Petticoating Returns Ladd's Exchange Mall Book 1 Part E

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Petticoating Returns
Ladd’s Exchange Mall
Book One Part E

Later that afternoon Kaye watched as Andy picked the next batch of prescriptions to fill. It took all her will power to suppress a giggle when she saw him blanche.

The female hormones for himself and his sons was not unexpected. Still, it took all of his will power to fill them.

When he was done, Kaye greeted him with a Coke. "Here you are, darling," she cooed lovingly. "I brought you something to drink while you take your medicine."

Numbly he accepted the drink and removed a pill from the container. Holding it in his hand he stared at it. Knowing that he would take it eventually didn't make it any easier. After a deep breath, he shoved the pill in his mouth and downed it with a swig of Coke. Looking at Kaye he blinked back tears as she gave him a warm hug and stroked his head.

"It's all right, baby," she told him. "I'll love you even more now. All you have to do is be a good little baby girl!"

Andy shivered, knowing that his sons would be taking their doses of girlhood later that day. That evening he felt his stomach churning as Kaye gave each boy a "vitamin" pill to take as they prepared for bed. Kaye saw his queasiness and winked. All Andy could do was turn away. Going to the liquor cabinet, he took out a bottle of Scotch. By eleven o'clock he stumbled to bed.

Kaye was waiting for him. Intercepting him before he made it to the bed, she guided him to the bathroom, and had him lay in the tub. Thoroughly skunked by this time, Andy just cried and begged Kaye not to hurt him or the boys. Kaye soothed him and began massaging him with a smelly pink lotion. Once she had his entire body coated, except for his eyebrows and the longish hair atop his head, she left him lie for twenty minutes while she prepared the next step. When she returned, she shook Andy awake, and hosed him off, then stepped into the shower with him to thoroughly wash and arouse him.

Andy was feeling no pain by the time Kaye led him to the bed. With a laugh she shoved him onto the bed. When he finished bouncing, he giggled too and tried to sit up to grab her. Kaye danced around him, slipping a noose over first one hand, then the other. When she tightened the ropes, he found himself secured by the wrists to the top corner posts of the bed, unable to move. As he grumbled and tried to figure out what was going on, she secured his spread feet to a broom handle which was in turn fastened to the bottom corner posts of the bed. Thus Andy was tied spread eagle on the bed. He began to grow afraid when Kaye stuck a pair of her panties in his mouth as a gag.

Carefully she held up a 48 inch square piece of thick white cloth before Andy's terrified eyes. "Here you go, baby," she cooed. "Is my widdle baby girl all ready for her didee?" Kaye laughed while Andy struggled to free himself. All he succeeded in accomplishing was to make the knots tighter. Easing the oversize diaper under his squirming butt, she deftly inserted a powerful suppository into his tight rectum. All too soon Kaye had the diaper pinned in place and a pair of extra-large pink plastic panties tugged into place. With a devilish grin she held up a quart sized jar of prune juice to which she'd fit a nurser nipple.

Tears flowed down Andy's baby smooth cheeks as she removed the panties from his mouth and shoved the nipple in. "Now my little snookems Andrea better drink all her nite-nite bottle if she knows what's good for her and three other little boys."

Even in his drunken state Andy understood her warning, reluctantly he began to nurse. As he did, Kaye held the bottle and hummed a nursery rhyme while she stroked his hairless baby smooth legs, arms, and chest. Her caresses sent waves of shame and delight coursing through his babyfied body. Despite his anger, fear, and humiliation, he quickly became erect.

Kaye was watching for the tell-tale bulge in his pink plastic panties, and didn't have to wait very long. When she saw it, she slipped her hand down and began to gently rub him. "I see my widdle Andrea likes her didee and bottle," she cooed as she rubbed harder and faster. "Would babykins like to cum for Mommy," she asked teasingly as Andy began to squirm.

Andy was perspiring freely and sucking eagerly on the bottle by that point and all he could do was thrust his pelvis against Kaye's fingers and moan. Kaye knew she had him. "Will you promise to be Mommy's good little baby girl?" As she asked him, she backed off on the pressure she was putting against his manhood.

Andy squirmed and moaned, now desperate for release. Vigorously he began to nod his head.

Kaye smiled in triumph. "That's a good little girl, Andrea," she cooed sexily as she increased the pressure and tempo of her ministrations. "Cum for Mommy, little Andrea, cum in your nice didees."

In the deep recesses of Andy's mind his manhood screamed defiantly, but on the top, that desperate scream went unnoticed as he bucked and squealed, pumping his essence into the warm, enveloping diaper. Kaye continued to manipulate him until he collapsed and almost instantly passed out.

Ever so gently she kissed him on the forehead, and removed the empty bottle from his still sucking lips, quickly replacing it with a large pacifier which she tied securely in place. Easing his now sleeping form over to his side of the bed, she made sure the ropes were secure. She turned out the light and lay beside him, gently cuddling her big baby as she too fell contentedly asleep.

In the morning, Andy awoke with a terrific hangover. Feeling the need to relieve himself, he tried to roll over and get out of bed. Feeling the ropes still binding him in place, the fuzzy events of the night came into focus as he realized it hadn't been a dream. The pacifier effectively silenced him as he struggled to release himself. He had to go to the toilet, to relieve his full bladder and the cramps in his stomach. The more he struggled, the worse his need to go became. Tears began to stream down his cheeks as he realized he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

The bedroom door opened and Kaye came in carrying a tray with a pitcher of water and a large clear glass bowl. "How's my darling baby girl this morning," she asked sweetly reading the desperation upon his face. Sitting on the bed beside him, she placed the tray by his head. Smiling, she picked up the pitcher and slowly began to pour the water into the bowl right before Andy's wide terror filled eyes.

Andy struggled, twisted his head away, and screamed into the pacifier. The tinkling water echoed through his very being, increasing his need for release. All to soon, he began to leak. As he felt the wetness spread through the diaper, he collapsed and let his urine flow. The warm wetness filled the plastic panties as he cried.

Kaye stopped pouring, knowing she'd forced Andy to yield. Placing a hand on his distended stomach, she smiled into his tear-stained face and pushed gently. "Come on Andrea, be a good girl and do it all for Mommy."

Andy looked pleadingly for a reprieve, knowing that there would be none as Kaye steadily increased the pressure on his prune juice and suppository lubricated intestines. A scream he recognized from the night before echoed throughout his traumatized brain. With a gasp of defeat, his bowels let loose filling his diaper with a soft, pudding like mess. At that instant, Andy knew he was no longer a man. Tears flowed down his cheeks as Kaye took him in her warm arms.

Once Andy stopped crying, Kaye released his ropes. Going into the bathroom, she returned with a plastic mat and slipped it under his bottom. "I'm proud of my pretty little Andrea," she cooed to her defeated husband. "You messed your didees like a good baby." With that she proceeded to remove the soiled diaper, and tenderly cleaned his bottom. Once done, she helped him from the bed to the bathroom where she had him sit in a tub full of flowery bubbles.

"Now, pretty Andrea," she stated commandingly. "Let's get the new ground rules established. You will keep all that nasty hair off your pretty pudgy body. You will take your special pills every day without complaint. You will be my baby Andrea whenever and wherever I want you to do so. I will expect you to behave like a good little girl, wear a cute baby-doll nightie every night as well as your diapers and use them. I will not allow you out of bed until you've wet. On Sunday mornings I'll expect you to have a bowel movement also. Each night you will take a bottle before you go to sleep, and if you've been a good little girl for Mommy, I'll see that you mess your didees in another unfeminine way. That will be the only way that you'll be able to find release for that nasty little growth. If I find you playing with it, I'll take you to see Dr. Balkut. I know you know what that means! During the day, I'll call you Andi... A N D I... the girlish nickname of Andrea. It'll be our little secret... as long as you're a good girl. As far as the boys are concerned, they're my responsibility now. You will support everything I do to them. I hope you understand what this all means."

Andi hung her head in shame. She knew she had no choice but to be Mommy's good little baby girl. As that realization settled into her mind, she looked up at Kaye and smiled. A warm, comfortable calmness swept over her soft, babyish body as she stuck her thumb in her mouth.

Kaye smiled in triumph. "I'll let you enjoy your bubblebath for another fifteen minutes. Then I've got to get to the store to open up. You can get yourself dressed. I've thrown out all of your underwear. You'll find some pretty panties, a matching camisole, and pantyhose to wear under your ugly male outer clothes. From now on, that's what you'll wear when you're not in your diapers. Have fun sweety, I know I am!" Kaye turned and left, letting Andi soak and think of her new life.

A few doors away Olivia Endress had just as interesting a night as Kaye Bloom. Tommy had been taking his "vitamins" for a month which meant that results should be visible at any time. She had noticed that for the past week he had been avoiding shirts that clung to him, preferring loose fitting sweaters. That afternoon, she had noticed Tommy rubbing his chest several times while he was sweeping the stockroom. A giddy feeling swept through her as she guessed that his breasts were starting to blossom.

Once Tommy had gone to bed, Kaye tip-toed to his bedroom door and quietly opened it a crack, glad that she had thought ahead to oil the hinges. Peering inside, she saw Tommy lying on his side, facing the door. Tommy looked cute in the sheer pink baby-doll nightie, or so she thought until she saw what he was doing. One hand was stroking his erection while the other fondled a budding breast! Spread on the bed beside him was a well-worn issue of PENTHOUSE. Through the diaphanous material she could see his one breast. The areola was about the size of a quarter while the nipple was about the size of a pencil eraser and obviously erect as it made the soft nylon stand out as it lay against his flushed flesh. Beneath the nipple area was a definite pointy little cone, about the size of a halved apricot. The sight made Olivia all warm and tingly despite her anger at his choice of reading material. Looking closely at his erection, she was pleased to note that it wasn't as large as it had been last time. Even now as he approached his climax she could see that it was only semi-hard.

Fascinated and disgusted, she watched as Tommy closed his eyes, arched his back, moaned softly, pinched and twisted his nipple, and pumped furiously on his semi-flaccid pole. His entire body shook as he orgasmed. Olivia was delighted to see only a few drops of almost clear fluid trickle from the tip of his shrunken manhood, to land upon the open page of the book before he collapsed. Olivia couldn't believe her eyes when she saw him release his limp manhood and use his fingers to wipe up his discharge, placing his damp fingers in his mouth and sucking them dry.

Olivia made the decision instantly. Kicking the door open she strode into the room and snatched the magazine before the startled boy could do more than jump in fright. Standing by the bed with the centerfold displayed before him, she stared at what was left of her cowering son.

Tommy froze, his wet fingers still between his slurping lips while his other hand clutched his breast. His eyes were wide and terror filled. All he could think of was that he was in deep shit.

Olivia glared at him, then sneered triumphantly. "So you still like playing with yourself while looking at this trash, you little slut! Well I'm glad you like girls who look like this, because pretty soon that's exactly what you'll look like!"

Tommy began to shiver. Realizing what he had been doing when she walked in, he pulled his fingers from his mouth and released his breast, quickly reaching for the covers to hide himself from her piercing gaze.

Olivia laughed and pulled the covers from his weak grasp. Reaching forward she cupped one of his budding breasts. Tommy gasped in shock, outrage, and humiliation. "What do we have here," Olivia accused as she squeezed his firm flesh. "I think wearing girls' undies agrees with you. Just how long have you had these little beauties?"

All Tommy could do was try to pull away from her firm grip and whimper as tears started flowing down his soft cheeks.

"I warned you that there would be dire consequences if I ever caught you with this trash," she stated tersely as she brandished the magazine. "I also warned you that I never wanted to catch you playing with yourself again. Tonight I find you doing both! Well sweety, since you like playing with your perky little titties and jerking off while looking at naked women. I'm going to make sure that you can do so without having to use a magazine. All you'll need is a mirror!"

"P... pl... please, Mom," Tommy begged wide-eyed and terrified. "I.."

"Shut up and listen, TAMMY!" Her tone of voice left no doubt that she was deadly serious. "I've known you've been hiding this garbage and jerking off. I hoped you'd stop on your own after being embarrassed in front of Dr. Makes-Shemanski last month, but I can see you didn't. You see sweety, that check-up was to see just how masculine you were so we could determine the proper dose of female hormones to counteract that vile part of your being. Those "vitamins" you've been taking have really been powerful doses of female hormones. They've made your skin soft and smooth. They've made your little wiener start to shrivel up and not let it get hard. It has also dried up your sperm production so your cum, which I noticed you like to eat, is almost clear. But the best thing it's done is to give you two very pretty breasts, which are going to get bigger and prettier. In a few weeks, all the boys will want to touch and kiss them, and they'll want you to touch and kiss them and eat their cum! Oh yes, my little princess, it won't be too long until you're all soft and girlish. And there isn't a thing you can do to stop it."

The tears flowed copiously from Tommy's eyes as he hung his head in shame. His mother's pronouncements explained everything. All the changes he was experiencing, both physical and mental, were caused by the feminine hormones flooding his softening body. Although he desperately wanted to deny his mother's charges and predictions, he knew deep inside that he would do as she wanted. The fight simply went out of him as he slumped down in bed and burst into heart-rending sobs of humiliation.

Olivia almost relented, but knew she had to carry out her plan. "As of now, you will only wear the prettiest lingerie all the time. That will include a properly fit bra to support your blossoming treasures. When you arrive at the shop after school, you will change into a skirt and blouse to do your chores and homework. You will wear a dress whenever you are home. At all times, I will expect that your hair be properly styled, your nails manicured and polished, and make-up tastefully applied. You will dress and behave like a proper young lady at all times. The only exception I will allow is for you to finish the school year. You will wear your dainty lingerie, including a bra to school. I'll have Dr. Makes-Shemanski write an excuse from gym class so you won't have to undress in front of the boys... unless you want to..."

When she said those insulting words his bowed head raised and he stared in total disbelief at his mother. Tommy couldn't understand why she was doing this to him. He also knew that he could do nothing to stop her, he was completely at her mercy.

"Once school is over, we will eliminate every aspect of your masculinity," she stated as if beating him with a stick. I'll take you to TRANSFORMATIONS STYLING where I'll have your make-up permanently applied and what little manly hair you have removed through electrolysis. You'll have no choice but to spend the rest of your life as a female."

Tommy trembled, knowing that he would not be able to escape his mother's plans, feeling humiliated that part of him didn't want to escape those horrid plans.

"Of course," she added softly offering him a carrot. "If you're a good girl for Mommy, I may let you keep that puny growth between your legs. I'll insist it stay hidden. Do you understand what I'm telling you TAMMY?"

Tommy shivered and cowered from his mother. Slowly he nodded his head. Only too well did he know his mother. If he didn't accept her terms, she'd force worse down his pretty throat. If he cooperated, he might be able to keep his manhood intact. If he didn't, he'd become a real girl. As far as he was concerned, he had no choice but to do as she wanted.

Olivia smiled in triumph, Tommy was thoroughly cowed, and she expected no rebellion or resistance. She had her daughter, before too long it'd be for ever! Now that he knew her intentions, she would be relentless in her quest. If she was lucky, he'd collapse tomorrow if the pressure became too great. She just might have her little girl by this time tomorrow night!

Tuesday morning Tommy shivered as he slipped into the pink lace trimmed "AAA" cup training bra that matched his soft dainty panties. The twin bulges upon his chest made tears come to his eyes as he realized that they would be a growing part of him for the rest of his life. Slowly he pulled on his slacks since his mother had thrown out all of his jeans. They had been getting too tight across his swelling derriere, now he knew why. Going through his closet, he chose a loose fitting sweater that he hoped would hide his twin prominences. Slipping on a pair of anklets and penny loafers, he reluctantly brushed his long black hair before pulling it back into a masculine ponytail at the nape of his neck. Looking at his all to unmasculine reflection in the mirror, he noted just how feminine he appeared. Shivering with dread he wondered how he'd make it until the end of the school year. If his breasts continued to grow, how could he hide them? What would happen when the guys discovered his secret. Slowly, he made his way down to breakfast, defeated.

Olivia sat and nursed her coffee as she watched Tommy toy with his cereal. She knew what fears were working on his mind. Taking a deep breath, she decided to go for broke. "Tammy," she began softly. Pleased that the sound of his feminized name made his head pop up. "I think I understand your fears about facing your peers in school. If you'd like, I'll call the school and report you off for the day. We'll go to the shop and outfit you in a girl's parochial school uniform, then take you down to ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL and enroll you as a girl. That way no one will tease you about your change. After all, your former classmate Jamie Clipp will be in your class, as well as Tracy Freidman and Brenda Fairchild. They'll all accept you as a girl."

Tommy looked at his mother and blinked back tears. There was no way he was going to agree to begin dressing like a girl as she suggested. Yet he couldn't bring himself to go to his school knowing that he was growing breasts because he'd been unwittingly taking female hormones! His mind was in a tremendous turmoil.

The strife was clearly evident upon Tommy's face. Olivia decided to go for the kill. Quite sternly she added, "This will be the only chance I'll give you to transfer schools until the start of the new year. If you don't do it today, you'll have to suffer through to the end of the term. I can see hints of your pretty boobies now depending how you move."

That remark caused Tommy to redden and to girlishly hide his breasts by crossing his arms protectively over them.

"I'm sure your pretty breasts will be at least a full "A" cup till the end of the school year, possibly even a "B" cup," Olivia continued. "I can imagine how your macho buddies will react when they find out how you've grown!"

The tears began to flow unchecked as he realized that she was right. If the guys discovered his breasts and bra... he didn't even want to think about the results. Poor Tommy was paralyzed between outrage, delight, and terror. Still he could not bring himself to admit defeat or to make a decision.

Olivia realized this and felt her heart go out to her stricken son. Without a word she stood, took her purse, tugged the dumbfounded Tommy to his feet, and led him to the car. A few minutes later, he was stripped down to his panties and bra in a dressing room while she picked out a uniform in his size. Tommy mutely allowed her to dress him, restyle his long hair into a high bouncy ponytail, apply lipstick and nail polish, and lead him to the car. At no time did he ask or agree to the transfer, but neither did he make any attempt to stop it.

An hour later, Jamie Clipp gave a squeal of delight and hugged her former buddy. She had wondered why she'd been summoned to the office. Now she knew. She was to be the escort/guide for another new student, Miss Tammy Endress. Jamie talked non-stop as she led the shy, sullen new girl to their classroom. Brenda and Tracy quickly realized the shell-shocked pretty girl accompanying Jamie was none other than the former boy Tommy Endress. Less than six weeks before they had been classmates at the public school. They too joined Jamie in welcoming Tammy into their ranks.

By the end of the day, Tammy was quite mystified by the way everyone seemed to accept her awkward girlishness. Of course she was pleased that no one teased her. Thus she had relaxed and was starting to enjoy her new life. The clothes were nice, and everyone treated her as if she'd always been a girl. Gone were the fears of discovery and the hassles from the guys about his steadily growing sissiness.

After school, Jamie, Tracy, Brenda, and Tammy walked from the high school to the adjoining elementary school where they joined Tonia and Kylie, who were waiting with Phylis, Lisa, Lynda, and Paula. All the giggling, chattering girls walked to LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL together to join their happy parents.

Things began to change in the Bloom home. That same night, Louis Bloom found himself grounded for talking back to his mother. Carl and Stephan knew enough to stay clear of him when he was like that, so he sat alone, silently fuming, in the large bedroom the boys shared. Angrily he threw a shoe across the room. Why had Dad let Mom scold him so? Previously Dad had always stuck up for him, and diverted Mom's anger. Tonight he had meekly sat there without saying a word while Mom reamed him out and grounded him. Then when he appealed to Dad for help, Mom grew angrier and doubled his time to two weeks for attempting to go over her head! All Dad had said was that from now on, whatever one parent decided was what the other would support. Louis knew he was headed for further trouble since Dad never decided anything. The other shoe followed the first.

A few moments later, the bedroom door opened. Kaye, investigating the loud THUMPS, looked at the dark smudge marks upon the wall and the shoes lying where they fell on the floor. She then glowered at Louis. "Well, young man, that display of juvenile temperament has just doubled your time again. Now pick up your shoes!" Before he could close his surprised open mouth, Kaye turned and left.

Carl and Stephan avoided Louis as much as possible for the next few weeks. Louis used his position as the eldest and chief babysitter to take his frustration out on his younger brothers. Kaye let the boys have just enough rope to hang themselves as she secretly continued the babification of Andi. Andi was glad to be free of the hassles of riding herd on the boys, and gave himself up totally to the unexpected joys of his newfound girlish babyhood. Kaye had purchased several baby dolls which she kept in their bedroom. It greatly pleased her to watch Andi sit on the floor and play "Mommy".

The last Saturday in April found Louis lying in bed alone at eight o'clock. His grounding by then had been extended into September, and his bedtime had been set back to seven o'clock! Both his younger brothers were allowed to stay up longer! The worst humiliation was that Carl had been put in charge as chief babysitter! Now he had to listen to his younger brother. His anger grew as he thought of Carl bossing him. The only consolation was that Carl hadn't abused his new status, so far he'd only followed Mom's guidelines. Tears coursed down his cheeks as he tried to comfort himself by stroking his manhood. But even that wasn't cooperating! The last few days had been especially frustrating as he could hardly get himself hard much less achieve a climax.

Giving up in frustration, he rolled over so that his back was to the door, and bemoaned his fate. He still didn't understand why Dad had stopped interfering. All he knew was that whatever Mom told Dad to do, he did it! Idly he scratched his chest, the last week it'd really started to itch, especially his nipples. As he rubbed, he felt a warm tingling start, and his nipples grow firm. Unconsciously he massaged the beguiling itch while he thought about how his manhood had responded so willingly before he'd been grounded. It had been nothing for his six inches to perform five times a day. Now in less than three weeks he couldn't even get it hard! On top of that, his balls seemed to be tight against his butt rather than swinging free, and he could swear his penis was smaller. Worse yet was how he had started crying at the least provocation.

The guys at school were ragging him for being a sissy because he let his mother ground him. Yesterday in gym class they had surrounded him in the shower and accused him of being such a sissy that he probably couldn't even get a hard-on with his puny cock. Angrily he'd told them to screw themselves. They laughed and stroked themselves hard, challenging him to a jerk-off race. Cornered, he couldn't back down. As they stroked, they laughed because he couldn't even get it up. As they squirted all over the shower floor, he'd broken into tears and ran. Totally humiliated, he hurriedly dressed and fled to the nurse's office where he threw up.

When his mother picked him up she somehow figured out that he'd been humiliated by his erstwhile buddies, and told him that he was only getting back what he sowed. Since he was handing out crap to his family, that's what he was receiving from his former friends. The truth of her words cut deeply.

By this time he found himself rubbing both erect nipples and moaning in pleasure. The warm tingling sensation spread to his groin. Slipping one hand down, he began massaging his balls rather than his penis. The warmth spread. As he increased the rhythm and pressure, one after the other he felt his testicles pop up inside his body. Instead of stopping the pleasant sensations, that only made it increase. Soon he was bucking his hips and moaning as his entire body shook in a strange, exciting new type of orgasm. Collapsing in exhaustion, he fell asleep. He didn't notice that his balls didn't drop back into their shriveled sack.

While Louis fell asleep, Carl found himself sitting in a tub full of fragrant bubbles, wondering what was happening to his family. He thought about all that had happened. Being the head sitter for his brothers was a chore he didn't want, but also was one he couldn't refuse. He felt as if he were walking on eggs as he tried to have his brothers do as Mom wanted without going overboard. His older brother had been breaking down in tears, his father smelled like a baby, and his mother had his little brother Stephan sitting on the living room floor playing with a doll! Stephan was a follower and had always been eager to please Mom, so it really didn't surprise Carl that he went along with Mom's idea to be a "pretend Mommy".

"Carl, why don't you play dollies with Stephan," Kaye had asked her son.

Carl had been appalled by the mere suggestion that he join his little brother. "Only sissies play with dolls," he answered with a sneer only to have his mother go off on him.

"Are you saying that Stephan is a sissy," Kaye had furiously demanded to know.

"I... I'm sorry," Carl had apologized immediately, knowing that he had to appease her. "I didn't mean Stephan was a sissy... it's just that I'd feel like a sissy if I played with dolls."

"Since you can't play nicely with your brother, get ready for bed," Kaye had then ordered. She then marched him into the bathroom, filled the tub with water and bubblebath, and ordered him to soak until she returned.

"I saw dad join Stephan on the floor and pick up a doll. Something dangerous is going on," Carl mumbled to himself. "I'd better keep my opinions to myself and do my best to stay on Mom's good side." Still thinking about his dilemma he sighed and unconsciously began to rub the irritating itch that had recently started at his nipples.

Passing the living room, Kaye checked to see that Stephan and Andi sat on the floor and played with the baby dolls. Then she went to the bedroom and brought Andi's dolly. Embarrassed at first as she handed it to him, he quickly got into the spirit of play when Stephan didn't object. A big smile crossed her face as she watched how the two played contentedly. As she watched, she made a decision, tonight would be the day she started Stephan on the road to girlhood.

At 8:30 she let Carl out of the fragrant bubbles and sent him to bed. Once he was in his room, she had Stephan in the tub soaking in bubbles. While Stephan soaked, she had Andi change into a diaper and baby-doll nightie, then put him to bed with his bottle of prune juice. Once Andi was nestled in bed, she prepared for Stephanie's coming out. Carrying a bundle of clothes into the bathroom, she had the lad stand while she patted his youthful body dry. The mild female hormones he was on would not cause him to develop breasts, but it did soften his skin and add a bit to the thin layer of baby fat he'd been outgrowing. Except for one tiny reminder, he looked like a soft, little girl. Picking up the dainty undies, she knelt before her youngest son.

Stephan just stared at the soft lace trimmed pink satin ruffled panties his smiling mother held out for him to step into when she had finished drying him. They looked just like the pretty panties of his dolly. Part of him wanted to step into them, it only seemed natural after the way he'd spent the evening. Another part of him was insulted that she would offer him such girlish garments. He stubbornly refused to step into them.

Still smiling, Kaye placed the panties on the edge of the vanity, stood, and sat upon the commode. The smile made Stephan grow afraid. Reaching out, she roughly grasped one of Stephan's arms, pulled him to her, tugged him across her lap, picked up a hairbrush, and quite firmly smacked him once on his bare bottom. Kaye's smile was gone, replaced by a glare of supreme harshness and dissatisfaction.

Stephan yelped in surprise, slipped off his mother's lap, stepped away from her, rubbed his butt and stared at her in shock. The smile had scared him, her glare terrified him. Putting down the brush, she calmly picked up the delicate panties and once more held them out to him. Stephan hesitated until she went to switch the panties for the hairbrush. Hastily he stepped forward and awkwardly raised a leg.

Kaye smiled as she slipped the pretty panties into place about his tiny butt, patting his now ruffled bottom to emphasize his girlish condition. Stephan didn't know what to do or say, so he just meekly raised his arms and let her slip the matching floral satin baby-doll sleep chemise trimmed with delicate lace with a ruffle flounce nightie over his slender form. He shivered as she tugged on the short hem, adjusting the fit.

When she picked up the brush, he stepped back, fear evident upon his piquant face. Smiling sweetly, she beckoned him to approach. Hesitantly he did so, relieved when she turned him about to brush his shoulder length straight brown hair. After a several minutes of relaxing brushing, she pulled his hair back into a high, bouncy ponytail, securing it with a pink satin ribbon tied into a cute bow. Kaye was delighted with the results.

Turning him to the mirror, Stephan was surprised to find a pretty little girl staring out at him. He knew that he was that pretty girl and was simultaneously humiliated and delighted that he could appear so girlish. Giving him a set of pink fuzzy slippers and a cuddly pink stuffed kitten, she took his hand and led him to his bedroom.

Stephan was terrified that his brothers would tease him but Kaye assured him that if either boy gave him any problems, they would find themselves similarly dressed. That reassurance mollified him and he let himself be tucked into bed with a warm kiss. Hugging his kitten, he rolled over and immediately went to sleep.

Kaye looked at her other sons. Louis was sprawled across his bed, obviously asleep. Carl lay on his side silently watching. The two stared at each other for a moment before Kaye came over and sat on the edge of his bed.

"Carl, I expect you to inform Louis that neither of you are to say or do anything to upset Stephanie. If you do, you'll find yourselves dressed just the same. Is that clear?" The tone of her voice terrified Carl and left no doubts that she would do as she stated. When Carl meekly nodded his head, Kaye stood and left, satisfied that he understood.

Carl lay there for a while, trying to figure out what to do. When Stephan had entered the room, he hadn't really been shocked to see him in the pretty nightie. The warning his mother had issued didn't surprise him either. With a shudder of dread and a sigh of hopelessness he realized that his mother was probably going to do to all of them what had been done to his classmates Tonia and Kylie, Louis' classmates Jamie and Tammy, and Stephan's classmate Phylis.

That perception clarified everything that had been happening to them the last few weeks. Looking over at Louis he shook his head sadly. The dumb jock was too ignorant to figure it out. Like the time his mother had commented during supper about what pretty girls the feminized boys had become. Louis had loudly and profanely belittled them. Mom had let him go on until he exhausted his vocabulary, then calmly socked him with a month's extension to his grounding for being a blockheaded bigot. Carl knew that she would continue to box his older brother in until she had him in skirts. Idly he debated whether he should warn his brother about Mom's warning concerning teasing Stephan. With a sigh he figured he may as well follow her instructions. She knew as well as he did that Louis would not be able to refrain from teasing Stephan.

As for Stephan, well, it was already too late to stop his effeminization. Mom already had him almost there. The poor boy was simply to accustomed to following others. The more he thought about Stephanie, the more he came to realize that in this case, his mother was probably right. Changing him into a girl would probably make his life better and easier.

What about his father? Mom probably had him under her control too. Why else would he have joined Stephan on the floor to play dollies? There would be no hope of help from dad.

Then his thoughts turned to himself. A shudder swept his body as he wondered what he'd look like as a girl, wearing a pretty dress like Tonia and Kylie wore. His mother had made sure that all three brothers saw the feminized boys in LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL. The transformation of Kylie from a crude boy to a sweet girl had been total. If it had been so easy to transform Kyle, what chance did he stand. Those thoughts made him make a decision. Taking a deep breath, he slipped from bed and went to his parents bedroom door, knocking gently.

"Come in," Kaye called out as she stroked baby Andi's pretty head as he nestled between her breasts. When the door opened slowly and Carl stepped in, she wasn't really surprised. The expression upon his face when he saw his sleeping father dressed in the shorty nightie, obviously diapered, still nursing on his pacifier while he snuggled into his mother's bosom was something to behold. Kaye smiled and beckoned the flabbergasted boy to come closer. "I was hoping you'd come," she stated calmly. "Sit at the foot of the bed and talk."

Carl did sat as instructed but said nothing for several moments as he stared at his girlishly babified father. Now he knew for sure that his mother intended to turn them all into girls. Finally he looked to his mother, all hope gone from his eyes. "I know that you intend to change us all into girls like Tonia and Kylie," he began softly. "Now that I see what you've done to Dad, I know there's no way I can stop you from doing it."

After a pause to collect his thoughts, he looked squarely at her. "You've already done Dad. You're doing Stephan, and we both know that Louis won't keep his mouth shut about that. I figure by lunch tomorrow he'll be as girlish as Stephanie. I know that Tonia and Kylie have been castrated. I assume you'll castrate Louis, Stephan, and probably Dad. That leaves me. Now I don't want to be a girl, but you'll do it anyway. I'm willing to make a deal with you. I'll do what you want, although not willingly, provided you let me keep my manhood. If you want grandchildren, you'll have to let one of us retain our male parts, and I'm the one for that."

"I'm also the one who can give you the most problems about this," he boldly went on. "Louis will collapse once you cut off his balls, Dad is already gone, and Stephan really doesn't have a choice but to adapt. I can keep my cool, give you what you want, but mess everything up. If you castrate me, I have every intention of becoming the biggest slut in town. I'll bed any guy that wants me. I'll be the kind of girl you'll hate!"

Kaye smiled at her frightened but deadly serious middle son. "I'm glad you've been honest with me. Now I'll be honest with you. You're right. All of you will soon be girls and I do want grandchildren. I'll accept your conditions, provided you behave like a good girl until you're 18 and help me convert Louise and Stephanie. With your cooperation, everything can be accomplished by Monday. Tuesday the three of you will be starting at ST. FRANCIS. Agreed?" When she saw his reluctant nod, Kaye smiled victoriously. "If you decide to give up on retaining your boyish equipment, just say so. I won't think any less of you. Now, give me a good night hug and kiss, Carla, and be careful not to disturb the baby."

Carl got up and gave his mother her requested hug and kiss. Looking at his father nestled so sweetly between her breasts, he could tell that he was happy. With a sigh he trudged towards his room.

"Carla," Kaye called out softly as he reached for the door knob. "I think it'd be best if you changed your night clothes. Your new things are on the right hand top of the dresser," she instructed as she pointed to a neatly folded pile of fluff. "That way, Louis will surely loose it and you'll make Stephanie feel better. Besides, there's no use postponing it. You may as well start now and get it over with."

Carl hung his head and didn't answer. Slowly he walked to the dresser. Without looking he removed his pajamas for what he knew would be the last time. Cautiously, as if they might bite, he picked up the soft panties. With a sigh of defeat he slipped them about his hips. Noticing as he did so an intense pleasant tingling. Then he quickly slipped the dreamy white satin ankle length gown trimmed with eyelet lace ruffles beaded with pink satin ribbon over his head. As it settled softly about his slender form, he shivered. The warm tingling of his nipples that he had experienced in the tub returned manifold. There was no way he could deny that his nightie didn't feel delightful. Reluctantly he turned to face his mother.

"Pull your hair back into a ponytail," she told him. "Higher, it should be at the top of your head, you know how girls wear them," she gently corrected his efforts. She was delighted that despite his red face he had followed her instructions. Things were going better that she had hoped. She realized she wouldn't have to wait for the end of the school year to get her daughters.

Without further coaching Carl picked up the white satin ribbon from the dresser top and managed to tie it into a perky bow to hold his bouncy brown ponytail in place. The fuzzy white slippers were in place before he softly padded from the room.

Instead of going directly to bed, he stopped in the bathroom to relieve himself. Standing before the commode, he hiked his nightie up and began to tug his delicate panties down. Looking in the mirror, he saw a sad but pretty girl. With a sigh, he tugged the panties down to his knees and turned to sit, resolving that he may as well start getting used to doing things as a girl. The one thing he was sure of was that his mother would let him keep his manhood provided he behaved like a proper young lady. His brothers, he was sure, would not have an opportunity to save their masculinity. All he had to do was be a good girl for the next six years and two months. A tear trickle down his cheek as he wondered if he'd be able to hold onto his manhood that long.

Carl slipped into his bed, pulled the covers up over his head to hide his beribboned ponytail, and turned to the wall. Sleep eluded him for the longest time.

Louis' braying woke him in the morning. Being careful to keep the blanket covering his head and nightie, he rolled over to peek out and watch the encounter.

"HAHAHAHA, what a freaking sissy," guffawed Louis as he looked at his sissified littlest brother.

Stephan was cowering behind the dresser, trying to avoid his big brother as he cried. "M... Mommy told me to wear this..."

"Yeah, you little faggot sissy, why..." Louis tirade was cut short by the bedroom door slamming open.

Kaye had been patiently waiting for the expected explosion and strode into the room and slapped a startled Louis resoundingly upon the cheek. Louis, caught completely off guard, fell backwards from the force of blow. Landing upon the floor with a solid "WHUMP!", he put his hand to his burning cheek as he looked at his mother in shocked disbelief. Stephan ran from his sanctuary into his mother's embrace. Carl just watched.

"All right, that does it! I've had it with your ignorant macho crap! From this point on, I will not tolerate one iota of masculine behavior from you! By the time I'm through with you, you'll be as soft and girlish as Jamie Clipp and Tammy Endress!" Kaye glared at Louis as he cowered on the floor. She could see him visibly shrinking away from her onslaught in the typical fashion of a defeated bully.

"From this moment on, there are no males in this household." Looking at Stephan she smiled and went on, "From now on, darling, you are Stephanie." Looking at Carl who was still in his bed, "You are now Carla." Turning her gaze towards Louis, "And you, my darling princess, are now Louise."

Once his head stopped spinning, Louis angrily looked at his mother, not able to believe or even truly comprehend what she had told him. After struggling to his knees to get into a position from which he could spring, from somewhere Louis dredged up indignant macho resistance. "D... Dad won't let you do this to us! He'll nev..."

Kaye had expected Louis to call upon on his father to prevent her from carrying out her threat. Thus she had instructed her husband, now baby Andrea, to enter the room once Louis began spouting off. Baby Andrea toddled into the room clutching her dolly while nursing on a bottle of formula. The oversize baby was wearing a darling pink gingham baby dress with crinkly lace petticoats that lifted the skirt almost parallel to the floor to reveal that she was obviously diapered under her pink plastic rhumba panties. When Louis saw his father enter the room, his mouth dropped open. All hope of salvation fled, as did his ability to think as he limply fell back onto his butt.

Kaye lost no time. First she looked towards Carl. "Carla," she ordered. "You're in charge. Take Stephanie and baby Andi to the living room. They can watch cartoons while you get them breakfast, then you can join them." Then she faced the almost autistic Louis.

Having resigned herself to accepting her new status as a girl, Carla slipped out of bed, put on her slippers, and walked slowly across the room to Stephanie. Carla glanced at Louis as he lay sprawled on the floor, and felt sorry for his ignorant older brother. If only he used his head like Carla used her's, he wouldn't be so stupefied. For the first time Carla realized just how often macho pride made guys behave really stupidly. That realization made her acceptance of her fate a little easier.

During Louis' outburst, Stephan's face had a terrified expression. His expressive face changed to reveal the confusion he felt during his mother's tirade since he wasn't sure that he really wanted to be a girl. Pretending to be one had been all right, a bit of a lark, but to actually become a girl? Of that he wasn't so sure. When his father came into the bedroom, he'd been even more confused. What he saw told him that Baby Andrea was a large but definitely cute baby girl. How could his Dad be a baby girl? Sure they had sat on the floor the night before playing with dolls, but now Dad was a girl! Coping with the rapidly changing situation was more than the youngster could handle so when Mom had told Carl to take charge, that at least was something with which he was familiar. Unfortunately he had been so wrapped up in his confused thoughts that he had missed the fact that she had said CARLA instead of CARL. Desperately he wanted to lunge at Carl for the stability that familiarity yielded. Instead of the hoped for rock under his feet he discovered quicksand as he saw pretty Carla emerge from his brother's bed wearing a very girlish pretty nightie. Poor Stephan's bewilderment multiplied. His spinning immature brain tried to assimilate all the facts but failed. If Carla had become a girl overnight, as she plainly had, then he too could become a girl, especially if he was as pretty as Carla.

Carla saw the perplexed expression upon Stephan's face as he crossed the room. Playing the girl's role to the hilt for his mother's benefit, Carla took Stephan's hand and leaned over to kiss her little sister on the forehead. Stephanie easily coalesced to take over the confused, boggled mind of the struggling lad as Stephan ceased to exist. Kaye beamed, delighted by Carla's girlish act. Andrea giggled around the nipple of her bottle as the two sisters approached. Impatiently she bent down to have them simultaneously kiss her on her rosy cheeks. The three exited the room, leaving behind a triumphant Kaye and a befuddled Louis.

Kaye looked at Louis and waited. Louis sat forlornly looking at the open doorway after the second shattering blow of seeing Carl so seemingly girlish and cooperative. He was totally unable to comprehend what was happening. It was too far beyond anything he had ever encountered. It seemed like just so much science fiction.

Kaye let him stew in his fragmented thoughts for a few moments, then spoke. "Your father has become Baby Andrea. I gave Carl the same choice I'm offering you. Carla made hers as you can see. She has accepted the inevitability of her girlhood, and has decided to make the best of it by not fighting against me. Things will be fun and easy for her. Stephanie thought it was fun yesterday to play pretend, this morning your actions made her ashamed and unsure of that choice. Carla showed her it was all right to be a girl, so she'll go along with the idea without any problems. Your father has accepted being a part-time baby girl. I suppose you find it hard to believe that he really enjoys dressing in diapers and using them, but I can assure you he does. There is no way Baby Andrea will help you in stopping me from changing you into a girl. LOUISE, you have a choice. Your choice can be to be like Carla, who had enough sense to know what was best, or to fight me. I can assure you that you will become a girl, and that you will not like what happens if you try to make things difficult. Which way will you have it?"

Macho Louis made up his mind. Springing to his feet he scrambled for the open door. Before he reached it, he went sprawling, tripped by Kaye's out-thrust leg. Sliding across the carpeted floor, he banged roughly into the wall beside the door. Stunned and knocked breathless, he shook his head to regain his senses. Before he could recover, Kaye was atop him. He never did figure out where the hairbrush came from, but as his mother sat upon the small of his back, pinning him to the floor and further pushing the air from his lungs, he discovered how effectively she could use it on a squirming butt.

It didn't take Kaye long to reduce Louis to a simpering lump of flesh. All will to fight was gone, his bravado evaporated, all resistance was destroyed. Meekly he allowed himself to be propelled into the bathroom, stripped, and paced into a tub of fragrant hot bubblebath. She was pleased to note the pointy nipples atop his just sprouting breasts. "Now, you stay here and soak. I'll give you another chance to decide to cooperate when I come back. I'll expect your promise to be a good girl, just like I received from Carla and Baby Andrea." Kaye gathered up his pajamas and left the still sobbing young man to his dismal thoughts.

Returning to the boys' bedroom, she dumped all their clothes and bed linen into a heap in the center of the room. All the posters on the walls, all the toys and books on the shelves and atop dressers followed. When everything masculine was on the pile, she went for garbage bags. Passing the living room, she noted with pleasure that Carla sat on the sofa eating cereal, with her legs tucked femininely under her. Stephanie and Baby Andrea were lying side by side on the floor, eating their cereal, all three watching cartoons.

Once all the filled bags were out at the curb, Kaye returned to the bathroom. Louis looked up at her with reddened lost puppy eyes. "Well, Louise, are you going to be a good girl?"

Louis sank lower in the water and turned his head to the wall. Kaye knew that he would not agree to be a good girl at this point. His stubborn male pride hadn't been crushed, just stomped down quite a bit. At least for now, though, she was sure he wouldn't fight her, but he wasn't going to cooperate either. Draining the water, she helped him stand as she dried him. His embarrassment was tremendous when she fluffed his diminutive manhood and nothing happened. His body was as hairless as a young child. Kaye knew the female hormones had already taken quite a toll of his budding masculinity. "It's a good thing I've decided to turn you into a girl," Kaye stated firmly as the boy wished to die. "Your puny manhood doesn't seem to be up to snuff. Why it's so rubbery I doubt if it even works." She could tell her well planned ridicule was hitting right on the mark. "Why you're even sprouting breasts!" she exclaimed as she cupped his sensitive firm flesh. "You're already much more of a girl than you ever were a man."

His lips started to quiver, Louis couldn't deny the obvious truth his mother so dramatically espoused. Tears trickled down his red cheeks as the last bit of male pride fled from the reality of his physical conditions. Acting almost like a ragdoll, he left his mother dress him. First came pretty soft white nylon panties decorated with a double ruffle of fine french lace and handmade pink satin rosebuds. After that came a beginner stretch bra of white stretch nylon lace knit with elastic trim with a delicate pink satin rosebud between the cups. His pointy breasts filled the soft AA cups. Next came a white nylon two tier lily eyelet slip with tiny bow and pink satin rose appliques adorning the bodice. Sitting him upon the commode, she knelt and slipped pink gingham trimmed white anklets edged with heart embroidery upon his slim feet. Dressy fine kid-skin T-strap pearlized pink shoes with a bow at the "T" were buckled into place next.

Louis' face revealed a new depth of dread when he saw the final article of clothing. The soft white cotton dress had cherry red dots and blossoms scattered across it. The collar had a pink gingham ruffle and trim as did the short puffy sleeves while the skirt had pink floral and pink gingham bands. His entire body trembled as Kaye had him stand as she slipped it into place and buttoned the rear buttons. Tying the pink gingham sash into a large bow behind him completed the little girl outfit.

Pulling the hairbrush from her skirts, Louis shrank away. Kaye laughed at his reaction and gently pulled him to her. Spinning him about so that he faced away from her, she began to brush his long brown hair.

Louis had seen what she'd done with Carl's and Stephan's hair, and knew that she was going to do the same to his. For the first time he wished that he had listened to his mother during the month while she'd been hounding him to get his locks shorn in a more manly style. Sadly he realized it was too late for him to be thinking about what he should have done. Now he had to worry about what he was going to do.

Looking in the mirror when she'd finished, he saw a sad but pretty girl. Her soft silky brown hair formed cute bangs covering her forehead while a large pink gingham bow securing her high bouncy ponytail in place. Louis felt his stomach doing somersaults as he felt some of his old male yearnings. Yesterday if he'd have seen the girl in the mirror, he'd have tried to get inside her panties. His entire body shivered violently as the truth hit home. Now, he reflected glumly, that's exactly where he was!

Louis jumped when his mother placed her hands upon his shoulders in a warm, tender, reassuring manner. "I told you that you'd be a lovely girl, Louise. There is no doubt in my mind that I'm doing the right thing in making you become the girl you should have been."

Once more Louis couldn't argue. The sensations the frilly clothes created seemed strangely right and natural. His male mind couldn't accept that he could be so utterly girlish. No boy could be so cute, he had to be a girl. His male arrogance couldn't face the truth and collapsed. Louise sighed as she felt her manhood dissipating like a light morning fog once the sun comes up.

When Kaye presented Louise to his sisters, they all looked surprised to see the lovely coy girl. Her dress accentuated her girlishness, and showed off her blossoming charms to great advantage. Stephanie immediately wanted to try on a dress just like Louise wore. Kaye smiled and led Stephanie away after admonishing Louise to be a good little girl and mind Carla. With a bright red face, Louise sat primly on the edge of a chair after carefully smoothing her skirts and stared at the floor. She declined Carla's offer of a bowl of cereal, not having much of an appetite.

Fifteen minutes later, Stephanie skipped into the room wearing an outfit identical to that worn by Louise. Picking up two dolls, she offered one to Louise who tried to ignore her. All Kaye had to do was sternly say, "LOUISE!" Reluctantly, the forlorn girl took the doll and joined her sister on the floor and began to play in a most desultory manner. Kaye just smiled at the sight and beckoned Carla to follow. Carla needed no prodding.

Carla soon rejoined her sisters. Dressed in a knee-length pink gingham dress styled more appropriately for her age, she looked rather pretty compared to her more juvenilely dressed sisters and big Baby Andrea. Louise by that time had given in, and was playing happily with Stephanie's dolls.

Kaye sat down with a cup of coffee and surveyed her brood. After watching them play for a few moments, she addressed them. "I'm glad to see you've all accepted your girlhood." Louise blushed and lowered her head. Stephanie looked up wide-eyed and eager to please. Baby Andrea just giggled and sucked on her pacifier. Carla met her mother's gaze, threatening defiance if their deal was broken. Kaye knew the path each of her new girls would follow.

"Carla will be in charge of all of you. She has been the most intelligent about this, and we have an understanding. I will trust her judgement, and give her full permission to discipline any of you as she sees fit. She knows what the rules are and will see that they are obeyed." Kaye surveyed the girls to see if they understood before she went on. "Your father will be treated as he is dressed. When dressed as an adult, you will listen to him, when dressed as your baby sister Andrea, she will listen to all of you since she'll be the youngest of FOUR sisters. You will call her Andrea when she's your sister. Louise, I'm not sure how much I can trust you. I don't see letting you be in charge of your sisters, but I may let you free from Carla's control. I'm willing to let you start with a clean slate, but you will have to earn privileges. Now, we'll spend the rest of the day learning how to behave like good girls. Tomorrow we'll visit ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER, outfit you for ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, and then enroll you there. Do you have any questions?"

Louise and Carla both had many questions, but knowing it'd be useless to ask them wisely kept quiet. Stephanie had no questions, and Andrea had already had all of her's answered. The rest of the day was spent with the girls learning how to sit, stand, and walk as if they'd always been girls. That night, they all went to bed tired but knowing that they would be able to handle the changes that had taken place.

Monday morning Kaye and Andrew led their three shy daughters into ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER. Dr. Helen Alterson greeted them, and sat with them as Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski led first Andrew, next Louise, then Carla, and finally Stephanie to a mini-surgery where Dr. Sarah Balkut performed her delightful rites. Three left considerably lighter between their legs while the fourth went away with a neatly done tuck. Andrew and Louise were quite sore, Stephanie was hardly effected, and Carla felt bloated. All were told they'd adjust quickly to the alterations. While Andrew headed for the drug store, Kaye led her three pretty daughters to THE CLOTHING EXPERIENCE.

Dr. Sarah Balkut headed once more for the lab to mount her three newest trophies, slightly disappointed there wasn't a fourth. The macabre collection in her office continued to grow.

After outfitting her three pretty daughters in their new school uniforms, Kaye took them to ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL where they were eagerly accepted and praised.

That evening, Sandra Makes-Shemanski brought her sister Victoria home from the clinic. Her four daughters welcomed their aunt with great enthusiasm, as did her adoptive mother Grace.

Tuesday morning, the Bloom girls nervously began their classes at ST. FRANCIS. Louise joined her former classmates Jamie, Brenda, Tracy, and Tammy; Carla Joined her former classmates Tonia, and Kylie; while Stephanie joined her former classmate Phylis. By that afternoon, they had relaxed and were starting to enjoy their girlhood. The clothes were delightfully nice, and everyone treated them as if they'd always been girls. After school, Jamie, Tracy, Brenda, Tammy, and Louise walked from the high school to the elementary school where they joined Tonia, Kylie, and Carla who were waiting with Stephanie, Phylis, Lisa, Lynda, and Paula. All the giggling, chattering girls walked the short distance through the warm spring afternoon air to LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL together to join their happy parents.



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