Indecent Exposure

Indecent Exposure

It all began when a mother and infant child were minding their own business on a park bench in a city park. The woman was breast feeding her infant child in plain sight of anyone that might walk by. A concerned citizen called the police on her. The officer that showed up to the scene was Barry White, a young rookie cop who took enforcing the law seriously.

He approached the woman while wearing sunglasses that hid his disapproving eyes. As he got closer, he nodded recognizing the foul crime that was in progress. “Howdy, ma’am,” the officer said to the woman.

“Hello,” she replied wondering why the cop had taken an interest in her.

“You’re…uh…exposing yourself in public. I am going to have to ask you to button up or take that inside,” Officer White ordered.

“It’s only breast feeding. My child is hungry,” she replied reasonably.

“Well, you see ma’am, it’s public indecency,” he said.

“I see homeless people expose themselves all the time in this park and cops never show up,” she said irritably.

“Yeah, well, be rest assured that if I ever see it, they will be cited as well,” Officer White replied.

A shirtless man ran by them as he jogged on the sidewalk. Officer White nodded in approval at the man as he went by. He wished more people would work out. “What about him?” the woman pointed out.

“What about him?” Officer White asked confused.

“He’s not wearing a shirt,” she pointed out.

Officer White required a few seconds to register what she was saying. “Oh, that’s not public indecency. It’s only public indecency when a woman’s breast is exposed in public,” he said as if it were obvious.

“That’s sexist,” she accused.

“It’s totally different, ma’am. Exposed female breasts are indecent because it triggers arousal in men. It disturbs the social harmony of the park,” Officer White argued.

The woman was not convinced. “And a bare chested man doesn’t arouse women?” she asked skeptically.

“Precisely, ma’am. Now, if a man were to expose his genitals to a woman that would be indecent exposure,” he said.

“I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. How can men write laws on what arouses a woman. If both men and women had breasts, this wouldn’t be an issue,” she said angrily.

“I don’t write the laws. I just enforce them, ma’am,” Officer White said patiently.

“I am not moving. Are you going to take me and my child to jail?” she asked rhetorically.

“After I arrest you, your child will be in protective services until you make bail,” Officer White replied.

“I think you’re bluffing. I don’t think you’re the kind of man that would arrest a woman and her infant for breast feeding in a public park,” she challenged.

Officer White smirked. He was exactly that kind of man. “Alright, let’s have a chat down at the station,” he said.

“No, this is bullshit. You can’t do this in a free society,” the woman said outraged.

“Ma’am, do not make me have to hand cuff you, because I will,” he said.

“I will have your badge for this,” she shouted.

“Nah, more like chewed out if anything. I’ve been chewed out before,” Officer White said dismissively.

“I place a curse on you, so you can understand a woman’s pain,” she hissed.

Officer White simply stared at the crazy-looking woman. “Okay, you’re coming with me,” he said escorting her to his police car. After he placed the woman and crying infant in his cop car, he took his time writing a report on the incident. The entire time he drove to the station the woman was yelling at him. Just an ordinary day for Officer White.


Later that day, Officer White was pulled into his Sergeant’s office to discuss the breast feeding woman. “Nice report, White, very detailed,” the Sergeant complimented.

“Thank you, Sgt,” White said pleased.

“However, this could be politically incorrect now-a-days. The prosecutor’s office will never charge her,” the Sgt said.

“That’s not my business. I just write tickets or make arrests as I see them,” White deflected.

“Exactly but maybe you could have been a little bit more persuasive,” the Sgt recommended.

“I will work on it,” White promised.

“Good deal. Have a nice weekend,” the Sgt dismissed him.


As the shift ended, White took a shower in the locker room and changed into civilian clothes. “I heard you arrested an infant. Nice,” his partner and friend, Eric Miller, said.

“I didn’t arrest the infant, just the mother,” White corrected.

“You got balls, man. That could become a firestorm of controversy,” Miller said.

White simply shrugged unconcerned. “I just think that kind of thing should be indoors. Imagine if someone took a picture of that and put it all over the web. Twenty years later, do you want to see a picture of your mom’s tits available for all to see?”

“I see your point,” Miller grimaced.

“These people should hate the game, not the player,” White said.

Back at his apartment, White lived alone. He would eat an easily prepared meal, watch some TV, prepare his uniform for the next day, and get to bed early. On weekends, White would occasionally go to the bars. He had no luck with any of the women but this was largely due to his own high expectations. The women he met would have too many physical, emotional, or intellectual flaws to keep his interest. This didn’t prevent him from just getting a one-night-stand but nothing more than that.

The next week, Officer White got a call at a popular diner. He strolled over to the diner and came in. The problem immediately became apparent when he saw her. She was minding her own business in one of the booths breastfeeding her infant.

Officer White came by her booth and looked down on her condescendingly. “There’s been a complaint, ma’am. You need to take that elsewhere,” he said to her.

The woman gave him an annoyed look. It was the same woman from the park. “Don’t you have better things to do than harass me?” she asked.

“Nope,” Officer White replied.

“Who’s the asshole that made the complaint?” she asked looking around.

“I can’t divulge that information,” Officer White said but in truth he didn’t even know.

“This is outrageous. I’m going to call the police chief,” she said angrily.

“You want his phone number?” Officer White asked bored.

“Sure,” she said still upset.

Officer White gave her a note with the phone number on it. “Now, let’s go,” he said escorting her out. Once they were outside, Officer White felt a little sympathetic for the woman. The baby was now crying.

“I am not going to give you a ticket this time. Just make sure to cover up,” Officer White allowed.

“Drop dead, asshole,” she said angrily and stormed off.

Officer White’s sympathy immediately dropped but it was too late now. He went into his cop car and finished the rest of his patrol.


After work, Officer White went to the police gym and began his work-out routine. He was one of the fittest on the force. Some of the older officers were big and fat from presumably eating too many doughnuts. Officer Miller was present acting as a spotter as he lifted weights.

“I heard you ran into breastfeeding lady again,” Officer Miller said amused.

“Yeah, what are the odds?” Officer White said in between reps.

“They say more states are allowing breast feeding in public,” Officer Miller mused.

“Well, until the law changes, I am going to enforce it,” Officer White replied. He immediately lost strength in his arms and chest sending the weights down on his chest.

“Oh shit!” Officer Miller said as he picked up the weight before it could crush Officer White. He brought the weights safely in position.

“What happened?” Officer Miller asked as Officer White got up and felt his body for injury. “Just a sudden muscle spasm,” he said painfully.

“Take it easy,” Officer Miller suggested.


The next morning, White found two wet spots on his shirt. He took off the shirt and found his nipples wet and sensitive. He touched them and saw a small amount of fluid come out. White didn’t have time to deal with this weird health situation. He put on another white shirt and then wore his police jacket that hid his white shirt.

Officer White didn’t think much of it and continued his work. He received a complaint from the public library. Officer White figured some punk kid was being too loud or disruptive. He walked into the library and went to the library desk.

“What’s the complaint?” he asked the librarian.

“I didn’t make a complaint, officer,” she replied.

Officer White gave her an odd look and then decided to scan the library for anything out of the ordinary. After a careful search, the only thing that could be considered “indecent exposure” was a woman breastfeeding her infant at a library desk. She was all by herself with no one around her. Officer White approached the woman and realized it was the same one from the park and diner.

“Hello, ma’am,” Officer White winced. He didn’t want a scene in the library. He even considered ignoring the complaint but that would be out of character for him.

“What do you want?” she asked scornfully.

Officer White decided to use a more personal approach to police work. He sat down across from her as she read a book. “You know this is a public library, right?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said shrugging.

“And you’re breastfeeding?” Officer White asked.

“Obviously,” she replied.

“So, you’re breast feeding in a…,” Officer White continued.

“Public library,” she finished unconcerned.

There was an awkward pause between them. “I am going to have to ask you to leave,” Officer White said.

“I’ll make a scene,” she promised.

This didn’t deter Officer White. Sure, the librarian would probably chew him out. He had been chewed out before. “I don’t want a scene,” Officer White allowed.

“So, don’t. Bug off,” she said irritably.

“I can’t now. I am committed to taking action. If I don’t, it will show weakness,” Officer White reasoned.

“You’re such a big man forcing a mother and her infant from the library. Don’t you have murderers and thieves to catch?” she asked.

Officer White was inclined to agree. He would rather chase down some real criminals but a complaint was a complaint. “I have no choice, ma’am. There was a complaint,” he said.

“Who?” she asked looking around.

“I don’t know,” Officer White admitted.

“Just let it go,” she insisted.

Officer White frowned and shook his head. What followed was a lot of shouting and cursing as Officer White gently dragged her out of the library. Annoyed by the whole scene, Officer White gave the woman a ticket and then drove off.

“Why me?” Officer White shook his head.


At the gym, Officer White found his workout at the gym was suffering. He figured he was just dealing with a cold that would eventually pass. He could still outrun many of the fat asses on the force. After a few days, Officer White’s nipples would leak creating wet streak marks on his gym shirt. To hide it, Officer White wore dark shirts. When that wasn’t sufficient, he started wearing sweatshirts. When questioned about it, he merely said he wanted to lose water weight.

A few days later, Officer White responded to a complaint in a grocery store over indecent exposure. Upon entering the store, he found the same woman in the fruit section. She was breastfeeding her infant while moving a cart. Officer White sighed as he approached her.

“Hello, ma’am,” he said approaching her.

“You again, huh?” she said annoyed.

“You know why I am here,” Officer White said bored.

“Look, if there was another way, I would do it,” she said exasperated.

“How about formula?” Officer White asked.

“It’s expensive,” she replied.

It dawned on Officer White that this woman was a single mother and probably low income. His tickets had probably hurt her budget as well. Something clicked in Officer White’s mind that perhaps the law was not the final say in this case. He walked away from the woman and then placed a bunch of formula bottles in her cart.

“I can’t afford this,” she said alarmed.

“It’s all on me,” he replied.

Officer White stayed true to his word and paid for everything. Once they were outside the grocery store, he helped put the groceries in her cheap car.

“Thanks,” the woman said awkwardly.

“This is a one time deal. Now, there’s no excuse,” Officer White said and walked off.


Back at the station, Officer Miller came by Officer White in the cafeteria. “I heard you got the breastfeeding mom again. Did you give her a ticket?” he asked.

“Not this time. I gave her a warning,” Officer White replied.

“You getting soft?” Officer Miller joked.

“I think I have met my quota for indecent exposure,” Officer White sighed.

“Don’t worry. You’ll get a real crime eventually,” Officer Miller encouraged.


Sure enough, there was a shooting incident on the streets. Officer White was the first on the scene and chased down the suspect. He easily caught up with the suspect who immediately took out a gun. Instinctively, Officer White fired off an entire magazine killing the suspect instantly. He paused as he still felt an Adrenalin rush go through him. He had never had to fire his weapon before. Some of the officers talked about the possibility casually but this was real. Officer White waited for backup to arrive and clean up the scene.

Officer White was put on administrative leave with pay while an internal investigation considered the shooting as standard procedure. For the next few weeks, Officer White was on paid vacation. Without his job, he felt rather bored. He filled his days with working out and watching TV. In the shower, he noticed his nipples were swollen and that his body hair was falling out on the bathtub floor. White checked his soap wondering if it was the cause.

To give him company, Officer Miller would come by for a beer. The two watched sports games and talked about what was going on in the department since he had left. “Everyone there supports you, you know that, right?” Miller asked.

“Sure, easy case,” White said.

“Should be getting you back in uniform within a few weeks,” Miller assured him.

“Without me, who’s going to give that breast feeding woman tickets?” White joked.

“Speaking of which, your shirt is wet,” Miller noted the two dark stains on his shirt.

White noticed what Miller was talking about and became red with embarrassment. “Must have spilled my beer,” he said as he went off to get a new one.

“You sure you’re doing okay?” Miller asked concerned.

“Never better,” White assured him.


However, things were not as they should be. The entire time Miller was over, White felt increasingly uncomfortable. Without realizing it, he was checking Miller out and getting nervous over him. A part of him never wanted to see Miller again while another part wanted him over as much as possible. White could only see one solution: drink more beer.

As it happened, White went back to the store to get more beer and other food necessities. As he was in the milk section, he ran into the breast feeding lady. “Heard what you did. He deserved it,” the lady said to him.

“Uh, thanks,” White said awkwardly.

“If he had been a woman, would you have still taken the shot?” the lady asked.

“Absolutely,” White said and then realized he should keep his mouth shut. The investigation was still ongoing.

She smiled at that. She proceeded to pull down her shirt and breast feed her infant. “You going to say anything?” she smirked at him.

“Not on duty,” White replied.

“Babies want real breast milk. Formula doesn’t cut it,” she said.

“Nice to know,” White said as he picked up a milk jug.

“When you have babies of your own, you will understand,” the lady said and walked off.

White found the comment odd but then again must of the citizens he encountered tended to be odd. If he did have a baby, his wife would obviously deal with it.


As the days went by, White had weird sexual dreams about the men in his department. He didn’t remember them clearly but was disturbed by them none-the-less. He attempted to jack-off to Lesbian porn but found it difficult for him to get hard. Frustrated, he went to a club to hit on some chicks.

White had a lot going for him. He was athletic, good-looking, and had a steady job. His job required him to have good communication skills and the ability to persuade. These things came in handy when talking with the ladies at the club. Still, even though he was getting along well with them he didn’t feel hard at all. He felt nothing and became anxious that if he brought one home he wouldn’t be able to perform. Disturbed by this, he went home alone and blamed it all on his anxiety over the police investigation.

After a few weeks went by, Miller came by to check up on White. The two had a beer and made small talk. “So, the investigation is over and you’re cleared. You come back Monday,” Miller said.

“You could have told me over the phone,” White smirked.

“I thought telling you in person would be better,” Miller said.

White began to feel uncomfortable with Miller’s presence. He was feeling a sense of desire and danger from Miller. He wasn’t aware of it, but he was feeling common female anxiety over a man being in his apartment.

“Mind if I take a shower. It’s been a hot day,” Miller asked.

“Sure, go ahead,” White said at the odd request. He had never had Miller or any other co-worker use his shower before.

Miller took the extra odd step of taking his shirt off before entering the bathroom. White felt a sudden and overwhelming desire to be with Miller in the shower. His dick remained flaccid, but he was getting some serious butterflies in his stomach. White was stunned by what was happening to him. He had showered with Miller before in the locker room and never had such a reaction.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” he wondered.

Miller eventually exited the bathroom, said goodbye, and left. A part of White wondered why he didn’t jump at the opportunity of being with Miller. But Miller wasn’t gay, not even close. Was he becoming gay? How was it possible?


Officer White came back to the force and was welcomed as a hero. In the locker room, he tried to hide himself away so as to no reveal his swollen nipples. After shift, he avoided the exercise room and never showered with the men. One day, Miller looked distressed in the locker room.

“What’s up, man?” White asked concerned.

“My ex-wife died, drug overdose,” he shook his head.

“Sorry to hear that,” White said.

“The bitch demanded full custody and was using drugs the whole time. I can’t imagine what else she was doing,” Miller said disdainfully.

“You have a kid?” White asked curiously. He had never asked about Miller’s personal life.

“A boy, not even a year yet. Once the kid was born, she divorced me and left town,” Miller said.

The knowledge that Miller had a baby sent a chill through White. He needed to know more…for some reason. “So, what are you going to do?”

“Pick up the kid and have him live with me. Not sure how I am going to manage it, being a cop and a single father,” Miller said frustrated.

“Just get a girl,” White blurted out.

Miller smirked at White. “Yeah right. No girl wants that kind of drama. My sex life is down the tubes.”

White felt uncomfortable with the way this conversation was going. He needed to leave the situation ASAP. “The kid is better off with you, you know,” White told him.

“I know…I know,” Miller agreed.


After work, White tracked down the breast feeding lady. He knew her address from all the tickets he had to do on her. She opened the door and gave him an annoyed look. “What do you want?” she asked.

“What did you do to me?” White demanded of her.

“What did I do to you?” she mocked. “I didn’t do anything and you still gave me those tickets.”

“You fucked with my head and…,” White began.

“And what? You concerned that you’re growing breasts, am I right?” she asked.

“What is this?” White asked angrily.

“I know you were just following orders from your pig superiors. I shouldn’t have faulted you in particular, but I was angry at the time. I put a spell on you,” she admitted.

“A spell?” White asked in disbelief.

“Come inside. I’ll get you a glass of milk,” she offered.

White felt compelled to come in and took a tall glass of milk from her. “It’s normal milk. Nothing weird,” she assured him.

As he saw her baby in the crib, he felt an overwhelming desire to hold the infant. “Your maternal instincts are kicking in right now. I can tell,” she observed.

“You trying to say I am becoming a woman?” he asked.

“Exactly. A woman that will want a baby of her own to breastfeed,” she said.

“This is crazy. Magic doesn’t exist,” White said.

“Then why are you here? How else could I have caused it?” she asked.

White looked around and saw a full library filled with occult literature. “Reverse the spell,” he ordered.

“So, now you believe. The only way the spell will end is either you have a baby with a man or you put a baby in a woman. Either way, you’re getting a baby one way or another,” she said.

“That’s not fair. How can you force this on me?” White demanded of her.

“Grow up, Officer White! There are only two solutions or else you will be tortured mentally forever. Every time you see an infant, you’ll want to hold and care for it. As a police officer, you are supposed to protect the weak,” she said.

“I enforced the law!” he shouted back.

“Fuck the law. The law would have had me hung centuries ago,” she spat.

“Alright, let’s finish this,” White said resolved.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“Right here, right now, let’s get you pregnant,” he said.

The woman barked a laugh. “Have a child with you? Forget it,” she said.

“You need to take responsibility for your actions. I’ll help you with child support but you have to carry it,” he said.

“All so you can save your dick,” she said insultingly.

“It’s more than that. It’s about my job, my career, my life,” he argued.

“You can be a police officer as a woman. You could even be chief one day. I might even help you do It. A woman as police chief might be more understanding,” she said.

“No. I absolutely refuse,” White said adamantly.

“Alright, I’ll help you. Take your clothes off,” she ordered.

White went into her small bedroom and started to take his clothes off. He felt embarrassed by his A-cup breasts under his shirt. The witch entered the room and gave him an amused look. She took off her shirt and removed her bra. Both of her breasts were swollen with life-giving milk.

“Suck on them,” she ordered.

White gave her a disgusted look. “Ever heard of foreplay. Do it,” she insisted.

White took hold of her breast and sucked hard on her nipple. She moaned at his touch and then leaked breast milk into his mouth. “Swallow it,” she ordered.

White reluctantly did so and then went to the other breast. As he did, his hair started becoming longer and his face became more feminine. The rest of his male body began to change form. The hands holding her breasts became smaller and more delicate. His muscles and bones became smaller except for his hips which expanded outward.

Once he realized what was happening, White backed away. “What the fuck is happening to me?” he said in a shrill voice.

“Don’t worry about it. You’ll be back to being a man once you impregnate me,” she assured him. She turned her back to him and got out of her jeans. Once she was naked, she turned around and revealed a very erect penis.

“What is this?” White asked confused. “How am I suppose to impregnate you if you have a dick? You’re a man this whole time,” he realized.

“I choose to be whatever I want to be. You’re the one making the assumptions. You assumed it was I that was the mother this whole time when in fact I am the child’s father. You’re way too far gone to ever impregnate a woman now. Suck my cock, and I’ll make you a true woman,” she said.

“You bitch! I’ll have you in jail for this,” he said angrily, his voice cracking with every other word.

“Jail me for what? Magic?” she asked incredulous.

“I’ll find a way to charge you with something,” he said.

“Shocking abuse of authority,” she mocked. “Now, suck my cock. I know you want to,” she ordered.

White felt like he was losing control as he saw the penis. He put out his delicate hands to touch it and then snapped out of it. He ran out of the room, put on his pants, and tore out of the house. He quickly got in his car and left just as another woman drove up. The witch’s partner and mother of the child entered the house and gave a suspicious look.

“I just saw a half-naked man with tits just exit our house. What’s going on?” she asked amused.

“I was just having fun,” the witch said and kissed her partner.


White drove erratically as he tried to think of what to do. With the exception of his penis and balls, he nearly looked like a woman. He could barely recognize himself in the rear-view mirror. He needed help but didn’t know who to turn to. In his clouded mind, he decided to drive to Miller’s house.

White knocked on the door and finally got Miller to answer. “Can I help you, Miss?” he asked surprised.

“It’s me, Barry,” White said.

Miller could see some resemblance. “What happened to you?” he asked.

“It’s hard to explain. Can I come in,” White asked.

“Sure,” Miller said allowing him inside. White’s eyes immediately turned to the infant in the living room.

“The kid is already here?” White realized.

“Yeah, I said I would pick him up,” Miller said as if it were nothing.

White tried to calm down even as powerful urges were trying to get him closer to the infant. As if on cue, the baby boy began to cry. Miller went over to the infant to see what was wrong. “He must be hungry,” he determined.

Miller went to the fridge to look for a formula bottle. Finding none, he closed the fridge. “Oh well, if only men could breast feed, am I right?” he joked.

White didn’t find the joke funny under the circumstances and wondered if somehow Miller was under the spell too. “I have to go out to get some formula. Can you watch the kid?” Miller asked.

“Sure,” White said as if his mind was on auto-pilot. If he had been rational, he would have refused and drove off. But the spell was warping his mind and making the two of them do things they would not ordinarily do.

“Thanks. I’ll be right back,” Miller said and then exited the house.

White stared at the crying infant. The crying felt painful to him, and he felt an overwhelming desire to solve the problem. Slowly, White walked up to the infant’s crib. The crying was causing his breasts to feel swollen and painful. He rationalized that this was what both of them needed. White clenched his fists as he tried to resist the urge. Miller would be back in thirty minutes. He just needed to hold on.

“Fuck it,” White said finally and ripped off his shirt.

He picked up the baby and led him to his right breast. The infant immediately started suckling and real milk entered his mouth. White felt relief go through his right breast as the pressure diminished. He couldn’t believe what he was doing, breast feeding a baby. Only women did such things and he wasn’t one. What if Miller caught him breast feeding his kid. Would he freak?

White figured he could feed the infant before Miller would come back. He placed the infant on his left breast to relieve the pressure there as well. All the while, White’s body was going through internal changes as he gave in to his female instincts. His flaccid penis became smaller-and-smaller until it was just a nub. His balls deflated as they went inside him.

Miller suddenly entered the house. “Forgot my wallet,” he muttered. He then saw White breast feeding his kid.

“What the fuck?” he wondered coming over to White.

“I had to. He was crying and I had to do it,” White admitted.

The baby was placed in his crib happy and content. White turned to Miller. “You’re my best friend. I’ll do anything for you and your baby.”

Miller gave White a confused look. He no longer looked like a man at all. “What has happened to you, man?” he asked.

“I was cursed by a witch for giving her public indecency tickets,” White explained.

“Witches don’t exist,” Miller objected.

Somehow White knew his manhood was gone, the final proof that what had happened to him could not be explained scientifically. He lowered his pants and underwear revealing his new female vulva. “I don’t know how it happened but it happened,” she said to him.

“Barry, wow, I’m so sorry,” Miller said sympathetically.

“Eric, this whole thing is torturing me. I need your help,” White asked.

“What can I do?” Miller asked.

“I need you…I need you to put a child in me,” she said finally.

Miller gave her a stunned look. “I don’t know. One child is hard enough,” he muttered.

“We can work together on this. We can take different shifts. I’ll take care of your boy,” White offered.

Miller did see the advantage in their weird partnership. “Alright,” he agreed.


Miller laid the fully female White on the bed. The both of them were naked and feeling awkward with each other. “You better not be a bitch like my ex was,” Miller warned.

“I promise,” White smiled nervously.

“Divorce is betraying the brotherhood,” Miller reminded her.

“Brothers forever,” White smirked.

“Alright, this is getting weird. Try to be more like a woman when we do this,” Miller asked.

“Like what?” White asked.

“Talk dirty, moan, grip my back hard. Stuff like that. Don’t be a cold fish,” Miller said.

White didn’t know if she could do this. Was she really going to have Miller’s cock inside her? “One step at a time, buddy,” she said nervously.

Miller got on top of her and kissed her lips. In spite of herself, White enjoyed the sensation and kissed him back. She never had to worry about being teased for not being manly enough. It made sense to love a man with all of his strength, courage, and sense of righteousness.

The two kissed for a few moments until White reached for his cock. “Let’s just do this,” she said.

“Alright. I’ll try to be fast,” Miller said to her.

White nodded. She wasn’t ready to experience marathon sex with a man just yet. She just wanted the spell to be lifted. As soon as she got pregnant, she could get back to normal. Even as a woman nothing stopped her from enjoying the game and having a beer with Miller. Nothing had changed except for occasional sex between them.

“This might hurt a little,” Miller warned as he pushed inside her.

White felt a sting as her hymen broke. “Keep going,” she encouraged.

Miller pressed all the way in and began thrusting at a rapid pace. Cautiously, White placed her hand on her clit as Miller kept going. It was hard for her to process that all of Miller’s dick was inside her and that this was natural. Touching herself, she started to feel really good. It felt so much better than when she touched her dick as a man.

Miller kept himself above White not wanting to kiss her or mess with her breasts just yet. He didn’t want to freak out White who had just become female. He wondered if she was really enjoying this or just trying to free herself of the spell. White stayed fairly quiet except for occasional sighs. Miller knew that men were not expected to be very vocal and that White would be remained reserved in her expression for a least a while. It was hard for him to imagine White moaning and screaming during sex. Maybe someday she would get there. Right now, he just needed to finish up.

Miller grunted as he was about to cum. White quickly started to think about her situation. Did she want It to end so quickly. “Hey, man, hold off on cumming if you can,” she said surprising herself.

“What?” Miller asked surprised.

“I think I am building up to something,” she told him.

“Well, okay,” Miller said trying hard not to cum immediately.

White suddenly cried out as she felt her first female orgasm. She grabbed Miller hard as she felt continuous surges of pleasure go through her body. Miller realized what was happening and decided to release himself into her.

“Holy shit!” White said as she felt her climax. She then felt different about Miller. He was still a cool guy, but she didn’t feel obsessive over him. She felt relatively normal. The spell had been broken which meant she was surely pregnant.

“Oh God,” she realized.


The weekend did not go as White expected. She did all the usual things with Miller like watch the game, play pool, and eat pizza. Miller took a sip of his beer and reflected on the situation. “Too bad you can’t have beer for nine months,” he joked.

“Don’t remind me,” White said grumpily. The full ramifications of pregnancy were coming to bear.

“No sweat. You won’t even show for a while,” Miller said.

“What am I going to do? You think the chief will keep me?” White asked uncertain.

“Yeah, he doesn’t want to be sued,” Miller said.

“I should give him a call to give him a heads up,” White said using his cell phone. He caught the chief on the third ring.

“Officer White, what can I do for you?” the chief asked politely.
“So, I just got a full sex change. I need a new uniform, and I imagine I will need to full out a lot of paperwork,” White said miserably.

“God damn! You got one over the weekend? That was fast. Who authorized you to change your sex?” the chief asked irritably.

“Sorry, chief. Should have said something,” White said expecting to be fired.

“Well, come in Monday and we’ll square you away,” the chief allowed.

“Also, I want the night shift, so I can take care of Miller’s baby,” White added.

“Well, aren’t we demanding? I think we can accommodate that. You and Miller together now?” the Chief asked.

“Yes,” White said awkwardly.

“Well, God damn! Just come in Monday, the evening shift,” the chief ordered.

Thanks, chief,” White said and hung up.

Miller gave White an uncomfortable look. “This is weird for me, alright. You look good, and we’re together now. So…,” he said awkwardly.

White went over to the breast feed the baby which turned Miller on even more. White felt a little pain but then a pleasurable sensation as the baby boy sucked on her breast. Once she was done, she placed the baby back in the crib.

“Look, I can tell when you need it. I’ll be a good sport,” White said as she touched the outline of his dick on his pants.

“Now?” Miller asked hopefully.

“Sure,” White smiled.


Officer White came by the police station Monday evening and began the paperwork process to get a new female uniform. Her large bullet proof vest had to be reduced to a small and her helmet size went down a size. In order to avoid controversy, she was given a new name tag: Miller. It was inevitable as it was.

Officer White awkwardly entered the woman’s locker room and wondered how she would feel inside. Looking around, she saw a few women from the previous shift take a shower. Surprisingly, she felt nothing as if it were nothing. White found her new locker and began to change into her new uniform. Looking in the mirror, she saw a female version of himself as if his own sister were a cop. Female police officers weren’t supposed to wear make-up, something Officer White was thankful for.

“So, you’re the new later transfer?” a female officer asked.

“Yeah…,” Officer White said keeping to the story.

“Miller’s wife, right?” the female officer smirked.

Officer White wondered if Miller and this woman had a past history. Did she feel jealous? “Yeah,” Officer White said.

The female officer nodded and walked off. Officer White had little time to contemplate her new gender dynamic. She was assigned to an officer she had worked with before.

“So, you’re Miller’s wife. Glad to meet you,” Officer Smith said with a smile.

“Nice to meet you too,” Officer White said uncomfortably. Every male’s smile was now different to her for some reason. Whether it was true or not, she got the impression all the male officers were attracted to her. She vowed she would never be one of those women that rush to conclusions. She was a female in a male dominated profession. Everything was different now.

“Glad to meet you too, Smith,” she said politely.

“Let’s get going,” Smith said as they got into a patrol car.

White felt a little anxious being in the same car as Officer Smith. She just needed to get over herself. A complaint appeared on the computer. “Looks like we have an indecent exposure complaint at the park,” Officer Smith said.

Officer White gave him a concerned look. “Let’s just ignore it,” she suggested.

Officer Smith nodded in agreement. “We have better fish to fry.”


In the park, the witch breast fed her infant. She picked up her cell phone and dialed the police department dispatch. “What’s the nature of your emergency?” the dispatch asked.

“I would like to report indecent exposure at the park,” she said.

“We’ll send an officer out to the park,” the dispatch promised.

The woman hung up and smiled. Which officer would it be this time?


Author's Note: I wanted to discuss the breast feeding in public topic in a comedic way. Was Officer White truly punished? Or perhaps a blessing in disguise?

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