The Black Ring IV

Black Ring IV
(Direct Sequel to Black Ring I)

A few weeks after the wedding, I fell back into my usual routine. Most mornings, I found myself naked next to Chris’ naked body. Since the wedding, when Jill tricked me into having sex with Chris, I hadn’t touched the man in any affectionate matter. He seemed understanding about our weird situation. I almost felt sorry for him. I would be pissed if my wife only loved me half the time.

I put on white underwear reserved for me and put on some shorts. I didn’t bother putting a bra on and never did unless I went out in public. Walking around topless, I ventured into the bathroom and sighed at all the make-up and female hygiene items. I brushed my teeth thoroughly getting every single tooth and then looked at myself in the mirror. It was a woman’s face with wild hair.

“You going to brush it out?” Jill asked me. Her hair was just as messy as mine. In fact, nowadays we looked like twins.

“Nope,” I replied in a more deeper voice. She had managed to perfect a woman’s voice after many years of practice. I had not, and I lacked motivation to do so. In public, I usually kept my mouth shut.

I went over to the arm-chair and watched some TV. I felt dead inside lacking any real goals or ambitions. Jill had taken over everything during my five-year hiatus. I eyed the coffee table and saw a photo album of the wedding. I shut it not wanting to think about it.

“What’s wrong?” Jill asked as she sat on the couch next to me.

“I don’t want to think about it. It was so embarrassing,” I shook my head.

“What part?” Jill asked.

“The entire thing. I imagined it would be a lot different, alright. I would be in a tux, Maria would be in the dress, and all my high school friends would be there. I would get totally fucked up drunk and then make love to her all night long,” I said bitterly.

“Sounds very romantic,” she mocked.

I ignored her and went into my Facebook account. Surprisingly, all of my pictures were how I looked like as a male. I stared at the pictures memorized by my boyish looks. It was looking at ghost frozen in time. “I preserved your Facebook profile just the way you had it before the accident,” she said.

I checked my message history and saw that Jill had written some messages on my behalf. Some of my friends had heard about the accident and had given me their sympathies. Jill wrote back assuring them that I was okay. Occasionally, she would reply to one of my high school friends as if she were me. Since she had all of my memories, that wouldn’t be too hard to do.

“Do you have your own account?” I asked.

“Of course. I used Chris’ last name from the very beginning to avoid anyone figuring out we are the same person,” she said.

I nodded approving of her prudence. While Jill had access to all of my memories, I couldn’t access hers. It was like there was a mental wall preventing me. It wasn’t a big deal as Jill would gladly tell me everything that happened during her day whether I wanted to know or not.

As I looked over my Facebook newsfeed, I discovered a high school five-year reunion had been planned. A number of people I recognized had already committed to going. “Let’s go shall we,” Jill gushed.

“Absolutely not,” I told her.

“Why not?” she asked disappointed.

“Why do you think? My old friends are going to think I’m a freak for turning into a woman and marrying a man. All the girls I fucked are going to be traumatized,” I said.

“Let’s not exaggerate. You only fucked two girls,” Jill reminded me.

“I recall it was three,” I corrected.

“Getting your dick sucked doesn’t count,” she said annoyed.

“It doesn’t?” I wondered. “Anyway, we are not going and that’s final,” I said resolved.

“Whatever, I don’t care about your stupid friends anyway. You barely talked with them after graduation,” she said.

“Glad we could agree on something,” I muttered.

Chris entered the living room wearing a t-shirt and shorts. “Hi, honey,” he said to me.

I simply gave him a dirty look.

“Right, Jacky. How’s it going?” he said friendly.

“Fine,” I replied.

He gave me an odd look and proceeded to make breakfast. “Ask to help out,” Jill said to me.

“I would rather not. I don’t know how,” I told her.

“I’ll teach you. I’ll be right with you,” she said.

“Just leave me alone, alright,” I hissed at her.

“Anything wrong?” Chris asked as he made eggs.

“Nothing. Just talking to myself, you know,” I replied.

“Tell Jill, I said hi,” he said.

“It doesn’t work that way. She can see and hear everything I do,” I told him.

“Is it the same with you, like when she’s in control?” Chris asked curiously.

“No,” I said flatly.

Chris was still convinced he had wedding bliss with Jill instead of me. He was wondering if I had seen, heard, and felt the sex that night and every night after. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. When I woke up naked, I knew something went down the night before.

“Cool,” he said in a more reassured tone.

Chris saw me as an involuntary roommate. He couldn’t get rid of me without getting rid of his wife. He tried to make the best of things by being friendly to me. We would jog outside, watch movies, play X-Box, and occasionally work together on house chores. It was a little challenging for him at first since Jill and I co-existed in the same body. He would have to go from lover to roommate to lover again within the span of a day. Would I have tolerated the situation if I were him? No, I would not. Hell no.

To help him out, I would decline to wear make-up, style my hair, or do anything to make myself attractive. Revealing that Jill was still aware even when I was awake was a double-edged sword. He would talk to me as if I were Jill telling me about his job, bills, and mundane things. Jill would then tell me what to say making me a translator of sort.
When Chris was done, he took his plate over to the couch.

“He should eat at the table,” Jill said annoyed.

I rolled my eyes. I didn’t care, so I didn’t say anything about it. I did notice that he didn’t make a plate for me. That bastard. Still, it was good that he was learning to treat me differently depending on which personality was in control. Guaranteed, he would have made a plate for Jill.

I went to the fridge and got a Bud-Light and went back to my arm-chair. Chris stared at me a little as I drank the beer while watching TV topless. “Why are you drinking a beer? Think of all the calories,” Jill lectured me.

“It’s a bud-light,” I said out loud. Chris stared at me wondering what kind of conversation I was having with Jill. “Sorry,” I said to him.

“You know, you’re a little distracting,” he admitted.

“Oh yeah?” I smirked. Making Chris sexually uncomfortable was becoming amusing to me. “Should I wear a burka or something?”

“No, it’s fine,” he conceded.

I was being a little unfair. I knew very well the male sex drive. Me, sitting here, with my boobs on full display must be torture for him. He should feel lucky though. He has a cock and I don’t. After finishing my beer, I decided to look a little more dignified for his sake. I put on a t-shirt, neglecting the bra, and made my own cereal.

“So, do you want to go to the high school reunion?” Chris asked.

I froze and looked at Jill. “What the fuck, Jill?” I hissed at her.

“Please, I have access to all your accounts,” she said pointing to her forehead.

“That doesn’t mean you can violate my privacy,” I muttered. I turned to Chris who found my muttering a little odd.

“I hadn’t planned to. I wasn’t going to even do it with everything that had happened,” I said.

“Okay,” he said simply.

“You want me to show up and be looked upon as a freak by my old classmates?” I asked rhetorically.

“I don’t think you’re a freak,” Chris said.

“You’re so sweet,” I said mockingly.

“If you don’t want to go, its fine. I just figured you might want to reacquaint yourself with people you know,” he said.
I dismissed his sentiment out of hand. I would be a total laughingstock. Not only would I be outed as being married to a man but that I had also received a sex-change too. I would be expected to socialize with the girls and listen to them platter on about their weddings and babies.

“No way,” I shook my head.

“Okay, what if you went dressed up as a man?” he suggested.

I hesitated to say no. “You couldn’t come,” I said bluntly.

“Alright,” he allowed.

“I’ll think about it,” I said honestly.


Later that day, Chris went out to meet with his sister Sarah for lunch. Relieved, I spent most of the day playing video games and watching TV. After wasting much of the day, I felt a little frustrated, so I took my laptop into the bedroom and locked the door. I clicked my favorite porn website and scanned the Lesbian section.

“This is so gross. This is one of the few things I didn’t miss about you,” Jill chided.

“I just need to get off,” I told her.

“Have Chris do it. He’s an expert,” Jill recommended.

“Fuck off,” I replied to her. “You tricked me into having sex with him,” I accused.

“Don’t act like you didn’t like it,” she replied.

I couldn’t deny that it was the most intense sexual experience I had ever had. It was also the most traumatic. I had no control over how long it would last or what position I would be in. He was in total control of the situation. With my laptop, I was now in control.

I played a Lesbian video and reached into my pants. I had gotten used to not having a penis but this new anatomy was still strange to me. It wasn’t female anatomy as I had known it. The head of my penis was made into a clit. I found the little nub and began to rub. It felt good but wasn’t the same as having a seven-inch cock in my hand.

“You were never seven inches,” Jill reminded me.

“You’re not helping,” I said angrily.

“Try using my dildo,” she recommended.

“No,” I rejected.

“Why not? It will feel really good,” she said confused.

“It’s almost the same as having a cock in me,” I clarified.

“Get over it. You’re never going to get off just rubbing your clit,” she said.

“Fine, whatever. Where is it?” I demanded.

She pointed out the drawer. I searched through her underwear drawer and found the peach-colored dildo. I looked at the locked door. Chris wouldn’t be able to know what I had done unless Jill told him.

“You can’t tell Chris about this,” I said to her.

“It’s not a big deal,” she rolled her eyes.

“Promise me,” I demanded.

“Fine,” she said.

I got back on the bed and carefully placed the dildo inside until it was all the way in. “This is so weird,” I said to myself.
Finally, I mustered the nerve to turn it on. It vibrated inside my depth creating an instant reaction. “Holy shit,” I said as I felt it.

“Pretty good, huh?” Jill said.

I stared at the scissoring women and rubbed my clit while the dildo continued to vibrate. Suddenly, without warning, I felt an orgasmic release. I immediately turned the dildo off. It was too much to handle. Just as before, I felt tired and disinterested in sex. I turned my laptop off and reflected on my existence.

“The real thing is so much better,” Jill told me.

“He loves you, not me,” I told her.

“He’ll learn to love both of us as long as you don’t act like a bitch,” Jill said.

“Bitch?” I wondered. Now that I looked like a woman, I could use the word with impunity.

“Grow up,” Jill scolded me.


My name is Jill and Chris returned with his sister, Sarah. Unlike that slob, Jacky, I had my hair and make-up done and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. As soon as Chris entered the room, I held up my left hand that had my wedding ring. Jacky never wore the wedding ring and only occasionally wore the black ring she was supposed to wear. Chris nodded acknowledging the switch and gave me a tender kiss.

“So, we had a long talk, but you have to agree to it,” Chris said as we all sat down.

“Agree to what?” I wondered.

“Obviously, you two can’t have a child naturally,” Sarah said stating the obvious.

I stared at them. Chris and I had discussed the possibility of adopting or using a surrogate mother, but it had never been seriously contemplated. “So?” I wondered.

“We can use the sperm you stored and artificially inseminate a surrogate mother,” Chris explained.

“I would be the kid’s father?” I asked incredulous.

“In a manner of speaking,” Sarah allowed. “But for all intents and purposes, you would be the mother and Chris would be the father.”

“So, we just need to find a surrogate mother. How hard could that be?” I smirked.

“Well, that’s the thing. I think we’ve found one,” Chris smiled.

“Really? Where?” I asked dumbfounded and a little pissed that Chris discussed this with Sarah before me.
“Me,” Sarah said brightly.

I gave them blank looks. “You serious?” I asked.

“Absolutely. It’s best to keep it within the family. Why use a random egg when you can use mine?” Sarah said.
“I would be having a child with you,” I said obviously.

“Well, biologically yes, but legally speaking the child would be yours. I would swear off any paternity rights to the child,” Sarah said.

“Our kid’s mother will also be his or her aunt. Chris, do you realize how insane this sounds?” I asked.

“The child would never be told that Sarah is his or her real mother,” Chris said.

“The three of us would know. What if it leaks out somehow?” I asked.

“Then we deal with it when the time comes. Eventually, the child is going to know about you and how we came to be,” Chris said.

I pondered the situation. Sarah was the closest genetic relative to Chris. They were fraternal twins. If I wanted to have a child with Chris, with Chris’ DNA, this would be the way to do it. Until science could magically turn my sperm into eggs, this was my only option.

“Okay, so who would the surrogate mother be?” I asked.

“I would do that too,” Sarah replied.

“You’re joking. You would not only donate an egg, but you would carry the pregnancy to term. That’s nine months carrying a child that won’t be yours but kind of is yours,” I said astounded.

“Yes, but it’s alright, because I promise to give you and Chris full custody. My family knows a good lawyer. It won’t be a problem,” Sarah said.

“You do realize that surrogate mothers often have emotional attachments to children they give birth to. I can foresee a situation where you don’t want to give up the kid and then everything is fucked up,” I said.

“You have to trust me,” Sarah said.

“You’ve never had a kid before. You don’t know what you’re getting into,” I said.

“Well, there’s another part to this,” Chris began. “There’s a second deal on the table.”

“What?” I asked wondering what it could be.

“Sarah’s partner wants to have a child of her own, so we figured we would swap sperm,” Chris chuckled.

“Swap sperm,” I repeated.

“You’ve made some great gains in your appearance, but, biologically speaking, the two of you are still males. My partner and I are females. In order for us to have children with each other, we have to cooperate. So, I will give you two an egg and in return Chris will give us his sperm,” Sarah explained.

“Chris’ sperm would get your partner pregnant,” I realized.

“Exactly,” Sarah said.

This was nuts. My husband would be having a child with Sarah’s partner. It wasn’t technically incest, but it was getting damn close to it. What if their kid looked like Chris? What if my kid looked like Sarah? They were acting like Chris and Sarah were genetically identical and was nowhere near the case. Aside from sex chromosomes, the two of them could have genetic differences that could later manifest themselves in unforeseeable ways.

“You’re also missing an important piece to this. The two of us,” I said pointing to myself and Sarah. “Are fucked up.”
“How so?” Sarah asked politely.

“I’m a transsexual, and you’re a Lesbian. At least Chris here is normal,” I said.

“We’re all a little queer here,” Sarah said dryly.

I disagreed with the notion that Chris was queer at all. He was a totally straight man, but I let her continue. “There isn’t a discovered genetic link to transsexuality or homosexuality. Our kids have a very high chance of living normal lives. Even if they are queer, that’s okay,” Sarah said.

“You didn’t experience how I was treated by my parents and the outside world. You didn’t even come out until a few years ago,” I said.

“I am not going to dismiss your experience,” Sarah said annoyed. “But things are a lot different now. The children will be raised by us, not our parents. They will be raised in a much more tolerant environment. Just look at what has been achieved in the last few years.”

There was another issue at hand that I couldn’t tell Sarah about. As we all talked, Jake was whispering in my ears everything wrong with this plan. It was his job to give me the risks even as my heart loved the idea of having my own child regardless of who the biological mother was. Being a transsexual wasn’t the issue. I didn’t even know if I really was a transsexual considering how opposed Jack would have been to it. I never would have changed sex if he had not disappeared for five years. The real issue, the issue that scared me, was my own brain.

“It sounds good in theory. Of course, Chris and I will have to think about it,” I said.

Sarah took the hint and went for her purse. “There’s no rush,” she said politely. “Be in touch,” she said to Chris and walked out the door. Chris followed her to the parking lot and came back a few minutes later.

“Well, that did not go as I had expected,” he admitted.

“You were expecting me to shout with joy,” I asked.

“Kind of,” he said disappointed.

“Does she know how fucked up I am? Does she know that there’s more than one person in this head?” I said pointing to my forehead.

“What you have is a very rare condition. Maybe, the first of its kind. It’s very unlikely our child would have it,” Chris said.
“What if he or she does? What if the voices are mean? What if they tell him or her to kill people? Jacky and I have it good. We’re very functional relatively speaking. What if our child suffers his or her entire life with a personality that is aggressive and hateful?” I asked.

“So, you don’t want to have kids?” Chris asked.

“No, you’re the normal one, Chris. We can use your sperm, get a surrogate mother, and raise that kid as our own,” I said.

“I don’t like the idea of getting a random egg donor. I believe the child should be raised by members of the family. Your child, with my sister, will be my nephew or niece,” Chris said.

“That doesn’t sound creepy to you?” I asked.

“I think you should discuss it with Jacky. She may think differently,” Chris said.

“Fuck him…I mean her. Look, she wasn’t around for five years. I graduated from the university, I got a job, I got married, and I will decide about this child. I won’t let Jacky interfere with my life. If she hadn’t left for five years, I wouldn’t be here,” I said angrily.

“I only ask that you consult her,” Chris said flatly.

“Her input, at the very least, could be interesting,” Jake said to me.

“I have a counter proposal. We use your sperm and Sarah’s partner to create two pregnancies back-to-back. One of the kids will go to them and the other kid will go to us,” I said.

Chris nodded. “I will discuss it with them.”

“In the meantime, we should get a genetic background check on Sarah’s partner,” I said.


My name is Jack, and I am completely oblivious as to why Chris is giving me such a haunted look at the breakfast table. I did notice that I was in Jill’s pink pajamas when I woke up. After quickly changing out of them, I removed the wedding ring and put on the stupid black ring.

“So, something went down between you two?” I asked.

Jill was pacing irritably in the kitchen. “There’s something that I feel you should be consulted about,” Chris said.
“Don’t listen to a word he says,” Jill spat.

This only intrigued me. “What’s up…bro?” I asked condescendingly.

He proceeded to tell me about the plan. “So, what do you think?” he asked.

“Honestly, I have mixed feelings being a ‘mother’ to a kid. I always thought I would be a father one day. Play catch with the boy or threaten to kill the girl’s boyfriend,” I said reflectively.

“You still can do that. Gender roles are not as rigid as during our parent’s generation,” he said.

“Yeah, sure, because a boy is going to want to fish, hunt, and play ball with his mother,” I said disdainfully.

“It could be a girl,” Chris said brightly.

“That just makes it worse. I don’t know how to handle a little girl. It’s a totally different world,” I said.

“The three of us, myself, you, and Jill can do this,” he said confidently.

“What if the kid turns out to be a freak…like me. Then what?” I asked.

“Jill had the same concern,” Chris admitted.

“What if Sarah doesn’t give up the kid like she says she will and then we divorce. Your sister could fuck me over with child support payments, while I am working in corporate America as a woman,” I said.

“She won’t do that,” Chris said.

I sighed. “I’m down with it. Fuck it. I always wanted a male heir,” I said.

“It could still be a girl,” Chris reminded me.

“Yeah, and in twenty years, I am sure they will develop a fully functional penis for female-to-male sex changes,” I said.
Chris simply stared at me. “Only joking,” I said. “If we had a girl, I wouldn’t want her to have a penis…unless she wanted one, of course.”

“Right, so, you seem on board,” Chris summarized.

“Man, I have been out of the game for a while. This isn’t my life anymore. I am just a passenger on this ride,” I said honestly.

“That isn’t true,” Chris said.

“Yes, it is. You don’t need to consult me for shit, alright,” I said. “You want to do this thing, you have to convince Jill.”


My name is Jill, and I am pissed. Jacky could have easily vetoed Chris’ plan but punted it back to me. “I am going to get her back for this,” I said.

“Like what? She has nothing,” Jake said.

“Oh, I have an idea,” I said as it popped into my head.

“I do not endorse this course of action,” Jake warned.

“Oh, it’s going to be fun,” I said. I took off my wedding ring and put on the black ring. It was against the rules between us to impersonate the other to Chris, but I didn’t give a fuck at that moment. I made my hair messy, washed my face, and strolled out into the living room without wearing a bra.

“That’s weird. I figured it would be Jill’s turn?” Chris said.

“We switch it up every so often,” I said using a slightly deeper voice tone.

“So, what shall we do today?” Chris asked.

“I want to go to my high school reunion,” I said.

“Is that today? Well, have fun,” Chris said.

“I want you to come with me,” I added.

“What changed your mind?” Chris wondered.

I got closer to Chris making him slightly uncomfortable. “I want them all to know I am a woman now and that you are my husband. I want those single mothers and divorced women to know that I succeeded where they failed when it came to being a woman,” I said arrogantly.

“Well, I see your point. If you want me to go, I’ll come,” Chris obliged.

“I won’t take long,” I promised leaving Chris very confused.

Chris drove me to the park where the reunion was to take place. I had straightened out my hair, put make-up on, and was in a black dress. As Chris drove, I purposefully fell asleep and allowed Jacky to surface.


My name is Jacky, and I awoke to find myself in a dress and in Chris’ car. “Rise and shine,” Jill said from the backseat.

I held my tongue as I assessed the situation. I looked down and saw the black ring on my finger. Jill had impersonated me for some reason. I was wearing sunglasses, so Chris wouldn’t know I had dozed off. I looked around and saw a familiar park. This was the reunion!

I considered my options. I could tell Chris to go back home and create marital strife, or I could just go through with it. After a brief contemplation, I decided to just get it over with. I was entitled to some bragging rights. I had graduated from a university and had a good job. The fuck did you do?

My original plan was to look like a man so no one would notice my sex change. Chris wasn’t even supposed to be present. Obviously, Jill decided to fuck everything up.

“You would be right,” Jill said.

I gave her the middle finger out of Chris’ view. “Shall we?” he asked me once we were parked.

“Yeah, sure,” I said getting out of the car.

“If you feel uncomfortable at all, we can leave,” Chris assured me.

“I may have lost my balls, but I am no coward,” I said rudely.

The two of us went up a small hill and immediately I started recognizing my high school classmates. If I didn’t remember who they were, Jill did. She had seen the guest list and had memorized every name and face.

Those who saw me attempted to place me but couldn’t. I was from a small high school class, and everyone knew each other well. Chris and I didn’t walk together, so many presumed I was the wife of an unknown classmate and that Chris was the husband of an unknown classmate. The trick worked for a good while, as I eavesdropped on a collection of female classmates.

As predicted, they discussed their weddings and children. Some of the women had married shortly after graduating high school and had young children. One of them was noticeably pregnant. Their discussions didn’t interest me, but it would have been unseemly to invade the boy’s circle. They were discussing more interesting things like football, cars, politics, and the economy.

Eventually, I bumped into a familiar-looking man. “Jack?” he said as he looked at me.

I simply stared. Greg was my best friend in high school. We parted ways when he ended up studying on the West Coast. We kept in touch up until the accident. Jill had not kept the correspondence alive. Even so, I couldn’t believe he could detect me.

“You must have me confused with someone else,” I said to him.

“Oh my God, we got Jack here!” Greg shouted for everyone to hear.

“Shut the fuck up, Greg!” I hissed as people started giving me weird looks.

“See, no one cares,” Greg said nonchalant. “How come you stopped taking my calls?”

“I was in an accident five years ago, and it fucked me up,” I said truthfully.

“I read about it on your Facebook profile, but it seemed you had recovered,” Greg said.

“Not all the way,” I replied.

“Well, glad you could make it,” Greg said cheerfully giving me a pat on the shoulder.

Chris came over to help me out but made matters worse. “Is this your husband?” Greg asked.

“Yes, my name is Chris,” Chris said shaking Greg’s hand.

“Wow, if I knew you were into men things could have been a lot different in high school,” Greg smiled.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I demanded.

“I’m gay,” Greg exclaimed.

I simply stared at him. I had no idea. He never dated in high school, but I figured that was because he was a nerd. “That’s interesting. If you two had none the truth about each other, you could have dated in high school,” Chris mused.

“Well, sort of. I had no idea Jack was a woman deep inside. We all have our paths,” Greg said.

There was so much wrong with this. I wasn’t a woman at all. I was a straight boy in high school, and I had sex with girls. I would never have been with Greg even if I had stayed a man, because I wasn’t gay. Greg’s partner came over and gave him a peck on the cheek. I was so incredulous at this point. The only explanation was that the Bay Area had turned him gay.

“When did you know you were gay?” I asked bluntly.

“Honey, he has always been gay from the beginning,” his partner said to me.

“Do you go by Jacky?” Greg asked. I simply nodded. “So, I had felt this way all throughout high school, but I never told anyone about it. I should have told you, but I didn’t think you would be ready for it,” Greg said.

“Wait…you suck his cock?” I asked Greg point-blank.

“And more,” his partner answered for him.

Fuck! If I had known, I could have hooked up with Greg and been his gay lover. It would have been far better than getting a sex change and marrying a man anyway. It would have been an ideal compromise. I could stay a man, and Jill would have her man.

“He’s not really my type,” Jill said interrupting my thoughts.

I couldn’t tell her to shut up without making myself look crazy. Chris seemed to notice the wheels in my head turning. A female classmate named Ashley and an unknown woman approached. Ashley was one of the girls I had fucked my junior year. We didn’t have a relationship per se outside the physical.

“Of course, this makes perfect sense,” Ashley said.

“What makes sense?” I asked disturbed by her presence.

“The only reason I let you touch me was because you were actually a woman deep inside. That’s what I sensed about you,” she said.

My mind immediately registered that they were a Lesbian couple. I had no idea Ashley was a Lesbian although it was true that I was the only guy she had slept with. My mind wandered as I imagined Ashley and her partner getting it on.

“Focus!” Jill said to me.

“Right…,” I allowed.

“You look great. I wouldn’t have even recognized you if Greg hadn’t pointed it out,” Ashley continued.

“Thanks, Greg,” I muttered.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of. We have all had our journey of discovery,” Greg said.

There was no discovery. I was a perfectly straight man with a lovely woman who was also straight and then after a five-year coma woke up as a woman engaged to a man. There was no journey in any of this. “The accident gave me perspective,” I said vaguely.

“I read about it on your Facebook page, very sad,” Ashley remarked.

“So, how is the Bay Area weather treating you?” Chris asked changing the subject. Greg went on about the weather, then talked about real estate, and other topics. I wasn’t really listening. Greg was someone I had respected for his intelligence and sharp wit. Unlike me, he was able to keep it together, as I struggled to reconcile my needs with that of Jill’s. But now…I found out that he sleeps with a man and allows a cock up his ass. I couldn’t deal with it.

“So, we’re expecting,” Ashley said cheerfully referring to her pregnant partner.

“That’s very interesting. How was the process for you?” Chris asked curiously.

“Well, we did it the old-fashioned way,” Ashley said vaguely.

“Old-fashioned?” Chris wondered.

“My brother came over and fucked her a few times. It’s so we can keep it all in the family,” Ashley said.

“Makes sense,” Chris allowed.

“I need a time-out,” I said to the group and went back towards the car.


Once I was out of ear-shot of everyone, I demanded answers from Jill. “You knew about this,” I accused.

“Of course, I did,” she replied. “I scanned everyone’s Facebook profile for their life story. You would be amazed what kind of information people put online.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I demanded angrily.

“You didn’t ask,” she replied.

“You have access to all my memories, but I don’t have access to yours. You have to help me out,” I said.
“I thought it more interesting for you to find out yourself. You always feared Greg’s disapproval. He’s just as queer as you are, perhaps more so,” she said.

“I can’t believe it. My whole life is a lie,” I said.

“Don’t be a drama queen,” Jill scolded.

“It’s like I was meant to be a woman from the very beginning. I could have still been friends with Greg, because he was gay and there would be no sexual tension between us. I could still sleep with Ashley, because she was a Lesbian the whole time. Everything fits except me being who I was,” I said.

“Well, I told you so,” Jill replied.

“What would things have been like if I had transitioned in my teens?” I wondered.

“It’s a moot point. Our parents would never have allowed it. They gave me a ton of shit about transitioning after the accident. If you think they would have allowed it during our teens, you’re fucking high,” Jill said.

I went back up the hill and found Chris still conversing with Greg and Ashley. “It’s interesting that you identify as a perfectly straight man given the circumstances,” Greg said of Chris.

“Well, after my sister came out, I consider myself a straight ally of sort,” Chris replied.

I decided to move away from that crowd and was confronted by the school bully. “I always knew you were a fag,” he said rudely.

“And you didn’t warn me? What the fuck, man?” I asked. “This was the last thing I wanted.”

“Oh yeah, what happened?” the bully asked.

“I got into a car accident,” I said.

“A car accident turned you into a fag?” he asked.

“Yeah, the next day I wanted to be a girl,” I said.

He seemed to ponder this. “Tough break, man. Maybe I should stop racing,” he said concerned. “I don’t want to get what you got,” he said.

“You watch Football at all?” I asked.

“Of course. I’ll watch any game except the Patriots. They suck,” he said.

I smiled. “That we can agree on.”

The bully brought me over to his other male friends I vaguely remembered. They were all previous jocks and current losers of society. “This chick is alright,” the bully assured them.

“Are you the boy that got a sex-change?” one of them mocked.

“I was always a girl. I just dressed up as boy,” I lied.

“Oh yeah?” the idiots said impressed.

“Let me tell you how it went down with Ashley,” I began and proceeded to give a very detailed account of Lesbian sex.

By the end of the reunion, the jock crowd thought I was the coolest chick in high school. “Fuckin retards,” I muttered as I went back to Chris.

“You good?” Chris asked me.

“Yeah,” I said mentally exhausted.

“We’re flying back to the Bay tomorrow. We should stay in touch,” Greg said.

“Yeah, sure,” I replied.


I entered the car uncertain as to whether this high school reunion was worth it. Some things are better left unsaid. “Well, that was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be,” Chris remarked.

“Let’s go home,” I said exhausted.

Once we got home, Chris decided to take a nap. I couldn’t blame him. It must have been an awkward and boring affair for him. I sat in my arm chair in silent contemplation. I was still in my dress. My old self would have torn it off at the soonest opportunity. I had imagined Greg being disappointed or amused by me indulging Jill’s desires. My parents, although resistant at first, had allowed this to happen. They even funded it and helped pay for the wedding so that their son could marry another man. Everything that was certain in the past was no longer.

I got out of my dress and walked silently into the bedroom where Chris was sleeping. Greg was getting laid all the time by his attentive male partner. Why did he get to have all the fun? Why must I suffer because of principle? What if Chris rejected me?

I went over to the bed dressed in my black underwear and sat on the bed next to him. “Jill?” Chris wondered.

“No,” I replied.

“What’s wrong?” Chris asked.

“I have been denying myself too long. I want to go all the way,” I said to him.

“You sure?” Chris asked concerned for my slipping sanity.

“Yeah,” I said and then peeled away his boxer shorts.

I had seen his penis before on our wedding night and occasionally when he would exit the shower. It didn’t surprise me, but it would be the first time I would hold it willingly. I was not forced by social necessity. I was initiating it. I cautiously stroked him hoping I wasn’t hurting him. As he became long and hard, I was filled with anticipation and dread. Could I really do this?

I could. I was always meant to be a woman, to be a sister to Jill. Even if it wasn’t true, the fantasy of it couldn’t be denied. I was a woman now and would forever be. I could make my past as female as my future if I wanted it to be. I lowered my lips onto Chris’ cock and completely surrendered.

If Chris had any reservations about having sex, they were gone now. I got him good and hard sucking on him like it were a lollipop. I hoped I was doing it right. Jill was absent from my mind giving me space to navigate this strange territory on my own.

“Okay, I want to be on top,” I insisted.

“Sure,” Chris agreed.

I got closer to him and awkwardly positioned myself over him. I had the same muscles as Jill. If she could do this, I could as well. I cautiously lowered myself down on him only to have his penis slide in front of my thigh.
“It’s okay. Let me help,” Chris said as we finally got his penis in the right position. It then slid inside my body all the way to the hilt.

“Not too difficult,” I said as I adjusted myself.

“Okay, go slow,” Chris advised me.

“Right,” I agreed.

At first, I did take it slow moving my hips up and down. Eventually, I sped up the pace, and his penis came out. I struggled to get it back in and failed a number of times. “Fuck it,” I said exasperated.

“It’s going to take practice,” Chris said.

“You know what? Take over,” I said to him.

“You really mean it?” Chris asked.

“Yeah. I’m not in the mood to practice right now,” I said annoyed.

“Okay,” Chris shrugged.

Chris quickly took hold of me and placed me on the bottom. With expert ease, he was inside me. He rubbed my clit as he thrust hard. It wasn’t as magical as our wedding night, but it did feel pretty good. As he dominated my body, I tried to rationalize it in my head. It was no different than wrestling where one partner dominates the other in practice, right?

No, I was a woman being fucked by a man. There was no denying it. He was doing all the right things with his hands massaging my nipples as he repeatedly did the alphabet on my clit. I really was a sexual failure. I wouldn’t even cut it as a gay man. Even Jill could please a woman better than I could.

Chris was nearly double my body weight and it showed. His muscles gave him awesome stamina. I felt tremors going through me. I was too unaccustomed to this body to know if they were orgasms. I just didn’t want it to end, but I wasn’t going to do embarrass myself further by crying out. Eventually, Chris came inside me with masculine grunts.

The roller coaster was over. He had finally cum and that meant the end of it. I felt so relieved. After a few moments of sighing, Chris gave me a smile. “You okay?” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Okay, okay. Let’s keep going then,” he said and began to move again.

What? No way he could keep going after an orgasm. Sure enough, Chris kept going for a few minutes longer until eventually softening. He withdrew from me and gave me a sheepish look. “You have fun?” he asked.

He was treating sex like it was a sport. Like, we had just finished a wrestling spar. “Yeah, that was cool,” I said lamely.

“I don’t mind doing this more often, Jacky. We don’t see it as cheating, and I know you have needs as well,” Chris said.

“It’s just my pride is a little damaged, you know. You’re so much better than I was,” I said softly. “I was so bad that my girlfriend became a Lesbian.”

“That isn’t how it works,” Chris said. “What she said didn’t make sense either. Back then, you were a man, no dispute. In a way, you still are. There’s a world of difference between you and Jill,” Chris said.

“Why would you have sex with a man then?” I asked.

“You look hawt,” Chris said simply. “Even when you don’t put on make-up, have your hair completely wild, and put on the wrong clothes it’s really attractive. You look like an animal sometimes,” Chris smirked.

An animal? Yes, that was the key. I was thinking way too much. I just needed to be more like an animal and just fuck.

Once I got that down, then I could think about higher thoughts. “Thanks, Chris,” I said appreciatively.


My name is Jill, and I was enjoying a warm tea while in my pink pajamas in my arm chair. With my laptop on my lap, I was watching the funniest video. At one point, I nearly spit out my tea. I was watching a very naked Jacky attempting to ride Chris on the bed. After a number of failed attempts, Chris took over.

I reached underneath my pajama bottoms to stroke myself as Chris plowed Jacky. Some would say this was wrong. They would say I was being a narcissist watching my own porn video even if my mind wasn’t in control at the time. Perhaps, some would even wonder whether this was any different filming my twin having sex. Jacky had no idea that I had set up a camera in the bedroom. While her conscious mind wasn’t aware of it, she had triggered the camera in the closet. If she didn’t want to be filled, she should have turned the lights off.

“Is that really fair?” Jake wondered.

“What better way than to learn from one’s mistakes,” I said as I took the burned disc out of laptop. I wrote Jacky on the disc to distinguish from my own. I wouldn’t be caught dead owning this disc.

“You were not much better in the beginning,” Jake reminded me.

“What I did with Nicki is classified. No one needs to know,” I said dismissively.

I went to a safe in the closet, opened the safe, and placed the disk inside. This secret safe contained dozens of our sex videos. Each disc had a date and location on it. I had been recording videos since the sex change. Chris was aware of my need to video everything as long as it remained private and private meant that not even Jacky could know about it. Jake was right though. I shouldn’t be too judgmental of Jacky. The first couple times using my vagina had been a little hilarious. I picked one of the early discs, closed the safe, and enjoyed myself.


My name is Jack, and I awoke in my arm chair. I looked down and saw myself in pink pajamas. Why did it have to be pink? Black fit both genders nicely. Hell, women could wear any color and be perfectly fine. I closed my eyes and tried to accept it. Pink is good now, pink is good now.

Fuck it

I eyeballed the laptop in my lap and did a double take. “What the?” I wondered.

I stared at the movie player and saw a frozen image of a naked Chris and myself on the bed. “Leave it alone,” Jill said anxiously.

“What’s this?” I asked as I played the video.

Jill sighed as I watched Jill aggressively suck Chris’ cock. In spite of myself, I felt aroused. Was I aroused at myself for being an attractive woman or aroused at the naked male that was Chris. How could I be aroused at myself?

“Stop it!” Jill shouted at me.

I put the video on pause. “What’s up with this?” I asked.

“I occasionally film us during sex. It’s perfectly normal,” she said.

“Normalcy isn’t our strong suit,” I told her. “You should be more careful next time when you doze off,” I said.

“Who else would see it?” she asked sarcastically.

“Wait, Chris knows about this?” I asked surprised.

“Of course, he does. You must really think I’m insane,” Jill spat.

“Well, as long as I wasn’t filmed…,” I said and then stared at Jill.

“What?” she asked flustered.

“Did you film me?” I demanded.

“No,” she said immediately.

“Where did you get this?” I wondered.

“Somewhere. It’s none of your business,” she said.

“So, you don’t mind if I destroy it,” I said bending the disc slightly.

“Go right ahead. I have dozens more,” she said and then quickly regretted saying so.

“Dozens?” I wondered.

“Put it back in the laptop, and I will put it where it belongs later,” she ordered.

“Fine, whatever,” I said putting the disc back into the laptop. “You respect my privacy, and I respect yours,” I said.

“You’re not in a position to bargain, Jacky,” she said scornfully.

I tensed up hating my new female name. “Look, don’t be a…bitch,” I said boldly.

“You think because you’re female now, you can call me that word. Grow up,” she said.

“I could call you worse,” I threatened.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she mocked.

“Let’s see what other secrets you have,” I said and then began searching the other bedroom. Supposedly, it was used for storage, but I quickly found a number of Halloween costumes. There was a cop, bandit, cowboy, Indian, navy uniform for both sexes, star trek uniforms for both sexes, and other costumes.

“What the fuck is this?” I wondered.

I then found a shelf of perfectly organized collection of lubricants, condoms, sex-toys, black leather, and masks. “Why condoms?” I asked.

“They’re edible,” Jill replied.

“What is all this?” I asked shocked.

“For nearly twenty-five years, my desires were repressed. So, when I finally got myself a man I went all out,” she said.
“Jesus,” I muttered.

“Look. All you needed was a good yank. I needed something more,” Jill explained.

I looked around and saw a box filled with baby clothes. “Is this part of the fantasy too?” I asked and then stopped myself.

I stared at Jill. She gave me a look of sadness and shame. “When I make love to Chris, I try to imagine that it’s possible to get pregnant. When he cums inside me, he tells me this will be the time. It’s going to happen this time. I know it never will, but I like it when he says it,” she said.

I looked back at the baby clothes collected. “Jill, I’m sorry we were born a boy,” I said sympathetically.

“Don’t say that. We had a lot of fun being a boy all those years,” she said.

“I don’t have any right to interfere with all of this. Sorry, I intruded,” I said sincerely and left the room.

“This isn’t just me. It’s for you too,” Jill said to me.

“I’m not there yet,” I shook my head.

“You will,” Jill assured me.


My name is Jill, and I decided it was time to get a new perspective on whether to reproduce with Sarah. I went into the church and appreciated not immediately being lit on fire. The Protestant minister approached me warmly, and we both took a seat in the pews.

“So, I came to ask you your opinion on a sensitive matter. I’m thinking of having a child with my husband but there’s a problem with it. I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do,” I said.

“What’s the problem in creating new life?” the minister asked.

“Right…well, I’m…mentally ill. I hear voices in my head, and I can see people that are not there,” I said.

The minister nodded thoughtfully. “You believe this could be hereditary?” he assumed.

“Right and that would mean my child could be inflicted with it as well,” I said.

“Do you feel you are suffering from this condition?” the minister asked concerned.

“Actually, the other personalities have been very helpful to me,” I said.

“What do they think about this idea?” the minister asked.

“Well, it doesn’t matter what they think. I’m in charge,” I said hoping I didn’t sound too insane.

“I understand,” the minister said.

“My child may not be so lucky. The child could suffer from hostile voices and thoughts. The child could grow up to be fucked up, basically,” I said attempting to articulate my thoughts.

“You know, Martin Luther believed that every individual was essentially horse shit covered in snow,” the minister recited.

There was an awkward pause between us. “And?” I asked hoping he would elaborate.

“We’re all fucked up. Some of us more than others but there is nothing we do in this life that can be considered good to God. We’re all a bunch of fuck ups,” the minister continued.

I nodded absorbing this interesting perspective. “The only thing that saves us is our faith. Faith is the snow that covers the horse shit. Your child could be a raving lunatic, a murderer, a thief, a rapist, etc, but if he has faith he will be saved,” the minister said.

“What about everyone else that suffers because of my child?” I asked.

“After the fall, Adam and Eve must have questioned whether bringing a new life into the world would be the right thing. Their first-born son was a murderer, their second son a victim of that murder, and their third son’s lineage would eventually become corrupted too. But from all this evil and chaos came Noah who would save humanity. We can never know what the future will bring. We just have to trust in God and each other,” the minister said.

“Thanks,” I said still uncertain.

“You’ll do fine. I have faith in you,” the minister smiled.


My name is Jacky, and I was still working out my sexuality. I decided to watch a show on the Discovery channel that was about lions. It showed a pride of lionesses taking down prey and even a mating scene. Despite the male lion being far larger, he generally did nothing all day allowing the lionesses to hunt and take care of the cubs for him.

“Lazy ass,” I remarked.

“There are plenty of species where the female is the better hunter like spiders, sharks, hawks…,” she listed off.

“Jill, you’re trying too hard,” I said depressed.

Every movie I watched generally had the man as the hero and the woman as the damsel in distress. All the commercials had women talking about cooking, cleaning, and child products. A number of comedy shows had the husband being a doofus and the wife being the genius. I felt defensive about my former gender and didn’t feel empowered.

I continued to watch a male lion hump the lioness. Maybe that was it. I needed to be more like an animal and stop thinking about my problems.

“Chris?” I called out.

“You need something?” he asked coming into the room.

I turned off the TV and stood up. “Yeah, your dick,” I said.

Chris, like all men, would never turn down legitimate sex. We quickly took off our clothes and then I told him my intentions. “I want you to be rough and animalistic,” I said to him.

“Okay,” he agreed.

I got on all fours and waited patiently for him to plunge inside me. He took hold of my hips and slid all the way in. He was gentle at first and rubbed my clit. I could tell that he just wanted to “help” me rather than any real affection.

“Chris, get on all fours like me and get on top of me,” I instructed.

“Sure,” he said changing position.

I could feel the added weight but it was worth it. He slammed into me forcefully like a beast. I tried to imagine myself as a lioness. There was nothing funny or lame about that. A lioness was a killer. It was the male lion that was pathetically useless. Yes, I was in charge. I just needed Chris for his seed.

My breasts shook and my hair was a mess from our motions. My muscles strained and then collapsed so that I was on my stomach. “You okay?” he asked me.

“Keep going,” I said raising my hips.

He obliged and got on top of me. Within a few minutes, he came inside me. We hadn’t kissed or caressed each other. It was just pure penetration. “Thanks,” I said as he got off of me.


Chris and I went over to the fertility clinic to sign paperwork with Sarah and Barbara. The Lesbian couple seemed ecstatic at the prospect of getting pregnant at the same time. Despite my misgivings, I signed the paperwork. Within a month, both Sarah and Barbara were pregnant.

“What have I done?” I realized.

“We’re creating a new family,” Chris said.

“I’ll be a father,” I muttered.

“No, Jill. You are a mother now, and you always will be,” Chris said kissing me tenderly.

“I can’t give birth. I can’t breast feed,” I listed off.

“For the rest of your life, our kid is going to call you mom,” Chris reminded me. “And when he or she has kid, they will call you grandma.”

“What if the kid finds out?” I asked fearfully.

“It won’t be the end of the world. We will always be their parents,” Chris said.


During all this time, I still went to work. Jacky and I would exchange places throughout the week with me taking Monday through Thursday and Jacky taking Friday. The arrangement gave me more time with Chris, but it did add extra complications with my co-workers.

“Hey, you want to come to the restroom. Stan and I need an unbiased judge to determine which one of us has a longer dick,” Fred said.

“I got a better idea. Here’s some tape, so you can blindfold yourselves and then jerk each other off,” I replied annoyed.

Fred didn’t appreciate the suggestion and wandered off. When Jacky came to work, she obviously had a different approach to our male co-workers. Often, they would forget what day it was and offer to tell me about their sex lives. At first, my transsexuality was a guarded secret between the boss and I, but Jacky decided to tell a number of male co-workers and the rumor spread like a wildfire.

“You should report those guys,” an eavesdropping female co-worker said to me.

“What’s the point? I’ll simply deny it tomorrow,” I said absent mindedly.

“Why would you do that?” she asked.

“Look, just pay attention to your own cubicle,” I told her.


My name is Jacky, and I could not ask for better co-workers. Jill would associate more with her female co-workers, while I exclusively chatted with the men. We discussed football, politics, and female co-workers. We had a lot of good talks in the male restroom.

“It must be a Friday!” Fred said as I entered.

I always worked on Fridays to give Jill the day off. My male co-workers apparently discovered I would show up with a different personality depending on the day. “It won’t mean anything if we don’t get our work done. The boss is threatening to make us work on Saturday,” I said.

“No way. The boss has something special planned tonight,” Fred said eagerly.

“What’s a woman doing here? Oh, it’s you,” Stan said as he exited a stall.

“Courtesy of state law,” I smirked referring to a new law that required people to use the restroom of their birth sex.

“I don’t really need to shit. I just need to jack off,” Ryan said as he strolled in.

“Carry on,” Fred and Stan said together.

“Yeah, the boss wants to see us all around four. He’ll announce it then,” Fred continued.

Carl then entered the restroom and gave me an odd look. “Why is she here? This is against company policy. I don’t understand,” he murmured pathetically.

“Carl, she has more of a right to be here than you. You have bigger tits than she does,” Fred said insultingly.

“Get out of here, you fat fuck,” Stan chimed in.

“Okay, but the boss will hear of this,” Carl said as he walked out.

“Jesus, I’m going to get an EO complaint for this, aren’t I,” Stan wondered.

“Did any of us see or hear anything?” Fred asked.

We all put our hands on our eyes, ears, and mouths like the three monkeys. “So, you going to play some paintball with us at the company retreat?” Fred asked changing the subject.

“Sure,” I agreed.

“No shooting us in the balls,” Stan reminded me.

“I wouldn’t do that,” I assured them.

Stan went over to one of the stalls and kicked it. “Hurry up in there.”

“It would be easier if you would all shut the fuck up,” Ryan replied.

“He does have a point,” Fred said and then led us out of the restroom.


The boss arranged a meeting with only male subordinates except me. He even ushered his secretary out of the room. It was a real shame that we feared our own female co-workers more than the competition or corporate spies. Being female, I was practically immune.

“So, gentlemen and lady, it has come to my attention that one of you is going to be a father,” the boss announced.

“Shit!” Stan blurted out.

“Not you,” the boss said annoyed at being interrupted. “I’m referring to Jill.”

The room clapped for my success. “Thanks, guys,” I said a little embarrassed.

“Isn’t the mother your sister-in-law,” Fred asked curiously.

“Yeah,” I said nonchalant.

“So, why didn’t you hook up with her?” Fred continued.

“Because she’s a Lesbian,” I replied.

“But you’re Bi, right?” Fred asked.

“Look, I tried and it didn’t work out,” I said delicately.

“You dated your sister-in-law?” Stan asked confused.

“Look, I don’t care to discuss my life story,” I said defensively.

“Ahem,” the boss said regaining control of the meeting. “So, in honor of this achievement, I have decided that we are all going to the Juicy Lucy to celebrate.”

“Hell, yeah,” the male co-workers cheered.


The Juicy Lucy was a well-known strip club downtown. I insisted we go immediately, so everyone came down still in their work clothes. The last thing I needed was to doze off in a strip club and have Jill take over. Carl wasn’t invited, since he was a total square. The boss took care of our entrance fees except for me, because I didn’t need to pay.

We got ourselves a table and got pitchers of beer. “Sure, you don’t want a bottle of wine?” Fred teased.

“Fuck off,” I replied.

We clinked our beer pitchers and drank them down. I knew what I could handle back when I was a guy, but Jill had dramatically altered my body. I weighed less, fat distribution was different, and she typically didn’t drink so my tolerance level was a lot lower now.

As I watched the nearly naked women dance around a pole, I felt a thrill go through me. If I still had my dick, it would be rock hard. Instead, I felt a frustration that couldn’t be relieved by just jerking one off in the bathroom.
We took turns getting a lap dance and drinking alcohol. It became apparent early on that I was becoming intoxicated a lot quicker than the guys. I began to talk about things I shouldn’t.

“So, I am not really attracted to the guy, but he has needs you know,” I said referring to Chris. “Divorce or cheating isn’t an option,” I added.

“Yeah, divorce and cheating are the worse. Most divorces are filed by women,” Fred said bitterly.

“It’s a violation of the bro code,” Ryan added.

“The bro code doesn’t apply in this case,” Stan said obnoxiously.

“Fuck it doesn’t,” Ryan protested. “Look, even though you got yourself a pretty face, some boobs, and you cut off your cock…,” he said.

“I didn’t cut it off. I inverted it,” I corrected.

“Inverted?” Stan wondered.

“Turned it inside out, dumbass,” I said annoyed.

“Turned your cock inside out? Oh God!” he said as he ran to the bathroom to hurl.

“Anyway, as I was saying,” Ryan continued. “A part of you is still a bro. That’s why we gel so well. It’s why we’re all here at this strip club and not some pansy ass baby shower.”

“Alright, alright,” I said agreeing so far.

“So, you have to give Chris some of that warm pussy. You can’t starve the man. He has needs. You have to fulfill those needs, because no one else can. The spirit of the bro code is to protect and serve other bros,” Ryan said.

“Ryan, that sounded very homosexual,” Fred noted.

“Fuck you. You know it’s true. We men have to stick together or women will divide us,” Ryan said.

“Well, why don’t we all turn gay? Then, no woman will divide us. We’ll just suck each other off in the bathroom at work every day,” Fred said skeptically.

“This is a special case. She’s married to a man. If you were married to man, it would apply to you,” Ryan argued.

“No, it wouldn’t, because I would make him my bitch,” Fred said.

“You would make him your bitch? Really? I think it would be the other way around,” Ryan shot back.

“How about I make you my bitch right now,” Fred said raising his voice.

The two argued with each other as Stan came back. “Did I miss something?” he asked.

“Yeah, it was very thought provoking,” I admitted.

“I’m sorry, man,” Fred said clutching Ryan’s shoulders.

“It’s okay, man,” Ryan replied and then separated.

“Bunch of queers,” Stan shook his head. “Even Jill here is straighter than you fucks,” he added.

“Thanks,” I said appreciating the compliment.

“It’s your turn. Make us proud,” Stan said to me.

I went upstairs and entered the lap dance room. “You don’t have to do this,” Jill said to me.

“Wow, you’ve been actually here this whole time,” I realized.

“I’m always with you,” she said obviously.

“Look, I’ll pay Chris back for this,” I assured her.

“Sex isn’t a currency,” Jill said annoyed.

“Just enjoy this,” I said as the stripper approached me.

She did a really good job especially since she didn’t regularly entertain other women. That made it all that much harder for her. A typical woman would notice imperfections and tiny details that a horny man would miss. She tried extra hard for me, and I was mesmerized. Jill stayed quiet in the background allowing me to enjoy the moment.

After it was over, I felt a bit over saturated with the female body. I woke up in a female body, showered in a female body, played with my boobs all day, watched Lesbian porn, and was now receiving a female lap dance. It was becoming too much. There was too much of a good thing, and I was starting to get bored with them. Other than sex appeal, I didn’t have much in common with them.

I went back to my group and my drunken mind started to see them as attractive. “Oh God, I’m turning gay,” I realized.

“Don’t be dramatic,” Jill said to me. “You’ve been drinking too much.”

I came back to my table and had another drink. As soon as I did, my head hit the table.


My name is Jill, and I am apparently at a strip club courtesy of my loving and understanding boss. My eyes shot open, and I immediately felt intoxicated. I looked at my freaked out male co-workers. “I’m fine,” I said to them.

“Holy shit. We thought you were out cold,” Stan remarked.

“Nah, I’m fine,” I repeated.

“But I should be going soon. You guys have been the best.” I said as I called a cab.

Once the cab arrived, I thanked my boss and male co-workers for a wonderful evening. Although wide awake, the alcohol was taking its toll. It would take all night to detoxify myself. I stumbled my way to my door and came inside.
I found Chris in bed reading a book. He noticed my drunken state and gave me a surprised look. I collapsed myself on the bed. “Chris, I have been a naughty girl,” I confessed.

“Oh?” Chris wondered.

“I need to be punished,” I said repentant.

Chris merely shook his head in mock disappointment, reached beneath the bed, and got out the paddle.


I woke up sober but feeling really sore on my butt. I figured Jill had just fallen on the floor at the strip club. How embarrassing for her. Chris was in a deep sleep, so I decided not to wake him. I thought long and hard what Ryan had said at the club. It wasn’t fair to Chris that his wife was only affectionate half the time. I began to list some things I would want if I were in his position. It wasn’t because I wanted to or felt motivated sexually to do so. It was just a matter of principle, the bro code.

Once he woke up, I was ready for him in the bed. As soon as his eyes opened, I kissed him good. It actually felt pleasurable, so I kept going. I put my tongue into it and reached for his penis. In spite of himself, he was getting hard under my touch.

“Jill?” he wondered.

“Not here right now,” I answered.

For a long moment, I kissed him passionately while rubbing him. I then lowered his boxers and started sucking on his cock. I must have done well, because he tried to stop me soon thereafter. “Jacky, I’m going to cum,” he warned.
I didn’t care. This wasn’t about me. I let him pulse into my mouth. I tried not to gag and shallowed it all. Then, I continued licking him creating an immediate reaction. His penis was super-sensitive, and I knew it. He tensed up and grunted as I continued to service him. Once he was no longer sensitive, I finally withdrew.

“Wow, Jacky,” he said impressed. “Let me do something for you.”

“Not this time. This isn’t a quid pro quo, Chris. I don’t want to be your fuck buddy anymore. I want to be a loving wife, because, back in the day, I would have wanted a loving wife,” I said.

“That’s very gracious,” Chris began.

“I know I’ll never replace Jill. Think of yourself as a King with two different but equally affectionate wives,” I said.
“Alright,” Chris agreed.

I left a stunned Chris in the bedroom. It would take time for me to think of myself as a woman mind and body. It may never happen, but I also believed a man shouldn’t be cheated out of loyal and loving spouse. I looked at the black ring that I had placed on the dresser. I hadn’t taken the ring seriously since the wedding. It had only served to help Chris identify which one was in control but now things were different. The black ring had been Jill’s first engagement ring. It was important to her and now to me. I put the black ring on my finger without reservations. It would be my promise too.

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