch had occurred, and that the children had known all along that Vicki was really their father. Vicki slowly nodded her head and smiled at her daughters. She understood how the boys felt, and couldn't deny them the privilege of enjoying their new-found girlhood... an experience she envied.

Just before she fell asleep that night, Vicki began to softly cry. Whether the tears were of happiness or sadness she wasn't quite sure. All she knew was that Victor was totally gone, only Victoria remained. Victor never would have accepted the feminization of his sons. It had been Vicki who had accepted her new daughters. Then in complete shock she realized the children had not blinked an eye when Sandra told them to 'hug your father'. the kids had known all along...

Monday morning dawned clear and cool. Sandra helped Grace ready the four girls for school, then went to work to get the results of the blood tests from the Blooms. Grace ushered the four nervous chattering girls into the station wagon for the short drive to ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL. By eight o'clock Sandra was reading the results and calculating the proper doses of female hormones for each of the Blooms based on their age and size. Grace had her four granddaughters finally quieted as they sat primly in their new school uniforms before the desk of Sister Marcia Blushing, the principal.

Sister Blushing felt the strange stirring her loins as she surveyed the four virtually identical blue-eyed, red-headed girls. It was hard for her to believe that two of them were really boys, they were simply to adorable. "Everything is in order," she told Grace as she smiled at the girls. Mother Superior Mary Francis was more than delighted to accommodate your special needs."

Grace beamed, having been informed by Sandra about the school's willingness to accept petticoated boys. "All right, girls," she stated firmly. "I'll leave you in Sister Blushing's capable hands. I expect each of you to behave like proper little ladies." Giving each a hug and kiss, she turned to leave, stopping at the door to add, "I'll pick you up at three thirty."

Sister Blushing escorted the girls to their classrooms. Lynda and Paula were placed in the all-day kindergarten, Lisa was dropped off in the 1st grade, and Phylis in the 2nd grade. Lynda, Paula and Lisa had no problems adapting to their new school and classmates. Phylis had one big problem.

All the guys in the second grade thought JJ was the greatest. Although slim and blonde, almost pretty, he was all boy. It was not unusual for JJ to be sent to the principal at least once a week, or to spanked in their classroom every day for some misdemeanor. The precocious boy was the bane of the staff, and most of the girls in his class. The other boys would watch JJ as he performed his deeds of boyish daring. For the most part, they had learned from their own spankings not to get physically involved in his transgressions. JJ lived on the adrenal highs of his escapades and accepted the punishments as proof of his manliness.

JJ's father encouraged his son and back-peddled his mother away from the harsher punishments that the nuns suggested. They advocated using Petticoat Discipline on the recalcitrant boy. His mother had trouble believing that her son could be as bad as he was portrayed by the nuns, although since she had attended ST.FRANCIS, she was familiar with their style and the effectiveness of Petticoating a boy. Whenever he was around his mother, JJ was polite and quiet. At school though, he was a hellion.

When Phylis walked into the room with Sister Blushing, the entire class fell silent and sat upright in their seats, hands neatly folded upon their desks. All that is except for JJ. He slouched in his front row seat and unrelentingly eyed the new girl. After the introductions were made, Sister Blushing made it a point to inform Phylis to beware of JJ, since he had a problem with his manners.

That comment was a challenge to JJ. He sensed that there was something special about this girl, something that made her dear to Sister Blushing. Aggravating this girl would set the good sister on end. At lunch recess JJ was able to flip Phylis' skirt three times before the other girls could get the nun on playground duty to intervene. JJ found himself standing smugly before Sister Blushing. Phylis discovered that her tears endeared her to her teacher and female classmates while alienating her from the boys. With typically male thinking, they blamed her for getting JJ in trouble.

Sister Blushing called JJ's mother to come over to the school. When she arrived, she listened to the tale of JJ's indiscretions. Turning to her son, she eyed him critically. "JJ, did you flip the girl's skirt?"

JJ stood slumped meekly before his mother. Sister Blushing was amazed by the complete change the boy underwent whenever his mother was present. If only she could have the same effect on him.

JJ slowly nodded his head and shuffled his feet. His mother sighed, turned to Sister Blushing, and spoke. "You still want to Petticoat him I suppose?"

JJ shifted into a belligerent stance. The one thing he was terrified of was being sissified.

Without waiting for an answer, his mother turned back to him. "One of these days you may very well find yourself in skirts, young man. Mark my words." Defiance and terror were clearly evident in his body language. The only time she saw fire in his eyes was when the subject of Petticoating him came up. That made her decide not to use it on him. She didn't want to force him to hide or deny his masculinity, she wanted him to control it. She was fully aware of the effectiveness of Petticoating naughty boys, but she also was well aware that most Petticoated boys were never able to become real men. Only too well did she know Sister Blushing. Years before they had been classmates. Only then Sister Blushing had been a boy... who had been Petticoated!

Turning back to Sister Blushing she spoke with great authority. "I don't want him Petticoated, but perhaps it would be most effective if he were soundly spanked before his class." She paused a moment, then continued. "With his trousers dropped so everyone could see his underwear... and let the girl who's skirts he flipped do the spanking! I think ten firm swats with a paddle for each time he flipped her skirts should sufficiently satisfy her while humiliating him." Turning back to the now ashen faced youth she added, "If you don't accept your punishment or if you dare try something like that again, I'll have them give you twenty smacks on your bare bottom before your classmates!"

Sister Blushing nodded her head, agreeing to the punishment. "I think it would be most effective if you were present while JJ receives his punishment." Although she would have preferred Petticoating JJ, Sister Blushing knew she had to acquiesce to the mother's demands. After all, she knew all about her past and was the major contributor and sponsor of the school. It had been her money and backing that had enabled them to remodel and update the school facilities. Eventually, she was sure, when JJ became enough of an aggravation, she would agree to Petticoating. In the meantime, as long as she came up with acceptable alternatives, she would wait.

Once more the second grade class fell silent when Sister Blushing entered, followed by JJ and his mother. When Phylis saw who JJ's mother was, she squirmed in her seat, afraid she was going to suffer. One could have heard a pin drop when Sister Blushing announced the punishment.

Numbly, Phylis approached JJ's smiling mother who held the paddle while JJ dropped his trousers and leaned obediently across a chair. Despite the humiliation he felt, he made his actions appear cocky and self-confident. JJ had vowed to himself not to cry out, certain that a pretty little girl would not be able to hurt him.

Kneeling down by Phylis, JJ's mother whispered in her ear as she reached out to adjust her skirt. "Don't be afraid, darling. I won't let anyone know that you're really a boy. I think you make a wonderful little girl, just like your Aunt Victoria. Now, I want you to smack JJ as hard as you can. You must make him cry in order for this punishment to be effective. Besides, it'll make sure he nor anyone else ever tries to flip your pretty skirts again." She then leaned over and kissed Phylis on the cheek as she placed the paddle in her hands.

Phylis was shaking as she approached JJ. Taking a deep breath, she looked to his mother for reassurance. After seeing her nod, she grasped the paddle and swung.

"Yooooowwwwlllll!!!!" JJ yelped and almost jumped from the chair. It was only his mother's warning about twenty swats on his bare bottom that kept him on the chair. By the fifth smack, he couldn't stem the tears. By the time she finished, JJ was sobbing uncontrollably.

The boys in the class were stunned. Their hero had been broken, by a pretty girl no less. The girls in the class were all quite envious of Phylis, and wished they had been the one to seek retribution upon their nemesis. JJ was shocked to discover that the new girl was so deceptively strong. That incident served to sever JJ from his classmates, a position he hated and vowed to avenge. Phylis was flushed with pride at having humiliated the class bully.

Lydia Ladd left her crying son as he was tugging his trousers back into place. Perhaps Petticoating him was the answer. She was sure he'd make just as cute a girl as Phylis had become. It was only with a sigh that she resolved to keep her son a boy, although she did want a daughter. She vowed to see Dr. Makes-Shemanski to find out why she couldn't get pregnant. If there was nothing wrong with her, perhaps the problem was with her husband. In that event, she thought that she just might use the sperm bank.

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