Mommy’s Magic Sweater

Mommy’s Magic Sweater
by shalimar

Maggie's Winter Vaction

Bees five-years-old is fun. Eben kindergarten is fun. We draw an paint an listen to stories an play wid puzzies an we is learning our alphybet. Da bestest time in school is recess! We kin pay jacks or jump rope or pay wid our dolls or maybe talk a boy ta push me on da swing. The bestest is dat wes kin talk and me and my twin, Brucella talk to eberybody an eben to each odder.

At the end of da day mommy always picks me an Baruchah ups and she drives us da mile to ours home. On a really cold day mommy wears a big brown sweater in da house. Dat big brown sweater goes down to her knees and has big sleeves dat you kin put your head in. She says she wears it ‘cause she gets cold. She says dat she finded eberyting in dat sweater an I sees her take threads an leaves out o’ it all da time.

It was winter vacation an it snowed da night before. Snow pretty ‘til Daddy plow driveway. We pay outshide but not long ‘cause it be really, really cold out der. We make snow angles, but no make snowballs and no make snowman ‘cause snow is powerda.

Whens we was outs Ally says her boyfriend nots comes dat day. Ally is one of my bigh sisters. Her boyfriend is Niel. Ally is sad. Day before Neil helped Daddy put plow on front of car. Dis morning Daddy plowed driveway and mommy swepted snow off steps.

Den Daddy maded a fire in da bigh ol’ fireplace. Mommy and Daddy says dat it is a really really old fashioned firesplace ‘cause they can cook in it. Daddy saided dat da house is from da revolushunairy war. I nos remember no wars. Daddy saided dat George Washington slepted in our house. I nos remembers no George. Mommy and Daddy saided we’s needs bigh house ‘cause of me an all my sisters. Some of da bigger ones have der boyfriends der, too. Oops! Not ‘pose ta say dat.

Mommy was wearing dat big ol brown sweater an sitting on da chair by da fireplace. Dere ‘twas a pot boiling in dat firesplace. Da cats an dogs were lying by da fireplace ‘cause it is warm der.

When sun goed down Mommy says, “time to light da candles!” We lights da Chanukah lights and says da prayers and me and Brucella light da candles. Wes look at it for a while den mommy in her big ol’ brown sweater goes to her big ol chair near da fireplace an me an Baruchah snuggles like sides Mommy when Mommy says, “Ders a duck in da sweater.”

Me and Brucella looks in da sweater an no duck. Den wes hear “Quack” and den da duck camed out da sleeve. It walk’ed to da fireplace, flaps its wings and sits in front of da fireplace. Baruchah try ta pet it but it walk’ed away.

Den Mommy says, “ders a ship* in da sweater.”

Wes look in da sweater and no ship. We hears a “baa” an den a baby ship comes out o’ dat old sweater. It, too, goed to da fireplace, but not too close. Maybe ‘cause its wearing its wooly coat. I goes and petted da baby ship.

Den Mommy says, “ders an eleephant in da sweater.”

We’s looks and no eleephant. Den wes hears an elephant call. Sure ‘nuff an eleephant comes out of Mommy’s sweater. It is a small one. Da size of our Germans shiperd, Fritz! It goes to da fireplace. Baruchah goes and pets da eleephant.

Den Mommy says, ders a rackety coon in da sweater.”

Wes looks and no rackety coon. Den wes hears the “chit chit” of dat rackety coon and a baby rackety coon comes out of dat sweater and sits by da fireplace.

Rackety coon says, “chit chit.” rights ats Fritz.

Fritz says, “wolf.”

Mommy says, “No more animals!”

Mommy gets up an takes two cups from above da fireplace and pours da liquid from the pot into dose cups an gives to me an Brucella. Me an Brucella knows what it is ‘fore she brings it to us’es. HOT CHOCOLATE!

Mommy sited back in dat big ol’ chair and me an Baruchah sunggles under da sweater sippin’ ours hot chocolate. Den my bigh sister, Stephie, comes and snuggles wid me an Baruchah an mommy.

Den my bigher sister, Rachie, comes and says, “Ma you letting evebry ting in your sweater again?”

“Yep,” my mommy says.

Bigh sister Rachie is old. Wes habs nieces dat are mommies from her.

Dats my winters vacation.


* a “ship” is a sheep

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