Who Am I?

“Bryan, where’s Martin?” Wendy said as he entered. They twins hugged one another.

“I can’t stay long. We broke up.”

“Really? W–?” Marisol said, also giving her brother-in-law a hug.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Bro.”

“There’s nothing you can do about it. We disagreed about something and neither of us were willing to change our positions. It was a mutual understanding that we’d grown apart.”

“You were together for five years.”

Marriage Counseling

“He refuses to do any of the work you’ve suggested,” Susanna said. “You gave us that charm. He was me for less than ten minutes before he freaked out and we had to swap back.”

“I didn’t want to freak out,” Tyler said. “You didn’t warn me it was your time of the month.”

“It didn’t occur to me that would be a problem.”

“Are you telling me you didn’t freak out when it was your first time?”

She didn’t answer.

Carlos, their marriage counselor, said, “Did you?”

Underthings (6 of 6)

Saturday morning, before my shower, I put on Eve’s underwear and I was changed into Eve. It took at a maximum four days between changes. I suppose I had to experiment to find out the minimum time between changes. Robert was awake as I came out of the bathroom.

“Eve?” He said. “I thought you would wait to change closer to when Marc was coming by to pick you up?”

“I figured I should get reuse to this body before I saw him. Everything is so big again.”

“You are so lucky.”

“I am?” I wasn’t sure what he was referring to.

Underthings (5 of 6)

The month long winter break flew by. Mom spent most of the break trying to make up for lost mother-daughter time with me. Faith ran interference a few times to get me out of it but I really didn’t mind spending more time with Mom. Dad was not quite distant. We still played chess in the evening every now and then. He loved playing against me. And I could still beat him occasionally.

Marc visited a couple weekends and got along great with my parents. He could not sleep over though.

Underthings (4 of 6)

The Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally a day one avoids shopping centers unless one has a specific deal they wish to take advantage of. Not Faith. Faith loved Black Friday, as it’s known – the hustle, the stampede of shoppers – she loved it.

She dragged me to the mall to buy me more clothes. She was not happy with the style she assumed Shelly inflicted on me. She said, “I can’t accept you as my older sister with the conservative clothes you wear.”

“They aren’t conservative.”

Underthings (3 of 6)

Later that night, I returned to Shelly's room. As soon as she saw me, she pulled me in and closed the door. “What happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don't play coy with me. You have the look of someone who spent some time doe-eyed with a boy. Spill.”

“Marc and I kissed.”

“A four word sentence is insufficient. What did you say? What did he say? Where did he touch you?”

“He was a perfect gentleman. We kissed several time before getting dinner in the cafe. It was very wholesome.”

“Wholesome? What, no groping?”

“Not even once.”

Underthings (2 of 6)

I had to admit. Robert was right. It was a good idea to experiment alone. I will not describe what I did. It was familiar and yet completely different from anything I had done as a guy in that same bed. Shelly had had the wherewithal to have me buy bath products while we were out and I made use of them afterward. It was my first shower in this body and it too was eye opening.

Underthings (1 of 6)

“C'mon. You'll look cute in them, Dave,” my girlfriend, Shelly, said.

“I'll look ridiculous,” I countered. We were in her dorm room bed and I was preparing to get up, get dressed, and head back to my dorm.

“You're just chicken.”

“I'm not afraid of your panties. They just aren't designed for my body.”

“I don't want them to be functional on you,” she said with a laugh. “I just think the red lace will look good with your dick in them.”



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Underthings is a six part story about nineteen years old Dave becoming nineteen years old Eve totally by accident and is stuck like that, only for a while. How will this affect their relationship with Shelly? How does she explain who she is to her family? How did this even happen?

I'll be releasing the parts weekly over the next month and a half. I should probably add that this story does not contain any inanimate transformations, the most common theme in most of my writing.

Any comments or observations should be posted as I enjoy reading and responding to them.

The Transformation Inspector

Thomas Rider parked his car in the driveway and approached the front door. He straightened his collar before ringing the doorbell. After a moment, a tall, older gentleman opened the door. He was dressed in a formal suit. Given the size of the home, he gave off butler vibes.

“May I help you?” the butler said.


Use caution when inflating something or it might POP.

“Okay, I'm on the bed and naked and you aren't ravishing me. What's the surprise, Richard?”

“We can ravish later,” he said. He gave her a peck on the cheek. “First, you have to close your eyes.”

“Okay,” she said. His face was inches from hers and she did not want to stop looking at him. But she did what he said. She inhaled and his scent filled her nostrils with joy.

He shifted his weight and she almost rolled into him. “Keep still,” he said as he slipped off the bed.

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