Another Star Wars Scenario

Another Star Wars Scenario

by shalimar

Please don’t throw too many rotten tomatoes at me for this one.

Finally, Luke Skywaker was captured and brought to the Emperor in loose chains.

“Luke, we have ways of dealing with rebels like you so you won’t ever be a problem again,” the Emperor told his prisoner. “It will also give my men some, shall we say, entertainment. Let me show you.”

From a side door came this beautiful young woman. She appeared to be a little younger than Skywalker.

“Her pheromones have been enhanced,” the Emperor explained.

“Must I?” she asked the Emperor.

“Of cause you’ll obey me, my sweet.”

“I’d rather do it with you. Besides…”

“That’s not important.”

She put her head down and steadied herself. They heard a slight sniffle. Picking her head up she sexually walked towards Luke who was happily reacting to the view of this luscious young lady. She put her hands on his chin and kissed him deeply. He started groping her.

“Luke, you can’t,” she pleaded as he continued. “Please stop.”

He didn’t.

Finally she explained, “Luke, I am you father!”

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