Petticoating: Official Policy Ladd's Exchange Mall Book 4 Part C

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Petticoating Encouraged
Ladd's Exchange Mall
Book 4 Part C

by Jennifer Sue

Maxwell and Kendal began making the connections they would need to get the MISS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ACADEMY sanctioned by the state criminal justice system. Each evening after a hard day canvassing and campaigning for their goal, they would spend a few hours at the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY watching the films that had been made. The transformation of Diane and Dionne Franz were particularly fascinating for the men. The training films the two giggly girls made were equally effective in convincing the men that their sons were much better off now that they too had become girls. Any doubts the men harbored about PETTICOATING delinquents were banished. The only question they had been unable to satisfactorily answer was what guarantee the staff had against escapes.

"This is our guarantee," Sister Justine Kane smiled and drew two dazzling white nylon mesh collars from her bag. "Gentlemen, if you'll please slip these on, I'll show you our guarantee against escapes."

The men knew by now not to question Sister Justine so they took the collars and placed them about their necks, the velcro closures snapping with an ominous click that should not have been there. Immediately they tried to remove the collars, but found they were unable to do so. Swallowing nervously, they looked to Sister Justine who smiled wickedly and handed them a paper. Each picked up the paper and read.


This adjustable flexible stainless steel cord reinforced nylon mesh electronic collar comes in various colors. It is about one inch wide and one eighth inch thick.

The electronics components include a transponder to reveal the wearers location and a receiver that can be set to various frequencies. Transmitters set to the collars frequency can be placed to create an invisible fence. Hand held transmitters can also be used. These can be utilized to control individuals, small groups, or large groups.

Control is assured by a five stage system.
Stage One: no effect
Stage Two: light tingling under collar
Stage Three: mild pulsing shock
Stage Four: strong pulsing shock
Stage Five: incapacitating continuous shock

Once snapped in place about the neck, it cannot be removed without a special deactivating tool. Any attempt to cut the collar will send the wearer into cardiac arrest. The self contained battery pack will last about five to six weeks and is easily replaced. (It is recommended that it be replaced every four weeks.) If the battery gets low, it will "BEEP" the wearer every five minutes to let him know it is time to replace the battery. (The first eight hours the wearer will receive a Stage Three shock every five minutes. The next four hours he'll receive Stage Four shocks. After that he'll be incapacitated by a Stage Five shock.)

When they were done reading the paper, the men looked up at Sister Justine. In her hand she held a small device that looked similar to a TV remote control. With a sinking feeling in their stomachs they realized they were about to get a first hand sampling of the device's effectiveness. Sister Justine did not disappoint them. An hour later she removed the collars from the thoroughly cowed and exhausted men. No longer did they have any question that the facility would be escape proof.

In cooperation with the BORNAMAN COUNTY JUVENILE COURTS and Judge Joyce Fetterman, twenty delinquents were selected from the ranks of juvenile offenders. Ranging in age from thirteen to sixteen, these hardened, tough street thugs were considered unredeemable. All the responsibilities, rights and privileges of the parents or guardians had been expunged. They were now the sole responsibility of the state. With the list and records of these trouble makers in hand and the court order offering to turn them over to the MISS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ACADEMY, Maxwell and Kendal were able to get state approval to give the facility a chance to prove it's worth. Now the arrangements and preparations went into high gear.


Life for Collin did indeed become the hell he had feared it would be. As he morosely prepared for his first day at ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL he thought of all that had changed during the last week. M'mselle Stern, as the bitch insisted he address her, never gave him a moment alone. It was don't do this, don't do that, do this, do that, don't eat like a slob, learn proper manners, don't run or yell, dress neatly and stay clean at all times, clean up after yourself and all the myriad other little details she harped upon. Already he was ready to puke. The fact that she had convinced his father to transfer him to this dumb parochial school really angered him.

Sure, she had allowed him the balance of the week to say goodbye to his soon to be former classmates and to finish off his assignments. But that was no big deal, if he talked back or made a witty comment, she soaped his mouth! If he didn't follow her instructions, she actually spanked him! One week with her and already he hated her. With a sigh he began to dress in the boys school uniform. He'd already earned two spankings and four soapy mouths during the fitting and hanging the weird clothes in his closet. Why she'd even thrown out all of his jeans! The only reason he put the horrible uniform on was that his butt was still sore. He'd find a way to get back at her, just wait and see.

A few minutes later he stood before M'mselle Stern as she examined his efforts. Norma was pleased with the changes she'd forced the boy to make. Of course she knew they were only surface changes and that just beneath the surface lurked rebellion and revenge, just waiting for the chance to emerge and wreak havoc. Poor Collin fidgeted as he tried to adjust the tie and collar. The navy blue dress slacks, light blue dress shirt, navy blue necktie and vest, navy blue socks and black oxford shoes made him look like a respectable young man instead of the hellion she knew him to be. The nuns would read him the riot act, then give him enough rope to hang himself. A smile crossed her face as she thought how delightful it would be to Petticoat this unrepentant brat. His poor dad would return home to find a delightful daughter had replaced his unruly trouble-making son. Unwittingly he had signed all the forms required to make the change. Now it was up to Collin to force the issue. She had no doubt that he would do so.

On Monday October 1, Collin found that ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL was just as tough and restrictive as his home life. Every class found him getting scolded. At lunch, all the boys avoided him, afraid that they might get in trouble simply by associating with him. Collin was angry and frustrated at his inability to find anyone he felt worthy of being a friend. It was easy for him to rationalize that he didn't want to be friends with the guys in his class because they were quite obviously a bunch of sissy wimps. Each day found him getting into more trouble with the nuns. They were carefully preparing him, building their case, using the numerous times he'd been sent to the office for discipline as bricks to build the scaffolding upon which he would hang his boyhood. What was the worst was that starting Wednesday, they called in M'mselle Stern to sit in at his end of day discipline session. Not only did he have to take the spankings the nuns dished out, he got it a second time once he arrived home!

By Friday October 5th, Collin was a jumble of raw-edged nerves as he ended his first week at his new school. After trying to adjust to the restrictions of the hellish first week in the tough school, he hoped to run wild during the weekend to salve his boyish indignation and arrogance. Norma had other ideas for him. Bright and early on Saturday morning when he'd hoped to sleep in, she roused him from his slumber.

"Fuck you," was his unthinking groggy reaction to her curt orders to get up.

Norma responded like the tough sergeant by grabbing the startled lad by the collar of his pajamas and literally dragging him from his warm bed. Collin dropped painfully to the floor grunting at the impact of his butt. Before he could even begin to get up she proceeded to drag him bodily across the floor, into the hall and right into the bathroom where she unceremoniously dropped him into the bathtub. As the bewildered angry boy tried to get to his knees, Norma turned on the shower... cold water only. Collin's shrieks and protests echoed through the house as he repeatedly slipped and fell as he futilely attempted to get up. If it looked like he was about to get his footing, Norma applied a well placed shove to drop him back into the rain of cold water. It took the boy five minutes to reach the point where the cold, frustration and fatigue reduced him to tears and depleted his will to fight. Only when he lay in a shivering, helpless, crying heap in the bottom of the tub did she turn off the water.

After waiting a moment for his tears to slow, Collin looked forlornly up at his dominitrix. As his mind began to slowly function he realized he had blown all hope for an easy, relaxing weekend.

After letting the cowering boy shiver and blink back his tears for a few minutes, Norma smiled viciously. "Now, young man, I assume you've had enough to know who's the boss."

Collin meekly nodded his soggy head, the strands of his long brown wet hair plastered haphazardly across his white face as his teeth chattered. The hatred he'd felt for this woman had now become fear.

Picking up a small bar of Ivory soap, she held it out to him. "You swore at me," was all she said.

Tears began to once more trickle from his red eyes as he sat up before meekly reaching up to take the slick wet bar of soap from her hand. Taking a deep breath he brought it to his mouth and slipped it inside, making sure to close his lips. The acrid taste almost made him puke, but he knew better than to let that happen. How humiliated he felt to have been reduced to the point where he administered his own punishment. As his saliva reacted with the pungent soap, foam began to fill his mouth. Tiny traces of the bubbly foam trickled from the corners of his mouth as he looked up at her. His dismal eyes begging for permission to empty his mouth.

Norma sneered at the cowering youth. "Don't you dare open those lips." Reaching out she turned on the hot and cold water, adjusting it to a tepid temperature before turning the shower on once more. "Stand up and get out of those wet pajamas," she ordered gruffly.

As the warm water splashed over his shivering body, Collin struggled to his feet. The painful stiffness the cold had created in his arms and legs was almost more than he could tolerate. Clenching his lips together to keep the soap firmly in his mouth to avoid her further wrath, he winced as his cramped joints sent jolts of agony through his body. Each new wince and grimace sent a small gulp of soap foamed saliva down his throat. It took him three minutes to get to his feet and remove the soggy pajamas. Each move to slip an arm or leg out of the wet cloth sent another jolt through his trembling body and more soap down his gagging throat. By then his stomach was churning from the combined effects of the soap coupled with the bone-chilling cold and now steamy heat.

Norma smiled triumphantly as he stood under the warm shower, too crushed to even attempt to hide his nakedness, as his face steadily turned greener. "Now, BOY," she stated emphatically. "I suggest you do whatever I tell you to do when I tell you to do it without a bit of hesitation and not a sign of protest. Do you understand?"

Collin's eyes were wide and watering in his green face as he attempted to hold back the ever strengthening reflexive gags that threatened to empty his stomach. Hopefully he nodded his head to acquiesce to her demand.

Norma was pleased to see his spirit broken. "You may step out of the shower and use the toilet to empty yourself."

Barely did she get out of the desperate lad's way as he leapt from the tub, raised the toilet seat and knelt before the porcelain god in one smooth, fluid motion. Norma smiled wickedly as she watched him retch the foul contents of his heaving stomach. Once he seemed to have finished the upheavals, she spoke. "You have ten minutes to dry up the water you splashed all over this floor, clean yourself up and return to your bedroom. I'll be waiting for you. Don't be late!" With that she left the shattered boy to follow her directions.

Collin was too terrified to even think of disobeying much less of revenge. The bruises he'd received being dragged from bed to the bath were beginning to ache. The soap taste fouled his mouth and breath. The numerous spankings and mouth washings he'd received during the twelve days since his dad left him in Norma's charge seemed like nothing compared to what he'd just endured. As quickly as he could he cleaned the room and himself. Three times he brushed his teeth as he fruitlessly tried to eliminate the soap residue and aftertaste. Looking about hurriedly for something to wear he found nothing. Realizing he was close to the allotted time, he scurried from the bath to his bedroom stark naked.

Norma waited in his room, seated upon his bed. Imperiously she motioned for him to stand before her. Nervously he presented himself. Critically she checked him over, especially the ears and nails, to see if he'd missed anything. Satisfied she reached out and took the startled lad's manhood firmly in her hand.

"Collin," Norma stated. "If you intend to let this horrid piece of flesh grow, you'd better learn to follow orders. I've had nothing but disobedience and defiance from you since I moved in. The nuns from school have notified me that your behavior and attitude is horrendous. I'm now giving you a choice. Either the bad attitude, arrogance and defiance disappears or this will." With that dire threat she squeezed his flaccid penis and testicles until he began to wail and dropped to his knees before her. Her crushing grip never faltered as she left him drop to the floor. When she noted he was about to pass out from the pain, she released him by pushing him backwards. Collin toppled over to land in a rolling heap, tenderly cradling his savaged masculinity in his protective hands as tears coursed down his cheeks while he moaned hideously. Norma knew she had busted his youthful balls.

Collin finally pulled himself together after fifteen minutes. Still lying upon the floor, panting from his exertions, he looked up in fear at his goddess. Norma stood, saying nothing but pointing to a pile of neatly laid out clothes upon his bed. She walked out of the room carefully avoiding him like someone who steers clear of a pile of dog dung one would find on the sidewalk.

Knowing he better not waste time, he painfully stood, being careful not to bruise his painful testicles. Once more he winced with horror as he beheld the clothing she had laid out. Tears flowed down his cheeks as he slipped into the plain white nylon panties and camisole. The soft nylon seemed to cup his tender testicles in a most curious manner that wasn't uncomfortable. With a shudder of dread, he hurriedly dressed.

Once clothed he looked at his decidedly sissy appearance in the mirror with disgust. The long sleeved short waisted black velvet jacket of the Eton suit had no collar. The white twill rounded collar of the white nylon short sleeved shirt laid atop the sissy jacket. The side buttoning black velvet-mid thigh length sissy shorts had an elastic back waist, no fly, no pockets and were held up by suspenders that buttoned in place. White nylon cable-knit kneesox embellished his exposed legs while bulky square toed big buckled Buster Brown black patent leather shoes adorned his feet. The black velvet ponytail tie indicated he should pull his long brown hair back into a ponytail. The sissy look was finished with a clip-on bow tie. The humiliation he felt at being clad in such a ridiculous sissy costume was only outweighed by the fear he felt if he didn't wear it. Walking gingerly, he meekly presented himself before Norma.

Norma sat impassively as Collin quailed before her. After staring intently for a full minute, she motioned him to turn about.

Collin began to fear that somehow he'd screwed up in his dressing as he waited for M'mselle Stern to say something. It seemed as if the room was getting smaller, he felt as if he couldn't get enough air as his fears multiplied. He knew that if she scolded him he'd break down in tears. So terrified was he that all he could think of was keeping her happy so she wouldn't punish him.

When she motioned for him to turn the tears did start to trickle from the corners of his eyes as he woodenly forced himself to turn. How far did she want him to turn? Should he face away from her and stop? Should he continue to turn until he faced her? By the time he faced away from her, repressed soft sobs had joined the tears. Tremendous fears overcame him as he continued to turn as he realized he couldn't stop. By the time he faced her once more, his entire body was shaking from the force of the sobs.

The stony expression on Norma's face didn't change as she stood. Collin raised his teary eyes to look pleadingly into her cold eyes. Mutely she reached out to place her hands upon his sob racked shoulders to stop him from continuing his mechanical turn. For thirty seconds she looked deep into his begging soul. A warm smile filled her face as she took him into a tender embrace. Collin was so surprised by the completely unexpected move that he flung his arms about the hard woman to hug her fiercely. Tears flowed, tears that had been suppressed since his mother's death. For ten minutes Norma coddled her charge until the tears finally dried up. Another five minutes passed as he tried to reconcile what was happening. The compassion he now felt from M'mselle Stern completely disoriented his hatred he had felt for her. Finally Norma gently pushed him away to look into his face. Collin smiled tentatively and was rewarded by a smile from Norma.

"Collin," she stated softly. "We can have a good relationship or a bad one. The choice is up to you. I will not tolerate a belligerent, arrogant boy. Any time I even sense that type of attitude you will be punished quickly and harshly, just like you were this morning. When you follow my instructions to the best of your ability and behave like a polite, caring, sincere person, you will be treated in the same manner. What we've just experienced, the caring and love we exchanged, can be and should be a natural part of our everyday lives. I'm sure you can agree with that."

Collin continued to look up into her face, his eyes had grown wide and serious as he listened to her. Slowly he nodded his head, her statements did make sense. "I'll try to do my best," he replied softly.

"Excellent," Norma stated firmly. "Now I bet you could use something to fill that empty stomach." So saying, she slipped an arm about his shoulder and led the perplexed lad to the kitchen. "I've gotten everything ready to make all of your favorite breakfast," she told him.

Collin perked up at that since she had only prepared the foods he detested during the long week. To make it worse, she insisted he clean his heaping plate at each dreaded meal. Once in the kitchen, Norma took a ruffled pink floral patterned pinafore off a hook she had placed by the door. Collin winced when he saw it but a frown from Norma quickly wiped the grimace from his composed face.

"This will protect you nice new clothes from any spills. I know you'd be as upset as I would be if you stained your new outfit," Norma stated matter of factly as she held up the dreaded garment for him to see. It was quite evident that when the twin sashes were tied together in the back, the overlapping sides met.

Meekly he allowed her to slip it onto his trembling form. Once he had it on and secured properly, it looked as if he was wearing a dress since his shorts were completely hidden by the knee length hem of the sissy garment! They exchanged polite though strained conversation as they prepared the sumptuous breakfast and as they ate. The only question he had, which he didn't voice, about the vitamin she handed him was that he had never heard of BELLE VITAMINS. He simply swallowed it without consideration. The good food settled comfortably into Collin's stomach, eliminating the last of the lingering soapy taste and easing the humiliation he felt over his ordeal. He even felt quite warm and comfortable by the time they finished eating. Collin even voluntarily helped her wash the dishes. Only then did she remove the dainty pinafore and hang it on a convenient hook.

"It will be readily available for the next time you need it, darling," she stated sweetly.

Collin understood that to mean he would be wearing the dainty demeaning garment at every meal. It took a lot of will power to hold his tongue from denouncing the sissy feelings wearing the detestable thing had evoked and would continue to evoke at each future wearing. He also knew that M'mselle Stern was watching him closely to ascertain his reaction. With a forced smile he nodded his head. "Yes, M'mselle Stern," he whispered in a trembling voice, reconciling his diverse emotions by rationalizing that his capitulation was well worth the agony it caused if it meant he'd get decent food!

Norma did indeed watch him closely. She could see the humiliation and anger wearing the pinafore had engendered bubbling just beneath the surface of the groveling youth. She also understood only too well that the carrot of his favorite foods had made the stick of the sissy pinafore barely acceptable. With a broad smile she swept him into a warm hug. "I'm delighted with you, Collin," she complimented him. "I can see that you really hate wearing the pretty pinafore. I can also see that you are controlling that dislike and responding in the manner I want you to respond. I will not punish you for that feeling of hatred and dislike as long as it remains suppressed and controlled. If it ever effects the way you behave, you can rest assured that you'll be severely punished. You'll find that in time you'll lose that hatred and the humiliation you now feel when dressed as you are. Eventually you'll even come to like it. Then you'll hate wearing jeans and sloppy sweatshirts. It will take time, but then we've got a lot of that, don't we?"

Collin shrank before her verbal onslaught. Understanding that she had been able to read his feelings so clearly shook him. That she was now using a carrot and stick approach to get him to behave in the manner she expected was also perceived by the flustered youth. So efficient and effective were her methods that he realized she could very well be right about his feelings someday changing. Quickly he dismissed such defeatist thoughts from his muddled mind. All he was sure of was that he didn't want to ever go through what he'd experienced this morning again. His balls still throbbed in their soft nylon prison. He'd do, he vowed to himself, whatever he had to do to avoid that! Meekly he forced a smile. "Yes, M'mselle Stern."

The rest of the morning was spent in teaching Collin how to be a polite, quiet, gentleman. He learned to sit properly in a straight backed chair with his hands folded upon his lap. He learned how to bow. He learned how to sit, not flop, into a chair. By lunch he was starved from the exhausting lessons. Upon entering the kitchen, without a protest, he donned the pinafore without being told. Norma made sure to praise him for that. Unwillingly he had to smile in response even though he understood that what she was doing to him would make him not only dress but start to behave like an out and out sissy! His thoughts were given little time to linger in that direction, however.

"Come help me, Collin," Norma stated as she indicated a couple of potatoes that needed to be washed and peeled.

Meekly he set about the task he'd often watched his mother perform while Norma prepared the rest of the meal. Norma spoke to him, giving him instructions and hints, like a mother would give to a daughter, all through the meal preparations. The knowledge that she was speaking to him as if training a daughter to perform the girlish tasks was only made worse by the fact of his spineless submission in following those instructions. After they had finished preparing the meal, as they sat and enjoyed it together, a feeling of accomplishment and pride came over him with the knowledge that he had helped prepare the delicious food. Once more he helped clean up after the meal, basking in the praise and thanks that Norma poured upon him. The removal of the dreaded pinafore, which didn't seem as bad now, meant that the lessons in sissyhood were to continue unabated throughout the afternoon.

When Norma finally announced it was time to prepare supper, Collin quickly headed to the kitchen, glad to be rid of the demeaning, boring lessons in gentlemanly deportment she had been so repetitively making him practice and rehearse until they were almost second nature. Several times he had neared the point of rebellion only to see her read his mind and frown. The memories of that morning's ordeal returned with harsh clarity, giving him the strength to suppress any thoughts other that abject submission and cooperation. This time there was a smile upon his face as he donned of the pinafore, successfully mastering the tying of the sashes by himself.

"Collin, I'm delighted," Norma stated proudly as he turned to show off his effort. "Since you've been so cooperative and well behaved all day, we'll make anything you'd like, as long as we have the ingredients," she added as she straightened the crooked girlish bow at the small of his back.

Collin once more felt pleased by her compliments of his efforts. "Can we make tuna surprises," he asked tentatively, almost afraid she'd renege on her offer.

"Of course, darling," she smiled as she hugged him. "Tuna surprise is one of my favorite meals! Besides, they're really easy to make."

Collin gathered all the ingredients as she spieled them off. After opening the tuna, he poured it into a mixing bowl, added mayonnaise, chopped up some celery and a bit of parsley which he added to the bowl, then thoroughly blended them with a heavy wooden spoon. Taking a block of cheese, he sliced several pieces before returning it to the refrigerator. Laying out several hotdog rolls, he spooned the tuna blend into the open slits. After placing strips of cheese atop the tuna, he placed the filled rolls in a casserole pan. Once the lid was in place, he popped it into the microwave and set the timer. Then he looked to the seated Norma to see if he'd followed her instructions properly.

Norma beamed. "You did just fine, Collin," she praised the happily smiling boy. "I can hardly wait to taste them! Now, while they're cooking, please set the table." Norma had watched Collin work as he followed her instructions. The smile upon his face and the look of concentration his efforts engendered made her happy. As he bustled about the kitchen, the pinafore made him look like a dutiful young girl wearing a nice dress preparing a meal for her mother.

Dutifully, Collin set the plates, utensils and napkins on the table before pouring them each a glass of milk. The timer beeped to indicate the tuna surprises were done. Slipping on a set of oven mitts, he carefully removed the casserole and placed it in the center of the table. Cautiously he removed the lid, being careful to lift it away from his arms so the escaping steam wouldn't burn him. After placing the lid by the sink, he removed the mitts and took his seat, a very proud and satisfied smile upon his face.

Norma returned the smile as they dug into the aromatic dish. Both relished the flavor of their favorite meal. "Collin, that was absolutely delicious," Norma complimented the beaming, satiated lad who basked in her praise. "Dear, would you please make me a cup of coffee before you clean the dishes?"

Collin immediately stood and made the coffee. As the microwave warmed the brew, he dutifully cleared the table. After giving the steaming cup to M'mselle Stern he returned to the sink and washed the dishes. By the time he had them dried and put away, Norma had finished the coffee. Taking the cup, he quickly washed it and put it away. Turning about he looked to his seated governess for approval and praise.

"You've done a marvelous job, Collin," she praised him while a warm smile filled her face. "Come get the hug you so richly deserve." Pushing her chair back from the table she held out her open arms to the sissy youth.

With no hesitation what-so-ever, Collin rushed into the loving embrace, welcoming the love and acceptance she was showering upon him. As he basked in the delightful comforting hug, he felt really good. The agony, distrust, hatred and desire for revenge that he'd felt towards this woman for the last two weeks had disappeared. How, he wondered, could he have ever felt that way about her. As he continued to take the loving embrace, he pondered that thought. It came to him with embarrassing clarity that he had prepared and cleaned up from the meal all by himself! Never before had he even dreamed of ever doing such a thing! Yet for this meal, he had done all the work without thinking about it! Slowly he began to understand the adeptness and deviousness of his governess.

This time he was not given permission to remove the pinafore now that the meal was finished. Instead he meekly followed her into the livingroom, sobered by his revelation of what she was doing to him. Still clad in the all too girlish pinafore, she made him sit neatly upon a straight backed chair. Then she handed him a two piece metal hoop about ten inches in diameter. Next she showed him how to stretch the pre-printed cloth across the inner hoop and snap the outer hoop over it, making sure the cloth was wrinkle free and taut. Placing a box with several different colored threads she showed him how to thread a needle. Once he mastered that, she taught him how to do make the dainty little stitches of needlepoint.

"This is your first project, darling," she informed him as he looked at the delicate pattern with a grimace. "This is a wall hanging. When it's finished and placed in a frame this cute little girl hugging a kitten will be proudly displayed in your bedroom."

Once more her threatening frown was enough to replace the frown this latest humiliation had created upon his face with a simpering smile and nod of acquiescence. Dutifully he set to the task of completing the girlish project to M'mselle Stern's stringent criteria.

When his governess announced it was bedtime, he was more than ready to call it a day. The exquisite project was barely one tenth completed after two hours of steady work! Already he had gained a grudging new respect for girlish handicrafts that he had previously dismissed as requiring little effort or concentration. Following her instructions, he gathered up the bits and pieces of the project and carefully placed it in a pink plastic project tote she had provided. It was only as he rose to head for the bathroom that he realized it was only 8:30pm! Normally he'd stayed up to 11:00pm, only going to bed when forced to do so.

As he trudged up the steps, he thought of all the new and quite different things he'd done that day. All of them were things he'd always detested and associated with girls or sissies. Yet he had done them all and found that none of the activities were nearly as easy to accomplish as he'd thought. It forced him to admit that perhaps his macho assumptions had been wrong. Girls and sissies had to be strong and skillful, albeit in ways foreign to a rough and tumble guy. The fact that he had done them without protest made him feel guilty. He had allowed himself to become a sissy. His manly pride had been grievously injured and demanded revenge. The pain from his sore butt, bruised body and throbbing balls plus the memory of the taste of the soap made him quell any urges for revenge. Besides, he rationalized, the hugs and companionship he'd enjoyed with M'mselle Stern had been quite pleasant.

Following her directions, he was soon relaxing in a tub of hot water. Just as he'd settled comfortably beneath the water, M'mselle Stern entered the bathroom with out knocking. Hastily he covered his bobbing manhood and turned his head to protest. The hard look she shoot at him closed his open mouth before a sound escaped. Resigning himself to once more caving in to her, he turned his head to the inner wall to avoid showing the shame he felt. Thus he was quite surprised and unprepared when she poured a capful of lilac scented bath oil into the warm water. Swiftly he sat up as the penetrating sweet fragrance wafted throughout the room. His movements caused the water to slosh about, creating huge amounts of purple bubbles that thankfully hid his nakedness beneath them.

"Now, Collin," she spoke softly. "I want you to relax in this for fifteen minutes while I prepare your bed. I know you'll just adore the way this will make your skin soft and silky." Without a further word, or time for him to respond, she swept from the room.

Collin's protests died on his lips as he watched the door close. Fatalistically he relaxed beneath the foamy purple sea as the sugary lilac aroma filled his flaring nostrils. When the allotted time was up, he drained the water from the tub and toweled himself dry with the huge new pink fluffy towel she'd left upon the rack. As she'd predicted, his skin did seem wondrously smooth and soft, quite a new and not unpleasant sensation for a tough guy. Once more there was nothing for him to put on, so reluctantly he hung up the towel, covered his exposed genitals with a hand and stepped from the bath.

Inside his room, M'mselle Stern awaited him seated upon his bed. Meekly he presented himself before her demanding gaze.

"I see you are shamed by your nudity, darling. You'll get over that soon enough. Place your hands atop your head and turn slowly," she sympathetically ordered.

Once more worries that he had offended her or done something wrong began to assail his savaged mind. Without hesitation he did as he'd been told. He heard a "click" from his nightstand when he was facing away from her but paid no attention since he was more concerned about what would happen next. Once he'd completely turned about, he stopped apprehensively before her, his hands remained atop his head while he bit his lip in nervous trepidation.

Slowly, after giving him ample time to worry, she nodded her head. "Very, good, darling," she told him with a slight smile. "You appear to have cleaned yourself quite thoroughly. Just let me check." Reaching out, she stroked the soft smooth flesh of his flat tummy, slowly working her way lower until finally she was stroking the tender flesh of his inner thighs as she melodiously hummed a soothing lullaby.

Collin shivered at her sensuous touch. Strange but delightful feelings were coursing through his body. As his breathing increased to a pant, he closed his eyes and bit his lips even harder. The thought of lowering his hands from atop his head never occurred.

While the right thigh continued to be pleasantly stimulated, suddenly the stroking of his left thigh stopped. The delay lasted only a second before he felt those fingers gently grasp his vulnerably exposed testicles. His eyes flew open and his mouth dropped as he stared incomprehensively into her broadly smiling face. Her humming stopped but her grip never tightened. Just the memory of the pain her earlier encounter with his balls had created made them throb to the pounding of his heart.

"Collin," she stated seriously. "This week has been hell for both of us. Your behavior in the new school is totally unacceptable. It will not be tolerated. That was why I made you do the things we did today. It served both as a punishment and a guide for proper behavior. You know that all the other boys in your class behave politely and you must do so also. Today was very special for the both of us. I thoroughly enjoyed your company. We explored a side of your personality that you have repressed for far too long. I also know that even though you didn't want to enjoy what you were experiencing, you did. There is no denying that point." She paused as his apprehensive pale face blushed a deep red. "I'd like us to repeat what we had today, everyday. I have every intention of seeing that is exactly what happens. You must learn to express yourself, to find the real you. We came very close to doing that today. I honestly think the reason you've been getting into so much trouble is that you've been running from the truth. You've been so busy denying what you fear that you only make things worse. Do you understand?" Gently she increased the pressure she was exerting upon his trapped masculinity to emphasize her words.

Collin's eyes grew as big as saucers as the pain began. With every ounce of his being he shook his head "YES", being careful not to add to the pain. Immediately the pressure eased off to where the pain ceased, but the grip was still unpleasantly firm. "Yes, M'mselle Stern," he hastily added as he swallowed the bile he felt rising from his churning stomach. "I'll do whatever you want me to do, Ma'am. I want to find the real me. I'm glad you enjoyed today because I did too." This last he added in an effort to appease her.

"That's wonderful, Collin," she stated with a grin as she increased the pressure of her grip once more. "There is no choice but for us to discuss your past behavior and your future. The staff at school and myself think your problem has been that you've been trying too hard to prove that you're a tough guy when in reality, you're just the opposite. No matter how tough or crude you behave, you're never satisfied, you always feel inadequate. To put it bluntly, your inner self knows what you are but your conscious mind refuses to accept it. You're in a constant state of denial. Your true personality is a sissy, as such I really don't think the name Collin is appropriate. It's much too harsh for someone like you. Colleen is much nicer and softer, more fitting for the real you we glimpsed today, don't you agree?" The pressure upon his tender balls slowly increased as she spoke.

"YES," he impetuously howled as he vigorously nodded his head to be rewarded by an instant slackening of the pressure. "I never did like to be called Collin," he added hastily; once more rewarded by a slight relaxation of her iron grip. "I think being called Colleen will be much better!" He even managed to sound genuinely enthused.

Norma smiled triumphantly as she backed off her grip until the pain Collin felt ceased. "That's my darling little SISSY," she smirked as her fingers twitched about his tender sack, threatening to squeeze if he protested.

Collin knew she was testing him. "I... I'll be happy to be your little s... sissy, M'mselle," he stammered desperately hoping to escape her eagle taloned clutch. As her fingers relaxed once more he recklessly went on. "Only I have no idea how to be a good sissy."

Releasing his manhood she pulled the unresisting terror stricken lad into a loving hug. "Don't worry your pretty little head about that minor detail," she reassured him. "I'll teach you everything you need to know!" With that she released him, gave him a loud loving kiss upon his flushed cheek and pulled out from behind her a pair of soft, lavishly lace ruffled and trimmed pink satin panties. "Now, young sissy, let's get you ready for bed," she stated triumphantly. "Aren't these undies simply scrumptious?"

Collin almost bolted when he saw the sissy panties. His entire body trembled with the tremendous effort he exerted not to flee. Even so, tears trickled down his red cheeks as he forced his face to smile. "Yes, M'mselle," he whispered in a terrorized voice that sounded awe-filled. "They do look yummy!" Placing his hands upon his tormentress' shoulders, he raised one foot and then the other as she deftly slipped the delightfully sensuous panties up his soft smooth legs. The way the soft material captured his aching balls made him marvel that anything could be so comfortable. The gentle soothing caress almost made him swoon after the awful torture he'd endured.

"Now for this adorable matching nightshirt," she cooed excitedly as she retrieved it form the bed.

By the time she held up the matching multi-layered diaphanous babydoll nightie, he almost eagerly assisted her efforts to slip it over his head. Unmistakable soft moans of delight escaped his tortured lips. Once more she rewarded his cooperativeness with a loud kiss upon his cheek. Standing, she drew back the new pink quilted bedspread to reveal the soft, shiny pink satin sheets. Again moans of pleasure and enchantment escaped him as he slipped into the slippery folds, his body jerked and spasmed as the myriad new sensations the sexy nylon lace nightie and satin sheets created. After tucking him in, she once more loudly kissed him.

"You look so lovely and darling, Colleen," she purred as he blushed. "I bet after spending the night thinking about today and what we've just discussed that you'll want to slip into a delightfully frilly dress tomorrow morning so we can go to church."

Knowing that she expected a positive response, his overwhelmed mind impetuously responded. "Oh, yes, M'mselle," he whispered in a breathy, ethereal voice. "I can't wait to see how pretty I look all dressed up like a cute girl. I'm really looking forward to it! I want to thank you for letting me become a sissy!" Why, he wondered to himself, had he said all that crap? His smothered, repressed boyish pride was screaming protests and demands for revenge from the deep recesses of his shattered mind where it had taken refuge during the day's ongoing ordeal. Quiet, he told himself harshly. Where were you, Mister Tough Guy, when I was being beaten and bruised? You left me all alone. Now pay the consequences!

"You're very welcome, Colleen," M'mselle Stern cooed. "I know you'll have a most enjoyable sleep in wearing your cute nightshirt in those yummy satin sheets! You can dream to your heart's content about all the fun you'll have tomorrow in your pretty dress!"

"Oh, yes, Ma'am," he replied in a girlishly sweet voice. "I can hardly wait!" Expectantly he watched M'mselle Stern for a repartee to their odd conversation. To his horror she smiled and reached to his nightstand.


Turning to face the once more terror-stricken lad she smiled evilly as she picked up the tape recorder he hadn't previously noticed. "I'm sure your father will be delighted to hear you agree that you hate your name and want to be called Colleen. Your delightful moans as you slipped into your cute nightie and satin sheets will simply thrill him. But the best will be when he hears how much you're looking forward to dressing and behaving like a sissy girl! Even to the point of dreaming about it! Well, my sweet little sissy, pleasant dreams!" With that she took the tape recorder and it's damning tape and left the bedroom, turning off the lights as she left.

Collin lay there quaking in fear, staring into the dark. In stark detail he recalled his incriminating words. How could he have done that to himself? What would his father think? Once more his stubborn boyish pride condemned and belittled him for his errors. Once more he angrily told that pusillanimous portion of his psyche to get lost. Tears of helplessness engulfed him, to be suddenly compounded by the humiliating delightful sensations his trembling body engendered inside the enthralling nightie and satin sheets. Part of him wanted to deny that he could have such pleasure at a time of such humiliation. His shattered mind was simply unable to cope with dichotomy that had been created. Finally he did drift of to a troubled sleep in which he saw himself running about, being the tough guy he'd always felt himself to be, only to find that he wound up in a dress acting and looking like a sweet girl. At that point he woke up, tossed and turned, then drifted off to find the same dream repeated under a different set of circumstances but the same sissy outcome. After seemingly endless repetitions, he woke from a startling realistic encounter with petticoats and a dress to find M'mselle Stern shaking him awake.

Fearfully he understood that his unwanted dreams were about to come true. Tears trickled down his cheeks as he looked at her pleadingly, hoping for a reprieve. Instead she drew down the satin sheets to grasp his sore balls inside the lacy nylon prison.

"Colleen," she stated sweetly. "It's time to get ready for church. I know that you'll cooperate completely with me, won't you darling," she asked as she applied just a bit of pressure.

Although the pressure wasn't painful, Collin knew that any attempt to thwart her efforts would result in excruciating pain. The mentally fatigued and distraught youth forced a sweet smile. "Oh yes, M'mselle," he enthused. "I'm ready to get dressed! Only please be patient with me since I've never done anything like this in the past," he begged pathetically.

"Of course I'll be patient, Colleen," she cooed. "As long as I can see you're making a sincere and honest effort to be the adorable little girl you were meant to be, I'll not punish you a bit. However, if you don't..." She gave a quick firm squeeze that brought tears to his eyes and gasp from his throat before she released him.

Once he caught his breath, he forced the smile to return. "I promise to do whatever you tell me to as best as I can do it!" There was no doubt in either of their minds that Colleen would be as good as her word.

An onlooker would have seen M'mselle Stern help Colleen from her bed. Then as the young girl scurried anxiously to the bathroom to perform her morning ablutions, the governess laid out the darling clothes.

When he was finished in the bathroom, Collin looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. Suddenly he understood that in a short while he would look like an adorable girl. As he surveyed his all too girlish babydoll clad reflection, he also understood that the dreams had prepared him to face his doom. With a wan smile of hopelessness, he meekly accepted his fate.

When the timid, apprehensive pseudo girl returned to the bedroom, M'mselle Stern saw that Collin had been almost totally displaced by Colleen. She swept the trembling, uncertain girl into her loving arms. Both cried tears of frustration and release that slowly turned to happiness.

Taking a brush, Norma brushed his locks until they glistened. Picking up a tweezers, she plucked his eyebrows, shaping them into a delightful,narrow feminine arch. The painful plucking brought tears to the eyes of the petrified sissy lad. Then the horror of the clothes she'd laid out for him to wear drove the last of his battered male ego into hiding.

Fifteen minutes later, Colleen stood smiling happily as she examined her dainty, girlish appearance. The festive polished satin pink and lavender floral dress was accented with sheer puffed polyester chiffon sleeves. Princess seams shaped the bodice, with it's dropped waist, tie-back sash and front button closure. The full skirt was fluffed out by an attached multi-layered nylon crinoline petticoat. Delicate white lace tights covered her pretty legs while girlish black patent leather T-strap shoes covered her dainty feet. The finishing touch, however, was the huge pink and lavender satin bow that sat primly atop the back of her head. Her shoulder length brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail beneath the bow, revealing her pretty, pristine face. The short, softly curled bangs that whispered against her delicately thinned arched eyebrows called attention to her wide, innocent baby blue eyes. Pink glossy lipstick accentuated her chaste pouty lips.

Both Colleen and M'mselle Stern were mesmerized by the totality of the transformation. Both had known that Colleen could become a pretty girl, yet they were awed by their success. Finally, M'mselle Stern hugged her cute charge, slipped a dainty black patent leather shoulderbag over her arm and escorted the trembling excited young lady to the kitchen. Without being told, Colleen laid her purse upon the counter and slipped the dainty pinafore over her darling dress. The two worked together to prepare a simple breakfast which they quickly devoured. As was to become a daily ritual, Colleen took the BELLE VITAMIN that Norma laid beside her plate.

After placing the dirty dishes in the sink, Norma helped Colleen out of her pinafore and into a pink velour shorty car coat. While Colleen slipped her purse over her shoulder, Norma slipped on her own coat and picked up her purse. Soon the two were in the car and on their way to church. Naturally, Colleen's stomach was full of butterflies as she dreaded appearing in public dressed as a girl. Her fears proved unfounded, however, since everyone who saw the adorable girl praised the blushing lass. For the first time in her life, Colleen thrilled to the positive attention. Things became a bit scary when she saw Dionne and Diane Franz enter the church with their mother, but the pretty twin girls paid no attention to Colleen since they were basking in the praises they received for their girlishness. Then Ashley Bentley and Shelly Wainwright arrived with their parents. Once more Colleen grew apprehensive when she saw two more of her pretty classmates, but they too were busy luxuriating in the praises they secured for their femininity. Colleen and M'mselle Stern remained seated while most of the attenders filed out. Only when the church was almost emptied did they rise. It wasn't until they stepped outside the church that disaster struck. Miss Nancy Alder, his teacher, stopped them.

"Well hello M'mselle Stern," she greeted the governess sweetly. "It's good to see you under better circumstances than in the principal's office." Looking directly at the pretty girl who seemed to be playing the role of a shrinking violet as she tried to hide behind Norma she went on. "You don't have to be afraid of me, young lady, I won't bite. I teach girls your age in ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL."

Colleen had smilingly endured and even enjoyed all the attention she had received. Even during the long sermon, she had mischievously thrilled to the delightful sibilant rustling with the resultant sensations her fluffy crinoline petticoat created every time she moved. The shattered Collin portion of her being stayed in hiding during such moments of girlish enchantment. Still stubborn and proud, that shattered boyish part kept peeking out from behind Colleen's protective, disguising skirts, looking for some new humiliation. When he saw his teacher, his anguish was so great that he unintentionally overwhelmed Colleen. Unexpectedly, he found himself in control of his feminized body. Blushing fiercely, he tried to hide behind his governess. Desperately he called out to Colleen to come back, but the mood that had enabled her to dominate had been destroyed. Poor Collin was now stuck; a boy in dress, out in public! The degradation he felt was more than he could handle. Tears of abject disgrace and indignity engulfed him as burst into tears. Desperately he tried to bury his pretty head in M'mselle Stern's bosom.

"Colleen," Norma scolded her cringing charge as she pushed the distraught lad away. "What on earth has come over you? This is a very unlady like way to greet someone! You will stop that crying this instant and apologize to Miss Alder!"

Poor Collin trembled violently as his tears intensified. Great breath-robbing sobs racked his girlish form. The utter humiliation he felt was intensified by the knowledge that he would most certainly be severely punished for this latest screw-up. Already he could feel a throbbing pain in his tender balls. Despite every effort he exerted to regain control and stop crying, he failed.

"M'mselle Stern," Miss Alder intoned politely. "Please don't be so harsh with poor dear Collin. After all, this is his first time out in public in skirts!" As she spoke, she stepped up to the wailing sissy and swept him into a warm, understanding embrace. "There, there, pretty sissy Collin," she sympathized. "You just let those nasty humiliating tears flow! It's not easy being such a dainty little sissy!"

Collin couldn't believe what was happening. Miss Alder actually recognized him! Somehow she had been able to see through his soft girlishness to the tough guy hidden beneath the fluffy crinoline petticoat. How many others had seen the truth, he wondered frantically. Dionne? Diane? Ashley? Shelly? Had those pretty classmates recognized him for the sissy he had become? How could he ever go back to school? So distraught was he that he snuggled protectively into the harboring embrace of his tormentress as his tears not only continued, but intensified. It was a good thing Miss Alder had a firm grip on the mortify lad because he grew so short of breath due to his body-wracking sobs that he passed out cold.

Collin slowly emerged from the nightmare. What a horrible dream it had been. Imagine a tough guy like him letting some nasty governess turn him into a whimpering sissy! Stretching a bit to relieve his stiff muscles he heard and felt the sibilant all too familiar rustle of crinoline petticoats. His eyes flew open wide in disbelief to find that he was lying in the back seat of M'mselle Stern's car with his head cradled in Miss Alder's lap as she lovingly stroked his soft, girlish hair.

"Take it easy, sweetie," Miss Alder spoke softly. "Let's not have any more of those nasty crocodile tears! They'll make your eyes all red, then you won't look so pretty!"

"Yes, Colleen," added M'mselle Stern from the front as she drove. "It's time you behaved like a big girl!"

Collin shrank back within himself. It hadn't been a nightmare. It was all too real. How he wished he could simply shrivel up into nothing and let the wind blow him away. But such was not to be his fate. This time, at least, the tears didn't come. He was able to endure his utter mortification without the additional humiliation of sissy weeping. Where was Colleen when he needed her, he wondered hopelessly.

Miss Alder helped him to sit up. "Collin," she spoke softly. "We're going for a nice lunch. Now pull yourself together. I never would have known it was you if you hadn't reacted they way you did when you saw me. Up until then, I wondered who the pretty girl was with M'mselle Stern and where you were! No one else witnessed your undoing. So, young lady, get yourself together and stay in character!"

"She's right, Colleen," added M'mselle Stern. "No one suspected a thing until YOU gave yourself away by acting like a sissy boy instead of the sweet girl you appear to be. I know that deep inside of you there is a darling little girl just waiting to come out. I saw her all through this morning, right up until we left the church building. Then in typical stupid male fashion, you knocked her out of control. Then you were left foundering, flopping about in your lovely dress like a fish out of water! Now you let that delightful girl get back in control this instant! If not, well let's just say I know quite well how to make you one sorry and sore little boy!"

Collin shivered at her unveiled threat. So forceful was her intimidation he could actually feel her fingers squeezing his balls. Drawing in a deep breath as the imagined pain mounted, he pushed away from her into the back of the seat. The phobia she had created in him was so great that the mangled remanent of his masculinity fled to the deepest recesses of his fragmented mind. Slowly color returned to the pallid face of the distraught girl as she relaxed. A hesitant smile crept unto her face as she licked her lips anxiously. "I'm sorry, M'mselle Stern," the pretty girl whispered her apology. "I'll try not to let it happen again. Please forgive me. It wasn't really Collin's fault. He was just so petrified to see Miss Alder that he just knocked me out of the way. I know he didn't want to do it. He even begged me to come back and take over because he knew he couldn't handle the situation. But I'm too new yet, I don't know how to take control. It just sort of happens. Please, M'mselle Stern, we're sorry. Please don't punish us!"

As Miss Alder sat beside the trembling pseudo-girl, she watched the thought process that deposed Collin and reinstated Colleen. Although she had witnessed it happen innumerable times, it never failed to amaze or arouse her. Glancing up to the front of the car, she locked eyes with M'mselle Stern who had been watching the entire scene in the rear view mirror. With a smile upon her face she nodded her head.

Like Miss Alder, M'mselle Stern had been fascinated to watch the transition that Collin had undergone to become Colleen once more. The thrill she received from exercising her domination over the waif was much greater than that which she'd ever gotten from being a drill sergeant and controlling the lives of fifty men. The difference between life as a dominator and a dominitrix was immeasurable. Once more, Norma knew she had made the right decision to have her sex changed. Life as a woman was infinitely better!

"Well, Colleen," she replied tersely, letting the terrified girl know she was not happy with what had happened. "I can understand what happened, but I cannot condone it. I expect you to keep Collin under control at all times unless I give you permission to let him free. Even then, I will expect you to keep him out of trouble and to resume control if he does something wrong or if I tell you to do so. Is that perfectly understood, young lady?"

"Oh, YES, M'mselle Stern," Colleen enthused happily. "I understand and so does Collin. Neither of us want to be punished."

"That's very good, darling," M'mselle Stern replied in a gentler voice. "I do hope you both can do just that. It's not easy for a rough and tumble boy to suddenly find out that he should have been born a girl! As I said, I fully understand what's happening to you."

Both women watched as Colleen fidgeted nervously. Both knew she was thinking that maybe M'mselle Stern was right. The sudden switch in character and the ease with which she had adapted to her girlish role had been too effortless. Maybe she should have been born a girl. Those thoughts and the resultant confusion they caused were clearly evident upon her pretty face.

Norma chuckled. "Colleen," she stated lovingly to the bewildered youth. "When I said I understood how you feel and what you're going through as you change, I wasn't kidding. Up until six months ago, my name was Norman Stern. I was a twenty year veteran in the army, a tough sergeant. It took me a long time to realize there was a girl hidden inside of me. It took me even longer to do something to bring her out. Now I couldn't be happier. In you, I see myself when I was your age. I was trying so hard to be a tough punk that I never had any fun. I was out there killing myself to prove I was a man! That's why I joined the army, to prove to myself that I was a man. Yet no matter how tough I was, what dangers I faced, how many fire-fights I engaged in, or even how many of the enemy I killed, I was never satisfied. I always felt that I was less of a man than a man should be! Heck, I even earned medals for bravery, but I never, ever, felt that I was a real man the way men should be. There was always something missing, I just didn't know what it was. When I finally found out what my problem was, I couldn't believe it. But the more I thought about it, the more I understood it to be true. It's very difficult for someone who has spent almost forty years trying to prove he was a man admit that he should have been a woman. Yet in reality, I was a girl trapped in a male body. I see the same in you, Colleen."

Collin/Colleen just sat there with her mouth hanging open in disbelief at what she had just heard. Her governess had been a man? A tough army sergeant? Impossible. Yet, there was a strong sense of sincerity in her voice, a longing that revealed her tortured past and her real concern for Collin/Colleen. The Collin portion of her stratified mind maintained a stubborn, masculine silence while it allowed the Colleen sector to analyze M'mselle Stern's confession. Collin wanted to deny M'mselle Stern's accusation that he should have been born a girl, but yet he could not. Colleen sighed heavily and simply told Collin to face the facts. How else could the ease with which Collin/Colleen adapted to life as a sissy/girl be explained. Collin withered into a shadowy husk of his former arrogance.

"Colleen," added Miss Alder pleasantly after watching Colleen's mind whirling for a few moments. "M'mselle Stern is speaking the truth. I know it's difficult to accept and even harder to understand, but just six months ago she was a man. Besides, you're not the only boy who should have been born a girl. When Dionne and Diane Franz moved here last June they were twin brothers Dion and Duane. I know you find that hard to believe, but something you'll find even more enigmatic is that just two weeks ago, Ashley and Shelly were boys known as Ashton and Sheldon. You'd never know that now, would you? You'll find that you will change into a girl just as easily. Already the pretty clothes are changing the way you move and feel. You're not the same person you were when you left my class on Friday. That person is gone forever. You have to face that fact. So stop fighting it, let Collin go, embrace the real you, embrace Colleen."

Colleen looked up at his teacher, Dionne and Diane and Ashley and Shelly had been boys? Impossible! "B... but they c... couldn't have been boys... they're much too feminine and girlish! It's simply impossible!"

"Colleen," Miss Alder smiled sympathetically. "I can understand how hard it is for you to accept, but look at those girls, compare them with the rest of the girls in the class. Those four are more concerned about their appearance than any other girls in the class. In addition, they are softer, shyer, gigglier and just all around more girlish. There isn't the slightest inclination to Tomboyishness in any of them. Now look at the rest of the girls, or even the girls from your previous school. None of them are as feminine as these four. The reason is that they lived as boys. They have totally abandoned boyish ways, thoughts and impulses. They are total girls because they have embraced girlhood at the expense of boyhood. You can see that."

Colleen sat there numbly. In her mind she did compare the four former boys to the real girls she had known. Now that it had been pointed out, the differences were obvious. With sudden, shocking clarity, Colleen also saw those same things in her behavior since she'd first been dressed as a girl! Almost every move, thought and reaction she had made had been utterly girlish! In less than four hours, she was already behaving in a more feminine manner than most of the girls she'd known! What little hope Collin had for his dissolving masculinity evaporated as he too recognized the truth. Dionne, Diane, Ashley and Shelly had all been boys... just like himself... and just like them, he was steadily losing his boyhood. The runaway wagon upon which he was madly rolling down the mountainside had no brakes. When he reached the bottom, his boyhood would be gone. The last hope of salvation dissipated like the morning fog on a sunny day. Collin realized his life was over, that soon he would be Colleen for all time. Colleen didn't gloat over Collin's imminent demise. Instead with typical girlish compassion she reached out for her tough-guy mental twin to soothe his pain. That commiseration made Collin understand that Colleen was the stronger of the two. Now he understood that he really should have been born a girl. Colleen answered the unthought question for him by assuring him that he would always be a vital part of her, just as she had always been a vital part of him. The difference was that he had been unaware that she existed.

By the time these conversations, both verbal and mental, had been concluded. They arrived at LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL. Exiting the car in a most decorous manner, Colleen held hands with both M'mselle Stern and Miss Alder as they headed to ADAM'S RIB RESTAURANT for a leisurely meal. All during the meal, the three conducted an animated conversation about life, the differences between the male and female point of views. All found it quite enlightening. Once they left the restaurant, they headed for LADD'S EXCHANGE THEATER to see a play being performed by the senior high drama club from ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL.

As they approached the theater, Colleen grew rigid. Waiting outside the entrance she saw Dionne, Diane, Ashley and Shelley with their mothers. When they saw their teacher approaching accompanied by a girl and another woman, they became excited, touching each other, pointing, whispering and giggling.

M'mselle Stern placed a reassuring arm about Colleen and urged her onward. "They're here to meet one of their male classmates and they know that he is to be dressed as a girl."

Colleen felt her stomach start churning, the floor of the mall seemed to begin lurching about. As her legs began to wobble, M'mselle Stern pulled her into a steadying hug as they continued to approach the eager girls.

"They do not know who you are," added Miss Alder with a hint of glee in her voice. "We'll let them guess, so just relax and remember that they were all boys too. They know just how you feel and will be very understanding. You don't have a thing to worry about."

The reassuring words helped restore her equilibrium, but Colleen never the less felt apprehensive about joining her classmates. Bucking up her stamina, she forced a nervous smile upon her pallid face as the four girls rushed up to hug and kiss her in the fashion of excited chattering young girls greeting a close friend.

"You look so cute! We saw you in church this morning and were all wondering if you were the one," gushed Dionne. "I said it had to be you, you were too quiet and cautious to be a real girl. If we hadn't been looking for you, though, we'd never have picked you out."

"Yes, you look great," prattled Diane. "We've been discussing who you are since we left church. We've come to the conclusion that you have to be the new boy, Collin."

"Very good, girls," praised Miss Alder. "I'd like to introduce you to Colleen."

The four burst into a raucous fit of giggles as Colleen blushed beet red. As one they surrounded the chagrined new girl and overwhelmed her with hugs and girlish kisses upon her rosy cheeks. The four friends laughed at the confusion their instinctive girlish act created in the poor boy/girl's mind. Colleen was overcome with mixed dismay at being identified and happiness over their unquestioning acceptance of her transformation. The effervescence of the four rapidly reduced all of Colleen's apprehension and fears to the point that they meant nothing. Once that happened the five girls clustered together in a giggling, whispering group while the adults stood to one side watching with maternal pride. When the doors to the theater opened, the five strolled inside still immersed in their gossip while the women handled the tickets. Soon, all five girls were seated in a front row watching with rapt attention as the actors and actresses performed the classic Shakespearian play, ROMEO AND JULIET. By the time the final curtain closed, all five girls were teary eyed and weeping, hugging each other in order to console their heart-felt grief at the lovers tragic end. The women were equally teary eyed, not only because of the excellence of the play, but out of delight with the totally feminine reactions of their young girls. Colleen had been accepted as a girlfriend and more importantly, she had completely accepted herself as their girlfriend.

Colleen didn't realize how exhausted she was when they finally arrived home. The emotional roller coaster the days events had forced her to ride had taken a heavy toll of her vitality. M'mselle Stern understood this and told the tired girl to undress and take a nice hot bubblebath while she made a light supper. Colleen smiled and hugged her governess, even kissing her upon the cheek before she scampered off to her room to prepare for her bath.

Norma found Colleen in the steamy, aromatic bathroom, immersed and soaking in lilac scented bubbles. The poor girl was sound asleep with a smile of delight upon her angelic face. Norma smiled in response, placed the tray upon which she had two glasses of milk and two sandwiches on the sink, then gently woke the slumbering lass with a gentle kiss upon her soft rosy cheek.

Colleen's eyes fluttered open, disoriented at first, then focusing upon her governess as she regained their faculties. Smiling sheepishly at having fallen asleep, she stretched and yawned like a cat awoken from a nap in the sun before she sat up in the bath as M'mselle Stern opened the drain.

M'mselle Stern stood and retrieved the large fluffy pink towel and held it out to wrap around the young girl. Colleen smiled happily and stood, letting the water sluice off her soft, pink still hairless flesh, unashamed now of her nudity before her governess. M'mselle Stern smiled and shook her head at her charge, pleased with her acceptance of her changed status as she wrapped the soft towel about her sweet form.

As the water drained from the tub, Colleen dried herself, luxuriating in the soft sleekness the soothing bubblebath had imparted to her supple flesh. As she finished, she saw the tray upon the sink. The sight of the food reminded her that she was hungry. Eagerly she stepped into the frilly pink nylon panties M'mselle handed her, followed by the matching babydoll nightie. A pair of fuzzy pink slippers went on her feet before she slipped into the soft pink fake fur bathrobe. Without being told, she reached for the hairbrush to stroke her soft blonde locks to a brilliant sheen which pleased M'mselle Stern.

Colleen then followed her governess to her bedroom where she climbed into bed, sitting against the headboard and folding her hands demurely upon her lap after tucking the sheets about her waist. M'mselle Stern sat upon the side of the bed and rested the tray upon her lap. In those positions, the two ate their light repast, discussing the happy events of the day.

When they finished, Colleen yawned sleepily. M'mselle Stern helped her remove the robe before she slipped beneath the warm, enticing satin sheets. By the time Norma finished tucking her in and kissed her upon the cheek, Colleen was fast asleep.

Back in her bedroom, Norma prepared to follow Colleen's example. The hectic day had been quite demanding. It had taken every ounce of her military training to abuse Collin without breaking down. Her biggest fear was that she might really injure the child as she shaped and molded him from the rough boy into the sweet girl. Once nude, she slipped into the welcoming bubbles of a steamy bath, luxuriating in the sleek velvety liquid as it moisturized and softened her here-to-fore tough skin. Soon she was snuggling inside her own satin sheets, wearing her own soft babydoll nightie. Being a woman was so much better than her previous hellish existence as a man. As she drifted off to sleep, she thought about tomorrow and what it would bring for her poor charge. Before the day was over, Colleen would be begging to be transformed into a girl. The smile upon her face as she slept showed her pleasure.

Colleen woke to the sound of her alarm. Stretching, she yawned and wiggled in her bed, enjoying the soft femininity. How droll her life had been when she had been a boy, she thought as she reflected upon the events of the past few days. Now that she was a girl, things would be much nicer! Rolling out of bed, she skipped to the bathroom to prepare for her day. Facing her classmates as a girl no longer held any fears. Dionne, Diane, Ashley and Shelly had seen to that problem. They had assured her that the rest of her class would accept her as a girl with no teasing or humiliations. Finished with her morning routine, she headed back to her bedroom, wondering how she'd look in the pretty schoolgirl uniform.

Once back in her room she stopped short as she saw the clothes that M'mselle Stern had laid out for her to wear. Horror covered her pretty features as her hands flew to cover her mouth. "Oh no," she exclaimed in a near panic. Looking to her unsmiling governess, she pleaded. "Please. M'mselle, no! I can't wear that! I want a uniform like the other girls! Please, you can't make me do this!" Seeing that her governess was not going to yield, Colleen broke down in tears, burying her face in her hands as sobs racked her body.

Norma felt her heart go out to the poor child. It took all of her will power to hold back her own tears, but she understood that this ordeal would seal Colleen into her life as a girl. Taking a deep breath she marshalled her strength. "Collin, you stop this sissy behavior immediately! I will not tolerate such a display! The very idea! What kind of a boy are you to refuse to wear your school uniform and demand a girls uniform? Now stop this insanity and get dressed, or must I resort to drastic measures?"

Wretched Colleen caught her breath at the threat. Once more she felt the iron grip on her useless, unwanted and detestable testicles. The pain lanced through her trembling body, starting her from her frozen state. Slowly she reached out to pick up the crude, vulgar jockey shorts that she had so recently worn on a daily basis. Tears continued to flow freely down her cheeks as she stumbled into them. As she continued to dress she looked for a reprieve from her governess. "Please, M'mselle Stern, Why? I don't understand? Yesterday you made me understand that I should have been a girl instead of a boy. Dionne, Diane, Ashley, Shelly and even Miss Alder accepted me as a girl. Why do I have to go back to being a horrid boy? I want to be a girl! I need to be a girl! Please don't make me do this! Please!" Again she was overcome with her weeping.

Norma was glad she didn't have to reply. Her austere facade gave all the answer Colleen needed. She watched, feeling quite despicable for what she was forcing the child to do, but knowing that it was necessary. Finally the child finished dressing and stood forlornly before her governess with her head bowed in defeat and confusion. Even dressed in the masculine outfit in which Collin had appeared to be a typical all American boy on Friday, today he looked like a girl trying to impersonate a boy and doing a very poor job of it. It was very evident that the clothes were too uncomfortable and restricting on a body that desired the softness and airiness of lacy dresses and ruffled skirts.

"All right, young man, let's get downstairs for your breakfast or you'll be late for school," Norma stated as she led the way out of the room. A dejected and horrified Collin/Colleen followed meekly.

In the kitchen the lad sat before a bowl of yucky porridge. He hated the stuff, yet every morning since M'mselle Stern had become his governess, except this past Saturday and Sunday, it had been his breakfast. Despondently he ate the gruel, knowing he had no choice but to finish it quickly. He also took the BELLE VITAMIN without comment. All too soon they were in the car heading for school.

As M'mselle Stern parked the car outside the entrance, with other students heading into the building, Collin once more pleaded. "Please, M'mselle, please, don't make me do this! I want to be a girl from now on, not a boy. I hate being a boy! Please!"

Norma sneered at her charge, forcing the child to cower. "You sniveling brat! What gives you the right to ask for the privilege of being a girl! Do you think you deserve it? Does your past behavior as a nasty boy warrant that you be rewarded by allowing you to become a girl? Get out of this car this instant! I'm taking you in to see Mother Superior Mary Francis about your preposterous idea!" With that, Norma opened her door and exited the car, heading into the building in swift, sure steps, never stopping to look back to see if Collin was following.

Collin/Colleen cowered from his governess when she lashed out at him with her verbal condemnation. His shattered mind was barely cohesive enough to understand that he had better follow M'mselle Stern. Numbly, not even conscious of what he was doing, with tears blurring his vision, he stumbled out of the car and did his best to catch up with his sole link to sanity as she swiftly marched into the school offices.

Before he even realized where he was, he found himself standing humbly before Mother Superior Mary Francis in the confines of her spacious office. Muted conversation between her and M'mselle Stern wafted about him as he swayed upon his unsteady feet trapped inside the bulky, horrid, boys shoes; barely controlling the sobs that wanted to burst forth. If only he could convince them! All he knew was that he wanted to be a girl, not a boy and that he was in big trouble! Suddenly he was snapped out of his confused daze to see Mother Superior Mary Francis calling his name and glaring at him.

"COLLIN! I'm not going to call you again," she stated angrily. Now take this phone and tell the person what it is you want more than anything else in the world!"

With trembling hands he accepted the telephone, so distraught was he that he didn't even ask to whom he was speaking. Placing the phone to his tear streaked face he choked back his sobs. "H... hello... (sob) this is Colleen..." Looking up at his oppressors in fear, he realized his faux pas. Quickly he acted to correct his error. "NO... (sob) Th... this is Co... errr... Collin..." Taking a deep breath he collected the last bit of his fading energy to harness his shattered will. "NO! I... I don't want to be Collin any more! I hate being a dumb boy! I hate wearing yucky boy clothes! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!" Running out of breath he sucked in a gasp of air before continuing. By now his adrenaline was pumping, giving added impetuous to the urgency of his high pitched voice and the deep feelings behind what he was saying. "I want to be Colleen! I want to be a girl! I want to wear soft, pretty dresses! I won't be a stupid boy any more! I can't do it! I HAVE TO BE A GIRL!" The vehemence of his plea/demand exhausted him. The last of his hopes had been spilled into the mouthpiece of the telephone. All he could do was collapse in a heap upon the floor and ball his heart out. The telephone still clutched tightly in his hand, inches away from his mouth, easily picking up the sounds of his heart-rending wailing.

Mother Superior Mary Francis and Norma Stern smiled broadly at they looked kindly upon the destitute child. Gently, Norma rose and slipped the telephone from the childs unresisting fingers. Returning to her seat, she placed the phone to her lips. "Mr. Schaich, this is Norma Stern. I'm here in the office with Collin and Mother Superior Mary Francis. Collin has collapsed on the floor and is crying his heart out as you can still hear."

For several minutes there was no response from the other end of the connection. Slowly, in a dry, emotion racked voice, Richard Schaich spoke to the governess he'd hired to take care of his son. "I can't believe any of this is happening," he stated. What brought all of this on? When Mother Super played the tape you made Saturday night, I thought it was some sort of a joke. But then when Collin got on the line... he really means it, doesn't he? He wants to be a girl?"

"Yes, he does," replied Norma in a sympathetic voice. "Sunday, I decided to give in to his whim and let him dress as a girl. We went to church where we met his teacher. She thought he made a delightful girl. The three of us ate lunch and then headed to the theater to see ROMEO AND JULIET. Outside the theater we ran into four of his classmates from school. They recognized him and instead of teasing him, they hugged and kissed him as if they were all girlfriends! The five of them sat through the play in the front row, crying their eyes out! When it was over, I'd have sworn he had been a girl all of his life the way he was interacting with the girls. By the time we got home he was exhausted but happy, saying how he never wanted to be a boy again. He even went to bed in a babydoll nightie! I knew I just couldn't change him into a girl. It was bad enough that I allowed him to go out as a girl on Sunday. So this morning I made him put on his regular school uniform. You would have thought I was beating him the way he cried and begged not to dress as a boy. He wanted me to get him a girls uniform so he could go to school. I certainly couldn't do that, so I made him dress like a boy should. By the time I got him to the school, he was crying and begging again. I had intended to bring the tape you heard into Mother Superior Mary Francis to discuss the problem, but his attitude was so bad I made him come along. You just heard what we've been listening to all morning. There is absolutely no consoling him. I'm afraid if we don't give in to his demands to be a girl, he'll kill himself!"

Once more Richard didn't know how to respond. "I... I don't know what to do..." he stammered.

Mother Superior Mary Francis held out her hand for the telephone. Norma handed it over. "Mr. Schaich," she stated with great authority. "This is Mother Superior Mary Francis. I can understand your dilemma and sympathize with your concerns. However, I've dealt with children for over forty years. I've seen this type of behavior quite often. It's not unusual for boys who have gone through the trauma your son has to identify with the lost parent. To be brutally blunt, your past alcoholism and your present absence has only made the situation worse. When he needed you, you weren't there for him. Then you left him in the care of a stranger and switched schools. You pulled the rug right out from under him. Now I'm not condemning you for what you did, I fully understand that you had no choice but to do those things. No one is placing blame or making accusations. I'm simply stating the facts so that you can better understand what has happened and what must be done."

Richard was totally shaken. The late night call had woken him from his sleep. (Although it was morning at the school, it was late evening where he was.) "Thank you," he muttered in response to her words, still not knowing what he was to do.

"I can assure you that you are most welcome, sir," Mother Superior Mary Francis answered in a clear, calm voice. "As I stated earlier. I have run across this phenomena in the past. As a matter of fact, there are several boys in your sons class that have the same condition. We accept them and help them. Those boys, just as your son should, are living their lives as if they had been born girls. The doctors at THE ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER are treating them for transsexualism. They are no longer male, currently neutered, but steadily heading towards total femininity. They have been castrated and de-sexed and are on low doses of female hormones to slowly transform them into girls. They are following the same path into puberty as the real girls in their class. I strongly suggest we do the same with Collin. Let him be Colleen. The mental stress will destroy him if you do not allow this. You heard how he broke down when he was talking to you. You can still hear him sobbing. Your choices are to let him become the girl he so desperately wants to become, or lock him up in a mental institution for the rest of his life to live in a padded room."

Richard could indeed hear his son's sobs in the background. He had no doubt the two alternatives were his only choices. With a deep breath he reply. "I can't condemn him to a mental institution. If he wants to be a girl, so be it. Please let me talk to him again."

"Of course, sir," she spoke into the phone. Turning to Norma but making sure that Mr. Schaich could hear, she spoke. "M'mselle Stern, please get Colleen together so she can talk on the phone."

Norma smiled broadly as she slipped from her seat. Easily she took the still sobbing child into her arms. "There, there, Colleen," she comforted in a soothing voice. "Everything will be all right. You can be a girl if you really want to be one."

The comforting words and embrace broke through to the shattered core of the child's being. Wiping the tears from her eyes, Colleen looked up at her governess. "I... I can be a girl," she asked hopefully as she watched M'mselle Stern's smiling, nodding head. "I can really be a girl," she repeated in a higher, delighted voice. "I CAN BE A GIRL! WHOOPIEE!" Fiercely she flung her arms about her governess as tears, now of joy, coursed down her reddened cheeks. "Can I get out of these yucky clothes and into a dress," she asked hopefully.

"Of course darling," replied Norma happily. "Just as soon as you tell the person you spoke to on the telephone thank you. Your plea and tears worked. Permission has been given for you to become a girl for the rest of your life!"

Colleen scrambled to her feet and reached for the phone. Her eyes were wide with the joy she felt to this unknown person who understood her desires. Clasping the phone to her face she spoke. "Oh thank you, thank you," she bubbled. "I'll be the best girl in the whole world! I'll never, ever even wear pants! I don't know how to thank you enough..." It was at this point that reality set in, Colleen paused, looked into the silent phone and then at the two smiling women. Licking her lips nervously, she slowly placed the receiver back to her face. "Errr... who is this," she asked in a high pitched, squeaky voice.

After a brief silence during which he collected his breath and stamina, Richard replied. "It's me, Colleen, your father."

Colleen paled as she recognized her father's voice. "Daddy," she asked in a girlish whisper. "I... "

"It's all right, Colleen," he reassured his shaken daughter. "I understand. If you want to be a girl, then it's a girl you'll be! M'mselle Stern will take you to some doctors who will take away all traces of your boyhood so that you can become a real girl. You just do as she tells you to do. And remember, I love you, no matter what. I'll love my daughter as much if not more than I loved my son."

"Oh daddy...," Colleen gushed excitedly. "Thank you for understanding. I promise you'll be proud of me! I'll be the best girl in the world! Daddy, I love you too..."

Richard choked back his tears. He knew that he had lost his son, but at least he had a daughter to take his place. After losing his wife, he was not about to lose Colleen. "Listen Colleen," he managed to say in a strong, confident voice. "It's late here and I've got to get to bed. Just do what they want. I love you."

"I love you too, Daddy," Colleen whispered. "Goodbye, (smack!)" she kissed the mouth piece.

Richard was stunned by the girlish ending, hesitantly he kissed the mouthpiece, a shiver ran down his spine as he heard Colleen's all too girlish giggle in response. Slowly he hung up the telephone. It would take a long time to sort out his feelings over what had just happened.

In the office, Mother Superior took the telephone from the trembling hand of the happy girl. "M'mselle Stern, I suggest you take Colleen right over to the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER. I'll call to let them know you're coming. They can eliminate Collin and get Colleen going."

Colleen hugged her governess as the two hurried from the school. Mother Superior Mary Francis sat back in her chair. This transformation had been quite unusual and quite delightful!

Thirty minutes later, Colleen was divested of her horrid male clothes for the last time. Wearing the pink smock provided by TRANSFORMATIONS STYLING, she clutched M'mselle Stern's hand as they left the clinic. Her limp, bloated masculinity would be washed away by her bloodstream thanks to the BELLE EMASCULATION EMULSIFIER they had given her. Dr. Balkut headed off to her office to make another display from the mold taken of the shy boy/girl's genitals before the injections. By the end of the day, Colleen had received the electrolysis and permanent make-up treatments that the other recent boy/girl transformees had received. She too enjoyed her shopping spree in THE CLOTHING EXPERIENCE. Tuesday would find Colleen joining her classmates as a happy young sixth grade girl clad in the cute schoolgirls uniform.

To Be Continued...

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