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For those who've followed the twisting turning path that is my life, caring enough to drop a note, or lift up a prayer, thank you.
Fortunately, this isn't about drama. Not about rejection, divorce, hostility or any other negative emotion.Nor is it about weight loss or weight gain, physical problems, or the vagaries of my doctors. All of those are present, it's just they've taken a backseat to something I'd nearly forgotten exists.

So you want to pass... Pay close attention


So you want to pass. You might want to be sure you're up to the task, and well informed about

15 Inconviences Of Being A Woman Men Will Never Understand.

If you can't identify with at least half the list you may be hopeless. I'm more or less rolling on the floor laughing myself senseless. Some of them hit quite close to home, others you can only dream of...

Hugs, Love and Blessings ya'all

Comdex 13 For Every Ending is Just a Beginning

COMDEX, Chapter 13,
“Every Ending Is Just A Beginning,
You know
And Goodbye Is Just Hello.”

“With Everything Changing”
UWP 1970

A telephone ringing in the middle of the night is never a harbinger of glad tidings. I’d been asleep for maybe two hours. I was still the closest one to the phone, I should have learned last night.


“Kate, it’s Andy. Jane is on the line, and she’s NOT happy.”

Every Ending is Just a Beginning, you know. And goodbye is just hello...

I looked back at my notes. Comdex was started in March of 2002. Twelve years of having a story hanging over my head. In that time, things we take for granted in criminal investigations have moved from an esoteric field (I had help from a Florida State Trooper) to being a TV show.

Cruise ships have had their dirty laundry aired to the public. The worth of the telemedicine equipment described early on to the cruise lines has proven invaluable.

It's been fun. I'm pleased the story will go full circle in Chapter 13.

Comdex - 12 - "You've been Busy Caterpillar, Now it's Time to Become A Butterfly

Steven’s Hall, Saturday, December 29, 2001, 1515 hours.

Linda was in bed, shaking me awake. Correction, Linda was on the bed, not in it.

“Come on Alice, it’s time for the Mad Hatter’s tea party.”

“Huh? I’m sleeping.”

“Nope, time to get up. You will soon have 12 young ladies along with 20 or so, of Annie’s closest friends. Time to get up and shower. Besides, I don’t want you to be up all night, again.”

“Lin, what day is it?”

Comdex - 11 - You Want me to do WHAT!!!

COMDEX Chapter 11, “You Want Me To Do WHAT???
“This has to be a Joke!”

Steven’s Hall, 1400 hours EST, Friday, December 28,

Linda turned to her wife, still asleep on her shoulder and gently shook her, “Hi Honey, we’re home.”

“Ow, that hurt. Is it morning yet?” I muttered, disoriented.

“Uh, I don’t think you wear your UZI to bed honey,” Hal informed me, trying to be helpful.

“I’m sorry Love, I didn’t think.”

Can Someone Tell Me??

I curious. I always have been wandering the site, and a few other site that I've written for. Now the "Account's are getting read, and I'm up to nine years and eleven months. Erin or Piper, can you provide the date????

There is method in my mania. My final Novel is finished. Comdex is FINISHED!!! Yeah The Pruetts. and The Steven meet and discover My..secret.

Well it's been fun! I'd like to post it on that day. The three books all run to 5oo pages or more.

Blessings, Love, and Hugs,

I Hate Mother's Day

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I'm truly happy to see so many celebrating Mother's day. Mothers go through a lot bringing a new life into the world, nurturing that child, then sending them out to stand on their own two feet. Bravo


I would much prefer it to be "Mommy's Day." Any genetic female with all her pieces parts working correctly can become a mother. It takes someone special to be a Mommy.

WHY do I hate it? It is widely acknowledged that my soon-to-be-ex wife never was, never will be a Mommy. She freely admits this.

Comdex - 10 - Youze Pays yer Nickel and Youze Take yer Chance

Comdex 10

Youze Pays yer Nickel and Youze Takes yer Chance

It took about 10 minutes for Simon, Andy, and Patrick to get him dressed. He looked like an oversized baby girl in his pink footed one piece hooded sleeper, except his zipped up the back, and locked. Well that and the fact he was handcuffed and manacled.
“Well now, isn’t that better? Pastel Pink is definitely you. You are going to Massachusetts. Carol is there with your journal, and your files. I’ve been reading all about your activities. Carol is LIVID that you’ve raped those women. She’s even angrier that you would give her jewelry you stole from those women. I’ll tell you now, IF you see her you better be polite because I KNOW she would gladly cut your very teeny wiene off.”

I pulled my K-bar knife again, and this time I wickedly slashed Maxwell from shoulder to hip.

Thank you Chelle for your proof reading/editing skills! Of course, any errors are solely mine.

Comdex - 9 - There’s Nothing Fair about life.

Comdex Chapter 9
There’s Nothing Fair about Life

John pulled the cell-phone out and tried calling Leo. No answer, no message, shit!

Maxwell then tried to call home. At least this time someone answered. “Hello?”

“Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my house?”

“This must be Mr. Maxwell?”

“Yeah, you still haven’t answered me!”

“Oh, well Mr. Maxwell this is Roger Guthrie of the FBI. I’d like to thank you for leaving your safe unlocked.”

John Maxwell hung up the phone, in shock. His safe unlocked?




Yes, Comdex is alive and well. Well the story anyway. This chapter marks the end of the longest Comdex drought. There are three (or four) Chapters in process. Thank you for being understanding.

This chapter introduces a new editor for me. Holly Happy Hart was my editor for years. I miss her desperately. She was my friend, I'd helped her move across country. Now I've found a new editor - MichelleA

I am very fortunate, and so are you. Her comments made the story much more readable.

Recommended by: Grover;Karen J;Joani; Drea; Digger; ;

I know many here are looking for their favorite serial. Others are looking for a stand alone story.

Well here's your chance to read something different.

Honor First, Honor Last, Always Honor


Honor First, Honor Last, Always Honor.
The Beth Pruett Story
by Beth Williams
Copyright 2010, 2011,2012, 2013


A Story of Love, Medicine, the Military, Orphans, and Viet Nam

Caution: A small part of this story depicts events related to the sexual abuse of a child - me. No, it didn’t happen exactly the way written, but close enough I still, have an occasion, flashbacks. ________________________________________________________________

The Chief sort of wilted. “I don’t know how to say this gently. The first BabyLift flight out of Vietnam crashed. It will be on the news tonight. Already the Mayor, and worse, the Newspapers have been clamoring for their favorite Emergency Medical Technician to help. So… you’ll be packing your bags. The Mayor talked to the Governor. The Governor called the President. The President called the Pentagon. The Pentagon called the Governor’s Military office, repeatedly, then the General called your CO at Moffett Field, and then your CO called me. As of 0800 today, you have been federalized.”

You HAVE to read this one

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I hardly ever write for the blog. I've recently read a story that deserves all the praise I can heap on it. It's very good. There are a few grammar and spelling errors, but you quickly lose your critical thinking as the story gripes you. Got your attention? heeheehee

The Story is "Zapped" by the late Bob Arnold.

Holiday's Will Be Here Before You Know It!

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Well, this wasn't supposed to be a question I'd need to ask, but that was before running into the side of a granite boulder. I was supposed to be in Oklahoma the beginning of July. Gee, everything was set, housing, family, even the finances were all a done deal. I was supposed to have moved out from my house, and I would still be leaving more than 1/2 my monthly money so the house (can anyone say investment?) payment would be made.

The Legend of Captain Pruett, M.D. and The Angel of the Bay


sh3seakingbb6 (1).jpg

I’d moved to the Bay Area to participate in the Stanford Gender program. I am, thank you very much, going to be fully, functionally, finally, forever, female in about three months time. Well as female as I can be. I’ll never have my own babies, and that hurts, but NOT as much as living and pretending to be a man…

“Yes, Baby Girl,” Daddy replied. “You sure as hell did. If you hadn’t a’ killed him, neither you nor I would be here today.”

Keep me in your prayers...

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Some of you know I'm a pastor. I've been available to anyone who needs me. Usually I've been able to say something reassuring, helpful, etc... Now it's me, I'm feeling adrift, and unable to control the way my life is moving.

Some facts. First, I'm not taking any hormones, second, I've been actively losing weight.

I finally have a date for Surgery

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I've been living with a lot of pain for the last two years. The rotator cuff in my left shoulder is pretty torn up. I've been able to function, barely. Yesterday I received word surgery to repair it has been approved. Yeah!

September 24 I go under the knife.

This is critical for me. I have at least two surgeries too get through before I can even contemplate SRS. I'm happy this is finally under way! December I should be able to have surgery on my right ankle. That means I'll be on track for SRS sometime late next year!!

Please, keep me in prayer.

Love, Hugs, and Blessings

Southern California, Come One, Come ALL!!!!

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I had the opportunity of sharing lunch last month with Erin. One of the things we talked about is:

Is there any interest in a get together in the Southern California area for a potluck?? Erin and I were at one in the San Francisco Bay area last fall. It was a LOT of fun.

And even more fun?? Meeting with others who think the way you do, or who write/read the same genre of fiction!!

Come One, Come all!!!

If you're interested, let me know. We're probably looking at something the end of the Summer.

Hugs and Blessings,


The Police Were Here For Hours!!!

The Police Were Here for Two Hours!!
It's amazing how serendipity works. You do something, and immediately it leads to something else totally unexpected.
Last Night I was doing research on BWS (Battered Women Syndrome). Today DJ (my long suffering spouse) and I picked up my mom. We were taking her to our house to fix a B-Day dinner for her 77th year. We drove along, DJ called out, "did you see that??" I'd been fiddling with something and only caught a glimpse of a woman being shoved and hit.

COMDEX COMDEX - Coming to a computer near You! COMDEX COMDEX

I know a LOT of people have been waiting for this for far, far too long. Now that I've got a timetable, and even more, my Muse (or whatever I'm calling inspiration) has decided it's time.

In two weeks I expect to send the next chapter in my Comdex series to the editors. Hopefully, that means in about three to four weeks I'll be posting it.

Something to Remember

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Some of you know, I'm a pastor as well as being a MtF in the process of transition. As part of being a pastor I regularly counsel people, many of whom are transgendered themselves. One, is a MtF trying to deal with what it means being trans. I chat with her on the phone every Thursday night. This last week I said something that immediately clicked with both of us. Both thought I should share it.

We know more about being a man than we want, and know less about being a woman than we need.


I'm Home

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I'm Home.

I've been on a journey of discovery, pain, love, and hope these last few weeks. I shared some of it, with some of you. You see, my mom remembered my telling her I'd been abused.

I've also spent the last week+ on the road, with my wife DJ most of the time, with one of my sisters and her spouse part of the time, and running down the corridors of my mind whenever I allowed my self to think.

OMG - You're NOT going to believe it

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I'm absolutely, positively in shock!! I just got my renewal package for my health insurance. I am, for medical reasons, retired from the University of California.

This year, (drum roll please) the University has included Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS/SRS). The very last hurdle for me to go forward with it has been removed.

Now all I have to do is make up my mind (okay, it's already made up, but...) to do IT.



I started today as a victim, tonight I'm a survivor

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I don't post here often, apart from my stories, preferring instead to write directly. I try not to post if I don't have something important to say.

My mom suffers from short-term memory problems. Things that happened an hour ago she may or may not remember; things from years ago she remembers as clearly as anyone else.

A Call To the 2011 TG Day of Remembrance

My grief lies all within, and these external manners of lament are merely shadow to the unseen grief that swells with silence in the tortured soul. ~ William Shakespeare

I would like to remind ALL readers here of the 2011 Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 20, 2011.

I know it's more than a month away, and I will probably submit this again next month, BUT, if you haven't visited the Day of Remembrance website,, I would encourage you to do so.

Why is this so important? Because trans people are in greater danger of being killed.

******** Holly Update ********

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I spoke with Holly today. She's running marathons in the hospital (well, walking around the nurse's station). She is in good spirits. The doctors were able to remove the tumor with much less damage than anticipated to the pancreatic duct that joins with the bile duct. It appears her outlook is good (I'd be tempted to say Great!).
Holly is down to one IV. She is also on the PCA (personally controlled analgesic), but seems to be keeping ahead of the pain.

Holly Happy Hart - Prayer Needed

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I'm passing on a prayer request (or good thoughts, wishes, whatever your tradition is).
Holly moved from the San Francisco area to Indianapolis in June. Those of you who know her, know what a loving and caring woman she is. She has been to the doctors, and will be undergoing surgery most probably next week.
Holly has pancreatic cancer.
Earlier this year, Holly had difficulties. The doctors did a biopsy, and it did not show any cancerous cells.
It does now.
PLEASE, according to your tradition or beliefs, pray for Holly.

A Little Gossip, A Little Chat, A little Idle Talk...

It's been a tough 4 or 5 years. Let's see, I told my kids I was transsexual, my church refused to renew my pastor's license, One of my children informed me in no uncertain terms that he wished I HAD killed my self about 3 or 4 years ago. And, it grieves me so but I have to admit, if only to myself (Okay, and all of you!!) that my marriage was shattered years ago, what little is left has been held together my my love, my unwillingness to give up, and a barrel of superglue.


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