Old Photograph

Old Photograph

Frank woke up with the worst headache of his life. The nurse noticed his eyes opening and went to get Frank’s wife, Rebecca. She came in shortly thereafter and smiled happily. “I’m so glad you finally woke up,” she gushed.

“What happened?” Frank asked groggily.

“You were in a car accident, Frank, but the doctor says you’re going to be okay,” Rebecca said.

The doctor came in and gave Frank a look. “You suffered a traumatic brain injury. What is the last thing you remember?”

“I don’t really know,” Frank admitted.

“It may take some time to collect himself,” the doctor said to Rebecca.

“He has amnesia?” Rebecca asked alarmed.

“Apparently so. We will need to do more tests and scans on his brain,” the doctor answered.

“Just how far back will he not remember?” Rebecca asked curiously.

“It doesn’t quite work that way. He may remember bits and pieces over his entire lifetime. We simply don’t know at this point,” the doctor replied.

Rebecca nodded thoughtfully and turned to Frank. “No matter what, I’m going to take really good care of you,” she promised.

“Thanks,” Frank smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie,” she said.


Frank went through physical therapy as he struggled to walk at first. A number of tests were done on his brain while he was awake. His good friend Joe came over to see him while he was resting. “My man,” Joe said as he entered the room.

“Nothing can keep me down,” Frank joked.

“You had one hell of a crash, buddy,” Joe smiled.

“You’ll have to show me the pictures, because I don’t remember any of it,” Frank said.

“Well, suffice to say, the car is totaled, and your wife already got a new car,” Joe said.

“Man, I don’t even know what the car looked like. I don’t remember a lot of things lately,” Frank admitted.

“Well, do you remember our high school days?” Joe asked.

“Nope, sorry,” Frank replied.

Joe gave Frank a thoughtful look. “That’s okay. Nothing interesting happened anyway.”

“There’s a lot I don’t remember. All I know is that I know your name and that you’re a good friend,” Frank said.

“Well, that really touches my heart,” Joe said mockingly.

“You’re going to have to get me up to speed: what’s my favorite sports team, what beers do I like, and what’s my favorite TV show,” Frank requested.

“Sure thing,” Joe said. “Hey, what if I told you your favorite show is Project Runway?” Joe asked.

“I would believe you,” Frank said sincerely.

“It’s not,” Joe chuckled.

“Once I get out of here, let’s get a beer,” Frank said.

“Absolutely. You need anything, you give me a call,” Joe said.


Frank eventually exited the hospital and arrived at his house in Rebecca’s new red car. He looked around the house trying to remember where he put his things. “You mind getting out the photo albums. It may help jog my memory,” Frank said.

“Yeah, sure,” Rebecca said hesitantly.

Frank went into the garage and looked approvingly at his gym equipment collection. Looking at himself in the mirror, he flexed his bicep muscles approvingly. After being in the hospital so long, he would need to get back in shape.

“Frank, here are your pills,” Rebecca said giving him a glass of water.

“What are these for?” Frank asked.

“For your head,” Rebecca said obviously.

“Sure,” Frank said downing the pills.

“Don’t do any extraneous exercise for a while,” Rebecca cautioned.

Frank got closer to his beautiful blond wife. “Does sex count as extraneous?” he asked.

Rebecca gave him a wide-eyed surprised look. “I think we can make an exception.”


Frank was all over Rebecca kissing her passionately and undressing her. Taking off her bra, Frank went to her nipples. Rebecca moaned as she felt the familiar pleasure of her husband’s mouth on her breasts. Frank worked his way down to Rebecca’s vulva.

“Frank, what are you doing?” Rebecca asked surprised.

“What’s wrong with a man giving his woman some oral?” Frank asked.

“Nothing wrong, of course,” Rebecca said.

Frank went down on Rebecca eliciting cries of pleasure from her. “Oh God, Frank, you’re so good at this,” Rebecca complimented.

Frank had no memory of this but assumed she was telling the truth. He continued to lick her clit and suck on her. For some reason, he felt like he knew what he was doing in this situation. Rebecca tensed up as she felt her orgasm.

“Wow, Frank, you haven’t missed a step,” Rebecca complimented.

“We’ve just begun,” Frank said pleased with himself.

“What?” Rebecca asked wondering what he meant.

“Well, of course, we’re going to fuck, right?” Frank said as if it were obvious.

Rebecca watched cautiously as Frank got out of his boxers. He was flaccid as he approached her. “Hmmm,” Frank said as he stroked his cock.

Confused by nothing happening, he didn’t notice Rebecca coming over to him. “You’re going to need my special touch,” she said.

Frank wondered what she meant and then felt Rebecca squeeze his balls. “Wow, damn,” Frank said as he felt her squeeze him.

Almost instantly, Frank was rock hard and ready to go. “I’m so wet for you now,” Rebecca said encouraging him.

Frank positioned himself properly and pushed all the way in. Rebeca squeezed his manly shoulders as he thrust inside her. “Let’s not overdue it, Frank. Just ten minutes, okay,” Rebecca said.

“I hope I can last that long. It’s been ages,” Frank said.

“I’m sure you will,” Rebecca said to him.

Encouraged, Frank enjoyed his success at getting Rebecca off a second time. The only problem is that he didn’t feel sensitive himself. He didn’t feel a need to cum either. After Rebecca got her second orgasm, she played with his balls a little. Frank then felt himself get soft inside her.

“What the hell?” he wondered.

“It’s okay, Frank. Really,” Rebecca consoled him.

“It’s just weird,” Frank said as he withdrew from her. He was totally flaccid now.

“You were great,” Rebecca said pleased and gave him an appreciative kiss.


Frank took a shower and looked over his body for any injuries caused by the car accident. He did notice a big scar on his leg, and his chest had some scarring as well. Rebecca came into the bathroom as he was in the shower. “Hey, Rebecca. What happened to my leg? Was that the car accident?” he asked.

“No, Frank. That was the motorcycle accident, remember?” Rebecca replied.

Frank didn’t remember any such accident. “What about my chest?” he asked.

“The same accident, Frank. It nearly took off both of your nipples,” Rebecca replied.

“Geeze, glad they’re still there,” Frank said.

“Why? You don’t need them,” Rebecca said.

“Well, I know that, but it looks weird to have a man without nipples,” Frank replied.

“You almost done in there?” Rebecca asked.

“Yeah, sure,” Frank said getting out of the shower. He looked at his muscular hairy body in the mirror. “I look like a beast,” he said proudly.

“Yes, you do and never forget it,” Rebecca smirked.


Later that day, Frank took the time to go through the old photograph albums. He saw a number of pictures of himself and Rebecca on their vacation trips. He frowned not remembering them. He also saw pictures of himself with a group of guys. Apparently, he liked to fish, hunt, go bowling, and going to a particular bar. In these pictures, Joe was typically present.

He then looked through his wedding photos. Rebecca looked absolutely brilliant in her white dress. Joe was his Best Man, but his parents weren’t present. “Hey, Rebecca. Could you come here a minute?” Frank asked.
“What is it?” Rebecca asked concerned.

“How come my parents aren’t in these wedding photos?” Frank asked.

Rebecca looked over the pictures he was talking about. “I’m so sorry, Frank. They died before the wedding.”
“Oh, wow,” Frank said shocked.

“I’m so sorry, honey,” Rebecca said sympathetically.

“Well, at least Joe could be there,” Frank said.

“Yeah…Joe,” Rebecca said with low enthusiasm.

“Are there any other albums?” Frank asked.

“About what?” Rebecca asked.

“I don’t know? Anything before the wedding?” Frank asked.

Rebecca glanced at the album collection. “I guess not,” she said.

“Well, how about CDs, thumb drives, computer hard drives?” Frank listed off.

“You have hundreds of pictures on your laptop. There might be a few pictures before the wedding,” Rebecca said.
Frank went ahead and looked through his photos on his laptop. There were a few pictures of himself on date nights with Rebecca. There were also the engagement photos. He wished he could remember these events more clearly.

“Don’t worry about the past so much,” Rebecca advised.


That night, Joe came by to pick Frank up. “This is his first night home, and you want to get him drunk?” Rebecca scolded him.

“Look, he would drive to the bar himself if he could,” Joe said defensively.

“No funny business, Joe. I mean it,” Rebecca said.

Frank exited the house and gave the two of them an odd look. “Anything wrong?”

“Nothing,” Joe said politely.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Frank smiled.

“Have fun, be safe,” Rebecca called out.


Frank and Joe went to their favorite bar and began pounding beers. Joe informed Frank of his favorite beer. A baseball game was on the TV. “Which team do I like?” Frank asked.

“Neither,” Joe answered.

“Man, this is tough forgetting all these things. I feel like my head is in a fog,” Frank lamented.

“It’s going to be alright. It’ll just take some time,” Joe assured him.

“Yeah, well, my photo albums aren’t very helpful. I’m missing most of my life in them,” Frank said.

“Oh?” Joe wondered.

“No childhood, teenager, or college photos. I don’t even have a picture of my parents,” Frank said.

“Just as well,” Joe muttered.

Frank punched Joe to the shoulder. “You can’t say that about my dead parents.”

Joe gave Frank an odd look. “Your parents are not dead, Frank.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Rebecca said…,” Frank said bewildered.

“Frank, let me put it this way, they didn’t approve of your marriage to Rebecca. They excommunicated you. That’s why you don’t have any of their photos,” Joe said delicately.

“Wow, really? What’s wrong with Rebecca?” Frank asked curiously.

“Not going to lie, she was a freak in college,” Joe said.

“Like how many boyfriends did she have?” Frank wondered, his insecurity building.

“Not boyfriends, girlfriends. She was a total Lezbo,” Joe said.

“I would never have thought,” Frank said confused.

“But you came around and showed her the light. Your dick saved her,” Joe said drunkenly.

Frank smiled in spite of himself. “That reminds me. I think I have a problem,” he said softly.

“What kind of problem?” Joe asked.

“I can’t cum. I tried jacking off a few times, but I can’t get hard at all. The only time I did get hard was when I fucked Rebecca, but I didn’t cum,” Frank whispered.

“Might be due to the accident. You shouldn’t be doing that kind of thing for a while. You don’t want to pop an aneurysm,” Joe advised.

“You’re right,” Frank admitted.

A few hours later, Frank was totally drunk while Joe was only slightly. “After all these years, you’re still a light drinker,” Joe said amused.

“Tell me more about me…was I cool in high school? Did the girls like me?” Frank asked, barely coherent.

“The girl’s loved you, man. They let you into their locker room, they let you shower with them, and you always went to their parties,” Joe said.

“I can’t believe I was so cool,” Frank said.

“You were a total ladies’ man,” Joe assured him.

“Tell me, how did I straighten Rebecca out?” Frank asked.

“You really want to know?” Joe asked somewhat seriously.

“Yeah, man. How did I do it?” Frank asked.

“She told me that no man or woman had ever eaten her out better than you,” Joe said softly.

“Is that the truth?” Frank asked.

“God’s honest truth,” Joe confirmed.


A taxi cab brought Joe and Frank to the house. Rebecca came outside unimpressed. “You have fun, Frank?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” Frank said as he stumbled towards her.

“Really, Joe?” Rebecca asked displeased.

“As far as he remembers, this is only time he’s been at a bar. I had to make it special,” Joe said defensively.

“Frank, how about you go inside and get some rest,” Rebecca said to him.

“Sure,” Frank said as he barely entered the house.

“Joe, what the fuck are you doing to him?” Rebecca asked angrily.

“I didn’t say anything too inappropriate,” Joe said.

“This is a great opportunity to make things rights. If you fuck it up, we’re back to square one again,” she said.

“Hey, you just remember this…I had him first before you showed up,” Joe said offended.

“Your time is over, Joe,” Rebecca said scornfully.

“Bitch,” Joe spat and went back inside the taxi cab to go home.


Frank woke up with a headache. Some of what Joe had said was coming back to him. Why did Rebecca say his parents were dead? Did she mean figuratively speaking? He decided to look through their old phone book and found his parent’s names in it.

He decided to give them a call to see what was really going on. After a few rings, an older woman picked up. “Hello?”

“Hey, this is Frank, your son,” Frank said.

“I think you have the wrong number. We never had a son,” the woman replied. “We only had a daughter.”

“Okay, well, I was in a car accident recently, and I lost some of my memory. I’m calling because you’re listed in my address book under Mom and Dad. Do you have any idea why that may be?” Frank asked impatiently.

“No and don’t call here again,” the woman said and hung up.

Frank looked up the phone number on his laptop and sure enough his parent’s names were listed. Unfortunately, they were on the other side of the country. He would to have to fly to get there to figure out what was wrong.

Rebecca noticed Frank focusing on his laptop. “Anything wrong?” she asked.

“Did I have a sister?” Frank asked.

“Not that I know of,” she replied.

Frank shook his head bewildered. Things were not adding up. “You said my parents were dead, right?” Frank asked.

“That’s what you told me,” Rebecca deflected.

Frank pondered this. His old self must have told Rebecca that his parents were dead, but he no longer remembered saying this. Now, it made sense. He shouldn’t have doubted Rebecca in the first place. Frank’s phone then rang.

“It’s Joe. Want to go fishing and camping?” he asked.

“Sure,” Frank instantly agreed.

“Who’s that?” Rebecca asked suspiciously.

“It’s Joe. We’re going to go fishing this weekend,” Frank said.

“You’ve already agreed without consulting me? What if I had plans?” Rebecca asked offended.

“Sorry, I didn’t think it was a big deal,” Frank said innocently.

“Whatever,” Rebecca said scornfully.

“Yeah, we’re good. I’m not sure I’ll be good at fishing though. I don’t even think I remember how to put a tent up,” Frank joked.

“No worries. I got it all covered,” Joe assured him.

“Sounds good,” Frank agreed.

Rebecca sighed as Frank hung up. “With your condition, you should stay home more often,” she said.

“Well, I think I’ll get my memory back quicker if I start doing things I like to do, maybe trigger something,” Frank said.

“Don’t worry about the past, Frank. The future is what is important,” Rebecca said.

“I can’t just forget my whole past,” Frank said obviously.

“You’re right. Have fun with your friend, Joe. Try not to jerk yourselves off,” she said annoyed and left the room.

Frank scoffed at the idea. What did she think he was? Gay? Of course, not.


Frank and Joe went fishing in the outdoors, just the two of them as old buddies. Joe helped Frank relearn how to use the line. “You know, Rebecca was really against this idea. She even thought we would jerk each other off,” Frank said.

“Oh, Rebecca. We haven’t done that since high school,” Joe chuckled.

“You serious?” Frank asked alarmed.

“No,” Joe shook his head.

“You can’t say that kind of stuff. I don’t have the memory to know for certain about anything,” Frank reminded him.

“Alright, alright,” Joe relented.

“I wonder what her problem is,” Frank said.

“She’s just jealous. We’ve known each other a lot longer than she has,” Joe pointed out.

“Yeah, but we’re married,” Frank said puzzled.

“Jealousy doesn’t have to be sexual, Frank. A person can be jealous over how much time you spend with your kids or your dog,” Joe said.

“Did Rebecca ever talk about kids?” Frank asked. Joe gave a heavy sigh. “What is it?” Frank asked.

“You’re infertile, Frank. The two of you have considered adoption but then you got into this car accident,” Joe said.

“Wow, damn,” Frank said disappointed. “Hey, I got an idea. How about we use your sperm.”

“My sperm?” Joe repeated.

“You infertile too?” Frank asked.

“Well, no, but it’s kind of weird, isn’t it?” Joe said.

“I don’t think so. I would rather it be you than some random sperm donor,” Frank said.

“In that case, I would be honored,” Joe replied.


After getting back from their camping trip, Frank pitched the idea to Rebecca. “Absolutely not. Are you fucking crazy?” she asked.

“It was just a thought,” Frank said.

“So, you want to have Joe’s child now. Is that it?” Rebecca asked outraged.

“No, you’re the mother obviously,” Frank said.

“We don’t need Joe’s sperm. You have plenty of your own,” Rebecca said.

“Well, you see, I think I’m infertile,” Frank said.

“Who told you that?” Rebecca demanded.

“Joe,” Frank said flatly.

“Joe is a fucking liar. What else did he say?” Rebecca asked.

“Just that…you were kind of a freak in college. Not that there is anything wrong with that,” Frank said.

“Where does he get off? He is trying to sabotage us, so he can have more time with you,” she said.

“Not going to lie. That sounds pretty gay,” Frank doubted.

“Frank, let’s be clear about something: you are a straight man with a penis and balls. We are going to make a baby together with your sperm, got it,” Rebecca said.

“Got it,” Frank replied.


That night, Frank and Rebecca made love for a good hour before calling it quits. Rebecca was very satisfied, but Frank hadn’t cum. He didn’t get an orgasm of his own or pump his seed into her. He decided to consult Joe on the problem.

“Most guys can’t even last five minutes. You, my man, are a stud,” Joe assured him as they drank beer at the bar.

“Yeah, but I am not getting off. That’s the problem,” Frank said.

“Try pegging,” Joe said seriously.

“What?” Frank said stunned.

“It’s when a woman uses a fake cock and penetrates your ass. It’s like a gender reversal,” Joe clarified.

“I know what it is,” Frank hissed. “Why would I ever do that?”

“It just might get you off,” Joe recommended.

“Okay, but the point is to jack off inside her,” Frank said.

“What does it matter?” Joe wondered.

“It matters, because we’re trying to have a baby,” Frank said obviously.

“I told you, Frank. You’re infertile,” Joe said seriously.

“Well, she disagrees with that assessment,” Frank replied.

“She disagrees?” Joe rolled his eyes.

“What makes you so certain I’m infertile. Did I roll around in radioactive waste?” Frank asked.

“It’s because I kicked you in the balls too many times, Frank,” Joe said.

“Seriously?” Frank doubted.

“I’m just going off what you told me,” Joe said.

“Maybe, I’m the one that doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” Frank considered. “I mean, I was wrong about my parents being dead.”

“Hold up. What’s this?” Joe interrupted.

“Rebecca said I told her my parents were dead. That’s why they weren’t at the wedding,” Frank said.

“Why don’t you look at her text messages? If she really thought your parents were dead, there shouldn’t be any text messages between them,” Joe suggested.


Frank decided to do just that, but he had to wait for the perfect opportunity. Eventually, Rebecca went away to take a shower. Frank found the phone and started looking through the text messages. Sure enough, there was a testy exchange between his mother and Rebecca that had occurred within the last few months. Most of them were an exchange of insults with little content.

Frank decided to call his mother using Rebecca’s phone. “What do you want now?” his mother asked annoyed.

“Mom, it’s me, Frank,” Frank said.

“I don’t know any Frank,” his mother replied.

“Knock off the bullshit. You’ve been text messaging my wife. What’s really going on?” Frank demanded.

“You really don’t know?” his mother asked.

“Yeah, I don’t. I was in a car accident and got amnesia. Could you enlighten me, please?” Frank asked politely.

There was a long pause on the other end. “We never approved of you marrying Rebecca. We thought it best for you to stay with Joseph,” his mother said.

Frank easily connected the dots. “What the hell? You would rather me be gay? You’re mad at me, because I decided to be like everyone else and be straight?”

“If you had been with Joe, we would have had grandchildren by now,” his mother continued.

“You know what? I will have kids of my own. You’ll see,” Frank said and hung up.

Rebecca exited the shower with a towel around her. Frank was instantly aroused by the sight but remained flaccid none-the-less. “Who was that?” she asked.

“Just trying to order a pizza,” Frank lied.

“Using my phone?” Rebecca asked skeptically.

“My phone is dead,” Frank lied.

“Well, charge it then,” Rebecca said incredulous.

“Sure,” Frank said handing over the phone.

Rebecca looked over her phone and immediately felt a chill go through her.


Frank drove over to Joe’s house to get some answers. He knocked on the door and found a confused-looking Joe. “We have to talk,” Frank said.

“Alright,” Joe allowed him inside. “What’s going on?”

“I called my mother, and she said something insane. She said she preferred us together over me and Rebecca,” Frank said.

“Okay,” Joe replied.

“Why would she say that?” Frank demanded.

“Because she’s old and senile,” Joe replied.

“She’s in her fifties. I doubt it,” Frank replied.

Joe sighed. “You’re going to need a drink.”

“I would rather not,” Frank said. He didn’t want to hang around if Joe wasn’t forthcoming.

“Well, I am going to need one then,” Joe said as he took a shot of whiskey.

“What’s this all about?” Frank asked again.

“You’re not who you think you are, Frank. You weren’t born like this. You changed over the years,” Joe said.

“What the fuck does that mean?” Frank asked.

“You were a fuckin girl, alright!” Joe finally said and drank another shot.

“What?” Frank asked confused.

“You were born a girl, raised as a girl, and went to college as a girl. In college, you decided to transition into a man. You took pills and shots and got yourself a sex change. You’ve had more surgeries than I can count,” Joe revealed.

Frank remembered the scar on his leg and on his chest. “Those scars are from a motorcycle accident,” he muttered.

“No, Frank. You had your breasts removed, and they took a sample of your leg tissue to build you a penis,” Joe told him.

“I fucked my wife with a fully functional penis. No way that could be done surgically,” Frank doubted.

“Did she touch your balls before you got hard?” Joe asked.

Frank stared at Joe. “What does that have to with anything?”

“It’s a penile implant. You can’t get hard on your own. You have two artificial balls and a penile implant. If your balls are squeezed, it activates the penile implant which causes you to get hard. Squeeze again and it deflates it. You’ll never get hard no matter how many times you stroke it. I guarantee it,” Joe said.

“Show me then,” Frank challenged.

“Fuck no. I’m not going to touch your balls,” Joe rejected.

“If what you’re saying is true, they’re not really balls at all,” Frank argued.

Joe took another shot and went over to Frank. He put his hands inside his pants and squeezed his balls getting an instant reaction. “You feel that?” Joe asked.

“Oh yeah,” Frank said as he felt it.

Joe then squeezed again deflating it. “This is actually real,” Frank realized.

“Yeah. You can’t get Rebecca pregnant, because you don’t have real balls, because you’re not really a man,” Joe said.

“Joe, what the fuck happened to me?” Frank asked unsettled by these revelations.

“The truth is that we were together but as girl and boy. You were a sexy chick in high school. We went on dates, and yes, we had sex. Then, you went off to college and decided you wanted to be a man. It broke my heart, but I supported you. You said that you always knew you were into girls and that I was a test to see if you were wrong. Then, you met Rebecca. At first, you were a Lesbian couple but then you started changing. To her credit, she decided to keep you. It turns out, Rebecca was just Bi. You two got married, got a house together, and then you destroyed your car in the accident,” Joe explained.

Frank was stunned by what he was hearing. He was…female? His best friend had sex with him when he was a girl? “Why would Rebecca lie about this?”

“She probably wanted you to forget you were ever a girl. That way, you would just continue going through life thinking you were always a man. She thinks that if you go back to being a girl, you’ll leave her for me or something crazy,” Joe said.

“Are you attracted to me as I am now?” Frank asked.

“Fuck no,” Joe replied and downed another shot. “We’re no longer together sexually, but I figured we could still be best friends. That’s what Rebecca doesn’t get. She always thinks friendships lead to sex.”

“Why didn’t you tell me in the beginning?” Frank asked.

“Frank, you just got out of a coma. I wasn’t going to burden you with this until you were healed, but then you decided to become a detective and figure things out. Rebecca is going to throw a fit when she finds out what I told you,” Joe said.

Frank wasn’t so sure. “Maybe…we should keep this a secret. She doesn’t need to know that I know about this.”

“If you want me to, I’ll keep my mouth shut,” Joe promised.

“I’m actually a little scared that I’ll start remembering things. What if I remember what we did together? Or what if I remember being ostracized?” Frank said fearfully.

“If you do start remembering things, I’ll be there for you,” Joe said.

“Thanks, Joe. That’s going to be the last time, you get to touch my balls,” Frank joked.

“It better be,” Joe smiled.

Frank turned to leave when Joe took a picture out of a drawer. “I know you were looking for old pictures. I saved just this one,” Joe said.

Frank looked over the picture. Joe’s arm was around a girl that resembled Frank. The two were smiling as if in love. Frank couldn’t deny the truth. He took the picture and put it in his pocket. “I’m sorry, Joe,” Frank said sincerely.

“Don’t sweat it, my man. We probably wouldn’t have lasted and then you would hate me forever. Being your best friend is so much better,” Joe smiled.

Frank wasn’t so sure. What if they did last? He would be Joe’s wife and have his kids. It would be a totally different life.

“Go back to Rebecca and fuck the shit out of her,” Joe advised.

Frank smiled in spite of himself. “Will do,” he said and shook Joe’s hand.


Frank went back to his house and found Rebecca waiting for him. “Where did you go?” she asked fearfully.

“Just to the store. I got you these,” Frank said giving her flowers.

“What is this for?” she asked as she received them.

“I know it’s not a special day or anything, but today I am going to begin a new chapter in our lives,” Frank said.

“You remember now?” Rebecca asked anxiously.

“Nope, and I might not remember again. I don’t know. What I do know is that I love you, and you love me. Regardless of anything I’ve done in the past, I am going to be the best husband I can be from this day forth,” Frank promised.

Rebecca came over to him and kissed him. “You’ve always been good to me. You may not remember it, but I do.”

Frank smiled and fiddled with his pants as Rebecca put the flowers in a vase. “Shall we go to the bedroom?”

Rebecca gave him a curious look and put her hands on his erection. She shook her head wondering how it was possible. “Absolutely,” she said and led him by the hand.


Author's Note: This story lacks a few tags so as to not immediately spoil the ending. Its not meant to be a believable event, more in line with a soap opera. I wanted to focus on the dilemma of Rebecca and Joe on how they see Frank in their lives and their fight to preserve the status quo with him. It raises the ethical question of whether it would be best to have a transsexual completely forget the pain and struggle of their past or whether such past experiences should always be remembered. Ultimately, Frank makes the decision to not tell his wife what he knows in order to assure her. Every so often I receive reviews to make more FTM, so I decided to take another shot at it and hopefully it connects with some readers.

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